The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on September 18, 1947 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE SIX THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, HE, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1947 Daily Register Advertisements Pay jf ^ * Home improvements are simple when financed the FHA way. Add the repairs and improvements you need and cost of financing , Divide the amount of the loan required to . · " pay for these improvements into convenient payments and · 'Subtract this small amount each month from your budgeted income Multiply, in the meantime, your home comfort, safety and satisfaction FHA Property Improvement Loans are made for terms up to three years. Cost of FHA installment financing is low-$5 discount per $100 per year. No down-payment is required. Come in and let us give you further details on the FHA Pay-out-oi-Income Plan. Harrisburg Notional Bank of Harrisburg Occaia T A I L O R E D B Y D A R O F F T H E F A B R I C IS THE SOUL t OF THE SUIT What could be more fitting than the combination of "Botany" fabric with the expert tailoring of Daroff. "Botany" Brand 500 is the only clothing offering this unbeatable standardized combination. Suits and Topcoats $55. CLOTHING HOUSE WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS 11 -I '·"BOTANY" (» a trotfomart of Botany Mills, Inc., rej|. In U.S. Pat. Oft. NEWSPAPER! Corn Needs Three Frosf-Free Weeks To Mature Crop WASHINGTON. Sept. 17-- (U.E-- The nation's corn crop needs at least three more frost free weeks definite improvement Colored Girls Lose Suit Against Theatre (Continued from Page One) bv arrived at the normal time. " After the plaintiff rested at 11:15 a .m.. Bradley overruled a motion bv Atty. Scerial Thompson, attor ney'fof the theatre, for a directed verdict of acquittal. Thompson based his motion on the eonten- u. c V.VH r--r - - tion that the plaintiffs had failed week, the weather bureau said to-, to prove a cause of action. of a DOLL © by Hildo Lawrence; Distributed by NEA SERVICE. INC The bureau said the crop is making "generally good progress" after a disastrous midseason drought. Rains last week in some sections) in Nebraska and Missouri, helped the crop considerably. In some sections of the eastern part of tne corn belt, notably In-, diana, there has been too much rain, however, and dry weather and hot sunshiny days are needed j to mature the crop. There no longer is much hope that the crop will produce more than the 2.404,000,000 bushels estimated by the Agriculture Department on Sept. 1. Growing conditions during the next few weeks will affect the quality of the corn. "The bulk of the crop will be safe from frost in about three weeks," the bureau said. ' It said progress of the crop in Iowa is extremely uneven, however, and that short, stunted ears are found in the same fields with v.ell developed mature corn. Agriculture Department experts estimate that at least 40 per cent of the crop would be damaged if frost came a week early. This would mean "soft" corn which has less feeding value. Yets to Receive College Subsistence Checks in November Checks for subsistence allow ance to veterans who enter or reenter colleges and universities this fall under the GI Bill during September and October should reach veterans in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin during the first ten days in November, Harry E. Boyd, contact representative of the Harrisburg Veterans Administration office announced today. Approximately 30 per cent of the veterans enrolling during the THE STORY: The first girl Mark interviews is Kitty Brice. the tele- plume operator. She admits Ruth's vuicide caused talk at the time, -like why does a girl jump out nl a window when she's m u place two days and ther Nell Russell, ticket taker. Hu ella Miller, ticket seller, and Mona Martin and Hugh Reid, ushers, all night of Dec. 5 -·--.· .. . - lhlB * he N cident that night. Closing Arguments 0. L. Turner, Sr. one of the the atre owners, testified as to the policy of the theatre. "Two witnesses for the defense. Olen Allen and Mary Taylor, both colored, testified they were at the show Dec. 5. that they heard the talking in the lobby of the theatre but didn't hear what was said Allen said he got up, then went back to his seat. Mrs. Taylor said she remained in her seat. Closing arguments began at 1:50 p. m. Duty reviewed the plaintiff's evidence and pleaded with the jury not to have prejudice because of the race of the plaintiffs "They had a right to occupy an\ seats in the show and retain them,"! D u t v a l s o contended that Jenkins needed a warrant to go into the show and force the girls to in his closing said Ave haven't under- t'o show some?hing against; the colored girls, but the colored and police officers. These girls brought us to court. find that he c _ on sight. xhe~leaned r against the door and watched him with a sleepy look. "5:t dov.'n. Jewel Do you know v.hy 1 want to see