The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on October 31, 1955 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1955
Page 2
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Spotsors ol the CJwch Pay Uoyd L Parker Furniture Store Inrin Appliance Co. I)ri-;aa Service GE and Maytag Appliances Studebaker Cars -- Trucks fonnie VanderlMuy Exide Service 38 South Vine I'hone 134 Don Scott Abstract and Title Company Local Agent, Chicago Title Trust Co. Title Guarantee Policies fta. 703 Harrisburg Nat'l Itank Bldg. Walker's Cleaners If It's Dirty, Call 930 Pankey Brothers Baked Fine Since 1909 Go To Your Church This Sunday James Brothers Tractors and Implements Ferguson Dealer Harrisburg and West Frankfort New and Used Farm Equipment Of All Kinds Phone 733 See the New 1955 Chevrolet at Saline Motor Co. and ATl'END CIH'RCH SUNDAY The Harrisburg National Bank First National Bank m Harritiburg, IU. Endicolt's Excel Super Market Barter's Rexall Store Headquarters for Super Plenamtna Cherro«Mte Cough Syrup Phone 329 Zola Young Sloan Insurance I'uMic Stenographer North Side of Ihe Square -- I'hone 62-R The Place to lluy a (iood I ^td Car is Humm Motor Co. There's a Rocket for F \ e r I'ocket 21? E. Poplar I'hone 77.V776 (.eneral Repairs on All ( ars W. A. Grant Jewelry Company 's Drug Store For Accurate Prescription* Charto Wright -- Harvey Deri ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY Church of the Natareae | i arrirr Mill* I Kev. C. V Cronk. pastor i Sin -lj\ school 9 30 a m ' Mi rn.iit! worship 1030. N \ 1' S b 30 p ^m I- . i i i i t 1 ^ worship 7 15 l - i a \ c i nuciinx Wednesday 7 3t P in _ ·stunt-fort Methodist Itev J I. sntiUi. pastor s - u n d a v Mhool 9 .JO a m \li i t u n j worship 10 30 M \ I meeting ti 30 p m. h ^.. 1,1 -t c st r\ ' c c 7 p in 1' ., \ i si \ . i e \Notlnesdav 7 p ^ 1'nach.n^ sen ice first and third *n r n l ^ \ I irst \poslolic \\illard trills, pastor · u n 1 i \ s t !,.j.l Hj j in Mi I mi ' w » l - h i p si I u c 11 TM New It55 PlyaKNrth mt I · JfM I \ f t i r n i . u \, i ' i n il t , b in on p i a e r meeting FncUy i !n,I'M i -. i h . n t ' i Saturday 7 p N u.'l- I ' m j i i ^ i r \ K i S a t u r d a y F.ldoraelo Seventh Day Advent!** \\ illon Brcsee. pastor Sjtib.ith school Saturday 9 30 a in worship service 11 a m. Mt Calvary (.eneral Baptist Joe (.oolsby. pastor ·sabbath sihiK.1 9 30 a m ; Earl, l i n k s Miperintendent {·reaching service Saturday 7 p n i . sundo uiuriung and Sunday 7 p m Midweek prayer service Wednesday 7 p in Liutherhood Thursday 7 p m . Palestine social Brethrea Norman Cozart, pastor Sunday school 10 a i n , Herbert liarjje-r superintendent Worship service second a n d fourth Saturday 7 p m., Sunday 1 1 a m and 7 p in Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p m Muddy Baptist Rev. Jewell Johnson, pastar i Sunday school 9 30 a m ; Melvin j M a h a f f e y superintendent. ' Morning worship 10 30 1 raining Union 6 30 p m ; Jack R alley, director Evangelistic service 7 30 p m. Midweek prayer service Wednes* , day 7 30 p m Rocky Branch Social Brethren Bob Booten. pastor Sunday school 9 30 a. m.; Clyde Mondv superintendent Service second and fourth Satur l i \ 7 p in Sunday 11 a in and 7 p in Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p rn The House of Cod , Elder J. W. Nelson, pastor ! -Ihe church of tne living God. the pillar and ground of (he truth." 