The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 8, 1921 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, December 8, 1921
Page 4
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TH1 BAH.T CTWS, TMMMQg, KD., THPMBAT, DIOIMB1E 8,1981. TIE DAILY NEWS. Alt INDEPENDENT NRW«f»APER. tut»IUhe4 dally except Sunday, at Kewa-Port jiuUdini, Court Street. TUB a^A^sW-Mltf rUINTINU AND KANUPACTURINO COMPANY. Knt«rod at the pogtofflce at Frederick. Md., *· »ecoi*d-claM matter. MEMBER TUB ASSOCIATKD PREH6. The Aiwoclated TPrew »» exclusively entitled tt the vote tor republlcaUon ot All news dlspatohes credited to It or not otherwise credited Jn this paper, herein. 0 ' NO COMMUNICATION of any «»rt or description, whether tiewt or ex- yreMlon of opinion upon any topjc. wilt be pubuihed unleM »cc*mpa*lod by the real name tf rtio jvrrlter. The name will not be published unless consent J« given, but It must be sub- milled a» authority tor the statements of the alleged fact or the oplnUn ex- Pr Frce 'notices of any kind partaking of the nature ol advertising, must be written and mailed or sent to the 01- flce. They will not be taken by tele- 4 TM»;« uiring Reporter He A«k* Fire FerftMa, PlekM A 4««*«te«. Should quitted? T»day'« Quettion. ' "Fatty" Arbuckle be ac- The Antwera, GEORGE KREH, West South street: "I haven't made up my mind in the case." T. C. WATK1NS, near Frederick: "No, { don't think he should b e acquitted." · J. L. WOOD, near Frederick. "I think th e same way as Mr. Watklns." GEORGE D. NORRI8, Park Avo: "No, I don't think he should be acquitted." CLARENCE HOLTZ, Dili Ave: "After I read the first part of the trial in the papers, I thought he would be acquitted." · THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1981. PONZI DIVIDENDS. The creditors of Charles Ponil, the Boston "blue sky" promoter, will get a Christmas present. The trustees of his defunct get-rlch-qulck scheme announce that they will pay a dividend of 10 per cent. Eventually, they say. it may amount to 25 per cent. So Ponti--who is now indulging hie Imperial dreams in the safe retire ment of a prison sell--wasn't so bad after alL True, there was nothing-at all in his-scheme, not even a hand somely ornamented prospectus. Hf merely asked people for money, prom ising to pay it back with incredible interest, and they gave It to him bj millions. But he did give back some ot the money to some of his dupes and' sow all of them are going tc get from 10 to 25 per cent. In the last couple ot years, hundreds of mil lions have been given to persuasive promoters in other lines, mostly ol and mines, by "easy marks" whc won't get that much back. S. S. CONVENTION OF THURMONT DISTRICT Two toaalona H«I4 Friday In Mt Tabor Church at Rocky Ridge-The Program. Tho Sunday School Convention of the Thurmont District of the Frederick County Sunday School AHBOC I at Ion ·will convene Friday afternoon, »t one p. m., In the Mt. Tabor church. Rocky Ridge. J. S. Wny- brlght in president of the asHOciatlon ·nd Ethel M. Foreman Is the secre- The evening session will be at seven p. m. After the c|»«lng exercises of the aeftsfoli the Question Box. an important part of the work, will be conducted. The program for both sessions follows : Afternoon Session.--1 p. m., song services, led by George Bel tier; 1.15, devotional. Rev. Dr. P. E. Holmer; 1.30, address of welcome, by the 1.40, address, district super UDC UrtVT mil*-* tiAifir-M I yiin" . i.iv, ttuuress, UIBHICI. nuper- MRS. HOYT QUITS MOVIES int«nI«Dt; j. 8 5, -ong; 200, Sunday Frank Michael Held in. $3,000 Bail For Trial Friday. Do You Know? Excessive bail shall not be re. quired, nor excessive fines Im. posed nor cruel and unusual punishment Inflicted.--(Article 8, Amendments to the IT. 8. Constitution.)* 00. HAT. BAH!. KTBUO 8ALBB. i» i/i3. OI of The PUBLIC SALE -- OF-ABAL ESTATE FREDERICK CITY. BURNED AUTO, IS CHARGE New York Society Woman Soon to Appear In Spoken Drama. New York. Dec. 8.