The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 11, 1916 · Page 18
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 18

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1916
Page 18
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Our variety, price and quality are not to be equaled, Graduation Bouquets Phones 840 'the KOBIN80N BEMINDKR Mnk«s i impossible to forget to do the things you want to do at tne time they ought to be done--a perforated pad of cou- poned Hhects incloned In a handsomo leather case. , Important notes made on the perforated slips may be torn out -\v hen attended to, leaving only tWo live notos A most handy and practical device. Ladles' or (PI iiA r-I 1 lemon's «|«e, with extra pud, nostpald «J)JL.UV 9. NOTORIOUS PICKPOCKET JSCAPTOJE^f HOTEL Thomas Knight, 70 Years Old, Sought All Over Country Since 1892, Was Attracted by Con veniions. A pickpocket and hotel thief, who, the police asseit, has been notorious throughout the country since 1892, was captured here yesterday. The man gave his name as Thomas Knight, 70 yearn old, of Kala- nmzoo, Mich., when he was arrested at the Spencer House, where, it is alleged, he entered a room of two gue.sts and stole $182 Knight was held to the grand l u r y under $2,000 bond w h e n arraigned in Police Court. Knight's record was discovered by Bert Perrott, Bertillon operator, while taking the man's, photograph and measurements for the rogue's gallery. The nollce say that Knight admitted he was Nick Mot an, alias George Cole Duty criminal records published in the early nineties were referred to. When accounts of "Jobs" in Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati and other cities were read to Knight, It Is said he acknowledged the acts, but insisted in "putting the pol re r i g h t ' on certain minor details Knight declared he was attracted to this city to "woik," it Is said, because of the numerous conventions. Caught in Hotel. Early yesterday morning M. W. Weaglo and Patilck J. Downey, stock men of Woi Chester, Mass., staying at the Spencer House, were awakened by a man In their room. When he was discovered ho excused himself, sayrng that ho had made a mistake and had got rrr the tti'ong room. As soon as the i n t r u d e r left, the men discovered the loss of their money. Knight was stopped by the clerk an lip was leaving the hotel. It is siild that (lie money and purses were louirrt on him Blcyclemen Wilson and Heed made the arrest. PARK FUND NOW UCEEDSS17,NO Twenty-One More Subscriptions Add $315 to Atoount--Physi cians and Dentists Give Liber ally to Movement. SEVERAL NEW SITES WANTED Memorial Committee and Other Boosters Will Attend Sale of Lusk Estate at Turkey Run Next Thursday. State Park Fund Previously acknowledged f 16,782 Colo Motor Cur Company... Dr. Albert M. Cole Dr. Erederlck R. Charltoa.., Dr. II, O, Puntzer --.. Dr. 1 nulls. B. Wynn Dr. David It08§ Dr. W. N. Wishard Dr. Howard B. Ruper Dr. James A. Along Dr. I'rcderlck 11. llepslmvf. A. \V. Drayton Jr , f , . . Robert K. Springsteen , Dr. Curl D. I,ucus Dr. I rank A. Hamilton . . . Dr. C. B. JncUson Dr. A. F. HtelnlielBcr Dr. W. B. Kitchen Dr. II. G. Hamcr Dr. W, T. S. DotUls Dr. P. E, M.'t'owl! Dr. ('. B. Strickland ADVERTISERS' CLUB FAVORS PRICE MAINTENANCE BILL Proposed Federal legislation to maintain manufacturers' prices in the retail markets of the country was discussed in two meetings at tho On.xnmer of Commerce Uullding yesterday. The Advertisers' Club, by a vote of thirteen to six, with a number of members refusing to vole, approved the Stephens-Ashurat bill tor price maintenance, now pending in Congress, and recommended favorable action bv the directors of the chamber , 1 Y Committee on state and national legislation voted affirmatively on one proposition contained in a referendum submitted by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States. This proposition declares that "there should be Federal legislation permitting the maintenance of resale prices, under proper restrictions, on Identified merchandise for voluntary purchase, made and sold under compti- tHe conditions " The committee rejected the referendum proposal for legislation to deilne price-cutting as a violation of the J-ederal Trade Commission act. Both decisions bv the committee will be passed upon finally by the directors of the chambei. President IClmer L,, Cllrre of the Advertisers' Club appointed a special committee to push the organization of an Indianapolis delegation to the next convention of the Associated Advertising Clubs of the World, which will be held ill Philadelphia June 25-30. The committee consists of 13 L, Cline, F. a, Chance Merle