Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on June 7, 1928 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1928
Page 4
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DECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 7, 1928. DECATUR HERALD LINN SCRUGGS Smart! Navy Georgette Dresses Sfy/e Leadership Since 1869 These frocks show everything that's new--excellent quality, exquisile styles and the finest ·workmanship--new pleated and tucked effects --straightline and flares--every dress is one thai you would expect to pay much more for We i n v i t e our customers to lake advantage of our 10 pay plan We ·will be glad to explain tt to you. Sports Coats of Every Description Blazer--velvets--white and silks--jackets or full length coats--remarkable values at these prices. Wear them any time or anywhere-sizes 16 to 44--priced from $3.50 to $25. Shop on our 10 pay plan and pay in 10 equal payments Lovely Sports Dresses of the Sleeveless Type Two or Three-Piece Suits are Reduced to A gorgeous array of pastel shades--every one new and different --styles for most every occasion--tub silks, georgettes or chiffcns-^- plain or stripes--sizes 16 to 46--specially priced at $10.75. Beautiful navy coats with silk dresses. Coats with linings to match the frocks--lovely tans ard grays--spoit styles--smart after noon combinations--all sizes in the lot--originally priced horn $16 / t o $ 7 ,5_now \ price. Pretty New Frocks $1.95 to $3.95 Pretty new bloomer dresses--in every pretty color and many styles trimmed with hand work, smocking, cross stitching and white collar and cuffs. Styles for the chubby little girl or the slender young miss--blondes or brunettes--priced from $1.95 to $3.95. Special! Hand-Made Linen and Voile Dresses .95 Rompers $1.00 K o n i p e i s arc c n s p l j new tor rollicking youngsteis m a d e of chambray broadcloths d i m i t i e s - tummcd w i t h clcvei collai and cuffs, smocking -- o t h e r s a r e plain--in pink blue white 01 prints--some sleeveless, o t h c i a with slce\cs--sizes 1 to 2 yeais. Nainsook Dresses, $3.95 .Nantook dies^os that ai p en- t i r e l y h a n d m a . d e - % e t y sheer made with hems or "icalloped bottoms--embioideied in dainty designs and diawn work--veiy lovely at three prices $175, ?295 and $395. On* and two p i e c e models color absolutely fast h a n d ombrolcloreri Ideal for sports club, afternoon or sticct weai Colors n r p sand, tan. dclph blue green, white and rose- plain or printed and lovely combinations--sizes 16 to 20 and 36 to 46 --values tip to $12 75 fot $595. Ready to -wear section, 3rd flooi Boys' Wash Suits $2.50 and $2.95 Crisp, gay little suits for boys 2 to 7 years--made of pretty washable materials that come out of tub as fresh and colorful as when they went in. Linens, broadcloths, linen and prints, pique or linen and rayon. The best summer colors include blue, tan, rose, green and others --vcr dressy--priced at $2 50 and $ 2 9 5 In/ants' Section, 2nd floor Handkerchiefs 5 for Women's hand em- bioidcred handkei chiefs --in white and colois, 5 for $1 Men's f l u e quality h u n d k c i chiefs - con- 11 ailing colored fco:- ders--regular 25c values, 6 for $1. Linn's 1st floor. Newest Gloves for Summer Impelled Washable suede* and kid slip on gloves--toi clicks 01 o v e i day · white gio champaign, 01 mode-Pnced at ?1 and $4 50 pi. Chamoiselle gloves in slip nn stjlcs m plain stitching 01 laddie sawn-m white giey bisque gabrllo and doeskin--priced at ?1 25 $1 50 and $1 75 Ladies Chamoisette gloves--fancy pmbroldei eel cuff--in doeskin shade --regulai $125 values for 79c pi Glo»c Section, 1st Floor. SPECIALS Week end shoppers will find many specials in every department -- below are a few from various departments Ironing Board Pad and Cover $1.00 Will f i l all s l a n d a i d n o n i n g hoards- laces easily on the board special complete $1. Main Floor. Girdle Belts Fanc-v p i n k g n c l l o bells- all sires -- a rcgulai $1 \ a l u c , special at 59c Mam Floor. Garment Bags 980 Gaiment bags -- l e g u l a i size -holds 8 garments -- specially priced at 9Sc Main Floor. $i Combination $1.00 2 boxes sanitary napkins nnd a samtaiy belt -- specially priced, the | two items for $1. Main Floor. 