Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 23, 1890 · Page 2
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Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1890
Page 2
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if' onstitntion OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY J E H I IT TMiCOr J i\ PA-L-LON Business Manager Office in COJVVrirtTlOIV aoutb "W ashing ton 3t Tlirce Doors So*ith of "ttmsur Bank TELEPHONE N U M B E R S BTTsINEbS OFFICE No. 4 EOITOKIAL ROOMS . ...No. 104 TEKMS. Iaily, including Sunday edition per month . . . . 5( One j ear, if paid in. advance go Ot Sunday edition per month Semi-Weekly edition, per annum S six months . In clubs of tea * Send mone order ot drift -\t oui risk Address 'Constitution Ste tin Punting Co ChU- licothe. Mo Advertising Rates 4^'Locals--3? ive cents per line per issue for two insertions or less m the Daily 4a-.Localb, four insertions without change, in the _Dail 9 I our cents per line each issue, 49-Locals inserted t. ae week in tne Batl, without change, Lvo Ceats per Hue per issue £f" Locals inserted In the Daily six times and Semi-\V eekly once at Fifteen Cents per line ior the seven insertions J^LccalslnSemi.WecJEly, Five Cents per line each insertion |3B^No Local inserted one time in eitl ^r Dally or Semi-Weekly ior less than 25c far"All Locals oidered inserted "until forbidden wil 1 be charged for until ordei- ed discontinued. Special rates on local aud display ad\ei tisements made on Application. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET. "01 Supreme Judge, ,)AMES B. GANTT, ; Ot Henry County. Vl x* Siupt of Public Schools, .L,. E. WOLFE, Of Randolph County For Rail) oad Commissioner, H. W. HIOKMAN, ^Of Stodclard Counts'. For congress, becona Congressional District CHARr,Ec~ II. MANSTJB, of LiylnKston county. DEMOCRATIC COUNTY TICKET. For Eepresentative-- JAMES F. A:NDBR--ON For Sneriff-- EDWAKD L. TAYLOK For Recorder--r SOLOMON" J HOGE. For Circuit Clerk-- JOHK A BY AN For County Clerk-HENRY COWGILL. For Treasurei -- MONTKEV ILLE H. bMITH. For Proeeeuting Attorney--^ BALDWIN" B. GILL. For Probate Judge-- OAREY A PEKRIN. For Public Adtuiuistiator-- AMOS BARGDOLL J Foi Presiding Justice County Court-- PSENTICE WAITE. For Judge--Eastern Disturt-- JULlUs F. HOWARD For Judge--Western District-- WJLUAMF SPEARS. o* Coroner-WILLIAM A HENDERSON DEMOCBATIC SP£AKIN- Wells school house, Momoe town-, ship, Friday, October 24th. Mooresville, Sataiday. October 25. Ludlow, Monday, October 27th. Blackburn school house, Jackson township, Tuesday, Oet. 28tb. Horseman school house, Jackson township, Wednesday, Oct 29th. Butcher school house, Sainpse township, Thursday, October 30. Brown's school house, Sampsel township, Friday, October 31th. Dtica, Saturday, November 1st. James L Davis and other good speakers wilt be present to address you. All the democrat!^ candidates will be at these meetings and want to meet the people. The above meetings will be at 7 o'clock p. m, By order Dem. Co., Cen , Com. PROPOSED AMENDMENT To the Constitution of Missouri- To be Mnbuiitted to sue tiaaliftecl * oter» ·t tile Genera] ]!,leetiou to be lxcll In tfee State oil November 4, 1S90. Concurrent resolutions snouoHting to the qualified voters oj Missouri an amendment to the Constitution thereof; concerning the judicial department Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the benate concurring therein: That at the genera! election to be held on the Tuesday next iollowing he first Monday in November, A. D. 1890, the following amendment to the constitution of Missouri, COD, cernmo; the judicial department, shall be submitted to the qualified voters' of said state, to wit: SECTION 1. [ho supreme court shall consist of seven judges, and after the first Monday in January, 3b91, sbaU be divided m two divis- oris, as follows: One division to consist of four ludges of the court and to be known as division