Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on December 9, 1910 · Page 5
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 5

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1910
Page 5
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, JfKiDAY, DEOJfiMHtriit 9, 1910. nico BRUCE WED Engagement of Well Known Young Couple is Announced Wedding at Early Date The er^paRfme-'. ts announced of Mls= Mathilde Kair.:;:. iauKhter of Mrs. Hugh H. Harri'.! c f West State Street ^.nd Bru- 4 " 3»* :f.-rJ also of this citj Miss Harntii Is a "«:'; known and popu lar la'iy s.* rerent'y returned with her frC'Ci a visit o? severa. months ;r. Europe. Sir. P.rdforJ is a son of Judge Bed ford of WUkes-Barre. Pa., and !s an officer cf the L\:zern« Rubber Com party of this city He !s a graduate o' Princeton I"r.!, with the degre of bacheicT ·*·-? pc!enc« or the class o 3899, ar.J hoen a resident of th:« city practically ever ft^ce. W'^tle ; n c'-ollege 31r. }:.'iftird was a famnu? at': iete arid was f ' r three years sero.i f '.::-.!·. erstty. team and the car's!- ff It ia M!s senior year. It is understood that the wedding .if these young people will take place shortly. ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED MISS MATHILDE HAM1LL. ; '..«A .-:C".t( :ii.-n! in Bruce Fiedfixr«l | S H O W E R FOR MISS KNOPP. j ri.. \ , , , , : _ c,.,,,:.".- s.,.-irt.-. nf st. i Announcement has be^n made of the engagement of Benjamin Klatskin ·'' 23S "Morris Avenuo, this ci:y. a n d - M i s ? -'Fannie Ephrairn nf ;js tjouth Kxefc-r -'.ir,.: i i , . f.,!i-! Street, Baltimore, Md. The b r i o -- · ''V'",' 1 ', ·"·''·· ci - 1 - grtom-eleet is a wattv'.makor and :?';.'.!,.i'', ! ^"', ! .', employed by the IjiscFSoll Watch Con;-: " J.,..,,,,..' j',',', " jia'-ny. MS?S Eriiral.ii, v,-!- r o is.thp dans!.- M,.'^/,'^' \.-, .,-. r V." . ter of a well krmvn phys-.-tan in B;.!t;-, "--'"^.'.'",;, '' " 1 marie, .'is a talc-ns^a ;ianis!. : x "" r.,:··.-,I ;. !.:i.n -Oio.jv.--r t.. Mis? M i n - j · K ! ' I | - P . ' : Si-.'-kv...i»iJ. in honrr o f ] ntcrt.-iiw^M.i by M i ^ s .-i~ A n n a I'i»--ll--, ; \Vi!h:uv Behrcnds. . The- w-eflriinc. v.-' : -.i,-U v.-'-'i talc" place anting tile Christjuas holidays, u U l s.c' the home of HIFS. Kphr?im. Aft--r'. ,jtbe marriage Mr. Klatzkin wili- np.c-n a ..Jewelry store in Caitirrinrf'. . ; I'... ll.-r. A n n w P'l.'llr-r. Tilli" ri S.-lli!«'vl, ~[.i'l\:t K'ninii. .'u1g\ !h:rl; :nlij M i n - H.-i'a.-kcr. \ V l l l i H i n .\it»ijih K n - ' p p *FHE TIMES DAILY PUZZLE PICTURE '--- -' . -.-OUT OF SJGH-T. - ' . . The wimer girl has"- many "charms " frli \ve itriss t-Iie -»-hi;!jbj* arms That nrt.w ire seaJskio s " ; : S|y lip^ calf top: ia;: CMf Butt; " , '." jfJerfqrtat ' " . Beaded Slipper. C-olt Er«ning Slippers (four aew ones.) ; , ; : $5. Wonien*s Soniple Shoes at Re toil. .V Se:oiiTI«» /. Treaton MASTER TAYLOR IS GIVEN A SURPRISE i Master Ira Taylor was given a blrth- 1 cay party at th« home of his parents, C','9 Hamilton Avenue. Tuesday even::p. I t bdnK his t e n t h annlversarj-. Favorite games were played and musi- a! selections were rendered. Master Taylor was ths recipient of many i.r r t u t i f u ! presents. A collation was s'-rvmj, th« table being beautlSA^y d*co- rat.'d hy Mrs. J- \V. Carrf^ Thoss present were: Dorothy Moore. Treaa Howarth. Anna Mutcliler, Julia Tom; Imscn, Mahel Loclrwood. Nora Arnold^ Florence Kgger!. Harry Vreeland. Harold Loc-kwood, Harold Cox. Nelson Tsiy'mr, Horace Thorn, Edward Thorn, Tvier Moore. Ira Taylor. Mr. and Mrs, J.' \v. Caril. Mr. and Mrs. Horace \Vo3. Mr and Mrs. C. H. Vreeland, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Taylor. Personal Mention Mr. and Mr«. William