The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on September 18, 1947 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1947
Page 5
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OUT OUR WAY THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ·y J. R. Williams OH, THAT'S VERY EASY, TO IMITATE HIM OK) THEM/ BUT WELL, IT MIGHT, BRING A LITTLE , LUCK TO TRY THE SAME MEDICINE/ REAT MAM WEMT DOWNJ WHEN HE LEF1 HOME'ON HIS CLIMB TQ FAMI AND MILLIONS ITSTH' STEPS THAT GO UP FROM THERE THAT 1 CAN'T SEEM TO GIT STARTED ON, OR EVEN FIND/ _ _ _ ;MO RELATION . .. HEC U S PAT. OFF CORK 1947 BY NEA SE3VICC "-C THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1947 »«*·· in PAGE FIVE WASHINGTON, Sept. 18---The grave American concern over the tiend of world affairs I was pointed up today by President (Truman's decision to install Jamc» Picking Crop in outhern Illinois CAKI30XDALE, 111., Sept. 18-- C'i »-- Oithaidists today had be- the harvest of an estimated j;un 3.800,000 busliel Illinois apple; uup, delavcd in recent weeks be ! Truman s decision 10 jiibuiu ^«"-- · · -----.-- --- - - , - - - ,, Foiicstal as sccietary of defense .uu,,c ol the extended hot weather, 'without further delay. I 'Ike hnvest, estimated earlier A.fte- ic'-eivm" a White House i to amount to 4,000.000 bushels, ! radio 'report oiTthc international ,l«o' ..My y i l l [ b e off five per cent situation/Mr. Truman ditched, ay .esult 01 the dry summer and an order from the battleship Mis-1 I f f of the codling moth ·souri vesterdav that Forrestal b e , o n the ,ui T.. L Davis, man- .sworn'into his new post at once.-a ci of the Illinois Fruit Growers I'icvious plans called for the L .clunge. said, ceremony to take place after t h e j r ji. c present estimate is an aver- j President's return to Washington i a v apple crop for Illinois and , later this week. j a l o u t ciual to last year's hanest, in making ins uialilauC OCCi- , sion, the President did not define' 'j he cool nights and moisture i any specific world trouble spot r ,i!.cr this week have meant to reporters accompanying h i m ' t ' » . t the Jonathans, Grimes-Golden i on hib voyage fiom Dinzil. B u t j u H a few Golden Delicious are on tl.e basis of the confidential re-, c. nunjj off the trees with better ,poit he said the nation should j t o l o . dun had been expected, 1 have a sccietary of defense in o f - j b^ is said The present weather fice and functioning. (o'.d'tions will be especially bene- Authoritative sources said, he said* to later varieties. Tiuman's chiet concern stemmed ^ ' h as the Red Delicious and fiom a bleak resume regarding the \'"esaps tests that American policies a n d , Davis predicted that the harvest piestige aie 1 acini; in Italy, oi -ome of the Red Delicious may France, the Balkans and Trieste, L t ^ m next week, although the and fiom startling pio Communist \\mesaps will not be ready to pronoui.cements fiom Nationalist'come off until late in October. China. ' ' f* M · ii£7 Lcavcnwoith, Kan. Both are for- imcr Collinsville residents. I Foster also pleaded guilty yes- teiday but his case was continued j to Sept. 24, so that a federal indictment alleging bank robbeiy , against him m Columbus. 0., may ' | be transferred to this district. Vir-' , gil Summers has not been ar- DAXYILLE. I U , Sept. 18--(I'D | migned in this district. --Coinelius II. Summers, one of arg yrglarizing Bank __^^ U l l l ^ I l i n li* fcji.ilit***^**^. «·*··· " -- i thiee men indicted in this federal j Student is Killed coiut dist.ict on'a charge ? f burg-j When pj a!ie Crashes United States ambassadors in re-1 cent weeks have been flooding the Stale Department with "rim rc- poits on the swiftJ-movnig turn ol political events in hard-pressed Etnopean countries. crgen- an/ing the State Bank at .^is^»-i . . . . . , . 