The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on September 18, 1947 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1947
Page 6
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\\ \ PAGE. FOUR THE DAILY REGISTER, HAERISBURG, ILL., THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 18. 1947 ADS Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. Spec/a/ Discount for Cash-viih-Order Minimum Advertisement Accepted--TWO Line* (1) Notices (2A) Bus. Opportunities (4) For Sale (Continued) (5) Wonted IE Memorial!! In loving memory 01 MI Nunn v.ho departed this !..·· years ago today Septei. ^ 1944. ' T i. -*·*·*, ·F ITS FURMTCBC YOU AHE WOMAN'S .BLACK CHESTER-; NOW· W" 5 TMTMTM*^ te . co,, ,c 0,, ^V. TM ~ 2 gSsM gffi^rljAg. kins m\. «" - .-, v ° 2fiS-tf FLOOR SANDING AND REFIN- ~ * D W - The one for whom we cared With such abiding love. ! ishing. National 1 Paint Co. Wallpaper WASiOX COAL AND STOKER FOR PRIVATE PARTIES up iw the home above. The home where joy forever dwells Where our loved one but awaits, For us to share her happiness Beyond the heavenly gate. i,,* ,. Sadly missed by Delmar N u n n j ^ and children. *69-i' 2 ROOMS. SHEETS, COLUMNAR j Produce, tel. 918R. _. Harrisburg Printers.)------ --- -22 South Vine street. Phone 1180NV. (5o) rteip Wanted OK! 170-tf S-ifi FRYERS. SUGAR CREEK PRO .|juce. 68-1 Shop. NIGHT FIREMAN AT GREEN ' hoiii-e. Call at Pickford's Flower 68 tf State of Illinois, County of Saline, ss. . Josie Vickery, Plaintiff, vs. ! F\CTORY-BUILT FARM WAGON i GIRL INTERESTED IN ENTER 803 E. POPLAR ST.. beds. S69.50. Barham-Green. 50-tf j ^business: must b^reaUve. h^o SEE CLETUS KING | shorthand. Write to Box I. G _m *69-2 B -\RLEY ^ mlle ° £ ThC Daily Wax Furniture Feet By waxing the feet of furniture less wear to floors and TUKS will result when furniture is moved. Makes Sunlight A cellophane envelope or a ol clear sheltac makes n ; '·· | light during the middle of th c t . Clifford Vickery Vickery, Defendants. and Irene 2 ROOMS. UNFURNISHED TM» ff-fiWui- """' *'" """" """"ciTl J'"'"' ~ ~ ' " ~" YANK GUNS BAR YUGOSLAVS. United States troop* of t h e ' partly furnished. Fifth house west, -~ p " , /,\ P mr »Iovment Wanted . 351st Regiment. 88th Division, man a tank at out-po s t number 5 on the ' I of Wilmoth Hill, at Dorris Heights. | JO: ,T ATHA:S: AP pL£S, 50c AND i :_.1___J__1 Morgan Line barring 2,000 Yugoslav troop: ! O i ~«3 I T^» · _ _- i · * _ x^^. nnl .·*.*·» « i*#*v*« ickery, Defendants. 2 MOD. SLEEPING RMS.. AUTO- j ^ In the Circuit Court of said ^ oa heat n w . Sout h. *69-2, Ol County, August, _194/. ' Complaint ~ up. Brins Baskets. No sales after lj\ \_ o ^t iy Cozart, "" ~ :1 " --"*^ . The requisite affidavit for pub- i For Sale "12 NICE BLACK MATERNITY '· dresses, ske 14. Phone Co. 35F11. i 68-3 T.ES. B U E S LUM- c . . erv one of the defendants in the and miscellaneous items. 508 N. · ber Co.. Carrier Mills. 111. ·*,-- -!.