Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on December 9, 1910 · Page 15
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 15

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1910
Page 15
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-,#VVWV*WVV\*^VVVSiVVV^ % Cold Weather Tonic O K O I U i E O. It A It K 11. TLMK9, FKJLDAY, JJKJUJEATBKK 9, 1910. ^ ^ m ffm Never Falls 'to Restore Gray Hair to its Natural Color and Beauty. No m.ttter how lo:i}f it has bfen gray orfadtt.1. Promotes a. l u x u r i a n t growth. of healthv tuiir. Sto$-* its f a l l i n g out, Bad positively removes Dan- Ki-v;s h a i r w f t ami glossy. W i l l not » - i l skin or linen. W i l l not your h.ur. Is not a fiye. SJ ^"fl-SOc. bottles, at druggists S-.i-J .\ '.T -"x- t*..x "Trv i .!..- v; !h* Ila-raiid $·*.»." !tt!'l'.i- '~;.v.l ... NIT. _ i.N.J ,!_'.A. Boy's Lily White Cream teao-.i'u* \-!sion :st · rt.n OP PANICS IIS E T R U T H tRef orirer--~£i*r.ia t h e pr;*-? = The J n k - r wou-d be in out. Treasury Secretary M.icVeagh Presents Interesting Report to Consress AN ABSOLUTE NEGBCSITT Volunteer--HI, thar. ch'o'f! Didn't ye hear the fire alarm? The hull durn taown's a-burnln' up. The Chief--Well, biffs It, Susan's away"and I can't find fny red shirt nowbar. - AVTFI'1 She-- Th»v doR-s. He -- Worse. They e-/en Hke two bosom friends. -ats and quarrel --Sweetest irfrl monts arnj bribing officlaij wajp regarded a» a Joke ' The Inevitable. however. Is comlnjf to pajos. AroertcHJi i citizens are n-.ore ar.d more con- i forming to the law an.'J to their obll- i extlona aa cltlieriB U are annually i r n l l e c t i n g from pa«»engers of N e w 1 Y o r k about f o u r tlmos aa much duties ! as t-of'ir- Th- pi-rrt-ntage of Ir.creaJe ' is equally hvrfCf at BoRton "Numerous import line* ar« njtidw ir.vfStiKat'.on aii1 tba amount of lixlty [ and dishonesty that haa crept Into the 1 iniport bualnejis thrtd|rh undervalu I atii.n la astor.lahiag, not to nay ap- I p o l l i n g " I Politics have bean to a !ar»» extent ' ellniinated In the customs s»r-rto« at ! New Ycrk. but MacVeaKh os.y» thjit ; :";naJ exc«llfnc* can be attained only I by the I n . - H ^ t l o n of eJ! hon-pclltlcaj ' ufflc*»r'« 1 n 'b» -!xBsir"*^ -^-r\*1re i ' Thert IH r.o pra^tlc^J way." M«n- Vvagh say-i 'to put th- g .v*rnmant = rr\'ire p r c ; -ri:' v n !ta f"«t without a · .1: a n j J u s t -7icth."i --if i-lvi: ·ervtef t - t i r e n i e n t for-tunal-' 1 .} this and upon nation vl the I be « * * · · WOMAN DYING FROM GAS · -Mr--L, »1C«J liintt-tid of the ha^ ing many app werit of a'.ltm blila. Mao- iuS"ptIo:i of lit* » -Found try KU -- «^i d -«;:£» «r.'Ji lie! prtvtl-aJIy al^. :.^ --^ nrade i .'-.iKrK---'-.- t.u operation prlaMorifl Thf ult clar**-l to b«- a rriliupr aj^d ment la macie tlxa-t by a provement it w u u l d yl-ld a IS.000.000 a ynar t h » · light sm- rov-enuo of BOAD CO^fTRA^;^8 FILED. Board ? ?r»4bol!fni nvl A E Stout. , (^TO^BlnK jn4 F^imii;^^oo- lLAj"txtzi- CAX3 1 !U-e of [· C o u n t y f \ « r i T5ve ooa- ! ·ract» » or» r~:'nt' ;. as»!gr»l by S t o a t ; ft F r a n k P '.Vn^^n *-.J J H App;»- *ie. a mjL»'.T!:y vote if the C o u u t y w i t h o u t {jar to the gTj the LEMON PUFP8 FOR TEA. t * 3.50 *4.00 SHOES aaked also to provide fpr :' "' fkf ·!