The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on May 4, 1923 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1923
Page 3
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DAILY CONSTITUTION, CHILLICOTHE, MO.FBIABY, MAY 4.1923^ anb d?rt0 patios "ONE QUALITY" GULBRANSEN PLAYER PIANOS "Xationally Priced' VICTOR VICTROLAS and RECORDS "Known lite World Over" BRUNSWICK PHONOGRAPHS and Record '·Plays all Recnrds'' II Ask anvbodv about the four above lines and before you |«buy a Piano or Phonograph come to our store and see and hear for yourself. "One Price to All" and "Best For Your Money'' WANTS i" KKG BEX " Y » . t t _ « A O . | "WHISKERED KISSING , Two cents a word for the first tn-| BUG" BY WITNESS I sertion und one cent a -word lor each additional insertion. Minimum charge Tor a local, twenty-fiYe cents. FOE BENT FOR RENT--Two bedrooms in Modern home. 303 Washington St 13-tf For Rent--Nicely turnished rooms. 414 Vine St., Phone 764. 23-t£ FOR RENT -- 3 room furnished apartment. Phone 14S8-J or 14S6-M 24-tl St Joseph. Mich., Way 4--"King" T Benjamin Israeli o£ the House oC Al 1 U.JL JillLJN A avid was pictured as a "whiskered issing bug" today in evidence given he one man grandjnry investigating mmoral conditions in the religious ult. A letter received from a former irl member of the colony by Attor- ley General Dougherty said Purnell fitted from the pulpit where he ex- FOR RENT--Three furnished rooms for light house keeping in modern home. Phone 1015 or call at 1122 W Webster. 25-t CORN LAND FOR RENT--60 acres tall plowed. With it house, barn and truck patches. Also have some ·ork to he done on farm. Land lo ated two miles from Sunmer. Se Broyles Land Co. 2-St r Reynolds Clyde Maxwell FORD ?17.00 CHEVROLET $ 22 - 00 BUICK 4 $ 22 - 00 BUICK 6 $ 27 00 CADILLAC S 56 00 Prices on other cars or Radio Batteries quoted on request. BUND HIUER Radio and Battery Service Station 707 Locust Street Phone 345 'OR RENT--A nicely furnished be' oom; also garage, 424 E. Jackso it. Phone 1561-W. 33t THEOFFKlEmLOT¥TBECrrY OF CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI AL GENERAL ELECTION TO BE HELD MONDAY, MAT 7,1923. Republican Ticket. Democratic Ticket. FOB SALE FOR SALE--Invalid chair. Vine. 902 N. 26-tf FOR SALE--Small Victrola, mahogany davenport and devan.1020 Elm street. 3 °' t£ FOR SALE--Refrigerator; new. Phone 1052. hortod women members of the cult to ead contenent lives, to make side- loor appointments with the youngest i-irgins. The girl's name is with- sld. "I stayed at the Shiloh home ot King Benjamin one night," the letter said "The room was crowded and I slept with two other girls--three in a bed We were all' between 13 and 14 "When the lights went out, the door opened softly and someone stole into our room. Benjamin came near our bed. I pushed hirn away, bu' was so frightened I do not remembe what he said. I did not sleep tha night "The next morning one of the mat rons came to me and said Benjamr was different Irom the other me and what he did was all right, made up my mind that it what he di was right, I would rather go to hel and if it was wrong I wouldn't do i "Later I saw him kiss many gir nd women Mayor-A. R. COBTJRN FRANK M BENCH ouncilman First Ward-MILTON J. RICE Councilman Second Ward-CHARLES CHASE ouncilman Third Ward-HARE'S W. DRUEN louncilman Fourth Ward-S. C. TURNER lity Clerk-STELLA SELBY 'olice Judge-JAMES E WINN City Attorney-DON CHAPMAN ;ity Constable-HARRY WELLS City Auditor-JEWELL MILLEK City Treasurer-MRS. OLIVE DAVIS Mayor-- '' JOSEPH D STEWART Councilman-at-Large-WILLIAM A. RENSCH Councilman First Ward-WM. N. NOTHNAGLB Councilman Second Ward-ALLEN J. MCDOWELL Councilman Third Ward-LLOYD SINNARD Councilman Fourth Ward-CLAUDE B. BRADFORD City Clerk-LAURA CRAVENS Police Judge-Z. B. BITERS City Attorney-L. A. MARTIN City Constable--· MAURICE DORNKY City Auditor-ELMER G. JOHNSON City Treasurer-L. R. MERRICK City Assessor-M. R. DATJGHERTY FOR SALE--2 Pitcher Pumps. Nearly new. Phone 99. 