you?" ··Yes. sir." -Were you a friend of Ruth Miller's?" "No, sir." "Mind if I ask you a few questions anyway?" "Xo, sir.' ··Fine. Jewel, you're a very im- poitant person for two reasons. \ o u were the first girl to reach Ruth Miller's body and you also operate the elevator. You see and hoar things. Now, on the night of the party did you recognize Ruth \\hen she rode in your car?" "Yes, sir." -You did? That's interesting How did you know it was Ruth?' "She was with April. You al ways know April." i-lie was with April. But when she left the party and went up to hei room did you recognue her then?' -I didn't take her up." Jewel looked over his head. He heard the faint note of alarm in her voice. She heard it. too, ID with a girl by herself. To sixth. I don't know who she was. I remember it was sixth because I went past the floor and had to go back." "Easy to walk from sixth to seventh, isn't it?" "If you want to." "What about the third trip?" "Mrs. Marshall-Gill. She wanted fifth, this room here. This one. She always comes to this room here to fix her face. After I took her 1 came on down and went in the lounge to watch the dancing. I never went near the car again. It va" 8-3 1 ) when I went in the lounse. c was Carlin's band on the radio ·isht after the news." *A break, he told himself. She's volunteering the time. Shrewd, or coached, or self-rehearsed. "I'm interested in that girl who rode up to sixth," he said. "Do you think she stayed there?" "1 don't know. 1 only know I didn't bring her down. People ran the car themselves after I quit." "What about Mrs. Marshall- Gill?" "I don't know. Maybe somebody went up and got her." Her eyes wandered around the room. "But she got down all right. I saw her myself, over by the elevator. 15 or*20 minutes later." "Fifteen or 20? Are you sure?' "Carlin's band was still on." She started to whistle again. * e * "Jewel, will it upset you too much to tell me how you happened to be the first girl on the scene?" , ,., She made a small sound, like a sigh of relief. He knew why. They had come to a safe place, a safe place for everybody. Ruth Miller had been long dead when Jewel went into the courtyard. The trap had been sprung; the trapper had vanished. "That's no secret," she said. "Everybody knows what I did, everybody knows it was me. We had our masks off. Everybody knew each other then." She said she had gone to her room at midnight. Some of the others had stayed downstairs. And she had opened her window and seen Mrs. Cashman and her dog in the court. "They were coming Uirough the gate. I watched because sometimes the dog upsets our garbage. Then I heard her holler, not loud, but surprised. I thought she*d found something that was our property so 1 went down. I live on second' and it didn't take long, and I'-went right out the front door without speak- ng to anybody. And when I wab :alf in the court I-heard her ,cream. And then I saw it." "Who came out next?" "\ · "Everybody. Out the kitchen door, out the front, some looked out the windows. Miss Brady got the doctor and police. They didn t know who it was. Even when they cut the mask off they didn t know. Then they saw her ring. It was her ring they knew her by. . ." She stopped talking and her head snapped back. She was listening. He listened too. Someone was coming down the hall with quick, firm steps. (To Be Continued) The Daily Register, 20c a w c by carrier boy. For the Best There Is in Automatic Heat with Coal S - T - O - K - O - L Electric Co. Harrisburg Phone 37 theatre owners. They wanted to sue somebody." Eldorado Man Named State Mine Inspector A Sure Hit SPRINGFIELD, 111., Sept. 17-- (U.P.)--Asst. Mines and Minerals me veieidua cmw«m v*v.»". 0 -- Director Robert Weir announced fall opening of schools have at-j^g appo i n tment today of six new tpnrted summer sessions in such ,,.=_- ; ncr . a ~t n r: tended summer sessions in such schools. Most of these veterans will receive two checks for subsistence allowance from the Veterans Administration. One check mine inspectors. The -inspectors were named under a revision of the state mining code by the last general assem- will cover subsistence allowance ,due up to the end of the summer- blv which increased the number - districts and in- session. The other check will cover subsistence due from the date of the fall opening of the school and should reach most of these n- o v . two checks to summer school students starting" the fall teim will spectors. Inspectors, and their districts were John Taylor, Eldorado, Dist. -I didn't take her up. She lived ion seventh, and I never went to ! seventh after the party began. 1 Other floors, but not seventh.' i Only her big hands, gripping her raw", red .elbows, betrayed her j nervousness. '·You're sure?" "Yes. sir." She whistled again, with elaborate indifference, and the room with a bored aid he was wasting his ,,,,.,, as well as hers. "I made ! three trips, that's all." she went on i carelessly. "Miss Small said I didr. t I have to make any. she said the · girls could run the car them selves, she said I was to enjoy my, self. But I made three trips anyway. 