nurrber one, the other to consist of the remaining judges and to be known as division number two. The division shall sit separately for the hearing nod disposition of causes and maters pertaining thereto, and shall have concurrent jurisdiction of all matters and causes in the supreme court, except that division number two shall have exclusive cognizance of all criminal cases pending in said court: Provided, th"»t a cause therein may be transferred to the court as provided in section four of this amendent. The clivison of business of which said divisions have concur- lent jurisdiction shall be made as the supreme court may determine. A ·Majority of the judges of a division shall constitute a quorum thereof, and all orders, judgments and de. crees of either division, as to causes and matters pending before it, shall have the force and effect of those of he court. SEC. 2. Upon the adoption of this amendment, the governor shall ap point two additional judges of the supreme court, who shall hold their offices until the first Monday in Janu ary, 1893. and at the general election in the year 1892 their successors shall be elected, who shall bold their offices for the term of ten years, as other judges of the supreme court The two judges appointed by the governor, logethei with the judge elected at the general election in the year 1890, shall constitute division numbei two, and the remaining judges shall constitute division number one. The court shall elect its chief justice and each division a presiding judge thereof. SEC. 3. The supreme court shall assign to ea h division the causes and matters to be heard by it, of which assignment due public notice shall be given, and all laws relating to practice in the supreme court, as well as the mles of the supieme couit, shall apply to each division so far as they muy be applicable thereto. The opinion of each division shall be in writing, and shall be filed m the causes in which they shall be respectively made during the term at which the cause is submitted, and each opinions shall be a part of the records of the supreme court Each division shall have authority to issue the original writs and exercise the powers enumerated in section three of article six of the constitution. SEC- 4. When the judges of a division are equaiiy divided in opinion in a cause or where a judge of a division dissents from the opinion therein, or where a fedeial question is involved, the cause, oa application ol the losing party, shall be transferred to the court for its decision; or where a division in which a cause is pending shall so order, the cau«e shall be transferred to the court for its decision b£C 5. Wheuevei in the opinion of the supreme court the state of its docket with reference to the speedy disposition of the business of the court will justify dispensing with the provisions hereinbefore provided, the court shall dispense therewith, and the court shall thereafter hear and determine all causes pending in it: Provided, however, that the court shall have the power to again divide itself into two divisions, in like manner and with like power and effect as hereinbefore provided, whenever in the opinion of six judges thereof, entered of record, the condition of its docket with referenence to the speedy disposition of the business of the court ohall so require; and in such division the four remaining judges oldest in commission shell constitute division number one, and the remaining judges division number two. SEC. 7. All provisions of the constitution of the state, and all laws thereof not consistent with this amendment, shall upon its adoption be forever rescinded and ot no efiect Attest: A true copy. [SEAL.] A. A. iESUEUB. Oct2w4t. Sec'y of State. A EIVAL FOR INGALLS- A Plain American Citizen Boasts The 0- 0- P- Dnmerci- fully. CHICAGO, Oct 19.