·"-'.._ n «t;ti«4 cnit that above Webster. *69-l - - -- ; -- - ____ ____ ~ Vi V***- V»···*·«·-··"-- ' -entitled suit that above Webster. circim «iu*t v. ^ -- b? BABY WALKER. PHONE 970 BE- beds, $69.50. the said plaintiff against you ana tween 9 a. m. and o p. m. · 08-2 : FACTORY-BUILT FARM WAGON Barham-Green. 50-tf m aim «u i«j ui.c"-i T AT HENS: ALL STEEL CABI-, sizes 4 and 6. Phone 323W1. tion aeainst vdu and the other de- 'net sink: gas stove. Mrs. Pearl Her-. E. Homer St. fendant and other relief. That ,ion Williams, Rt. 45, near Muddy.; TWO 3-PC. COAT SUITS. CHILD'S - 109 68-2 ZcllUalAt o.n\j. vfc**v-* * ·** -- ----- -summons was duly issued out o f , SSJt'TS S nS tnr U th a e S ffi I^EMITE LUBRICATION SERV.; suiift still pending. jtee. See K Dunn. Saline Motor; Now, therefore, unless you. j Co. ^ 1 ^ u , Clifford Vickery, one of the s a "Mo, T A T T «; nTm iRF\T M E T \ L ; defendants files your answer to'bMALL SOUTHBtND . . I t i A L , Se cbmplaint in said suit or oth-' turning lathe, A-l condition In- envise make your appearance ; quire a^ter o p. m. iO* \\ - ^01- therein in the said circuit court , lege. °*' u of Saline County, held in the 69 : 3 j QUICKIES By Ken Reynolds Morgan Line barring 2,000 Yugoslav troops \\ho demanded passage, I through the outpost to Trieste. After tiie handful of Yanks fired ; i warning machine gun bursts the Yugoslavs agreed lo halt and take · ' ' (NEA Tclephoio) KEYS J^ BL\CK LEATHER up the matter through diplomatic char.nels. case. Tuesday in lobby of Harris- ' burg National Bank. Return to- Harrisburg National Bank. 69-2 j -^ . . fq|f|»««nl6l*^ V3 U III UIC I J^ v 2L iSS2.^£ K Pits, Has Effect on Cost town Sat. afternoon. Ret. to Reg-, ister. reward. *66-4: (8) Found Of Living, Eyrope lief BY PETER EDSON (9) Miscellaneous · i isi m.ic,ix r.i»ov.-« ; _. . , , t . WASHINGTON, D. c.--(NEA-- Train Urjable to With Chicago cash wheat aoove; D ., ..... r. _. S2.80. and corn above $2.60, the | P IS h H s i S bQCKS RADIATOR REPAIR SERVlCt, j ;~' mb ' lers are aga i n [locking into' testing and cleaning. Main Body lhe grain pits lt - s having the eflecl.5 r»l» _ _* J, I.^V*LX . t . _ _ 1* : ^.1 ,, ^» « - t . n n^r-t * ^ ^ 1 Shop. may be entered against j any time after that day and a decree entered in accordance with the prayer of said complaint. Dated* this llth day of September, A. D., 1947. VERNER E. JOYNER, Circuit Clerk Rumsey Dennis, Attorneys for Plaintiff First National Bank Bldg. ITarrisburg, Illinois. *63-SEE MR Li:\MS A T J \CKSON " P i u u Sti/jc S a v n c ' v S nt'. ; aunal ialuig- 29 b. l PRACTICALLY NEW SP'J Queen uasher. ne\\ stock W. (10) Instruction MARKETS LIVESTOCK ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- · YARDS, Sept. 18-- UB-- (USDA) not only of raising the cost o t j living, but also of reducing the 1 SHELBYV1LLE. III.. Sept. 18.-New York. Central b i ^ w m m o d k v exchanges" in Cni-,terday when one of the trains was cago. Omaha, Kansas city or New; unable to make a hill ana backed I "York. Ever farmer \vho hola?