1 But not Ruth Miller." I/ Q n 0 0 P n n y - r rrl^\ »y3 «---Tv us*-^* 21 (Saline county): William Mitchell, Gillespie, Dist. 8 (Macoupin county); Ed Mallaburn, Johnston Citv, "Dist. 20 (Williamson county)" John D. Kinstler, West "Three, eh? How do you know of your passengers wasn't emu. ouuv..- _ -- ----- -- , , . _ cneu, uiuespie, uisu o vi»i«»-.'" ji " [ Rnth ? If thev all looked alike veterans during tie first: ten^dajs county); Ed Ma ii a burn, Johnston | £nud if she wa £ n t with April that in- November. The issuance ot r;tv ^.^ 20 ( W illiamson coun- time" She looked over his bead again. "Because I know where I went. I never went to seventh. The first trip was two girls for fourth. I remember it was fourth because they talked disguised and I had to ask the floor twice. And they \vanted me to wait for them ant I did. And the next trip was one take place even in most of the cases where accrued leave, requested and granted at the end of the summer session, carries the veteran in continuous subsistence allowance status to the date school opens in the fall. Delays beyond November will be the exception and usually found in those instances where students have transferred from schools and colleges in other Regional VA areas and failed to secure supplemental certificates of eligibility or to notify the VA office that now has their files of intention to make such a transfer, Boyd said. Charges Drunken Pilot at Controls In Fatal Crash NEW YORK, Sept. 17-- (U.P.)-- A district attorney charged today that a drunken pilot was at the controls of an American Airlines experimental DC-3 plane when it plunged into Bowery Bay off La Guardia Field August 8, killing three of the five men aboard. District Attorney Charles P Sullivan of -Long Island City im mediately started an investigation "to establish where the criminal negligence rests." He summoned to his office officials of American Airlines, officials of the Civil Aeronautics Board, and the dispatcher who was on duty at LaGuardia Field when the plane took off for its fatal flight. The two survivors, Chester Ball, 24, and James Till, 25, both of New York, who escaped as the plane sank, also were called in. Sullivan quoted an official autopsy report by Dr. Alexander O. Gettler, city toxicologist, as showing that the brain of the dead pilot, Capt. Walter A. Davidson, 34, of Wantagh, N. Y., contained "three-plus alcohol," which he said Gettler noted was "a large amount." Sullivan said Gettler's report showed that the brains of each of the other two men killed in the crash, Co-Pilot Walter R. Zundel, 28, and mechanic Howard Hickey, 35, both of New York, contained one-plus alcohol, which Gettler called "a small amount." . , Frankfort, Dist 16 (Franklin county): Arthur Plumlee, Cambria, Dist. 19 (Williamson county); and Sidney Smith, Sandoval, Dist. 7 (Christian county). The Daily Register, 20c a week, by carrier boy. A L E X I S S M I T H , talented young Warner Bros, star, says Royal Crown Cola sure makes a hit with her. She picked RC tops in her taste-test. Try j it! Say "R Cfor me!" That's the quick way to get a quick-up with a-frosty bottle of Royal Crown Cola--best by taste-test! Royal Crown Bottling Co. Locust Commercial We'll "Take It Away" May it never happen to your car--but if it should, have our phone number handy. 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Body repairs and" painting. Complete radiator repair, service. We do mechanical work of all kinds on cars and trucks. We have a new frame aligning machine that will straighten bent frames better than hand tools. MAIN BODY SHOP 711 S. Main St. Phone 37S NIGHT PHONES 5S1W2 and 203R ' LOOK Gives . Circulating Heat The "Twin-Temp" is the heater you have always wanted--the heater that gives off 2 KINDS of heat: This cabinet turns the radiant heat, given off at the back, into CIRCULATING hot air. Iron 9S°/ 0 Airtight Lincoln Home Bureau Unit Meets Monday Night The Lincoln Home Bureau meet ing was held at the home of Mrs. Fjreeman Bacon, in Wilmoth addition, Monday night, with eight members -present. The major lesson was given by the chairman, Mrs. James North. She also presented new program booklets for the coming year. "Window Treatment," was the minor les son which was given by Mrs. Leo Kmcaid. Miss Mary Meschor will give the major lesson for the October meet ing which will be held at the home of Mrs. Roy Craigs. Glass Blower The flrsfautorriatlc glass-blowing machine was Invented La 1903. Gives Radiant Heat The front port of the round heater unit is not enclosed and therefore emits RADIANT heat to warm cold hands and feet', and warm babies playing on the floor. HOLDS FiRE ALL TRQNT OWNERS IH THIS SELECTION EARLY WHILE ALL MODELS ARE AVAILABLE * , AS LONG AS A YEAR TO PAY ON EASY TERMS NEWSPAPER!

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