The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on May 9, 1923 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1923
Page 3
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DAILY CONSTITUTION, CHILLICOTBIE, MO. WEDNESDAY, MAY 9, 1923 STETSON HATS STETSON " SHOES C/'JS^UNDERJVEAR MANHATTAN AND MUNSING WEAR FOR REAL UNDERWEAR COMFORT CORRECT IN STYLE, FIT, QUALT1Y PRICE WIICLOTHING The Home of Hart, Schaffner Marx Clothes. PHOBNEI HOSB MANHATTAN SHIRTS TheFlavor L-a-s-t-s The Great American Sweetmeat Top off your meals with WRIGLEY'S and dive your ·tomach a lift. It aids d i g e s t i o n -- It provides the "bit of sweet" in beneficial form. Helps to cleanse the t e e t h a n d k e e p t h e m healthy. WRIGLEY'S pays very big dividends on a very small investment. It's the best chewing sfum that can be made and it comes -wax-wrapped to keep it in good condi4ioa, IHeeit dishes taste better vtith macaroni Macaroni gives added flavor, a distinctive goodness to otherwise ordinary meat dishes. Try American Beauty Macaroni with mutton or lamb; rnac- aroni croquettes; baked macaroni a the package jitgjienne; spaghetti and meat balls. at all grocers MACARONI PRODDQS BEAUTIFUL IN ITS RUINS Historic Melrose Abbey Has Been Praised by Every V i s i t i n g Student of Architecture. Melrose abbey was a beautiful abbey--now m rums--on the bank o£ the Elver Tu eed, Scotland, 40 mites suuth- west of Edinburgh. It was founded by David I (1124-1153) tor the Cistercian monks in 1130, and became tlie mother church of the order in that country. After bfinj,' twice damaged by the English, it n:is, rebuilt in a style of increased magnificence between the years 132:2 and 130.1, but was again devastated by the English under the earl of Hertford, in 104!i, and was totally mined during the Scotch reformation. Since that time no attempt at restoration, has been made, and the ruins have served us a quarry for the neighboring town of Melrose. The ruined chuicli is all that remains at the present day. It is greatly admired for the beauty of its architecture, which belongs to the Second Pointed style. Melrose abbey is the burial place of Michael Scott, the Wizard of the Lady; Alexander II, and Johanna, his queen ; Wlllijm Douglas, the "Dark KniRhl." and the second abbot, St. WuHheof. We heart of Robert Bruce I« said to be burled before the high altar. PUBLIC SCHOOL IH AMERICA B e g i n n i n g of Institution Can Clearly Be Traced to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Early attempts to provide elementary ortucaiion wore marie in Viririnia, and by tiie Dutch in New York, but Massa- thusetts must lie looked to for the beginning of the American public school. In 1635 a town r u c m l n g of the people of Boston requested Philemon Pin- niont to become" schoolmaster, and voter] him 30 acres of land in part pa,\ for his services. The school beffim li Mr. rimnont later became the P.ostnn Latin school, n n d lins had ;L cnnrimjoiis .existence. Other rolonirs followed lit r.o«ton's step*:, and tin* next ien year" «a\v common schools p«tuhli.shed In jiH t l i p New findfind settlements. In T O S T the ironeral court nf Ma^acbu«olf: or flared every town of 50 f u m i l l p s to select a ten oner, wlm,e salary \\as to he P:MI 1\% the pni-r-nN of HIP children he tamrht or by the inhabil-niits In cpn- eral. At the snme time township^ Inn ing one hnndrod families wei-p ordered to pstah!i-h T c r n m i n u r school to f!' youth for cnllps* 1 . The- law establish Ins tliesp two frniflpi of schools; laid UIP fonmlntlon of tlie American public school sy=re:n. EOl'TB THREE ITEMS. Maye Jennings was shopping Saturday afternoon in Chillicothe. Church was well attended Saturday evening, Sunday morning and Sunday evening at Zion. Those of Elige Long's family who are ill are reported no better at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cheek announce th ebirth of a daughter whom they have named Eva Jeanne'. Francis Wankee entertained a i large crowd at dinner Sunday. Those j present were Lois and Ila Stith., Ruth j j andRalph Robertson, Faye, Pansy' and Austin Frith, Gladys Hughes, j Luthr Nibarger, Will and Tom Wigi held, Bobby Boone, Ltila and Irene Hilt. AH reported a fine time, i Mr. and Mrs. JcfE Jennings a ad lit- i tie daughter, Maye spent Sunday afternoon with Charley Lauber and I family. John Long made his usual call at Jimmie Stilh's home Sunday. Mrs. Ben Dowelll who [lias been very ill at her home is reported no better. | Maye Beetcr spent Sunday with . borne folks. Brother Allsberry took Sunday dinner with Oscar Hughes and family. LilHe and Milly'Hughes spent the week end with home folks. Charley Kvouse and Ross Cooper were present at song service Sunday | night at Zion church.. Some System. "My husband is strong for system. 1 * "System?" "Tf I am sitting in that chair, he kis.-.eq me. [f nor, he kisses \vhoever is sitting there." A Cynic's Explanation. "Wonder why women kiss when they meet." "I guess It's a sorr of apology in ad- vnnce for what they intend to say about each other after they part." COAL! COAX,! During the month of may the high .raclc coals arc the lowest. In fact, 'contrary to public opinion, coal advances the first of May. We have few cars of Franklin, 111., egg and lump booked at April prices. This coal will be on track shortly, and we arc tak- inc; orders for game. Price $8.75 delivered 1'roni car, .15-3 SCRUBY BROS. G. I. CO. AWNINGS. I Leave ovdcvs f«r Awnings and |j*orch Curtains at End's Tin Shop. 