Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on December 9, 1910 · Page 2
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 2

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1910
Page 2
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12 WANO"MAN FROZEN IN Tb«A or Falling From Cutter, Ag«nt P«ri*fc«d »n Storm. SCAlANTON. PA., Dec. ».-- \VH\lajn B. Bolt O f Deposit. N . Y . e agvnf. , r w e r i v n s owar o . ·«·«· found frozen to death in a F-:VW- ; J: was ' !n Ms clothing. H flrfft about a mile -«r«rt of t h e Jiome of T:. VCP-S c-' ;ce 'J r*t 15V TlfifES, FK i i JAY, DECEMBER 9, 1910. P'.bMe, near Preston Centre, w 5^!t met hie death is nit ,.-,. i , , . . No marks wcr» !*und OTI hi* rW.y .and It Is beil«rv*J '-· .s p'.'.h'T t 1 roivn or fell from his r;:t- w H l e d r i v i n g toward horn* A'"' Most Folks Like Jewelry Itt_5n»e form or oiber. and I am pr'-parr-d to tnept the acting demands of thos* who buy for every member «f the f-mily, from the bhy up or down, according to the way one likes to put it These Gifts Among Others: FOR WOMEN-- s: S-»ls. Hat 1*;r.5. Hair eiv^rs P^wd^r lv*-»x3 and ru«-h t i i t s:7Ti- "i^ft f f r crtrla. fTi:*.-is rr?«ji* esf»e '"al!y for FOR MEN-- S.TAVlRR t'r.ft B tijjc In FOE THE HOME-- * u t ( ;;.V"s lif^^, Ti imb]'*rs, ^"rLt^r ^.j*.:!' 1 ?. HuTter Tubs, Sj-'f-! T r a v ^ B--rr* Howls, * !';r. n --h'.-s. ·~fl"r' IMshea. Sugar 'mi! "n,t!n ^ets. Np- j i..e-, -in-d .'ih.-r rr-qu'site artlcdea. S-lver Gift* in C^ice BaRk«? T. a P---S, Breid Tray... Prutt Baskets, Sandwlcn. Tra-s. Fern Dishes. r.aki-rs, Cli.^otots S.-IB. "Brown Betty- Tea, Sets, CkcKs. Spo--vrus. Forks and Knives. -A frr*"at aasortment. Bronso Casde!abra alf "*. Bertram 177 S. Broad Street CATHOLIC BISHOPS' 'CHRISTMAS MAIL WOMAN WANTS TO POWERS CURTAILED, HINTS ARE GIVEN THANK GALLANT MAN i Pope's New Church Law Limits Postmaster Yard Tells How! He Rescued Child When Con- Their Jurisdiction Over Pastors .VFTW Y O R K . D"c. 9--Changes In t h » j p-,, r Public Can Assist in the Postal Service of having w. .'. ."-' ^^' of the *? promulgated by Pope Plus ; X. \rfrr announr*-S to tbe cl»ryy of the ArchdK*ce*e of New York at the Trl- anr;ua! synod held In St. Patrick's (~"a:h»dMiJ. M n r e than 600 prints at- ten:«d T*!» n^9t i m p o r t a n t 4 ···ere* is t h e : s.-.-! ··Ms_\;raa r^tu.." de-ld".l upon by ths , t"r, )· box - r · i^'a!!.-; ' o n p r n j i i £ mat! rv.utu-r h«"for*M tbe p u ' ! 1 - - ur:d *.o JIUK^^SI rm-thfds w h l f i ; w i l l assist in the q u i r k handling "f the £r«.-*it mitss of holiday mail JiiatlT. r'tfjmaster Alexander C. - V;ird ha* Ipsut^l the folljiwinR state- , mt-nr I A l w a y s pia-i" stamp on upfxr right , hand corner '. St-^.-M.-i. third or f o u r t h ^!a«? mat: HAMMONO CALLED BY CZAR. Am Berlin on WHEELS PAUSE FOR HERO. \ CHORUS 8ANQ IN WHISPER* C"cnf=l£:orla: Cor,srp»r!itl"n ai Rome, \v:-.!en takes from the Kls'wp or Arch- h j F h ^ p of a Dlocep*? or Archdiocese, respectively, the power to rtniove a pastor Here-after the power of removal w i l l r»st »-lth ths "De Araotlonfl PHrorhl." -which -.ons!stB of six prirata t-(-s!i^3 th« Archbishop. sitfl either !n str*»-t l » t i e r st !fV«, if not f u l l y prepaid, i? h- U! at th- office r,f u n i t : tli» ai!i!r-s-pp- ( \ v h o will be notified.* t^-rri- a m o u n t of d f f t r i p n c y M a i l nrtiitt-r "f pvery description si^uiid b-'ar E'imf.and r.