|into another train following it. I bade on this year's harvest, reius-' The engine of liie rear train! ing to sell because he thinks the u -a s derailed, thc engineer slightly puce will go su'l mgner. is i n : injured and a caboos and refriger- his small way playing the market., ator car W recked in the crash. As an editorial in "The Farm- f n e acc icj e nt happened ea^t of the Touch'N'Toss . $1.29* Double Line Professional Model $2.59 ond $2.98 Triple Line Professional Mode! ' $3.45 Wilson "(has. Bachman" . $8.95 Pigskin Cover All have self-sealing valves and all but the Miiullist have inflating needles. --Livestock Hogs: salable 7,500: er" *of St Paul quotes one north( Kaskaskia river bruise. Both trains west wheat grower, "Let the specu- werc i ieac jed cast. lators go to it. All they're ooing i*| L L Andoisoa. Mattoon. engin- was in- members °5 to 35 °* tne crcw jumpea nom the cab. I'rzle SaL r.or Mills. A;:mar v.'~s. ··*·- 1,0 COAL, COKE, AND KINDLING. Call City Coal Yard, Tel. 55R1. 213-tf thicks- C o r n o age. Sows, steady to spots, 5 lower. Bulk 180 to 250 Ibs, large- "H--- bushel~6ati" was raised! :r~~~ -" e .*-^T"ir P * S29 = moderate sprinkling ear-J cents a ousnei u b 40 lo ^ir^ff^irs ^t^^^s^ss ^ssssstesiss 1 c °^ «*» -- «* -*"« ,ale * ith a Register Want Ad!", 1^. S27- a few 150-lbs. S27.25; f« ^^^SSrJflviSlSSffiv darts and other pattern marking. I L L - ; o i ?. , I ' i t l L D ' i i.T H'jtciu'iy. N. Jackson st v.v. j. w »~ -- -- - · rt^ft -- · S25 to S27: a few 150-lbs., S2/.2o; ~--. aDPA ,- P .-.'bulk sows, 450-lbs. down S2o.25 b. APPROVED S26.75; some choice light sows, feeds. Pyramid- S27 . hej ^ sows ,^ over 450 Ibs., 3-tt''f= In OOA 9^ Sewing Aid Colored carbon paper for marking 5 ROOM ZEIGLER OIL HEATER with large blower. 415 S. Vine. 0V. i , TO bICKNKSS IN MY 1 v.ili "M be ir my ba-ber ip. 1 will be in th" ·L merit of t'r.- Palace Clot.ii^~. STEAM LAUNDRY, FULLY cyi.r^ed. also help yourself. V \ c t l ' trade Owner not able to ofieiutc. Paul J. Hamilton. 500 ' E n..^d«lnh St. McLeansboro. Ill *63-2 S22.25 to $24.25. Cattle: 7,000; salable 4,oOO; calves, 1,800, all salable. Steer supplv light with little more than '10 cars offered, and these mostly medium. Butcher yearlings and j.ui u"= a.^~* -- ,,,,,.,11,, oaris ana otner pauern markings who .like to take » fl *r-"»"«:" on material supersedes the tcdzous _..: M n v»,rt^Ai. n^tjT-cin i\ifisi. nroK- · i.iiv »--v, -- - M hrni.- °" material superseces uie reauire higher margin. Most broh.- me/hod exolain ers" now require 45 cents a oushel,. wuor-tack meuiod.. explain cash in aovance on corn order a . sion specialists. Dressmaking ear- But at todaVs high market prices, bon paper may be purchased in a speculator with only a norninaj. white, red and blue' colors. The car- S450 to gamble can "buy" 1000 ou- bon is placed between pattern and of "corn actually worth $2600, the- wrong side-or the-material.