The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 11, 1916 · Page 15
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 15

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1916
Page 15
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'·:"·"'/,,';/;'''' ; '-'"'''I "' '·].''::'''l"t"-'-'''' .'"·'"· '·''' i r ^ -- H - v ' - v ; - ;-'"''·..;,'... ·. -' ; .;V: ''.l''/;;.''-./').''.,' -.'..'.',', \ ,'/).''. /',' '"',. _ ·'· . , '. ·"' '..' * . I - ' . ' ' ' . - . ' ; " ' · ' . · · ' ' . ' ' ' · ' . ' ' ' . . ' . ' . . ' ' , .·"':'··''''':""'''* ''''. ' ' - ' " ' I "· THE INDIANAPOLIS STAK. THURSDAY. MAY 11. 1916. ean----;Clarunz Just Couldn't Be a Quitte Chic Jackson WIUUYoU THE M/RTriff WE UH IMSUWIM' LETTER BUT IT'S WKHUH COUU INSPECT FRUM /H MAM wv G0UDUH, NOTE tra f RUM IT MHYBE PATROLMAN EO-INE FOR RTV 5/VKfcS 5UFFUCIENTK CLEAR W SLU6JEC TO LET- HOTEL INDIANA 129 North Illinois, opposite Terminal Station. Nice, comfortable rooms, newly furnished, under new management; price 60 cents, 75 cents, (I and $1.60, GRSFHOML Centrally located; all modern conveniences; £°,° ln » with bath, »i per day and upward. fin.«i«i i-- rate by th( woe)l LAFE D , S, manager. GREAt~EASTERN HOTEL 460 E. Wash.; new, modern, hot\and cold water in every room; 40 rooms with prlvat oath; rates per week, $2.60 up; private bath »£i__5P«clal-rates-two4n-a room; baths free, TERMINAL "HOTEL," aTf~outYldeToVms7~' cents. 75 cents, $1, with or without private bath. Weekly rates ?3 to $6; running water, steam heat, S, W, cor. IP --·' '"-·- y.LJLJDOBBINa manager. TO LET-.,, · °EM STAG HOTEL. WEST OHIO, ALL MODERN CONVEN. JO LET--Furnished room, four windows north, east and south breezes, in modern Home, -walking distance; privilege bath phone; one or two gentlemen; $3. Address L No. 796, Star. 1O LET--''Ayo newly furnished rooms, one with private entrance, suitable for two gentlemen, with the best of board. Address 1718 College. STUBBINS HOTEL Illinois and Georgia ets. Erory room an outslds room, with hot and tgld_ vrater; weekly rates $3 up. ,.TO LET--Single outside? iTiinois streeTfroiit furnished room Shiel Apartment House 220 N. Illinois. Main 6761. E. A. BYRKIT Agt. TO LET--Two-room/sulte, nicely furnished complete light housekeeping. See Housekeeper, Shiel Apartment House, 220 N. 1111 lols- E. _A._ BYgfflT. agent. TO LET--Connecting housekeeping "front rooms, furnished, modern, clean, desirable, ??? U ocat ' 0 . n ' Wttlltl nB distance, reasonable, j 18 West pieventh. TO LBT--Three large, light, airy ros»»r furnished complete for housekeeping; running wafer, gas range, and refrigerator. HOB North Capitol avenue. TO LET'--Modern houaekeeping 7 suite, every- thlngr furnished; light, clean, large ~^ erttmitt; --·MrNorth -Atab-ama;- GVITEARD Flat 6. HARBOUR HOTEL Elegant rooms, modern convenience.. Single and en suite. 617-619 North Illinois street. TO LIST--Central avenue, 2402, fuSSlshTed room suitable for young man; modern conveniences; breakfast and evening dinner. Phone North. 1545. · TO LET--PALACE HOTEL, centrally io" cated. North New Jersey and WaBhington, Rates 50c, 75e and $1; weekly rates. $8 to IB. New Commercial Hotel 5 B. Illinois »t. Raton SOc, 76c. $1.00. TO LET--Clean, furni6he,d\ rooms for Bleeping or housekeeping; modern; walking distance. 809 North Alabama. TO LET--Modern housekeeping suite, front, very desirable, private family, 132 West Eleventh. TO LET--Furnished sleeping'rooms, one or. .two persons, nice", clean, modern home; board If desired; reference. Circle 804 oughly modern furnished rooms; meals If, desired; walking dlatance.. Mali 706S, TO LET--Two nice, unfurnished, house-" keeping. rooma;.,.xerjr.^ reasonable,-- Gall Main- 8405. . r - .. TO LET--Wanted:_ Young girl, employed, to share two-room, apartment. Phono Circle 8618 after 6 o'clock. TO LET--Nice, clean, furnished sleeping rooms; gentlemen preferred. 617 Ndrth New Jersey. TO LET--Nicely furnished front room, bath connected; Ideal location, downtown; nice, convenient, homelike. Circle 2628-^-4977-K, TO LET--SOS North Now Jersey, nicely tar'- nlshed suite front housekeeping, also «leep- ' Ing rooms, modern..; TO LET--Two rooms and pantry; furnished housekeeping, gas, electric . lights, water, sink. 825 College, ' Circle 3026. , - . . TO LET--Modern housekeeping suite, everything furnished.; light, clean, large veranda. 623 North Alabama-, Gaylard, Flat 6. TO LET=Atry-front-r.oom-foi^gentleman or lady; private homo; will serve breakfast 1 walking dlatanco. "Main 9524. TO LET--Nicely furnished room in modern flat,, to lady employed. 321 East 'Walnut, Flat 4, WANTED--Typewriter operator, $3 per ^ w o e k o a s h , free Instruction in shorthand. TO LET--Sulto of . r o o m s wifh~sieepTns porch, also one room furnished for light housekeeping. Call 615 Lockerbie street. TO -LET--Desirable furnished "room, down" town apartment. Main 8142. TO LET--Three roonw "houstkoeplng, nui'dZ ern. 825 CoUege avenue. Circle 8026. TO LIST--Front light housekeeping" roomT ^ 803 North ^°_ w __J e i'sey. Phone Main 7606. TO LET--Furnished Toorn',~modern, for"one _ or two gents. H47 East Market street. TO LET--1730 North New Jersey, tlmie "un- _jurnUhed. rooma, light_ housekeeping, . TO LET--Front 'light housekeeping Toom! 303 North Naw Jersey, Phone Main 7606, TO LET--Four beautiful rooms7~moder»r walking distance; north. Circle 3638. TO LE*--1430 North lIilnoifl;~large~houBTI kee.plng rooms. TO LHT-- North ' Pennsylvania, 82i; nlshed room, 'modern. TO LET -- Front room and alcove for liirht __houg^keeplng. 