The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on April 28, 1923 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1923
Page 3
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The Constitution, CtiUicothe. 24-6t WANTED TO RENT--5 or 6 room house by responsible party. Phone 8S9. 27-3t I JAS. W. HELTON, M.D. PHTSICIAM AND STTBGEON Calli answered promptly day or nljht In City or Country. Office over Sauer'i Book Store West Side Square. Phone office 888 nighl or day. MOVETQ OP *'·'· KINTW,-- PRICES REASONABLE LONG DISTANCE HAULING AMD TRANSFER E. I* GOODRICH PHONE 1405.R. 16-4t ]} 1SS3, by McClure Nuwujmper Syndicate) WQEKOXIDE blonde!" ·*· Kor four nights now that red- hfe:u!ed young inijj. "L'arrnjs," hud met Miirys- in ilia corner and had followed her home, always m a safe distance, chanting Unit Imteuii refriiin in a voice that everybody cuuld heur. "Peroxide blonde!" She half turned to take another but more roundabout route to her home. Then, with a shrug of her slender, stilt- clad shoulders, and a slightly more prominent thrust of her pointed chin, she swung back again to meet the swiftly approaching boy. But "Carrots," who had no Intention of coming nearer to the object of Jils- unwelcome attentions, halted a few feet from Mary- With one hand under the collar of his canine companion, he backed slowly away from her, bawling with all - the strength ot his small lungs, "Peroxide blonde I" Mary's cheeks flamed with anger, but' she ignored Mm entirely, and continued on her way. "Peroxide blonde 1" Mary grew more angry. At the sound of a short, quickly-muffled laugh Issuing from the occupant's of one vine- covered piazza, something Inside Mary snapped. Gone was all the headache and the weariness. ! "With one quick movement she dropped the floweted lunch box she carried, and reached for her tormentor. "Carrots" danced back just out of her reach, and Mary, losing all sense ot dignity, her eyes flashing Indignantly, chin set determinedly, gave chuse. Down the street they raced, "Carrots" in the lead, ducking, dodging and twisting In his effortS'to escape. Suddenly he stopped with a jerk. Mary reached ; and grabbed him firmly by the collar. : "You--!" She did not finish ; marvel-j ously the youngster's struggles had ceased. He went limp under her grip as though he had seen a vision of « ghost. But It was a remarkably substantial and good-looking ghost. A tall, broad-shouldered ghost with black, curly hair, nnd strong white teeth pJenmlng: across his laughing, tanned face. "Oh. golly," said Carrots, dejectedly,"it's Bob." "It's nothing to laugh at, Bob Parker," Mary exclaimed, wrathfully, giving "Carrots" a shake. "I'm not a peroxide blonde, so there!" "Peroxide blonde," repeated Bob. wonderingly, his gray eyes fixed admlr- In.crly on the disheveled Mary. "Who said you were?" "He did," accused Mary, he.-'slender, white fingers tightening on hla collar as she nodded at "Carrots." "Did you?" questioned Bob, sternly. · "Uh-huh," assented "Carrots," sulkily. "Let's settle this in the back yard," proposed Bob, and ostensibly grasping "Carrots'" collar, his hand closed firmly over Mary's detaining fingers. Mary looked ap quickly, but the strong, brown fingers only tightened their :la$p. "Now, then, explain what the troublp Is and beg Mary's pardon," commanded Bob, when they reached the back yard. "We-ell. I heard yon telling Aunl Kate that you liked Mary awful well, hut, of course, she wouldn't look at a dub like you." Man' flashed one astonished look at Bnb's tell-tnle face, and a tiny dimple appeared In one pink cheek, only to disappear as "Carrots" went on: "And Aunt Kate said Mary was the nicest girl In town, only Mrs. Keyes said she was a peroxide blonde. Mrs. Keyes Is an ol' cat, anyhow," he commented. Irreverently. "Here, sfick to your story, young man," admonished Bob. "Aw ain't 1?" retorted "Carrots" sullenly. "I just wanted to have some fun, so I called her 'peroxide blonde' ev'ry night this week.' Gee, wasn't she rand?" he added, with a chuckle. Amazed fit this statement, B* relaxed his hold on "Carrots'" collar. The next Instant he was staring at that piece of his brother's shirt still In his hands, while its owner's Impish red head peered around the corner of the house and laughed gleefully: "Ask Mary why she kissed your picture the other night." With this parting shot he disappeared around the house in search of Mary's sister, Mildred. Bob looked thoughtfully at the down- bent head of the blushing and embarrassed Mary. "Did you?" he queried eagerly. , Mary shook her head violently. "Of course not, 1 ' she muttered. "Why should--" she