The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on May 2, 1923 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1923
Page 3
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DAILY CONSTITUTION, CHILLICOTHB, MO WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 1923 lush ati (forte panes "ONE QUALITY" GULBRANSEN PLAYER PIANOS "Rationally P ccd ' VICTOR VICTROLAS and RECORDS "Knovn the TT oild Oiei BRUNSWICK PHONOGRAPHS and Record Plays an llproich ' «- Ask an\bod\ about tlic toui iljo c Tnu-- nnclbcioic ^ou buj-a Piano 01 Phono 0 nijn come to 011 -^oic and see and hear 101 \ouiseli "Oncl'ncct \ll and Br i 1 i ] out Ujucy' Ctnlhrnthr fHustr KejnoMs J - Ghde ,3*5* I After "A bite to eat--a bit of sweet" After a substantial meal, tfee cJjiJdrcii natarally ivamt to top «£E with a MS of s'weef. Give thens WRIGIEY'S, the great American Sweetmeat. It conbines the enjoyment of sw^eet witli many BENEFITS. It cleansis the teeth, removing food partcles that lodge in te crevices. It neutralises the acids of he mouSli, soothes the throat, aifi lastly-- WRIGLEfS helps Use sloanaeh ly suppling saliva to aid in digestive vorlf. Made clem, kept clean, sealed tight fin a Tax-wrapped Tk Flavor ,asts Dl O^ r Pool 50ur=clf with e ^ orn out theory that ch klien outgrow tbeir pu^sicil d sibil ties Alany T ell suffer ng from some spinal cUff T\hich cin be eisilv cor rect b a competent Chiroprac tor satlli neglected because of * Clult!ien« ailmc-iits such colds liei(laclie« tbiolt tioublt stomach (1'sors constipation bed-netting c \ e -nciKness, ajunn other child iulmints. are icidilj correctwith auropiictic Spinal \djnstinents and Exzination Free a ueal, pmuj 01 imdtojed cltild, let Cliu o- practi" restate the ^leallli and sigth batvi' intended ^t should have Telcphot e 5il fo appointment DRS. RODGERS YOUNG PALMER GRADUATE ChOPRACTOSS iSTBCnMNG PH0^41 (South Entrance) MONU OPPOSITE CY HALI legot tFRIDAY A\'D SATLBDA\ CCACH WEEK . 12QWaslniton Phone 647 CLASSIFIED WANTS.j fflGHSUGAR iwo rents a word for the first in I sertion und one cent a word for each PRirFS IT1T THF additional insertion Minimum charge ^ lHv/LJO £111 1 iJLEj FOS BENT FOR RENT--Two bedrooms m Mod era home 303 Washington St 13 tf For Rent -Nicely furnished rooms 414 St Phone 764 23 t£ FOR RENT _ 3 room furnished apartment Phone 143S J or 1JS6 M 24 tf FOR RENT--ThreTTurnished rooms for light house keeping in modern home Phone lOlo or call at 11°2 \V Webster 2a tf FOE SAJLB FOR S4.LE \ me Invalid chair 902 M 20 tt FOR SALE--Small 'V ictrola mi hogati} davenport and de-van 1020 E l m street S O U FOR SALE--On account of i\ol\es Tvill sell oO he^d of ewes 3 bucks 31 lambs Ben loung Route i or Spnnghill Central a30 6t FOR S 4LE--Sei en pure bred Hamp shire gilts road} to breed one extra good male V D \\alker Samp spl "Mo 30 3* MAUNFACTURERS IMTKrSTS CONTROLLING STjGAR G U 1 TIP IT Won D KE \CH l j CENTS THE OFFICIAL BALLOT OF THE CITY CfflLLICOTHE, MISSOURI , AT THE BIENNIAL GENERAL ELECTION TO BE MONDAY, MAY 7,1923 Republican Ticket. Democratic Ticket M umf iclureis -lie Convinced thlt the Piesent Cornel on c »ugir rt as PI uincd a \ ear \go MORSE SOYBEANS TOR S4LE -Germination 97 1 2 Stored n Call C P Adams Onula Farm Bureau office a!6 1m BniLDING LOT FOR SALE--Cor ner lot pa-ted on both sides sewer connections alread in 4 blocks from square lot 60x135 A bargain for anyone wanting one of the finest 10 cations and building lots obtainable in Chilhcothe If interested see I W Watkins at the Constitution office 9 tf WAITED M \N \\oman uantsd Salai} $"0 ·v eel Ij full time SI 50 an horn for ^paie time selling guaranteed hob lery to wear Beautiful spring line GUARANTEED MILLS Nomstown Pa W e d lot WANTED---Liundry to do Pliore 7"! Airs Clarence ^ alnut street ·Rood 1202 30 Gt WANTED TO RLNT--5 or G room house b responsible party Phone SS9 J 4. McCuistion 2' Gt ·\\ VNTED--Lawns 1566 W to mow Pho le 1 St GIRL WANTED--to ivork m butter room a p p l j in person at S\\iH Co 1 3t JAS. W. HELTON. M.D PHYSIOTAJS AND SURGEON Calls answered promptly day or nlyb-t In Cltv o- Country Office over Sauer B Book Store West Side Square or day Phone office 888 DR. C. R. KINNISON DEPUTE STATH. (Successor to Dr S Blacfe) Calls answered promptly Omce Phone S41 Residence 337 DR, JAS. BENNETT VETBRnvART STJBGUON AND DB \TI8T Be« Phone 1S53R Offio PboQe SA Moving and Hauling