-A rjiore. tracer is run over tee dart or tuck For the professional traders--' pattern marks leaving tiny carbon Full Size Indoor and Outdoor S3.45 S4.95 All have self-sealing valves and inflating needles. See "OLHEY" in Our Show Window! "Hardware for Hard Wear" W A ^ £ ' 104 N. Vln« H A « D We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps Pho. 182W ; (\\m o bee us S" :!.-. C OF RTJK immediate t '. .«· ii: · i t nl- 0 T. t » \ e . ' \' no'!: Huilcy. , , int;*jAwii*« ·*-***«.».------- ^ _ i ' heaw calves in fairly liberal sup- i ( * ^ A *· _ i i _ . crt -nn» /»rt«f nf tnrai \ 4 ~ IrJi MiV»V- .j*.**" v ~ ,-~ ^ _ er yearlings with general under a in t- 1 ^le t i coo'! ^ntta^c ^63-2 MY i'OMC A L I N E (2) Business Servicss LAP.GLbl in Southern OF -.oat Co ciua. Tel 4 4 « i ' ^ ( _ / \ ' k ^ _ i \ y * i . f c * * * » " » - - ' -- -- -- ~ il - Sl l"°, ' lower on all grades. A few can- 6 S 3 'ners and cutters, S10.75 to S13. rr. ,--v 'Bulls and vealers, steady. Good KT:^r-Vbeef bulls ' S18 to $1J8 50 ,; 1 l 00+d i. ;. -b'--* i saus age bulls, around $1 to good VACUUM CLBANEHS ARE OUR , al Paint and Walrsaper Co. only business 0. Ii. Biu'ord, City , ;_ ;- ,, 177^ HaU Pidg . Ml. Vcrnon. III. I56-tfi01RLS SNO\\ SLIT, SIZE ,13-tf witn it ^ estiifiatea viiai. are now over SiOO muitoa by brokers in trust funds ior uie7i- cus.o.iiers. mat feives a lougn ictea of the amount of money tnt-ic 's specu- IS SPURTS. M^CS 12 a-.d 14 Also, i suit, size Ii. Louise 6 E. Lincoln. 69-1 Mar- Last week, Commodity Exchange 1?iC * t " · ,, -.,-v.rt t o ] !·' I I 'S25. '· °" 5 iS13 to S23. ~ ! Sheep- 2,500: all salable. juat-| ^^^ »--». --~""~~~~~ n c . , n i ..-H nKE " ES "- AK3^ ^^TMTM~ Ph. 1 .. SERVICE CAL1 Barfcav: Gretn. Ni^ht phone 444R, day phone 100. Your Ford Dealer. kirts: babies' ---- -- , J-MriS; UilUlCS n»w ^ laahnrn ,, APPLES. SOUTH OF EAST clothes: hand-woven rugs, opera le =? 0 . r " S ^ M F Q ' \vn SFRVICE FOR Ledford school, George Stevers. . -jesses, antique glass ware and ^"^ IfSux deaner's !ohn Hodie. * 64 " 6 Furniture Curiosity Shop, 15__S-i SC °^ Teie. 922R. 55-tf . . _ _ Jackson St. I ^ U U l l * U i i ^A»V. v."--o- . , market to show speculative hold ings as of last June 30. Of.4o(K, accounts, 3900 were speculative, j In such a market tnsre is, 01 course, tremendous risk. No mantel i ,, . , anslvst can toaav forsee any posy: no cars; 38 trucks. }bil : tv for a reduced demand f o r 1 Irm; chickens unsettled; r / · JLllt; uangei 01 a oooui n u i - j hens 22 cents per Ib. Sx t always carries with it. ho^- * + s+ r\i r\ 1 V _ . ,., n A 1^ Of! t K c t «i»»C*J'*3 *.*** *T***«. I n t i t ever the danger of a bust. Ine i a s t j v, ^^nonco wn; on the cotton i lots sparingly at $25.25 to v ^.^ to all interests. Native slaughter ewes, $7.50 down. Chicago Produce 38 trucks. 416919 ibs · weak -, 2 . 90 i/ic; i** -^ *-· , Eggs: 14,164 cases; unsettled. ACIC. *.*.».. Trnr-cu r-vTvicw C;TFAK; AXD "" w '""" "" __iExtras 1 unquoted; extras 2, 59 ^ _ - - FRESH CATrlbH bit, A Kb A I \ U I . __ -- ; ___ ,, , * ^g ^ =g. s t a nd- IF YOU HAVE A CAR FOR SALE, scale fish at Scoody's, across from W HE,£. WILL D O - F O R SEED-jto^. ^ ^ ^ g . 