··!? for-* of the *-r^ ice. pubtic ^TPTLS that there retiri'tiv Saving ^Yh n t h e bo a pa'. in« (»f J j n f t M i ) 0 " 0 a y«ir ' h*" expanses of th'' ex^-uttve de- ruii-nts. Ma^'Vengh o!-«?rv*8. it la " r i T i £ n.ii!-r a m'S''rn"«»pt1on that !a -ry h r ' r n i f u l . T!-- entire approprt- n n r v --\^«n!!tureB last wrt»oi:!y $·;·:", nnfi nno .i)rVii'-s cu!opt«1 In til-? Treasury nn] lh» renrgnnizatJon of the fcn-p .if sperial agents of sav'.p-e constterah!e tn woiilil be th^ «lim- of jx l.'iri^*' ni;Tul'*»r of rustorns rt; ; . tnc | .;..,·;,,, ,.' ih» i:«:-ay offices and it-y Or-.t j-.-rf"r r n r" «prvio*» what- '"·· "of n.- u.*» umi^r th sun " Th*» report r*"^nmTit.^niis that federal t-.ultrtinq-s )···- of artistic 3«algn to C.'onsress to-: A s tn ,,,-, H tal savings ban'ts the n- the juie* of h*lf a l«caon with half a pound of finely powdered mnf^r, t adding a» *"U b«*4it U the w h l r e of cm« : e£K whipped tzj a stiff froth, Wliea thoroughly mined add three -f»r» ajid the uruted rlud of a lemon Beat acvdQ till all It* litfh! Sirww some shM*tfl of rtce paper with »uK*r, drop tho mlittir« on this, e!f.t m"»re caster sugar crv«r: ai-.d bake In a brisk oven. I vhl£?s * !n th** ras*» Of P Y S t ^ m will vor' ! rtl'-i'-ntly consKJ- [ *·!*·(!, atjf.ju^d to. perrnH rh? system i to be put into actual cp»rat!on. The j fcononilo pffoots of this new bank.! upon th operations of th» Treasury comes like a thief in the night. Have ready the sure cure · DEUVAU'3 The time-tested, unfailing specific for whooping-cough. colds and coughs. 6* It fa/i R. E. ror «tb «nil Wood Sit.. r t \»,.oftt» at froohi'**.*, wh/oh apply j Y} ^" principally tomola loathor, mnti tttof»- thft my ihoe» duood tariff on molo loatnof, now on-- \ lfre j^ , ^ ( bio* mo to gtvo tho w/oaror more vaJuo j _i t_ for hte money, bettor and longer woar- amra "* "'7 Ing $3~5O and $t.QO shoos than I could ·-«. ' * I givm provlou» to tho tariff rovftlon. »od * more $330 any other tnvuf»aurei in the U. S.. ted thai Dollar for Dol'»r, I Guarantee My Shoes to hold their ihap'., took and bt bet*'*, »«d wi£r longer th«a any other $3.50 or $4.00 shews you can buy? Qsjaiity count*. It hat made ray shoe* The Lcadcis of tn* VronaL Foi Fall and Winter Wear, my immense rtock include* the l»Hl "»4 bea styles in every size and width, espeo»ily in Young Men'* ' -*ftB, «nl ay fiores also cany at all times the moft complete assortment of the iao»"* robft*rt»l flyje*. such as have made W. L. Douglas shoes a household word everywhere. You will be pleased when you buy my shoes because of the fit and appear- »T. and when it comes time for you to purchase another pair, you wiB be more, than pk»«ed became the las! ones wore ttfj* »c0r* * to well, and gave you so much comfort. f*5r ^fr^ **·« i [CAUTION s If TOOT dealer cannot eopply yon with :?.e «rit* tor Mll Order OUJog. NO SUBSTITUTE ] iiio W. I- Doug£u «ixo««, W. I» DOt'OI.AM, Brockton, Hi-- W. L. DOUGLAS Trenton 8tor«! 