Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on May 14, 1932 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1932
Page 3
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Page 3 HELVIN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, May 14, 1932 arvels G rowth Can you beat them? Note: $5.00 will be paid for each or tide printed in this column. If you grow some unusual product write this paper about it. Young Rhubarb of Enormous Size Here Is a stalk of rhubarb pictured from a photograph which included a three year old girl. This Elves you an Idea of the remarkable alia of rhubarb grown In Oregon. Farmers reallie that the correct uao of fertilizers will grow the type of high quality products which bring better prices. They know, too, that high yield per acre reduces labor coats and increasea profits. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE Under and by virtue of a power of sale contained in a mortgage from Christian P. Holsinger and Elizabeth Holsinger, his wife, to Marion L. Beck bearing date the 18th day of November, 1929, on which said mortgage there is nn assignment to W. Brewster Deen and J. Owen Knotts for collection, said mortgage and assignment being duly of record in Liber T. C. H., No. 28, folio 58, one of the Mortgage Record Books for Caroline county, default having occurred in the covenants and conditions of said mortgage on the part of said mortgagors, the undersigned assignees will on TUESDAY, MAY 17th, 1932 between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock, p. m., in front of the Court House door in the town of Denton, Maiyland, offer and expose the following described property to the highest bidder: ALL that lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being'on the north side of Riverton Avenue in the town of Denton in the Third Election District of Caroline county, State of Maryland, and having a frontage of 46 f«t on said Riverton Avenue and running back 171 feet to an alley and adjoining property of Robert H. Thawley and Lena J. Thawley on the west and property of Mrs. Emily G. Swiss on the east, and is the Fifth lot on the north side of said Riverton Avenue from Melvin Avenue or First Street, and is the same property mentioned and described in a deed from Lizzie G. Redden and Frank W. Redden, her husband, to Christian P. Holsingcr bearing date the 3rd day of July, 1924, and duly of record in Liber G. A. D., No. 80, folio 326, one of the Land Record Books for Caroline county, Maryland. IMPROVEMENTS The above property is impioved by a G-ROOM DWELLING, with electric lights, water and bath, in fair repair. TERMS OF SALE Cash on day of sale. W. BREVVSTER DEEN, J. OWEN KNOTTS, Assignees. James Temple, Auctioneer. Order Nisi. Wilbert L. Merriken, Assignee; vs. Thomas W. Harmon and Emma F. Harmon, his wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline county. In Equity. No. 2994 Chy. Ordered this 26th day of April, 1932. that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by WILBERT L. MERRIKEN. Assignee, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 30th day of June, next, provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in each of four successive weeks before the 30th day of May, next. The report states the amount of sales to be $1610.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. TrUe T.°CLAYTON HORSEY. Clerk. 20 t h ANNiR!5ARY Sweepstakes Winner at the South Carolina State Fair Mr. Daniel Blckley of Lexington, B. C., rreir these blgr, perfect, prize- irlnning eare of corn. They were grown In a field that yielded between 65 and 70 bushels per acre. Fertilized with 250 Ibs. 4-8-4 and side-dressed with 175 Iba. of Arcadian Nitrate of Soda. Last year also Mr. Blckley was a prize winner, taking the trophy offered by the Southern Railroad for the best ten ear specimen grown In eight southern states. Both times IIr. BIckley'a entries were from fields side-dressed with the American-made Nitrate of Soda. O i»» a. · ·. we Oleae/i Aave you Much a Cbdwt Cnvst ualut, ASSIGNEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY Under and by