E. Groen of i his city are expected to return today ironi their wedding Journey .to Call- tvrnla. They will occupy their new home, 339 Hellevu* Avenue. I Parry Forst, a »on of Arthur D. ' Furst of tills city mud a. student at I PrUi«"t«n University, IB a member of t h e Banjo f'lub of that Institution and wll play with the club at the concert here Monday evenng. Claude Mlnton. son of the Rev. Henry CojHri Minton of Bellevue Avenue., ar- H \c-il at his home yesterday from the \Vrt?hitig:ton and Jefferson University, \V:is.!)1neton. Pa., where he Is a stu- · I'-nt. tlfi will spend his holiday vaca- i t i - ' n here. His brother, Henry Collln 1 Mintoii. Will come home 'next week ; Ironr the same, university. ' .Mrs. Kdu'ard Tunis and her eons of. F v r t h A n i l m y !iav» returned to- thrtr '- :-'.t,iin-. alter a v.-pek's visit' with her sisit'r. Mr=. R. K. Beers, 16 Cottags ; r'.-.u-r, Htllt-rest- ; Miss ];mtna Hcudder of West State .; Strict., entertained the Wednesday. | At'tTrtorm Rridpe Club this. week. i Thuse present were: Mra. Henri- C~ · Bla. kwetl. Mrs. William A. Clark, Mra. ' P a u l !.. Cort, Mrs. .W. M. Dickinson, | Mrs. Barker G. Ha null. Mrs. Frank ! -Kennedy, Mrs. John A. Montgomery, t Miss Helen Roeblihp. Miss. Gertruda ! Vr,iJir), Miss Klsie Breese. Miss Clara ; f!lai ; kwell. Miss Kfiirna Linburg, Miss : l-jiicy Slade and Miss Frances j Dickinson. j Mis? Helen M. Lambert, daughter of I Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lambert, at 48 i West State Street, started yesterday j fur a trip t.. Illinois. She will be the I .ctiest .of Miss Eileen Dunne., daughter j of former - Mayor Dunne of Chicago, ismd will visit her grandparents, Mr; | and Mrs, Henry J: Luddig of" Freeport ' ji.ud at her.former home at Oak Park near Chicago, where several social af- lairs have been arranged in her honor. Mrs. George Bertels of 99 North Clinton Avenue on Tuesday enter| taine.l Mrs, M. J. Reay; Mrs. J. O: I lleafn. ilrs. Charles Schanck. Mrs. Ed- 'j sar Jones, Mrs. John Powers, Mrs 1 .-'J. ,.;V. Hatfleld of Lawrenceville. and Mrs. (Spencer A. Magowan of : ,??ew York. OF TWO MATERIALS rose ra?hm^Te is" «~"*mbined xv!th PTU ];u"', to make this handpnine fzovvj}. ' TJIP eft\*5't is t h u t of an under- urcss of t r i e *UJ**P. "vfliile tiif 1 overdress ila-inti!y draj^d 6\\ iiidl**s into a. merft br^tell^ ov**r the shouWvrs. The separate motifs of lace anU chiffon are ornam^?nlad with tiatvl pmbroidf-ry. · j Mrs. Marie. Smith and Mrs. '-." j Smith of this city, are visiting :their - parents, -Mr. and .Mrs. Jones of Vina;- i land. · ; '- ' · . .".. . [ Mrs, Mary-pucker of LonlsviHe/Ky,, j is visiting her aaugh'teK Mrs."Maude i Harfis, at the American Howse. Building Inspector Edward Schoenthaler of Long Branch, is spending a few days at the home of .his parents," Mr. 'and Sirs.. John Schoenthaler, ~ 833 WOMEN WHO DO GOOD WORK Mrs. Clarence Burns Favors Pensions .for Widowed Mothers-- Well Known -Clubwoman Interested m Milk Jn-- vestigation -- ^First Woman to Build Successful Aeroplane. -. Mrs. Clarence Burns, president- of the .little Mothers' "Aid Society, believes that every widow left in poor circumstances .Should receive a pension from- the State if she has children. According to. Sirs. Burns, a registry of widows ^should be kept in every town)* When a h-usband -illcs a report should bo made to the bureau of registry. The th'eanK of support left to such widows may therefore be Investigated. This measure would lead toward the preservation of liome life and would keep the mother from haying' to work outside the house. leaving thC|Children practically to their own devices. Certainly after a woman, has worked away from home all day she has not much strength .left" to' take care of her babies. Mrs. "Burns her opinions thus- "A.niari carries a gun -for his. nation. If in war he is injured lie receives, a pension In recognition of the service he has rendered to his country. He feels . Chambers Street. . . . - · " " - " · ' . " ' ,'-;^.