Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on December 9, 1910 · Page 12
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 12

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1910
Page 12
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·JS-" X; : :'_- THENTON EVENING TiMjfiB, FRmAY, DEUEiyrRTCR 9, 1910. "Where Your Dollar Does Its Duty" TAKE TIME BY HIE FORELOCK And select your Christmas purchases now. Twon't be long before you will be in a rush and won't have the- time and thought to put into your purchase. The advantages of an early selection are obvious: You get the pick of our unusually large assortment of Gift Things for Men: you avoid the crowds and confusion; and you can even make a small deposit on anything you wish here and have it put aside for you until ready. And such a big array as we have! Everything to delight the heart of Man or Boy -- things he needs, wears and appreciates. If you want to make your giff "ring true." then select from this list from the REAL MEN'S STORE. Sensible Gifts Suitable for Father, Brother, Husband, Son or "Him I MANY CLAIMS FOR US. TO MAKE GOOD WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 --An omnibus '··Hlras bill carrying a vast aggregation nf demands upon the government 'tir m n n o y w i l l be called up !n t!;e Sen*'* M o n d a y for action according TO H · H T c i n e n t niadp b y ("halrnian B u r h a r n K ' - ; . N. H ). nf the Committee r-a Y h i r » ar- 1 709 claims in the bill and !!· t"tn! a m o u n t asked for Is J2.040.94*;. T'"p i - : j i i i ! ' 3 i i t s rrpr«?s.'nt 38 states and !"rri'i,ri"s. a geographical spread re- i.-.-:rd~i it, S^'.titorial circles ae !!nb!a '.- M ' j ^ i ^ r a h'--a.x y vote. Th. ?e . : M ! M ; S have ripened In fn- -'··-.--$;·-MA! p;_-,-on NIMC; for rriany year^. ^ ' · r r K of I . . M I f - r peni-ratlrtns. A !aj-)g»» ·::ritii-r ar" f o r losses suffer*-*.! b \ ^ ' · · r ' T".. rs d u r i n u t h e C!v!; War but ·.···T" IT- numir,'!s also tharTate ba-X M I . ' -- t'.ar. .-« century. A i i T - n y ' h » southern c l a i m a n t s a r e -''. - : ' i r - - . ' . ' · T ' ' p y .HJV m o s t l v . far in Bucks c °- Pa - MORRISVILLE. " ;jifii'-r!;il5 f»r t h f t t se of the I'nion A r m y ; The M!BS«» Maud acd Mary F»bian at- I tended a select dancw at the Philadelphia ' ' oliege of Pharmacy, at I'hlladelphia, j iasi evening. i ', Robert a. sen ha« returned to work : after his recent Illness. S«muel C. Vog»n hu bjcn confined to h:* home with Ulneee for the pa*t few j a t. The Misses A n n a «nd Oathexlu* Mc- Cj-jf-ry and Thomai MeQuery of Burllng- i i-ia. and Miss Madeline Stapler of Tr«n- . tnn have been the guest* of the Mlsaea ' Rose aad Sara Swankier Mtss En;ma E^gerabouser »"d Miss . fU-se M. Swaogler are visiting friends tn : Burlington. Kdward !Yle and f a m i l y h»re moved to "ru^kf-Fton. M'.'s Jrr.nie Orawford of Philadelphia 1» .«i^T:-!:ng a f e w days here with relatives. Mrs. Henry Young. Miss Alice N. Y ani;. M I . and Mrs. William Young, Mr a:i,l Mr«. John Young and Mr. and iJ-s. Aaron Younjc attended the seven- · ··· . b r r h - l a y anniversary of the forr: ~ r s h r o i f t e r . Aaron Bastedo of South f ' . - . T i t o t J A v e n u e , Tr^ntori. Wednesday · -.