806 North Delaware, ' TO LBT--523 North Delaware, ~compiclol v furnlshod two light TO LET-- B23 North Delaware, front~aTcove room, Biiltable for couple or gentleman. TCKLET--Rooms and garage!" 1015 Ashland avenuo. Circle 2478. TO LET--Rooms for light housekoeplng" modern. 131 Butler. y s TO LET--Two furnished rooms! 710 North Illinois, Apartment 0;__Clrclo 2144, TO LET--Two rooms; eleotriofty and city water. 113,2 Union street TO LET--Light, clean room, connecting bath. Call Prospect 3187. TO ' 1.ET--Modern furnished rooms, $1,60 up. 028 North Illinois. TO I'ET--Steam-hoatod alcove room " tleman. 312 East St. Clalr. Main ^05 TO LET--Larga room, modern home; J2. 229 North East. ·__ TO LET--Nice front for sleeping; gentle- rnon preferred. 800 North Delaware. K. OF C,--Herman C. lieWnnter died at his home, j ^ o North Alabama street, Wednesday niornlnfe. Counoll 437 will moot flt tho homo Thursdfty evening, Funoral i SvMl 0M - ^ ?£·' l ' or and rftul Friday at 8:46 a. A Scientific Stain Remover , Removes Iron rust, mildew, Ink, fruit, v«f»- table, and many other stains from cloth, kinds, woodwork, etc. 25o »t your druggists or br mftll. EAGLE CHEMICAL CO., INDIANAPOLIS. .:.. :-, To_buy. or sell second-hand-.-. BURLAP -BAOS4 Call or writs Capttol Bag Burlap Co., "" *" ' M. 416, New S7»l. lit W Morrlll «t. STORAGE, TRANSFER. HEAVY HAULING. MAXK supgSIogTM SERVICE BEST FACILITIES FOR (STORAGE, TRAN8- FER, PACKING AND SHIPPING. We clean your rugs free of charge before putting them In STORAGE Anction 127 North New Jersey street ' Phone* 2028. FEENEY STORAGE CO. W West New Fork street Keir flY«- Jtory brick building, galvanized Iron apartments to accommodate one to flvo loads ot furniture. Can store almost anything. Prices reasonablo. Call Main 2978. New 824, or »«XS or* 16 " with FBENEY FURNITHRB AND BTORACra CO,, in West Washington street. Phone New 188J. ' PACKINO, SHIPPING AND HAULING, · Satisfaction guaranteed. SANITARY STORAGE GO, ,,_!?· Belmont 103t. LOCAL and long distance moving and trani- ttrring. Freight and .baggage our ope. K ttl * y ViT I ? VINOTOJ *' a '- IlAN8pmR -GO'v- ·«»· E » B LWashlngtpn_street,^JrvingtonJIB». '__ HOUSEHOLD goods stored, packed, shipped ?T X £'TM 8 ' ~ Auto sorvlce. M. 6671. New 1203. ^.a_WAREHOUBE CO.. N. Yk. canal. BT £. RAOB ~ Auto wrvjce, hauling, packing. .Phone New 4160. Main 2IG3. Low rates on Ml California shipments. RE80NEB STORAan CO., 22 to JO Went Henry v street. Old Main 4699. New 4360-K. ST °RAGH AND AUCTION CO. . _ SHANK FURNITURE AND 8TOPAOB~CO 227'829^ North New Jersey. Phone 2028. TRANSFER. AND STORAGE CO. BB8 flouth Illlnolo. Main 7728. 2219-K. C. · W. ABRAHAM, transfer, storage and Both phones. M8 Mass, ave. HOLLAND'S, largest moving vans In city; responsible for damages. Nqrth 1.281. Hauling, W. S. FRYE TRANSFER 87 jouth Alabama. Main 3686. New 2004. HOQAN TRANSFER AND BTORAGB co., LoulBlftna-and Ala^sts. Both phone* 91S, ^ AUCTION--Thursday, 2 p. m-.'llM MoLaln street, take West Indianapolis car to Mc- Laln Btroet, complete outfit of nix rooms, Including some flne furniture, porcli swing, iall_ tree, small rugs, library table, electric amp, two leather rockers, Indian stool, center stand*, pictures, three 9x12 velvet rugs, almost new, cost $30 each; books, .fancy pll- own, electric dome, cost $40; office desk, all-lace curtains,, shades, linoleum, JuM llko lew, cost $22; Art Garland baueburner, coat !65, in perfect condition; hotblast, cost 132,50; wall clock, pedestal dining table, four chitipB,- golden oak, buffet, 'leather"davenport, good as new, cost $50; refrigerator, same as lew, cost $25; silverware, table linen, canned :rult, aluminum waro lot nice chinaware, wo, elegant quartered, oak dressers, two Vernia Martin ' beds, felt mattresses, steel springs, quilts, comforts, sheets, · medicine cabinet, cooking utensils. 'Everything goes. Nothing reserved. ,No goods shown until day of-HttlE--Terms~ca"fihT McFA"UJ5BN' BlJRK- rlAJlDT, Auctioneers, 1003 Merchants Bank Buildlni?. . · I AUCTION--Thursday, 9 a. m,, 72S North Alabama street, furniture nine-room house, Pw.o elegant golden ouk princess dreesers^ UBt llko new, cost $26 each; two oak extension dining tables, two umall dining tables, 1x12 axminater rug, cost $36; four, good citchen cabinets, piano bench, toilet seta,- aco curtains, shadeB.Trnall rugs, atepladtler, ookcase, two sanitary couches, four good lotplates, 4x7 wllton rug, three 9x12 brus- sels and Ingrain rugs. 9x12 wllton velvet rug, cost $86; very fine buffet,, pedestal dining able, chairs to match, highly polished In dark oak, cost $96; Vernla Martin bed com- )leto, single brass bed complete, just like lew; elegant mission library table, cost 20; leather davenport, cost $40, same as lew; five good leather rockers, singer sew- ng machine, gas range, elevated oven; ice )ox, golden oak chiffonier, lot dlshos, cook- ng utenalls and other nice goods. McFAD- DEN . ·BURKHARDT, Auctioneers. Main 2646, New 1606. Auction SEVEN-ROOM HOME, Friday, May 12, 3 p. m., 1043 West New -"ork street. This property is in first-class ondltlon; electric lights, cellar, gas, city ivater, cement walks, on Improved street; ot 40x110; newly--doeorated and painted. Will bo sold on liberal terms to the highest nd best bidder. Good title and warranty eed furnished. McFadden Burkhardt AUCTIONEERS. 