1 I mi J 15 Sunday school 9 30 a m; Mrs ( . i r a I'archman. superintendent and teacher Morning worship 11 Praver meeting Wednesday and Friday 7 30 p m O U Thi» young f e l l v / w i» h a v i n g fun t u i l d inf a tkytcrapet tu*w*r Mo»t any rr.inute now hell r«a*h us peak blo»k* » i i l tumbling dawn w i t h a d d i g h i t u l . U t t e f and he 11 laughingly tuk t h e m up «nd begin all over again That'* the fun of being a child E u t when you're g r o w n - u p anJ t h i n g * Cw.-ne clattering down, it » not s^ Jannj, Sometime* t h e y ' r e phi«.al and mate rial -- a fence or a trellis that i»n t q u i t e right, or the paint you brushed on so t a r e - f u l l y peels and flakes So you go to an expert^* carpenter or a p a i n t e r -- f u r advice. Then again perhaps something Roes awry with your inner l i f e Perhaps you feel you've made an a w f u l mess of things Thi* tragedy too can be averted if you seek expert guidance By going t6 Church- regularly you will find the know-how to build within yourself a l i f e secure and unthakeabl*. Millions of men throughout the ages have found the Church · source of strength and stability why shouldn't you' - , d y Jo y Ep ThurxJty Ephcuant FndiT Eph«n«n» Saturday Jimtt Tale's fhapel Metaadlil Kttdolph ttarartl. sstMikler Sunday school » 30 a m J allies i Kilo. supvl inlendent Morntiij! s.ivie-e. Youth Fellow- ·hip. UIK! e v e n i n g service will be dismissed \|v|t the church of \oiii choice 1 ' i a v e r service 7 p m on Wed i x j \ Homer Gill, leader l i r s l t'burch of God fharle%UNi Street i. i . H*her. pallor Suuda school 9 30 a in Cecil K h i n e supt Muinm,; worship 10 30 With f e l l o w s h i p 6 p m M r s Bee Holland counselor Fvenitij! worship 7 M i d w e e k p r a v e r service Wednes !a\ 7 p in \\orld l a of l'raer observance I r i u r - i l a v e v e m n j ' at 7 at Ihe Mrth mi. t c h u r c h I n\l Krt-tbyterUn U ilium Burroughs. aUaUter suiulav school 9 30 a. ui; John I t t i r superintendent Morning worship service 10 45 J u n i o r and Senur Hixh West m i n s t e r Fellowship 5 45 p m Tuesday 2pm The W C T U w i l l meet at Charleston Street ( hurch of liod Tuesday 7 p m Troop 23 will nu-et at the church Tuesdav 7 30 p m Friendship Sunday school class will meet at the home of Mrs Ava Matungly. bJO \Ve--t U Gara \\ ednesday 2 p m Women's I'.uild Executive board meets at t hurch Wednesday C p ui Dinner to t.e held in honor of Hev mid Mrs Peter Fist her at Church 'Ihursaav 9 30 a m Women s praver group w-ill meet Thursday 6 30 p m Junior choir will practice 1 hur$itj 7 p in Senior choir will practice Mt. Pleasant Bapti4 W. H. Hughe*, pastor Sunday school 9 30 a m Mrs \Vatt Lowe, superintendent MorninM worship 10 45 Monda\ 1 p m general mission at the church, li p m junior choir rehearsal I sher board will not meet Tuesday 1 p m Cordelia Williams circle will meet at the home of Mrs A C Towles. Wedncsdaj 7 p m prayer meeting Thursday 7 p m Deacons' meeting Friday 7 p m business meeting Ray North Williford Baptist Kev. J. W. Duke, paster Sunday school 9 3u a m Garr.son supt Morning worship 10 45 1 r a i n i n g I nion 6 p in F.tcmng worship 7 Midweek prayer service Wednesday 7 p ni Sunday School Lesson fly Or. Archk t. flrown Pint Baptist Ckmreft) Vakdalia,DL First dunberlaad r.alatU Earaey Series, Sunday school 9 30 a. nx; Eufeae Wallace, superintendent. \enue BaptM Mornin.? service 10:43. D. M c t u r t y . pa»tor Calatla -chuol 9 !o a m Rufus Rev. ttmj . supt ' Sunday' school* 30 a. m : Nadloe w o r s h i p 10 40 Message Choi son, superintendent. is ttu p.i-tor subject Little Preaching service second fourth Sunday 10:30 