-:·,. n -.i Mr and Mrs l-ambert Smith of Morrts i.^j*r.i *T:;'';-r;i!:ied a f^w friends at their M:ne Wednesday evening. 51uslc and sanies were enJ-yeJ and refreshments were wrved. Tho»« pritent were: The Mime* Heter «nd Cecelia Q*rrn^n, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gar-man, J r . Mr. and Mn» Charlea Gam-in and (Jeur»« Gas- 8amuel Rtusyeon «"d Timothy have bauo Tlaltnif in New York- Frank Connolly he« taken a position at the West MorrUrllle railroad yards. John Nealy baa returned from * rteit to New York- TAYLORSVILLE. Mr. and Mn. John Tardier of Doyle*town Bpent the week-end a« the (UemtB of Bernard T. Brock and Mlsa Gertrude R. Brock, 8e*lcea in the ohnrch Btn*%y «/t-i- noon. « SJO will be conducted by m speaker from Pytnlnftoc Seminary. Mia* Q*rU-ude Richard* Brook ··- returned home from New York City, whore she was entertained ac the guest of Mr*. Waater Bayley Locket? of Riverside Drive. Mrs. Samuel F. Gwlnner and W(*«i Plot* B. Slgafooe have cone to Newtown, where they will spend the winter with Mrs. Edward T. Tre*o. A. parlor meeting of the vfjikefleM Women a Christian Temperance Union will be held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs- Jamee L- Cadwallader Saturday evening. Mrs. Edward Smith has returned" home from Atlantic City, where she* has .hi entertained as the guest of Mr. and Mm iloore. Wlllard BudcmaTi spent Tuesday In Trenton. CONTINUE SMITH CASE Bpeci-l to the M t. MORBlBV'i-iJO, Dec. ».---The Ttow- era appointed by Judye wr-hlon H. Stout of the BUc*» County Court to bear the ·»-.= of E. H. Smith m«"'n«t the borouirh of MorrlarlUs for J«m- a«ea will alt today la tin Council Ch*mber. They will t»fc« t "Tnony and will render a decUdon which la not ne^-vmflly btftirj*, M either aide can take the ca»» to court, Mr. Smith holds th-t h« 1* entitled to flvmtgM tv-owe of the elevation of tb»t portion of BrkUps SU^ot In front of Ms earriac» -"d Wv A --'th shop. LUMBERVIU F- Mr». Georgre W. Fi-tti spent Thnr»- flay In Frencht^wu. Edward Johnson -- returc WT-to hi* home in the village after an extended visit la Rosemont. Miss R. Ruth Bergcr spent Monday in Lambertville. Webeter Fox spent Mtfinlay in Philadelphia. MRS. HALDERMAN BURIED. to the Time*. MORKISV1TJ.K, D«c. 9.--The !f"' -'al of Mr*. Sarah B. Haider...«n was held yesterday afternoon fruui her late on Ok. ' E u . A 3kivi'x ·were conducted at th« hvr~; by the Rev. Charles H. Elder, I -»or o* IMu- Ity M. E. Church, TreDtoTi The b-= » were: B. C. H;a^l«r, Alex. MaNai). O*-"- Beck. MUee Lynn, Jama* B. Howell and Oeorg* Wharton. Interment was m«de tn Mbitiwllle CemeU,.^, under the direction of Morrl*. LOVE FOR BABY HIS UNDOING. Bank Teller Retu.,.» to Stt Child and Confesse* to 944,000 Theft N K W YORK. Dec. 9.--It wa» a kmging to hold in his arm* hi* baby be never had seen that brought Walter A- H»H. a defaulting bank teller. b--l( to New York and prison. He surrendered bh«»elf. confessed a theft of HMOO ftoiu the HersM Souare- branch of the Greenwich Banl% and was remanded for *entenoe by Judge Hall, who !» 