- ' ' . ' ". A 'rs. H. J. "Weast Injured her wjlst nnd · hand -;by a fall on .the Ice last Monday. She Is uhder'the care ot Dr.' ' ' ' ---.. Adam J. ·'-- Strphm. director of ; the f Ptiblli* Library, went to Albany, N". : T., "yesterday to readTa- paper -before" the lib:ra.ry"scho"ol " " " : * · ;-:TJnile* .States Senator 5*a-n*-X O. : Briggs'-and 1v}f«f : have" closed their home on -West State, -Street "for tha winter send removed to WflinJnirton, ' C. "-··.',-·'-:-. '.-'· . : '.'/~. '-\ : .' :~ '·'.;..--·.-·:" '·..··-'.' Mn and Mrs. Walter- Harding have returned . from their" wedding totir, =" lii the course of --whlcri they, visited Mra. Owen Eoyett -at . Chicago, .formerly of -this. city.. _ ' ,, , . . - . ;i ._'..', :/ ;.: "...-. .--.--- ,...' - : Marguerite ;Brougliton tertain :the Friday ^ -Afternoon- Card Club -today .-at rherhpine on Weat Stat* -Street; , . - . . ' · : ' . . · ' - " ·.'·.·;;-·.-.;'-.-· --'.'--;·_ , ; ;Msr, Karl ?; RoebHn«' and f-mfly retiirned yesterday rfrc-ui, 'Taujlowii ·where tfiey bav* - been"- vteMrf- Henry D.^Estabrbqki ' '' " . -Mrs. James Me-^ler of Belle. u« Avenue Is spending, the "weet in NeiwTork. Messier will Join het ov»r ".STTTiJ«»y. . . . and Mrs. Mande Hi . Is, who have b««n giiests at the American House for several weeks. wentrto Norfolk, V*:, y«B- terday,- where 1 they" wllj; r^ma*" 1 until Christmas. : -l : ^ -.' ·_·-'- ·'.-./; --· .'/-' '. John H**«on «t Chlcx«t .wm«.* guest at the AmerteJin S«ps« ya.t4Td«.y. He i s - vice " ^ " Gonipany. . - T. Flska 3oTrrc*tan at Avenue,' is: on a buuttng uip n«*r Mld- dleton, N. "O ; . '.'-"- MIs» C-""on, IHU Bu"-.K»ni» is the guest of Mf»i;lxo!«»8oiu««d «f Weft State SUiet ^v".-^:---/'- ^ ' ,. --"Mf»f A«««tt« «««(- of -Worth A venne, to In Inrtprie,. Ou. -"y, «tady- Ing: music, "" --i» id to West- Chester, . Miss Sophie Vanhorn. 6f Villa is visiting frtesnds I n T W ' ' .B a Swem of Took '',, K. T.. . t« been upending a f«w d»y» *lth friends ·here. " . . - - ' - . " -- Yoy Know John S. Rubin, Jewrier, 8 f. State St.? i£;Scl Avui;f*tftf t . '"I'will Pay Yo« Barker Gummere " terday in New Tuik OU- . AC 1 1 VITIES »OF . Y. W. C. A- Th« T- VT. C. A. v~..-..^U » ·*».:* ing some ftnpoitmnt rnf, ' I 4 **·». ** 1*~, T^terday th« couuultte* 'em Bible srndy uf(.l. with Mtss May Bnch«"iaTi as chairman. . " " ; Today at 3 o'clock the Monday evening soda) committee/ of which Miss Prances Dickinson. Is the .chairman, \vjll meet. They wll! plan for some n»ristmas entertainments. For 4 o'clock this afternoon Mrs, Burgess.; has called a meeting at the T- "W, r. A. of the committee on religious work, and at 5 o'clock the gym- na«ltun committee will m«et, with Mrs; ~ · I. A. R. TEA WAS A BRILLIANT AFFAIR! The tea at T\hich the Broad S-wl Chapter. D. A R-, entertained the other local chapters, yesterday afternoon, at th" old Barracks, was a i brilliant and pleasing affair. The Trent Chapter. General David Formaii chapter, captain Jonathan Oliphant Chapter, ;meral Hugh Mercer Chapter. General Ceorge Washington Chapter and the Princeton Chapter, of Prtwetwn, were well represented. The quests of honor were: Mrs. ' Wrodrow Wilson. Mrs. Howard Cro.sby i \^'arren. apd the state regent, Mrs. ; William Ijibbey. from Princeton; Mrs. i K. t;. Putnam, from Elizabeth, vice pre'-iiiFrit qtneral of the National V. \. R: Mrs Charles B. Tardley. from ; LCas-t ( Jrangi-. \vho iri sta.te vice regent, and MJ5S Ellen Mecum, from Salem, : former state mrent. [ Mrs. Paul 1.. Cort. Mrs. Charles ! DflMgren. Mrs. ')e\-elarid Hiison ana : Miss LouiFf, Southard received the gu.