Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on August 21, 1916 · Page 9
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Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 9

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1916
Page 9
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Monday, August 21,1916. THE FORT WAYNE SENTINEL Eleven. OF OLD LA- TAKE Do you know that once every summer There's a day for the women to meet? A day when some old acquaintance And you, one another can greet? You can see the real funny costumes, You'll laugh at them in the parade, For you'll see all kinds of citations, With dresses of most every shade. It requires but a little effort To join in this merry glee; Your tattered and time-worn wrapper May prove a prize winner for thee. So cobble up any old costume, The worse you can look--the more fun, For not a soul will be frightened; Xot a single one will need run. The place is the coolest and nicest. The oldest is crowned a real oueen. And when we think of her curtain Of life almost closing the scene, We honor and love her most dearly, For we know she's not long to stay. And many a time we wonder Who'll be 'here on next Woman's day. If you have a dear aged mother, One whose hair has turned snow white; One whose hand is worn and wrinkled. You surely can make her life bright. You can take her out ttis summer Where the old and the grey reign su- ·preme. Her day there will be very pleasant, Her life once more a sweet dream. Borne who were with us last summer Have passed through the pearly white gate; And some who go now to this gathering 'Fore next year may share the same fate. So take grandma along: sh""!! enjoy it. She mav iut be with YOU next vear. She'll be honored and cared for most surely. For her comfort you need never fear. ISABEU.K. American Surgeons Are Putting New Faces on Soldiers in Europe INDIANA'S C O M P L E T E HOME OUTFIT Three-Room Outfit This outfit is an ideal one for the newlyweds. All that Is needed to furnish three rooma in the most comfortable manner. Three complete rooms---bedroom, dining room and kitchen Special Price Indiana Furniture Co. 121-123 East Main Street. .$95 Knowledge and Experience Gained in Wartime Will Be Brought Home by Physicians and Used in This Country. Elyria, 0., Aug. 12.--American surgeons in France are putting new faces on mutilated soldiers! Mrs. Win. G. Sharp, wife of the United States ambassador to France, lias just returned to her home here from Paris, where, she says, she witnessed miraculous surgical feats. "As chairman of the women's auxiliary of the American ambulance in Paris I wns given the freedom of hospitals," said Mrs. Sharp today. "I saw a man brought into the American ambulance with his face shattered into an unrecognizable and indescribable mass. His lower jaw had been shot away. His face was lipless. toothless, shap'eless. Four month? lr.trr 1 s.n\ that same man walk out w i t h a new j:«\v, a new set of teeth, a new nose, in fact, a new face! "This was accomplished by plastic operations. ''The surgeon in charge. ;m American, giafted a piece of bor.t- taken from the man's thigh onto the remnants of the lower jaw. A cast nietal capping wn? made for the teeth. This part of the process was done by a dentist. "A piece of rib, with iti membrane, was grafted onto what remained of the nose. Skin was then wken from the man's forehead and grafted onto the remnants of the cheeks and over the chin. ''When the patient was ready to leave the hospital he was told Ins appcflranr- 1 could be further improved, but he W.M so satisfied with his new face he would not consider further grafting "Another remarkable piece of surgery was performed on a German prisoner who had been struck by shrrnpncl and burned by liquid fire. The Irft side of his face was terribly burned. The lid was gone from his eye.. '"Surgeons grafted skin taken from his forehead, just where tiie hair-li'io began, and ao cleverly was the operation performed the man left the hospital, not only with n new eye-lid but a new eve-lash as well! PIANOS! --Best Grades of Goal-COKE, CHARCOAL, WOOD AND KINDLING AT Fort Wayne Coal Co. Phones 1082 and 1905. WEIGHTS GUARANTEED "I saw men brought horn t.'ie tieiicho- so horribly married by snia-pnel ii seemed impossible they still livid. Yet. many of these men were patched together, given new face?, new limbs, ar tificial of course, and when they left tlic hospital it would be hard to detect any- th HC v.'!O!!g. 'The w a r ha« given physicians an op portunity to work wonders. They an called upon day after day to perform operation? which heretofore were con sidered impossible. "Gunshot wounds, which, in times of peace, were almost always fatal, an- now treated w i t h stir!' .^kill that owe* are effected in 90 per cent of the cases. "When the war is o\cr ami the great army of surgeons engird in repairing war's dam-ig^s to h u m a n i t y i v f u r n ro their homo hospitals and offices they will be able to do the same things for their patients they are now doing for soldiers." Middleton Dentist Expires on Way to Warsaw to Claim His Bride. control of the machine. He had only been driving an automobile two days. DIES IN AUTO ACCIDENT Win. Kaough Coal- Oo. COAL, COKE, WOOD, E . G . Yards at Lake Shore Tracks, West of Wells Street. Phone 502 Indianapolis, Aug. 21.