stopped. Bob's hand was gently forcing her chin up so that he could see her eyes. "Look me straight In the face and tell me the truth," he commanded severely. Mary tried to do as she was told, but her eyelashes fluttered and fell on her hot cheeks. The next minute Bob's arms were around her and she was ·murmuring into his shoulder that she wasn't 1 a "peroxide blonde." And ID the bushes behind them "Carrots" whispered to Mary's sister, "Gee I just like the end of a 'movie' show I" A. W. CIES AUCTIONEER CHILIJCOTHE, MO. Phones: Office 286. Residence 5M DR. C. R. KINNISON DEPUTY STATE VETERINARIAN. (Successor to Dr. S. Black) Calls answered promptly Office Phone 841. Residence 337. PATRONIZE CONSTITUTION ADVERTISERS -HEMSTITCHING Brown-Platt Garment Company PHONE SCO. Over Ryburn's Pharmacy Carefol Attention to Mall Orders. NOTICE TO BIDDERS. Sealed bids will be received by the undersigned City Auditor of the City of Chillicothe, Missouri, up to 12:00 o'clock- of the 6th day ot May, 1923, at the office of the City Clerk of said city for the doing of the work and furnshing of material tor the construction of a public sewer in said city, along the following course towit: Beginning at staton 0:00, a point 265 feet east of the south east intersection of Brunswick and Second streets; thence north 31 degrees, 00 minutes west to station 0:75, the south boundary of Lot 2, Stone's Outlets; thence continuing same course to station 2:00, the boundary line between Lots 1 and 2, Stone's Outlots; thence continuing in same course to Station 3:40, the north boundary of Lot 1, Stone's Ontlots; thence same course to station 3:81.6; thence around 30 degrees, 00 minutes curve to station 4:18.3; thence north 43 degrees, 00 minutes west to sta- tion4:45, the south boundary of Lot 12, Block 2, Mrs. Holdridge Addition; thence continuing In same course to station 5:02, the line between Lots 11 and 12, name addition and block; thence continuing same course to station 6:90 to line between Lota 2 11, same bi'ock and addition; thence continuing same course to station 6:00, the line be. tween Lots 2 and 3, same block and addition; thence continuing same course to station 6:90, the line between lots 3 and4, same block and addition; thence same course to station 7:38, the north side of lot 4, same block and addition; thence same course across Wise street to station 7:87, the south side of Lot 8, Block 1, Mrs. Holdridge Addition; thence continuing same course to station 8:55, line between lots 7 8, same block and addition; thence continuing same course to station 9:20, the north side of Lot 7, same block and addition; thence continuing same course across alley to station 9:46, the southeast corner of Lot 5, Block 6, Hill's Addition; thence continuing same course to station 10:50, the northwest corner of Bald Lot, Block and addition; thence continuing same course across Herriman street to Station 10:98, the south side of Lot IB, Block 3, Herriman's Addition; thence same course to station 11:28, line between Jots 15 17,same Block and Addition; thence continuing same course to station 12:00, thence around 30 degrees, 00 minutes curve to Station 12:26, the fine between Lots 18 and 19, same block and addition; thence continuing around same 30 degrees, 00 minutes curve to Station 12:80, the north line of Lot 19, same block and addition; thence continuing around same SO degree's, 00 minutes curve to station 13:06, the southwest corner of Lot 20, same block and addition; thence north 7G degrees, 00 minutea west across Martin street to station 13:65, the southeast corner of Block 1, Bell's Addition; thenoe continuing same course to station 14:30, thence around 30 degrees, 00 minutes curve to station 15:30, the west side of Block 1, Bell's Addltnon; thence continuing around same 30 degrees, 00 minutes curve to station 15:60; thence around some 30 degrees, 00 minutes to station 15:96.4; thence north 26 degrees, 00 minutes, west to station 17:38, the south side of Clay street at a point about 162 feet west of the southwest intersection of Clay and Martin streets, thence continuing same course across Clay street to station 17:98, the north line of Clay street; thence north parallel with and 10 feet west of the east line 1 of elay street to Station 26:90, the south boundary ot Calhoun street. All of said work to be done in accordance with the provisions of Ordinance Number 2363 of said city, and plans and specifications therefor, pre. pared by the City Engineer; and the City Council shall levy a tax on all property made taxable for state purposes over the whole city to pay for the constructing ot said sewer, and said ta.t shall be called "SPECIAL PUBLIC SEWER TAX". Each bid hall be accompanied by a certified check in the sum of Five Hundred Dollars ,to insure the making of the contract. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. Witness my hands this 12th day of ( Southeast corner of Washington and Calhoun streets; Second Election District, Phillips Garage, at the Northwest corner of Jackson and Elm streets; Third Election District at James E. Markey Tin Shop, at the Southwest corner of Jackson and Elm streets; Fourth Election District at Eads Tin Shop at Number 605 Washington street. The polls shall open at six (6) o'clock In the morning and continue open until seven (7) o.'clock In the evening, unless the sun set after seven (7) o'clock, when the polls shall be kept open until sunset. FRANK W. ASHBY, Mayor ATTEST: Olive Cook, City Clerk. New Alloy Simulating Gold. A young French chemist named Mazarin has Invented a new alloy resembling gold and It has been called "areum." It has the brightness, durability and InoxtdablUty of gold which qualities will permit Its substitution In jewelry and other manufactures where gold Is now used. No particulars as to composition deem available.--Scientific American. Dated April 16, 1923. A-17td Or. C. V. Mm. SpeckEst In Optometn Chillicothe. Mo., Mjrnaijet PALM OPTICAL COMPANY s "The foa who grind · iruUion kind*." GIRLS WANTED for good steady employment wages paid while learning trade, apply at office ofiGlove Factory. DR. F. R EMMONS EYE, BAR, NOSE AND THROAT AJttJ PITTING OF GLASSES Room 6-7-8 Wallbrnnn Bldg. Phones -- Office, 607; Residence 854 A. C O L L I E R , M.D. Calli Answered Promptly Day or Night Rooms 9 10 Wnllbmnn Bldg. Call Answered Promptly Day or Night Phones--Re». 1119; Office 127 JAS. W. HELTON, M.D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON nail* answered promptly day or night Jn City or Country Office over Bauer's Book Stor* Weit side Square. Phone--Office 888. night or day PIANO R. W. Blair 1117 Clay Street. Phone 331 or 1070 Satisfaction Guaranteed April, 1923. a!2-20t. Jewell Miier, City Auditor. NOTICE OP BISECTION Notice is ber e by given by the City Council of Ihe City of Chillicothe, Missouri, that the biennial general city election will be held on Monday, the 7th day oE May, 1923, for the purpose of electing a mayor, a councilman-at-large, a councilman from each ward, a constable, an attorney, a police judge, a city clerk, a treasurer, an auditor and an assessor, each of whom shah' hold their respective offices for two (2) years, and until their successors shall be elected and qualified. The said election will be held in the City at the following named places: First Election District, Council Chamber, City Hall Building, at the A. I. NOEMAK, President TOHN MITCHELL, Manftftr Chillicothe Transfer Co --Phone--136-- A.B Train* *nd Oitt Calk Da; and Kight Mor MUc Chick Feed. Why let them die? Start them the Mor Kik way and save 98 to 100 per cent of your Baby Chicka. Sold" by Goff Winans. 14-tf Members of the Automonil'e Club of Missouri: Don't forget the emergency road service -when in trouble. Call Tel. No. 12. For Information call 290. Want Ads pay big dividends. Try It. The Auto Equipment Co., Chillicothe, has Springs, Springs, Aile« and Springs and hundreds of other things. Sales room 2-3 block east of Postoffice. 6-tf Phone 19«. N. M. Brltton. Fruit Trees and Berry Plants. We have a complete stock of fruit trees, berry plants and ornamental shrubbery at Howard Warner's Fruit farm. Warner's Nursery. Call748.W Special Prices Apple T r ees, 4 feet h'gh 20 cents Che rr y Trees, £ fe e t hig h , 50 cents Many other attractive prices on both Fru't Trees a nd Shrubbery MRS J. F- TOTJNT, I Phone 160 after 6 o'clock Board of Equalization Notice. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Equalization o£ Livingston County .Missouri, at a regular meeting thereof held on the 19th day of April, 1923, made the following order: "Whereas the State Board of Equalization has returned to the County Clerk, its order and finding increasing the assessed valuation of the land in Livingston county Ten Per Cent; and it appearing to the Board that the asessed value of land ,n various Townships as returned by the Township assessors is not equalized according to the relative value and to properly equalize the valuation of the assessments of the different Townships, the Board does hereby equalize the valuation and assessment by increasing the assessed valuation as made and returned by the state Board of Equalization on all land in the following Townships as follows: in Cream Ridge township in the sum of 3 per centum, in Grand River and Jackson townships in the sum of 2 'per centum; in Monroe and Medicine Township in tfie sum of 5 per centum, in Mooresville and Sampsel townships in the sum of 15 per centum. After above increases are made the average value per acre of each township will be as follows: Blue Mound Township $60.86 Chillicothe Township 72.45 Cream Ridge Township 56.08 Fairview Township 54.36 'Grand River Township . 