-- Mrs. Hoyf. New York society woman, who recently made her rtebut In the motion pictures, announced thnt she soon would appear on Broadway oh the Iptftlmare stage In n drama being revived by William Fnversham. She denied reports that she had left 'he motion picture field for all time. Mrs. Hoyt Severn I years HRO first b«-j?an to pine for the footlights, asserting she wished to do something more In llf» than merely be entertained. After n sncress In amateur thea- rrlcals, she studied abroad under Jalea Ieltner. School. "Ulve That Lives," by Rev. C. R. Banes; 2.20, recitations, local talent and speakers; 2.35, teachers' Training Work, Rev. W. C. Waltemy*r; 2.GO. song; 2.55. address by County President, Rev. 3eo. A Snydor; 3.10, Adult Division Work, Arrest Made After Investigation .by Detective Dauaherty rnd Warrant la Sworn Out by State Flrt Marshal. Frank Michael, of Daysville, near this city, was arrested yesterday morning by Sheriff James A.- Jones, on a warrant, charged with unlawfully burning an automobile with intent to de- Fraud. The warrant was s_worn out try tate Fire Marshall George 'Percy, Baltimore, following an 'investigation by Detectve Thomas Dougherty: He was taken before Justice J. Otehame Johnson and was held In* $3,000 bail for a hearing tomorrow afternon at 2 o'clock. BUSINESS IN THE COURTS Equity Case. Iren e Davis vs. Harry E. Davis. Petit WIT filed for absolute divorce. H. K. Delauter 'attorney for plaintiff. -Marriage Lleente. Bruc e Murphy, 27, divorced, near Jjamsville and Emma Cookerly, 18, Bartholows. Property Deeded. Daniel W. Keyser and wife to Lillian A. Clark and husband, county, 13060. DOWNED BY 96 PINS * ' *.. _. :I Benedlctlnea Defeat Italics in News- Post League. The Benedictines overwhelmed the Italics by a margin of 96 pins In the News-Post Bowling League-on the Y. M. C. A. alleys' last evening. Bentz, _ , L '· «'· vx. a., aiivya loot eveuiUR. n It is *jl«ea that the atftomobile was captain of the winners, was high man , . ______ ,,.,, _____ ,,.,, ,,,,,, .,, Rev. J. J. Green; 3.35, offering; destroyed' by fire on the -road between with" k "total" pin!afl'"or"31o"' 8 Brus7 song; 3.45, closing exercises, Elder Daysville and Mt. Pleasant, October captain of the losers was high man , »nd author- 1 '*,.* motion and order Mayor and Aldermen of Frederick, paM«d and approved at tii« «e«Bion of the Mayor and Board of ldermen of the City of Frederick, in » e .? ta «.t. of - Illlpr tf l L n(l ' held on ·»'»· nventy.flfth day of *jovemt»er, in the ?2* r . *" D - , n l*»t««« hundred an.! twenty-one, the undersigned, Mayu- the City of Frederick, will offer .it *ale at th« T Court House door, *** Krtderick couiit ; DEX-EajBEB 10, 1921, at H o'clock a. m., ' real estate. mprovementJi thereon, situated £l ty . °*. f'ederlck. Frederick . State of Maryland, to-wlt: All that lot or parcel or land within corporate limits of the City or Co , unty and etate a f° re *' lylns and bel "8 on tho c ,9 rner 0' J3a»t South and . Carroll etreets, in aald city be- same TM 'P r °Perty granted ajid U? 1 u Fee ?*rople by The Loat.s e ^Phan Asylum of Frederick ln tbe County of Frederick, -a corporate of the State ot Mary- SAVE THE CHRISTMAS TREES. Every year sees a tremendous waste in Christmas trees. · A- nation interested In forestry should not let this go on. Its prevention is not dlffi cult. In the first place, no dealer ehoult be patronized who cannot assure hi: customers tha* his stock was gattier- ed in accordance with the principles or forest conservation. This would soon put the ruthless destroyer o trees out of business. In the second place, If each dealer's patrons will notify htm in advance o'. their needs, the danger of an over supply can be avoided/ Where there is an open-air Christ mas tree market, as In many com munities, there should be a properly accredited public committee to interview the market man, keep track of the surplus trees and generally arrange things so that after Christ mas there need be no loads of vigor ous young evergreens carted away to th« public dumps or cut up Into -fire wood. America's evergreens are going fast T)ut there will always be plenty o! Christmas trees if the public will in terest itself to stop the waste. ONE WORKER IN 8 REACHES 70 Records Also Show One Farmer In Threa Lives t* That Age. New York, Dec. H.