The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on May 8, 1923 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1923
Page 6
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DAILY CONSTITUTION, CHILLICOTHE, MO. TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1923. KC-KC-KC-KC-KC- Use less than of higher priced brands. Same Price for over JO years No better at any price OUR GOVERNMENT BOUGHT MILLIONS OF POUNDS KC-KGKC-KGKC-KC Chiropractic is Philosophy, Sci- once and Art of things Natural. A system of adjusting the articulations of the spinal column, by the hands only, for the correction of the cause o£ disease. Keep your body mechanically correct and the nervous and mechanical processes will obey the laws of nature. "When your trouble is caused by a clip in one of the vertebras (bones) of the spine, only the trained fingers of a competent Chiropractor can locate it. The X-Hay proves we are right. If you are sick, investigate Chiropractic for your own good Office over The Constitution On South Washington Street Chilhcothe, Mo, Phone 221 No charge for examinations YOUR EYES DEMAND SCIENTIFIC SERVICE QUALITY MERCHANDISE CONSISTENT PEICE Add to these that Follow-up Service .which we are alwaya glad to render. Dr. Covert T. Brown The Eye-Strain Specialist Where CMlllcothe Gett Her Qlauei Merchant Tailar H. B. HOGAN WB CAEBT NOTHING BUT THB VERY BEST DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED FABRICS X-RAY. SERVICE --PHONE '809-DR. J. M. M'RM DENTIST WEST SIDE SQUARE Don't forgot to call at' our office and get our price on cyclone, tornado and windstorm insurance. We nave something new to. offer you at a very small cost. THE M. J. Insurance Agency Successor to H. C. Hoffman Second Floor N. T. Store Bldg, TELEPHONE «2 A. W. CJES AUCTIONEER CmtLICOTHE, MO. Phones: Office 288. Reeld.nce BBfl, Tailoring and dressmattlng, plain and fancy. Phone 815. Over Wenzel's. m23.M [GIRLS WANTED jfor good steady i employment wages ) paid while learning : trade, apply_at office ofiGlove Factory. Breeders Notice ORPHAN BOY 5944 Pure bred Morgan Stallion, saddle and road horse. Will make the season of 1923 at the old Cleveland farm, 5 miles east and 1 mile north of ChiUicothe. ALSO TWO GOOD JACKS TERMS: §10.00 each, to insure living colt. Season due ivhen nit*re is pnrted with or leaves, county. Care w i l l be taken to prevent accidents but not responsible shoui'd any occur. V. O. Spalding, Owner AUSTIN'S Do Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing, Dyeing. South SideQ Phone 520 One Day Service JOHK MITCHELL, aaanayw Easy and quick to install, save your money, and give lasting satisfaction to liome owuers. Bead these advantages: --Admit 40 percent to 80 percent more daylight --come complete--sash hung; hardware in place; painted --no extra frames; no fitting of sash --can't warp or stick ---permanent --surprisingly low 1 n cost fl ChiUicothe , Iron Co. Telephone 18 Structural and Reinforce Steel, THE PINK LADY By AGNES GRAHAM GROGAN !j 30S30E XOE3QE lij. I 1 '-J W«*tt "ii NB\M|! vpei' UnU»ti J P-u"0 MATTKU i)D\v U'- the country ·^ in u h i d i J i i i v l d tnueled, the old liuim- e\t_-r suiii its giMteiul memories. It \ ple.i-.ant, too, to know Unit thu i' ruums wnlled; the tlnn;ght of thu fragrtuu, ivsiinl gurtlen brought to him a sense of pwico In disiutit lands. To H \ c on there in hit. loneli- nobs had seemed impossible. 4 But Robert, the caretaker, and 'Li/lbeih, his aocxo o 0 o a o 0 C R. W. Blair 1117 Clay Street. Phone 331 or 1070 Satisfaction Guaranteed Never refuse an Insurance Agent an Interview. It's Dangerous! He may have a protection proposition you really need. Our customers to whom we Have p a i d c l a i m s never C o m p l a i n because we were Urgent to m a k e th.,m nsurp. T h a t ' s why \ \ u nre never a f r a i d To be persistent. \\'e k'tow the Service w e have To sell i? n e e d e d , i^ sound, A n d dependable. Pleasi- r e m e m b e r this w h e n we Scorn to be a bit insistent. IDEM, S2713, an Imported Per- cheron Stallion, also PLATTER, a 1050 Ib. Black M a m m o t h Jack will make the season oC 1923 at my farm 6 mii'es northeast of Hale. TERMS: $10,00 each to insure a living colt. Season due when mare parted with or leaves the county. Chillicothe Transfer Co --Phone -- 13sv-- A.1I Trains *oti Oily Galla Day and Right Have you tried a Constitution Want A1? They'll make vou money ' Care will be taken to prevent ac- 'cidenis but will not bo responsible. 