101 E.' STATE , ST^ COR. BROAD. BREAKS UP HARDEST COLH IN A FEW BOORS Thousands are Using the New Method With Wonderful Rusults . Cut out this prescription Madam: yoji arp the one that murt look after the health of .the· household, -and. you. are the one tn these days of high prices that must manage economically: Sootieone In the 'family may have a. hard cold this winter; It may be in the head, perhaps, in the chest. ' · " It matters not wtiere; here IB some- advice and a. prescription that will break up any cold, in a few hours, and without- taking^ harmful . drugs or strong drinks into the stamaelu First of an look after the bowels. -The'tonirue will show, whether the liver is right- or not.. .If. the bowels .need: attentlon, a good d'ose' o f : castor oil niaae.: tasteless with, a "little orange iuice "trill 3o the trifck, although any reliable catharatfc v,-ill do. ·Then try this economical treatment: Into a bowl of boHing water pour a t«a-3poonfnl of HYOHEI (prono.unce It J before springtime; Hlerh-b-me) co%-er both head and bowl BIBLE WORKERS TALKED METHODS ·With men's Bible class work and with a towel, and breathe deep i nto { teachers' training class methods be- ^Br^e^thin^l^nvf oTfen '[** «t Wedne,oay. the two cays' B,b,e minutes until the head feels fine, then conference at the T. M. C- A. came to go. to bed and sleep soundly until a c i ose .. in the afternoon ' . and sleep soundly until morning. ' That's the easiest -way- to break up a cold or cure sore throat, : or {rot rid of. a couh and' it !s a verj: sensible way, . because the vapor of -HYOMEI, full of marvelous . virtue, .groes directly to the inflamed, sore and swollen membrane .and .quickly soothes arid, heals. A bottle of iHOMEI costs BO cents at the Miller Drag Co.. and druggists everywhere. . A complete outfit which ;iftc!udes a hard, rubber pocket inhaler with which · you ran breathe" It any time or piace, costs only $1-00. It is gtKranteed to cure catarrh. coughs, colds, jisthma and; croup'., OT ra6nny" : .back. . 3Ma!I orders filled, charges prepaid; by Booth's Hy- omei Co., Buffalo, ~$. Y. Gut "this oat Madam; you may need. .it Guy i,. Brown and the .Rev. Charles W. Kim- s it Tva'.l/.wi. - A i l l t ; xcc*-ii ' dlmi.ry disburseni'-nt by J-43.505.986. i But Aikinff also into aricount the esti- , ' mat»s for the Panama Canal the deficit; for the next year wH! be $7,414.860. ; Reform of th-J currenry IB the next cinsiilert'd. i.'onternlng It. Secretary JlacVoasrh says: ! "We can c o n t i n u e to have' panit-9 o r ' we '"an stop hnvitig: panics, exactly as we [jreft^r. It will nnt. cost .11 penny to prpvrnt t h e r n ; and it has. cost us un- : m i d - m i l l i o n s ami untold sniff-ring every ; time-we had one. It Is for the govern- , mt-nt fo saj \yhcthcr it will have panics j in the f u t u r e or whether it will not." - 1 Short aa th? present .ge-ssion Is to be. r ttin^-.-%ays, It v.'ould- be a step fnrw;ird If the subject of a.^rt for .-xisllns- financial condition's could at least arrive at some form of dcfinltp- riftss and coacetHration before Congress adjourns. It lias .received, preafr con. sklf-nulon during the past two. or three ] years bv economic authorities under biff made short addresses on.the first i the lea.l of the National M-one^tary subject and F. S. Goodman, toterna- j ^TMTM^vrr n "hpjit';aron, he' betieves^n tional Bible secretary of the T, M.