--Tut Industrial worker In the cities has one chance In eight of reaching 70 years of age, ind the farmer one chance In three. T^ls report Is made by the building 'rndes'commlttee of the United Hospital Fund, which asserts death In Industrial centers are greats Increasing because of the breakdown of hearts, arteries, kidneys nnd digestive systems In middle life. External violence, rheumatism and pldemic diseases are held responsible for most Illness among workers. L. J. Flohr. ,25. At the time it was said that the ,, Evening Session.---7 p. m., song machine took flre while en route -to 295- services; 7.15, devotional exercises, tue borne of Michael driven toy a young The summary Rev. W. O. Ibach; 7.30, recitation, lo- man named Harry PrizelL The me-j BendrctineB- the School,' song; 8.: team with a total pinfall of i m · m t TV i · f»I » I ***J*»«7W*»^V*MB** · AMl*feC*UI C\fUl Of I v U * 7.4S, Men's "Rotation to,··»"" Fas Insured in People's Fire In- £3 052 · Zimmerman 95 103 99 297- ool," Rev. W. O. Ibach; 8.00, furance Company, of which Michael,^oorei 83 SP5268- Bentz' 111 108 ,,. .10, fount Peoples' Division, I«» » agent, for about $1560. and «· I £°°{io Totl lS?/ Rev. R. D. Murphy; 840. offering; Ore occurred about two hours, it is said, italics-TBrug't 108 101 ' 86 295- song; 8.50. closing services, to be befor6 the policy, taken out by Michael.' Bennett ' 83 90 ' 87 2 ^, Smith ' 91 8 ^ suDplled. erplrefl. - . *,,, 279- Batr 7o 82 70 2*7 Sunday Schools-'comprising Thur- Because* of conditions surrounding log j ' ' ' ' '"·*-'· mont District.--Trinity; Reformed. th * burning of the car, which HI ' . Methodist Episcopal, St. Johns' i Wtt « stated last night will toe develop- Luthoran. United Brethren. Church I ed at toe hearing. Detective Thomas of the .Brethren, Apples' R e -' Do «S nert y w «s employed to make an . f , h .-. , formed, Tfaurmont; Moravian, Grace- (investigation. The latter hel^ several " TM ° 1 ^ a ° a a i ham; Methodist-Protestant, Harriot conferences, with State's Attorney\" "" l *"^ *~ rge Chapel. Catoctin. Aaron R, Anders. State FJre Marshal possession©! Hauvers' District.--Mt. Morlah,' Perc y was also notified and came to Lutheran. Bethel Methodist. Foxville-j tuls cltv - Following an investigation, ,' TTnited Brethren, Deerfield, Lutheran, a warrant was sworn out fey the Flrfe Sabillasville · 'Marshal and placed in the hands to him Frederick. Md., Dec., 7th, 1921. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of this Bank will be held at the Banking House, No J.- North · Market Street, between the hours of 10 a. m., and 12 m., on Tuesday, January 10th, 1922, ' for the election of Directors. 21 Poinaetta Blooms. A large polnsetta -plant about three te in *o,,nt a ant 'TM. every year, but never In Barroom His Last. Lancaster, Pa., Dec. S.--The slump- M! figure of Charles Hess on n chair n the barroom of the Shamrock Hotel vns passed unconcernedly for three 'lours; as it was thought he was sleep- Inc. TVlien Frank Howe, a friend of ·he man, attempted to arouse him It .vns discovered he was dend. the Brethren. Lutheran, Rocky Ridge. INACTION OF COMMITTEES PILES UP WORK FOR SHERIFF County Organizations Slow In It is charged that Michael, who is an automobile agent at Daysville, sold the car to Mrs. Willie Higgles, near Taylorstown, for about $1,550, and re- jC-eived a part payment of $30 on account. Tbe car, it is said was insured MOfl NOEIH MARKET ST« CAPI1M, 1150.000.00 Key Council Elects. Francis Scott Key Council. No. 48, O. U. A. M., at -its meeting last evening elected one applicant to membership.. The following officers welre --Three More Named. . by Michael in the People's Fire Insur-. e * ted0 ^ or . th ® ens ^ in 5 te ?° : cilor ' C b e s r f; McKejnzIe; vice- Maurice Roberts; re Recommending District Deputies-- ance Company for approximately the ., _. purchase price, Michael holding the councilor, W. Mexico Seizes American Fiahlng Boat. Washington, Dec. 8.---The American Ishlng boat Mabel, of Los Angeles, ms been seized about.five miles off *IP Mexican coast by · vessels of the Mexican patrol manned by soldiers. Lehigh Best Potato County: Hnrrisburg, Dec 8.