34 yeare old. fled-from New York last July and wandered about Canada, he said, betting on horse racoa. When ne heard that the baby had arrived hm longing to see the ohHd made hl» exile mSery He «nt JSOO to hi. wife, which she turned over to the b»nX- .I^ter. he said, he sent J1.0W to her. but she told the police that she never received th« money. When he could resist no longer the impulse to return to see hie baby, he Ca ^. e i, l 1 0 rrend N eredll 05 %. which he .aid was all he had left of the money he had taken. Si! Ar-ri Band*. A t h l e t i c Suits. Bath Robes- Beitt. 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You will be Better Satisfied in the Fnd _ to authorize the- ts^u -iwmds TO provide far' t h « - psym-nt the 1 P'"~kton Stree-t, there to connect with s».\vr-r No. .S3. Paid sewer shall be con*-. rimed wn"fi house connections from said u-.-r to th» curb line, on each side of 1. That the Trefi.Furef' -of The _ issue- bon-3? -in the corporate i of th» citv "tt thp £t£"£rreiT2rt* amount '= sixty-she ihcHjsund f ^ a r ·hundred- and *T -dollars ($So,C».i'. .payable in ten '.from the date thereof, with Interest .rate of four ' atid nrf-hair per. aevabie seTni-axmually. . 2 r That said hernia shall be f^ealea with 'the city seal. s:?riys by the S \3Iayor,- Comptroller an--l Treasurer, ann tf-'Httestefl by tbp ritv- Clerk. · SaiS b^nds s-.-Smay be reg-istert-rt- nr coupon bond?, anil P i; «haH be mimiie.reij. ant5 a re^istpr of p-.icn jberk the date of such bojjfjs and the , : · .of .irs'ttinff. a-nd tne time-'·? paymfrtt rVnl the same, snail be rna-io by or under "·--"- -- ' · ot the City Trsajmrer in a ^ear. on s-aid bo^lvs. 'atiu n.r. ucSi "transfer 'shall'.'be rrcede j erest coupons attached, t n e 3 ' hTch to- the Ot\ T-easare ent oacher to b ra f" i mie-est thereon entry of on .*ucn · i-vc. a 1 -'.·f Trt-r-ton'by ordinance parsed. Aprtl 15, 1 and the several ordinances RUpple- m^ntal .thereto and amendatory thereof. S--^i.)^n 3. That.TO provide Jrr the py- rrti-n: ^-f the cost aisd.* expense o? c?Tn- structlng said sawer. improvemPnt cer^ tiii-.'ates '.and bonds shall be Issued as provided by an ordinance entitled "An ordinance to provide means 'for the pay- m«-nt of the. cost and expense of obn- siriictinif sewers and drains in this city." pa'ssed March V). 1SSS. Pass?d -Decenrber 6, 1810. ' . . Attest: HARRY B. 8ALTER, ' City Clerk. pnroveij Dc-cember 7. 1?10. ' - WALTER MADDEN, 12-9-24 Mayor. An ordinance to, authorize the construe- r.nri of eewer N«. -36T, In Chestnut Ave- iiue, awl to provide for the payment of the- cost t h o - c o f . of the Cit '{ Trenton hat .there shall "b« oon- the city of Trenton, 'under |?ea at anv t me o e T- · thfr owne- o- owners tb»~»w "^ " "ten request- D ha^« ttc/_ romamins PT-Q. -H- thereof fo'- IIP- pa-v TifTft of the coat anp otpd M rcb 8 l^^SI and the ·I'-ita.l thereto and _ sewer l-To. 417. Said . nic ed with house cormec curb Hne on a^n side o.f said 'streets, as shown on. a np' n"opari?!3 "by^'Gemmon. Council; of Jhe of Trenton and now on file in the K Cltv TWlsuro'- and h* fa h -II 0f thp a v t '··rebv pie'-?3 f n r j Jjaemp^on of ^i^i bonds ^ d b. rj« ri £ef a^l ^fnol S*/" V,!