Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 30, 1932 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1932
Page 4
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Pane I MELVIN JOHNSON', Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, April III), THE JOURNAL'S Crossword Puzzle IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL s UNDAY 1 CHOOL Lesson (Iljf JIKV. I n FITZ\\ VTEH. I D, Mura- ber of F n r u l l ) M o o d y IUMe I n s t U u l u of C h l t a r o ) (O. 193.;. \W 3 t«.rn NoHjuancr Union.) Lesson for May 1 ISAAC AND HIS WELLS l.nPSOM Ti:\T-- Oenosli 16 12-25. Col,Ui;.N TUKT-- A turnetli m v i j vr.itli: words s t i r up :inm.r PIIt.\IUl\ TOIMC-- Is r.Uhcrs i:\ainiile. Jl'MOIl TOPIC-- Isaac Falhnvs His F.iUui's I?T,un;ile. i N T i H i M u n t A T c A N D sn.vion TOPIC -- H i m to {· op Q u . i r r t l s . YuuNn rixipr.r: A N D ADULT TOPIC -- lion World 1'cicc Is to He Established. sort answer b u t B r i c \ o u s It me w a s a child of tlic covenant and wa3 n i \ o n In tlio t i m e of tlio old asc of A b r n h 1111 and S'inili. In fulfillment of Ond's promise. Il'f nuinc means "KiiiiriittT." As to cli.iracter, lie w is Kfiitlo, me ·!:. m o d i t i u i v e and l(:ire IOMIILT IIo n:is n remarkable to liis f.itlior Alr:iliniu. Two ng niny li.ivo affected him to his 1. The shadow of nn Illustrious f.Ulior. Sons (if ^rout uiul rich men commonly do not make nnicli of life. Tlio nwr.-sitj- of simple is not forced upon them. 2. He was brousht up as thp only child of Ills niotlior. Tho tendency In Mien n cnse would be to shield him from the no o-.s|ty of c L ir-clTort. so that lu w o u l d bo un:il)lc (o meet life's Morn realities. H v r r j cl'ild should be r-ompelled to t J i t n k for himself and to fi^ht bis own battles. I. Isaac in Gerar (vv. 12-17). 1. Tlio apripar.mee of the Lord unto !i!m (vv. 1-5). Heiausp of fiunlnc In the land, Isiae n c n t Into the. country of the Philistine:. The distress upon tlic land f-lmuld li:no mmed blin to rail upon Hie Lord (.Times 5:13). It wore bettor to suffer In tlic Innil than to £o nnioii^ the enemies of God's peoiilo. The Lord preciously np- poaiod to him thore and directed him not to po into ITu'Mit, thus a\olding the error of his father. H c WHS perm i t t e d to sojourn In this land because It u l t l m n t c l j was (o bolong to hli seed. 2. Ills lapse (\v. 7-11). IIo j folded to tlio same t o f i i p t n t f o n as did Abra- Jisiin ninny bcfnro (Gen. 110:12, J.'J). This piovos t h a t It Is not a pood thins to d w e l l 111110115 the enemlps of f.'dd's people. It was w h e n Peter vanned h i m s e l f nt the lire of the enemy Unit he was tempted to deny his Lord. :i. UN prosperity (\v. 12-17). Isaac did not Intend to malic Gomr his por- tiiniiPtit place of nhode. ITp IntPtidod only to sojourn there. While there hp .sowed and reaped bountifully. This prosperity no proof that God np- prn\ed of bis God sends his rnin upon tho Just nnd the unjust. II. Isaac's Enemies (vv. 1S-22). IIo not p p - m i t t e d Ions tn en Joy IM-. f r u i t f u l land. His prosperity Incited the e n v y of tho riiillbtlnps. They could not stand to sec his In- ·Tcasp In UoelvP, herds, and servants. Success In any c n l l i n ? of life will pro\o'.o pn\y. Tliey dcmandpd that Isnnr should lo.i\o them. \Vliorovcr eni-y Ij;is- lipL'iiii it-, deadly nork, there must bo sopar.ition. Tho Philistines took as tlu-ir inetlioil of trcttin? rid of fsaac (lie .stupjiin^ up of the \\elH illil nut contend for tlipm but poace- :ihl.\ w l t l n l r o u to another jilace nhere IIP proit odod au'.'iin to dig the u p l i s of his father, [fe enllod thorn bv I h o sarno n inies ns ills father had piii'n tin m. 1. T'cN, «(itrli moans "strife" or " c o n t e n t i o n J ' In^ of stru^Klliij; w i t h tlioni. ho removed from them nnd dicr.Td .-mother woll. '_'. S:tiiah, ulii-h means "oiiinlty." The P b i l i - t i n o s K t r o \ e for this well nl-o. Tho n.'ii.ia f:I\on shows t h o r p Increisod bittornoss of fc-lln;:. .'{. 