Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on April 17, 1890 · Page 1
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 1

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1890
Page 1
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ftoilroai ADM. t ta Dflur it «BTUhr JnavtleB wlih l)a wttbCw i MT11IM* *d otaaHa. WWTt, «npt fly. Co. irrte*. 0fO JJ UOTX JJAli. I *ii BOCTTBIiI,B BURR. BANGOR, to to be «h*o _ mr SLfcZlJl .i" »«£ £mmet ** IIIIf i ·/ ^EJJBSDAT MORNING, =^^^^ TrQQ^Tt 17,189O, VO3i LV^I.--NUMBER' 92. rrokt unM-DKSKtmim wn nmu uoi \_j yt TM ~ "^i O Btoraefa FlBbtlng to Mi»tE«ilneHi»A.Sprattt»d]B^MLMfe lew«l,T iel/ Houses. ** Sf****" I»I«rUaU* «a « few d»;e » T ' M«J* »i Whitney of tlii flrn of Whit/J ' »*rAOtBMmn,lijOMllntd to tbe bom*e fuob !*·£· *111 "l» Iooe If by a,Bev*ncoU. 1 An extra train has beenjfat on the Mt* Desert Branch R. R, There BOW being four tralad dally «*ob jray, Sunday* ,»*· cepted, | / J Rev. F. A. Palmec/baa eto^ed bit pai- toratoitHuicaofe atdbnagoiK to North Danville, Vt BbrTj. B. Bowler ha* 1 engaged for one/ MfcA. ROANE CO., TENN., OB tbe Qowen and Cteevent Road nA IVnncesee Rite*. - -\ y\t --, ·· i i i -VA4 Bin ifroea jaflt Came. WO. Wo * mtiUI'IKQ 4cej lfiMle%airr ··^·tjv ftSatoto' K. Spencer of Lagrange. took a orew of fa about to «bont totty me* into the woede Tneedey, toi^oontbtdrtvetarUm. eon of J * ike OBBM ot the Her- from Boston tall «t Hincook *t)d and lira. AUan A. Boor, Who -- WUvMl iree* the *tak* SO %O = B. ti OMtawBrltr oftoe btood wateb i anriftUr lumjt if nratnuai la iV neck, whin CMMt nnalBg MIC* on t( tins, eye*, cart, or now, olttn eanlBt tiantbuu oe 1u uon fiM KettBe.cattM8 ooetuiBiK»oa aul duta, nti How Can *v For Rent May lat. gk. ^^^WMMI ^U» j-H-nof FOR SALE. I «/ w CAPITAL, W «00'*Da. f tt.r Bw, Fort Payne, 4*"-l B. B. SntaUty, BvrllngtOft, Vt.; Co. Jwdma i. iJtBBberlam, Hew YorHCttrj IHon, Robert Fritdu^d, ChattMkOOga, TBBB;Chadea L J4~e=,oC James ft Abort*,! Boston ; Boa.Cartoa Beard, Blddutonl. ate.? Han. ito M- WWpple,IarEB«mtrT. B.; fT.J. Montagoe, Preat, lit MOT Bank of OuttV i.; Hon. J. F. Ta*w»t«r t Kookwood, Teao.; HOB. S E, Jftuee, But~ 1 l MtBtaobBjettte MU*e O!M»T wwft by Mr*. LfOM* JTa the llt ** j ·:h _anc Sae M-ISO OAB Or its cty Lota at * 3'5 99 G " ' ' ** r" % _ *£A£ ( o^ n'i n n r * - . IEJ3EO ji^nsdlon r »"* Jill te ran fra flew EmKni, pnu Mm Satertay, April It, · 8do was Sufi Bettor to ogntjrOomillMOB- / nWta, 'of/the firm of Otark A ersl merchandise, died tblt sutty five.' i I preeb * abort tbneef/ -·II* Mrte llaa»le ^waalaaaUd at Bwtaport, arrived J9totar ChJet J.Btfce XMfer, to «. httw t* a CbV eag* naaa, the* onerwe* hfc «rat epeeeb !