3 - 3t ecanse I would not join the 'nner ourt.' "Finally one day Benjamin FOR SALE--Two good sowing machines with all attachments. Phone 1530-R. 5 " 3 me in the office rooms. He invited me FOR SALE--On account of wolve: will sell 60 head of ewes, 3 bucks 31 lambs. Ben Young. Route 3 Springhill Central. a30.6t MORSE SOYBEANS FOR SALE Germination 97 1-2. Stored i town. Call C. P. Adams, Chula, Farm Bureau office. a!6-lm City Assesso A. D. STURQIS -· ..... - . I John M. Gallatin, clerk of the county court of Livingston count, Missouri ,4o hereby certify that the foregoing are the TM°TM by the respective political parties above named tor city office 01 Chillicothe, Livingston County, Missouri, to * »»***« eral election of said city to be held on the seventh day of ^ay , nomination has been filed in my office in accordance with requiremen women. | the laws o£ tae state of Missouri. affixed ·At times I was horribly treated , TBST IMONY WHEREOF, I have hereto set my hand *TM* - ' ~ ' -' the seal o£ the County Court of Livingston County, Missoun, at my M* i the City of Chillicothe, in said county and state aroresaid, this the day Of April, 1923, J M GALLATIN, Clerk ot the County Court ot Livingston County, State of Missouri. met THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY BUILDING LOT FOR SALE--Corner lot, paved on both sides, sewer connections already in, 4 blocks irom square, lot 60x135. A bargain for anyone wanting one of the finest locations and building lots obtainable in Chillicothe. It Interested see I. w. Watkins at- the Constitution office 9-tf nto a private office, where there was a small folding cot. He first started to scold me and then caress me. "I fought and it seemed some supernatural' power was with me and I left unharmed. My hair was down irabbed my hairpins and rushed for the door. It was locked. He unlocked it and asked me to fix my hair before I went out. Without answering, I flew out the door. One of the matrons had been m the room all ot the time looking out the window" The writer then told of how she ingston County, Missouri, to be filled at ation, have uts of the laws ot There is no "Just As Good" Don't accept substitutes--don't } buy baking powder that is supposed to be just as good as Calumet--don't think that a big can at a low price means a real saving. Use CALUMET the Economy BAfff/VG POWDER «fl^. Avoid disappointments. Millions of housewives are using Calumet because ot its dependability. They know that the bakings will always turn out just right. Res* cakes, biscuits, muffins, will always be perfectly raised, light and wholesome if you use Calumet, the real economical leavener. BEST BT TEW Calumet sales are 2% time* as much as that of any other brand-- always call for it. WHEREOF, I have hereuu. Aforesaid, this the COOK| city Clerk. / / \ In the olden days no 10 Pkg. Rinso SOc 10 bars P G soap SOc 6 ho^es Ivory Flakes SOc 10 bars White Wool soap 50c 16 Ibs. Rice 50c 10 cans Lima Beans 50c 10 cans Certified Pork and Beans 50c 2 Ibs. our Best Black Pepper Qc 2 qt cans Sliced Pineapple 50c 2 cans Baking Powder 50c Wo pay 2c aiove market price for eggs in trade. perfect Baking. But (Aw flour 15 a modern aehieve- ntl Sogood that we give iit.. ·-·=·_, , Averv \v^ini^u FLOUR N. B. Scruby Grocery WE DELIVER PHONE 536 VANTED--Laundry tc 771 Mrs. Clarence Walnut street. Wood, 1202 30-6t WANTED--Middle aged care for elderly lady, or 1450-J. woman to phone 769 5-2t LOST--Cameo breast pin. Finder please notify Mrs. Sarah Follett 921 Clay street. LOST-Ladies black hat Tuesday evening. Finder leave at this, office. 2-3t iTW. HELTON; M.D, PHYSICIAN AN» SURGEON Calls answered promptly day or nlzht In City or Country. Office over Sauer's Book Store West Side Square. Phone office SSS ntght or day.- had been called to Shiloh and given a slip ot paper. "I was told to write the name of the man I wanted to marry on it I refused to wntc the name of any man, but the other girls did and were married." NOTICE OF ELECTION Notice is hereby given by the City Council of the City ol Chillicothe, Missouri, that the biennial general city election will be held on Monday, the Tth day ot May, 1923, tor the purpose of electing a mayor, a councilman-at-large, a councilman from each ward, a constable, an attorney, a police judge, a city clerk, a treasurer, an auditor and an assessor, each of whom shall' hold their respective offices for two (2) years, and until their successors shall be elected and qualified. The said election ivlll be held in the City at the following named plac- | es- First Election District, Council Chamber, City Hall