Vehe 2 ton Truck pneumatic tirea Plenty ol turniture pads Geo B Hill Phone 1571M S O R G H U M I am prepared to make sorghum Bring vour cim T mile south and I I 9 mile west of Spnnghill to GEORGE \l M E I L S Albo Cream. Separator for sale We teach electric and acetylene welding "Write us for particulars QTJ1CK SERVICE AVELDESG CO AIiD SCHOOIi 44S State Ave Kansas City Kansas DR. F. H. EMMONS \\ a hmgton "May 1--Manufac lurers of dings soft drinks syrups prcen s and ice cream and candies are facing the necessity of paying from 2 to lo cents a pound for the bugar thpj need during the coming iliice months Not\vithstinding the threat of injunctions and prosecu lions b\ the department o£ Com m rce--at which the nggeis and simM a rs are openlj jeering--the in teiest that control the market have gi"v L n i tip that the price of sugar vvill b boosted to lo cents a pound The opportumt} furnished by the tiiiff of 2 20 cents a pound against foreign sugar is to be capitilifed to the uhest bv the profiteers it is said men in close touch with the man uficturer of soCt drinks drugs and s \ r u p The sil c of soft drinks and the s iups used m their concoction « II b at ts height in the ho "weith f-r ]t is unpractical or impossible ' p spol esuan for the manufacturehs dccl IKS to ciirv large quanljties of sug tr in stocl in anticipation of th s summer business The sugar is ordi mriH pure! ased onl a little in ad \ mce of actual requ rements Soi e of those manufacturers 11 e co m e e d that the present corner n sugir u a s plotted a eai ago \\hen the JTordue^ McCumber bill ivas in pioc * ol construction The firmlj e that the ta\ of U 76 a hun died i o u n d s on Cuban raw and $2 20 a huiidied\\eight on other foreign M i g i r -- t h e highest d u t u s c\ i inipos od on tl is ton mod tj--was only the l i e l m m a r v to a definite plar of ex plo la i m which w i l l culminate m a m \ mum price greatd tlnti that e\ ei r iclicd w i t h one exceptu n since the Cn 1 Vvir M r manufactiueis of drugs syr ups etc ire o\piess ng thei indig nation if tl e Harding ad mini tratton for -v\l at thev issert is its practical comphcH n the pies_nt and recent 1 r o f t e n n g in sugar The\ point out tl Tt Hie Poidnej "McCumber law is 1 e w c r l of the administration that the fiist manemprs o£ the m n pula Eois a id stockholders ro con rol the Mippl} and price of sugar Tveu assist cd bj L bullet n from the Bop irtment of Con mprce announcing a irospec t i \ e s l o r t n g e of $ 6 0 0 0 0 0 tons and that Pres dent Harding in effect di lectccl the Tariff Commission to e\ culpat the tariff which they consid ei la^-'el; to blame for the gouging now in progress The e manufacture^ are by no m e a n b reassured b the proeedmgs w h i c h the Department of Justice has u uat i d n the first place they 51-\ t i e gin blois toward whom the Dcpaitn nt of Justice has made its gebtur* are only amused and in the second place e\en if the pros cutions and \^unctions -Wore sincerely in tended and aggressi\ely pressed th^re \ ould be no certainty of their success n time to pie\ent the plunderers ti om taking hundreds ot nilhons tiom t h e pocV.(.ts ol American con s u n u r t during the pi sor\mg season and t i e period of heaviest consump tion ol sugar If President Harding belie es that the T iriff Commissions exoTieration of the Republican tariff and the 1 pirtmi nt of Justice s flourish in the direction oC the stockjobbers ind pro fteers will mollify the public and soften popular re^ntment against his admin stration he is ni rsing a cenou delusion say the n anufac tut rs of drugs and sweets They c o n t e n d that a reduction of tbe tariff on sin ai bv half tbe only resource 01 en ulule Congress is m t d j o u r n ment nd unable to lower it till fur thei 01 remove it altogether should Ime bei_n ordered bv President Hard i r g under the authority gnen him by the flexible pioijsions of the Ford nev M Cumber act They criticize him toi not adopting this course ThP prospective higher co°t of su gar W 3 u l d tend in effect to restore the Conner ta\ on soft drinks by fore ing th retailers to charge more than five cents a glass or bottle for such beverages In that event the Repub 1 oin Administration would incur the displeasure of millions of patrons of the so1a fountains as well a the in d:gnation of the manufacturehs and dealer EYE, E\B ISOSP AND THROAT