'seeTack"at"Jack's"Used"Car Lot, the county jail. Route 45. 50-tf 3-4 LENGTH BLEACHED WOLF , . i i n S- How ^ d milcs north of auto repairing and welding, Vance Brackney. Gulf Service Sta., across from airport, Muddy, 111. O-*± i^iJCj*\ VX A n 13L*iJr\\^Ai4^IV » * \Si-*± i -. - - - - - - _____^ , fur coat, in good condition. 128 ;PIA j;o. 510 N. MAIN ST., PHO.j West Raymond. 09-11355^ a ft cr Q p. m . or on Saturday. e'q'oito 46: current i dirties 35; checks 34. 6 INCH REDW'OOD Vci 1 ' Builders Lumber Co., ° _ ! Mills. . p 1AN o. 51 . ., . . . . 866R aftcr 6 p. m. or on Saturday Education Meeting smixr _ ^ H e r e Sept. 24-25 Concocted New Dish Carrier I OIL STOVE AND COAL RANGE, 65 -- 'both in «ood condition. Mrs. Abra-i ', ham, 301 North Webster. *69-2 i'" 1 '*? w " (Continued from Page One) Concocted ?ew Dish i RUMMAGE SALE AT 303 NORTH , "Chicken a la king" was named Granger Friday and Saturday. Chi1 'J COMPLETE LINE OF DU PONT ir E. C. King, proprietor of a New ; dren's clothing, infant's wear and, Ouality p a i n ts National Paint and ork summer resort. His chef con- | ladies' dresses, all in good con- 1 , tt'allnj»ner Co 213-tf for E. C. King, proprietor York summer resort. His chef concocted a new dish and listed it on the menu as "a la king" in honor of his employer. i "· lents of the seven counties represented. "A teachers' session will end jest in Thursday morning activities. "The too hi Improvement of Instruction" will point 01 ' * ji? 3 _..:*t. f^A*l I**" TT/\rtH y v c i j ciiw- a«.**»e*-~ --- -- -- -- - t such collapse was on the co.ton futures market in October 19-±b. A i lot of speculators lost their shirts. Just how much this speculative boom may have driven up the price, of wheat, corn, oats, barley, rye anu soybeans is impossible to tigure, say Department of Agriculture experts, i The one agency of the Department which keeps tab on the gram j market gamblers is the Commoditj Exchange Authority, headed bv j. M. Mehl. I agency can have no inter-: market prices arc' beyond thc that current' i Gei top feeding value from your grain. Let us grind, mix and balance it with Purina Concentrates. J^llllJlV V \f\H'r***r V M. M. ·«**»» w^mv mm · -- TM o^, .- e T T ^ D - v t x ^ - ,be discussed with Fred C. Hood LARGE STOCK GENUINE CHEV- V.'PA TOILET. 204 N. SHERMAM.| of the v of L the discussion LAKUt- blUCtt. (jn.Nui.Nr v,n£,v- ·· · ,.0-01 rolet parts. Try us for hard-to-get 1 Pho. 99oni. items: fenders, ,, , , motor assemblies, brake^ parts, uni-1 versal and etc. ^Q 1 i ^^ t l l U V^. V*. A. fc"\, x*«w%.v*^^ by I chairman. The discussion group"'"' "«"»»-· i cnairmaii. jine UISV.UBOIUI boards,! Dr . mTC nv HOTI^FHOI n FT^R consists of the following: ·ts. uni-1 6 ROOMS OF HOUSEHOLD FLR- M Frances Ferrell. naiowo v/t ··"- iv.