^, Vjo^ T^t «?fl sewer shaU T» «» /iser a"d ^oi! not ne ; jr 4-t, ^ ^ ^ jn areo fen ^ wlfli a _ an for a *taeir par_\ aia^ isn-n^s rtail b« ?«"»ral s s en ef =ewe-age and dralnag» sor 4. TJ"i a d ^o_i « ^lai^^ |^ M , t M C^mmr-i Comcil far the ci v ^f rTnton b^ ord. nance passed April 1 "s5 ard hf sex f ral ordinances «app3e- -"le^ia th*"^ o atid amendatory thereof ·· "i on ' That to pro-ride for the pay IT p ' the "ost and expense of con i--ing: «nid" sewer, . improvianenl- c*r- -S T P-S 3B-1 bonds shall ' be" issued as, . .-,, .- _ r b\ art ordinaTice enHtled AT i -,, ^ -TT s o p"tn ae m^ans fo' the pay i^^ 1 -n tTi° ro=t ai.d expense of con iT ^-l c: :inK Jreis^crT's-" and; drains in this city, hi-^" ^ o TM - - T 3 p =s« *o*i'*' = ·s^ail 1 -n one. «er «·£ fi- if ^ 1 j-i -r" ror _--io iraf THP =am ·» w- i*;" ; ree-hutiQ-*a *M! r ne E*-T T » f^ " pa-cei nf sa d ·t'not.-' ·=·, - -· Ir i section } i"s to p ovid=- r r " ^.^ ^ - of the «5pe-is of pa-! ter ""^ a»^ "· "f TPsS Street tn B' -s» S ' -» t » o seven thou^^an" 3 i*i3 n r- % " "** eet -torih in s*~t on e pa-nr-at of t^ . " Street the feum of hundred- and -ie\e-i to prov^Ie f Mwch "0 1»SS fa December 6. 1910 tH« Fal a-ven -i-e* i , i"dr«» anl ' 1*- -t pa- .ride for pa^nft 1 rteir Tyler St^et "te section 1 -·fS tfie -si Attorn t-mon Str«t to "*CTii of seies thovsir*-^ r '-·thirty wo doVar": (S -K£ "' _ - * - - · ^ n epct-on "* !S to -j o? ftp -icpeT"" o' -wv f-nn Hudson B re" o tie- -*nm o* foar tb-On- |«aaa ff-e hitsS'ed a-4 nne 3o -y~ ' 9.0BJ -parcel ol £3 i» Anm^T ««t fora n 1* is to p-^o^iiJc- *"or tn p^ x31ry * PSP^ISB of ra -ng TrlFr ? e'^ J Ch* Mr tnu \ve n ae "trr MoTjtn ^i Bfeet. the · n o' *i »*· hni ^ar 1 i -fe " and -» s~it» nr*«' dsia 3 K ,-r^-l p»_s2 d pm^UJlt "«»t 'W H 'f December ~ 1910 City Cleric. f^OTlCE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the Armory Commission. State , flouae, Trenton,- N. J., u n t i l two o'clock i in the afternoon on Thurs-Iay, the twp.n- I ty-nlnth day of December, 19jo, ftnd open! p,1' immet}iafel5' . thereafter, for ,ari*- the I labor and material necessary for the complete erV-ctton of an armory ai .EiteaS"*.h. N. J.. In' accirdance with-the plaTt£T"raw- ings and speciflcatlons prepared hy the Commlssiorrer' of -· Charities and Corrections. Copies of the Same will be on-, ale in the room of the Commissioner of Chft** it!»s a'^id Cori-eetions at the State Capitol. ' Each bidder must accompany his ' proposal wkh a certified check for .ten per centum of, the amount of his proposal, payable to his order, properly endorsed, as .a guarantee- that he will enter into. a contract for the w.ork.lf his proposal be accepted. Within ten days -a^.ter the award, o'r sucH time as may be granted by the Armory Bo'ard. the successful b!1- d»r will-he requlred'to enter Int-o a contract for the performance of the work, with a bond of an approved secnrlts" company for double -the amount- of