a. m. inui.. u i i i i i n p MI ( harles each Sunday 7 p m Buena Vista MethodM George D. Jenkins, Church school 9 30 a m. Harold McConnell. supt Morn mi? worship 10 45 M Y F 6 30 p m ; Harold Me- Connell, president K v e n i n x worship 7 00 Adult prayer meeting Wednesday 7 30 p m Youth prayer meeting Friday 7 30 p m Harco Baptist Rev. John Beggs, pastor iv school 0 30 a m. Oscar P.tisse.11 superintendent. Morning worship 10 30. service 7 Proclaims Hit Mission' ' Luke 4:l(-44 GOLDEN TEXT ' The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because I He anointed me to preach good i tidings to the poor He hath sent I me to proclaim release to the cap' liven, and recovering of siyht to ' the blind. To set at liberty them 1 that are bruised. To proclaim the i acceptable v e a r of the Lord (Luke 4 18-19) INTRODLXT1ON -- Nazareth is about ninety miles north of Jerusalem. About thre« months igo it was my privilege* to w a l k up the steep hill on which Naza reth i.s situated M a n y boys and ?irls were playing in the streets and on the hill-side where Jesus used to play as a boy We visited m orphan s home in Nazareth The boys and girls sane a song jbout "A Christian Welcome them, "Today h a t h luls s c i i p t u r e been fulfilled in y o u r ears In other words he told them t h a t Kaiah's prophee v had been f u l filled that v e r v in t h e i r verv presence He w a s the one ol w h o m Isaiah had spoken The people newan to s:i\ Is t l u ^ not Joseph s son ' I)id he' not grow up here in N a / a i e t h ' ' ' Jesus knew w h a t they w e r e s a v m u a n d he replied No p i o p h e t is accept ed in his own country The people became a n g r y They rose up and c a s t him out of the city They w e i e going to cast him off of t h a t high hill head for w a r d , but he p a - s « d through their midst and w e n t his II 1) B a l i c l t d n e c t o r w o r s h i p 7 p m Mes- lunied Into Another Man .I. h p m .Junior choir reheat sal fi M t e a c h e r s and of- l i c c r s meetmn 7 p in mid-week p i a y e r s e i v i c e and 8 p ni choir r e h e a r s a l Hour o v e r WEBQ 6 nesday 7 p m . w o r s h i p 7 Subject, "A HE P R E A C H E S IV C A P E K N U M ( V :« 4 4 ) Stonefort General Baptist ..-. Dougherty, pastor Sum! iv school 9 30 a m Mor-i lu w o i ship 10 30 S i t u r d i v a n d Sunday evening i I , i - 7 ]·· , % · n u c t u u : Wednesday 7 p V a l l o ·v.iial Brethren ( arl D.»n«-. minister v i r i d j v s( hool 4 4'. a m , Berti" ,, t » l i l sup i i i i t t ndent \1 .t n n^ v o r - h i p 1" 4j F \ mi.. 1 w o r s h i p 7 l ' i n ( r m e e t i n g Wednesday 7 p Catvan Tabernacle 4 1 5 South Mill Street l.lod II. Aud. pastor s i m d i v school 9 4^ a m. Mornint; worship 10 4"S r- ui«elistir service 7 30 p B» M i d w e e k prayer service Tuesda} 7 to p m InRrnm Hill Baptist Robert Blackman. pastor v u t n l , i \ school 9 30 a m. M o r n i n g worship 10 30 11 l i n i n g I nion t p m I v nm, 1 worship 7 M i d w e e k prayer service Wedaw dav 7 30 p m Joseph and Mary were l i v i n g in Nazareth when the angel appeared o Mary and told her that ?.he would conceive and bring forth a »on. whose name would be Jesus Hie angel also appeared to Joeph to relate to him the coming ·vent Jesus was born in Bethle- ie-m, but spent his youth in Naza- ·eth He preached one of his first .ermons in the synagogue in vazarcth ' THE SEKMON IN NAZARETH V 16-30) It w a s Jesus' custom to attend Cervices at the synagogue every iabbath It made no difference c h a t town he was in, he