Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 20, 1963 · Page 9
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 9

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1963
Page 9
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TV—2 Galcsburg Register-Mail, Galesburg, III., Fri., Sept. 20, 1963 Weekend TV Highlights By United Press International FRIDAY "Hedda Gabler," CBS. Ingrid Bergman in a 90-minute adaption of Henrik Ibsen's play about a bored woman who is married to a plodding scholar but resumes a friendship with a former admirer and, in so doing, destroys herself and those around her. Sir Ralph Richardson, Sir Michael Redgrave, Trevor Howard costar. 8:30 p.m. CDT. Water ski championships in France, and auto racing in Italy. 4 CDT. 77 Sunset Strip, ABC (Season premiere, new time and format*. Effrem Zimbalist Jr. is the only regular star this season, and the show allegedly is more adult. The or^ner, * V starts a live-parter in which Zimbalist hunts a hit-run killer in a chase that ranges over three continents. Guests; Peter Lorre, Herbert Marshall, Wally Cox, Burgess Meredith, Walter Slezak, Ed Wynn, Keenan Wynn. 7:30 p.m. CDT. Burke's Law, p.m. National Football League Highlights, NBC. (Season premiere). Key moments of the professional league's games of the previous week. 4 p.m. CDT. Hootenanny, ABC. (Season premiere, new time, expanded for- This weekly been folksinging from mat). show has been lengthened 30 minutes to an hour, and there are now related adjuncts, like comedy guests. 7:30 p.m. CDT. The Lieutenant, NBC, "Cool of the Evening." Lt. Bill Rice is accused of molesting a young teach- 6:30 D.m, CDT. ABC. (Debut). Weekly hour series of tongue-in- chyek mystery-comedies, starring Gene Barry as a millionaire cop with a Rolls Rovce. In the er. b:;w p.m. Saturday Night (Season premiere). Year Itch." Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell. 8 p.m. CDT. Movie, "The NBC. Seven SUNDAY it Royce. "Who Killed "The Golden Age of Greece, CBS. King Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece are the guides of a special one - hour broadcast taped in the Parthenon on the hill of the Acropolis in Athens. 5 p.m. CDT. premiere, "wno Killed Holly Howard?," Barry investigates the murder of a model. Guests: Suzy Parker, William Bendix, Will Rogers Jr., Zasu Pitts, Sir Cedric Hardwicke. 7:30 p.m. CDT. Pro Football, ABC Kansas City at Buffalo, 1 D.m, CDT. College p.m. Bowl, NBC, (Season The Farmer's Daughter, ABC. j 4 . 30 (Debut). Inger Stevens in a weekly half-hour comedy as a farm girl of Swedish descent who becomes governess to a congressman's two sons. In the premiere, fihe unknowingly tips his hand on a political issue. 8:30 p.m. CDT. premiere, new network*. Temple University vs. University of California (Santa Barbara). (color). SATURDAY Jerry Lewis Show, ABC. (Qebiit). Weekly two-hour live program of informal fun, entertainment, discussion and inter­ im. CDT. Bill Dana Show, NBC. (Debut). Weekly half-hour comedy series in which Dana's famous character creation, "Jose Jimenez," is a bellhop in a New York hotel. 6 p.m. CDT. Travels of Jaimie McPheeters, ABC. 'The Day of First Trial." Indians block the trail west. 6:30 p.m. CDT. "Lincoln Center Cay," CBS. One-hour special marking the first anniversary of the opening of New views from the comedian's own j York's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. 7 p.m. CDT Arrest and Trial, ABC. "Isn't it a Lovely View?" Murder case with trimmings of industrial espionage. 7:30 p.m. CDT. theatre in Hollywood. 9:30 p.m. cm Baseball Game of the Week, Athletics at em. New Kansas City Yprk Yankees. 12:25 p.m. Football CB& University pf Washington at the Air Force ia Cakrado Springs, dl Grindl, NBC. Working girl Grin- Friday, Sept. 20 WHBF-Channel 4 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:30 8:30 10:00 10:10 10:15 10:30 11:00 San Francisco Beat: "Girl Bandit Case." Cronkite—CBS News. Local News. Rawhide. Town Meeting of the World." Hedda Gabler. Jim Koch News Weather Show. Sports Final. Meet McGraw: "McGraw Meets McGinly." Theatre 4: "Valentino," WOC—Channel 6 5:30 6:00 6:30 *7:30 8:30 •9:00 10:00 * 10:30 12:00 12:02 Huntley-Brinkley Report Report to Area 6 International Showcase. Sing Along With Mitch. Harry's Girls. Jack Paar Program. Report to Area 6. Tonight Show. •Midnight Headlines* Sea Hunt. WQAD-Channel 8 5:00 6:00 6:05 6:15 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:00 9:50 10.00 10:05 10:15 10:25 * 10:30 12:00 Maverick: "A Flock of Trouble." Weather. News, Sports. Ron Cochran, News, 77 Sunset Strip Burke's Law. Farmer's Daughter, Fight of the Week. Make That Spare Weather Dick Richmond News. Murphy Martin, News. Jim King, Sports Million Dollar Movie: "Way of a Gaucho. News Final. WTVU-Channel 19 5:00 6:00 6:15 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:00 9:45 10:00 10:10 10:15 11:15 1:15 Cheyenne. Cochran and News. Local News, Weather and Sports. 