virtue of a power of ale contained in a Chattel Mortgage from W. Earl Nowell to Willoughby Nowell bearing dnte the 20th day cf September, WAO, and recorded in Liber No. 23, folio 408 of the Chattel Records for Caroline county, which said Chattel Mortgage has been duly assigned to Calvert C. Merriken for foreclosure and collection, default having occurred in the covenants and conditions in said Chattel Mortgage contained, the undersigned, the Assignee for foreclosure and collection, will oflfer and expose at public sale to the highest bidder at the restaurant of the aaid W. Earl Nowell, located on Main street between Second and Third streets in the town of Denton, Maryland, on Wednesday, May 18, 1932 beginning at 10 o'ctock a. m., rain or shine, the following described property, to wit: 1 marble-top cook table, 1 cook atove, 1 coal sto»e, 1 dish drainer, 1 ice crusher. 3 cabinets, 1 candy outfit, 1 peanut roaster, 1 refrigerator, 3 serving tables, 9 tearoom tables, 40 chairs, 3 electric fans, 6 electric light fixtures, 1 showcase, 12 candy jars, 1 soda fountain and all fixtures and equipment attached. 1 Vortox Service, 1 giftahopcase and the line of stock therein. 2 cash registers, 1 j-iice extractor, 1 milk shaker, 1 Frig- idaire. And all and sundry all other stock, fixtures, furniture and equipment consisting of kitchen, cooking utensils, all dishes, consisting of plates, cups, saucers, classes and platters of every size; all silverware consisting of knives, forks, spoons and all other cutlery ot every sort, all mirrors, _ glassware, glasses, cups, spoons, materials, stocks, juices and other stock and equipment used on and around the soda fountain, or in any way pertaining to the tearoom known as the Butterfly Tearoom, located on Market street in the town of Denton. TERMS OF SALE Cash on day of sale. No property to be removed until the terms of sale are complied with. The above items of property will be offered and sold as a whole. The building will be open and the property may be inspected and examined at any time CALVERT C. MERRIKEN. Assignee for Foreclosure Collection. Jack L. Stevens, Auctioneer. I N. B. The owner of the building agrees to lease the building to the purchaser for a period of threw years at Forty Dollars ($40.00) per month. Terms--$i down To commemorate their 20th Anniversary LANE have made up a limited number of these superb chests to sell at an unbelievably low price. Full 3 A inch red cedar interior with exterior in walnut and oriental veneers. Massive wood carvings. Insurance policy against moth damage included free. QETYOUR Stieff Silver at factory prices from STURMER 11-7 Easton, Md. M. K. N E W N A M Denton, Maryland Two 7-room Dwellings for Rent. On 3rd St., Denton. All the modern conveniences,one next to Printing Office, other occupied by Lewis Gordon; former possession at once, latter June 1st, or earlier. Also 6-room dwelling on Lincoln St., electric lights, possession at once. Apply to JOHN T. CARTER, 4-23-tf Denton, Md. THREE IN ONE, May · 12th to May 20th you are invited to attend our Three Celebrations in One, May 10 to May 22. USED CARS WILLYS OVERLAND 25th year--Silver Anniversary; Win. Bullock, 16th An- niversary; Bullock White, 3rd Anniversary. BULLOCK WHITE'S, Denton, Md. Spring Showing of the World's Lowest Priced Six and Straight Eight and the World's Greatest Performer with Record of the Pikes Peak Climb. First and second, for two years straight, World's Speed Record from 10 to 500 miles for cars under $1000.00. Now is the time to buy a good Rebuilt Car at a Bargain, as we must clean out our stock of used cars to make room for our Spring Trade-ins, so here is your chance. 1 1931 Model A Ford Roadster, almost same as new. 2--1929 Model A Ford Coach. Rebuilt and very good shape. Good tires and paint. 1--28 or 29 Model A Ford Roadster. Good Paint, good tires, rims good $165.00 1--1926 Ford Roadster, good running shape; good tires . $35.00 1--1924 Ford Tudor, as is $25.00 1--1924 Ford Coupe as is $15.00 1929 Chevrolet 2-Door, Fine condition. Tires new. 1927 Chevrolet 2 Door. Fair condition. "/OUP SEARCH FOR HONGST USED CAR £#*? 