Sidener, O. T. Roberta, F. T. Carroll, I1 B. Knight, Horace R. Rvan Arthur Vonnegut, Eli Schloss, Julian Wetzel, Carl Hunt, P. S Florea. M. B. Oakes, Krnest Cohn and II. S. King, A nomi- nating'committee for the annual election, to be held June 7, consists of K B. Knight, O, T. Roberts and Carl Hunt. THREE MEDICAL SOCIETIES CONCLUDE MEETINGS HERE he^ annual sessions of the Indiana Phvslo-Medtcal Association and the Indiana Eclectic Medical Association, closed yesterday afternoon following the election of new officers by both organizations. The eclectic association closed its session at tho Denison Hotel with the election of the following officers: President Dr Henry Carter, Bringhurst: first ' \ l c e president, Dr. W. W. Trndall, Shelbv- vllle; second vice president, Dr. C. W. Reiff, Idavllle; secretary, Dr. F. 1, Hosmer; treasurer, Dr. C. A, Tlndall, Shelby- vllle. The meeting of the Physio-Medical Association closed at the Claypool Hotel yesterday afternoon with the election of tho following officers: President Dr. I. S. Harold, RIdhmond; vice president, Dr Emerson Carter, Brlnghurst; secretary- treasurer, Dr. N. E. Harold, Indianapolis. The semi-annual meeting of tho Indiana Osteopathic Association wag held yesterday at the Claypool Hotel, when Dr. Frank C, Farmer of Chicago was tho chief speaker. His subject was "Comparative Therapeutics," and he compared tho osteopathic method of treatment with other methods, pointing out the advantages of the osteopathic school over others. The annual business meeting of tho association will not bo held until next fall. WIFE SUES C. A. CAMPBELL Charles A. Campbell, 1007 IIumo-Man- sur Building, an oil and gas company promoter, was sued for a divorce for two veais by Harriot K. Campbell, 530 North Meridian street, In Superior Court, Room 4, yesterday. Before their separation the Campbells lived In the Colonnade. Mia. Campbell charges that her husband treated her with contempt all of their married \lfe, that ho left her alone without telling her where ho was going, and that he has an uncontrollable temper. She asks that tho court order him to pay her enough money to live as she has been accustomed to before their reparation. She says she is penniless. 100 25 25 25 25 10 .... 10 10 JO 10 .10 10 5 5 B 5 5 C 5 0 5 Total §17,097 With twenty-one subscriptions amounting to $31ti, reported yesterday, the Indianapolis fund for the purchase of state parks passed the $17,000 mark. The Cole Motor Car Company sent a check for $100 to the Chamber of Commerce, The twenty other Subscriptions reported for the day came from Dr, Frank B, Wynn and Dr. James II. Taylor, who formed a team that has been at work for three weeks [among physicians and dentists of the crty. The Wynn-Taylor team has collected about $1,000, with a large repiesentatlon of physicians and a considerable sprinkling of dentists on Its list. Dr. Wynrr said yesterday, In making the fln.rl report of his team in the canvass, that he behoved the physicians and dentists ranked bettor as contributor, in piopoition to their means, than the members of anv other class or profession in the city. Heven dentists and eleven physicians were included in the final report of the team. Goal Is $25,000. Several members of the joint committee working on the park fund have been occupied this week with the National Conference of Charities and Correction, but It Is expected that icgular meetings will be resumed today. Chairman Sol S. Klser luis declared that the campaign for funds will be carried on until $25,000 Is obtained in Indianapolis. With the funds collected by the state committee and those outstanding In Indianapolis and the state It is estimated that more than $20,000 has been subscribed. Wbrk will be continued In the state until a sufficient amount, populailv subscribed, Is raised to buy at least two or three park sites besides Tut key Run. Preparations are being made by mem- beis of tile state memorial park committee and other persons interested in the paik moxcment to go to Turkey Run a week trOTtt*~today, when the public sale of the Lusk estate will be held. The Community Club of Ulen Valley, which subscribed $25 to the fund, is planning a motor trip to the Run July 4, while a chautauqua is In progress there. School Notes BUTLER COLLEGE. At the meeting of the Tau Kappa Alpha national oratorical and debating fraternity yesterday afternoon the following Butler men were elected to membership: DeForrest Odell, David Benson, Ralph Stephenson, Francis Payne, Earl McRoberts, Floyd McMurray, Oscar Hagemeier, Austin Clifford and Donald McGavran. All were members of the Butler debating team. The annual initiation will be conducted early in June in conjunction