ANTD FITTTNG OF GIiASSES Room 6 7 8 "Wallbrunn Bldg Phones--Office 807, Residence 854 GIRLS WANTED for good steady employment wages paid while learning trade, apply at office of Glo\e Factory. FOR jALE at a price that s right, al Ikmds of fruit trees strawber nes grapes and raspberries and oth er small fruit plants dnvlmental shrubcry Write for price list MFSw Waroer s Nursery SEED CORN Reids \ellow Dent, Boon County TVlute and Button's Whato Itent--all gnded and tested Germination 89 per ct pure bred seed Leave your order -\ i the supply s limited Phone 10 and 350 a2C 6t Scrnby Bros G I Co Springs springs new a-fles and spr ng and hundreds oS other things 2 3 block east post office always ranting old cars PhDne 198 Night call 1155 W Auto Equipmont Co Brittain manager 20 tt Ma^or-4 R COBLRN Councilman at Large FRANK M BFisCH Councilman First "R arcl-- MILTON J RICE Coancilmin Second Wild CHARLES CHASE Councilman Third Ward HARRY W DRTJBN Councilman Fourth Ward-5 C TURNER City Clerk-STELLA SELBY Police Judge-JAMES E WINN City Attorne-v -DON CHAP-VIAN Cit Constable-HARRY WELLS Citv Auditor-JEWELL MILLER City Treasurer-MRS OLIVE D4VIS City Assessor-A D STURGIS "\Iaj or-JOSEPH D STEXVART Councilman at Laige-WILLIAM A REr.SCH Councilman First Ward-WM N IvOTHMGLE Councilman Second Ward-ALLE^J j MCDOWELL Councilmaji Third Ward-LLOYD SINTIsARD Counc Imin Fouith "Ward-- CLATJDE E BRADFORD City Clerk-LAURA CR4VDNS Police Judge-Z B MlDRS City Attoiney-- L A MARTIN City Constable-MAURICE DORM V City Auditor-ELMER G JOHN O\ T City Treasurer-L R MERRICI City Assessor-"\I R D Uj CHERT Y I John M Gallat n cleik of the county court ol Living ton count/ Missouri do hereby certity that the foregoing tie the nommi 10 is made by the respectne political paities aboie named foi cit offices Ol he Citj ol Chilhcothe I ivmgston County Missouri to be filled at the bienim.1 gin eral election of said city to be held on the seventh day of Mas 1933 -is said nomination has hpen fllod m my office in accordance ' ith requ rements of the laivs of the state of Missouii IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have hereto sot my hand and fflxcl the seal of the County Couit o£ I ivmgston County Missouu at nu office m the Cit of Chilhcothe in said countj and state aforesa d til s the ~ S t i day of April 1923 J M GALL A TINT Cleik of the County Courl o! Livingston Count! Stale of Misso i STATE OF MISSOURI COLNTY OP LIVINGSTOIv ss I 0 Cook Citj Cleik of the City ot Chilhcothe "Missoun lo h r by certif that the foregoing are the nominations madi, b the r ^pecti t po litical parties above named for citj offices of the Citj ot Ch llicotlio Li ingston Countj Missouri to be filled at the biennial general elect on n n 1 city to be held on the seventh d a j o£ May 1923 as Saul n o m i n a t i o n s ha-te been filed in my othcc in accoid nice -\\ith the rcquirenici Is of tl e 3 = o£ the state of Missouri IN TESTIMO^n WHEREOF I hl\o hereunto set m j hand an 1 lft\ i the seal of the city clerk of the city of Chilhcothe Livingston Cou it\ Al s souri at the City of Ch llicothe in said cit and said state aforesaid th s th^ 28th day of April 1923 I O COOK Cily CUil | 10 Pkg Rmso 10 barb P . C soap G boxes I-vory Flakes T Q bars "Unite "Wool soap J.C Ibs R c e 10 cans Lima Beans j.0 cans Certif ed Pork and Beans _ 2 Ibs our Best Black Pepper 2 qt cans Sliced Pineapple 2 cans Baking Powder 50c SOc SOc 5Oc SOc SOc SOc SOc SOc SOc X ( In uhe olden days no * W e pay 2c above market price for eggs n trade thaloaao n l c a P l r t g i o f ITt OT7T5 T k . T T . I M 1 *~! p^ctsak^ vA f L**- u i. N B Scruby Grocery ment So good that we give a. Oua3 ty Pledge on every sack to tbe housewife) WE DELIVER PHO\ T E 536 THE ATMOSPHERE OF EVERY HOME IS LITERALLY FILLED WITH GOOD MUSIC Also interesting talks and entertainment features of all kinds. Why not get in tune with the world's best entertainment by purchasing a Radio from-- Bland Miller's Radio and Battery Station All Machines High Grade and Priced as Low as $45 00 Complets PATRONIZE CONSTITUTION ADVERTISER* Merchant Tailar H. B. HOGAN OARR\ NOfHINO BUT ffBR ' BEST DOMESTIC »J, IHPOBTED FABRICS PIANO TUMG R. W. Bkir 1117 Claj Street Phone 331 or 1070 Satisfaction Guaranteed 'That's putting it stfaight --it's the best cigarette ever made!" r -w SPA PI-:

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