1003 Merchants Bank Building, _Ma]"_J|*, _____ = ^ = ^ Now 4006. OOMETO THE BIG SAM Thursday, May 11, at ft:30 a, m., at Shank's auction rooms, 227-220 N. New Jersey nt,, wo vlll sell dressers, washstands, beds, davon- jorls, ono new drop-head Whlto rotary gew- ne machine, one organ, kitchen safes, citohen tables, dining table, dining chairs, ocklng chairs, Morris chairs, ice boxes, carpets, rugs, kitchen cabinets, lot llnoleiim, ono files table, one typewriter desk, pillows, bed- Ing, pictures and many other articles. LEW SHANK Auctioneer. ^ VUCTION--Sawmill and 1H acres of ground Monday, May 15, nt 2 p. m., In Omega'' nd., a small town 4% miles cant 'mid ono nlle south of Atlantar jnlll f u l l y equipped or sawing and grinding; considerable work n tho ground now; six miles to nearest ompctltlon. My physical condition in- apaoltatcs mo from continuing tho businw orms reasonable, ORANT CACA. Col' Poland, auctioneer,. Atlanta, Ind. , ' · V ^ j * * v ^ n -- i y n ^ i i ^ o ac jaAnxiui-. Saltos made everywhere. Wo get the rices. Try us »nd bo. convinced. (103-4 'K * P. Building. Office phone, Main 4«40j phono, Woodruff 4620. Why not gti exporlonoo unrt Borvloo for tho name price f LBW [HANK, ttuctlonecr, Both nlione* 2oa8, H»ln 105(1, New 4(108-11. BOO Jfletohc r TIRE SALE PEACE TIME PRJCES WHILE ENT SPEND SAVE WITH US LASTS* CENT AND A 1-cent post card, with your nam« ·nd address plainly written en, will brlnj M«r Pee cs Time Catalog to ylour «»«r. ch«ck,fuli of petic* time priced automo- bll» supplies. . '' ' Guarantee Tire Rubber Co. 211-213 S. Illinois «t.. Indianapolis. Ind. FOR SALE-- YOU SELECT {THE CAR WE FURNISH THE MONEY No Mortgage--No Lien-- No Publicity, AUTOMOBILE FUNDING COMPANY 910 Hihne-Mansur Hldg. Both phones 38C8. FOR SALE-- Pathfinder. 4 -cy Under special touring car; electric lights, starter, horn, lock, dash light, tonneau . light, bumper; Sllvertown cord tires on front, Kelly Springfield nonskld on rear; extr Sllvertown cord, never been used; new (dp; Jiffy curtains In front; Gypsy curtains at rear; side curtains carried in top; fine moohanlca'l condition; saino service as new car; for quick Sale, PATHFINDER MFG. CO., Belmont 16. , " New 883. A R M O N TOURINO, MODEL "32," $30(D IF SOLD AT ONCE, UNITED TIRE CO,, 4119 No TOL AVEo DELCO SERVIOF; Starting, Lighting and Ignition Experts. ~ CADILLAC FORD Auto repairing a specialty. MOTOR INN-, . . . . ,. ngg"W:"Tnr'Day' arid night Bervloo.' M, 4572, FOR SALE--Bargains for next week. Ono Ford roadster, $250. One Ford touring, $280. One 1913. Eager touring, $350. Ono Davig-touring, $326; and other bargains. CITIZENS' AUTO OARAGE co 330 North,Illinois street. -MASS-. AVE. GARAGE .Ford owners; will guarantee to stop No. 1 cylinder, if not scored, from pumping oil for .$4,60. Main 4695. 752 Massachusetts avenue. CHALMERS 1916 light six; seat covers; Bhock absorbers, bumper tires, puni'p; run less t h a n 1,000 miles; 'bargain. LINES or HAMBLIN,- 322- North - Delaware street. Main 1808, New, 742,, - ~~ ~ - :· - ' FOR ; SALE--T11.AI5E · OR PAYMENTSl , Flvt-passenger Moon touring c a r ' in fln« condition, paint, tires, top and upholstering all like new-- WJlLconslder' diamonds or real estate. Owner at 16 North East street. EQUIP your Ford cat' with demountable iTd^new^wheulK; price $16. FRANK S. FEESER CO., . . 1102 Prospect street. FdR BALE--Special pleasure and commor- . cial body building, repairing and painting. WENDHOLT BODY COMPANY, m Biaiw street. Main 4591. FOR 8ALE-14 Ford road«er7m'oIalFtoF good tires, runs an-?8^gamtt' J cT»itf^Fp(ikv two-thirds fuel bill; $300. 2822 Ashland North 0831. ' . · FOR BALE--Bulelt, Overland, Oakland and Ford roadsters. Several light touring cars 133 East Wabash, opposite Columbia Theater. Main 5911. FOR SALE-jpComplete line of Ford commercial bodies, Ford delivery cars, cash or payments. IDEAL VEHICLE COMPANY. 24 North Noble, R. AND M. Conform pTsTon riiiBs~amrn7^fc M. malumlnum pislons for bettor service. MODERN ELECTRIC AND MACHINE CO ' " .___ FOR SALE OR good running wdor. ton, Main 3977. 634 East Washing- SEIJF, wholesale and retail deaicr» IB scrap Iron, metals, rags, rubber and all L s J^.^?l r j_J_ 3 : a5 J?