--Pennsylvania ·nlsed 18,768,500 bushels of potatoes from 214,485 acres this yenr. accordn- 'i»jr to "iigures Issued by the department of agriculture. .The production ,vas almost 8,000,000 bushels less than last year. Lehigh 1.400,000 bushels. county led with policy. At the time»of his arrest and Three more county deputy sheriffs. when taken before Justice Johnson, - * have been appointed and sworn in by' Michael made no statement. · J O B n the new .Sheriff, James A. Jones, ten I He has been in business in Days- out of twenty-three having now been *vUle for about thirty years. cordJng secretary, i lev; assistant recording financial N. Ship- secretary, secretary. treasurer, George T. Baomgardner: Inductor? Russell L. t three to be it was stated, having previously sold TM ,. o8e P e e e r ; Phelps. Urbana; 'horse-drawn vehicles. J.-F. B. Heagy I TM? ide Protector, Thomas- L. Fox; out- appointed. The last named are B. O. Samuel E. Davis, Woodville, and is his attorney. Harry C. Dorcus, Woodsboro. They were appointed and sworn in yesterday, and took office today. About thirteen deputies are yet to , be it was stated, having previously sold St TM?? : e ? amlne £,. Jo8e P h - Education Week . ThW is Education Week. When the millennium comes, ffvery week will be education week; but that consummation is a long way off and 1n the -present tmlnstrncted state of mankind it is well to appoint a session, for serious deliberation of the purposes and values of education. No scheme of training in America today can reckon without the host o" foreigners arriving by every boat tc b« assimilated. The school must meet not merely the disposition of the alien, but e certain restless and sometimes rebel lions temper of the period which tries to flout vested authority and follow its own will in all matter' which sqclety, for its own comfortable ·and harmonious survival, has under taken to regulate. A headstrong individualism require' enlightment and guidance, and the schools have it for their all-import ant charge to Impress the wisdom to* obedience to law and submission to the 'discipline of routine. Schooling of the right sort does not crash the individual aptitude or as piration. it ennances the value o' the contribution each educated per son makes to human civilization. ·--(Philadelphia Ledger) Cheek For Fire Company. The RnckviDo Volnntew Firr Corapan?- i« in rpwip! of * o^wk f«r ^TO from the town coniN-5! of K«»7*«lnirt«n »* a msfk rf apprtvinttnn of ih- p«v»- P of that placo for the =eTrjre« rrn- hr rh« Rnpkrfll« companr In a fir*- whi^li l-p«* royd the K^n- munk-ipsl ImiMins A frnm May-,r hn; f«r tb«- Jh»t tanc'b greater. Prom Argentina. ' Buenos Aires, Dec. 8.--The steamship American Legion, which sailed 'or New York. Is carryins n ton of Yrgentinp cherries. This consignment s said to be the first of this kind of 'mlt ever sent from Argentina to the t'nilod Stntcs. Several boxes of the ;li(*rr!es' nfc bpinjj tnken to President Hnrdinx nnd AJIwrt D. l/nsker. clinlr- ·n:;n of tlii» T'nltetl StBtcs shipping ward as Christmas presents.- Deer Faaat Coct« $3300. Pn.. F)o-. S.- Thlrty- sunner« linx" l»peri notified to ,i;iy flnps of S100 r-:ioh -for killins n IMP In vinldtion of tin- {tamo laws. Ars- to MSlrsner-ilpr. stnte came r. of Union nnd Snyder conn- !??. nrtnl^rs of th^ Coopers Mill ·amp H tlio Buffalo mountains Jiut i«-ro«s ili«« Centre county MRP. leterted fenstirt)? on the doe. LutDerans to Md Europe. Pittsburgh. Dec. S. -- The ximmltt* 1 * of the National Lutheran ·ouncll'mpt here to -onslder nienn!