4 4 6 gtate 'should any occur W. F. HOUX, Owner JAS. W. HELTON, M.D. PHVSICIAJi ASD StTRGEON Calin answered promptly day or night In City or Coimcry I Oltlce over Saner'e Book Store I «"ejt Sitla Square Phone--Offlee I 884. -nirn! or dt-» We teach, electric and acetylene welding. Write us for particulars, QUICK SERVICE WELDING CO. AND SCHOOL Kanaas City. Kansas . "W. Palm. Specialist iix Optoinetrr Chillicothc, Mo.. Manager 8|A. C O L L 1 B R , M.D. *" Calls Answered Promptly Day or Night Rooms 9 10 Wallbnmn BKlg. Call Answered Promptly Day or Night j Phones--Rpa. 1119; Office 127 j OPTICAL COMPANY "Th= folks -who firind a Trillion, kinds " --Sell thai'Coat, Suit, Furniture--anytiiing- Wrap, Stove, Consctitutlon The Kind of Pictures | ~ou and y o u r friends will appreciate. M a d e at my s t u d i o or In your home H. Lee JelTum JAS. W. HELTON, M.D. PHTSICIAN AND SURGEON Calls answered promptly day or nlybt in City or Country. Oiuce over Sailer's Book Store West Sir!** Square P h n n e affle* rf*8 night or day. ife, both grown old In the I'amiEy's service, were sure to be ialtbful in the 1 home-coming welcome. David's first memory of home, a STveet memory which never lost It's I comfort, was that of the fair young j mother, who had walked through the ' gardens, his childish hand In hers, i lie remembered the sweetness of her, ! like a fresh pink from the garden. Her cheeks had been softly pink, too, and she had \inrn fdlly pink dres'-P 1 ', and the blowing ni 1 her brown hair had seemed to emit a sweet, spicy fragrance. Tliac n-ns all fhe Jjrry Imri of her--the freshness nnd fragrance of a bright, Inughing memory'. Tt was a sunshiny morning and the rnses were in f u l l beauty. Tho old- f'ahionr(i pinks too, sent out rheir spicy odor. The "lady" popped her bi-own head over tlie hp]ge to view them Just us David, in.slile, looked over tlie edge of his paper. A bluebird flew over the liPrtge, as though he raiding the little la civ's npproacli. j "Ilappinfis,," tliouglit D^id \\hlm- qicnlly, "entering my abode." ] The hidy wore a frilly pink dress which mntehed tho freshness of her cheeks nnd was nlrogetlipr liUi* Duvld' 6 : loved memory. Tlie pink lady's nrl- rafring gazf 1 w OR w Istful, as though slie yearnpd--^hich she really did-to patlior al! Hie roses up in. her arms and hold them close. "Beautiful!" she remarked to the Scotch gardener. Old Robert, paid no aLtentlon. After tlie third morning, white David with his paper for an excuse awiilt- ed her coming, lie decided to net. He Just must know this lltrle living picture oT his memory and lie must meet her fn such H way os not to be disappointed. So, when tire miser fn flow- ers--Robert--hiid gone on the morn- Ing trip to town, David took a boyish pleasure in writ ins a white placard and f;i«tentn^ It to the trpo, in view of tho hedge. Tlic pin card r w i d : "These j'o^rm are free to tiie puMic. Come in and help ynursclves." ]Te conoidered that it might be only fair to Robert to remove the placard after nm c^rtnm dainty lady might Imve helped herself. ^^*1lc l ll her blue C I .\GS spied the surprising qign they widened dellfthrfiillv. The scissors, \ \ l i i i - h - David had rhoiiirlitfully h u n g dangling from a tree decided her. apparently, to accept Die Invitation. AVhile s^ie was clipping lipr third ro«e David himself np- peareil to a^Ist her. "Sucli a beautif'il thins to do." said the f r l o \ \ i n g pink ludy. "You must not let me rob yon--T am apt to be greedy with ro^es." To reassure her. David helped In the picking. At they walked and talked in tbe lo\ fly garden, it seemed the most natural thing in tho \\nrld for Drsvlrl to tell her of tbe vmme mother v h o had walked tliere v i t h ' l n m , so lone :ign. The