-sts in the Broad Seal room. | ! Mrs. J'tnits B. Breese and Miss [ Mary Dickinson poured and the other j nK'oiters of the chapter assisted- Mrs. James Breese loaned her Vic! trola. which played airs from grand i-a most beautifully during the af- j tf?rnoon_"This was in charge of Miss May O. ijreesi'. The Broafl Seal Chapter has the distinction of being the first and oldest chapter in 7'r* 1 ntcn. Mrsf. Cort was gowned in white satin, covered with black lace, and trimmed with passementerie. Mrs. Breeso wor^ violet hand-em- bro'dered batin, trim-ned with real lace. Mrs. Cleveland Hilsou wore black chiiio, trimmed with black net. Mrs. Dahlgrvn wore black silk, with lac". Miss Dickinson., black crepe de chine, with net and white lace. Miss Southard, gray messaline, with white lace and Persian trimmings. Mrs. J-bn Bruyere, pale blue hroad- cUth, with fur. ». '· Miss Blackwell, cobalt- blue silk. veiled with spangled net and trimmed with lace and gold. Mrs! !oais Beers', brown chiffon over white silk, trimmed with brown panne velvet. . ' ' . ' . Among the guests were: Mrs. Alex r ander Jamieson, Mrs. Henry P. Perrine, Mrs. Mary A. Bell, Mr^. James Stephens. Miss Carolyn Ktngman, Mrs. I^ewis Perrlne. Mrs. Philip Brak'eley. Mrs. C". B. Newton, Mrs. John Moses, Mrs. Oaniel R. Foster, Mrs. John Dix- ou. Mrs. John H. Scuddei 1 . Mrs. Barton Hutchinson. Mrs. Edward Evans," ' t h e alisses Cliambers, the Misses Wilson. Mrs: Charles H. Baker, Mrs. Robert Belville. Mrs. Robert W. Kennedy. Mls=s Susanhe \VilIets, Miss femma Sendder. no humiliation when the money proffered .him and ,,ln many cases only too ready to .apply to the State for it. if? he has not" been recognizer!. "Xjiw'a. .woman risks her life for .her country, tier children grow uj to serve their nation, and_~'why-. ..when "this woman gives so maclt to tlio world, should- she not, when left in destltiite or. straitehe-fl.circumstances, receive as much as the rnaii who goes to.war? "T.he axre'rage""--..woman has., never worked save in- lier .h'bjne-. -She ha* al^. w'ays been provided .for and knows absolutely/nothing of-the- battle of the Mrs, Joseph M. Korst. Mrs.. S. phant, Mrs. Howell C. Stull, Mrs. worlds " she -13 thrp.wn -Dn. to the; tw-pQrthree.Httle children. 'sHail sli'e'-dp?. -W^iere.. shall she .bread a.nd|)uffrr for them ? It ; IS. a~ great problem : arid 6ne ; whiQftr bfe'V 1 - "·.-.-· ." ; ..-: ; - George Foster, 'Mrs. Mary Van Kusen, Mrs. F. M. Alpaugh. Mrs. AV. D. Burgelin r Mrs. Edward W. Dunham, Mrs. J..C: Bloom, Mrs, John W. Ward. Mrs. Thomas \Vinaus, Mrs. Maxwell Rockhill, Mrs. F. B. Yard. : Mrs. Albert Mann. .Mrs. Ada B. Wright. Mrs. J.'B. Fausett..MrS. "William H. Brokaw, Sr.. Mrs. J.C.Conner. Mrs. Horace G.Nor- ton, Mrs. G. E, 'Tattler^ Mrs. Frank LaBarre, Mrs. W. C. Sandy, Mrs. E. P. Bloom, Mrs. L. i,. Strock, Miss Louise Struble, Miss Eva Struhle, Miss Emma Dblton, Miss Louise Bovnton. .ftOss Emma Wright, jitss Gladys Stull, .Miss Emily A'lpaush, Mrs. Nelson 'D. GUphant, Mrs. Henry Olipliarft, Mrs; QrYille Oliphant, Mrs. Oeorgte B. TarO. Mrs.. James Monroe Green, Mcrs. Arthur 13. Forat, Mrs. William j J. Bowman, Mrs. Leroy- Prentiss', Miss." Lucille" Green, Mrs. A.. S. Townsend, Mf.s. Everett Townsend.' Miss Muriel Tow.n- -senof, - Mrs. Be"hjarnin Dinsfnore, Mrs. .Robert K. Bowman/ Mrs. C. Edward ·Murray and Mrs.- Francis 15 Conover, DISCUSSED TOtSTOl - Mrs. Henry "C- Blackweli .6f West State Street entertained The -Coterie yesterday afterriqbri: .Tolsfoi was; d;is- pjissed. The members present were: Mrs.