-J-lrf 1 *-- 1 * of F ' - r . ^ - ' IT io the uppvr l»-ft band comfr. T'-is w i l l insi.To l \v rr-turn of sspin" If for any reason it ouinot IM* d*-Lf vpred. See tha.t iiu'-k:txfcs are NpcuV'-Jy Ti«?3 Particular attention should b» paid ductor Started Trolley Car Too Quickly To the F d i t o r of the Tim's. Sir--Monday morning at 7 o'clock . while placing my 8lx-year-o!1 daughter aboard a trolley at State and I - M o n m o u t h Ptrp»:s the conductor, who ·.vas Inside, pulled the bell and the car s'.artpd. I ! ail hold of the child's hand at the ·'.ma and ran half way over the Monr j M u t h Stret bridge when a gentleman ran out and grabbed her from me. tyine Expert Way to Russian Inspection, BERLIN. Dec. 9.-- John Hays Hammond has arrived In Bsrlln on the way to St. Petersburg. The Russian Government* h» Imlted h.n\ to look o v e r thp mtn.nit s.luatlon in European Russia w i t h the view of event- u a l l y 'nf-resting foreign, especially American. capital. F i v e - M i n u t e Stop Made on Tr-action Line D u r i n g Funeral. NORRISTOWN. PA , Dec. 9.--For five minutes every wheel codnocted with the Reading Transit Company, from Chestnut Hill to Pottstown, waa stopiwd In memory of Lewis Rowan, superintendent, w h o lost his life last Friday, w h i t e trying to save t h a t of Frank Hawn, *-ho had fallen on a. live wire at the power house. Thia Their Revenge for Failure) to Get Salary Rai»e. VIENNA. D«c- 9.-- The entire men'e chorus baa been summarily- from the Imperial Opera,. Th- men. numbering *S, exasperated by the refusal of better pay, suppressed their voice* 10 whispers. A chorus man's sa.1- ar»- is «j» yearly until he -has served , three years, after which It rises gradually until he receives EoO. Xln» reason* for the remove] of a : to t [, c aR ,jv e by senders of Chrl=tfnaa pastor have been, decided upon by thn ' package. consiFtoriaJ congregation at Rome. As] sp " t h a t r^mor postnee is paid. . . . I He mire v t r j r ) - H I T » ann parlours announced they aro. j ar- pro;..-r!v addressed. P-rpeiual Insanity; such nr.fltnefls o r , ^ o * h ' nW m a t j unt) , the , r!os ^ of Ssrnoranw as r-ndera blm lacapable of .; busl b u t m i l i , ,, at fre ^ ni t in- imrformlnu . his dutle*: permanent | tt , rvals dl!rtog t h ? d a y . Ktamiert env-tnpeK. which .have be^n '.s|v»ilr-«.l by misdirfctiny: are r'-rtivema^ in t i m e as I could not have .-r-M on a.'iy longer. I was going so r ; t M at t b i s t i m e that I could not stop ·*-··'! t h e fen-der on the rear of the car ^ i r u r k my back and hip. Dr. Harris has :i-en attending me since. I d»sir» to Ret the name and · '. '.he gentleman who saved my child. 1 « » s so excited at the time, of the ' . · · r ' i " n i n a t h a t I neglected to thank ;m The conductor never spoke a ·.Mird to me. ihoueh a lady In the car ·"Id i:irn he was not attending to hla !M#!ness- Thanking you for printing t ; -is atid hoping I may get the gentle- Mian's name, I am. MHS. CHARLES HUSTON'. 337 Monmouth Street. physjcttl or mental Infirmities, the aixl- moslty of the people when It renders |, HID $400 IN HER "RAT." his work useless and IB likely to xn- ] \ ( prHSt . n ' te 3 in a w i- o l e condition. 