77 Sunset Strip- "Five." Burke's Law. The Farmers Daughter, Fight of the Week. Willie Pastrano vs. Gregorio Peralta Make That Snare. Murphy Martin News. Local News. New Breed. Hollywood's Finest: "Dial M for Murder." Evening Inspirational. WMRD-CJwnnel 31 CBS News. WMBP News, Weather, Sports. Rawhide. Route 66. Alfred Hitchcock. Portrait. WMBD News. Weather. Starr on Sports The Lat ; Show: "Boom Town." At Day's End. WEEK-Chunnel 43 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 12:J5 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:10 6:15 6:30 •7:30 8:30 Yogi Bear. Huntley-Brinkley. Local News. Weather Sports. International Showtime; "The Great Scott Circus." Sing Along With Mitch. Shannon: T, Duke of the Valley." •9:00 The Jack Paar Show. 10:00 Harrison and the News. 10:15 Weather. 10:20 Gordon Joyner on Sports. *10:30 Tonight Show, 12:00 Evening Meditation. • —Denotes Colorcast The St. Louis Cardinals won season series from the Pirates, Colts and Mets by the same tally, 13 games to 5. Give your child the greatest gift r a college education famous San Francisco beauty. m P4* cm\ World (Jmogene Coca) foils foreign agents searching for a secret rocket formula. 7:30 p.m. CDT. Bonanza, NBC. (Season premiere). "She Walks in Beauty." $100,000 top oi Sports, ABC. Hoss falls in love with an in (color). 8 p.m. CDT. 100 Grand, ABC. Experts on Italian Opera and the war for YOUR between Opera tne stains prize show, 9 p.m. CDT. aim in this quiz Main and Cherry Streets Galesburg, Illinois t i Thursday, Sept. 26 Galesburg Register-Mail, Galesburg, 111., Fri., Sept. 20, 1963 TV—7 WHBF-Channel 4 7'55 8:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11.00 11:25 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:20 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:15 6:20 6:30 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:10 10:15 10:30 11; We Begin This Day. :aptain Kangaroo. CBS Morning News. Beauty Break The McCoys. Pete and Gladys. Love of Life. CBS News. Search for Tomorrow. The Guiding Light. Best of Groucho As the World Turns. Password. Houseparty. To Tell the Truth. CBS News. Edge of Night Secret Storm. December Bride. Grandpa Happ> Show. Leave It to Beaver. Cronkite—CBS "News. John Ravencroft—News. Don Wooten—Weather. Don Sharp—Sports. Password. Rawhide. Perry Mason. The Nurses. Jim Koch News Weather Show Sports Final. Tightrope: "Bullets and Ballet. ,, Theatre 4: "Forbidden Street." WOC-Channel 6 6:50 6:55 7:00 7:25 7:30 8 *25 9:00 9:25 9:30 10:00 •10:30 •11:00 11:30 11:55 12:00 12:10 18:15 12:40 2:00 •2:30 3:00 3:25 3:30 4:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:30 •8:30 9:00 10:0" • 10:30 12:00 12:02 Sign On. The Daily Word Today. Local News. Today, Local News. Say When. NBC News. Especially for you. Concentration. Missing Link. Your First Impression, Truth or Consequences. NBC News. News and Market Report* Weather Cartoon Time. Movie Matinee; "Lucy Galiant." Loretta Young. You Don't Say The Match Game. NBC Afternoon Report. Make Room for Daddy. Capt'n Vem's Cartoon Showboat Huntley-Brinkley. Report to Area 6. Temple Houston. Dr Kildare Hazel. The Washington Negro. Report to Area 6 Tonight Show Midnight Headlines. Sea Hunt WQ4D-Channel 8 10:30 Seven Keys. 11:00 Ernie Ford. 11:30 Father Knows Best. 12:00 General Hospital. 12:30 Farm-Home Show- 1:00 Day in Court. 1:25 Midday Report 1:30 Jane Wyman 2:00 Queen for a Day 2 30 Who Do You Trust. 3:00 American Bandstand. 3:30 Discovery 3:55 American Newsstand. 4:00 Jungle Jay Show* •Tarzan's New Adventure." "Bride of the Idol." 5:00 Maverick: "The Misfortune Teller." 6:00 W-itJ.ei 6:05 News. Sports. 6:15 Ron Cochran News. 6:30 Flintstones. 7:00 Donna Reed 7:30 My Three Sons. 8:00 Jimmy Dean Show. *9:00 Edie Adams Show. 9:30 Naked City: "Meridan." 10:00 Weather 10:05 nick Richmond News. 10:15 Murphy Martin News. 10:25 Jim King Sports 10*30 Steve Allen. 