--An hour set for a wedding today was changed to that for a funeral by the death of Dr. Harry 0. I Cain, a Middleton, Ind., dentist, formeily of this city. He died suddenly of heart disease at Anderson, when enroute to Warsaw to claim as his bride Miss Minnie Lloyd, until recently a teacher in the Anderson high school. Rev. J. Boyd Jo; «'S of Terre Haute, who was to have married them, will conduct the funeial services here. South Bend, Ind., Aug. 21.--Mrs. Alonzo Stowe, 50, was instantly killed, her husband and a daughter, -Mrs. Agnes Stahl, were severely injured Sunday morning when their automobile turned turtle over a high embankment as they were making a turn. A tire blew out and the machine pinned the three occupants underneath. The steering wheel was driven through Mrs. Stowe's head. The-* diagiams show now Kuropean soldiers are being given new faces. I'ho dotted lines in the diagram on t h e left indicate the part of a soldier's face that was shot away. Surgeons 'ga vc him a new jaw by grafting a piece of his rib, ;ave him new lips, i-heeks and nose from skin taken irom his forehead. The "clotted lines on the diagram at the right indicate the part of a soldier's face made new hy surgical operation. REV. T. C. NEAL DEAD HARD AND SOFT COAL Ord*r» Filled Promptly. All Grades. Home Phone 135. Bell Pteae 450. GEO. H. KRUDOP. Marion, Lid., Aug. 20.--llev. T. C. Neal, 08, a superannuated minister and a member of the J^orth Indiana M. E. conference for many years, died yesterday at his home here. He held several charges, the last at North Manchester. Qtnll rvf bton 01 AVP .avenue Suffers a Broken Thigh. Hospital, where it was discovered that he Buffered a broken thigh, besides painful bruises over his body. Clarence Bobilya, of Fort Wayne, and Inez Yandoleir, of New Haven, narrowly escaped death about 6 o'clock Sunday evening, when sui interurban car struck the auto in which they were riding. Tlw auto was reduced to atoms, but both oc- .cupants escaped serious injuries. The accident occurred near Monrocville. Nottingham, England, plans to attract new factories when the war ends. Sunday, as usual, again had its auto accidents and; accident victims. ONE KILLED, TWO MAY DIE J. J. VOOKS COAL CO. Phone 220b. Res. 1831 Green. Cornw Jackson Street and Nickel Plate Railroad. REED BROS. COAL FEED CO. CORNER SIXTH AND NORTH CALHOUN. Phone 2374. Frankfort, Ind., Aug. 21.--II. C. Collins, 55 years old, a well known local architect, was instantly killed, and his wife and son perhaps fatally injured yesterday afternoon when an automobilo in which they were riding turned turtle on the Jackson highway, near Antioch, a small station four miles east of here. It is said that Mrs. Collins' injuries consist of a broken back, a fractured hip and arm. Ray Collins, the son, was badly cut and bruised and injured internally. Both are in a serious condition. It is said Ray Collins, who was driving, lost BOY PUTS BURGLAR TO FLIGHT Columbus, Ind., Aug. '20--Ralph Scliud- er, 1C, son of a wealthy fanner near here;, encountered a burglar in the Schuder home last night and single handed, drovo the intruder away, firing two shots at him. ARRESTED AFTER WEDDING Seymour. Ind.. Aug. 21.-- An hour after William Adams, of St. Louis, married Paulino Wilds, of this city yesterday, he However, they were not so numerous this Sunday as they were a week ago. Only one Fort Wayne resident was injured. Ralph Stall, aged 12 years, son of Otto Stoll, 614 Packard avenue, suffered a broken thigh when he was struck by the auto owned and driven by Joseph Gran- ney, 1226 Kast Wayne street. The accident occurred three miles from the city on the Blutl'ton road. Mr. Grannoy was endeavoring to escape the severe heat of the Sabbath afternoon and had gone out for a spin. Three miles from the city he wanted to turn around and while doing so backed into the ditch, where ho found that he was stuck. The small Stoll hoy, who was in the ES m m. AUGUST The Hard Times Parade at Bobison j Park is one of the big features of I Women's Day. It is all done wholly in the spirit of fun. A'l the women employees of the park , , was arrested on the complaint of the |TM« ntr .v °» ms bic y cle - stopped to watch girl's father, who charged the son-in-uw j the operation of getting the car back liad retained $7 he had collected for .Mr. ,011 the road. Boards were placed under- Wilds. neatli the back wheels of the auto. Then Mr. Granncy tried to get back on the KILLED BY A TRAIN road. The car gave a big leap and'han- South Bend, Ind., Aug. 21.--Howard dicapped by the bicycle the boy could Middleton, 40, was instantly killed Sun- not escape and the auto crashed into day night at Portage crossing, west oi him. here, when he was hit by a south shore The boy was taken to the Lutheran train. -Middleton had tried to flag the _ .