the coa- tracL 'The rleht-ls reserve* to reject any or all bids, and to waive .any defects .or Informality that may occur in any bids, should it be deemed to the Interest of the state .to do so, . Proposals must be enclosed m envelopes, seated, and marked · "Proposal for Armory, Elizabeth. N J.." and addressed tn the Armory. Commission, State House, ren ° n - i THE NEW-JERSEY'STATE ' ARMORY COMMISSION. By 0EXNIS F. COLLINS, 12-9-Sfri Brigadier General. rflTT OF TRENTON. An. ordinance to anthorfze"-^he pavjrig- of Soffman Street, from- the Ehlladelphla and Reading Railroad to St«r\-esaiit Avenue, with -Fllbertlne, on a concrete base. The Inhabitants of the City.of Trenton do ordam 'Section 1. . .That Hoffman Street, -from the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad to Sluyvesant · Avebue, be paved w.Ith,Fil- "bertine. on a concrete base Section 2 That the whole of said wo-lf shall he done under the supervls on of the Street Commit ee of Common Coun cil and the Street Commissioner Section 3 That the expense o' s tch pavement =halt be assessed upon the lo -5 s-itd parc^Js of land fronting or bordcrtn,? upon sad portion of Hoftnjan Street which ar» benefited thereb% pro\mcd hove^er that no lot or parcel of land shaH be assessed to a greater annunt than is equal fi the actual benefits whie*i shall saia--lot of parcel oc laiid' froni ^aid improvement,". and the" excess of said-_exRense''o^-er.'.'and ; ab'ove.^tn$. aggregate-anipunt -of assessabie. benefits, if anj. Fhall be borne bj the'c' y at iaree- 'and paid jn- the mAntier .provided, -by.-la-w. Passed Dscembe 1 - 6 flo Attest H4RRY B SAT.TER City Clerk Approved December 7 1910 WALTER MADDEN *1fcS-*f - I l l -- I - Lies in the Giving and Receiving of Gifts by Both Old and Young, but With US We Have eui Added Pleasure-- that of Supplying You With an Elaborate Choice of the New, Beautiful and Useful Things that Will be Most Appreciated by the Loved Ones Remembered. %v AND or ui ^ -FOR CONSTRUC'i'iON OF ER N« f. IN 33VERITT jp« «"JJ j'n*-*-t v -I-*- '* · ····- *·--·"· . " ' - ' T-- n Siflon 1 i- to p'o-J^,for J»f_wg^^t T^n l*he- Qie expense o* pav-'pff TO Hcasoh-Street to » ; P * '1 «t«,^ e^ on S^° Pursuant to a rresc/lution: adopted De^T-K^J- R -j^n fr-^im^n Counc 1 *-R ill re = i hfl mp-t a^ o be held on T - frt. f *·-~ D? p-riVr 20 l- 0 ar S c * f oea'«"i foT^^a-s *o- tJie con= rue f o i of a ;"\ r J n F eritt Alley f nro rt a'ho/TU "2f t f -west** ly from ^ ock S eei tas er r o S aqkvon Street, o cor*ne*~ -a 1 h sewer N"o S3, said o be cnn*? ~i f ^d wi h house eftti aaitd o* «ajd amount »et . v , ,,- -n l^i« »o puvide for tile payment tt* «3roe-«=e -of pavlnR M?nmomh i A from- MJam frn Averw o J 3 *^ 11 , Avenuw tfce «im of *oiJ«- fH5oiaa! ' «W-one d"B*-* «4 ^ y) M-'- a' Bonne -ft ttr-Os in wrtion J *· l« for the pavusent -of *c» fxp"ise ·WuT-Tty St-»»* frr-n W^ to West En3 Av«^i e- i^e th on^ant* ^JIP 'HoTK^'-pJl * nK pa «ald ' t« pr vlde e of pa dltcn Aveiae to Erco-y At* That th* p-oeeeaa of be applied by tbe C?