--James Abbott, who boasts no handle to bis name and desires to be known simply as a plain American citizen, addressed the Chicago Secular Union at the Princess Opera House to night. The subject o! Mr. Abbott's speech was "The Republican Party Has it Not Outlived Its Usefulness?" Mr. Abbott thinks it has, and the Secular Union agrees with him. He spoke briefly but forcibly of the Star Route and Credit Mobilei frauds and other grand grabs of the g. o p., including the larceny of Presidency in 1876 and the Illinois Central Pier. ·'Here is a conundrum," said Mr. Abbott, a little later. "If in 25 years the pension bill has multiplied eight times, how large will it be in 50 years? Let some surplus buster answer. If you object, Ingalls will yell. Confederate Brigadier, and the band will play "Marching Through Georgia." We have ciied for bread lo the republican party and what do we get? Chestnuts. It has been said that the Democracy is an organized appetite. If so, Republicanism is an organized digestion. A little later Mr. Abbott said: ''Talk about protection raising the wages of labor, yon might as weli expect a tax on foreign cemeteries to raise the wages of American gravediggers. Gr. o. p. ouce meant the grand old party. It DOW means the grand old putressence." Tbe audience listened with great interest and heartily applauded the points. Depew on Clereland At the banquet given to Gen. Roger A. Pryor in New York City on October 9, Mr. Chauncy M. Depew introduced Mr. Cleveland in the following words. If I am to name the typical Ameii- can, the man who loves and believes in his country beyond everything else, the man who, determining once io what direction his duty lends, cannot be swerved from the path--the man who if doggedly persistent in what he believes to be right--the man who thinks not of self, but of his country and its needs, I would name Grover Cleveland. What he has accom plished is the very highest attribute to the possibilities of American citizenship. A country lawyer in the city of tiufialo, he shed lustre upon the high profession which he bad chosen. As the Mayor of his native city he presented as his record a clean and economical administration. Coming into the highest position in the land without previous experience and with scarcely a precedent to guide him in the conditions which suriounded him, he won the affection of his party and commanded tbe respect and admiration of his oppon ents. I find myself in one of the proudet positions of my life in being permitted to present to you Grover Cleveland as tbe typical American." LET the people compare the two first years of Cle\eland's administration witb those of Harrison's. The former was popular, the country prosperous and the people satisfied. Now all is in confiusion--many re publicans are denouncing the policy of their own party and tbe farmers will be burning thoir corn to keep the wolf from the door. TheF. L. U. Picnic Committe Thanks tie County Papers THE democratic platform says: We aie in favor of the free coinage of silver " The republican state platform is ulent on this subject The F L- U. declaration of principles adopted at Sedaha declares for the 'free coinage of silver" also. Alliance men, which party can you vote with consistently next November, STRAYED. A dark red milch cow. dehorned. Aav information leading to recovery of cow w i l l be rewarded by Kobt. Lauderdale. Chillieothe, Mo. Oct6 clwtf. V Mo., Oct 18, '90. Whereas the six county papers, Coilhcothe CONSTITUTION, Crisis, Tribune, Avalon Aurora, Dawn Clipper, Wheeling News, did contribute an nobely towards the success of the F. is L. U., picnic, that we feel that we owe to you largely for tiie success of our noble picnic, which was done free of charge and in a conspicious place in the paper. Therefor be it resolved by tbe committee on arrangements, that we smcerlv thank said papers for the great favors conferee). HU«H TUDOR, | J. Y. POWELL. ', ,, J. M. BABBON, f tom J. D, ALLEN. | -WebenrUlT endorse and approve of tbe doctrine of protection lo American Industries mi embodied In tne MeKlnley biff --Lmngrston County Republican's ··There in not a line in the McKinley bill that will open a market to another bushel of western wheat or to another barrel of western pork."