1,111 '· Woman Convicted of Theft i tinue; losa of reputation; a hidden j a - stnrnp cut fr(1T , R s tan.p«l envelope I HospiUI. n Insan* crlmt; bad a^irxlnistration; gross ueg- t j l*ct continued aft«r ·warnlngrs. and dis- j j obedience to th» Blahop, If continued | after ,nn or i»o warnJnss. ! Another change announced In the j canon law* of tha church la that per- j tainlng to tie age at which, children _ of no value ._ , _ Mail matter deposited on the top of I a letter bo^t is not In the. custody i the post office. MATTER FOR REGIs-rKATION. All tetters and packages, with valu- j may r»celv« ftret holy- ooromunlon. j a [,i e contents, should be replTiered, as Heretofore It h»« been the custom j t J B almost Impossible to trace losses] among prleata In the EnKllah Bpeaklng countries not to administer the aacra- of ordinary mall mutter. It Is almost a daily orr'irrence that i her right shoe. XORRISTOWN. PA.. Nov. 9.-Katl9 '-·-.!er. a f'-rroer attendant at the State l - e - j i t » I f u r the Insane, was convicted :"!·" of th« theft of $424 ftom another fe- ralc aiter.;iant with whom ^she room»d, nd sentenced to one year and three n on the in $tl. \\'hen Katie waa searched it wu fonnd h«t ahf had concealed $400 of the bank, i.ites In her hair and used them as a^ "rat." while the balance was hidden In ment unless a. child Is between the- age3 letters anO packages l»arlnK the of 10 and. 12. Th« decree Issued by | q U i rO d amount of postaen for rejris Prrpe Plus makes It ImperatH-e for j tratlon are dropped In letterboxes and priests the world over to prepare chil- ; n p,, st office drop box. These letters j dren so they may receive tbe first sac- I afe no t registered, Irut g-o tlirough the ' rament upon attxlnlng the agrs of reason, which Is 7, and some cues, 6. ^ The Only Oysters With the Tang of the Sea You oyster lovers who !iye inland, yon cannot know wli*t really fresb. oy,stecs taste like until you tiy genuine Se^lsbipt OyAtefs willi t±ie 'delicious tang of the sea, From the seashore to our stu/es they're shipped under ice and under se^J in cleanly, fl»r-tiglit shipping refrigerators. Thus saving all the savor dtend flavor of real sea oysters foe your enjoyment. 'Oysters served/you rigtit at the shore couldn't r "be fresher 01 more delicious than the genuine /Sealsltrpt. Oysters. ^Because tne plants of the Sealshipt System .are directly on the oyster beds. The oysters are ;,"shucked" the day they are dredged. Then they are pacted rn deanty, air-Uglit coataineta . scaled »t ti». seaside. ." These coutaJiitrs in tarn are pacted ·" in patented Sealshlptoib which kvXps the oyla.s at a trnifoj-ui degree of coW-o'ess in traTi«tft. Richest in Food Value Salt water; is-naturally pure.' tthpuiiliesneVer origiiuate, in.^ea.water. So any oysters are pnrer than -nine-tenths o f t h e water a n d milk y o u get-. " - . ' · · Besides being ifndet of State .and FedezaJ GovHTTment tlie waters where S«i1siiipt Oyab "'·« are giuwii aie reglilarly analyzed by the Lederle L*lxjt-fctuiies the- fanious food experts.. · ; -"- " _ - ' : - - . Oysters Have a Shell To protect tbe oyster during Its growing stages, Nature bas pro\ xcJed a shelt But tbe she! U nmid yott, !«(.« «Q morfe to do irsih the taste of en ovst^r than tie ·Jiai' with the taste of a.hnt Sea1ship«Dy8tc.a ftre*'shticked'' oy*tei»a,t-their best The S^ndard of Vatee Jn Sealslript Oysters ^oa get nothingtnt soBd oretet Qpncf no "waste. \Vhen you pay tea yongetfr" i: Lungs Declared Soiind-- Life Insurance Granted ordinary mail. Tha post office department requires tnat parties registering mall roust present same at th* post office registry window where a receipt will b6. given, or presented to j rnrl ,$ Tuhercuio^Ls: that had saved".from a letter carrier 'in his route, trtio will j .i^ath ijuite a number of people, would also give a receipt. 