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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Friday, September 19, 1947
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Register Classifieds Gel Results THE published Continuously Since 1915 THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1947 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 70 TO REJECT I Hurricane Hits New nsas About Town And Country By TIMOTHEUS T. Lots of Wiring Goes into Bus Line Coaches Mail: Timotheus journeyed a few Mocks, to get a wabbit story for uni readers yesterday afternoon but the man was not at homo; io \ou 11 have to wait another day to hear about Timotheus and the H'l 5n.,bbits. Anyhow they'll probably ha\ e more in a couple of days. 1 icceived a very interesting let- tei. however, from Alfred "Dumm" Summers, former Saline coun- l\" boy who lives at Pontiac, Mich. Summers has charge of electrical wiring in General Motors coaches jnd here is what he says: Taft Offers Program for Lower Prices Urges Stabilization Of Prices, Wages at 50-50 Per Cent Prewar SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 19.-- (U.R)--Sen. Robert A. Taft, R., 0., today blamed the Truman administration for the high cost of living and offered his own six-point program for turning prices downward. Taft's program included proposals that "voluntary rationing" be considered, that wage increases be discouraged if they would raise prices, that corporations turn excess profits into lower prices and "· Each month I receive a schedule j that prices be stabilized 50 to 60 on each coach that is built, and per cent above prewar levels. UK name of the town it will be used I notice on the latest schedule are five 2903 models to be delivered Feb. 9-17, 1947, to the Harnsburg-Carbondalc bus lines. -I'll aive you some idea of what LOOS into a" coach in the way of electrical wiring. We make seven different models and all of them use an average of 42 electrical harnesses for each job. The single coach will average 60,850 feet of Wallace Was Waster of Public Funds: Morgenthau Former Treasury Chief Says Hopkins Padded Relief Roles in Election Years By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Sept. 19--UE --The late Franklin D. Roosevelt received Bis Secretary of Treasury in the presidential bath and told him to hustle out and get a new director of the budget before midnight. It was a hot afternoon in August, 1934. That is the way Henry Morgen- thau, Jr., begins his recollections of the Roosevelt administration. Ml. Carmel Protests Wabash River Levee MT. CARMEL, 111., Sept. 19.-- (U.R)--Residents of Mt. Carmel and surrounding communities were on record today as opposed to a levee along the Wabash river in Indiana, because, they said, it would raise ^ flood levels and cause large prop- j They wili"be~ appearing from week erty damage in Illinois. Predict Storm to Retain Force for 100 Miles Inland NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 19--«.'.£ --A devastating hurricane struck New Orleans and the Gulf Coast today, causing huge property damage, floods and casualties. The Reyncs Negro housing pro_ ri _ ^ _ ject was largely wiped away here I to'wee'k "now irfColliers. The first and many buildings downtown The proposed levee would ex-1 installment is on the. newsstands 1 were damaged. tend along the Indiana side be-,today. twcen the Patoka and Black riv-1 Mor rt enthau was secretary of ter of the storm had moved 20 At 12:30 p. m., EST, the cen- ers. Objectors claimed it would j Treasury during 12 years of the cause flood waters to roll over [ R 00seV cit administration. He's a His review of the price situation was made 'in a speech prepared for delivery before the Common- the banks in Illinois and damage i nearlv a in Illinois and damage j prcUy gooc i reporter, too. This , dozen industrial plants j wce j.. Morgenthau reports enough and some 200 homes located along | O f tnc i ns id c New Deal story be- the river front lowlands around Mt. Carmel. ranee in a western tour j a pu bli c hearing conducted here! You almost can't believe some of his'chances for the Re-. b v Ma j or A- L . Parsons of Louis-1 it. w u c of all sizes from 16 to 00 cable. The daily number of feet of wire in the coaches is 1,825,000. ·The five coaches for the Har line will be the number wealth club here, his