The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on May 2, 1899 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1899
Page 4
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M£ WAS F A ' R L V CAUGHT. A- Planr Mi-rrbaaf* T r i c k VVtiieii D i d n ' t D e - » - i » . - O u r O l d U n m a n . ""I :..·.-,· urv i.-:.*.. ;:: ;..;; ;-;*:,,. hi:- ourv rvznurfe.i! .-.j^- i ;i , -:;',T · - a k-rvu- IK:,%i :n ;K, I, r. ··,- , .f ;4 s. .·;·': hr,, i r i~r^v: thjU-: ·-.·i:-,! I ;...-...; . fc: , ;.,,.,,. ^ ., ft .. A . r , our lie »:^-ai.jr u : : . · · · · · . : · ! .,f a «-i-;i ku.-wn tiriK of wb,:-vj:. j^r,,-,..-, ·-.v,. BO 1, .·;_· ;«...'· htf ,-.-.!:;:·:·..«!. "whi-u 1 iv:^ fa'.! '.:: :rn n ra:: tra,;.' .»;-.';;itj . s.-;r--.v.: Ir.^h W! :::4 4 ; f v r » CUrtolin-f ()::v day *;.,. onkrwi a ii.rr: : .,· 4 V -«TTJ:.'I L-rasJ fl-ur. \V, h.i :-·:-. r.i ;,: ·«.- out .-.' ;«,,. bran.?. .-.:;r ! :··:·-: h-..r wv :-,!uM *. ;.-.! N - r ~ i bam-i ,.* a;:. Tfc.-r bru::d ,.,,· ^l !v *-,-*! Sik- :t-» ·;:·;. ;t!iJ T j . o Hi!;;-' VVfV. ,i - J r . ' . -- 1 - 5 A w.-, ii .-.- ^c. afrvr «.V ««::.-· :!:-. :«,.· t.·-- and d.i-l.-L-^i that she i!;,irt !:'.· ::-,-· ::·';'· OHd l^i»!ctj i.:; h*fV;r,;£ '.' 't.ilv. ;· '' ' C ^ I 1 L" th^ lr:i:ia »h«- wai:'...ii%»·::; i::.-:we haicj thi- fiour hack r t.'n bi-jr.p si; 11 ,.ur ..f the Urir..i w - anil carttil it b,u.-k _ . . We heard n u t h i c f r inoro ,v,-.;; ;::· ·-.:·-.: for tfcrf** wtvks. wht :; . r, c t -,- .-, into the sturr in a h;gh:v ii;ii:_" .-.:.: ::i ;:.. of :r.:nd. and haul :iiat :L,i:r :-.i.n ''-.,.· ..\.";.jju !tn 'I :.=ld y.'ii that ;t w ; n . .- . ·.;. " ' N o ITK.I, I ~ : ;:.;. ·'·,v : -.- v.-a It Ls the iirnjiv! y.:u ' -v'.-^v " The w.-iium'^.i.-.^r -;:·. - i t is iw SOch thl'jj; ".«··:·· !..i;jrr_«; , ; ji 'You sept me riiick th\- ,-Ni::i-- b^rr^: 1 iuui,' "Of i-.,iusi- l^ t :; : «l i:. !a;.-i::-pMTictUar how w w.,'j:,! r,..r ri.-k 1.;-!:-^ hcr^trade on aot-iiiint »f a iMi-3.!y IvirrtJ oi flour. 'Why, ii..-wiiiM.- I i-jm-uLHU^l t-loqcpntJy. 'bow d-.iiu } -,u tai;ik 0 J such a thici? .-Our* i* :x h...non»bU' a house to cheat it* cnst-iiuiT!. '-r to ,-i.~k th«:i tn accvpt a substitute f. .r s.initfthin?r they liked.-' "Ihfii .the ^-ij3ijiui grimuxi at me. 'Huh.' he rvtorted, 'that's all very fine, bur I h.-id two baiin's out of the first, har- rti hi-S ire I sect it back.' " 'i'ts,' I assented, 'and yoti got a full barrel ia return. Doesn't that prove'-- ·"Prove nothto,' she-interrupted. 'The first two bafein'a oat of the barrel I got the second time were all right, bnt I wrvnt you to know I always take my flour out of the barrel with a saucer. When I gut down to the third bakin out of that second barrel, I'-'' 'Yes,' I iWejposed weakly, 'what did you do?' · ' '' 'I found my saaeer,' was her answer. Then she swept cut, and it was "well she did. for I came near falling in a faint. It ·was mouths before the woman would con- «teeend to trade with us again. "--Philadelphia Inquirer. Fifty-Eight Years Old. Cfe.- I t ' s a Ions life, b u t iK-voiiou tt. the It's a loDfr life. b u t iK-voiiou tt. the True iu'ertsls and pri'S^rity of tiie American p^oj!i» has won fir it new as ;bt- Vruf^ rviiiMi ly aiwi iCe ori^iaitl meailvrs i£ Jls family pa**«J to their reward, and liiite admirers an- loyal and ;f-;nifat today. with f a i t h in its u-:K-hiu;s. and confident.