1929 Whippet (6) 4-Door. Good condition, good paint, and good tires. A very good buy. 1927 Willys Knight Good running condition. Many thousand good miles. 1927 Whippet (6) 2-Door. Good condition, looks good, good tires. Cheap. 1928 Whippet (6) 2-Door. Very good shape, only run a few thousand miles. Looks like new. Good tires. A bargain. 1927 Chevrolet 4 Door Landau, fair condition. 1928--V/ z Ton Truck, good condition, good tires. Good buy. 1928 Essex 4-Door Sedan, good tires, good upholstering. Fair condition. 1927 Whippet (4) 4-Door Sedan. Fair condition. Tires fair, finish good. A good cheap car. 1929 Ford 4-Door Sedan. Reconditioned and in Al condition. 1929 Whippet (6) 2-Door. Fine shape, very good finish and almost new tires. Many thousands of satisfactory miles. 1930 Whippet (4) 4-Door Sedan. First class condition. Good tires and very economical to run. 1929 I'/, Ton Ford Truck. Good condition, good tires. 1929 Whippet Coupe. Good running condition. Good tires, good finish. A real buy. All cars over $150.00 Guaranteed for 30 days against defect, except tires and batteries. FREE! FREE! from 5 to 50 gallons of gas free with each used car sold during our Spring Sale, for cash. Gas can be taken all at once or gotten as needed at the price on day of sale of car. It price is less, a rebate will be allowed. If price is more, buyer pays difference between price en day of sale of car and the day gas is gotten. On time payment we will give the buyers a chance to get the 5 to 50 Gallons of Gas free. You ean buy the Gas, and we will give you credit for the amount on last payment on car. FOR YOUR POCKETBOOK'S SAKE BUY PUROL PEP GAS, AND FOR YOUR MOTOR'S SAKE USE TIO- LENE MOTOR OIL. ROGERS.SILVERWARE FREE TO CUSTOMERS! Ask for Free Silverware coupons. Free to customers in the Purchase of Gas, Oil, Tires, Tubes, Repair Bills and Old Accounts Paid. Wrecked Jobs rebuilt at satisfactory prices. If you have a wreck, call Denton 71. Twenty-four hour telephone service. We can give you a first class Job at a satisfactory price. Big line Electrical Parts, Head Gaskets, etc. for moat all cars. Now is the time to have your Transmission and · Differential Drained and Refilled with Pure Oil Transmission Grease to suit your car. Don't forget, May days are clean-up days. We will give you a good ear wash for 75c. . Car Wash and Polish --' $175 Electric Polish ^ _ $5.00 Wash car, Paint Chassis and under fenders, Electric Polish, and make it look almost like new (During Our Anniversary) $7.50 Hot weather la hard on tires, so now la the time to retire--buy a Flak. We also handle Firestone Tires. We fix your flats and have free air; see us for all of your, automobile troubles. BULLOCK WHITE, Phone 71* Sixth and Gay Sts., Denton LE GRANDE FOOD STORES arc owned and operated by the man behind the counter,--We serve and save for you. |JE (jRANDE OOD STORES PRACTICE ECONOMY and QUALITY at the GREEN FRONT STORES C A S H S P E C I A L S ! ! FRIDAY, MAY 13 to THURSDAY, MAY 19 Ready-to-Bakc Cake 25c 1 Pkp. Itiscuit Free Unccda Cocoanut Fingers 1b. 23c Kraft Cheese '/ 2 -lb- pkff. 15c AMERICAN, PIMIENTO, SWISS and VELVEETA Kellogfg's 3 p kgs C O R N FLAKES LeGrande Ch. Sifted Peas, 2 cans 27c LeGrande Fancy Spinach 2 cans 27c LeGrande G. R. Lima Beans, 2 cans 29c LeGrande String Beans 3 cans 25c LeGrande Petit Pois Peas can 23c PURE CANE SUGAR 40c Peanut Butter 1-lb. jar 12c Pea Beans 3 Ibs. 13c Lima Beans 2 Ibs. 13c LeGrande Sweet Potatoes, 2 cans 27c Rich Creamy Cheese Ib. 18c GOLD MEDAL BISQUICK Pkg. 33c The Lightest Biscuits You Ever Tasted! STRETCH YOUR DOLLARS TO THE LIMIT AT LeGRANDE FOOD STORES IX-LuxTollet Soap fUnsojndUFEBUOT-K SMALL Keeps clothes new farlonoer LARGE 2pkgl9c Waldorf Toilet Paper 4 rolls 19c Vinegar quart bottle lOc Oxol, 999 uses bottle 15c for smooth skin 3bars23c I Soaks clothes whiter LARGE Pkg. 21c SMALL 3 Pkgs. 25C BRING IN YOUR [COUPONS LUX Rinsol LUX Toilet Soap WE W LL GLADLY REDEEM THEM Ajax Penna. Oil 2-gaI. can 99c Campbell Tomato Soup __ 3 cans 23c Pabst Malt 3 cans $1.00 Fancy F R U I T S A L A D Med. Cans 