-v T o- !!t "«=*s ar-i _ office of Hall on and p r ^poj,ai- r*us be made on a blacfr fo- 1 *^ "w* CT w ill *e f*irn shed by Sie Fn ir'Ti*-vr ard Tnusi b**--.a"ccoinpanled--'by ..a ^OTt'-T^d c-»cic to' he amount cT J500W5, o--I or) 1 t'-a^ t* t-» pr-pn«al b" ac f 5 K = po -on - P«"-«IT* makinfr H j"w PX'-C^ p f h e cn^'- ^ rp^ulrpd. to b* i*jc ''^ ^d and ft -n -^ he h~nd- requ n'd *o **" um «? I**** wl ^ -^ tl *· -day^ after the a ^rop inc^ of "ie « o"o«al _ ~ e p-o;jto^al 7*1 «= :rot. b« ^1*^ te'th anv o-*?.- t b T rr r "he (^A^ve 7 -**! bx tb h!s 2R«nt to_the-. City. Clerk, "at In Smart and Classy Styles " · . " · ' » Reduced TBE January Selling Point, $30 Rombp Broadcloth COATS E velvet -collar $19.98 l£-9-2£ Mayor OF TRKNTOV sa«l of.' fp reject any.or :a".T_ti Da'e't D^ceTube*" 9 . E WALTER. City Clerk. ^.^mt of.«*_*?·*_'?! ^^^X^' be the navine .nf - PROPOSALS- TOR THE rCNSTRUC- OF A Sfc,v\FH, "Co ·ir' IN | CHBSTNPT "AVESUE.. j ta a Tpsolut,on adDpted TP \ centber 6^ 1910. ComnrTM .Council, trtll. receive at -their m etng tf be Tie a on j Tuesdas evenirg Definher 3^ 1"! at "H o"cjock sealed proposals ftr he n- rut- Don o f a «ewer n Chestnut Avenue fr"m , .7 point about 1TO fe«t .northcrlj-from Elm J 3tr.eet, ^southerly to.-.- the--^ortherry .ter-minus of fevef-.TivLf 4K, -,fhcr« to; connect with sewer X6. 417. iBaldsflwertci-b-^con: structed with, house connections-Irnm-sUff · sewer to the «i-b lines flR each °-de o' said itreet i Pltns and specSScatjoc"! w th a 3r-ft if i the cor trad and ^f the bon3s reqpi -ed ta i he giien may be seen at the office of [ the Engineer at the City Hall on and after December j6 1S1V i Hoch proposal must be mftSe- m a blank. forra, which will be furnished by ihte En ginner and must hfr accompaiied *y certified check to the amor o' S5*)W '-^·Hijtloned that if the pripo=al be ic cnptcd the pe ion or pT«on rr kiTE i vull execute th contract reruir(,1 j be exeeuta and furnish the band r-!!jfr-d to be furnlsbisd within fhedays af^^r the af p;ra*3re *t t*w proposal 1 The propn=ai tn««t n"t b ^Jpd -vjth an ifir "fjjcia',,' but most be/ i 'd x cr s s asent ** the " Hafrf'. Common Coancll - reserve's the right' to reject ^a^fr or all proposals | Citv Clerk, i Dated December 9. S10. 13i-lflt OF TRENTOV i An ordinance :lo. authorize :the ua or *--·· *ofl ** thit enift *rnm -,--.. the 7 *tt hittrtrt and one tenth of; -'- "· - «aja remafnder shall ** j _,, b«naB be fal!y paid: .an"* j principal moneys raised *«.; ^1 b* annually paid. » t h e « CotBuiieelw, to b» app'led . - -- '-- -' saia F -- - I t . ment at the- cost thereof. j The, ,Jn?!a*Kan*s «f fbe City of Trenton j The Inhabitants of : the Cltr at Trenton| Mayor. OF TRfcHlOK, t of jt 4 er No, ---^ -« "12'" i to provide for *»* p»ynient 1 thereat · . th* rfty * w SVf be con- under for . of the cost ·nd the A*i and V ttt : 'Seetjin-1. -That "vii! Ers-1 Avent:", from"! W«an.-S:«te.* ! Str»«t t-s Murray Street, .be i pavp.1 w:t?i' '·.ic-ht-in-:!-; · maca-iam .pave-i rrtcnf a"n4 e;rh;«^" coacr"te j ; ir^^t:-'n:i. .Ti;st *.^e; wh'~.!* ^f s^jd tvorfe · Fj^Ti.b^ ^''n"-' ontj^r '.h*-. a-jp^rvislon. of'( tfe- .S:rt.--t J7onMK:t5"f of Common Council ' r and inf.