} tajcins-'action." C A., followed w i t h - a discussion o f ] "The. whole financial history of th° in . connection ' country." according to tho report, "!s a the fundamental points with this theme. Tea was served at 6:30. . At -7i30 the aesslon · was .resumed, Edward W." Dunham presiding. After an open parliament,. Mr. Good?man -again took charge, speaking on the iJecurtiig of teachers for Sunday- long series of troubles and agitation, and how that we havp in slgtit the establishment of a .rpal" anil .permanent hanking and currenry system that will he lioth safe. a'mV'siine. i t " makes'one Impatlent'tQ.see H "accomplished."' -.'As ao the" weaknesses of Uie- "panic breathing systpm" Secretary MarVeagh. School cla 9 s r Joseph H. Wri.htjdcciar.s^^^^-.^^c^ presided at the afternoon, session. _ j olir T( ,servr-a. . I t ' concentrates In New. committee C H E. F consisting.. of Hoehrlg and to of the encfl to tho Sunda S-chools This committee wiH meet today for lunch at noon to prepare their report which .will tie sent to all Sunday School workers- ^directly York B. F. DUNHAM is CO. S. £. DUNHAM QG. S P, DUNHAM CO. Dunham's Reliable Shoes 4 Christinas ? ' SUppers for Women and Children For Saturday Only Reductions Guaranteed as Advertised WKN'S. Genuine Goda y e ar : Welts. j left over: lets of S3.00 and-S3:ffO-Shoes- of last season, button lace, patent leather Women's Gun · inetal : or-patent colt, ; .button _or lace rmbdels. i-;.."Natty', styles of regular 4200 and 42.50 ?h0es $1 BOYS' for .wear;. - soHd leather thrbnsbtmt; a aho* -w« recommend Sizes. » to 13% M 2 5 . \ Sizes I to 6« rJO All HUli wvol roaterials. . cue -fllnA- TT%»*CV 1 ... ....,., ... 16 .50 $1 Men's $2QM OVERCOATS AT , . . . . Shoes for school wear; all sizes in 'tho: lot,. btit not all, «izes .fit:" ; kftia, /therefore; -instead of. J1.2 aha JJ.SO. $1 CAP Inside- far "lined pun- downs, -tfer? SI .60 50c * txrtieve tliaac to b« the best ovewoats ?ve*v offered -at this'-, price. of fln«, £u.,; vrool kci^ey in black «r fancy effects -in. light.- or dark Snug fltUng coHar*. wen .bRjanciSd ^shoulders and perfect In every n t ig^-fl. W« ao"not_bdlev« that any single gartnent in te assort-- Saturday b« for le "««·" ?20.00. Sfzea---33.-tr..4S chest " , Pmnts, heavy B to . «9c, 44c Boys' $4 Overcoats A t . . . -; . Skating' C a p s for bojrs and gjrls^ regnlar 39c- value ....' .^.; 22c W" ui yviatar Coats for boys Just when the demand is greatest at a prtc*. A nnmb«r ofTthetft coald^not b« dnpiicated for less than $5.00. t of them are oar ·^ s ulr J4.00 values. Jlussian style..- button to the ; ta n«.vy bine, "wooi lined or neat miitures. These are in si»e 3 to 10. for the Iar B » boys Tirom 7 to 17 yearn, darlc gray, melton -and fancy with the new convertible., collar, J»ot a frsrraent in the entire worth less, than *4-Op and up to J5J10. ' " _ · "· FOR SAHRDAY ONLY lo mail, pbone or C.O.D. orders H.BROAIKST. currency -wnon }t Is nep^^d except un der tlie Aldrrcn \ rpplan 1 law u ^ l c h will soon expire and which is onlv In .tfified "or fmergencies I nder our I system ord narv .transactions of bu"!