Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on June 7, 1928 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
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Thursday, June 7, 1928
Page 3
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MRCE CASES VEEK IN JULY msea crowded ov "ession will b p ·ek In July. Ju(|v , ordered Thursdnv ·· court began ihe Monday mornl,, K cen set for he.,, v.-ee!;. of which M ·''" decrees w,-,. 3CIETY · i ^ n u i Alpha lf, entertained Thin-,, l-.e cottage of sj r , - a k s Dccatur at a nner. Mrs. Cope R omrity, has invited to attend. Baucom is caturcs r r e \ I r 5 i n i nol fabrics. crlccl! b u i l t 'out 1 -. iv n o t It fillin/f r'l;:rs. ( .1 n d moulded hmilders. ip q u a l i t y !in- iam! made b u f ' m holps. « « I'ants. 17 CONTRACTORS SEEKING , WITNESS FEES, MILEAGE ON ' TRAVER.WEATHERBY HEARING Dccatur Business Men and City Officials Solemnly Engage Attorney and Enter Petition to Piatt County Court DECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 7, 1928. '"·'"? d u r i n g al- J[ nrado St. Seventeen Deccitur business men and c i l y o f f i c i a l s who appeared us witnesses in the Traver-Wealhcrby i n v e s t i g a t i o n in M o n t i c e l l o may have t e s t i f i e d to n o t h i n g , but (hey don't intend to t e s t i f y for n o t h i n g . I The I" have solemnly engaged an! attorney and nrp p e t i t i o n i n g the Platt county court for witness fees and for t h e i r mileage tn appear Play Directors to Meet Friday - for Instruction Final instructions and daily programs, for the city summer playgrounds will be issued to playground directors Friday evening. The group w i l l meet at 7 o'clock in the Association of Commerce rooms with the playgrounds committee. Mrs. Alice B. Trierweiler, chairman, hopes to have special speakers on folk dancing and _______ f "'st a i d , two features of the play- for fees ii ml rxpciijio!-, just a f t e r thcIS 1 ' 011 TM! programs. men Appeared on Doc. 22. declaring | ' r n i s ' eai ' 'he directors will follow · ' · · ' '" ..... "' ........ a u n i f o r m plan throughout the city. Last year playground activities were more or less haphazard. Some of the d l r e c t o i s over-stressed handwork, l h c · s: TM lu1 hp|u 'l»8 Through Chester 10. K i n g , t h e i r atton ney, the mm have n o t i f i e d Robert K h o n k - wilcr, state's a t t o r n e y of Platt coun- show why they ly, to appear tn haven't been paid. S h o n k w l l c r refused t h e i r rotiucsts DEPUTY MARSHAL NAILS WRITS TO TWO RESIDENCES Women Have Been Convicted for Manufacture and Sale of Liquor OWNERS SUMMONED . Injunction writs restraining two Decatur women from manufacturing or selling bootleg liquor were nailed to the doors of the women's homes Thursday noon by T. W. Fawcett, chief deputy U. S. marshal of DECATUR HERALD Springfield. One of the writs was affixed to REUNION OF CLASS OF '23 WILL BE FEATURE OF ALUMNI BANQUET Members of Millikin class of '23, Robert Wait, associate professoi will stage a big reunion in conncc- in chemistry at the university, tlon with commencement, it was announced Thursday. The old gradi w i l l return 23 strong out or the class of 45. The class of '23 will meet first at luncheon to bo held Monday noon, probably at the St. Nicholas hotel. The members will attend senior class clay exercises at the university Monday afternoon in a body and the alumni banquet Monday night, also in a body. At the commencement exercises Tuesday iiorning, a special block of seats w i l l be reserved in the J. M. U. aud- torium where the class may sit. together. A luncheon will bo held Tuesday noon at. the Elks' Country club, after which the class will hold ts last meeting. the chairman of the class reunion celebration. Clarence Dcakins, regis trar, in president of the class, and he will preside. Prof. J, A. Mclrose of the universi ty will be the principal speaker at the alumni banquet Monday night Orval Diehl will preside over the business meeting following the banquet, and election of officers for next year will take place. N. P. Parkinson, chairman of the Banquet committee, stated Thursday Lhat 200 people arc expected to attend the banquet. All former stu dents are invited to attend, and reservations are to be placed with Clarence Deakins at the university en or before Saturday. that the t e s t i m o n y I h r Doc/itm save b e f o r e t h p grand j u r y wn.; not material In the ra.'ir Traver and I h f W e n l h e r h y brother. 1 :. $1 Dit.v Witness KPOS R u t t h e p e t i t i o n complain;, thai "on .