111, m ID-ID, was fined j Into Lake Mschigan a'-d sentenced to five years in pris on todnv by Federal Judge Walter C l.mdley. --^ /·- Tlio prison sentence-'is "'to run conctirn-ntb with one Summeis is now str. m'j; at Men. tin foi lobbery He _ tv to the burglary charge da\ 1'i'e other two men indicted 'Mth Summers were his brother, \ u « i l now in the Ohio state peni- t c - U ) u \ at Columbus, and Roy M. Foster, now in federal prison at Command High Pay Animal stars cam approximately $300 weekly when at v.oik in motios pictures. Full Land Use Bot*er methods of increasing soil fertility ha\e diminished the need fo clf-aiins; new lands for crop production and pasture Thus, timber cro-)b can be grown on the less fertile and lotigher portions of the f ' m producing an additional revenue and making full use of all the on the farm A scene from Columbia's mo Jem \ u v o n of a deaily beloved no\el, Gene Stratton Portei's ' Keepti ol the Bees," (upper photo) with Michael Duane and Glona I I n i \ : ird Gene Autiy in a scene fiom Republic's "Saddle Pals,' (lo.\ei i-l-oto) w i t h L\nne Roberts and Sterling Ilolloway. showing at the Giand Thuisda, Fuday and Saturday. About Town And Country \ (Continued -from Page One) Harry Jones, who used to do a nice job of fullbacking for old HTHS. He's now in the navy and he's just about as far from home a guy usually gets. "Here is a follower of yours who reads your column away out here on Guam," says Harry, who is in the navy. "My mother scads mo all the Registers and the first thing I read is your column. It lets me know what is going on back there in ol' Harrisburg. Tim, don't let the ETM3 (his rating) on the return address get you wondering what it means. It stands for Electronics Technician Mate third class I am in a very interesting field and like my work very much. I am attached to the ,. naval operating base here on Guam, ai.d 1 work in Uie inUuiiriai u«»- i partment, which is just like a big shipyard. We go aboard ships and fix their electronic equipment and m that is a big job. theie is so much that can go wrong. "Would you do me a favor? When, you see any of my old buddies up town tell them I would like to hear from them." i Harry's address is here on my desk, boys. Call me and got it. Land of Lakes Michigan has 11,037 inland lakes, using the definition that a lake is "a body of standing \vater occupying a basin and lacking continuity j with the seas." Approximately half of the lakes are less than 10 acres in surface area and only 19 have more than 5.000 acres. Average size is about 66 acres. Cost of Goods Retail trade accounts for nearly one-third of the total cost of distributing goods. CHICAGO, Sept 18--U.'E-- A. Loyola University student was kill- \unij monoplane crashed into Lake Michigan. The WASHINGTON. Sept. 18--L*1'-Secretary of Agiiculture Clinton P Anderson was reported ready to-1 day to insist on a sharp cutback in American food exports as the onK practical way of pulling down Agiiculture Department souice^ said Anderson will carry his lo»ve» export recommendation into a meot was made irom papers in his pocket. Johnson had rented the plane. The Daily Register, 20c a week. b ^ IX 9 . VBS i Sturdy, long-wearing sanforized blue chambray. Full cut for comfort. Elbow action sleeves. Famous "EZ" Brand! Children's Dutch neck, -short sleeves, trunk leg. Elastic\seot said Meanwhile, Chairman Clifford R Hopt, R., Kans, of the House Agii- culture committee said that if wages rnd profits continued to climb at their present rate, further puce in creases are inevitable even if ex ports are trimmed Hope said Americans shouid undertake voluntary rationing of scarce and high-priced foods, substituting cheaper and more plentiful items wherever possible. Labor leaders also must exeicise restraint in demanding new wage hikes, he said. The Cabinet Food committee is meeting Monday to go o'.er a detailed inventory ot Anienca's food icsources. It hopes to come up w i t h some answer that will meet the threat of a European food crisis without shooting up prices at home Anderson was said to feel t h a t , the only answer is smaller ship j mcnts: "that to continue present large exports would only push domestic prices higher and make it impossible for foreign nations to buy anyway. Chicago Area Dairy Officials to Appear Before Grand Jury CHICAGO, Sept. 1--(U-F.)