- Bast st, Mnln 181», FOR SALE--1914 "FordT-'fburlng body~w)fh Cowl windshield or separate, 2107 North Delaware street. New 7002. * « · * · ' WE REPAIR radiators, 46o per hour AMERICAN RADIATOR Ik LAMP PANY, 1» North West, M - - - Mr _ WANTED--To find a car owner who can not get his hands clean with "Whiz" Goap, All dealers. FOR SALE--Five- passenger Cole; only been Circle 2261 m tnonlha ' S(s11 r «a«onable. Call WILL pay, cash for Junk cars or old model running condition oars. I also sell used W». . FOR SALE-- Parry ;ommoroltt( KxpresTbody with top and windshield for Ford A ^l_ 210 l Nortl L pelawar8_8treol, New AUTOMO'BILK-- HIGH'BST cA"sjr PAID FOR GENTLEMAN'S OLD ING AND 8»OH8. _ AUTOMOBILE bodies, plrn»uro _«!^_ M J«lMPAilCrOH* m f B H M * K , EXPERT repairing" an'd"ovoriiaullnK-""~rit " wni^ntofi^alr Co., MO R 11^ Main E4H FORD flRKS double " " COLE SALES CO. High-grade ussd" ears. 1912 Marmon touring. 193,3 six-oyl. Cole touring, elec. 1913 Cole, flfty-H, P. touring, cl«c. equip. 1912 Colo 7-pHssonger, touriiig, elec. lights, 1913 Rco (ourlng. 1912 Cadllluo 5-pass. touring, elec. equip. 1912 Cudlllac 7. pass, touring, elec. equip. 1913 Pathfinder touring, filer, equip. 1913 Cole 4-60, one-man top, elec. equip. 19)4. Hupmoblle touring, elec. equip. 1913 Westcott touring. 1911 Premier touring. » v , · 1912 Stoddard-Dayton touring. 1913' Premier touring, elec. equip. .,-- Ulfi C'ole : roadster, eleo. . equip.-. --. --------------1910 Maxwell touring. 1918 Ren roadster. ·' ; 1914 Mitchell touring, elec. equip. / 1910 Appereon, light touring, 1912 Marion light touring. WE WILL CONSIDER YOUR OLD CAR AS PART P A Y M E N T ON ANY OF THE ABOVE. COR. CAPITOL AVE. AND VERMONT ST. .. . Main. 2480-- Phones-- New 2686^ BIG AUTOMOBILE BARGAINS ONE KEO, $100 ONE STIIJ)KBAKKK, $200 ONE CADILLAC, $;tfO ONE 3913 CADILLAC, $575 Electric lights and"starter. Conduitt Automo])ilo Co. 314-320 N. D E L A W A R K ST. PHON158: M A I N 7479,. NEW 2271. AUTO SALES 00. Reniembor, wo tiro t h e TnllabUi druUM-H. I914.2-pa8s. Hn.xon. 11113 fi-i'.'ift*. - O u k l n n t l . 1914 fit-pass. Ford. 191i! b-pa«s.' I'romlcr. 1813 2-pasN, Ford, n t a r t a r , llslitK; R n n n r u t p r shocks, .demountable i-|n\«, rlslU dJl feed, ot'o. PAINT! T A I N T ! ! V A I N T ! ! ! UH bid on your r e p a i n t i n g work. 20 Went WulniHli otroel. Udixr iiotol FOR HAL1D-- Heal baritiilliH toduy o n l y : .Stud u b a k e r , touring, $ H i ; Uulclc rondster, $196; Ford roadntor, I n t n liiodrl, $2:!5; Marlon roadater, $226. M a n y other hnrguhiH txiually aH.good. Conio qulok. TUB (HB- S N C O . electric lights, electric Htarter; excellent condition; cheap. New phone 7032, between li and 7 in evening. : FOR SALE--im'TpnoscnserBtudebakeri six-cylinder; n No. 1 condition. Address X 746..J)lor.- ' · FOR HALE--1012 Hudson flvn-passonRiir forodoor loui-lnn c a r ; $250 ciudi or will eoiiHlder Ford truck. 11.14 Cornell .av. : WANTED--To b u y . t i u t o m o b l l e ; can pay $50 down. HO much per week or month. Cull Main 7318. FOR'KALE^IH' T i t A D i ' . """ TM" for llBht flvo-piiHsongur or I No. 3'.!I, Star. $;j!iO cash. Ad- FOIt S A i B r North 7200. hl touring- cm-, H. IMITSIIAXV. FOR SAMfi--Sovon-jmsiHPMBpr I'rcmler. 419 KiiHt Mu-rk«t treol. Kfa HOU (1ROSH. JIOI18KH, VKH1CLIS8, KTC. B A R G A I N S ' I N USED CARH. "" ~~ One Ford roadster, A l condition, shock absorbers,, gqod paint; Lee puncture-proof tires all around; J300. MARATHON, so von-passenger; Al shape- flne for taxi; will sell, for $325; consider payments. OVERLAND, -Model 52;' Al condition; $200. --REQAL_.llgh.t_tour.lng--car4_A-l--condttlo good tires; $226. · · ' For demonstration call tho INDIANA E M P I R E SALES CO. 421 North Capitol avenue. Main fi2B2. -- ull klndH, till all prices. This $100 rubber tlrod buggy, 164.80 Tw I no, now. Barn Paint, G5o. FOR SALE-WILL SACRIFICE six-cylinder Dolco equipped Hud.son. Tho bCHt bid over $499.98 takes It. UHng your entire engineering force and inspect this car. The reason: Owner w n n t n to buy new Hudson. A»k" for OARIIARTT, 823 North Pennsylvania street FOR SALE--Stoddard-Dayton four-seat roadster. Make offer. Qnnoral Huperin- endent, THE NEW YORK STORE. FOR HALE--Woods Electric Victoria, new batteries, Just overhauled, repainted, guaranteed same as n e w ; $1,000. Waverloy electric, good condition, new latteries, solid tires; )50-0.- -- . --- -- Marnion roadster, flne condition; Jjbo! ' DETROIT ELECTRIC SALES CO., 963 North Meridian street. THE AUTO .EXCHANGE 1913 Uulck light t o u r l n g . . . i . , $8BO !f)15 Ford, going good. ... , , , . ',,. 375 1912 Hupp, t e r m s . . . . . . , . . . , ' 300 1911 Maxwell runabout '. ; 120 324-6 North Delaware. Main 3291, BEARINGS, all ness-Bright annular ball bearings on han'd,. from email--magneto and generator sizes up; Immediate dnllver- es; prices on application, FIBHER AUTOMOBILE CO., distributers, 400., N. Capitol avenue, WANTED--Four-cylinder r pay good prices; also pay highest · prices or old, worn-out cars. Bee ua for parts of lifforent malco machines. EUREKA VUL- ~:ANI/ING TII^E CO., 117 West Michigan. Iitcle. 