« of n;«'nr a fund of S2.000.000 for relief in North nn«l ("ntrn7 Europe. - in nih!c» itrojwi^* 1 * «o oro;ite tbp fn ;i-. lir* in "lie be named, not counting Buckeystown district. which will be served by Sheriff Jones and Deputj Sheriff Smith, Trom this city, In practically all of the other districts ' of the county, depu ties will be appointed b y , Sheriff Jones to look after the work in those sections. The new official is held up at the present trae by the various central committees, who have been given the privilege of recommending men for the position of deputy sheriff. In most of the. districts, the central committees have passed on no one as yet. and as a result. Sheriff Jones and Deputy Sheriff Smith are. forced to attend to all of the county work from this office. A day or two ago. Sheriff Jones received a summons for a party who resides several miles north of Middletown. As no deputies nave as yet been appointed in that section. Sher iff Jones was forced to serve the summons himself, and received but 45 cents as his share for making a trip of that distance. * At present, the new Sheriff is overtaxed with work, all because the majority of the deputies have not been appointed. It is expected, however, that the greater part of them will be named before the end. of the week. · More Xmas Club Checks Mailed. Today 600 members ot the Christ- mrns Savings Clqb of the Fredericktown Savings Institution received checks totaling $1S.OOO. The checks were mailed out last evening. On Dec. 26. a new club will start for which members are now enrolling. HeW In $200 Bail. « J. R, Twigg. of near Brunswick, arrested one night last week by Deputy sheriff Charles W. Smith." charg- with assault and battery, carrying nsr Jho 0000 I.utlieran j Troth te a mighty instrument, whatsoever hand may wield it. Sicily b= practically a treeless country. Faculty RecIUH Tomorrow. Tho reritaJ ht- Tnen^etv of th* Con- f?rva»orj- of MniHr famllr. at Win che»J"r Hall. tomorrow «T«n1ng promi»»« *n h? of to «iu«ic }nvrf A rrtrnp of foar nmnh^r? win r^ri rr'ptlon of a fr«* tran* by an of * Omaha iTi'V-an »» it i« «*oc by the v^jjb at t** l»*Jv of his chr.;c* 371 An «-nM»mh!f nuoiber Hawmt Dr *s kiwvrn a« the "Barn- Itorta.' teat TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY IN FREDERICK (Local itcta* from th» cotaBM ·( The News. December S. 1»01.) Miss Mary Sheldon wan seriously Injured when sh«, attempted to Jorop from a moving train near Le- Gore. The l««n»bfr term of court ctvnven««l with the following nea her* *»f tb. potit jury John FVmii!*. Kticene Alhaunh. Frank B Ruppinfrton. Shaffer L Rhpads. Chart** ). Ri«»hl. Rolmn H Pad Valentino AJilex Wilfcidr I. Stnp. T Arnold Whitmor*. J M. Shawbafcor. Samuel D Har- baafth. Michael ABderv John soti. Jones. Jontah PoSenberter F. Btrely. Heary B Wil- Peter Stwkttier. Zarbaria^ training house, was held in $200 bond for the action of th? grand jury at a bearing before Judge Lloyd, at Pe- tersTille. Twtfg fe alleged to have assaulted H. W Cahill. of Brunswick who swore out the warrant. Dog Saw* Matter 1 * Life. An Irish terrier saved hi« master'? life at Belmoct Park. N. T_ a days ago. nays an exchange. Scot. * fair sprinter but a savajc"* a ho»rt, was in uply bnmor and IT attacked his tr«in*T wh»n into ta« stall. Re threw bis trainer down, planted one T** nn hl« body and teanng the ctathrs off bin back Sank bis teeth Jn to1* «bonll»r. Thn*e or four stable Aamfs rushed for rtab« o« pjfhforks t« beat off ibe borw. bw tbe Irish tprrirr wa!t*^l f«r notbing. He flew at Jock Scot. gmbNvl biw by the ixoe aatd shook It as be «h*l;e a mt The tiimwJ Ms »tt - mV-n to n«iii:;i for Hi- trjiinor to «-ra-w! ]»nin fully jo vf«-tj Tb«- Irnln*^- ··»·?*· n 3 c-ps^ ii.^nio.l Oii^f t.-i niikb WB k\»i«1. Tlic Iri^Ji fiTiw was in iromory of the horse. · Ti»e d'« is ».w tb* trainer"* dearest possession. Tonug, William V. Wo|f,*JoJsa W. Mwn Snman an^l John W. Mnmford. j k a n to advertise the goods oC Italian nas **nt a steamship 1'emjsor to tho ports on the Mcditerrats ^ j manufacturers. \ MINOR CASES Man Held For Grand Jury--Pur Cat* Up--Negro Dismissed. Austin Wiles, arrested yesterday morning by Deputy Sheriff^ Allen Bartgis. charged wth the theft of a gold watch and chain from ,*Murr'.y Shildt, was given a hearing yesterday afternoon before Judge J. Grahame Johnson, and was* held ln bond for the action of the grand jury. He is about 20 years old. The wa^ch ari{i chain were recovered by Deputy Sheriff Bartgis. It is expected that Wiles will give bond for his. appearance in court, Lewis Yinger, aged about 30 years, was arrested jesterday morning by Deputy Sheriff Allen Bartgis, charged with false