- .S'tf-«:'t ? iTfijTiI?siorier. - - t Section J. Tsa; th* '-sfpehse of '-such! pavement »r*fi, gijttT shaSl be BSF*ssed iif.-^n the Jo?^ nnd "parcels of lan*l front- iri^ or bord'S'ittp upnn ip«\id street which art- -rf-tif-Stf-ni .tj-jPr^uy ; .provide'1, bow^Xfasr Qra? fin-lot-"or par«-i- r-.'f land shalKfie^as- s^.-i .^-.^. JQ a-?r*patpr siunurit .than is equal] to vrc^aciiiii; benpfit? whrch -?! be- r*r i t-ptv-d h.v f-nid -!r,i or PRTC! nf laWtl from yai'i ;n3prwprr..-nl. nn4 thfl -xcess.of - «iil exr,»?iF- over and abive ihft, ajisi effatft j-r,',l br. hornft b y - t h e c.i:y at rarVe and j pAid irt rh'- ntAnnf-r prf»\'idpd by-'law. J · fv-w'jon 4. T' an ord:n«nVe ontitle^l "An firlsr.fni-« io aiiihnrize the. pavlnjr of- W«t Knti Avcmifi, from \\"pst Stat« Stri-et to., Murray St.-p«. with a mac- a'l.tni p;*x v tjtn»-nt with an asphalt p'n'cr." approval fftfili«r 5, I5T, be and th" s*^; f'a»sp.,l Dc'tvmhPr fi, 151ft Attest: HARRY B. SALTER, , _. City Clerk. il JD«B- »«· 7, " Mayor. Swtion 1. That there shal! be -jn-1 s-truct»a in the Citv of Trenton." ahdur | and pursuant to the provisions of an j act of the Le*rl.i1atar« of the State o f ; New Jersey, entifi«d "AM act to author-;. izc cities to. construct sewers a n d t drains end to provide for thp-payment r of .the co« thereof," approved-· March J S ISSf, and the several acts supple-f mental thereto and amendatory there- ! of. a -drain-in Market Street, from Con-'J- Oyer's Aller*to the Acsanplnk Creek- i Section 2. Said drain shall be con-! rtracteiJ in at-.cordancp-with a plan for t a (tengral syste raol" sewerage and: drainage adopted by Common Coun-! ell for the City-fit Trenton by ordi-! nance passed April- 15, 1885, and the I several ordinance* supplemental there- i to and amendatory thereof. i Section 2. That to provide for the j payment of the cost and expense o f ' constructing, said drain. Improvement certificates and bonds shall be issned t ai provided by an ordinance entitled I "An ordinance to provide means. for I the payment of the cost and expense of j constructing sewers and drains in y city." passed March 20, 1S88. Passed December 6. 1910. Attest: HARRY B. SALTER, Citjf Clerk, In black, and. sir-icily man tailored.; semi-fitting, .-lined with guaranteed satin,- finished with silk braid .and sflfc velvet-collar and turnback cuffs. Very fasfaiouaole For My : $l2;50-Black Diagonal Cheviot Coats with standing silk vehet collars edged with novelty silk b*-aid large metal buttons half lined and extra heavy coats for cold weather At Only $15 ATI Wool Polo Coats with heavy plaid collars and cuffs all the latest light and dark shades, some have large shawl, others norehed collars Extra heavv and very fashionable fljfl Q coats, for only. , ydiU $18 SUITS tfio no Sold at . . .