'H. T. Coon, Phone 570. 4-2 BECOMES C O N V I N C I N G "Do you believe everything you hear?" "Not until 1 have repeated It a few tlm«B." Too High Up. H« loved a eM, Who surely was a peach. But found, alas' She was bey-ind his reach. Ideal. Bill--How is their home life? Ed--Wonderful. She's at the dub all afternoon and he's at his club all evening. Well Timed. Miss Catt--Their honeymoon ended on Ash "Wednesday. Miss Nlpp--What an appropriate day to begin to repent! Not a Mere Superstition. The Apprentice Seaman--Do you believe that a woman aboard ship brings bad luck? The Old Salt--Yep. Same as she does ashore. STARKEYS Have the New KING TUT NECKTIES at $1.00 This "Warm Weather Calls for a new Spring MALLORY HAT Or a.New SPRING CAP S T A R K E Y Clothing: Company Service -- Satisfaction^ MOVING OF «l.i. PRICES REASONABLE LONG DISTANCE BATTLING TRANSFER E. L. GOODRICH PHONE I405-R. Moving and Hauling Velie 2-ton Truck, pneumatic tirei Plenty of furniture pads. Geo. B. Hili 1 , Plume 149 l-J WANT to bear from ownr having Harm HOT sale; give particulars and ; lowest price. John J. Black, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. 5-3t | DR. JAS. BENNETT VETERINARY SURGBOW \NT) DE.VTIST The Idyl. The Idyl is sometimes distinguished from orher poem-, by the fact that Jt presents a picture; it is always dls- tinmiUlnid from (lie major typos uf poetry by the fact that it presents the qualities of one or another oC them, In H reduced and exquisitely delicate replicii. Such pastorals as the Book of lliiUi, Spenser's Shepherd's Calendar, and al! the rum! idvls of Theoc- ritus are l i t t l e paintings, like- Uitj genre pictures of tlie Dutch school. The Idyl may d^al nl^o \vitli domestic, or social, even hpvnic. themes. " The first kind N \vfl! represented by the Hebrew Foik of Tobft or Kuril's Cotter's Saturday Xight. The social idyl may ne of city or of court; it lias open cultivated \virh jrrestt success by the Greeks nnrl the Frenc-h. The heroic kind is rppresent^fl by the Book of Esther and by Tennyson's Idylls of the King. The Idylls nf t h e King are an epic in a mse-windmv; each episode--atraos- piiore, scenes, hnafres, and words--Is stained \ \ J t h translucent color.--G. M. Gay ley. America's Oldest Coal Mines. The oUlesf coul mines In America pro those in tlie b i t u m i n o u s field si near I t i f i u n u n d , Va. In ITfiO, anthracite rnnl was iliscoverod In llhorte Island, and, t\\o year 4 - Inter, settlers from rvmnertlcnt discovered anthracite In t l i e Wyonirnj: valley of Pennsylvania. The rich bt i d« of t h e Schtiylklll were d'scovered in 1770. Five years later the fforernnifTit nf P e n n s v l v a n i a floated cn.ll down t h e Siusqnehanim to Harrls- bnr^, then k n n \ \ n a^ Harris FeiTy, find hauled it by wae;on to the arsenal at far!Isle for USP in the manufacture of a m m u n i t i o n . Moist and Dry A i r Dry air is slightly heavier than ordinary humid--nut fuggy air. The number of molecules in a given volume of a i r and the -nine volume of water in. tlie form of invisible gns under the same conditions is the same. "When such water ino'c'ulpg are introduced into the dry air a corresponding number of air molecules are displaced. Tlit- utomic weights of nitrc.iren, the principal ingredients of air, are greater f h f n the atomic weight »f water vapor. Thereiore since u Hghr substance re- plftt'ej a heavii'r one the total weight is less. Foggy nr smoky air is qiilte likely to he heavier r h a n dry air. A C H HUDSON Coach $ 1525 Things That Count in Moderate Priced Closed Cars The Coach is a Hudson-Essex invention. It was created to provide closed car comforts at little more than open car cost. Closed cars, on high-grade chassis, were too costly for most buyers. So a. revolutionary thing wa« done. An entirely new closed body design that eliminated all the old, costly manufacturing methods was invented. And production on a scale unknown in the closed car field was started. It brought closed car comforts within reach of all. The Coach is durable. More than 40,000 owners are proud of it. It hat a simple and sturdy beauty. There is ample and comfortable carrying space for passenger* and luggage. Body rumbling noises are totally absent. Doors and windows «tay tight fitting. The Coach is built for service. On either the Hudson or Essex chassis it is ready always for any use. These are the essentials of a moderate priced closed car. \ Breaking t he Hocdoo. "What, Uavmg, Jane? Why, you only came yesterday. 1 ' "Yes'm; you're tiie thirteenth missus I've had thi-; year an 1 that's unlucky." "Wl'v, Chen, did jou come?" "'Cause i had tu have a thirteenth, so I thought 1M get it over with. I leaves to night, ma'am."--Boston Evening Transcript. R a d i a n t . ^ Miss Wise--Ca;. v u u see that he loves y o u ? j Mis-s Guy---I should say so. The signs of it can e\en lie read in a dark room. Built by HUDSON $ 1145 Touring '- - $1045 Cabriolet - - 1145 fVettf ftt and Tax Extra CHILLICOTHE MOTOR CO. 714 Locust St. Phone 343 INFAVSPAPERf INFAVSPAPERf

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