500 ? $i Laces 250 and 500 Special sale of odds and ends !lt Venelian lacca, filet laces, madeira, embroidery doilies, centers ovals, regular 75c to 51 values foi 25c and 50c Main Floor. Pillow Cases $i a pr. Hand embroidered pillow cases--· 42-inch--specially miced the pah $1 Main Floor. Dresser Scarfs 2 for $1.00 Fancy dresser scaifs--lace trimmed m white and colors--regular .$1 values, special 2 for $1 Main Floor. Now IB the lime when j o u on \-,f a n umbi ella mo 1 !, and we suggeht ,ou let ut show you our stock bploic buying \.om»n's « i l k and linen u m b r e l l a s --amber like tips, top and handle"- -jilk coid'i -in red, green, n a v j , p u r p l e nnd black--special ?2 98 $3.98 and $5 $5 to $12.50 Women'i silk and linen u m b t d l a ' ? biovrn, purple- and black Special li nb--color? aic r e d , green, nav;, $3 98 and $5 Ladle' all s i l k u m b i e l l d s Ifi ph -- u i t h Ji'ractivp border 1 ?--priced 'rorn %·) to ?1~ V). L i n n s lit floor Special Showing of New New Summer Glassware 1 hm blown ice tea glasses--in either etched border or floral cut patterns-crystal only--special 6 for $i I hm blown, stemware dainty cnstal with floral cut--choice of goblets or low si em sherbets--special!) priced 6 for $1.74 Lovci ' blue slermvare choice- of goblets, she-bets or footed ice tea pla"se-- specially priced * 6 for $2.00 Colored glass beverage sets--large pitcher and 6 tall glasses in either cool green or dainty rose, the set Set, $1.98 Thin vidter glasses, the dozen 50c. Glass coaster plates, 6 for 29c. Ice tea sippers with colored bow', 6 for 29c. China section, 4th f l n o i SM4RTLUGGAGE T ACCOMPANY SJVlMfR ^ TRAVELERf N FAR WAVS Smart and thoroughly practical luggage is known to add so much to the jc*y of a journey--whether that journey is just to the next town or to a foreign country--that all wise individual shops where quality is top notch--invariably they shop here Luggage--to be had for louiist--travelers--graduates--to go to college or for overnight will be found here. For Tourist--many tourist trunks--oversize suit cases and the like. For Far Travelers--Wardrobe trunks in steamer or full size and small luggage. For Graduates many fitter cases for presents--they will also be appreciated by brides. For colleges--trunks--combination sets, caws, gladstonc and traveling bags. We wish to serve you in your luggage needs Linn'* 2nd Floor. DIES! 5YE Mrs. Jam Suffer ''VILLA r jam' 1 -'' I f for f i v J"-" Tuesday rv from a dro h*art. an'l pneumonia Mrs. Stan I dren, th«-ir jUr" W l l l l s n in Wayii" ^ j ga r o u n t y 8 t th" BZ' 1 iwpllon rjf j,rr husbard Is'rb , an'l 1 »d in this -o fir husband children, Mt Jfrfl Frod Den f-kid-r«- Stanford '' /ind J O · Fon Clydr ·· in Han Frar Hl'lJ BUT' I · tiiother" an' phe va5 P church from held at 2 p In Villa Gro HEDDEN" FILED TAYLOr.V Phcbe If odd' w i l l r-cH r a rnal and PT husband, Hir provisions o probate m t n"sday. Up 1 "" Js to br pq .a brother, AI . si=ten- Mrs Mrs Pallio E estate is to fc lire Hrda«-n ecrvP vvithoLt TWELV ISA "It Does Claim In ing," Say M I F Ora M «. enuc Decat J d n n t of this praising th" · W O N D E R V phy ^ ho i c ^ i THE TW! eitv and \ i c i i o w n e r of th Sri vice (sale nicsseng'ei an conducted 11 For 10 %car- ladv had bc stomach and r h«i b u t f i r a l ! Juices vhich Li' DIFFER! anv medicine PORE and suffering and voman in f says "This HXOW I ca mend TO A. ACTLY w h a t advertising th lowing is M statement ju her while tal Juices Man public at the ^» T Main anc 'xolams this nature s juice 'My stoma that I was i «tate of pain Murphy · H mv stomach Pas would around my h short of brea I was going 1 also had the 1 Ject to a\\fu and would be Constipation 'hat had be and I was ah fst of la\ati\ bowel conges Weak all o\ c. r 'Cht and m * nervous w k ecp up will Biv husband "Took medi fothing c^ er J found tins r to ^n^ tint it f r »ni mi; t h i n s * h 1 has put a 'WTlns nn,l ^ndurlnp St i *°rt I n c \ e r li Ms and cm i- J 16 "! us A N V foils that are "ananas, cibha J'«7 eat nw, ·U'lls of Iraig" **rtng n h a t e r r i J. "[eat regul pl"tlcs n o n , a mJS ""WJ « f" 1 ! I can now ''«Ie child M \ l l t l t h i ? rr r, lt , Cfl * iuice*. ' JEWS PA PER I iWSPAPERI

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