pink lady wns very understanding--tour? lay like the dew on ( l i e ro'-es Jiga]]«t her own dark lashes. E-iprv m n r n n t i thereof fer slip ^topped on, IKM- '-hopping way to town. And Davi-1 counted the^e b'ippy ino- rur-nN M i t h their crrnwincr hone, while ·i bird of promising happinp-s --like tlie cine that bad flown, li^r.ibling tbe f i n k l;uh'-; coming--^eeim-d to spread ir.c uinirs rltpp i n i o his heart. One glorious muru'ng tlie lady looked n\ er her unn full of bloom, to smile at him. "You know," she "aid, "it Is really for my children that I love these firmer?. Little Lot- tn's eyes fairly sbine witli eagerness for my coming, and Danny culls you 'tlie roscmnn.' And Danny shuns st'nJIim v !!i:--Jlke Jtl? f.Tfher. Few people w o u l d believe that Danny's father has his ov\ n softer emotions--only T know. So T carry to my children your flowers. AVe thank you." l i n v i d 1md decided to start on another trip abroad, when be met the pink lady, driving her shabby ItttU cur down the country road. She stopped tn smile at him. "Please," she Invited, "do step in and let me take you to meet T.otta and Danny. They are clamormi: to know ou." D;ivid desired to curtly refuse. But no exctiM* --fH'ined available, so he stepped i n t o the cur. "Here w o nre," said the lady. David stared. The car had stopped before a big building named "Crippled Children's IlOll! 1 " " T mini;," b's pi utty companion was aiiyini;, "tiiat v\l)fn one is uniinn'ied, its I nm, \vitli no particular responsl- bl'liios, that nne should interest one's *elf ; n ^oinp i n s t i t u t i o n such as this. And t r u h , it is a labor of love. "C'sirlotta," tlie ]i!nk lady greeted e roreign child, "liere is the gentleman j v\ ho semU the rn^c-. Danny," she told Duvld, "is visiting w i t h his father, over there. Tho man lias feeling, as t told y o u , else would lie come far encb day to *ec bis boy?" Later, as they passed out through the gntes together David looked down !n(.o tbe sweet face beside him. "You must tench me," he said, "other ft ays to help- ytmr children." Gratefully the pink buly'a hand re:n li'^d nut tn be chm^ed in bis. / :,u In H P - I s Ik'nr the bird of ft-. i.t-ss [uli'il "t wings. FREE-FREE-FREE Demostration on sewing Friday Saturday May llth * 12th at STONE'S MUSIC STORE o 1 513 Washington Street ChiUicothe, Missouri BY COIj. H. B. ESSDfGTON The undefeated Champion Operator. Th e Colonel is only 94 years old--05 years on the road--.Just a kid--With 75 years Expert Ex. perience. All yours FREE May HUi and lath. Come and bring your friends. Come and be shown how to operate your SEWING MACHINE. Extra Special Exchange offer, good only on ahove dates. Remember, it's FREE. You are invited. "\Ve expect you. S. A. Stone's Music Store § o IO1 I Announcement I On Saturday, May 5th, I will open my office in Goeke's Shoe Store (East side square). Corns, callouses, bunions, ingrown and club nails, treated by the latest and most approved methods. Broken arches rebuilt without the aid of arch supports. FOREST F. STEWART, Doctor of Chiropody eep it On Hand There are a hundred and one surfaces about your home that need renewing with Agatite Home Beautiful Finishes. Chairs become nicked and scarred, linoleum gets dull, baseboards fade and discolor. But a coat or two of Agatite vail make them all look brand new. It's easy to keep your home looking spick and span if you'll always keep a can of Agatite on hand. There are any number of attractive colors that will please you, so drop in and let us show you. P. J. TATMAN West Side Drug-gist IOE30E II O S. O. S. in the army means Service of Supply. 1 We are prepared to prove to yon that we hare established an S. 0. S. of our own for your benefit. No matter what you want to build, or what improvements you want to make about your house or .farm, we are prepared to supply the materials and give you the service. Try us and be convinced that we deliver the service. Turner Lumber Invs. Co. CHILLICOTHE, MO. 30E30E 30ESOE CONSTITUTION "WANTS" GET RESULTS IEWSPAPER! INFAVSPAPERf

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