-John Montgomery; Mrs. Frederick "H. Clark, Mrs.. WfnianvRogers,. Miss Helen, Roebllng, Mjss Emma liiriburg. Miss "Frances pickinson, Miss Mariorle Slade, Miss tuby.Siade.'Miss-Anne Mc- ·livaine.;M1ss Mrs. MrsV - Horace-j Roiiriaa.: president .ot:. the New Yorkers' Club; is interested in the piire milk erusade/ and has .associated .with . her -several other : 'cTubr wom'en- equally jtiterpsted In; saJiJtary stjurces -pt milk supplj-, model ; dairies and strict ::-superyisiqn of farms and dealers'- inethbas of- shipping-: "Among" tfiese-ire Mrs. Ina Brevooft Roberts. "3irs. H. 11- Russell, McWaters, M-rs.. J/-.. H. ·»; Sarah "Palmer. --:- -':..-', : Sdffle. of !th"e farms ^at present supply- Ing- milk ^ K^w York aiid other-large, cities haw-Hithy" Stables where; f the cows are wttliout exercise:- In one ; ;Jt»nff jlBlatfd dairy -discQyere.d re- .cently· the", anlrital* :n%d: not- been out. of- the"BtsJisttor ;twor. years; ~"'--Y-^. . /: - In jnany'othei wise .good dairiesJtHe. rnlBt- is shipped i in= an insanitary manner. In * Jfreat many': stables the ani- Th*lB arel-dlseased: It is:, to-abolish these source* ot Infectipn that the clnb- -wdnien are fiandlnig together. .. ; ;. , t"' Todd"« aeroplane ; ha?" isesa T; She=: Is . the; «nly .ever built" . a.-, flyings ma-. cMtte, »iid ; -*h«s- persisted In the face at much dlscpnraKenient. ^ ^ W. · Mrs. RHsseU Sage believe.* in^illss Todd, ho weVer, iMi'd ilded her. tn .,eyery " " ' ' " " " * " ' " * ~ "' " ' " " ' " . . The:" meeting riBxt, week; Tvill 4)6. held: t= the home ;pf; Mrs', ilontgbniiery- TALKE0; ON Miss : Jennie KiigHesv sister of .the Rev.. Gebrge^Til, : iliiglieS, Castor of the Central ". Methodist.' Churcli. tliis : citjv formerly of " : Klang;- . ered §t- rriost 1 ·interestinK: address last e VenitSg:, In : t.he^ Fh-st JfethQdist errarch ' . before tnetnbers; of tTie/iWomen's eign. Missionary^ soclet^ ol' tlie STren- tbnMJlstrtcf,." A -nuHiber 6t selections 'ere contributed "Jb rien. ; --:. i,, J,- Ii.;Gardi- CHBJSTJMAS ; FUN.p SlUPFEIt : William" ^B.:-^Carter's:;: ~etefs of ^ .Broad Street:: Sarft' M;."?E= \San School: gave -a.;"bafced 'beari^supp^c: la«t evening for -the. benefit iof "i t|ie -Chrlstr mas f Una of the' s.chbol.=- : TAk proceeds .from"; the isuppef' win be,-Tised-;tb purr chase, necessities fpr ; the children's : fes- -tlyal. : ::, George Wv ; "Xoung.-and' I 1 *. R. e^rdeh 7 had:-charge of tlie^ serving"lof tKe-.supper.::-.;»":---' - '.:--^Y:'_ " that 'f could -inaie fsomethlng: .._-,- whfle," and I felt I-:must show : herhe VMM right,". I've "worked" and worked., Beside* being boflneaded. =in the; mat-j t«r, rv« ^bem-fascln"t*d.; : There Is no work so fll«co»xra«in»i sd;«xa«peratlng, ·o .deflrhtful, -io'-BWfOiifO^HtHlcnlt.-so «ThH»rs,tlng 'as building aeroplanes, and rv» worked «U*ljBlit-thr6Tjgh ithe day Hnai-m!dnJsnt:at my caicjilatlons and oonlrtvwac*«.'V. , : tested oft the 7i*!n«ol«, avation fields. It ii«rmtoi«« » ^lrd more than s~ the otb*r inoa«l«r Th« .wings 'are 1 two* ti- perinipcwedl plane*/, the upp*r_6ne curv r ed IsieraUy -and the tower one * straight surface. Betwttn the planes '*- tar-to -hunB.-.which furnishes ; a eight at the c*nter and aids to .keep - the -machine-:--' It will go eorty hour. CAKE SALE. Th« St«tns Gulia of* State Street K, E. Chnrcft-win hsv* rf s»l* in the lec- tui« room tojnoii»Sjfr afternoon froui 2 until 6 o'clock- - Thesr^nrffl-lJvtr on eSte un - - - honi«"old article*, apnjhs, home-Tnade r« ' «r"1 tb« ddlcs^es of the season. Ml»s ·**-T» B««i1* of Weirt Star* SUdt Is fa iAejridsnt of the guild. Mrs. Ashton Is the treasurer and Mrs. Traver Is the ,: atfiretary. - DANCE THIS EVENIN.C Miss. Elizabeth Alford Smith of West State -StawVwlH "give a dance tonight at the^Kepublloan Club auditorium in honor of Miss nifta'W. Smith and MJss 1" ibeth V. Oliphant. Miss Smith was a debutante last winter and Miss Oliphant came out at a larg* tea riven by tier parent*. Mr. v* *^. " IS in tiris new^ cailoa ^.