878. OPIUL evenings and Sundays. FOR BALE--Ford 1916 touring car, fine ' shape. This car Is equipped with flvo overBlxe, new, nonskld llrcs and demounta- ble rims, special taper hood, cloclt and hand tlaXon born. ?395. Phone Irvlnglon 1360. OVERLAND roadstej-^goodjrnoohanlca] condition, cheil]). Nordyk'c Marraon Co. · . Meridian and New York streets. ?OR SALE--We havo a big lot of now~Uros of different sizes that wo can soil you 40 et- cent off the list. EUREKA VULVANIK- WANTED--DON'T SELL -YOUR OLD CAR UNTIL YOU CALL ME. HIGHEST 'RICES PAID FOR JUNK TIRES. TUBES ~ 7.0. 037 8. MER. is" ROADSTER, Three-pail).; flno condition; good tlrea HULETT-LAW MOTOR CAR CO., 123 N. Pennsylvania st. Both phonen 4003. "OR SALE---If you arc looking for a. second-hand car, or want your car rebuilt, on't forget our number. 832 North Illinois. HAVENS AUTO KALES ,CO., Main 6104. DANDY FORD, panel top dellvftry v c"ari~per"- fect condition, MR. BKI/T or MR. \IAHAN, 220 South Pennsylvania, Main 3ANDY llttlu (3rant six-cylinder 1916 model; almost brand new; full elcc- rio e q u i p m e n t ; $600; liurry. 220 South ennsylvanla. Main 170B, ,ET us tell you a thing or two about your junk tires. DOUMLBJ TREAD TIRE CO., INC. "609 _N. III. ' M. 3208. 'OR BALE--Colonial Waverley electrlo; fm~o condition; moving out of town and must ell at once; prlco discounted. Address C Io. .471, Slur. ,,_,,. , _ 'OH KALE--Special plaasuro and^commer- clal body building, repairing and paint- iilf. WENDHOLT BODY COMPANY, 146 Jlnkn street, Muln 4C91. OR SALE--Classy racer, excellent meohnn- I r a l condition, $100 cash. IRVINaTON '1CTURR SHOW, East Washington ind tlttcr N avonue, afte'r 8:30 p. m. ; ?A_NTKD'-^nost prices paid fpr automoblies f o u r or morn cyllndors, any model and ondltlon, for parts. INDl'LH. AUTO PART CO., 784 Union Btroot. 3980-R. WALL PAPER When looldiiff around for w a l l pupnr do not forget to oiill ip I'rnap'pc.t fi81 to bring U i n ' i m m p l n n to your huiioo und glvo ym an O K L l m i i t H on y o u r \ v n r k - a n - choaii-itii can .bo donu to i1o good work, A L B E R T HUTCH I NSON 813 Vlr. iivi-. IMionoii liCO, I'rowpoct 581. n" .SALIC--'" · - j-- ~ ...... · - · · YOU r You h e a l t h . iH'cd n modern |l»co to blithe, your dmiuimlu I t a n d your e a r n i n g a b i l i t y dopfiiirts on h i i i l t l i f . q u i t tho old WuSliliii) "lid ejiioy... A .full.-Hlr.e.d com- pleto, ready to utin and a b H o l u t n l y g u n l ' i i n - leod. No w a t e r wof'liH nnodiul. Print t l O . S U E. TOI.I.K. 1743. Boiiluvaid Plaoo, N o r t h 6(140, city. K A I . l ) - - ' . . . . . "" QAR LOADS, GAB LOADS Of good clean f u r n i t u r e , atoves, VIIK», i'ar- pots, davenporlH, uhulrs, rcfrljceratorn, gaa rangea, dronoorn, b'edH, c l i l f f u n l c r H , ohow- caHOH. countors. atom thrturoH and Iron nafOH, chtmp; coBh or paymuntsi. J U K I D K UR08., 287-41 Uust W.aalngion. opuoaltu Court House. . RH '\\a b a v o s i - v i i ' i i l U n d o r - woo.d t y p c w i ' l t c r t i , H l l t f b t l . v used. In ]nrl'i-(M condlllon, w h i c h wo w i l l Mill f u r $2li rant). Also a fow Ullvni'H, almost' new, for $20 nnoh, and llvo ur «lx RiimliiKtoiiH und H i n l l l i - I'rcinloi-fl for $10 wii-li. Money ordor or cor- tlflod chnak imuit u r i u i m p u i i y ordor, I N T E R . STATIC HCHOOLH COUI'dHATION, Hopt. l, 81£_Cploriido t u l l d l n g , " " ICE ICE trndo our 8ri«?IALTY." ATLAS COAL St 1GE GO. Main 111(12. Now 1054. Saw K A 1 . E · -· iil iTiit rd" tiibloiir new, carom and pooknt, with comiiloto o\il(H. $116; aooond- liand titftlns ut reduced prlcoa; bowlliiK al- li-y Bupiillon, n n d y payments. Cigar atoro. drug, delloutcwnc'n and floda f o u n t a i n llx- turcu. THE J1HUNSWIOK-HAI.KK-COL- I.ENOrau CO., 118 South M o r l d l u n etrnnt. Foil. HAl.,1!)-- A r i i i a t u r n winning, motor ro- "'·pulrtitfi, ' nli'i'.trlii , motorH, Mccond-hnnd or now, b o i i n t i t , Bold, rontod or nxohunged; gun- (·nil m a c h l n n work. MR'IIflll KLISCTUIO ANl-- M A C H I N E CO., 1.HO Hoilth Meridian K t r o n l . . 1'lnlli pbiiniiM 23D9. .· I U K 1 H A N D L T N O L E U M R . W b o n you w a n t a now or N t ' i - n n d - h i i n d V u g gn l o . d L A / . I O U . I l ' H good und I'lioap. 444- Kant W a H h l n g t i i i t . FDII MALI'J Y i i u r . i'holi'0' »f »lv cnmplnin riimnH v n r y (Inc. f n i ' i i l h i r c 1 ; p a r t y l i m v I n K c i t y H i i l u f - d a v . . I O I H Tuxcclo. ' W o o d r u f f ' 10-ia u n d W o o d r u f f , 437(1. W E ' R E N T 1 N V A I , I I ) c i l A i l t H , »a.BO "iiiou'tb; crulchiin, 2ln- m o t i t b D e l i v e r y fro(j. 1IAK- 10 R UIUiH., :!8V Eu»l W.ialiliiBton. Mil'] lliiil%'l'wood " n , U l l , I n ; FOU i ' I I I - 1 y Koit "HA'I'.'I^'-Hew typcwi'lto,--(l I'liiut. MI-,- TYPE WRITE 1IUBST CO. t.'orr I'uivn.^an Heed Corn, Taint, Etc FOR KA I/E-- HhtilliiiKi ponies; thivo coming yearling, ( on« niarg, two linruoH; oho U year-old stud c o l l ; two ,'l und 4-yoar-old mares, h a v e hcen worked. Addrosa Lock Hox 321, Kll'kUn, Ind. FOR SA1.I; -- Good work team, inure' aiui horse, \yclglit 2,300, price $115; t w w work marne,- ono In foul, |irli« $186; two (feiiiiral purpose hoi'sfis, onu d r i v i n g mure, prtco $35 f o {55. __ 316_Wcsl Ohio »tr-»t. ': FOR "SA"L~E-- Two liundrei'i wug'onN~of Tiifiip"- Bcrlptlons, opoii, top, light or heavy, niHli or payments, bargain, 202 Kentucky avf-nue. FOR HALK-- Good mare far d r i v i n g or l i g h t transfer, buggy and harness, chuap. N o r t h [5184. FOR SALE-- Our f a m i l y drlvlng~7iiaT(7"iibsoT Intoly sound anil city brirfetf, us p r o t t y HH a doll. Ol. r , Vlrgl'rila avenuo. FOR KALE-- Shollaild jiony and ^iuViryTviTy cheap. · COI.VIN, botii phonos ;!