^l^.tfO Fat and ^'atacal S3S Russian Pony SHa Coats 52 inches long and richlr Jinpd -with Skm- ner's satin; rolling shawl collai Tery beau- toful. Only /; 4 ^ $20 Caracal Coats and a rich lustrous black. . $15 Full For Only $15,50 Tlown Go the I'r ices On Trimmed Hats The greatest of all -Saturday sales oir Trimmed Hats ever held, in 'Trenton., It's your opportunity to -secure a-new Chri»t"ias hat -- "· get it for lesS'than the cost "fif'the raw material it's made of. $3.98 Hats. at. ...... $1.49 $6.00 Hats at. . $5.00 Hats at. ... .', . $1.98 $7.00 Hats at. , $10 and Si2 Hats at . . $2.75 $2.95 $4.98 Black Beaver Hats, $2.69 $6 White Beaver Hate, $3.59 $2, $2.50 and $3 Untrimmed Hats, '. 89c Beautiful Silver Toilef Se*s 4 oiiib, P-rtish and Mirror Sets for Christmas IH oui toilet goods department \ou ·will find an endless \arietv of beau tifnl things appropriate tor C5ribtnias Gifts Among them are the. Finest Triple , Plate SQ.V Toilet Sets, Ebonj mlaid witk silTer, Cffluloid and Brae Sets at prices 'tmgiag from $189 to $10 00 $8 00 3-Heee Silver Sets Comt Brush, and Mirror the bads of -n-liicn are magnificent speci mens of the silver smith, s art the designs are raised floral andfigtcreeffects,brushes have finest bristle and mirrors are heavy beveled, ecige French: plate Sale Puce, ia fancy box . . . · Wilitaiy Brusifc.Sets, Manicure Sets, Gold and Silver Smoking Sets, Shaving Sets, Collar and Cliff Sets at all prices. V Kief Gloves Make Nice Christmas Presents. We liavft the finest line of ser's and ottier well-toiowu 3f Wd Gloves, m all the season's best colors, white ·and Hack, for only, pmr ---- $3 60 GFtace ffid Oloves" m 16 buttoa length, in black, white and iaov M fill for oaty, jpwr ..,....-,-... . TM : suite oy_ 9!c Special Mttsic ' AIT the latest ^ong hits will be suite by. Mr Thomas Qoodwin, whose tenor voice has pleased so many times before 'f n*.gR 15e. AND 18c COPIES Tt's Awfully: Hard To -Try and \Se a Lady. * Put Yotir Arms Arounji 3^5 Honey Norah; \Talone CaU T Mc By Phone. Sweet Dreams. My Iidv.e, Dreams. That Mississippi Mooch. Sleepy jHead. A Little Bit of Loving 3oer a Lons LOBK Way Sea^ Weeds JUnr. When I Gathered the Myrtle with Mary Nothing Has Changed But Y*a D«ar Little Pickaninnies, Go To Sleep In thfe C« j for Only is the C of bod!** «D« bl«ote he«d»: ful] ; ball Jointed, aioyeable «yes-and beaulttifl early h«r. «, nn 91**. TC, *» · " · *· Di"-In pretty dresse* «.t »e- to «*. .-' C^'-B T«« «M'Dt«Mr£«t* for children, beantlfttlly iflecormteA *t -- KOe. i* «S. - - ; - - · ' . '" . ! ' ;_tl«l Dfrnner Sit-, Tfc. «· »1-1O. Dons' Kttekl.- Fm^ ·· "· «i» »M» -at. ' ~ ' novelt1e«, $1 t» Ctrto. and otter . . . Iron Tor*-- Fire Engines, Hook and Ladde-r. Fire Patrols, Railroad Trains. Stor«a. Bank*- «tc^ -JrTe.-. -·- o *tJ«- r - · " ' - " · " ' . nnk »4 ~dnln, »I .*· t» 91 Tf sse. to We. . fa C«-C«ts ·-« C^ta. at « SC ' . - » * » , - - - - ' . . " . - " . ' "" - ' - - - ' " Home* _*d Wnc«a«. We»n- D^m . Cow.. Skee^. Te«*r Btiu^ **», -' 35c. «· We htTe * gi*it collec- ti»*f ttelfC«*Fjets--ill ftr til rtfliret fi«r Picture 3ale $1 The finest and largest fac simile water color- pictures ever offered in Trenton. Size 20x28 incRes, with 3-inch gold gilt frame. $1^.98 'I'apestry Brussel Rugs BOOM «!·«· Dozens of beautiful Oriental and floral designs and rich coloring*. Very Special at , m I INEWSPA'PERf

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