3' 011 'rr to get Consumptives tntereated If you knew a remedy that really had It Li not generally Tcnown that tt re! turn 'receipted card, signed by the I party to whom registered mall la sent i has been discontinued,, unless same is 1 demanded at the time article Is offered j j for registration. · j. Persons, who desire a receipt fKuu j the addressee should make same known j when registering mall matter. I It Is suEirested that ip order to faclM- ! late bustoesB at Christmas time, that in It and Indut-e them to take It; or would ail parties registering-, parcels,- etc., [have same made entirely 'ready for »"e know the medicine. "We know the pixjple cured--some of them. We havo the stories of cure of many--«nd tffl- dAvtts from some. We advertise Eok- mon's Alterative to tell thoae who have ]'-mg disease what has been done by It* use. Investigate the foHowlns: · '- l^S W. Daqphin'St., Ph'. Gentlemen: "On the evening of 'VT'y IS, tW7, I had five hen^orrhages from tbe lung. My hemorrhages keftt up for ir- w^ek--T had twenty-siglit In «ll, Sep- -- - .r.toia .....j--^....... - -- - - -- ... , i u ^ i iJa i A UVLV^T go to another climate, try window, that Is to say. securely., lti y , rft }]Jng had also i^cpm, affected. nave same maue «"·»«·' '^ l " pe .V" tl.- pneumonia, developed. My docto: dispatch before taltlnff.same to regis- ] m( ^ haij bett?{ . Q ' ^^^^ cnaiK verse side of the .packages. If on the address elSa same .will not be sent. Do not use abbreviations. Wrtta Bullock Bros., 220 North Clinton Avenue HiWeDrecht Catering Co., 19 West State Street Jos, R* CaskiiK 201 Southard Street LARGEST CREDI i CLOTHIERS tied, properly addressed; and. name and address of sender In upper left hand corner. CHRISTMAS STAMPS. Persons desiring to mal! parcels- to Guatemala, Uruguay or Portugal should not put Christmas stamps on same, as .those countrf PS do not recognize mall matter bearing same. Almost all other foreign countries 111 permit . the use of stamps, but they -must Christmas About that -time I met Howard Klotx, 1619 Susquehanna Ave., thls-clty, who had hemorrhages several years ago and who was cured by Bckman's Jilterattvei t Btarted -to take Ebtanan's about th« latter part of August, 1S«. My appetite improved at once and In about two weeka I started to gain wetgljt, I Improved steadily, tater a, yery bad lameness de- velo'ped in my right leg and I commenced fcf get a lump on my right hip. My doctor told me I was setting a tubercnlar abscess and that It was affecting the sciatic nerve. · The lameness and lump on the re-,. jmtduaurdisappeared. -HaveTJOt J-AAhy _ - . - out : tuir name of elates. Improperly Mow. mall 'Is and Hi'liCIAt, DEL.TVEB.T STAMPS. AH post. offices, ao matter how small." make is. special delivery oT mall bear- teg. special delivery stamps wl.thln one of that nature _ . _ . . . Sinee my recovery about a y««r ego I was aeceptad for .life Insurance, after two examinations by company thftt had previously rejected .me. ,-i I.have advised several p«opl» to take iEckroan's and those who . took It'faithfully: had the same results as myself." Stened AfflflavltV CHAS. MORQAN. "EcTcman'B Alterative cures Bronchltla." Astnma; Hay Fver. Throat and JUms Affections. For sale by Miller Dnyt Co. and other leading druggists. - - - i and mile of the ofBoe. A special delivery Stamp placed on a letter or package Soas not -guaraii- tee against' .loss, but .simplyyInsures prompt delivery at the ,ofRc« where; addressed, therefore, do not. uss special j delivary* stamps Instead 5f resisterlng !