· pabllo: ·t think Biy flrat titanpt at pnHo tpeaUoc wa* hi Senuaahtr, 1861, at a rtem «·*. TQug IHH BittUaK heiil it A«iMtW«e wblehmna««e«ot A4«lniM»t» i iwl Ike bolder for Ih*y4l*etri6 Bnotnipoit[atrifed m jail city, ^etterdar, and w«l taken to tMt Plane when ft will **¥fe wnn . tne AB^vonmi uoTermDcnt fc^ ^^t i_ -- ^__ ,_ m It^^ __ frOBidiitolatlin.t-b.i.inaied as erpbati "[mttn»oeua%enu oblldriB, tpprvntloedt the riot, cotton Mr, End 8/F almir, c4 tbli ofcr, haa foaot mamg«rol tbeHui- Tttepbaa* Gotfp*Qy, Mr. o( lleV Harbor, wUl be hb oi coaltuKt IJnm .. Morjpvl. ^ta cllrf i prtao pai ule« « xtol ·' · i lUMjwiribli mined moTM MrU*h Tke cKipaqr OWKIB , April 10 Tbe following after herOu peopledotCi th« Un n iLrmy Imt 1ta ppwer WbtDSr. Bayi^t Klleved Qenrrtil Uract A.J. QMJ attbeb*lM,a d tlfc rHtltad* wbten MB- *tierk, SMerW-C-S ' ^WbL.-wbM.erew.twontttBMln ftke|B,\bo for roar je»n HflMmovtnti three dwelling baaiM to vtn^ tbercattofl' olotblnK of man tOOOil tor a new palp mill Wblch l,.-d[ b *y have aooceeded jZ, W« ker A Oo 1 , »r* to botld hone I bltlSitJ voters, In i u riv- tfca btlnj togix«patronjOf(J*i«ilea«Bin!«t»m»4* . , j ALtaamnnathiin win be immded for all attCinltM: the »*)*·. Fw AnUite mfonm- IH, pnapeetm, «tt, BprJir to J , T. F. B1JCE, A CO^ en t JJoa. KeBbey, Baagard Fr»*fc 4. Twwntead. Celatlt Kcae r.Unitt, W«terfertt Lota* B»B- Jlwl *r,l ; / ou I^AVD. / Mt. Charlei Berry and wife, Mr. Freil * Berry and wife, Ur*. EnbjlU and Mn. «aoe«C the Xeektaad,wDo iittoK "·£ f*r altowdaye atbeBatgorBeaet, ftfo»tioa»eo» tb* Mr. 4eoye H. P*cr,W nee* the _ a ealM by . _ ... GraBtfa CMh. «·· I ante tb* ·ftAlnr. MenTO, Bndbvry, BaaiUn, Soole, Mr aad John Vaa Bfljen *poke, Bud Got. Hubtosrfl prectded." Tblt II (be Chief Jnatke'sownsccoant. From other soorcts it it learned that tbe spe«(t Ibow- · pd nobraltaltqa; that the young man wal self-posset led aod eloquent, and that M r«oeived coDfrratnlationB trorii (he older btadi that ItBtenpd to hind. It Is not necessary to add that he maintained bj* reputation as a doeat and earnest speaker dudne his long residence In Chicago. Ap advocate or atWr dinner talker be wai »(- wava rrcetved ~wlth marked a^tenthD. ' r i ..... Will am Borne, of ftocbtaod, united, Tneedaf, for breaking and entering the erotery store of A. F. Cracker Co., HBndfty moratn£.. He wa^ arralEoed before Jadge Htoks and bonn^ over in 4MO for lie Septembrr term of court. VtfijBaTlBiE «tte» OB Huiiftaae and IB Vtaubaren ·avei utiut^ Iti blgtojer Mgia.' TheyarefBtbaeanlayotawtral "·wn arlat «y wtt* aad tH btea toi** *Hh »CM|«B, an tatto t*u oM, Ma( » MRtM Lett ttmiac bo ·»» «*« nun «C IrtO* turf 11 ttW)r«r/.fj« troai (MMotlafckUdnntMkbrltMani ii /Mood's SarsaparJtraj i ituO LKOODtOO,Al»tlwtlli«l,lowUl,Kasj L IDO Po*«* One Do'ar i t ' 4 1 I I .7 ·I No '0 E«\. Strcqt, - I.IIAF L A F : D Pi)T UP IXMtMLV FOR FAMILY USE ID I, (, wa lllb, p*JJg u»l Mib. i£b, ai» PURE tAR Perch House »nd Farm M Puahaw f-ake, Olenburn, ^^JP^^lKf^r conalMe ot ODA UVM ilorfxcuio »na TM^ tj*iHimnj;_iW i aciti ol^lioitjwltti jrolt ivSSouf , ·ra. cnt^vau 4atttTo toiia MkCarmaClalitcquLrao b.'B or Le ASO Co . r ant . Uti ( tr«i r ' «·» «·* H m e a i Craalte CABDIFFl Bo«a« Cev* Tern. ' ) ( x"TM," *»e, wh»-«be will r«Mde lo tbe AMOM. chveh, ^ **« tMdheM MMD* j«*r**c« bM Ifcay B ft from .