Building, at the I Southeast corner ot Washington and Calhoun streets; Second Election District, Phillips Garage, at the Northwest corner ot Jackson and Elm streets; Third Election District at 1 James E. Markey Tin Shop, at the Southwest corner ol Jackson and r^SLa' For Real Service Buy '-rae^csC SAMPLE PHONOGRAPHS At Less Than One-Half Price WHILE THEY LAST DR. C. R. INNISON DEPOT* STATE VETERINABIAU. (Successor to Dr. S. Black) Calls answered promptly Office Phone 841. Residence 337. IjILJAsTBENNETT VKTEBINABY SUBGEOS AND DENTIST Be.. Phone 1558B Ottlw Phon* 88 Moving and Hauling Velie 2-ton Truck, pneumatic tires Plenty ot furniture pads. Geo. B. Hill, Phone 1571-M. Elm streets; Fourth Election District at Eads Tin Shop at Number 505 Washington street. The polls shall open at six (6) o'clock in the morning and continue o,en until seven (7) o'clock in the evening, unless the sun set after seven (7) o'clock, when the polls shal 1 be kept open until sunset. FRANK W. ASHBY, Mayor ATTEST: Olive Cook, City Clerk. Dated April 16, 1928. A-17td S O R G H U M I am prepared to make sorghum. Bring your cain 1 mile south and 1 1-2 mile west of Springhill to GEORGE W. AVELLS Also, Cream Separator for sale Wwii We teach electric and acetylene welding. Write ns tor particulars. QOTCK SERVICE WELDING CO. AND SCHOOL 446 State Ave.. Kansas City, Kansas F H. EMMONS ETB, EAR, NOSE AXD THBOA 1 AND PETTING OF GLASSES SO VUP13VS.T13S THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME Room 6-7-8 Wallbnmn BWg. Phones--Office, 607; Residence 864 Fruit Trees and Berry Plants. We have a complete stock at Srui · c es terry plants and ornamenta .rubbery at Howard Warner's Frui arm. Warner's Nursery. Call 748.W More and better corn ready to go. The Black Hawk, I. H. C. No. 8, Hays 4 wheel TM T H C No 8 Planter is a Ratchet Drive Planter, entirely free f e rom gears, is' very simple and a positive drop. If you see this planter you will like it. The service. REWARD. A reward of $25.00 is offered by he County Court for information eading to the arrest and conviction f party removing bridge lumber rom near Utica River bridge. J M. Gallatin, County Clerk- BEST SEKVICE g We have Seed Corn. G. L CO. PHONE 19 and 350 Gasoline Sendee is expressed m terms of mileage. When you buy 10 gallons of gasoline, m reality you are buying 150 miles of service, if you get 15 miles to the gallon. Gasoline becomes a propelling force only when -you cause it to vaporize and mix it with air. The service which you receive is in exact ratio to the manner-m which the gasoline vaporizes. 'OH SALE at a price that's right, al Ikinds ot fruit trees, strawber- les grapes and raspberriea and oth- small fruit plants, ornimental hrubery Write tor price list. MFSw Warner's Nursery. Upholstering. Feathers Cleaned and uphoister- ug. Phone 891. Tom Farrell, 901 30-6 jOCUSt. Phone your personal news to 105 S. O. S. in the army means Service of Supply. We are prepared to prove to you that we have established an S. 0. S. of our own for your benefit. No matter what you want to build, or what im' provements you want to make about your house or tarn, we are prepared to supply the materials and give you the service. Try us and be convinced that we deliver the service. Turner Lumber Invs. Co. S. A. Stone's Music Store | ol" AYaslnugton St., Chillicothe, ilo. j] .* - Talking Machines Kcpairca and, Seasonable *' man v Chillicothe CHMJTAUQUA Aug. 14 to 20,1923 MONUMENTS -OFFICE OPPOSITE CITY HALL- FBIDAY AND SATUBDAY OF EACH WEEK Uve WWasUnstonSt. Phone 647 iwn «· KJ^b mfr ^V* g"~ ·»!·· i "--' ' theLasfProp that's why there £ no waste. Red Crown has a Perfect Cham of Boiling Point Fractions, ad , Busted so as to vaporize at just the correct temperature to produce instant starting filter or Summer-a quick pickup -smooth acceleration-tremendous sustained pulling power - racing speed if you want it and a -maximum of mileage. All of which is summed up in two words ''Real Service, BUY RED CROWN At the folding Standard Oil Service Station: Webster and Elm St. And the following Filling Stations and Garages: Pigg Tucker __'Wright Ridel-son G. C. PMUips - S^^SJI*^**- J F. Morgan, Samps* Mo. Standard Oil Company, Chillicothe, Missouri (Indiana) NEWSPAPER iNEWSPAFERr

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