-^---^^.--^ *5'-^ .VTO odors from other A ·· food c?»n penetrate it none of tjie deliajte flavor of the .butter "can escape. . ..-·*-_.-.: INSIST ON GURNSE AT YOURGROCERS . j. P. F. Brown .» Co. 41-43 S. LODGE WOMEN ARE GIVEN KECEPTION A RICH SCARf OF E R M I N E AND BLUE FOX. Dozens of the little ermine , skin* Sf tt» the making- «f this- kimotjo- like scarf and huge granny muff. Two scarfs, each twelve* inchfs wide, and al yard and a half long, aiid edged with blue fox, are joined t'nr three-quarters of a yard, Su as to'form the back of this beautiful wrap. lined with a heavy brocade satin in a. delicate peach-blow shade. It will be noticed that the garment is at. Jeasr ten inches longer In the front than the back. The muff ermine--tailless, as is the wrap--is banded on t»ne end only with the blue fox. . . " ' - PROBIKJ1S OF THiE HOME the supper that was given by Alpha Council 1, I. t). of S.. two weeks ago, were given a reception by the council last evening at Its rooms on North ( Broad Street. The program of enter- I tainment included piano selections by i Mrs. John Glenn and Ellsworth Brod- j head, solos by Edward MeCormick and · Kraphophoue selections by James ID. i!eun. Tlie council went through a t*!:-minute drill, which was heartily.. applauded and James E. Glenn, Samuel Ogderi and Dr. W. H. Fox organizer of the council, delivered Interesting addresses, after which refreshments i were ser\ ed. Amonj; those present were: Rol?iT*4 S*. Wissner. E. M. MeCormick, Charie* I I . Craft. Mr. and Mrs- James L. .Smith. Mr. and Mrs, Charles F. Reed, Mrs. i". F. Smith, Mrs. John W. Glenn, Mrs. £- Kotiiple. Mrs. R. H. Costner, Henry E. Steffen. Miss Kitty Noone, Miss Susie Crossley. David F. Garrett, Mrs. Sadie Smith, J. C. Gram 8 haw, ( J f i i r g e Fetter, James G. August, E. JX i". t isniun. Raymond Crossley, Henry \Vhittckind, Mrs. L, N. Perry, Charle« Albfrtson, George Putzer. George Sea- hri:ige. John Berry. George W. Kaufman. Judson Robbing. Rev. Cbarlea Leigh. Harry Smith. James E. Glenn, Lemuel Ogden, Ellsworth Broadhead, ICdmund MeCormick and Dr. W. H. Fox. The committee which was in charge of the event was made up of James E. Glenn, chairman; Judson Robbins and Lemuel Ogden. The officers of the council arer Councilor, George W. Kaufman; vice councilor. Judson Robbins; Junior past councilor. BPV. Charles Leigh; treasurer. E. C, I. Qsmun: "financial secretary. Harry Smith, and recording secretary, James E. Glenn. MOTHERS HEAR REPORTS Delegates who attended the recent Mothers' Congress at Baltimore. Md., made reports yesterday afternoon at the meeting of the Mothers' Club of the William G, Cook School, in the clasg room of the Westminster PresbVterlan Church. Fallowing the reading of tha reports a delightful musical program ! was rendered; which. included piano j solos by Mrs. G»or^e Waterhouse, I piano duet by Mrs. Waterhpusa | anri Misp Myrtle Miller and a. contralto I solo hy Mrs. Frank Harley, of Fhofl- Inixville. Pa. Tbr- motiiers also elected a committee which will appoint officers' to servs · for the ensuing: ypar. T!\p committee I comprises Mrs. Jefferson Wright, chairman; Mrs.. George "U'aterhouse anJ Mrs. William Falcey- · . Tlie. meeting was brought to a fitting close by Rev. Genrg? II. Ingrain, pastor nf the Westmi uster Church, with an interesting, address on "The Goodi uf Mothers' Clubs." " The '·littlest" member of the household probably wonders what all the fuss and excitement are about, but even if he doesn't comprehend it no one 5yould fail to remember him Christmas m3rning. .