pretense. At a hearing yesterday afternoon before Judge V. Grahame .Johnson. Yinger was found not guclty and was ordered released. The anest followed a transaction, involving tho sale of furs to Fred Haines. William Herbert, colored, aged about 23 years* was found "not guilty." of assault ana battery on his wife, Nellie Herbert, at. a hearing yesterday afternoon before iudge J. Grahame Johnson. He was arrested by Sheriff James A, Jones and Deputy Sheriffs Charles W. Smith and Allen Bartgis. The /warrant, charging Herbert with assault on his wife, was sworn out by his sister, Susie Johnson. TO REBUILD CLUB HOUSE Waa Destroyed by Fire on November 19. Xo delay will be permitted In rebuilding the home of the Blue Ridge Rod jmd Gua Clnb. that was destroyed by fire on Saturday night. November 19. ene tntto «ast of Harpers Ferry, on the south bank of the Potomac river. Plans for re- fcc'.Wing ajv already beiny matured by the Clnb's Mard of directors. It is proposed to construct the new building of stone or other fire-proof material. The fact that rode and stone suitable for building purposes ar p naturally plentiful in that part of *? V:ontMrr I" (Inffaenvlng some members to favor nse of this material for th e new home. It is said that stone quarried from the hills nearby would be more sutatainlial from a construe tion standpoint than fcrfck. tile or other substances. Opinions are divided on this point, however. Husband's Story Will Amaxe Frederick He say*: "A««M-kji brifwd ny wife fur t»* on ;hf stoonch and sour sfnni- »·!) in TWF,VTT MINITE^. I«t tvorta. *msi«« fTrpertation*." "Adler- « on ROTH, iwr and lo»-«rr "" matter wbk* Rrinss oni «!l «V*ayjnff food EX- f.r ohroniV onns1ipslirn. n«? jfijwnd:^ :4; i. Adir-r-i matter yon noror tboiurh* wa« in sysffl««j and which way -n T w i*o»ine T**n for mo^uiiy. A. W,rn*n*!OQ. drnjgrij^. -- Adrer- Z-4 · c was a common pra«- *mon« Rngtisb ladioo of quality as late «« ih« beginning of the Xine- twnth century. side protector, Adam Deitrich; trustee. Jesse M. Haugh; chaplain, Clarence M. Ph'leeger; representative to State Council. Wm. F. Snyder; alternate. Clarence M. Phleeger. Not To Allow Public To Attend Announcement was made that the public would not be allowed in the Armory tonight to witness the drama of "Damon and Pythias," which will be presented by the members of Mountain City Lodge Rank Team fol lowing~the conferring of the Rank of Page upon 800 candidates recently se- Cuced. It was stated in a contributed article in last hfght's News that the public generally Would be admitted' after nine o'clock -'but later the lodge decided not to permit the public to attend. ' . *" Court Maryland Elect*. The annual election of officers of Cour t Maryland, No. 278, Catholic Daughters ot America, was held last night with the following result: Grand regent, Mrs. Lester Smith; vice regent, Mrs. Walter Decker; historian, Miss Catherine Long; financial secretary, Mrs. Paul Rhoads}- treasurer Mrs." Charles - B. Staleyr prophetess, Miss Naomi" Smith; monitor, Miss Corinne Herring; trustees to serve three years along with four others, Misses Irene Lindsay and Etta Wilson. The new officers mil be installed on .the first Wednesday night in January. » » , , of . Frederick, a municipal corporation of. the State af Maryland, «» a deed bearing date of the twenty- flfth day of November. In the year .\. u.. nineteen hundred and twenty-on. ·. the said d^ed being- duly recorded amons the Land Records for Fredt-r- 11 " KK County, Maryland-; save and cx- c *»t. however, that portion of tho aforesaid Jot or parcel of land expressly to be reserved by the said Thn Mayor and Aldermen of Frederick for the purpose of widening South Carroll street, between- Bast South streot aforesaid and Clarke Place, In accordance with the Survey and -Blue-Print made by Emory C. Crum, City Enel- neer. ' The said lot or parcel of land, less the atrip thereof to be reserved by the City- of -Frederick, has a frontage of sixteen (16) feet, more or less, on East South street, and extends South- wardly from th building line of said street for a depth of two hundred and eighty-nine (289) feet; more