with the annual banquet and convention to be held heie. Dr. Joseph I/^ Barton, who has been conducting a series of lectures at the College of Missions in the last week, talked on "Contact with Christianity and Results. Including Attempts to Christian- Ize" last evening. He will conclude his series of addresses this evening with an address 011 "Program for Evangeltxatlon." Ten Butler men -will assist in ushering at the charities and correction conference each, night until the close of the meeting. Myron Hughel, Francis Payne and Robert Rieuer will have charge of the usherg from the Irvlngton collega. James W Putnam has dismissed his charities and correction class today in order that they mav attend the conference. The Rev. Charles H. Winders of the Downey Avenue Christian Church addressed the X- M. C. A. yesterday morning on "Religion and the College Man." F. Tarkington Baker, coach of "The Yankee Consul," the play to be given this spring under the auspices of the senior class, announced the following cast for the play last evening: Abljah Booze, Robert Wild; Lieut. Jack Morrell, Leonnrd Fink; Gov^-nor Deschado, Paul Ragsdale; Capt. Leopoldo, Robert Hamp; Herr Gobubler, Myron Hughel; Carloa, Carey McCallurn; Sancho, Robert Ivarsh; Fellpo, Fred Wagoner; Rodrigo, Whitney Spiegel; Donna Teresa, Ruby Winders; Bonita, Mary Louise Rurnpler; Papinta. Marjorie Kenhan; Inex. Genevieve Downs; Juanita, Charity Hendren; Esterlla, Elsie Gannon. Miss Vera Koehring will lead the chorus. M. T. H. S. A meeting of the June graduating class of Manual Training High School will be held in the auditorium at session period this morning. Arrangements will be made for the class party and the program for Olass day also will be discussed. The senior issue of the Booster will be distributed to the students tomorrow. A number of photographs of the players who took part In the Shakespearean play have been placed on exhibition in the main corridor. Copies of the pictures mav be purchased at the rental- library. Becauf-e of the uncertainty as to when tho tennis courts at Garfleld Park will be available for use, W. H. Ballard has announced that the preliminary round in the tournament is to be played off independently of the schedule. Tho results ate to be repoited to Mr. Ballard before May 15. TECHNICAL. The January '17 class will be organized this week. Mr, Mills will have charge of tho meeting. The block letter T has been awarded to the following athletes: Harry Brown, Henry Butler, Albert Daugherty, Winters i'Yhr, Houston Meyers, Bernard Lawson, and Earl Wagner. The Latin chorus will moot today during the ninth peiiod in room BB. Results of the marks contest will be announced this week. 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Falk, 807 State Ut6 Building, THE FITTING OF GLASSES our specialty; all the latest and most becoming styles, at reason- an'e prices Office one door south of City Libiary. DR. BOYER, Specialist, 144 N. Meridian St. PUBLIC SAFETY BOARD DISCHARGES FIREMAN Charges Against Thomas Draper of Loitering and of Unbecoming Conduct Are Borne Out After Formal Trial. The board of public .safety ordered the discharge of Thomas Draper, a fireman at engine house No. 10, yesterday, following a trial in which charges were preferred against him by Chief Johnson. Testimony tending to show that Draper was guilty of conduct unbecoming a fireman and loitering in a saloon was heard by the board, and Denny Coll, captain of No. 10, testified that Draper was under the Influence pf liquor at the time of the alleged offense. According to the testimony, a fight took place at the engine house several weeks ago between Draper and Coll. Several witnesses testified that Draper was not under the influence of liquor at the time of the offense. Coll was the only one who testified that Draper was drunk. Draper admitted having gone into a aaloon, but said he was In citizens' clothes, that he went there to telephone to his wife and that he did not drink while there. He said he was in the saloon from about 7:20 until 7:50 o'clock in the evening, and that from then until nearly midnight he spent in a giocery store and in a barber shop near the engine house. When he returned to the engine house, Draper testified that Capt. Coll took him to task for his absence and accused him of being drunk. Draper denied the allegation, and a fight resulted in which Draper received a black eye, according to his testimony. Two members of the board, Chairman Gall and Andrew Wahl, heard the testimony, and announced afterward they found Drapei guilty of all charges and ordered him discharged from the department. The board has named the following new police officers: Charles J. Russell, George W. Baker, Harry Schley, Harry Jones, William Ott and John Rader. Ross Herron was appointed a fireman. STUD Ern OF TEXAS OIN MILITIA AUSTIN,' Tex., May 10.