last Califor- Thc ob j cctions wcr c raised at nia appearance ·" " ···""·"-" »«"-i . .. ·· . . -. . . to assess publican presidential nomination, j Taft, who has been blamed by Democrats for high prices, indicted the administration on several counts, including thc charge that President Truman dropped OPA tween 1934-37 -to pop the eves of persons who were not here during the early New Deal years. feet. controls too early. Cut Gov't Spending "The President's attempt to blame high prices on thc Republi- me nuinuL-i - , TM n s because they tried to modify will be 304250] OPA, to make it workable and '" get production, is ludicrous," he said. ,,. Major . . . _ . . . . vjllc, Ky., representing the Army | Wallace a-Waster Corps of Engineers. -Well, this little story may not I thesc jn mean anything to you, but to look g £or stabi i izin g p riccs: " ach \wth the bank building, you'll find there is more wire in one coach. "Some day I would like for you .lo come up and I'll take you through the plant (when~can 1 go. Curt') It would be something new. "Keep things going in Harns- 1. It must be recognized, he said, that prices will not return to prewar levels, and the country to stabilize wages and .prices about. 50 ' to,- 60 - per cent above 1939 figures. 2. There should be a further reduction in government spending »»...(* V....-0- , P , « - , . _ t, n ll r . " I U U U L U U I 1 I I I g u v e i i l l l i e i l l . oycuume buig and tell all the fellows hello, j and fcdcral taxcSt Taft sa | di » an d * * * , L . j we should have it at once in order SCREWBALL DEPT.: "What is to hcad off thc inflationary effect a half of eight, Frank?" asked the teacher. "\Vhich way, teacher?" queried the pupil. "What do you mean?" ·On top or sidewise?" "What possible difference docs eplied the pupil, "the it make?" "Well," top half of eight is zero, but the half of eight sideways is three! * * * Wait a second while I duck. And here's one just as bad: of further increases in wages in thc higher brackets." 3. There should be a reduction in exports of those products which arc short in this country, such as corn. Excessive Profits 4. "Much can be accomplished by a campaign of education," Taft said. "There have undoubtedly been some excessive profits, and thc President has been right in urging upon those who have such profits a reduction in their prices. 5. "Further w a g e increases should be discouraged to the ex- · miles northwest of New Orleans in the direction of Baton Rouge which already felt high winds. The weather bureau said the storm would carry hurricane winds into southern Arkansas by tonight. A reporter in Biloxi, Miss., said cars were "floating like corks" on the streets near the beach there as the storm whipped huge waves t l I i l l l . V «* F · « * - » · · V » -- -· - · . -- _ ,, Morgenthau reveals the late liar- onto thc land. _T h e ' t i d e at Bi- v nor- 3 Passed by County Legion 3 RESOLUTIONS -- BROWN The Saline county American Legion organization passed three resolutions ,at Eldorado last night, $130,000,000. 'one - asking the- GV ihsuraircr-nr- ^As' lor MI; ry Hopkins as a paddcr of relief rolls in election years, a presidential yes-man and thc best spender of the lot. Henry A. Wallace is brushed off loxi was 15 to 25 feet above normal. Homes Damaged By Water In New Orleans a three-block area extending for several miles by his former cabinet colleague as j along shallow Lake Pontchar- * . f 1 * « f 1_ ...1-. ,, * i * n n ! 4 . _ _ ! _ ...... ?]] r\r\ A T o n \ f M f t f l l l l l -- IJ\ i l i O i V / A ****··*· w » - « « »*"·"-·* - W - - ,,-- f-, I O * » · a waster of public funds who was j train was flooded. Many beauti- intimidatcd by the farm organiza- ful homes lining the lake were tions. Wallace's whole theory of sending in order to reduce agricultural production always seemed nonsense, to me," Morgenthau damaged by thc water. A weather bureau advisory said thc powerful storm would hud overland to the northwest from here and retain its hurricane TOLLYWOG* TRUMAN CROSSES EQUATOR. uss Missouri crossed the Equator bringing President Truman back to thc Brands U. S. /* "ii f Guilty of Warmongering Russian Proposal Would Deny Freedom of Press By R. H. SHACKFORD United Press Staff Correspondent UNITED NATIONS HALL,FLUSHING, N. Y., Sept. 19--UE ( --White Russia, following the lead · of