or less; and is improved by a TWO AND ONE-KAI^F STORY BRICK DWELLING-HOUSE, which said dwelling-house Is now designated as No. 88 East South street. The exact courses and distances of the hereinabove described ,lot or parcel of land, both for the portion 'thereof to be sold as aforesaid and the portion to be reserved toy the said The Mayor and Aldermen of Frederick, may be! seen at the office of the City Engineer, Jn the City Hall, Frederick, Maryland, prior to the day of sale. ^_ Terms of Sale. -- A deposit of Two Hundred (4200.00) Dollars cash will be required from the- purchaser or purchasers on the day of sale, the balance of the purchase money to bo pai i to The Mayor and Aldermen of Frederick on or before the first day of April, 1922, when possession will be given. All costs of conveyancing, including United States Internal Revenue Stamps, at the expense of the purchaser or purchasers. OILMER SCHLET, Mayor. Edward S. Delaplalne, Attorney. William E. Darner, Auctioneer. dn-30,xl2-1.3,5.7.8 3 VALUABLE PUBLIC SALE --OF-- PROPERTY. HELP WANTED: WANTED.--WHITE MAID FOR IN- flrraary. Apply Matron legre. Hood Col- 12-7,d3t Sells Walkeesvllle Property. Eugene H. Albaugh, real estate and insurance agent, has sold for Mrs. Myrtle G. Crist, her store property fn Walkersville to Charles E. Browning, of Mt. Pleasant, Mr. «· Browning gets possession in January 1922, and will greatly improve the-property and will open an up-to-date store by April 1st. Consideration private. On Hunting Trip. Messrs. Leeter B. Feaga, William King, and Ingomar. Albaugb are spending the day hunting in the vicinity of Jefferson. Some tribes in the Sahara desert have slave farms. "ENTIRELY WEIL" SAYS LOCAL WOMAN WANTED.--YOUNG LADY FOR CLER- ical position. Apply Isaac Hamburger ^ind Sons. 117 South Market St. WANTED.--A BAKER. 607. The News-Post. APPLY BOX 12-6,dtf WANTED.--AT THE MARYLAND State School for the Deaf, one dining-room gflrl. Apply to Principal. ll-2»,dtf WANTED.--SALESMAN TO 8BU Ford cars. Apply to laddleiown Motor Co_ Igddletown, JOL ' - . N U-16.dtf, FOR SALE. FOR SALE.--WERNER ' PLAYER piano, with 100 rolls. Owner leaving- town and will sacrifice to quick buyer. 'Phone 722. 12-8,d3t* ' FOR SALE. -- DOUBLE HEATER stove, in pood condition. Cheap to a quick buyer. Mrs. Harrie Storm. 403 S. Market St. !2-8,d2t FARM: FOR SALE.--140 ACRES. FER- tlle. welt Improved, one mile from Aaatnstown. A bargain with terms to suit. Also some other farms at attractive prices. J. Lee Simmons. ATlams- town. Md. 12-8.dJt FOR SALE.--NEW SIXQER SEWING machine. Cheap to quick buyer. Apply 324 North Market St. 12-?,d2t* Draco's Effect Proven To Be Permanent In Many Cases On February 21, 1917. over four ajjt». Curs. Mary W*mlrenner. of l!» Arvh street. Cumberland. Md.. was atnomret the «ufferen= who save 1 testimony to the power* of Dreco. Mr?. .rwntir «ta:?d. "Four v«ir8 «o I wan almost a wreck, had to m np j*ix or seeren times dnrinc tbo nisftt. lw to the 'disorder of mr ki!n«*y*. I tras in misery fr*Hn the of rnnsiipatinn and H*d it* artpeiile and » :}wp without toxins about in bed for Jwo or three bonrs. I Jri»d Irr«rx» at The *u£*fstton of ytysaf frwnd« and can put it in way Of saying thai I am onl5rc3y weU After foqr rests mr iroi:W«»- 3,»1 not omw back i*. yuaVk-nt lo proT* lint all the pr li-o*. Riven I»ro;i a TV well placed." An ,nv*lid woaiKin i alwayi^a std «i«5n. «ail«»r f-r^n th*n tha» nf «n in- T»Hd man. b«»ran* of hfr ta-karbv fits of prt her ihinl of work with half h*»r brain. 3f it raluo of bnvr ]-vi-k in ·a^tjac. A you Tr«r«. i by r*»arr^ ri'-k anvl oonvincr FOR SALE.--TWO THOROUGHBRED Barred Plymouth Rock cockerels. Apply 112 South Market street. FOR SALE.--OLIVER TYPEWRITER, brand new. cheap. Apply News-Post Box 202. 12-V1tf PIANOS FOR SALE CHEAP. -Knabe. SS5: Stelff, t»S; Steinberg. *149: Morris. fl»8: Kranlch * Bacn, $200: Malcom Lor*. 1125: Slelff. $148; Cambridge.-1275: Steift, $350. CaMn«t phonograph and 12 records. $69. Cramer's Big Piano House. .The undersigned intending to remove to California will sell at publi- sale «n "North ,Sentz street, extended, toe former John C. Motter farm, on THURSDAY, DEC. 1"5. 