1'eholiotli. IScnuisc of tlio bitter opposition, Kiao rL-mo\od from them nnd (|i!»'i.,i anoihrr well which ho i ailed "Kelinbotli," meaning "there Is room." Tlu t h i r d time be disced wells there w a s no btrifo. The way to ba\i' p e i r o is to \\o:ir out our eno- ink-j w i t h natlenco. I I I . Isnac In Beer.Eheba (vv. 232.1). IiniiH'dl.itoly f o l l o w i n g F'-.iac's golnTM up from iimoim' tlio Philistines, the Lord :ippe ired to him. Our fellowship nnd pihile^'os us sons nnd^lisoiv. of end ;:iv dupondent upon our seji'iraticin from the world (II Cor. 0.-M-1S). I-'iillo«i!i« this \isitutlon, I^a.ic built Jin ;iltjr and called upon tho n.inio of tho Lord As soon ns n mwtlnx pl.'.ce w i t l i .Tclunah cs t.'ihlMiiMl, I-.isic iiitchod his tent there. Followinp t h i s Nine's sonants dlsru'cil a well. Tlu-rc Is no use of coins atnon;; tho Philistines to set waterTM After N i a c v u s est.ilillsind In Itecr- .slicb^, Ablmclcth came ilcslrln^ to iiniUp nn alliance w i t h Mm. "j'],i 3 bliow? t h a t he K-'ined Inlliience by jii-uc-ciibly v.ltlulniwlnj,' from the Phil- istlne«. I l l s belunior pnned to llitm that ho w n s the fneml of God. PITHY FICK-UPS Harmony trouble. w i t h GoU ends nil Human nature craves to be both re- llh'Ioua and r a t i o n a l ; nnd the life which Is not Loth Is neither. --Jtev. Aubrey Moore. * · · It's the tlilnvs one learns for one self-- w h e t h e r they are about life or old china-- that are thp must \aluable. -- Willlntn .1. I,nr-l;e. Answer To Last Week's Puzzle. I 5~3 10 14 IS" 16 W fcl 2.5- 26 30 34 33 41 4* 43 V. to | 52 53 57 61 4 5 " r ,? -7 11 22 i~r J.B A3 £3 j r a a? 28 31 32, 3. 35- 30 37 40 f 44 f 45 W 5-0 5. 5-4 55- 5-8 5? GJ G2. TM T 1? * I J19 3 1 37 1 46 1 5~6 (@, 1926. Western Newsp.ipcr Union.) Horizontal. I--A beggar 6--Poverty strlpken 10--Capital of France U--Disorderly demonstration U--Part of "to be" 16--Intertwined II--Feudnl landholder 20--Kind of flsh 23--Conserved Z4--Bailor 15--English school for boys 27--One ot the simple machines 29--Jumbled type 80--Across 32--To caper 34--To pay In advance 31--Inhabitants of the capital of Italy 35--Rambles 10--Exact 41--Preposition 4J--Benches 45--Pair working- In harmony 17--MeshoJ material 19--To fear 51--Arid 12-- TO retain 54--African member of Ethiopian race 56--Street (nbbr.) 57--To post B9--Hurts II--A repast 62--Utters words Solution v»III unpi-ar Vertical. londltlon existing between \vur« 2 -- Sky nurd 3 -- Anl mill's foot 4 -- CJod of love 5 -- Opponent 7 -- Conjunction 1 -- L.ulrlc-mt II -- To cut off 13 -- To cnsn.ire 15 -- Gni c n K l n e 17 -- At no time 19-- K.xllH In drops 21 -- Kiifjllsh sin jiort 23 -- County of southwestern England 26 -- liomnn historian 28-- To hind In 31 -- Acted w i l d l y 33 -- Trubscd i \ l t h Incen 34 -- Heavy board 35 -- To lonff for 37 -- Approaches 39 -- Prcc!iltouB 42-- To thrive 44 -- Scandinavian lecends 46-- Folk tales 48 -- Snmr ns 45 horizontal 50 -- To f.-Ul In drops 53 -- Pastry So -- Single 58 -- Note of scale 61 -- South America (abbr.) In B A Y E A S P I R I N is always SAFE B E W A R E O F I M I T A T I O N S ENIGMA Isn't It The Truth? 1 2 3 4 5 C 7 8 !) 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 222 3 2 1 2 5 2 6 27 28 29 30 3 1 3 2 3 3 3 4 35 30 37 38 39 40 41- 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 (51 (52 03 04 G5 (315 G7 (J8 (59 70 71 72 73 74 75 7G 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 SB.--Jas. Gordon Gilkey, D. D. 2 3 7, a pronoun. '18 12 24 15 9, of few years. 45 22 28 36 G, a newly married person. 55 10 19 38 17 40 72 32 17 28 27 1 48, accountability. 21 71 19 73 4 43 41 72, married men. 11 18 27 27 - 73 30 28 50 16, health. 13 23 8(5 37, a larger number. 29 49 7 5G 19, shapes. 52 24 22 20 71 55 38, training. 25 8( 8 59 24 14 27 27 48, a step at a time. 31 35 48, road. 45 71 72 32 58 42 19 72, occupation. 63 86 51 29 53 19 72 28 77 65 46 27, opposite of amateur. 29 7 32 62 68 61, Quaker. J4 9 82 33 28 19 13, conceit. 2G 32 5G, a pronoun. 13 67 75 44 54 27, pertaining to the mind. 72 38 28 55 32 69 24 57 27, pertaining to the soul. 19 34 60 63 8t, form. 79 70 74 83, object at a distance. 80 85, a pronoun. 84 74 38 63 48, satisfied. 28 78 66 32 5 32 76 71 4 27 72, persons. Answer to last week's enigma: "Every day that dawns is a good day in which to turn over a new leaf." ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT Where Does She Get Her "Pep?" REFRIGERATION THE ROLLATOR · A roller nlli and there's ice... At fforgt mecbanhm is at simple as that. It bat but three moving parti. .. is almost tvtrlaiting. With new features of convenience nnd advanced methods of food preservation, Norge today offers even greater value than ever before. 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Owen Knotts, Assignee, TB. Clayton S. Kuffman and Ida M. Kauffman, his wife. CAROLINE MOTOR CO. Phone 117 Denton, Md. GOOD USED TIRES |1, $1.50 up. Expert Vulcanizing Now is the time to subscribe. Tune in Goodyear Radio Sat. Program* 1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H In the Circuit Court for Caroline county. In Equity. No. 2991 Chy. Ordered this 14th day of April, nineteen hundred and thirty-two, that the aale of the property in these proceedings mentioned, made and reported by J. OWEN KNOTTS, Assi B nce, be ratified and confirmed, unless came to the contrary be shown on or before the 16th day of June, next, provided a copy of thts order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once Jn eaeh of four ano- eesslve woeke, before the 16th day of May. next. The report atatea the amount of sales to be $2100.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk of the Circuit Court for Caroline county. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY. Clerk. Court's Notice To Creditors. Wilbert L, Merriken, Trustee, vs. Thomas W. Harmon. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. No. 2995. Ordered, this first day of April, 1932, by the Circuit Caurt for Caroline County, in Equity, that the creditors of inomas w. Harmon of said coonty or those claiming an interest in the property conveyed to Wilbert L. Merriken. Trustee, for ihft benefit of said creditors, a copy of which la filed in this cause or in the sale of the same, be and they are hereby notified and requi-ed to file their said claim with the proper vouchers annexed thereto in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court for Caroline County, in the above cause on or before the first day of August, 1032, provided a copy of thia order be published in the newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, Muryland, once eaeh week for three succesgiv« weeks before the first day of May, 1932. THOMAS J. KEATING. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. Put hi that want advertisement THE FAMILY NEXT DOOR A Real Pacifist Order Nisi. Carl W. Gadow, Mary E. Marfield, Raymond G. Gadow and Grace E. Helfrich, vs. PurnellT. Gadow, Marie Gadow, his wife, and Frank F. Gadow and Dorothy Helfrich, Infants. In the Circuit Court for Caroline county. In Equity. No. 2908 Chy. Ordered, this 19th day of April, in the year nineteen hundred and thirty- two, that the sate of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by F. WILLIAM ORTMAN, ALEXANDER W. SPEDDEN, JR.. CHARLES B. HARRISON, Trustees, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the 23rd day of June, next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper, printed and published in Caroline county, once in each of four successive weeks before the 23rd day of May. next The report states the amountof sales to be $1676.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY. Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY. Clerk. AlA\6HT, , STUBBORN BRUT?! HAN6 IT WHCRE YOU rr t PlCTWt OH THIS WAU.U -W*D I REPEW THM 1H\S TH' ONLY Pv.pvC.e POR IT · PICTURE AMD HNflG TT OARH PLEASE 1 . rf% OVH 1 ON t*0 OTHEft I) FOR RENT Desirable Rural Residence, \% miles north of Denton. Dwelling house of 7 rooms, complete with pantry, porches, etc,, and needed outbuildings--all in perfect rondition and ready for occupancy. Garage, larpe barn nnd stable, chicken house, pigeon house; also a filling station. T h e ite contains 4 or 6 acres of land with an orchard of apples, pears, peaches and grapes. J. L. EVERNGAM. 2 ' 6 Denton, Md. NEWSPAPER! AV A. BRACKETT DENTIST Oflice over Caroline Motor Co. Market St Phone 32 D E N T O N . M A R Y L A N D Open daily from 9 a. m. 6.30 p. m.

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