19c Snow King B. P. 25-oz. can 25c 1 Pan Free McCormick Extracts 2 bots. 23c Corn Beef can 19c JelI-0 3 pkgs. 23c Fontana's Macaroni 2 pkgs. 15c SEALECT Evap. MILK Tall Cans 3 L. F. S. DeLuxe Coffee Ib. 25c Red Flash Coffee Ib. 19c Mokay Coffee Ib. 29c LeGrande Flour 12-lb. bag 37c Good Value Broom each 19c Stewc««lu« with F*rk u«l TMUM Sane* BEANS can 5c P G Soap 3 bars lOc Octagon Soap 3 bars 14c Banquet O. P. Tea '^-Ib. 25c READY TO HELP YOU SHOP AND SAVE J. P. FOWLER, Denton, Md., HARVEY FLEETWOOD, Denton, Md. G. C. COHEE, Denton A. K. WRIGHTSON, Preston, Md. T. L. TRICE, JR., Preston, Md. ARNIE'S CASH GROCERY, Preston, Md. ·MILFORD KLINE, Hillsboro LeGrande Food Store Member They've Never Tasted a Tonic! '"pHESE ore not patent medicine JL children. Their appetite needs no coaxing. Their tongues ore never coated, checks never pale. And their bowels move just like clockwork, because they have never been given a habit-forming laxative. You can have children like this-and be as healthy yourself--if you follow the advice of a famous family physician. Stimulate the vital organs. The strongest of Ihem need help at limes. If they don't act it, they grow sluggish. Dr. CaldwelFs syrup pepsin is a mild, safe stimulant. When a youngster doesn't do well nt school, it may be the liver that's lazy. Often the bowels hold enough poisonous ·waste to dull the senses! (V spoonful of delicious syrup pepsin once or twice a week will avoid all this. It contains fresh laxative herbs, active senna, and pure pepsin, and does a world of good to any system --young or old. You can always get this fine prescriptional preparation at any drug store. Just ask them for Dr. Caldwell's syrup pepsin. Gel some syrup pepsin today, and protect your family from those Bilious days, frequent sick spells and colds. Keep a bottle in the medicine chest instead of cathartics that BO often bring on chronic constipation. Dr. Caldwell's syrup pepsin can always be employed to give clogged bowels a thorough cleansing, with none of that painful griping, or burning feeling afterward. It isn't expensive. Wake Up Your Liver Bile --Without Calomel And YouH Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Rarin' to Go If you feel sour and sunk and the world looks punk, don't swallow a lot of salts, mineral water, oil, laxative candy or chewing gum and expect them to make you suddenly sweet and buoyant and fultafsijnshine. For they can't do It. They only move the bowels and a mere movement doesn't get at the cause. The reason for your down-and-out feeling is your liver. It should pour out two pounds of liquid bile into your bowels daily. II this bDe Is not flowing freely, your food doesn't dljMt. It jut decays In the bowel*. GIB bloats up your stomach. Yon bar* · thick, bad ta»U and your breath Is foul, aUo often breaks out In blemishes. Your h*ad aches and you feel down ud out. Your vhola lyitem U poisoned. Ittakesthoeejood old CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER FILLS to jet then two pounds ol bllo flooring freely and make Ton fed "op ud up." They contain wonderful, harmless gtntl* vegetable extracts, amadnf when it coma to nuking the bDe flow fr«Jy. Out don't uk for UTO pOU. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Fill*. Look for the name Carter's Little Liver FUIs on the red label. Reitut · nib»tftut«.25c at all stores. O1931.C.Kf.Co. Advertise, it pays. NEW F R E E Genuine Alemite Chassis Lubrication According to Car manufacturers' specifications at NO CHARGE when you have your crank case drained and refilled with Alemite*Pennsylvania Motor Oil. Special for one week only Sat. May 14th to Sat. May 21st CAROLINE MOTOR CO. SALES SERVICE Telephone 117 DENTON - - MARYLAND NEW JUNE-THE MONTH OF ROSES AND GRADUATION The air is permeated with the fragance of blooming roses and laden with the joyfulness of that epochal event-GRADUATION. See Me for Tokens Appreciative and Memorial. R.C. JACKSON, Watchmaker and Jeweler. GREENSBORO, MD. Subscribe for The Denton Journal and get all the county news. SPAPFRI

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