- ... A belt to which is fastened some toys is a unique and attractive gift. The *elt can lie made of ribbon, or of linen or lawn, so that it can be j washed if preferred- The part that;' goes around the little, waist should! be double, so as to have some firm- 1 ness. But in the back it can open! out like the strings of an apron to tie) in .a pre.tty ,bow. The -ends should! not he. too longvor.the bow /will continually be pulled undone. . ;. ! From -the belt it}, front .hang three ; or four or five, .as is preterred. Jong ends of ribbon, -if the belt is of ribbon, or. of^iawn or even white tape if the belt, is of washable white ina- "terial- To the ends of- these are las- teriecl the . toys-^S. little whistle.; t rubber : doll, a rattle,- ..a sriiull- bafl i-f j 'one can he .found with some attachment , by which the ribbon can . lie it.= Baby 'can play with these by the hour 'and -they will never get- thrown opt of bis reach or lost. 1 ', The -woman clever. with, her needte ean. : rmike a.dalnty and' useBjI jgift for /.baby by. featlierstitehing: or em-r brojaeriBg a number f '-yards- of braid for;; trimming -His fiotnes.' .; Pjalri whitf» braid ; vfeathersii tched.; "v Worked i with" ' are. just: . kifnpfe desigrji:vis: ; most useful .""to ' . . clotbosL -Thesif . little --braada-, .are': »jr" ways aii atttactiveV.linisK- to .a; dress and if .han'd-enihroidered that inui-h more "desirable. A box of dainty detachabte cap- strinRE arc also J -vvt'l'omc- The strings to hjiby.'s bonnet or cap are soon soiled. A f e w " extra ones come in most handy while the soiled ones are bclnsr laundered. For ,th/ paby «ho lives where there is no bathtub a very, useful gift can) be made. A small tin .bathtub or even a galvanized WashtnU can 1»? bought for small cost. Get a baby's ] hammock, "one no longer than will j stretch from one 1 -side of the- tub to i the other. " Tie this securely to the hv»-r»ci!r?s of the tub. - " Attach, .to. th/*: hammock near the top and bottom four long pieces of tape, two on each side. T,he baby Is.Vlaid on the hammock .while bejng"washed and.-lightly, tied; to it by means _of the taj)f-' Etririgs. so that there is no. elanjrcr of -his faliing off,. It is much_^asier to wash :hini when Tying on "this- littie hiimmock.- And . if baby objects 1 to being put into: water the .; harnmocfc will- fie found to ba a pleasant way uround tne aifTiculty. - ..'.--·-.'.".. PAN TRY SALE. Sferabsrs of -tlie Ladire: AiC -Sosjiety. of'-, the f.Jefttral ,M; E." Cntirch ;svnl; holi :av pantry Edle'./tbrrKif row- ·"·'if'terhooii." - . " at-2 :tfctoc-k.i .Home nytde i , eake-and ; candy .arid other! a-rtcMi.viH .be on : sale;': y:Hl - ·be Vheld :; :in;T,lie; jecture J room; of "churclt";"_...v' :.'"-".-"--'"' '':-' ." : - ; .'"-: CARD PARTY AT BARRACKS. The card party planned for this afternoon, under direction of Tlie Contemporary, for the benefit of the club- iiouse fund:, - will be conducted at .tha C'W Barracks, instead of the Gurnmere house on West State. Street, It was at iirst planned "to have the affair at the Uummere-house, but owing to difficulty in heating the place, it has been decided to-.conduct the party at the Old Barracks.. · "To Them That Hath" A SHORT SERMON TO 1 * FAT^FOUKS, : "To-thom.tliat iiath shall b? given" is.S Kerjtenct; t'aat applies "to f a t , p?cple very' neatly. It is- connnon knowledge that eiicsr a -Hiiman being "hesdns to. fatten up, to w-Itai theyhave-already is-added more than .tliBy--wani- until' finally -.a"jtage-.ia .rea'-lied -where reduction must