«^"... o . Mrs . Franc es Ferrell, social gears, Carrier Mills. )iics, brake parts, uni-1 o n^-'-'io w A nw^^~~ * ~" Mrs Frances jferreu, socij" differential housing, i niturc, gas range electric refng-1 sciencc instructor, John Marshall O'Keefe Motor Co.,|erator. Tel. 106D\V^ ^f high school, Chicago; Miss Esther ,,,,_,,.,,_..._, ;Williams, social science instructor, RfcSTALRANT, Qakwood high sc h 00 l, Muncie; f i r r T c h T i r r r T m*; ^ _ . *^ _ T - v _ - r x T r ^ _ ^ T? J -T:_I. :«_ 1940 C H E V R O L E T PICKUP I NICE SMALL 'truck. Jack Russell, Stonefort. 111. 69-3 , good location in IIarr:sburg. This j Miss Eona DeDVere, English in- is a ood buy. Sec George Lazich hool is a good buy. Sec George at Auto Club. Phone 888. 'I"*. structor, Von Steuben high school, b8 ~* i Chicago; Lowell Fisher of the U. . Lf I and William M. Gilbert, pro- WORM PULLETS WITH PU- i NICE ASSORTMENT OF HAND- fessor of psychology, U. of I. rina Chek-R-Ton. Just mix it with made ru^s, 75c and up. Emma · · · '--I the' mash. Removes large round-' Tison, Liberty. I worms and stimulates appetites. ! 69-1 p U l i A v UJt v»\**.v.»«»«----cj 4 . . - , quotations are not artuicial ana, that they do honestly relied con-j ditions of supply and demand. j The Authority stations ouiccn,, at all the major commodity ex-j changes. Their duty is to v.atch for, and prevent, market manipulations ; by exposing them. But CEA has no power to police or punish specula-, tors Authority staff members say, it would still be possible for some j wolf to corner a market. j While Federal Reserve Board has authority to regulate margin^ re | A Tablespoonful of P U R I N A CHOWDER Costing about 14c M a k e s a B A L A N C E D R A T I O N ! That's all the Chowder Concentrate it takes per hen per day to turn your grain into a balanced laying ration PURINA CUSTOM M I X I N G SERVICE PURINA FLOCK FEEDERS PURINA 3-GALLON WATERER Sturdy. Guard he!?s keep wa'« r clean. HENS PURINA CHLORENA At Qji er t worms and stimulates appetites.; rr^TT!"Helping Students Solve Their We have it! Godard's Farm Mar- ;M ARM INK FUR COAT. BROW N;; p rob i cms .» kct, W. Elm St. Pho. 582. 45-- | black skunk jacket, size 14. 207 E.1 An administrators' session will ___ 'Walnut, Pho. 48A\. . 68-4 jbc held in the afternoon with Ar- ··r v \ I T T i t h u r w - Cleyenger, high school i * *RQo' visitor - presiding. The topic will I V \)j'£ , 1. _ KPT^l_ A O *»!·* nA.1 A J Wk C A I ^4 _ « 4 - ^ W · of psychology, U. of I. . nuirements on the stock exchanges, the noon luncheon, William.g« dity Exchan ge Authority MM ; of the U. of I. will speak on w»uu M , regulate thc mar- ing Students Solve Thejr npj urtc ^ P°^ earrkcts . fe . BABY PLAY PEN. Baker. 212 WEST 69-l.RANGE COOK STC Parks, 624 U . Church. APPLES AND GRADES. DICK Barnes, 1-2 mile south Gaskins 'r.K'.FER PEARS. FRANK City. . *69-l ^us. Northwest Hmnsbura RQ ,j ' V 1 S U U 1 . p l t O « U » l l f e , i l l t I.U^1V « » » 03 "^;be "The School Administrator-An Educational Leader of the Community" and J. F. Karber, ni ' IL- $300,000 Rre Sweeps Lumber Yard In East St. Louis ' principal of the Ridgway high ' :.7~rY» T MJ [ tr -no rn \ T I ? \ V P P school, will lead the discussion. , L Sp TABLE-1 OP COAL RANGE,. Th discussion group wi n cons ist ,ar.d Estate heater. 