-James G. Elaine. "We condemn tbe present system of tariff taxation M unjust, inequit* able and iniquitions."--Democratic Platform. dwtf Jim Tanner has got gloyes made of tbe following,leather,hog,goat,calt. buck, (4 kinds) antelope seal and cow. NEW8__NOTE8. The striking dockmen at Melbourne, Australia, deny that tho strike hi* ceased. The seventieth general council of the Seventh Day Baptists of the United States began in Chicago on the 22d During a recent journey from Paris Baroness Alphonse Rothschild was robbed of jewelry valued atOO.OOO fiancs The Canadian shipping fcrado is reported virtually dead A vessel sailed from Montieal recently for England in ballast The Mississippi constitutional convention has finally decided to have a Iileutenant-Qovernor as one of the State officers Secretary of tho Interior Noble has signed the certificates for $15 000 each for the agricultural colleges of the country A remarkable cave full of beautiful geological formations bas been found fiBr Pilot Knob, four miles from Galena, 111 The Standard Oil Company has igim put the prices of Ohio oil, this tlmo to 8d cents per barrel The Ohio ptodurora are very blue Tom Mann, t)n pif^ J r n t o f tbe Dockers' Union, declares that the number of Unemployed in England is not less than 709,000 and that in eight horn lav is tho only remedy The Fenian Ihotheihood has, abol- i0hecl its oath of secrecy A committee was appointed to oiganize military and naval Companies to assist tho United States in case of « ir ree locomotives mide in Philadel and Intended tor a new railway Jerusalem to Jaffa have arrived .it They are tho f i s t locomotives used in this ancient land The local board of diiectorb of the IqajfO World's Fair has decided to be- S BlHng in tho f i o n t as soon as contacts can be let Sixty acres will be redeemed at a cost ot fiSOO 000 J^aresult of the lecently reported § mpts upon the life of the O-ir all of palaces and man? of the official dings, as well as i ho public squares parks of St. "Petersburg, have been closed to tho people B; J Ryan the oldest newspaper in, point of service, in Omaha, , died recently of typhoid malarial Be Mas born m New York City 18, 1848, and did his first newspa- r'firk as Washington coirespondent d[Rochester Herild ,»o Smith, convicted ot muidei in County, O , has uoen tespited by irnor Campbell to November 28 tyas sentenced to hang and had Tinted four previous, respites. )6al evidence establishing his ijice is claimed to havt, been dis- id Je Parliamentary eleccioii in the Eccles division of Lanoashue lesulted In a Tictory Coi the Gladstotuans Mr. Roby, the Liberal candidate, leceived 4,901 votes and "Mi Edgerton, Conservative',*,690 In the piorodmg election the. Mbo.ra.1 candidate recelied 3,983 and the Conservative 4 277 A southbound pissenget train left inooga, Tenn, on time and was ,g at a moderate rato of speed, ag ChicliamaiiKa. As the led out of a cut a covered was upon a crossing The engine* struck the wagon and killed J W. Jenkins, his wife and baby and Mrs. jfflleS Bowman, all of Walker County. MABKET EEPORTS. Grain and Provisions KANSAS CITY, Oct 21 ,0TM--Dull, XV 6jc, XX\, 756, family. JJfcllbICO, $1 4B, IftHC} , $1 60® 1 70 JjA AT--Lower, No 2 hard, cash, 690 83Wc asked. May, S3 Vic bid, 98?4c asked j t, cash S6c b i d , No. 2 red cash, 944; »1 02 bid, fl 05 aslced ,_OK--Kasior No ^ ca»h, 49^Q bid, 50^0 Mkcd, Uay, 61Uc bid, 52lir aekeJ, NO 1 white, cash, 5lc bid OATS--No 2 cash J(jt,'C RTK--No 2 cas'i, hlc U 1 FAODUOE--Batter, steady, fancy croamary, 20o, fancy dairy ]~c Tggs flnn fit 17c TitOVlBIONS--Uams (au^ar curocl), 10^1 ' ; breakfast bacon 8Uc, mess pork, , tlflree lard (pure) $6 5D ~\--Steady , dreasc I beet and slllp- J8,8S®463, cona J14TB231, stookoM feeders, liooas-oo ·--Steady at $4 4(Ka4 ^0 f-"Lawci, lops, H 10, balk H 9034 19 far Lotus Oct 2J FLOUR--Unchanged WHEAT-- Higher, No 2 cosh $1 XHjffi 100*4, December }L02Ui Janmr} J l O i ' t Alay, JlOS^rai 08% bid, July, X,,sc COVS--Steady , No 2 cas i Wjc Novem- bvT, 60\fcojb!