- .1 n'rss cain-n go" fi'rV.-Vrd -uninterrupted hin a "time- rtf -stress' and strain.. And I \ e t *he final te=t cf a banking and cur- jrencj ojit-efn is t h at the- o-^dinary f banking facilities needed hy business ihall He provided -it all times and uncer ' all circumstances ! f T^p contlnu r ns d«-nrtt crea f »d b the ' Panama C«tnak expenditures- t v ^ report f says is bringing: closer th° time when the indebtedness of " canal to the' general fund of th" Trfasurj will have to be paid at least In part, by a sale of , some' of the Panama Car-al bo-ids u-) thorlze* *v Co-igress to the araount « ( $256,669 000 Tt^es^ ma^ be Itsufd at any rate of jntTest u^cessarj u p ^ t o three per cen* If the bonds are to be used as atiis*^ for bank circulation he ^ccretarj points cut tne tax nn t h e l circulation shonld *' m. or twr per cent in ordf tf pro'eet i*-* t w o por cent Rovprrment bond* iin'v. Vd bj , the batti' On tht ·- he- +rtn'1 ^ i« ' 1 - or $\nnfor(tno thre^ pi-r crnt ban Is wit'iou* t ie- bank clrc 3 I'IOT- p»jvTRc» i l i t would '-bfc"-JHSSJM«'.to ..g3x;i;re : esreri i 'montallv tho ir-tc at-which th« pci"-' ornmpnt could 1 orrow rnr on investnifnf: ha?is intj on jal-» - n o j l d th»n H«S- hott"«- a"bl* to formulate a finan- . p/I ci for thf fultiro 1 t" ru'st^nj'! th" r^pori in- p"rt ·riv" 1 ? Th" "J fnr fnuds arfr» found to covpr in «ne form or another nearly all the «= irar coning .into "New "iorK The tot-* 1 r**co\ ery of dut\ amounted ' frauos lB\ol\msr«; I'irsje 15 ! and most be^n snch a rev-j thrnw- suspicion ot.ert ^TV*S -S^Jd- snn t*5 ohlij^e i^is to m^"rtl(TJtt and o^prhaul In alT dsr ci nn? ! 'it became.-n«"ssBjry frbmT the outset ^i- rnmrt the palpable vices of' th ! « · ' · ! » c^^troi'Sn!; irrp^rtatlon 1 ! ^ v ^j-.,,^,;!,^ p-.^spn^- It ~nas not ^imp' that -\ctra! ti irJ!ts were violating *hcla«. Mj,t'tfis irresiiiafR.leB of tb.i "xafP ^ t ' th'-*" Sotinsta haS jnnd 1 ? the- Atla?uic steamsKIps orwn T^jri-^vivi" for protc-s-Kional smu^rirlinir. fG^fiHirje ·fiafffzi'rs anfl professional; : sJnti^elcfs wn^"r t^'staisc"-of genuine ' |^«feor»ccr«. ·w'-r^ sot only smUKglins t | by 'means "nf . fsTs~o,--dec1arp.U"ohs; .but; j.they, weft- bribinji thf ^officers, cheating ! ihfl -^o-v^rniri'-nt mafcintc. false state-" MonejronYour r of thf as to bKE'S no sense in paying] more for it than il,i« i^brth. We print cards, bill heads, en- velopes.-*Utemenb and tags, $1.30 per thousand np; other work reasonable. Out of town order} promptly and intelligently handled. Tree on Keanest LOUIS FINK SONS :: PRIMtKS It It* nib fki'A PHtiiVV , h. whole paper wouldn't begin to b« big-enongb. to properly tell of all the beautiful Christmas gifts that Santa daus sent here for you. Msplay of Cliristmas We are ready to help you with the choicest collection of - H d 1 i d ay G o o d s we have ever shown. The store is of beautifiil and sug tive gifts es Christmas Handkerchiefs from 3c; np to 25c each in tho pcnjrv nf t h n -sl^ro von will find ,th», handkerchief btwtli,. where -w.e. ia've" arranwrf- for 'your-convenience" thousands f f handLercliiff^ ot ni wdTt f i kinds f r r m^n wnmpn ard {*»! dren. Fancy, boxes .free with every purchase. Christmas Neckwear from lOc cp to $ r -and" -Vl her v ! I 'a-e ts n 4s -eon- Men's, Women's and Children's Christmas Umbrellas from 49c to $3.98 Hand Bags for Christmas Gifts from 49c to $4.98 Values that are bnnginf us the biggest fcusin^ss W ever known A sho-wing that Tvfll be a gennme snrpnsf to cm on account of the wid"» range of styles and the ex ceedinah low prices ^Tenutn' 1 Leather Hamibags. Black Wi vet Handbag Silver iTe^h Bags»j BfAdtjd Ba^s Tnq T want tn see thesi* before yon det"de, the values are Furs for Christmas Gifts from 59c to $18.88 Prices within the, reacb of all: R»lia from p b°«!t tiirri-°r- in tne «mn.~.n V } 'a-KP iou no prices hPTP for furs just because \ou mav m ' ha%e a k of fur xaiucs «nr pnc«3 fnr tJrff garni N are D.-Pti j-rt the. i«fF4in f pnfit That all i :»· f*l °r m '·"i"» r ifi i 3 : » t«t -hi h £r xa ! » s w^ ar^ o*ferin.^ r R ss ? ? Hare, L,iix Blwp "WoTf frra\ Fax: ^al m ^ts; and separate Mflffsantl N forsr ; ^ancy Browit] Christmas Stationery, in fancy holly boxes and cabinets, ranging in price from 25c to $1.25 fiffi llriags for Chiistiaas an Silver and Ebony Finished JElttajy, and Brush, Comb and Minoi Sets, rn -fancy s k hned boxes and cabmets A beautiful collection at pleasing pnoes ranging from Seleet voti want them: now and. we. will keftp"tliera for yoii illl Jeweliy for Christmas Gifts from lOc. up to $1.98 "Very latest novelties jn SasJ Pms, Brooch PBJS Waist Sets, fecarf Pins. Hdirer Ttombles, Beanty Ptns. Jeweled Combs a*»d Barretts SI!TW Back Hf»pd ^fiij^rs. Jewel Cases. Ink Stands Paper Weights Silver Slipper Pm CnMuons and 'many :rthef beaatiftil and appropriate -articles for gifts. All Jewelry in separate boxes *'0nyx" Fast Black Silk fiosieiy, an acceptable gift, at 49c to 98c Gloves for Gifts r Jtist Fe v -«'V'el for.oar CijTiftAtnuw" trad? a speclal lot -of." fifty dozen woman's 2-nlasp Kid Gloves in tan., brown, wh;t*» and. black. _ .Sizes 5 s i to «, These are r**cn!ar Sl.'"0 cJaxx-s. t."h»:t : we secirred at a special price. They represent the CD*» best glove values in the city at, pair ., ....... «3u AH Mitlmery Sacrifled. Sensational Eednotiobs on all SHIt Waists for Chrislmas at $1,981 N?rcr before have- "yon!- be^n. offered sttch valueis. 3rf«de of nnest whit*? habntai- silk with elaborate front-of finest lace? anrf jnedaifiiins. A re^nlar $3.9S value here fory-qp at only -...;-..,.,. v..--^-;... -.-.,,. v...v." -;,.-...-.......". r ^ . / Hundreds of: other beaatifnl Waist^-fOr Xmas- gifi«~"fr: to $5.00." " - . * Great Decetober Eeductiouf on Women' Hats. i«*d get a real Many at less than' half price. Come at once ! Ready-to-wear Gauaents. (3oats y Suite iPrices. Gome for Baxga^s t3iey a» 'and Skills going »i" SAi'jSST PtACE FOR YOU ANB YOUK TO GU »9 S. rpp. Taylo* Opera Hoasc- Walk in and see the fceaattfof rffopfay of gift goods "i*fei^i*-iJ"-fe^'^ 1 ' i; Vfe,^;i'tt:s« r -;^Ji'A';l^^^^ INEWSPA'FER; VSPAPES.I

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