106 Virginia. of j p Willis, principal of the j bj ' z Golconda high school; L. W. Smith, io,in A v n iodi riTPvnnTVT o^"'Massac county superintendent of ,1940 AND 1941 CHEVROLET 34- schools; M . j. Carlton, principal ton pick up trucks, and 1946 £ t h ' McLeans boro Township re^re-..- . . ^,.^3^---. l ° n PH--K UP uuc^, ana *!«« £ thc McLeansboro Township ^TT^^TT ' EAST ST - LOUIS. 111.. Sept. 18 Chevrolet 2-ton truck, exception- .. . school . R L Foster princi- CUP COLLECTOR. Having wore - I*E_A spectacular fire rased ally good condition. O'Kecfc Mo- J a f } cn ^'Harrisburg 'Township i^n hopntv ormtoctc fh-in nn« , 1 , . ,,..,,!. « v « r««,l^« T u«.. -» *«n PA Pavrinr M i l l c Rt J ? l . ul . . * _ . J.. b . . ..' AT K O J / W l r l A V U l**i 1 I I ^ I i l -,^.VI « · · · » · | ^ V V M » « . . « . . . « . . . . V . K V H . V . . - - thc Gncddc Lumber Co. tor Co., Carrier Mills. 63-- jnore beauty contests than any high school; F. I. Godshalk, Of- ·v- mi «TMVI.- 1-1 n P ficc of thc High Sch ° o1 visitor ; . N , . i OIL SlOVh. 1-4 II. 1. d A w Clevenger, high school ?I-o dirt irc-e for vjsitori 1 1 f 11 o i (i oy~« i gins on its markets. . When Sen. Ralph E. Flanders 01 Vermont a few days ago sug$estcii that 100 per cent margin should now be required for all transactions on the grain pits, he was in effect; "ayin* that there ought to be a law' reouinng speculators to pay casiij in full for every purchase, or tnat | the commodity exchanges tnem selves should voluntarily issue orders requiring 100 per cent margin. For a Republican lo ask for more government control indicates how serious this thing is becoming. Chicago Board of Trade promptly took the hint and raised margin requirements, slightly, for the pio- fessional traders. HOG BATIOMS For Shoots We grind and mix your grain with Purina Sow Pig Chow Concentrate. For Kogs over 125 Lbs. We grind and mix your grain with Purina Pig Kog Chow Concentrate. FOR EGGS Balance grain with either of these . . . PURINA LAY CHOW Feed 1 bag with about 100 pounds of your grain. PURINA EGG CHOW Self feed Egg Chow and grain. One bag balances 200 pounds grain. D A I R Y R A T I O N We'll put extra value in -your grain at 1°'^ cost. Let us mix u -with top milk-malortg PURINA COW CHOW CONCENTRATE KKDHOOM FURNITURE ' 22 inches. - - - - r -- - , - , - . . , _ ~ j u^.. , v ) «, - j t t i t f l t t V 1 \ I I I 1 ! I I V i ' ' i I i ', ^. I ^ « l l l t t l * * * A ' l * V ^ \ V a * J V J A V i ^ t l V ^ »**-* , 34 inches; and \\a»st,i!y IOIT hours before it was cxlin-'t;ul qctwccn 5 and 7 p. m. 213 S., - -- .- j:^jj}-hcd. ·iVvebslcr. s 69-3 l and electrocutes insects. Electrocutes Insects A new portable device attract! No More Poppin* ^ Designed to make eating of such foods as popcorn in theaters noiseless, a paper bag has been invented which is as soft and noiseless as cloth. FARM MARKET Elm St. Harrisburg KURINA'CHOWS -^j- · and · SUPPLIES LWSPAPLRl :WSPAPLRI

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