-* in ihe Inforniatiuu wbii-ii it brings to Their houn-s und JJreside.*. As a Datura] consequeaee it enjoys in its oK! ati- all the vitality aud vigor. of i t s j-diith. strengthened and ripened by ijjf v.\[cr.=tnc«i of over half a oen: t u r y . i; has lived on its merits, and on th* curdiul support of 'progressive the country over as · J f: ._, p - . . It Is "The New Tork Weekly TriburxV a. k.wwle e leading National Family Newspaper. Recognizing its value to tho^e \\-bn desire all the news of toe state and tion, the ublishers o " " ,, per month for the Daily. ST. PAUL DISPATCH ^ V:.*- S-. Paul DISPATCH is :;:·· fr-:" T-,-.-;:, Cny , ;·,, no ?; :;i '.'r.-; N^r^iw^- a to .-;;·· or ;:-.;*:::v. ^ ^ i Through CarRoote SAINT PAUL ··· nation, the publishers of "The Tribune" own tevoriie" borne has entered into an alliance with "Th,- New Y.rk- Weeklv Tribune" wb:ch"'cn- sbles him to furnish both P»IHTS at T!I,- tHTliu^- «st of $i^o per'year Every farmer and every vilJast'r on-.-s to himself, to his faniilv, nod ti the community ia -n-hicli he lUvs a ..-..r..!;.il support of his local iWsTMiper a-s it worts constantly and untiringly f.«r his in^-vsts- IB every way br ! ""s'ti h ! s : home all tbe news and h.-.pp.^n.-x ,,f \, is neighborhood, "th t d'o!nt:s"\.f hi« tnends, the condition and prosfwvj* f o r differt-nt c-rops. the prict-s in i-omf markets, and. in fart. * a w«-kiy v i s i t o r which snould b? found in everv wide-awake, projrresslve fair.ilv. Just think of it.' Butb of tbt'so papers for only §1.50 a year. : ^r Soiul all Mibsrription* to Tlic Triluaio. lJini!iri-k, N. It. :St ! -------- ' ST.XD FOH FrcEE S A M P L E S . T:;e D A I L Y DISPATCH ;-.-:d B:.-T:..: ;· f ; DA'LY T K " E U tc-.-:i cr.e :or $7 GO ·Tr.e^VKrXLV ~-."PATCH ar.r! 'H'.Si.-iarck'W'-uKLY ~] i '· · Henry Wafterson's Itrsxriov nir -riac- j i^ Address all Communications to T H F NEW YORK, NEW EHCUND, BOSTON, MONTREAL, QUEBEC, ONTARIO, MICHIGAN, NEW BRUNSWICK, NOVA SCOTIA, fljfh Sleepers lo Boston. '. O. UNDCAWOOD, W. R. CAt LAWAY, w. sTrMomi" HISTORY OF THE BISMARCK TRIBUNE, -TOO MUCH FOR AlM. Tie OB«H«t WHO Prvred For Hear, enly AJU Before the Fight. 'When the days of dueling were nearly over, so the story goes, it so happened that two lifelong friends quarreled, and nothing but an appeal to the code could settle the difference. In spite of the intercession of friends the two met on a weH . known dueling fleld prepared to battle to the death. The seconds, abandoning the hope of effecting a reconciliation, were preparing for the combat when one of the contestants turned to them and said: "Gentlemen, everybody here knows me to be a man of:a serious turn of mind, an officer in the church and a jman of my word. When I waa a youth, I promised jay .venerable .mother that I would never take a risk or enter into danger without a prayer for guidance from above. I think ta*t promise fits this case, and while you prepare for this meeting I shall keep my Word."So saying he reared a few rods from the I other men, tnrnea - Ws back and bowed in I wtoratton, craTing