its, mother state, today duplicated the Soviet attack on the · United States as a "warmonger" and seconded the Soviet demand ( that the American press be denied freedom to criticize Russia "on pain of criminal punishment." Byelorussian UN delegate JK. V. Kiselev's address to the UN general assembly was almost a carbon copy of the vitriolic denunciation of the United States made yesterday by Soviet Vice Foreign Minister Andrei Y. Vishinsky. Other [delegates were largely ignoring the Soviet charges and the Soviet resolution which would brand the U. S. as an instigator and fomenter of a third world war . against the Soviet Union. The Soviet proposal was headed for'cer- tain, overwhelming defeat. The- Soviets went through the routine- procedure early today of asking UN Secretary General Trygve Lie United States from the conference at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the da. to place it on the assembly's agen- President and 1500 other "Pollywogs" who could, not show proof of having previously crossed the Equator were initiated into the King Neptune's "Ancient Order of the Deep." The battleship was a floating carnival as Neptunus Rex, Davy Jones, Pete the Shark, members of the Royal Court and some 350 "Shellbacks"--veterans of previous crossings--conducted the ancient ritual of initiation. (NEA Tclephoto) JIVJJ.IOV.ll'J'- *·»* » i * * - j *T*W O -- - - ---- «. v . » -, ----- t t writes He said Wallace's over .force for at least 100 miles inland hcad over a period of nine months with gales swecing 200 miles from to "give away $516,000,000 was 'center. JT\v/ Injured^ " one - asking extended indefinitely at the present rates. The other two adopted at the meeting, attended by 200 former service men, ask that the Veterans Administration contact office be retained at Carbondale and seek a VA investigation of "why money- lending agencies of southern Illinois are not co-operating with veterans of World War II in making GI home-building loans under the GI Bill of Rights." ^ Harold L. Ickes," he'was ) ·Xfae first l"ffjufy"rep6rted Tiere _______ so anxious to keep graft and poli- was a Negro. Edgar Joseph, 39, tics out of the public works pro-f w ho suffered a lacerated eye gram that he practically spent w j ien struck in. the face by fly- money through an eyedropper. ' ' j ng g i ass . -- » _ j i . . _ _ _ _ _ 4 ? » . . . A * 1 **T*lrj"»o* i Morgenthau continued. "Ickcs slowness in making decisions was sometimes a real handicap." Relief Rolls Padded Morgenthau gives Hopkins' pad- A white boy, Richard Norton, 16, suffered a scalp wound. Police said he had been walking by a skating rjnk when it collapsed and struck his hcad. New Orleans, which had not ex- ding of relief rolls the once-over- New Orleans, which had not ex- li«htly and it goes like this- |perienccd a hurricane since 191o ""During the 1936 presidential and did not expect this one, was campaign, relief rolls increased.' caught short by the storm and pre-1 now would visit at least ,, r, , _ A i * _ i « « 4 : « « TT rt rO-;f.f irtc-ict. nnv-siinne \VArr» mftSflv makeshift, ^itirvc T-To n,ill lonvo ffif , _ . Last ni°hfs meeting was orcsid- After the election. Hopkins insist-, parations were . ed over by Ralph Dennison'of EMcd.that he could drop 150,000 re-^As^ U Jirted^ Ujc ha£moon | Monday . WASHINGTON, Sept. 19--U.E)-- Speaker Joseph W. Martin, Jr, today prepared for a four-week western speaking tour bul said "I am not a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and don't expect to be.'' Martin told reporters he originally planned to make only three western speeches, but that invitations had accumulated until he a dozen He will leave for Chicago Defends U. S.« The United States was not \yith-' out its supporters. Argentina's Jose Arce eloquently defended U. S. policy in Greece as an effort to prevent a world war. The Soviet proposal to punish "warmongers"--especially those of the U. S. press--was a move designed to impose through the UN on the western world the same kind of controlled press and restraints on freedom of speech that exists in the Soviet Union. The key feature ol Visninsky's proposal "would render liable J to "criminal punishment'' any. "de\t : FAIRFIELD. 