(l, December, 4i«:4C J May, 52%c OATfe--Higher, N o 2 cash 42^c, May, KYE -- Higher, No 2, 65V2C asked PRODUCE -- Butter, stcad ere inicry 2ia WO. Bies, steady at 17c PBOTIBIONS-- Pork S110) Lard, S8.15 liucou Boxed shoulders S6 l''^ longs, f6 ^0, ribs, 3006.33, short clear (, 41 ~ B TLK--Bteady, good to fancy native H40490, lair to ^ood, J3 8034 40J kora and feeders SZOOSdlO Br--Steady, good to cuolco $400^3 10. ds--Btouger, licuvv $ 4 2 0 @ j d O , mlxeid, 4J.15, light $4 10 CPICAOO, OLE ^2 OCR--r [BAf^'Hlgliei , Na 2 spring ,_ -_ l.»J'4; HO i spring, 9lffl93e, No 2 led, !1 0214 ^o. J, 4c No 2 -white, 47«)47l/SC, . _ _ _ . . ' f c a . M n a i i . o fjtOJVCX--Biitter, rtrm, t^Era croarnory, 23 «24«i eitr» daily, I7ffi)t I'-SKs, isisilic ma--Pork, »1010»1020 Lard $640. aldot, loo c :145 Dry salted lu on(der», boxoil tJ6J^4«575, short :(n, Qoxtd, s L'Oas Uo ' -DJ^lltlcrB 1 finished goods $1 1$. -LoWer, 6toei3, IA 00(S3 00, rangers, iSteady, natives, (425948j, lambs, k , heavy, $4 15ffl4 50, light, (i 1» NEW YORK, Oet 2J igher. Jfo i red, Jl , « J la Bla. . ungraded, « JBffei IWjf) 2 red, October, $1 OS^a , Decefiiber H 09% [(Hi, May, Jl 13® 1 1 "4 , July, $1 06Mi ' -- Easy, No 2, 6J14«p60o in elevator. ir, (914c, Decenibui, COfflOlc, May, 61W ffittc. OATS -- Lt ss active, N o 2 white, 52'ft'2iJ3tte, |xe4 western, 4Cs50c, \ v b l t e do , GO'GQ? PltODfcCE -- Butter, firm western dairy, 19® Ho, western creamery Ha24c, Elgin 25C. fega, 4ulet, western, /2a2ic PROVISIONS-- Pork fi m, mess, $11 M^ 1160 Middles, dull, short clear, $610. Lard, etsy, western steam, $862^ CATTLE -- Steady, native steers, $3 73®4tR- 6BBEP-- Dull atstooeeio.lattUs fJ'8JC*3.S4 Hoos- Firm it H.30I ~ii Homeseekers Exclusions, 1890 The H. St. Jo B. E Co. will sell on April 22d, May 20tb, Sept. 9th and 23d, and Oct. 14th, round trip tickets to any point in Kansas or Nebraska, and to most points in Southern Missouri. Arkansas, Texas, Indian Territory, New Mexico, Colorado, c., at a rate of OSE PAKE for the round trip. All tickets good thirty days from day of sale C. H. NASON, Agent. Chillicotbe, Mo., April 7, 1890. GOV FRANCIS HEKK OUT 30, 1890. Gov Fratii B will speak I ere Thursday, Oct 30, '90 at 2 o'clock p. TB. Xtet t jerc be a bii; t u i n o u t to hear our popular govtrnor SENATOR COCKEELL. In Chillicothe October 31, at 2 O'clock In The Afternoon- I bp Dcmocialic ^t-Ue Cornmulec gives notice that HOD F. M, Cockrclj viill speak ID Clnllioothc on Friday, October 81, »t 2 p m Lot theie be a bi2 tarn out to hear Missoum' senior Senator. Happy Hoosiers. Win Tlmmons Postmaster of Ida- vllle, Ind , wiltes: ' Electric Bitters [us done more tor me than all other medicines combined, for that bad feeling arising fi om Kidney and Lh er trouble." John Leslie, farmer and stockman, of same place, Bays: "Find Electric Bitters to be th« best Kidney and Liver medicine, made me feel like a new man." J. W. Gardner, hardwire merchant, same town, says Electric Bltrers Is just the thing foi a man who is all run down and don't care whether he lives or dies, ho found new strength, good appetite and felt just like be had a new lease on life. Unly 50c. a bottle, at N J hwetland Go's Drug Store. Fiano and Orpan Instructions. I w i l l give Instructions on cither pi.iuo or organ at reasonable rates, address 01 call at 304 Maneur St. DAISY HOIJIFS l o Rise -- Seco d floor over (ailtnei Son, will fie up to suit En q n n e of Jonu T.JUilbank. Septl2dtf Notice to Tax Payers Tbe tax books of Cbillicothe township are now in my bands for collection, and I am ready to receive jour taxes for 1890, at Beasley Williams' drugstore. Penalty of one cent per month charged after Jan 1, 1891. F. J WILLIAMS, Oot7dwJanl Township collector. When Baoy wfts sick, TV» gave her Cratorte. When she was a Child she cried for Castona. When she became Miss she rlung to Castona. When she bad Children, she gare them CastorU The undersigned i» delivering cabbage witb roots on, tbia week at Glore JMiller'B; Henry Kase's; Adams, Son Co's , Win, Snmer- ville Sun's and Marr Sbelton's grocery store, L"ivc orders at any of these stores, and we will deliver cabbage at your residence at five and six cents per head. Out20dl»» JOHN A. LOWE. WANTED.