· vBlnable matter. If 'special haste In, delivery and safety are both desired, j then special and registry stamps may | both b e used' ' " ' ' ' * . i It Is not necessary that a regular j special delivery stamp -be used when) It is de'slrectto-siend_ mall matter special delivery Ordinary stamps^ to the amount of ten : cents : 1n addition' to postag", will b* treatpd as special do- livery" matter piovlded the words "special dellveij'' are written or print- ad 'oh =th.e Booklet of cured cases man · laboratory, .f " additional evidence. Trrltfe to.Eck- * ' ~'V.- for Cireatcst^MilUHnd Gale Kyer Offered in IVenton We have bought thousands of all-wool mill ends each just long enough to make a Suit or Overcoat. Your choice of any of these alkwool ends, Suit or Overcoat to order Positive $25.00 values 'Entire satisfaction or money back 9 N* Broad St. We clean, press and repair our clpthes for one year free of charge tlean Cut Way of Doing Business $ Cash Store Prices Tlicse policies lave WOIL lor ns fhe envied reputation we IK « iioM and it's" onr one pnce, plain figure arflrng plan **i«* ...nit** thi*i stuxb th« safest place for you to trade. We · u.'«tomeifl in cver'"hing they parebase hero in trfc(| _aijAJifcV Ar^Q ETliil'AS'tCC TV^iV pfftJiufrTft ^Q gg | ". M iq»«sfciiltd. That's ^hy our custom«are coiiie }a«k .to t^hen tTwy want to m^Tre addrtioT»»l purchases. "We appre- «f«te feem and they show their appreciation by to t^hiw »toro to | .Wy !·_» Xaa Q«rt « OB Crdlt Pay ts Too're P^M | NO MONEY DOWN ras A Lll iLE A WEEK OR MONTH WILL DO f2 00 to $25.00. OOA.*fi, np to $75.00. -g- DU1 TJJ ( $16 to |6. Ju. T A , ., T-*nnD|' jflO · iS, *» to ftt O/EGOATS $12.00 TO $25:00. t^N'S SUITS 112.00 TO $30.00^ SOU ViliNlR POST GAHC8. When mailing -souvenir postcards, be sure that stamp or stamps are' plsceff on samp Hundreds of these, cards «re mailed without stamp* al-j fixed CJardS-beirfafr'nilca or tjnscl-innst be 1 placed te an envelope and sealed, otherwise sams-will hot te.di3pB.tch«l: · In order "to iracliitte; business at. the wind JWB -5ifhere- stamps are sold, tt TJted +v sB.t mailers of packages on»\ aad so that change can ae Juickly road* To }nsu» the Identification. In case a wi%pper becajnes loose or lost In naJt.- ft Is susKestea thatnhe ^mailers o£ pocKrtgea place card, on the Inside lnK name and address of sender. f ALTERATIONS FREE OF CHARGE. * · « - " ' » ' - " " : 33 WM SMITH BRO. E SO, BROAD STREET, TRENTON, N. J, . ,.y*«. Deri STEALS f 19,000 IN HAND BAG. Bobbed of Stocks and Cash. N«aro Admit* Theft. I-i-j.