-,,-.. ,- - j - . J _ . . 3 J n . . p -L. L_* J^L -- ^-- g^ L _ RESENTED WITH EVERY BOYS' SUP. . A DMtar X*wln* a TMMft. AHD, April 1C. In the «**e ot Jbby va. Dr. P. H. O«rri*h, tor damages for ulli^edf malnrMstlee to aauing o bmken teg, tbeMry wai o«t half aa boar and retunttd a ncdtct for tin* HMkt, A Irttle feMow of «bMit (our t» aoecBK to tbtlr 4*. ·Metot theeBttara have left UIWB tar work I* other place?. P. SQUIRE 8qCo~ BOSTON, MASS. r^p^^v^p^ ,V*nBU1K** tttd jl£ Bouglit at Our Store Any Day Thin. Weete, We offer this indocenjeot, aa «b want everybody to axdolae OUT Nev jjtctct 9! Boja" Sails jost received, consisting of {combhutiOQ Soltl, tbrM piece *nlt*i and Boys'Long PaowSuitgL WejaMly claim tolh»ve tbe Iftrgeit and be« lin* *\er 6ho|Wn mEingor, it prices wblcb defy competition. INJURED By te errible Fall ffoni ttti Bttl- ''Boss" Str'ct y One Price Clothing House, 73, 15 and 7TEXOBANGE 8TBEET, BAMbift, , KBUB., April 10. prof. E. B Craig, ttte balloonlit, w» tevertly IO|Uttd in i»n attempt to mtkt * balloai) womtloa CltyotiKewr ._ day ntgnt net? Hanltourtio, oo LateHfabi- gni, bid tbciit tw imtj jporsons sbonrdt CBMiqb, 4 riltlO. * The Mcamer City (·(New i urkh reporter foundered offWan- lOOWOOi l* t^tei Qoe t£ her ownerfi recel^ at) a de paten t!to« tbq captain this nwrn- Ing attnpubcia^ ttet fa^it tbat dn ha» pa«E- ed taroub tbe Stntts ot Maeklbav and IB hautd tut Bnftilc oimjurtd. ' UPB. Wb«» tk» fiwetlMor Ull bto (hut tp didn't k3 o«» to Mil, ±» IHtta MMr raldtbtt tlMWMin thltwtodowlrlt* tbe offset thtnjilar ul« and , slh«i»M)Mjl a cat Ttry nfaeb bt MIM In to buy bn, Tbtr* luve bean IXBM mpiovetiMntB gein^ oo h the B*ngor Bmbuif* parlor Blnc«GouH Mid Dugla took the battl. Tbe «U CMrpet tat given plow t» ft a** and dm* hu»d|omar cap, eb«rr; . lite of lha Oxtotd GoBUy VttaraB AAtocIMiHi tumdtetded to»ol* the Oxnty Banaaipnient it the ovmty rMir ^F^midv a* SovHA Parw Od Wednegdar and Thursday, Jane -tth (111 5tJ), eayft ilia Oxford Democrat, FOK SALE. A. OtXxl Upright Piano, TaiteuU Ma .·itkeimiHriaiiti ' TinlimurfljiiMi Ai Mr. A. £. Bttgu of IParOKO, ta enot- inu a tmlUlDg loiTs oreaiueiy, endertrr- tiling »ni be in readiness by the BrtC Ol May tot* operations, | Here la an Incident, repotted TuaQt, that sbowa bowBMhte JJOHNS. KIIHBAL. SON, Reni Esjtate mortgage I Negotiated. K Bloct, COT, SUtt ill EltllilC SB ·!