--A live man to represent the largest accident company in New England. Liberal teims to right party. Address bos 5,248, Boston, Mass Ocl20d2t DISSOLUTION NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that the co partnership beietofore existing between B. A. Cox and E. M. Manning ia this diy dissolved by mutual consent, E M. Manning retiring. The business hereafter will be conducted by B. A Cox, and all bills prior to the 7th of October will be piomptly paid by the late proprietors, to whom all indebtedness should be paid. B. A. Cox, t:. M. M V N M S O Meiit Wins. We desire to say to our citizens ttia_ for years wo have been selling Dr- Klag's New Discovery for Consumption. Dr. King's New Life Pills, Bucfelen's Arnica 8al e and Ulectne Bitters, md hive nevei handled rem- adi» Ibat Hell as well, or that have given such universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every I me, and we stand ready to refund the purchase price, ifsatie factory results do not follow their use These remedies have woo their great p o p u l a r i t y purely on their merits For sale by N J. Swetland Co., diuffg^ts. 1 Reliable and Renowned I DR. JOS. HAAS. HOG aiifl POULTRY REMEDY The success ot this pieparation has induced many Imitations and Counterfeits of it to lie nUced on the market. Be euro you get the IJUKlttLlU, UUU «. -« ·"·» «"-- J- ··"*--- r- Sold extensUely in foreign countries, wbi-re its merits have received aswarm recognition as at home Prevents Diseaes. Arrests Diseases. Increases the Flesh. Hastens Maturity. Stops Coughs. Oct3-3m Destroys Worms. Foi Sale by J. B. Ostrancer, Druggist. In3i»nspolls, Ind, Oct 1,1800 I B OBlranderissolesRentatChillicotbe Mo. foi tbe HASS HOG nrtl POULTRY BBMEDY. and parties desinog a eennine article, Fresh aid Pure from my laboratory Jan nit secure It elsewhere Beunre ol counterfeits, take none but the genuine. JOS. HASS.V . t ,.t, ^«-.v.xvv.\v^vx-*xv-vjs;-w. '*·"*···- · -·-·-· · - ~ ' CASTORIA for Infants and Children. rwwlladApfy) to rlifMrfn thAt | *'»*-t«r3a f-ir*K Colic, Constlpatloo. (jxtorrl,t ! · fnJ/a, ^ Y { "V,llu,,tt .nlu?ju,im-itel«x Tl Y tjortk -I f-x ·.*!«, 77 Hurray Street, N T White £\er since oar opening in this city we have sold a good white snirt for fifty cents Wo have dropped tfae old n u m b e r and put in . new one that i« the equal of any seventy-five cent shirt in tbo city Too profit to us will be small, bu 'ho s b u t we are offering you at fifty cents ought to and ·/fill doable our sales, if you eiarnine them . We ha\o .xdded a nerf number in our Peyenty five cent line The bosom B twenty h u n d r e d iicen, the muslin New "York Mills 01 Wain butta, the equal of it w l l cost you $1. Our Department w i l l interest t h e closest and Ii-^ost uu'j eis V...J Kespoc ipple» The leading one-price Clothiers and Furnishers W. B.. D E V L E R IN EWELERY, Watches Clocks. ,., ries a Full Lin^ of Jewelry : WM. SUMMERVILLE, · ^59 S;I'Q B ^.¥f\f*£^¥ ^^£3lQ a %tS I VrV/vl 9 Special Agent for the American Tea and Coffee -- Something Used to Ma7ce TEA and COFFEE Call and See it at On OB. PRICE 50 CENTS Don't Byiid a, House ! Don't Buy a Stove. Don't buy anjthing in the sto\ e oi'ha i - dwaie line until jwi see Full line of these goods. He keeps the Best, and Sells Lowest, No Trouble to Show Goods.

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