111.. Sept 19 . ,, --A jury reached a verdict of guil- Soviet Resolution ty of manslaughter today for "It would be completely conu-a- Mrs. Clara King. 37-year-old Cisne dictory of our concept of a_free farm woman who shot and killed press and free speech.'' one u. S. her divorced husband last year. official said. . The verdict was read at 9:30 a.' Soviet UNdelegate'Andrei £ 'Good gracious, this pepper is tent that they mean increases in half peas," said the diner as he j prices," Taft said. He also rec- shook the pepper over a dish of ommedcd, however, that the mim- hour. n\sters. The waiter assured the gentle-: raised from man that it was the best pepper u ~-- Ithat could be bought. '' Nevertheless," i n s i s t e d t h c diner, "your pepper is half peas. II jMjjSiippose you spell it." 1 should have saved thc above demand/ for one of our regular school :la/e sessions. 6. "It may be desirable to undertake campaigns for the voluntary rationing of products like meat where excessive prices show that there is a shortage compared with wo Harrisburg r ouths to Receive I. I. Degrees Oct. 5 Robert N. Morris of 804 South granger street and Earl D. Biggcrs pf "14 South McKinley will receive degrees at the close of the Missing Girls Returned lo Home in Galatia Nancy Carol Carter and Joan Zumbaiim. two 14-year-old Galatia 0 . . h i g h school girls who left school ummer semester in October, at ^ on d a y morning and headed u University of Illinois. Morris sou th. were back home today, randidatn for the decree o f , Their t rc ^ *°°k them "nearly" dorado, county commander, and all county posts, Harrisburg, Eldorado, Harco, Galatia, Carrier Mills and Stoncfort, were represented. Following a welcome address by Commander Ralph W. Choisser, commander of the Eldorado post, there was action on the resolutions and a speaking program. | Speakers included Jerd Smith of Fairficld. commander of the 24th district, who talked on "Being a Good Member of the American Legion"; Dr. C. W. Whitley of Harrisburg; Atty. Harry Argus of Eldorado; Atty. Dale Letts of Harrisburg; and Commander Lundquist of the Colorado Springs, Colo., post. Dr. Whitley told the group that the nation is spending 5455,000,000 a month to feed nations that were conquered in the last war while the American veterans are getting nothing. "Veterans should support men in congress who will do something for the veterans," he said. is candidate for the degree ihelor of Science in Mining En- inecring, and Diggers will receive he degree of Master of Science Chcmistrv. , ,_ to thc Gulf of Mexico and they said they were headed for Gary, Incl sho'rtlv before they were apprehended by county officer^ They DKvard W. Rccd of Galatia will, were picked up near the I auper - - - · - Farm crossing on Route 45 after thc sheriffs office here received phone call from the motorist a Doctorate in Economics at that time. Since -thc of thc war emergency. ity has on a who had them in his car. - u i u v v i M i v Jias ujjumcvu v«« « « n w ···· -·-- .,, T T _ _ _ , /-· TJftmn , ee semester schedule, and three Deputy Sheriff Henry C-Demp: f mmcnccmcnts are now held at Jl'-mois each year--in June, Feb- and October. . Commencement exercises this will be held on October 5. For Infant Services for Larry Herman -amis, still-born 'infant son of Mr. Mrs. Herman Lands of 713 Charleston Avenue, who was born |t Harrisburg hospital this morn- «)?. wcrc held at four o'clock this Interment was at Sunset Hill. [i'l a graveside service was held this time, with Virgil Lands, |r.mdfalhcr of the child, official- scv who with Deputy Sheriff Le- bcrn Horrcll picked them up, said thc sheriffs office received a phone call from Carrier Mills yes- tcrdav afternoon stating that the girls would be irra 1941 gray Dodge 1 on Route 45 travelling toward Harrisburg. The officers met the car and took thc girls. The driver of thc car said he picked up. the girls at Vienna. He Sfd he thought he recognized the oirls Thcv told him they had been nearly to the Gulf of Mexico and wcrc going .to Vienna. He d a few .minutes at Carrier and called thc county au- ·Sahara 16 works. 1'eabody 47 works Wasson works, ftluc Bird works, f Bering works. ·3 ' fc I' 5 i thoritics. Summers Inquest At Eldorado Monday Coroner Rccs Turner will hold . c ?