·* r _ IT yqu-wisditodry or 6e. 1 Oity or Farm Z?roi*erty-. or to Secure the Beat Insurance at the E*owet Cf»U»t T Astronjf nlad wm btewlog Mad aiite ID OOUtWt wl'.b «t*le- tbrQWtdf bin Odt. 0* /«' 1 rit[n([ ,lMtd foramoct «(MMt reoelvlof IfVU* lD|Drtop / C O M A 9T 'O B Oar ^ amT JSn^aCWab ·· , ·.LOWELL Maes. Aull 16. A wpmnn glvlnc the~nacie 01 K*, t, E; Ho^tner tuhildeBM thfc.Wl ow,flDute, on tbe IAW- renee rotd, 1«« o jht, taking morphine. Hheweint ttMire ^a u cook. Her (jfte DMMlelHn. C. A Bteiop, of Keane, sN, A , aboatamyyvnetage. I T JM : , No «, Ke -rduskeaar Block. amebW v __ ladies' and Gent's Silk UmbrellcS nose traBBporaatM tbat lt*UTl*le»a*e»l- UB bBreafter to aaMiggt* Cbtnta* law the United 8nfea over «fi* bT«cfc*a border. I { - UB*R TBOtJBLM, ·f. iii«« ir^fk M FemBi , N. H., April 10 Tbe ao- Ir Tie j Vary Latest Designs. «j-d»y'* work. Ma* betu th* ~ ' ~ wvie of COB^CIW ' eoto-Aey. Tbl* Aadenou Jontln*, earpenu thtlrm Ji ut tbe ninlt «f tiQB of Oe emfjmjtet catpoUr*. brlLUayera, Bahmr* aM ptaolbtre lait " l a decmlaK lhat ten bear* ebtll jllniormad it night'* . .OK they left wdrlt In A b«T, TThlt ^ Sn iioefirpeuteri eotployed. by wo. A. Hodgdon and the Mldien enmoyed by w.J.SampsonQa.,yalt wort. Theee ti o fihiis employed Ibo largat muBbtrlof men tb tbe city I In .tnelr reipeotlr* Imei, ·Ine foaicittom nbiot aow to · geaerai a-DlKht. A neiM fneettflg ol lour* n win beheld u-Dlgbt at the window! eanae taeh a tranttanDa- tlon that C.DC 6ndi hiuteU wonderlDg if It CUD bf iba tame roam. A BaoaiurDL IiAUKQfiDia. Tbe l«wkl«g ot UM Oel* P., boat tb* «e«Lh to BarboBT** tblp-yard. Brewer, lilts to Bi J|, laet weet, but failed t; nocoikiiuod atfon?* ilr, Wm. Plerot, wbo hag been anjMrin- ttndent ol the Bowdoin paper mill at Topshsuj for the past sixt«eu yeirt, t|U ree^ned hia pM^itiQn nnd closed hut *er* vioca theri*. p J ^ Lut Mond.y Ilir Huatera uf £*Ui aek«j Tbe B*Bf *r aod Brewer attoree ***e crowded wttb f«o*l« aozkMMto*e* tte veeael glW* IMo tbe wa«er, wbtto bar dednw«n)al«oaoir*V4. Att«B *tte*-tc« past ««htlb* the creW c«tiei«iMd to kneeh af»y theehere* and te wMballhereolor* the neu w-ns Intoned Ibattbe «*- Biood eonld BM be jRantedl bnt tbe bowet ·Kmd t* BBlltthB dinereneeaBd «UI it oar 2^S nentB an hoar Th- ^ BO* lamfmitBfy anH all rb* k. mefMlBtenanthe mramtrCot- City are _B4*jlfectc-l byjlii! *trtk«s *^'""* In """ DOH bi| ttes'euer tTM*», fnn pblt, nWi he! pntiMwOThrafcm. atjittta kt^uniWd ^jnpiojv. B^wd. TjTMIAi ApJfl IX ^t to feared thai: a geaaml Mnk-BW ttl a place on UM New York CBDfcal a Knd -jn.Blver and West Shore railroads ai a rtfcult of tbedteobnrE* eta number!ol empkpeo. Look: In Our XVliwio^r, If yon want ti tee the LATEST. STYLES 111 1 We have *, very fine HM of Spriuc ind Snmonr LAB-BOJtjSS,' ' tfbkh wtll he Sold Low, ' ' rt MMe31T49. I l , . * , L . bleexoitemeot lo Ubvrelralm today over two reports nude publlo tbt* nwrntag, Ttnftrstcomufroailxindon anil teto UM effect tbat the'FreeMMW Uoatnoton' Af- maing the a«Mrloc4lM t* tec*re la ·uiie aad eteaethoate ap and down