--Subpc nas were issued today for the ap pearance of officials of 15 major dairies to appear before a special grand jury investigating inflation in the Chicago area. The subpoenas were issued on orders of Melville Williams, special U. S. Assistant Attorney General in charge of the anti-trust division. The dairy officials were ordered] , t o appear "Oct. 3 before he iur I 'called into session oy Federal| 'Judge John P. Barnes, :md toj ! bring their recoids with HVMH. | i The Chicago dairies recently increased the pi ice of a quart of milk by one cent, and anather one- cent hike is under consideration., Subpoenas were issued last \\r-ckj to officials of the nation's major i packing houses to appear 1-c,ore the jury. Investigation of the p.'ic- ss of clothing and housing w i l l be conducted after the food hean.igs Argentina Sells Wheat to Europe |At Huge Profit j WASHINGTON, SEPT 18 r Tl'» ' -- vncuilure Department officials 'reported today that Argentina i* .asking--and getting--about $s a bushel for wheat exports to Europe | -almost double the United State, Awhile the United States sclb uheat at cost to Europe, Argentina IS paying wheat farmers only about 15135 a bushel and then demanding $4.85 a n £ u .P,f ro p},, nccdy COUn " are smali . postwar 400,000.- '/' , .isiM n , s£sfc vW 7 W. H ·V' / o v^. J , f ,-.* S * yf\' ^x ^5 I You've nei/er used anything like it! Out of the vast new knowledge gained in wartime reseat ch comes Tide--the most amazing discovery in the whole history of washing products. Tide does what's never been done before--washes clothes cleaner than any soap, yet leaves colors brighter! Tide is completely NEW and different... as you'll see for yourself the first time you try it. Tide's v.onder suds billow up instantly even in hardest water ... they look different.. .feel different from any soap you've ever used! v ii H i«"A f^e s ^Hi \\\T, m W. SK RfiWV v %^ '! r^ »»*! YB** 1 yff ,i* tv ®\ ^^ , Ov^v \"T^\ io«^ n \^ ©S1LY A L L ?OU^! I Washes chihes deanerl-. Yes cleaner than any soap made! No matter what soap you ma be using now, Tide gets your whole family wash c!ea.ner-e\en greasy overalls! Tide leaNes clothes free-not only from ordinary dirt-but from gray, dingy soap film as well. 2. Atfusliy brightens colors 1 . Tide lenies no film to dull dainty \\ashable colors. W h a t ' s more, Tide removes all film left by former soap w a s h i n g s -- t h a t ' i «h color brightness perks up like magic after a Tide wash! 3. Hevsr "yellows" white clothes! 1 idc keeps shirts, sheets, piilowcascs gleaming white, week after week. Nc\cr turns them jellow, no matter how often they're washed or how lonu they're stored! i«SS' ^¥4 ^ \$i- sCs '^ J^Z /fr-' ^z. · x - i ^r v -^.Sf r*:t U i"S \-$\ 000,000 bushels. Vanishing American Soil ' When John Smith and Miles Stin- i dibh came to these shores, the top- I soil averaged about nine inches :n 'depth. Today, due to the ripping I and wearing action of water ;md wind on unprotected land and the ·removal of organic matter, the re- i suit of land abuse, topsoil averages about six inches in depth for ihe nation as a whole. In some places it is entirely gone--and more is going. ,, ... GUARANTEE Procter Gamble ftuarantcc« thnt Tide w i l l J ocrthlnft claimed for U in thHnihirlKc- mcnt. If jou are not completely iatisfied, return the unused po'tion of our pnck.Ue to atvicr arU the purchase price tv·* *-.·» -*led. 4. 0/ves more suds Prove it in your dishpanl Kind-to-har.!s suds! Faster suds! Longer-last m", suds than any soap in hariiett water! Tide cuts grease like magic... washes dishes cleaner than any soap! No scam in the water! No cloud him on dishes and C 'Ih.U'swhv the r i n s o a n d d r y j A'/wj,' c.Vur--«-\en w i t h o u t wiping! r A Hymotol Product Mew t i. }\

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