-.V«i into the death of Hube at the Eldorado funeral 17, from injuries ing mine. H Eldorado. at Dcr- of lief workers. shaped Gulf coast, the hurricane S v n o c r o So 20 mimics alter Circuit than thc five UX members within " Eovlldi ovcrnSS l a the Soviet sfhere tor a resohmon udge Ben «he United atomic Major speeches will be made at that these people reached 70 miles an hour at 4 a have known were not in need of relief? t and to SMOp^rsoM living'on I", and probably one " _ . , · * j _ _ _ _ * r * n i c / * l r V itj iiu i, in nv.'-v* v,»- j. «-»»*-«. · i 7 i - - A f A * rime ' 'How can you explain thc Bayou La Batrc, south of town, n ois '· strain of the past two weeks sob- I bed while the verdict was read but , . , 2 Accuse the United States, from the , Greece an d Turkey-- the only three J . J . V J * * - v.l*»a ^ J W M . * ,, ,, £ - , , _ , - - -- - ,, 1 T _ f month of December, two weeks be- were evacuated because ol fore Christmas, that you can find , pccted high tides. 150,000 not in need of relief when J you could not discover this excess on your rolls a month earlier?" reen Urged to cx-i Martin denied that he was presidential aspirant. "If nominated or drafted, would you accept?" he was asked. I don't think anybody would a made no outcry. Her attorneys Grocers Give Tips iCon?ert Feme We I._(U.P- To Housewi¥®s on info Slats Park Culling Food Costs r m r A r n Jnnt 1Q_(UP--Thc ' scenic Ozark hill region near here, CHICAGO, bCpt. iy--W.t.1 I I I C , arinntorl say no, but I don't think anything like that is going to happen," Martin said. Martin will be the third promin- nations cited specifically in the resolution--as gross, violators of _ -_ - the UN for tolerating and sup- asked and were granted permis-1 por tin« "warmongering" propagan- | sion to file a motion for a new | £j a aga i ns t the Soviet Union. , and hearings on the motion p o i| c ^r j n Russia ' ' " * " 3. Call upon the United States to destroy its atomic bombs at were set for Oct. 9. Took Gun Because Scared ent Republican to make a western Mrs. King's testimony had been once--before international control an account of years of cruelties i of atomic energy is established-- bv 40-vear-old Henry King, start- and insist upon universal disarma- ing with their first marriage in J i l i ^ V l l l l I . 4 J V I A A i * - " J V a « i i * i * ·«£,*·» " ' I * · 1 · 1 1_ 1931 and ending when she shot Vishinsky, who _ o s housewiVes j mto . a slate park . was adopted few pointers today on how to i unanimously last night by mem- s c - n a t i o s «» keen the thc Greater Egypt Assoc prosecutor statespeakVnl'to'ur indent weeks, j £m to"death"after' he" lunjedTat j °M h ^ acm ° UrSes S e ^^counSSs Gov. Thomas E. Deuey of N e w , ^..^ ._ ,, w _, : ^ c a t h sen tences, minced no words in disclosing what he would do with such "warmongers" of the press and other citizens in the Soviet Union. He said: "Should any person in the Soviet Union make a statement, even i in infinitestimal degree resembling (those by U. S. "warmongers"), full of criminal greediness for a new manslaughter, such a state- tour, and Sen. Robert A. Taft. R. 0., is now in the west. Neither Dewey nor Taft is an avowed presidential aspirant, but both arc expected to announce their intentions when they think thc time i is ripe. On the question of calling Con,.., Har- gress back carhcr than thc prcsr-' tour o f ' Jan. 2 date to deal with prices Vishiiisky Mantes [;te Americans armoners group bv Scerial The county Legion awarded two' h c f p ou t with economy tips. UNITED N A T I O N S HALL. ; Scnl «'ould meet witl"£seve rere- award for his work in giving certified copies of birth certificates and other records to veterans. It was announced last night that a 24th district .meeting will | Fill thc shoping bag with cab be held Sunday at-Grayville. ! bagc, celery, yams '"" Bu'v lamb patties .-- about 35 nois Public Aid commission: Norm cents" a pound, ham shanks--about Bitterman, secretary of the um- 40 cents, stew meats and end cuts ^rsity of Illinois comm tlcc on of ham. Former "m m ! mongers:" doctrine, the "Marshall plan," and l*?