tbe rlvee. Tb»fMt* ewtug aroa*d at* tHe scbooaMr wa* beaded op rtrar tod was well over lowttd tu* otty before abe iW*- ped. The tng Delta then took ber in charge enA towed btrto the wbart, wberc those Wbo bid been It inetod on ber hod a cnaoea to get uhor*. It was one ot tbe prettlart *nd meet aneeeeatnl launehlng on the river aod tbe wlei ot ell h Ibet her nay all be M MtooUi eod fas r, **£0, aaye the Bath Tfaa, . At Ue spedal meettnc «f the KooxA bneola niOrocd at Bath, Monday, the folknrhur paper w» dniwaV conia* ot which will be sent to tbG Yrlous mnnlel pnllttei who are t to vote on the otta ul LBT1B O Wade,, nest Saturday. KAtUlQAP YKAH 1688-39. JJ GIOSB earnings, *iri,tee SB Operailoe espeoaes, IAI (US* / ' : - --· ·8«-»i i3^ _ -iui 1 | INSURANCE:, j. BBAL E8TAT ,1* r DM* Bitta«ap win (4-,nUu*r «S · _ ^MSA · *r u* rn«kbSlH£ jES* YitiibliorWMMaiKt MUin. sietla^rE. £fic. vnTfitT* BiSTMstSArSriiirrff«* lindttpi, ' foit Ktnt. Oafttoe.pBibcro.Tgiiftcr' Point - -TOHIriwIlW^ p ortable , C()oklrg RangB( coldie pt«crlb- ,, K^np-s Balnu.thte year. In tbe nreiMratton of ttte remarkable medicine torooufa* and cJOdsbo eipeiwe to ap«red ea ootatnM ufly tW best and parent In- fre d5Hiii. pbld * bottle or Ktmp'»B«l- W,*SXLT ovonnx to timed tttu mornl og. It eontalM all Ac loo tl bappeo. logs M will H the l«t«M Mm bylt*l»i K»ptitoMMtln)«otfolii|tto pr«M. It Is Net eamtogs, nAILROAD TEAK 1380-00. feross earnlnKa, 81S3.I1S S» Ooeratl tt expeneef, ] 130,761 8S ' , Tbe Clatlon I i | The Most Popiasr'vena, Site " , eessfulpi tTt Market for man^ roan, ^ni we h*v. ihli lofou at a ool uigooo w I ' Suensanrvto tfie Uttn O. W, ·tilllva-f. OMTMEOOMMEM, a* litMkhryen bave dfa«* a etBtraet DM b jatHte l*r three Main* and UM pilot ol niixorlptloo to opfr OM*U»ray«ar. f It lean lafalaaM* ptp per t* a*W to abtent frteM* a* It eonttlea aU tax. e*enM of Ibe week, b*» toeal, State -yean, BAKERS nBTBfiMiwbieb they are M re- adnaweotMbceaciaBheBr with tlBiisaaaday*work. Jfeat^ot the i * " ~ ~ " ·'lr» «M*eol djffiae«BaanaB«Tna gnAe «f what am ac ir TMa week'* baa* oyatalaa Ma CURES ju. a Bi-fUne; «t tbe Ain^laMMted ttH tj»[ieajiira uot brieklayet* wUl be o«tk4«pa* to -«pl»t* their nteetl t» ·key tteevdera to etrlke April It. ll re. Fmnk Ken- niBton attempted wutea* by cutting ber throat this cooratng. making an ngly »1- thoqgb not BecegaarTly tatBl wohnd. The cause of tbe deed WM temporary iniai Cap«.C»etrkeEla(, u (tb* »*·«*. wbatbeeawtn Provided a new ferry boac Is bulltMd the slips icbullMttere will be *n extra Ottt- lajot abo«t fHMMW, wMeh ctu cever a period e tea yTMrt. The lee la, aaada a ananite, mtm fctrt IE ta aa flzevothn^ frtigbt aod ba lafcd apoii aa a part of tbe ~ ~ eahMBt at the med, aad A* i* andaaa ta «W« na wronK Theopirathf; (xpanat* ore ·eeond at fl»per*eot,or eoe pcteeat. aom tbac laat jcar. «.ar»i*ir» - rep*yt,VM*l