12:00 News Final. Every Day (Continued from page 1) Chet Huntley (Continued from page 6) WTVH—Channel 19 hy in leading roles * you have York, but Mac, a collie, and 8:25 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 4:00 4:30 5:00 6:00 6:15 •6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:10 10:15 Morning Inspiration. Columbia Lectures. Deputy Dawg Cartoons. Romper Room. Seven Keys. Tennessee Ernie Ford Show. Father Knows Best. General Hospital ^arm Market Reports. M Squad: "Day of Terror." Jane Wyman Presents. Queen for a Day. Who Do You Trust? Trailmaster: "The Gabe Carswell Story." Mickey Mouse Club. Cartoon Circus. Cheyenne. Ron Cochran—News. Local News, Weather and Sports. The Flintstones. "Groom Gloom." Donna Reed Show: "Brighten the Corner." My Three Sons "Scotch Broth." Jimmy Dean Show. The Edie Adams Show. DA's Man* "The Witness." Murphy Martin- -News. Local News. Hollywood's Finest: "Fort Apache." 12:05 Evening Inspirational. WMRD-Channel 31 6:54 6:55 7:00 7:30 7:55 8:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:25 11:30 11.45 12:00 12:15 12:30 1:00 1:30 2-00 2:25 2:30 .3:00 3:30 3:45 4:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:00 9.00 10:00 10:30 12:15 Sign On. The Daily Word. Sunrise Semester. Tinker Time Today's Weather. Captain Kangaroo. Mike Wallace—CBS News. I Love Lucy. The Real McCoys Pete and Gladys CBS News. Search for Tomorrow. The Guiding Light. News. Weather Markets. Debbie Drake. As the World Turns. Password. Houseparty. To Tell the Truth. CBS rews The Edge oi Night. The Secret Storm. The Lee Phillip Show. Street Scene. The Early Show: "Up in Central Park." CBS News Peoria Today. Password. Rawhide. Perry Mason. The Nurses Peoria Tonight. The Late Show: "Neptune's Daughter." At Day's End WEEK-Channel 43 7:00 9:00 9:25 •9*30 • 10:00 10:30 • 11:00 11:30 11:55 12:00 12:10 12:20 12:30 1:00 1:25 1:30 2:00 3:00 3:25 3:30 4:00 5:30 6:00 6:10 Today- Say When. NBC News Morning Report. Play Your Hunch- Price Is Right. Concentration. Your First Impression. Truth or Consequences. NBC News. News at Noon. Weather. Popeye. King and Odie. People Will Talk. N3C News. The Doctors. Loretta Young. Match Game. NBC News. Make Room for Daddy. Captain Jinks. Huntley-Brinkley. Locax News. Weather. character actors who can act." Sammy, a basset hound, add a Even some existing shows are domestic touch to the farm. Huntley's wardrobe consists of nine or 10 suits, most of them changing their formulas Take 77 Sunset Strip, which used to be the haven for the tall, empty leading men. "We've taken the funny paper element out of the show," says Efrem Zimbalist Jr., the only survivor of the original cast. "My character is more serious now. I used to be a dilettante, made by a New York tailor from top-grade material from England. "I have a friend who is a pur- Chet a freighter,' 1 "And ser on plains. "Ana every comes to this country he brings time ex- he over a bunch of English woolens but now I'm a private detective which I buy for $26 per suit, for a living. The whole show has improved. 11 So things are looking up in the television world. The trend may not yet be strong enough to drive The Beverly Hillbillies back into the swamp from whence they oozed, but it's a beginning. Television is finally coming of age. per Then I have them made up at my tailor's. they're conserva- television "Naturally, tive for my The New York Mets came close to winning their first baseball series but Cincinnati's Reds topped them, 10 games to 8. 6:15 Sports. 6:30 Temple Houston: "Find Angel Chavez." 7:30 Dr. Kildare: "Who Ever Heard of a Two-Headed Doll?" *8:30 Hazel: "An Example for Hazel," 9:00 The Washington Negro. 10:00 Harrison ana the News. 10:15 Weather. 10:20 Gordon Joyner on Sports, • 10:20 Tonight Show. 12 .-00 Evening Meditation. •—Denotes Colorcast. apfear- ances. But I'm most comfortable down on the farm when I can lounge around in an open shirt and blue jeans. "It's deathly quiet down there and a wonderful place for a man to get away from it all and keep his perspective. "We raise our timothy and hay for the thoroughbred horses running at eastern tracks. And every spring we sell off the calves from our herd, It's just busy enough to keep me preoccupied when I have enough time to escape the rigors of the city." Heaviest football player at Syifr acuse is Tom Wilhehn, a 260- pound junior tackle from Cleveland. BROTHERS MAIN and SEMINARY i (

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