*»??f 3| 1. Rep. William J. Dorn. p., S. C Marsha if- s cn tire program for the 2. Virgil Jordan, president of t ux p rcscr .tcd Wednesday. But the thc National Industrial Conference | a . t j, a if_i n cluding the designa- Uoard. tjon O f nine Americans, including 3. George II. Earle, former gov- UN delegate John Foster Dulles. Sentenced to Five Years in Prison, Linard Blythc, 33-year-old resident of Harrisburg, yesterday was sentenced to five years in the penitentiary after pleading guilty to an indictment charging, him with taking indecent liberties with a child. Slate's Attorney K. C. Ronalds announced today. Sentence was pronounced by Circuit Judge Loyd M. Bradley Earlier this week BIythe pleaded not guilty to the indictment when arraigned before Bradley and the court appointed Atty. D. E. Cav- cndcr, Jr., his counsel. The guilty pica came yesterday afternoon. Blythc was arrested Aug. 8 on charges of taking indecent liberties with a young girl at his home on Elm street. He was indicted Sept. 8. Southern Illinois Development: | Hal TroviUion, chairman of t h e ; i UagU, ctMury, yams, Cauliflower, Illinois lOSt ' V 3' Vj i *i .,«]] I ·; i o. ueor^U u. r^anu, lui uiui j,w»- u»N utJiujjdii: t\jnu v vs»i^i ^ M .»v.«. i green beans, grapes, frozen apple- mission; State Reps. l a i i i l o u c ' i , Ilarvcy x c \vcomb. 81. of ·· fin0:% - crnor O f Pennsylvania and former' a s leading "warmongers"--weak- i sauce, apricots, peaches, fruit and W. O. Vcrhincs, both ot \ i | b o r o Ark a n ( j , a foi mcr rciidenu y ^ Ministcr to Bulgaria and cncd whatever strength was in his juice, canned soup, potatoes, small onna; and State Sen. Artnur van ^ u; irns b U rK, died Thurxlay. M-pi IIungar y. , earlier argument. '11. at his home. .. d Rp " n charles A . Eaton. R.. Vishinsky's speech eliminated doubts there may have some quarters that this an all-out diplomatic drafted thc UN oranges, raisins, prunes and homegrown tomatoes. Save money on brown eggs in thc smaller sizes. Hooscr, Metropolis. Scho! Child is Police Warn Against Wideopen Cutouts on Moforbikcs MOtOrDIKCS , . paul "arrison. first McKinlcy schoo) Chief of.Polirc Everett Sncccl! K«scnc Harrison, who' ^'«c.s on day warned riders of motorbikes 11'-** street, was knockedI unc . Coal Truck cradc pupil! * Ic I s Tslll ?i" ctl «" y . uv.'.HrlTof! Conn., former chairman of the Con- nnd son «rf Karl of _ Dud ov. .MO. ^J^j:! 1 ,,,,, , sessional Atomic Energy Commis- » »-/vif1p^. OH A.K i l l - ^ * * - I * V--I1 i · . - f ' emn bv so\en ' lonay warned rincrs 01 moioruiM-M · -v.^v, ..-.- - - - - - ^ rtt « nA ,,, u i and motorcycles lo stop roamins 1 «·'"«» and suffered a c»mpoiinc · · ·-· · fr.icturc of thc left leg this morn ma when struck by a coal truck driven by Leo Dennis. Thc accident occurred on dran- nor street about a block south of Iho school. Reports said thc boy \v,is knocked down and rolled by thc impact of the truck. Ho wasj carried to a nearby home for treat- thc city streets at night with cutouts wide open. He said he had received numerous complaints of the noise made. Snced also slated that policemen were one thc lookout for speeders on certain Harrishurg streets. Thc police chief also issued another warning about double-park- .\rk . and Marvin of St Louis. ';""" "daughters. Mrs. Tina I'aik, ot Har- lisburg; Mrs. Syblc Caldwoll "· Miss on S C. wa^and BrooK R.. 7. Maj. Gen. John R. Deanc. former head of the U. S. Military Mission in Moscow. % 8. Paisley Harwood, vice T t i ^ M / t U Y rtii r»rtmn ftl T! I j U U i " » «· * *"*j»vj **M« · wv»» -·».»- ^ - " » - » - o^totoSTMTM^TM of dent of Cutler-Hammcr, Inc., Mil- Slmois; 38 grandchildren and c%cn ^-uikec Wis Weather other warning about "ouoic^arK- ^···^« i» .. ,,v.,.,., » v . - ·-· . y n r u n p r a l n o » - | ing. He made one arrest for doii-lmTM!, then taken to thc L.j,htnci j i armi-r^ Joncsboro Rcv R u d o iph! blc-parking yesterday and thc mo-, hospital. after- Schuster officiaicd. Interment was torist paid a fine in police magis- His leg was being set tins aiu,. Nctt i cUm cemetery. ' train f«rmrt Snocd added. noon. i V-f-mdchildrcn I 9 - P"»os,-chief Republican par- Mandtmwrcn. . spokesman-on foreign affairs F "" Cral Bngn funrn I o m c dnd long'a Republican advisor and Union lur ! 11%l .. V ._i. I ( i c i c g a tc ' ' ' -- -- SOUTHERN ILLINOIS: Generally fair tonight; tomorrow increasing cloudiness, and continued xvarm with occasional rain beginning south portion by evening. Low tonight 65, high tomorrow 88. Local Temperature to "international confer- Thursday 3 p. m 6 p. m. _ .. enccs, both at the UN and at the, 9 p. m. ^ ^ Ministers. 1 12 mid, Friday 89 3 a. m 69 84 6 a. m. 65 77 9 a. mu 84 73 12 noon 90 ' M ; i! NF^VSPAPFR!

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