(ir,(l, also' FOR SALE- - O n o horse. Cull vl~A~ ~V\in'(JAHON, 7 2 8 Maasu.chuRRltH nv,nnii». , . FOR HALlS--Oiiod ifftneral purptiao iiiori)] clinap. 804 Virginia avenue, W A N T E D -- A .BCiitlj) horse Hultnbifl~for~de^ Uv«ry work, - B2fl N. N d b l n , Ni-w aK7j^ ______ FOR HALE -- Horse, hnrne»8 and peddling _wago!i, $4Ci._ 734^ Qraer «tr?et. FOR 1 'SA'LB-- 0!(J and now wheels cheap ~eH 202 Kentucky avenuo. ~ J)FriC!KH, 8TOB1CS, BTC. TO LET ^ New and M : odernDowntown Buildings on Kwitcli 80,000 squaro feet of ground Iloor space, cno block from Massachusetts avonue iind seven from- poBtorttcr-, null able for warcboiiHe ahd facloricB. W i l l d i v i d e to milt t e n a n t s F. E. JANES R E A L T Y , CO., Bast Walnut and Fultorj, H t r p p t s , . M a i n 39(1. . LET^- r : ' ^~ SHOP AND YARJ) or will build t o suit tenant. LOT 63x160, two streets and alloy, 320 Eaiit St. ,Ioo ntreet. HENRY, 1)0 LJ*M.AN - 6 2 8 Merchants Bank...- ':"^-,,^, M tutt?n^iX?\j*f\?f3g(K;L-2^rZ. ..,.,- ,, ,'r^jr . Lament atock, oldest entahllnhod, hlgh.grada machines of ull maken, . fnlin $6 up. «any t«rmn, JUDD TVPEWH1TER EXCHANOW. 82 Monumunt ' 1'lnvo. FOR HAIJ!,'-- Lciilhur d i i v a n p o r t , l i b r a r y - t a - ble, H t u d c n t ' H lulilo, two I'dc'kiM'H, t;lx d l n - lii(T room clialrn, .20-foot hall nu-pot, lawn mower, h m i v y IMIIIVHN, O x l ::, linn for camp. Thin In good, clmui H t u f f ; no udcond -hand' donlfirs. i,;i,18 Olivdr n v H i l u c , I r v l i i R t i i n . : FUR HAMc-r..""'""" ' ...... ; " ""' " "" ' H E F l l i f i l O U A T O i t B . ' Whnii you w a n t a timid n c c u n d - h i i n d rn- frigcriitnr or Icn' box n h l p p c d , i;o to U L A K r c R , " 4 4 4 Kust W i i H h l n K t o n H l r o n t . ' FOR KAIJ';-"li'ln« $1,20(1 ' ' f n i i r - c h n l r ""burboi- o u t f i t , pnii:tl'»||y niiW, pli'unbliiK and oloo- trlc attucliinnnl", ull r o a r t y . to Bel up, for $800; part payments If deulrnd. 1B2B Col" · " " " - - - - - . . . . . . FOR BALE" Factory Space 0 ,' 1 ' ,"'"' " Bll( - 'NDUBTRIAI, Ttnth and canal. · FOR HA Mi! - li'iii-H, v n l u a b i i i Het with' boii . a n d t n l l s , l a l P H l u l y l i - , only worn t h r n o 'tlmt-s; w o r t h , J f l f i ; Riiiirinon for $ 1 5 ; DWIKH- leaving for (lallfornla. · Rntddnncn 4JI7 N o r t h A l a b a m a M l r c t n t . O A H A N D COM, K A N f l M H . W h e n you w a n t a good iani{i-, ffiiurunlitod, connected and cheap, Kd to G L A / K R . 444 Eaut WaBblngton. FOR S A I . W - - T h r e e mlrrora, bi-veled" «dgo"' doHlt, elinlrH, one rocker, l e l r p h n n o u t u n d , drcHsci-, wftidiMtiuid, t w o c h i i l r M In w h i t e , new l l n d l m i n i , w h l t n metal acreen, eleetrlo f u n . 210 Lcmcke Ujdg. ; FOR HALHI --'om«n aft(e~it"a"b7ir"(fuTn" Ore- proof construellon, combination -lock, la largo and rooify mid ntted w i t h document and record card fllun. lhon« Main 641 or New 1419. IH.-A-y'KR-liiaiKi, nun of l-h"«-*o»l nT«R«S~wlt1i music rolls, benoh mid scurf IMS- $1.75 a week If. desired. A W O L I ' A N HALL, 231 N, l-'ti,!!". "t; 1 J * ' ' " ' ' ' FOB HALF! -Cbolou.of 27 boys' school oy^T", $2,00, but w o r t h $0. Don't miss our great u n l o a d i n g nal«; ull prlcoH sharply ro- duced.,HUHlCNH, aft_Weiit Wanhlnutiin street FOR HALK-- Ono 1(31! . r o l l - t o p (TTMit in n dirt c-onilltliin, $ 1 2 ; olid inahogiiny tloiuil bookcaso In linn nhup«, $10. nvenun, MBC- B71 H A L B -- I'luiio, Hlcln'way Concfrt ( l a i d filjjiny oane; price : v « r y rnHHonabla. «!«' North I'oniiBylvanla Htroot. I'nic.nly Flat No. 2. J'lionn M a i n $!l.tiO, dullvcrcd; othni-H S3 C 4 0 M u H H i i c l i u a c t t i ) uvonuu. TO STOREROOM 17 W. OHIO HENRY DDLLMAN 528 Merchants Hank Drop-head up. CLARKE," UEFOItli! you snll your nwro'nd-hand furniture, uloVeB, I'aruntn or a n y t h i n g in high- claes goods call OI.AZKK wi pay highest cash prloea. Main 12S4, J$l3Lj,l?,t%.' '" FOR MALK-TioiifHiiiold f i i r n l t lire, barg'tiln". . Second-bund dealers k e e p a w a v 901. ;i luirKuln. .liifl'ni bluii u l l k n u l l , nl/o wirw, all MI/.UM. 634.East l i y d r a t i l l u CUT (il.Ail-ift f a c t o r y i-epi-tyiiinhi'tlve w i l l n«ll FOU HA 1,10 ..'(.'I WitBliliiKlon. Foil - H A I / I O - A barber ontlll, - t w o ohuli-M, nt s;:j N o r t h Henatii. BK1Q our roil top" desic" nt, $13.75. ....... ART FUH. CO., 110. H o u t h ' P e n n . . Htroot. T I l O U K A N i m of (Ib-no'tn m u n l r ' r n l l a , -13 for »1. A i f l o i . i A N I I A I J , , ;:;i7 N. Penn. nt. IHXiM, IMUJI/I'UV, I ' K I K O N N - A N O OTIUCH I'lCT HTOCK. _ FOR 'WALK-- Mined broiler Mock today, )1 per B O H T I I I O R N HlfilOD (X)., i!5 North Alabama street. Pim?ONn t i n j c f i i r be,u('' -tlinn~chlcko'ns,, A l w u y w pennwd up. Little iipaco nnedad to Blurt. Freii booh expliiluu all. MAJEH- TIC H Q t I A I l CO.. Drtpt. 