-- Forty students of the University of Texas enlisted for service in tho Texas National Guard along tire Mexican border today, and the university authorities said many more were endeavoring to enlist, Students going. into tho Mexican service will be given credit for tlio ,work already done In the university this year. GOLDEN JUBILEE OF INDIANA HOMEOPATHS NEXT WEEK The fiftieth anniversary of theTlndiana Institute of Homeopathy will be observed here next Tuesday and Wednesday, when It Is expected several followers of the pro- fesion from out of the fctate will attend.' Dr. C\ K. Sawyer of Marion, O., will rep-1 resent the American Institute of Homeopathy, the national organization, and will delher an address on "The Necessity of Better Organization of the Homeopathic Fraternity." Dr. Albert A. Ogle of Indianapolis will deliver the president's address, "A Year's Progress in Medicine," at 1 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon. In the bureau of materia rnedlca papers will be read by Dr. Samuel R, Geiser of Cincinnati, Dr, Willis B. Stewart of Indianapolis, Dr. Willard S. Hastings of Chicago and Clarence A. Baldwin of Peru, Ind. Alonxo C. Fenny of Chicago will present a paper in the bureau of clinical medicine Other papers on this subject will bo read by Dr. James H. Furgher of Laporte, Ind.; Dr. Albert E. Hinsdale of Columbus, O.; Dr. W. H. Baker of Terre Haute and Dr. C. E. Canaday of Newcastle. Surgery will be discussed in papers by Dr. George S. Coon of Louisville, Dr. Claud A. Burrett of Columbus, O.; Dr. Orange S. Runnels of Indianapolis and Dr. Edwin A. Sevlnghaus of New Albany, Ind. Dr, Charles B. Kern of Lafayette- has arranged for the following speakers in the bureau of sanitary science: W. F. King of Indianapolis, Mr^. Harry D Tutewiloi of Indianapolis, Daniel W. Weaver of Greensburg, Ind.; Dr. Henry N. Coons, of Lebanon, John H. Baldwin of Jefferson-' ville and Christian Martz of Fort Wajne ' A dinner for the members, their w'ives and their friends will be given at the Hotel Severin at 7:30 o'clock Tuesday evening. Among the speakers will be Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of the homeopathic school. WOMAN IS INJUREDiTcAR; TWO ARE HURT ON RAILROADS A buggy, In which Mrs. Lilly Isaac, 2535 Maple street, was riding, was struck by a street car at Shelby and Palmer streets yesterday afternoon. Therbuggy was demolished and Mrs. Isaac was thrown to the street. She was bruised by the fall and was taken to her homo In a municipal ambulance. The accident was declared to be unavoidable BIcyclemen Muse and O'Donnell Investigated. Harry Bosler, 52 years old, 45 South Summit streetfi a switchman for the L. M, W. Railroad, was bruised about the body when ho fell from a footboard of an engine at Llbeity street yesterday. He ·was taken to the Methodist Hospital and later to his home. Ilia condition is not serious. Perry C. Crane, 29 years old, a brakeman, living at 46 North Walcott street, suffered/injuries of both ankles when he jumped from a derailed car at the west end of tho Union Station yesterday. He was sent to St. Vlncent'-a Hospital by Bl- cyclomeii Hanks and Johnson. i See Our Announcement Today on Page 10 THE WHEN STORE Mahogany or oak mantel clock, reliable Seth Thomas movement, half-hour strike, Many styles to select from. Jeweler, 43-45 N. Illinois Street Dr. C. T. Noble Dr.G. A»QuH But. 84 Ye»n. Can You Doubt our oft repeated statement, that the extraction of teeth, as done by us is painless? If you would cnly reason, or investigate, you would learn that with our years of experience with our Vitalized Air, and our- special equipment, we remove one or twenty teeth without pain, injury or danger to the most delicate or aged. Have It done the painless way. TAFT DENTAL PARLORS 25!/ 2 WEST WASHINGTON ST. QUALITY FIRST ReiluWJ C U E A M S ILLMPER.CALONI .WINDOW SHADES. 'E-NU-WALl. MFG. COH INDIANAPOLIS I 7 Sargent Paint Co. SOLE DISTRIBUTORS 502 Massachusetts Ave. Main 449-»PHONES-»New 484 Phonograph At this price no family can afford to be with- without music. Let us show you the Stewart In your own home. H. Phone North 8729 cy 3203 Graceland Indianapolis Any one can clean hats, but It takes a practical hatter to do It correctly. Pmvia I ats o ir specialty. PANAMA HATS Cleaned and blocked-latest styles for ladies and gentlemen. No acid used, INDIANA HAT WORKS We have no branch stores 237 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE Wm. 0. 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