1921, at JO o'clock a. nj., the following- named property, viz.: 2 .GOOD JHORSES. one bay mare, well broken: 1 blacl; gelding, one black and -white pony, 2 Jersey cows, 1 heifer, 1 nine months old calf. 60 Barred Rock chickens, ONE DEERING BINDER, one 6-foot Deering mower, one Farmers' Favorite grain drill, on« disc harrow, one cultivator, one shovel plow, 2 barshear plows. 3 single cultivators, fcne sprinp-tooth harrow, CJK- tool grinder, one 2-horse wagon and bed, one 4-borse -wagon and carriage ··. one hay fork, rope and p.ullteys, 2 set-* harness, shovels, forks, hoes, rakes.. spades, one -block and tackle, one 25- ton jack, one wheelbarrow. Also HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN ' FURNITURE, consisting, of bureaus, desks, por~h furniture, one sewing- machine, dining suit t»f furniture, one oak folding b"«l, one parlor suit furn£ture» one mahogany center 'table, one Turkish rocking chair, lot elands and tables, two oak bed-room spirits furniture, one kitchen cabinet, lot pictnres, queensware, willow ware, -white ware, china ware an.l inaoy articles not mentioned^. AJS" several tous hay, lot .potatoes, 2 extension ladders, etc.. one pony trap. Terms of fhUe. -- A credit "of .six months will be given, on all sums above $10.00. the purchaser or purchasers giving his. her or their not--. with security suitable to the unde- signed. bearing interest from the day of *ale. All sums of J10.00 and un'V-r tb» cash w^H be required. Settieir.^r.t must positively be made with the Heron day of sale, and no -property to Vc removed until terms arc complifil v.-ith S. A. BBACHLEY. John L. Dutrow. Auctioneer. Joseph H. Bussard. Clork. NOflCK. FOR SAWS.--COLD FISH FOR AC- quarioma. 10 West Third at. AUTOMOBILBS FOB SALE. FOR SALE--FORD TRrCK WITH clo!ed body. Apply Oanv* Furniture Storf. 12-S.dJt FOR SALE. Ford Runabout. Tr. 1*18 Ford RunafcoaJ. Tr. 1815 Ford Tearing Car. Yr. ISIS S: Demountable Wbe«l«. Ford Pellvery. Tr. JS1C 8S.M Ford D*Jlv*ry. Yr 1917 1 o«.*» Ford Sedan. Yr. 1J2« $««.H Ford Ton Trock. Yr. 1 J:« 47 FRRT»KmCK MOTOR CO. Si; E. Pat St. Thon* W2. FOR S A L E -- M V g«T Bulrk Six. in th* b»j«t condition and rnnjjinjfTTdf-r. Had car M1 a, ^borl while SaTn^ ax new Cord tires A - a . R. Krard K«-pn»-r. l«121,dtf FUBNISHED ROOMSFO UDTT FOR R R N T -- 1 w i t h or n-'lhr. FI'RXTSHKn hoard AMr»«* with all rnT\\-n- S04. car* r,f Thf FORWENT. in 3. 1S2J. Ap^Jv 3 7! br -- A Di- I FOR T5KVT-- ATARTMEXT. \PTI.Y 2«# "-t Second SU I2-i,d»t ORDER NISI ON SALES. In the Orphan** Court ^)f Frederick County. Maryland. In the Matter of the Sale of Real E.-=- tate of ColemM R. Wiles, deceased. In the Matter of the Report of Sal*;*, filed the 17th day of November, 1921. October Term. 1921. Ordered by the Orphans' Court of Frederick County, this 17th day of November. 1921. that the sale of r.enl Estate of Coleman R. Wiles, rat" . of Frederick County, deceased, this day reported to this Court by h).= Kxecntor be .ratified and conflrrnfl unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the 12th, day of December, 1921, provided a copy of this Ora-r be published In some newspaper put- :!shei la Frederick County for threo successive -weeks prior to the 10th day of December. 1921. The Executors' report states tb/» Amount ot Sales to be Eleven Hundred and Ninety Dollars. $l,l?0.oa.) GEO. T. RODERfCK. OEO. EOW. SMITH. CHAS.«. BCTT3. Judges of the Orphans' Court. True Copy.--Test: ALBERT M. PATTERSON Rej^ter of Win?. dll-I7.343tl2-l.'' Harrison X. Kehnc. Executor. Jacob Rohrback. Attorney. MELLINBItY. GIFT SUGGESTIONS. Xadelrm fcmbroJdery C«nterpl-»i. All ·tew Latxsheoa Sets. Toast Xan- klas. Baby PlUows. Haadkerchlof-% Dollies. All aicea. Beautiful 1}M of Handfc*rch!r K White Unen. Hand EJabroi-flrj-rd. Co3- ·re4 Uaea. Crepe de Chtae. Now Is tbe time to prepare for holiday firing. Beautiful line of Cblrnmas card*. N. R. A D. WAHTBD. WAXTEO-- A PUAC,r for a IKKN) b«r««. \ tr, \ X T K 1 i T o T - V. * \ T T 1 of t or X' i LO3T AHI FOUND. atff« of rrr, -. ~ WSPAPER it r e t iWSPAPfc.RI

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