80. Adel. la. FOR H A I J C - F D i n a l n pupa, nlH'|ihe|-(i-lull iM'oHd, hent, iililcec. N. I l i t A C K I Q T T , Clremiwood, ,4 m o n t h s Aviitch Ind. FOIt. HA 1, 10 Collln pupn, lietfi driving sloolt" vcVy din-; iirloo reusonahlc. C). P. P11IL- LII'H, Amo, In, I. · . ~ ; P'OU HA 1,10 ;twoiiiy'-7iv'B "~whUo~ "Logliorns! f u l l lilooilnil, u n d n u n n l d l i i ii.oultrv yard equipment; bargain. ^ n l l Nortli 431)2. : HAI,E--Tluini|ini)ii'H H l r i i l n ' Unrreil P l y t n u u t h Hoek i:ggs f o r ' IIni,'. Phone IVashlngldii 314. D A Y - r i L l CKH for i n i i Woodruff ITi. HNOWFLAjflC JIOIJMKH--TO LlilT. TO UPPER DUPLEX _ JdftuJ. 1.6(^(1.11/111. . .jyix.-vca'y-.ljij'go-^jifiojn/j -unL liatli. w i t h Houtli und woitt vni-andaH. Ktrlctly modurn. limi of outlook., AdiilU only. See this Flat First. 42 illlniila und .llrHt utroflt. ' Meridian Btrootn. TO L K T CLOSE IN HIU(,'K HOUSIfl, 810 FJiiMt H n u t l i ul run t";, Hlx roomn, newly paporud, liatli, furniice, gun, city walor; to r l K h t pitrMris w i l l nnvkfl-prlita of $18, T U B P R A Y A U K N U Y , 5 KuNl Market Mlroet, H«c- ond Iloor. 'I'O LKT-'--"·' : ,"."':"'·: --'--·;---:?··'·---- ! ^COTTAGE 1S37 N n r t h A l a l t i i n m . i''lvo rooms, gttH, r;lt.v w a t e r ; $K1. F A R M E R S TRUST CO., 1 HO .'Kant Market. half " " FOR HA-I.K--Wanted-:--F.vcrybod-y--tn^nuo "Wlil-/." .Himij fur t h e i r hands. It removed d i r t , griMinit, Krlino aiu.l n l u l i i N t h u t o r d l n n r y H u a i i . c a n n o t ((inch. A l l dottlurti, l.'o LIST- AM"i- i V I n y . l f i , half new doubla, ilOfi:! 1'iirlt aycnlif, six I'^OIIIH and bath. f i i r m i r o , gild gnito, uliictrlc l l g h t D , iitrlc.tly n o d u r n ; Hint. $3fi. Cull OWN1CR, 2606 ' Nyrtti j iiioudwiiy. Phono N o r t h Tito. 'J'O LI'7T 1245 K n r t f d r d ntrptt,Jl'"m()d«rn -- l l v n - r o n r n ~ b u n g n l x i w ; l i i i i - d w o n d lloui'H, balli, f u r n u r - K , cl'ji-trl'! l l i ; l i t , KUN for cooking, J23.ri(j. . L O R H N / j . S C H M I D T t SONS, 1)40- !M4 L-mcitn A n n e x . 341 N. CAPITOL AVR. 3RD FLOOR, .6,800 FEET Henry Doll man 6H8 Merchants Hunk. TO I/J3T- -Modern ntorcroom In R u r a l t n n a p a r t m e n t b u i l d i n g , WiiHhhigton and Rural Htrni'ts; lino location for Ili-Ht-claHn grocery; also thrno deslrabln offlc(!« on fli-Ht loor fmmi! b u i l d i n g , THR P R A Y AGENCY, Eaut Market Nt root, second floor. TO LET---I'rlvuto room, coritrally located, light, hoot, both p'hotiOH, wi»tnr, J a n i t o r Hprvlco f u r n U h n d ; low rent covero all. Ad- drenn C No, S20, Star. FOR H A L K - D a y t o n coiniiutln'g Honles, Nat i o n a l cash . r e « l H t c r , arid .Hho.wcnsQ;. .nriut B«'ll. 30 Nortli Deluwarei 24 Dniilwlti JUdckt ·l(X*R«*8»V t T'illl=-" 6 f(tt'«ir"Kl'5iiSy""on your stonog- , r a j h e r » supplied. For prompt delivery call M a i n 0 1 4 4 : New 8047. (i nil · drop ll'uhtH, STORE, 424 Muss. BL1JCTRK! clmndoll'nrH . CliHUp. [ISKD UOODH iivnniic. 1 0 0 - P O U N D refrigerator, good mid onunrl, J7.60; n m a l l icn chest, $3. I / H M D (J(JOJ;H H'l'OHlO, 424 MRIIH. avenue. u p r g h t piano n M n « condition an (ixccllunt bargain at J l S f i ; $1 a wook acceptable A1SOLIAN HA'LL, 237 N. Pcnn Ht. FOR- SALJO--lSxcIiiHlvo f r u i t flpnorlway race, May 30, PKNTER, Indianapolis Motor ·!·,-, LKT-- concoiinion for W, P. .CAR- Bpeodway. n o i m t r y .luniif, t 'iicar. 1 ..clty.;'' . r ifr^wflfrTt^iThT^tRTclco.ii'-''"*. h'macH; liirRo- garden.' lurgi' orchard. Cttll N o r t h B129 n f t e r - 6 p. m, · -. . Tf) LWT- Klx rooms, h a t h , clentrlo lights, water p a i d ; ovor respoctnldn saloon; $12.00 per m o n t h . Coi-ner T w e n l y - K o v e n t l v and Bcburtnnn'iniyTmuiirofr'liCIvorslrto'car lino. 'l'(') LIST--409-411 W-est Twenty-eTghTliT im7- blu lioune, strictly modern, r«iit $ H O ; wlx looms; t h o r o u g h l y renovated. Key on prom- IseH. New p h o n o - 1 ) 8 3 0 . TO LKT- - -Desirable modern roHldence~~2lTfi Nortli I'rmiHylviiulu, $!I6;, water 'furnished. Key at 2177, ono dour north. Phono Nortli 172. ' - ' _ pr,c« pafd used f u r n i t u r e , rftfrlgnratoro and Kfts F. A. F U l U J A S N , 738 MuHBucluiHotts FOR TO LKT---U38 Niioinl. Ilvn-room house, toilet, c i t y w u t e r , electric, lights, new; $13 F R A N K S. CLARK, 226 East . MuHBucluiHotts avenue. Just Regal, e k - c t r o i g i u a r J n d starter; 1915 Ford rondntor: soveral ji"prd ourlng cars. 133 East Wabash, opposllo lumbla Theater. Main 5911. _ _ _ THJ) .MOST rsiiabie used ·t 887 Norlh Capitol avenue. FOR HALE OR TKADK---Dandy hlgh-grado roadster; will noil cheap or trade for light flv«-paBH«ngor cmr; will o«monfltrato to your 8 7 K a n t JWashlnjrton. factory Second tlre§. ·ONITKD TIRE5 CO., 415 North CRpltol.^Maln B171. McLEAN Auto. Place; 80» Massa'chusetlH AveT . _ . on do\.-blo trcad'CniT tlro'lC C8ll North 8148. 