heavenly protection. wheat he tamed to join the others antf earry out-his part according to the code. ' be was amazed to find the field perfectly , empty.; Sot a man was in sight A few days after he met his late antagonist;. The laljter approached him and offered hisiaod, only to be met with a stem, haughty look of disdain. "Sir," said the serious minded one, "I have known yon for many years and have atwaya respected you. Of coarse you were wrong in the matter we were trying to wpfle a few days ago, but then I never tijouuht yon were a coward before " | SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR. A COMPLETE REVIEW OF OUR RELATIONS WITH SPAIN. Beginning with the Cause and Declaration of War, the author describes with- enthusiasm and power -every event, sack as the Making of the Army and Navy; the Marvelous Battle of Manila Bay, theBlockadingof Cuba, Bottling of Cervera's Squadron and its doom, the heroic fights at Guasimas, San Jnan and El Caney, the closing in on Santiago and its surrender, the Fail of Manila and THE PEACE COMMISSION'S WORK. ITS ARTISTIC MERITS. Every epoch-aakins event is presented in ore- 75 fbH pag« beantifal half-tones, "together with a number of tnagaificeat doable-fage lithograph plates in tea colors, representing the battles on laad and sea. THE AFTHOB is a man fitted by education, peculiarly adian- tageoos situation and sympathetic feeling 'fcr tbe subject, to write tbe standard. History of toe War. THE THEME is absorbing rad glowing is interest. THE DEM AND is gr«at THE CHABACTEB of the book ia complete and offieUUy w£~ ~2 Bismarck, North Dakota. THE mwm PATENTS A LARGE ROYAL OCTAVO VOLUME OF POLITICS 65O Pages Aad contains over 73 BEAtTiTri, OSE PACE BAI.F TOSE PICTTBES of scenes and events relating to the iuclnding scenes in Cuba, ' Santiago, Porto Rico sad the PhilKpine Islands. In addition to half-toae iilastiations. iteoutains SI 1EBOTS MA6- S1FICEST B O C B t E - F l G E UTHWEIPHEB PLATES IS TE! COLOBS, representing in 8 highly artistic manner tie USB and S*T4L BATHES. is.sold «aicl«siTCly fey sobscription, but to advemse it in each community we wHJ accept orders from individuals for advanced copies at the folio wing prices: ..r e wpy I am not afraid of yon or any man that ares, but I want you to understand that lam never 'going to fight yon and the Almighty at the same time. "-- Cincinnati Tke Stpange sifam --. __ .Some years ago the inhabitants of a couotiy to we ^Fgps rcodCT^d vcrr QQun by the appearance of strange signs on the "bottom of their loaves of bread. One would bear a cross, another a latin word, ·while a third wonld be embeltigbed by a 8ka!l and crossbones. . At last one was delivered bearing this Inscription: "Cied September 13." The recipient took to her bed, believing it to to a warning of her demise«on that date. A doctor was caHed in, who immedlate- tf set to work to find a solution of the mysery. He soon succeeded. A cemetery near by had been recently leveled and »me_old stoaes piled away in a corner, TOOSB fnscriptfons seemed obliterated: tJneofthechnrchofficIali fa baker) cast «qvetoos eyes on ·"---- , bat here and there some marks remained, and when the soft dough I?*^!? 1 *5i 07en t 100 " 1 ^ stamped in the bread.