new*, all eott* eorreqwidentt, giving OeWI In tbefr vlclnttr, a leige smwuit ot nlaoellMieoai itook and! market report!. R. H. HURD, Itortrt Berwlok, Mo. ipta 'I eo40n ESBTEB, tf. H,, Apr|l 16. jlottie Supreme Court the wee o( ntte *«. Andrew j. D*T]H, for tbe giittWltgbttr oz John Uanbaogh, waa relamedTwiT ruforelBg. After arguments by tbe eonneelt Judge --""·J'ujjsrged UM |nry, wblph rrUred. at parllla It res lyToea ''oiako tbe weak ..roojt." | ^1 13 Wnr_u H4EA Ttfrt.*^, If gray, c^wnall) restores color; ele- gtnt tonlo^reaalne, 90c._, «1.X», obtained ai the eetuulng roon. BTATB KHWB. dtoc,.f the At Lnbec iba people towrested In aMp- pine are ertune oot two Bcboouerm, The SnTFoain and Huntress for the Hagdttlan Isles. ID forawr yeara the Hatgdajan ber- ftnglndtutiywUB larni Item to M*tna Doast baalnen Interest, ttnt of latayeari It bad become eitluot. If these Tetnlt have proiperonB ToyaxM, It wilt be the bejtliuln£ of tbe revtvalof this.owe Inera- itve buitneaa, i Wonavejoet p«itonOTircoo))Wr»oneo( tlw ««*' ' T t e n '** ' ID ' e ^ * hes * S oode «rer fHTM-n In Bangor. , 11 i/clock, retaraloB In thirty wlwiaverdletof geluy of i Inanlautater fl rat degree. SenlewW wwcefanad l"»e«dI«a»Tarhty»f a*yle« aad *b*d«a. tf yo» w*nt a new, etylt* Gbgnew, give COCTOOCOOK, April 16. i Governor OBircMrtaiio have been MM* rkat"E** ibVrwte* he bM*geleed beUMtof bt* rrtnpa* ·UNboprtel. Ov 18 WEST MARKKT SQUAHE. ^ W«lz»'p) paid by Superlctendaut of iObooUltce will be S^ WeJs, Jersey 3ty *( 1 . Fern* Soap aeimret a beautiful coaiplex- · ^ vni .VFurntturak cllna on *ratttti «f «tbtr eogBCSiaetiti wHbwaetr fteea daciao, April 1*. The embaMo pUejedbrthaatrtalM d««p*»*|r« ·· the bwBhiR auevtlene t* Chtoago ooatlae** ^n__ r^b..«_.,, ^^ ^^ |»bor **PATTERN BOMNCTS AMD SPAPL land* BW aady- to all of tbelr *WB «raft, tool anw taaimn aearty all tr*4e* ·aiflDveal In anlilMeuial iHKk. At the doe* of wortt laat atgbt ta* gieet a»)oriiy of iha brkUnfera, pliatorere. lubirt. - ^^^^BO-*fi ^MflM BBBBB! B^k Itt AillhieeeTwMk »· »ne- »!·«. W*"* »"*! i "_,« b j» rn » Btetwwn. wBMetthe water, wbll* *e i«*H*ot*oi ·thw notlOM«« the eewp tbtt wo«M cet ·a awStt b*o»ut tree* ·· totr*dnot»ea^ Ike BMeeore. The tte* teetnre ·ae a pfo*eet aabtted "by ELECTRIC BELT ·Be«tthal»tr» ef theaatM»»Mr paty ·galaethaldtet the nn iliac on the trot ed Sat tbe ·nilag wa» oet togeDy oaJMd M the reran** tbralM a* eeteeimtM were ·ot W**Hr *«·»· «· «*· ° mc *-^Z5f Canned Heats,. From, Three to Fowrt flFufl -^ OUTSIDE CLOtESmS CLOTHED DRYCRft. J* 1 JF * I, Z" is r s t t- ^ '' 1 j^ t · i , l t »- t.^ I. ..IH*. ^44* ^H 4T Y MBDIVAI, tijBnnnBv ·..··H..M.:XJ*W*--3 · * fefta^ters^ssfJS* w · tf ·Wffc Mpiwe»« ageo^ttoaa. MutteUMMrl «at»UF irilHt'i* bHwlai M«I?A|QBlLbnlninX»!A ^upl^vH 3 *ame$*.Snow.o. 2) is! lartfil Swut.

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