-i*BuilS. Bee. fc--Mrs. B X C*»er _· robbed of a hsnflbag containing -»«b. HXtA TxmdBrTraltieil At JhJ W«^t EiS reSrdentlal.vecUoit. -She Sad llieC cbnflnctor eumrnoii' a. ixUceTn»T»,. and caugftd two negroes lii Q»« car to be arrested. At th police stttrfon they «ave their tj»njas ae L«eiene» airlock gtnd "Walter BarretV ·**··*» *£t w Noiw ol the stolen papers were found on the neju«(. Ij(er lanothftr n?pro, whose Tisnre tb» police win not disclose, ap- pewred afthe atatloii. and -prheW ef«e»tJm- ed admitted thAt th« man--who had stolen th» b»""TM» '*·*". adit him to; learn, what wa« to be done with Spurtoclt and -Scuv ^^OOOi^' T ff tO -f^ 1 ' B4ffrO» tlM -^*uu s»t tbe h«"dfcsc was .wltlr th* roen u/est. The slraager »ays the robber saved only the e«u»V In-Ow bag. Another ne«iO, HaiJjr ^arretl. wa* arrested, and t« use Jie*rfJig;.; loolc the fall .»uOiislblHty of tJ* robbery. He was Ji»J* In. W.OOO ball for, court.. Investigation by the poltc* developed that H»e amount In notes, checks and stocks taken was $19,900; trhfob BaiUsll had tbr^i intx. pieces g/*»tf«fed'ln tie negro Quarter. Wire SEEKS .MISSING HUSBAND «// MUI EmpUy« Mad Large Sum \Vfi»n M» Dl*appt«r»d. D«o..*.--Ha»., R, Wlcfea, 36 yi^rm old, » T*rtra.waiin«. IteJlroad clerlt Uvlnr terei b"» .been missing since th* Blgfit of November-29, and Sirs. Wlcloi ti»n called apon the police at New Yo.k ind «»«red that a. general ftfrrm tw aent out: and that publicity be siven to th« fact ot hla disappearance. . · ' - ' . . - _ - · · - . . "· Th* nrfaslng «ian was last seen at the Grove Street station of the road in East Orange at 6:30 o'clock on the night of : -~ November 29. Mrs. Wicks said her husband -was snfferJnR from appendicitis and that he had been act- Ing In a strange manner a week before he dlsappeared.V He hod a large sum of money In hfis possession and wore a gold watch, with tlie inscription "H. R. W.; In mefnory of Mary A TItu«." H«h(i«'thr*« children, who. ·N.irtlh*^ \T X'i*^fUttbr-iw ¥ rr \ · to IX ». W. X (j | II ^** II I! C*/ I! [I i f i ii ·r?t II i' v$: 1 Children^a BocJkers on display now. If you buy early you will get the best choice. 1 Etoll's PeraTnbulatorg in large assortment. Selling very fast^ if you want * one do not delay. WH. J. CONVERT SON, Successors to CONVKRY WALKER, 129-131 N. BROAD ST. I:ANDCRAH KEEI pieces make appropriate, durable moderately priced gifts. - Their wearing qualities combined with their distinctive style, make them acceptable, at the same, time make them worthy of the donor. Colonial Tables 'ihiting Top Inlaid T»ik», Solid Mahogany Sewing Tables, Hall Tables, etc;,ia mahogany, dull polished 1911 PAR! SUITS Solid :rnahcrgany. and SJahogany flnlsh In. very large as- toibnent. - Many exclusive styles showij only at Coinrerys* XTphwlrtered and loose cushions; in. sllfc plush, panne velvet/fnohair, etc., etc. _A great large- display WkeConvef» jmakcs choree easy. $22.00 up to $HO.l Superb display i»f ftoe wfntt quartered oak dining rouiU fum- Muic. A" vast assemblage of exclusive deals"* shown only af- (Prices tow now.) (Piice« low now." 1 We have just received a large shipment of new rugs carpets for next spring instead of putting them, in the storeroom we have put them on sale at " - - - . : LOW PRICES "Wf hate a December price list that we are following now for these few weeks. Buy now for future delivery lor Xmas 1 Delivery Great stoek now jready for ^Holiday Sooner you buy, the larger the, choice. beds are guaranteed are low in price livery. The Remember, our Why pay more? . V l-i $13.50 up to $80.00 ,- (JW a ·· 3S3K .;-g ^_ % ft a a a n 3. a . « s 8 i ft , 9 MAviSf yjr. ft . s J5 II f i ' ' ' - - ' : seM iNEWSPA'PERf SiEWS.PAPES.1

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