kept thrs labit What a wonderful example or us t o d a y ' We should attend vorship services every Lord's "Jay regardless where we are on hat dav On this occasion Jesus stood in he .synagogue to read from the HH.k of the prophet Isaiah This vas no accident, because in this -articular passage we find the mvsion of Jesus on earth He told AMIttoMl Ckvrch On Pa** Thrw What a different a t t i t u d e ' the people had in ( ape r n a i i m In his home t o w n t h e - people became angry w i t h h i m a l t e r his sermon In Capernaum t h e people admired and w o r s h i p p e d h i m ,ift r his ser mon We stood in a p e r n a u m recent ly at the v e r v plan w h o r e Jesus preache'd in the s y n a g o g u e It was here t h a t the n n n possessed by a demon w is n leased from t h a t demon W h i l e - Jesus w a s preaching t h i s demon e r i e d o u t ' Let us alone- W h a t h a v e - we- to do w i t h thee t l m i Je sn of N'aza reth, art thou c o m e - to de'strov us'' I know thee w l m thou art thou heilv one of dod Jesus had hut to speak and the dcmem came out of the demon possessed m a n He is s t i l l in t h a t business texlay I- irst ( hristian (·Ion Uaugherty. minister Bibie school 9 M .1 m Clarence V d i u U e s u p t Mm miit, w o r s h i p 10 30 Subject W h a t H u n k Ye of The Church"" J u n i o r c h o i r practice 5 p m l h r i s t i a n r nde.ivor ti p m I h i i s t i a t i s p m E v e n i 1 4 P r e a c h e r s T u e s d a y ti p m the Loyal D a i u h t e T s clas* w i l l h a v e a pot- l u c k supper at the church fellow ship h.ill Board of Elders and Deacons w i l l m e e t at 7 IS in the i htire h o f f u e' Wednesday 7 p m Hour of Powoi ( hoir practice 8 p m Thursday World Community Day w i l l he ohserved w i t h a paR eant ' F e s t i v a l of Nations" at First Methodist church at 7 p m Bring u ed clothing to be shipped to ( i c r m a n y Friday C h r i s t i a n Women's Fellowship w i l l meet .it home of Mrs K l h r l B o a t n i j i t 'JIS South Land, at 2 IS p in Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:» P m St. Mary's Catholic Rev. T. G. Bnus. pastor Sunday Masses 8 and 10 a m Weekday Masses 7 a. m Saturday Mass S a m . First Friday Mass 7 a ra Confessions Saturday 4 to p m and 7 to 7 30 p m The Church ef G*d »f Prohecy Cart A. Wallace, paator Sunday school ftiSo a. am. Preaching 11 a. m. Evangelistic service 7 p. m. Women's Missionary Band Wed* Young people's V. L. B. service Friday 7 p m. Evening worship 7 Training Union 7-30 p m Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p m '» w i n if i i.-c , v «!· . M I R \ ( LKS , \ 3 8 4 4 * Simon's house was only a stone s throw from the Synagogue in t a pernaum I h a v e a picture of the very place- where this next miracle took place Simon's w i l e was ill with a f over She flat on her back in bed Jesus rebuked this fever, and in the next moment she w a s up serving the guests in her homo People came by the hundreds Some were sick, some lame and some blind Je.sus healed all of them His fame spread through Wait For You... Como v«-o I'nclo Nu-k . . . Breakfast. Dinner, any time, l i n t s t u l f hen- fer cold days. N I C K ' S First Baptist R J. Morman, pastor Bible s hoi,I 9 30 a m , F.d P.r.mtlev Supt ' M o r n i n u w o r s h i p service (broadcast on V A K i l Q i 10 45 Ur II L W a t e r s w i l l p r c a i h as our pastor is a w a v 'I raimnc T nion fi p m , Ed M ( reek diree tor F v e n m g w o r s h i p service 7 30 M i d w e e k pr.ise-r service Wed- nosdav 7 10 