be made or 'dectde'd disadvantese results , : ; Tir^u x'.ontes. "forward, tae a"^es-old query, ·'"Reduce-^but iiow?'".". To" tJie ijninforrned nothing: suyyesls ' itself hut tiie Mo them) -Iw^i'i . evils--less- eating-r-mort*' actfvrty Thev'conteinnlatc a. more-or less lengthy 'siege -of tHfrttng;-. and fxerci^mg. - So it may -be said · that" every. .rna.n. or woman in the Jand -now undersroing the fattening-ur r»rooej=s iiiirs ftis or. her riienr lal ;eye . fixe3 -drtbibusly. on - t h a t ' iiot "far "distant day- w;h'en ,h.e--.or she will,.have-,to ,Ion "She:;"ashes and .saekclotli:of reduc- irpn," ; .... '., - · ' ..... , This'is not. an^ prospect «nd -so'-it if w-rth considerablt* *«ati«?fai Uon tliat'"we--.announce .the: emancipation ot tiw : fat.; Nowadays ^itie niar rJ»tl ce mtic.i or."iittle+ a:ppnnd a: day.if-oe--Kret} orliold their-fat in: elie\-k..a6solutpfv vta-tionarv. Tritfioiit -doing:-!! /lapi.of'-exenjse, jjns«inff a siijgl"e QieaI;V.diIng.--a,pB-^tc!e of harm or caUsins; : a KolitarK wrinklf 1 All tJiat'3 -refiuired.-.jsi-rr-Jiuridrea.s : tp;sUfy is the uik: 7rjg: after- meals- ^.0nl~" ai bedtJrae of ona Siarmpla.;CPr«seriptinn-Tabret which tal*- -I^ti'are sold by"--tlit... -ilarnrola 'Cb^l -55a farmer Slag., Detroit. Mien or any good lm at th'« uni!tirni 75 tients. sum;"beiiig - a'C.eptei3 fo- a ^ase of t^-so wftll and generotisly filled .that even- onn produces desirable resiiftsi oti^ljuy:; or ipgt^yoti: :caipas£ a delightful iiaut : ^^)^^^:l^^^^^ '- " .c : go 6 : giff s^ ·-~-- If youfare'a KfKet*. and.,want to rrisike. your ttaughter'nappy -; Hat-feel yoii;can't-?^irord-a.n-. expensive priaent,:,wiTy'. not stop; a~f;": ..-Rowers-and Joplz at, : those - : - , : ; ·'.. v.;.---' : ^- .: "- . " · : ' : ' - r ; ." '·'' .".-:^'-":--" : -".SItVKFv"8^C^r»GEt"i T S?jrvT^--50ft ·.-··."V"-" : .-~' :-:- - ';T;feeij-. f -r-e:-.wortli 'ey^ry csht-of -one^dollar^antf-rihe- giri /wili-bie;- ^-pleasejfi-if she"-"^s -lucky.^eriouj?h:. to get""otic. .- -". · -'".'.:. - : " . ; . · " : " · " " ; bracket -get with- ^s^yen "oriei-and-otte-lialf .*rat;'" - - ' " " - - " - ' " - - " " -*».Tir'r*i*-~r*j*f-:n«-»»Tr-nrrJr«v- -. --·' -·*'--- ,:"'; ,--;. zJEKUU.l AKY DJKU2itlttC» : -; , Slany slyies :.and ail,'-b£\'toijiifi£.-aesign-":- Spine; sets as lour as : f3 . : ^We eay ttlthoui. fear of oorilradlrtiori .that' tee Bijwe stbr^ his tffe greatest "stock of manicure sets in the city. - Toii can set thcni fron»v*5:(JO;.ai«l tlpWardfcr :; · ,"· "- ' ' · - . . * . . : ' - -·-·.--·"'". ' A finest every girl loves te theatre stf what -could -be- more iilcasMigr to a-«irl than to give her opera, glasses. And Itone-nas. tome beauties!. Prices frin $5.50 op. ; - · And tHcn-we might tell you :"of the gentlemen's scarf pins, ~_th(? eiegant -assbrtmeTrt of bracelets. rin?s L -of every description imaJrhtaliliR and at prfces that will meet every pocketbook; pe%^ dants, watches ami diamonds priced lower than 5«k -any vQief store irf the city and a scor»:df other .1»siral.le .intiigitfor mas gH-lng. Come to Rowe*3 and see how- far your nh + -?*·*.'*^f*tav»^-s* ·^ K--~ iT~« K^-fK:? rtock of ik« always popttliR^ 4ipes farmcil/ 1i*Tidledly ^ic FiwWi.,*, which t ain. «ell»ng «tl a so A **»»« ever AT- "y"' J3.00 Beautiful ll»Je-wel movements in -a twenty-year- gold " fof only H3.00. . ' - . AlsO; Elgin and Waltham watches. / - i IS SOUTH BROAD STREET This \s an Absolutely fio« price quotation and valnaiion. ";I tv«--tite.;l|esi;T'«iM* ·* 9p*g* T ~ in Tienton. KpC. M i'"'Hboi'*%* 40 EA»T STATE «T, . The price of oysters ha* not ad- yanc«d. Stewing, 70o.; ·ti«dtum, fUJO^cying oysters, ^iJ IRVING D. BANKS 1U N. 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