-- _----- _--. . train by lighting matches and did not get off the track in time. He was hurled 1 £' 25 feet against a trolley pole. be dressed in Hard Times attire. There are 25 prizes to be awarded in the five classes. The prizes of the flrst class consist of five sets of Community silver, 24 pieces in each set. The second class offers 6 silver creamers and 6 silver sugar bowls. The third class, live sets Community silver knives and forks. The fourth class, five sets silver spoons, one dozen in each set. The fifth class, five sets silver spoons, six spoons In each set. Besides the silver the beautiful imported German workbaskets and the silver Inlaid glass that has been on exhibition all summer at the pavilion will be awarded to those appearing In the Hard Times Parade. aug 17-21 P L E A S A N T LAKE -- Sand and Gravel ~ . Prompt Delivery DUNN COAL COMPANY "OUR COAL MARES WARM FRIENDS" DOMESTIC COAL OX 545 FAIRMONT PLACE 616 PHOl 616 LOOK AND SEE Perhaps you have a pocket mirror bearing one of these numbers. If you have it is good for $6 in opening a savings account that will draw 4 per cent, interest: 5472 8961 2222 4444 8888 817 J802 2427 The following numbers have already turned up: No. 9--Mrs. Ida Arrick. . No. 99--Mrs. Lillle Haack. No. 999--Joseph E. Gruber. No. 3489--Miss Virginia Mariott. Watch this "ad." New $6 numbers will be announced every week. GERMAN-AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK, Court St. GERMAN-AMERICAN TRUST CO., Court St. GF.RIKAN-AMERirAN TRUST CO., South Branch Corner Holman and Calhoun Sts. Saved Her Daughter's Life. "Chamberl 'n's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea T. .medy saved my daughter's life when she had cholera morbus at the ase of fourteen months. She vomited every few minutes and we were unable to keep any medicine down long enough to benefit her until we gave her this remedy. The doctor being at our house I asked him what he thought about our using it, and he said as he was unable to do the child any good, 1 had better use it. Tho j second dose she kept down and in a short time the bowels were checked and she improved rapidly afto that," writes AJrs. Jennie Moyer, Lima, Ohio. Obtainable everywhere.--Advertisement. PLAN AN OPEN-AIR SCHOOL. i School Board and Anti-Tuberoulosis League Are Back of Proposition. A committee spent part of Saturday j r.fternoon in looking over a possible site ! for an open-air school building which is to be erected in Tort Wayne this fall. The Anti-Tuberculosis lengue is to furnish the portable school building and i the school board is to furnish the I teacher. This open-air school will be for children who have tuberculosis or whoso parents are tubercular. Twenty-five pupils can be accommodated at one time. | QUEEN AND PRINCESS DO SHARE TO AID ;; 1 * WOUNDED SOLDIERS OF ALLIES. * Intfgcstion and Constipation. "I recently discovered in Chamberlain's Tablets the first medicine to give me positive and lasting relief. Prior to their use I suffered frequently from indigestion and constipation," writes Mrs. Anna Kadin, Spencerport, N. Y. Obtainable everywhere.--Advertisement. WANTED--Experienced carriage woodworkers. City Carriage Works. 8-5-tf ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS In order to close out once, we are making great reductions. So get busy, Mr. Piano Buyer. We must vacate this building Aug. 31.--Only a few more days--we are offering our Piano stock at factory cost. Remember, we are quitting the Piano business entirely, so we are sacrificing prices to get rid of our Piano stock. Never have such bargains been offered. Come and see for yourself. This Sale Will Positively Close This Week Free Rolls of Music .With Each Player A Wonderful Bargain Every Day You will find this great player-piano above among these sale pianos. Fully guaranteed. NOTICE THE CUT IN PRICES FOR NEXT FEW DAYS $550 Player Piano, now $295 Saving... -. $255 $750 Player Piano, now $545 $850 Player Piano, now $590 Saving $205 Saving.,.-....$260 Study the Lines of this Magnificent Piano, ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED FOR TEN YEARS. Real bargain in not merely Pianos, bat genuine'high-grade goods: Regular $250 Regular 300 Regular Regular Regular Regular 350 400 450 650 Value Value Value Value Value .Value Closing Out Price $148 Closing Out Price 185 Closing Out Price 220 Closing Out Price 260 Closing Out Price 295 Closing Out Price 335 Real Saving-$103 Real Saving 105 Real Saving 130 Real Saving 140 Real Saving 155 Real Saving 315 FRFF Scarf, Stool, Delivery, Fare, Freight. Railroad PAYMENTS AS LOW AS $1.30 PER WEEK Free Delivery. Free Bench F. O.QPiEgEL PIABTO CO. The queen and Princess Mary of En gland arc doing their part to help wounded soldiers returned from the front. They are shown here going to a benefit performance of "Peg o' 'My Heart," given to aid wounded Irish troops. The Protective Electrical Supply Co. Distributors in Any Quantity of ELECTRICAL, TELEPHONE, AUTO SUPPLIES Store Closes Saturday, 12:30 P. M. 130-132 West Columbia Street. Phone 1813, 1977 BICYCLES AND TIRES ELMER E. DUNCKLEE 614 CLINTON STREET. PHONE 1690. I ..I'

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