p m followed by church rhoir r hearsal Officers and teachers' meeting Wednesday, ( 45 p in First Methodist W. L. Cummins, minister Sunday school 9 30 a m. in Wes- Irv Center Herbert Peak, superintendent Morning worship 10 40 Sermon, "The Everlasting Truth," John 8 32 Youth Fellowship · p m in Wesley Center Evening worship 7 00 Sermon "Is Righteousness ProfrtaWe?" I " he First ol Ihe Church Page Rainbow's Reiall Drag Store On The Square Proscriptions Compounded Accurately and Kconomicallv Carrier Mills MetkMbt Carl Davis, aiintstfr Sunday school 9-30 a. m.; Garfield Thomas, superinteadMt Morning worship 10:90. M Y. F. 6 p m. Evening evangelistic service 7. Midweek service Wednesday 7.30 p in Liberty Baptist Paul Prick. Mater Sunday school 9 30 a, m.; Woodrow Owens, superintendent Rev. Louie D«rfe% | Sunday school 10 a. n. Morning worship 11. Evangelistic service 7 p. m. Prayer meeting Saturday 7 p m . "Uttle Old Fashioned Church of the Air" Wednesday 3 p. m. over WEBQ. Tom Go To Your Church · This Sunday Go To Your Church This Sunday Mac's Car and Home Supply Goodyear and l'lnl«-o Phone 1 7 Walnut Grave BaptM I Miles Sooth «T Hsrrlstarj J. J. Evlttm, »Mt*r Sunday school 10 a. · Easley, superintendent. Training Union 6 p. m. Preaching service 11 *. m. and 7 p m. every Sunday except flfta Sunday. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p. out all of Galilee One cannot walk over these places without Timothy 4 * Service will thinking of Jesus, who "went Broadcast over WEBQ about doing good " CONCLt'SION -- Jesus was re- K-rted in Naiareth his home town The people here had a limited vi «ion. They refused the Truth, the Son of Cod The people in and around Capernaum reacted differently Thev recogmied him a* one ·'speaking wtth authority " Haw about yen, PIT ri«*d» Jesus to tfaWlat M you totey WMt !· twir rraettm* What will you *» wNk Jtraa? Midweek service 7 p m M Wednesday C.askisis CHr R«y ReyaehN, pestor Sunday school · 30 a. m. Hull, supt Preachinf service 10 30 a. Trainlnc Union t p M RHner. director ' Cunday sctoool MO « · · , ewee Colbert* aupeTtateii4ea)t« WonWp aerrk* first *M I Paul m preaching aervtee f WlC« ^WuNswtVv* · * 1 Brotherhood Friday t p. «. t y l O 4fl a. as. SMdtyl Prayer ·The Fifth Avenue Fashion ( .-ntt-r of Southern I l l i n o i s ' Myrons PaakeyvtUe L Ray Daasels. i Sunday school 9:30 a. as.; Kallie Sadler, superintendent Morning worship 10:30. Training Union «:30 p. av; BUI Hit^0p. director* Evening worship 7:1 Prayer service W« p. m. Harrisburg Mill and Elevator U K A I . h K S I N Seed, Feed and Grain Farmers' Supply Co. Oliver Farm Equipment -- Kel\inator Skelga* -- IM'A and Du Mont TV 610 North Main I'hone 761 Go To Your Church This Sunday Ammon and Blackman Auto Service Complete Auto Service Formerly Hart's Motor Servue Dept. Cummiibt Bldif. I'hon* 2-*:. Vinyard's Shoe Shop Williams Insurance Agency Lincoln National Life In-urance Co. Don and Hill William* I'hone 303 Go To Your Church This Sunday Carrier Mills Oil Co. MobilgaM products Distributor* M. D. Guard Sonny Cummin* John Oamcron Carrier Mills 3671 llarribunr 44. r O'Keefe Lumber Co. Complete Line of Building Material* Croaley TV, SheKador Kt-f liberators. Preezern, Electric Hansox. Had ion. Kitchen Cabinets Carrier .Mills Go To Church This Sunday tote's TV Hart Complete TV Sales and Serrice MotoffoU RCA General Electric Carrier Milt* I'hone 2303 Parker's Midway Complete Line of Sundries Handwirhe* Pool PMKK Sates

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