646 WMt_Th»rtloth. " _ ff'OR _ uick calo will take 1375 "fnr"T5lT 18 3?aokWd limouslhe? Main ma, L E - -- I f ' y p u are looking for a second-hand car, or want your car r e b u i l t , don't forgot our number, 332 North Illinois, HAVENB AUTp_SALKI9 CO., Main 6184. FoirSALE--Soven-pansenKor Colo, 'swell taxi JobM«vy-for It In thirty days. Call Main 6164. _ __ . _ ' ' FOR SALE Chalmers roadster; one" Hup] cheap. Main 729^. WANTKlV-Light automobile;" havo "$BO 2 H a month. Woodruff FOR HALE--MR. ODELT PWRRY has left the Davis Oarago, 924 North Illinois, FOR 3ALB--A ono-yoar-olrt Mot» light roadster. S. »» SCJtaiflB, 4,1 North CegjltaU TO LET--Storage, 70x80, cernent floor, ono block from Denison-Hotel; high ow rent, Phono New 6804. · I'O JET--fitororoom, 343 MitssachUBr-ttB n v e n u e ; m o d e r n ; reasonable rent. J'hone OWNER, N«W C864. ; 8ALJB- -We will pay u, (rood prlco f u r good second-bund f u r n l t u r a , eto. CARDHR. Main J610. 312 JfiuBt Market. FOR HA LK --Ono { 2 2 i'nrf «o"t IWH riin»7o, ~ono 50-lb. refrigerator, ut a, bargain. 671 avenue. TO LIST miidurn, j(i; H N I S U B O ^ TO LJST--'i'wo ground floor ^ front f'Jomsi light houii(ik«etln(f, nicely f u r n i s h e d , ull modern. Tho Rrjsenmry, Y24 North ('apU')t. TO LKT--- Washington boulevtird, 7 rooms, ^for tho n u m r n e r ; a d u l t H . North 3640. TO LJCT--Part of fiiriilsiir;d house~rrii")rito^ bor, roaiionablo; refcrencft. N o r t h 92fift. TO LET--B14 AHhlariii, f u r n i a h o d ' " aparU mont of thrco roomn, m n d r r n . circle 3637, TO LKT--Furnished houwe; nice location, Cull Helmnnt 1677. SEWING machines nl Hysoin'-n, $',: and up. $1 llrnt payment. Cor, Wash, and 111., 313 Occidental Hldii.^thlrd floor. _Maln 2878. SINGER sowing machine, |3, pruarnnteod; $1 phiyeH any machine In your homo; other bargains. 764 Mass. nve. Main (813, WANTKD--WILL PAY MIGHT CASH PRICE FOR SECOND-HAND BTOVES. CALL NORTH 830. --For dining room f u r n i t u r e ,,, to ai/AZER'H, 444 East Washington, Vncuum cleaners for mile and rent M. JJlii. New 2613-K, MURPHY CO.. 128 E, N. T. "up! Foil HA1.K--JCxnluslvo -candy concussion for U l i e m l w a y race, May 30. W. P. CARPICN- T K H , Iiullanapolla Motor Bpoodway. i'bll fjALK--Oh'o two pair high 9xis Barnard Si l,nas corn m i l l ; In good r u n n i n g ordor. 142 HouUi Alttb'unft B t r o o t . _ _ . S N A R E d r u m , wltii electrical e q u i p m e n t .$7.50. UHKD UOODH HTOHK, -124 Muou! avenue. FOH 2^2 4S36. HALE--Hot blocks and toylfl, cheap Bouth Statu atruet. or cull Vrunpoct meat cooler, cheap. IIBO, B!X roorim, yard, good 66 AND 88-NOTF! music r o l s , So and AEOLJAN llALf,,' 337 N. I'oiin. 3t, 81B WI NO MAC' i'i I NK8 ~ "a t" 126 WeVt " iriffton, 2^_and up._ Main 1418. BTOVBS unrt parts for all maken, 901 Tn^ Aiana^nvenuo, corner 131/iko street, FOR HALF/ - P e r f e c t RUB r n n g u and no I dim ouk jihlfjtonior. fill V i r g i n i a avenue. WAN'rKD---'l'o"buy' EdiiJon dl»c~rfieordH?~Ad- drcsw C No, 46J, fttur, " . WHOMV8ON, 310$ Howard Btreat. Bel, 83#, FOR HALK'--Ilutcher'H Call G19 ORden. RED hammock, had Hteel sprlnga"and"mat- ' trcns, f u l l length. 42-i Mass, avenue. PORCH chairs -and (teats, cheap. U9KI GOODS STORE, _424 Mass, avenue. WIRINa, CHANOELIEUtV, TlEPAUlB AND APPLIANCE^ FLEURT KLBCTRIC. FOR SALE--For bedroom furniture go to OLAKICIVS, 4 4 East WftShlnRtoii. BKRT team hn'rnons in the ntale for the* money. VOLK HARNEflS CO,. 8H3 W. Wnsh. Fort HALE--Warited; To' buy Ifldisoii disc ^renords.. _AddrcBB_ CJN'o. 470, Stnr. FOii HAfirj~-..ijiiiraTd"'ubicrii)0. " Capitol, _ · _ FOR SALK--Two'miuiiciiri tables; two clmlrw; ehampob board, Main 1416,: uvonuo, lower lloori por f u r n a c o ; w a t u r - ' p a l d ; ' $ 2 0 . TO LET--Seven rooms'-,'nnd . b a t h , modern, D808 J u l i a n a v e n u e , I r v l i i g t o n . Main 409, or n i g h t I r v l i i K t o n 21. 'I'O IJ.-"r--^!)i^ I'ai'k iivenue, six rooms, inoiH ern, w i t h garage, $30; X10G Hellofontalno, ulx i-ootna und garage, f J O . North 7706. TO LET--List y o u r vacunt properly ^Ith A M E R I C A N MOItTOAOE GUARANTEE CO., 10 K/iBt Market. TO. ItK'V 2.')25 Ashlund avuntic; Beven rooms,' K J e u t i e d , m'idnrn, shades, awninga, laundry, (30. Nortii 4614. __ : TO LET-r-Hoe our nni-ctil service department for renting, DUNLOP HOLTEUEL, 12? . Eaut Market. · ' ' TO LET---Nlni)-room brick house; iargo~barn and t w o acres of pasture. 8110 West Michigan. -.' ; TO I,I-;T-.,Ol South Denny, six rooms, modern, excellent condition, (farafto. Phone I r v l i i g t o n 435.^ ' ' i i'O LET--Sflo our rental ilst. ^ECTOirTT TRUST CO. 'J'O LET-'-Flvn rooms north, |12.Fo. 192» . College, (faruffi!, ?3B. Main 5593, TO LET- -See rent llfit. The PRAY AOBINCT^ 5 Kant Marital street, second floor. TO IJOT Half of modern doubloi "sfi( Nortii Illinois. Phono Washington 1158. TO LET--List your vacant "property with JENNINGS BROS., 20 South TO LIST--For sale; Six-room modern. Call 981 North Templo,, LIST yourrontali»'"wTtF'WEiT~SIDH~Tau5^l _COMPANY,_11-1B flouth SenatO. ___7^_ 'f6'~i,io''r-~"zoo South" Sherman drlvoTTrooiil double, part modern. Circle 3006. TO~LET--SEH "LIST. FARMERS" _ _ _ T6~LET--ScVllst. IIOLLOWAY SON. l6i Mpnumont Placn. ' T O i 7 K f . - l ? 3 " l i a f l r " ~ coimlBting of (ivo rooiiiB.

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