-- ChriatSaa Endeavor World. r^,,'ir-- Clot * 1 Binding, $2.50 Full Morocco Binding, - $3.25 The Tribone, ' · Delirerrt 5n anvTartol the rnitrd state* spcn i» ceipt of price. Bism fc * north Dakota. Uutted States Map. 80 YEAW EXPERIENCE VBHtflOnCC, TTtthOQt £ftJfJH*"|ta t^^ *^w«« Scie wific Hmcrkaa. " A «r«t monthly newspaper, »_, - . iragaiine for up-todate people. It gives its own fllustrated account of the current history ol this country and Europe, and, in a-^on, . r;: -s tTw best that is in all tne.Q'Jicr 1^--^:=, African, English, French, German/Italian, Spanish, and .Russian. It is for people who want to know what is going on in the world. A hundred timely illustrations in every number. Price, $3.50 per year. Sample copy, 10 cents. W«hhi3««i. 0. C. A ffVird* »operjor aiv,!:-., '-171-.. Ir.ijuirif* cj^-. *^* t::jd.- !hroai.'h t l K - r J · , t: !£·, pi:»-r il d^i : :r.: HsndKmk and Nc» Patrnt Law* FREE ART · «· |j MBTflWSfEBH fSAVELHS il£ "North-Western" Advertisers Cnba and tie Philippines Hawaii and Porto Rico . . . THE BEST... PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE YEAR to the Shortest *ad Best Route to CHICAOO cad the EAST MINNEAPOLIS and ST. PAUL: toditoo,thjoijoJpa»nt of its tnia* i. ti- Ci ---: "wlwu of tee car builder"* art embo*vinc »:, "TE Ef KITB-WBSIHJIIIMITTII (aott CM*ry Trtto) SERIAL STORIES THE SLEEPER WAKES. By H, O. Wen* WITH SWORO AND CRL«IF«. u y E. s. v«n zu, TME-COSSPIRATORS B , 8. W. Clumber, Some Short-Story Contributors ALASKA T, o: sxfcn fc Kdw« The London Letter _ - This Busy World '~tcd*' bTi^' f* ArnM wwte - "fcy E. S. Martin, w-li-c.-.-.-ioat » AMATEUR ATHUmcs r. Mr. Caspar Whitney Atfdra* HARPER.* BBOTHERS. PrtlWier,. New v ork- ,, y = w - l '"· Northern, ud -Soo-Ps ;. * ril »' ; _"-*TM «^W*« I^BCTTKUOtUL rftte ·noitantea boou«t FREE O f ^^ »rt St. St P»ol- tt$ We»t" alb. or addrema T. W. TK«SD ««i«w Agent, St. F»jl. iiinn: . D. C. A 5»rd Knjieriur ndra."-. taue*, l«*^oiri^*» nja-IT* TO3d*» tbrongb lfc» frOr:-. T rf ibli* tiaper if ^ri,:Ti-^ Handbook and- Nt« THe INTER On LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ALL POLITICAL PAPERS IN THE WEST Always American-----Always TH WEEKLY INTCR OCEAN SUPPLIES ALL THE HEWS AND »E8T CURBEtiT ^iT.JT^t Burlington ii Every Cotomo is Bright, Clean and Packed with News The Uttntareot its columns is eqata to that «/ the best magazines. It is interesting to the chtMreq as well as the parents. "TtiE. INTER OCEAN 1 * SeosJ a pocul earf to \aan bow to get Dt. Aftert aut^i *rfi«ory of the Spatrith Tar" (ov« 500 iDuantwoj, 1,200 pagoi and the "Htview el Sevkwj" toftthef fcr only two doHan down and monthly paytne^*. TJtE REVIEW OF EEVTEWS OX, » ASTOR PLACE. NEW YORK - ^ - ' Subscribe for the Tribune. PER YEAR- »««»«% .-.--· lVESTlBFLED CALIFORNIA JAPAN CHINA ALASKA Permit at Ticket Office fnr TOlkisf SLEEPJI6 FINEST TRAEs'S ON EARTH FROM StJPauj And Minneapols Chicago. ELECTRIC UGHTrF AND STEAM ,, HEATED. DIRECT ROUTE TO Canadian Province XEW KXGLAXD JTI5W YORK AND ALL POINTS EAST. Through F«.«t Train, Daily »« $om m\m coisr Rate* Aliray* F. E. t:\DERWOOD Ofn. Uan'cr W. B. iNEWSPAPERl MEWSPAPERI

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