46.87 [reen Township 61.70 Jackson Township 46.20 Medicine Township 47.99 Monroe Township 60.03 Mooresville Township 59.20 Rich Hill Township '. 81.16 Sampsel Township 51.11 Wheeling Township '. 63.87 Average for County . $58.6 It is ordered by the Board that the Asseshor's Books and Tax Books and all other records pertaining to said tax be arranged in harmony witk the above order. It is also ordered by the Board that notice of the above order by, published for ten days in the Chillicothe Tribune and the Chillicothe institution, newspapers published in the City of Chillicothe, spceffyin* the property and the amount of s*W raise, notifying the persons 01 or controlling said real estate. the said board will meet on tho 30th day of April 1923 to hear reason* if any be given, why said increase should" "not be made." State of Missouri, County of Livingston, ss. ' * I, J. M. Gallatln, Clerk of the. County Court, in and for said County, hereby certify the above and foregoing to be a true copy of the proceedings of our said County Board of Equalization on the day and year above written, as the same appears of record in my office. In Testimony" Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court at office in Chillicothe, this the 19th day ot April, 1923. 2f-10t (Seal) J. M. Gallatin. Clerk of the County Conrt. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS The annual election of the Directors of the Chillicothe Cemetery An- so'iiation will be held on Monday, May 7, 1"923, between the hours ot 1 and 4 o'clock P. M. at the Citizens National Bank. C. P. ADAMS, President . WM. SCRTJBY, Secretary ChiUicothe, Mo., April 17, 1923 A17-2W. Busy Bee Farm Club Livestock Ship- ing Association. Farm Club members, we can earn a patronage dividend for you at all markets. Shipping rates 6c per hundred, including sinking fund. W. A. Austin. Phone 6134P2. al-m. FOR SALE at a price that's right, al Ikirids of fruit trees, strawberries, grapes and raspberries and other small fruit plants, ornlmeatal' Bhrubery. Write for price list. MF8w Warner's Nursery. Feathers Cleaned. SlatreBses made and repaired; upholstering. Phone 891. 24-d6wlt Tailoring anil dressmaking, plain a£d fancy. Phone 815. Over Wenzel's. ^i.,.TM-.. ,,,-,, °'- -~-.~ -""-*tt M ]Si^^-. -- . . loeaor PLANTING TINE Have yon looked over your Planter? Are you sure it will gin you a good check. Too little seed means idle soil, too much seed means over-work, ed soil and stunted growth. We have Com Planters that will start yonr corn right. We can furnish you BLACKHA.WK, IIAYES 4 WHEEL or IHC NO. 8 Plant. era with either the accumulative or hill drop. Also we can furnish Cow Pea or Fertilizer attachments. Come In and let us show yon three of the best planters manufactured. They are guaranteed to do the work. G. I. GO. a CHILLICOTHE MISSOURI 10C30C 8 s. o. s. in the army means Service of Supply. We are prepared to prove to you that we have established an S. 0. S. of our own for your benefit. No matter what you want to build, or what improvements you want to make about your house or farm, we are prepared to supply the materials and give you the service. Try us and be convinced that we deliver the service. Turner Lumber In vs. Co. CBILLICOTHE, MO. IOE3OC (OBOE USED GARS We offer VOUME " ~.mar \r-~ cars: IOXAL MEET CRISIS ESSEX JJ n _ April 30.--The possi- LET--FOe United States participat- - international conference to O rout a final settlement of the U ' ' ;ions crisis, was again in the O _ t _ j'md of discussion here today. * ^S aroused interest in connec- ·~~~~with dispatches bringing fresh · about a new reparations offer inany is to make. MfN WANTED anied \ "issioaer ,1'THOR OF "THE COVERED WAGON" DEAD IX CHICAGO Lr ro?f - Chicago, April 30. -- Emmej ·* Hough, noted writer of storie I ing with American frontier^/Sp- years old. eration for intersinj^ .d e oy wire; Hough is su: . at Iferris- We teach, electric and .Ualmed there welding: Write us for jisota on another! 36," QUICK SERVICE W AND We want your newn. I «ione 106. 446 State^ve., K-phone 675. for rent room, lied room, kitch- attention- 7d rooms, aW a«s. as- 3

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