·iccnunt nf I n c l e m e n t , w e a t h e r . miny wrr- r e q u i r e d !o t r a v e l e l t h e i by t r a i n or a u l o m o b l l e , to take tltr.e Ironi t h e i r own work an well .is to pay ("it HK'iicy for t h e i r own trans- p o r t a t i o n f r o m D c u a t u i , ( I l l i n o i s ) l o M o n t i c e l t o ( l l l i n n l ; ; . i" Witness fees l^o, c o n s t i t u t e an i m p o r t a n t item, nince the 17 nre e n t i t l e d lo $1 a head for each ilay'.i a p p e a r a n c e b e - i fore Ihe Plall j u r y m e n . I Th- c o m p l a i n i n g witnesses a r e - ·,, 01 i i i A r t h u r K l r t . J. M. Drlscoll. Curl N . ' I M G W State L3W I n C r C a S G S vvdlepp, Roy C h r i s t y , W, I t , C o l l i n s , ! U l h u r M c N a b b , Thomas P i t n e r , , P h i l i p Kayser. H a r r y R u t h i a u f f , nc"cher Hufchcy, J e r o m e J. Hcger, I. A V e r m i l l l o n . A r l l e V. Latch. Tom .X,r, Morgan P. O'Bneri, J |[. Wai c r r k e mid W i l l i a m Amman. 1 ! Thru p e t i t i o n f o r t h e i r money I;; addressed lo the J u n e irrti " f t h e P i a l t C o u n t y c o u r t The Travel - W c u l h e r b y | 3 to Nivr .mother h e a r i n g In M o n l t c c l l n , others ac-tlve games, but by providing d e f i n i t e schedules the committee now expects to insure well-balanced activities. BLIND PENSIONS ARE INCREASED Allotment to $1 Per Day Macon. c o u n t y ' s blind persons received $1.',250 in pensions last year, expense , necording to records in the county the door of Nellie Kennedy, 841 East North street. The property is owned by Mrs. Lillian McNamara. The other writ was tacked to the door of Martha Brown, 1517 East 'William struct. The Brown woman owns and occupies the house at the East W i l - l Ham address. Owners Summoned Besides "plastering" the w r i t s the doors, copies were also placed inside Ihe homes by the c h i e f deputy marshal. The writs, besides prohibiting the m a k i n g or sale of liquor, require that the owners of the properties get the permission of U. S, district court at Springfield before re-renting the properties. The authority of the court over the house." will last a year. T,,,,:,, -|: -Louis I'l clerk's office. This year, however. ,t , · . , the county pension money paid out ot a ( p r i will t o t n l $24,820. A new s t n f o law ' Should the writs be violated by bootlegging, the houses w i l l bc pud- locked summarily for a year, Deputy Fawcett said. Both Convicted The serving and posting of the writs was a sequel of recent action against the occupants of the houses in the d i s t r i c t court d u r i n g the February term. The Brown and Kennedy women both were convicted of violating the p r o h i b i t i o n law in the court. Fines were assessed by Judge n i T-, ry, D e p u t y Faweett ^ c i w c c i i w e n t into e f f e c t Jan. 1. raising the! 1h »'TM^"l",^' w !°" la court K r i d i y m o r n i n g , n f t e r j pension, to each person, *1 a day. Ol h c r t n a l it.i t h i r d r o n t i n u n n r \ COMING EVENTS COLUMN STARTED IN THE HERALD The H e r a l d ' s Coming H v c n t s cul i r n n , n i i i i m m r r f e a t u r e (or a n u m b e r if yearM past, nppear.i In this HHIII B e g i n n i n g I n t h r strawberry-icv ream l i m e of th" year, It w i l l noL TC discontinued u n t i l the c h l c k e n - f r ipfuon l.i piiftt. The C o m i n g K v e n t ' i c o l u m n i:» t u n Previously $2r0 a year, in q u a r t e r l y payments, wos given each of the blind. There were 6] b l i n d persons on the county's pension role last year. Seven were added at the December m e e t i n g of the board of supervisors. The 68 t h i s year will receive $365 each. Those who share the penbion f u n d must, u n d e r the law, be totally devoid of sight. The county physician examines applicants for pensions. Macon c o u n t y ' s payments to t h e b l i n d nre larger than in sonic the d e p u t y :» s t i l l owed In Ihe court visited Dct .1 the costs 'or the convenience of The H e i a l d y o t h e r counties. Only $7,500, to 30 -farters. It a l n n to list p u b l i c e n l e r - b l i n d persons, was paid out last a l n m e n t H . lug reunion. 1 : meetings ot year in McLean c o u n t y , wpnrtnnce. convention;), c h u r c h pic- ' -- *· 1103. in fact, all occasions in w h i r r here is ft general m l e i e r i t Pnsoi.s wishing eventi listed nuiy have t t i T n ·ndudod by p h o n i n g or sending a ;arr| to The H e r a l d . ROY CHRISTY PAID $5,504 ON VOUCHER Roy \V (,'hrlsly, c o n t r a c t o r , was paid .WiO't.fK; lit a seventh v o u u h i i Thursday for work done to d a t e on ihc H i l l a d d i t i o n sower. Th: sewer i« p r a e t i c a l l y c o m p l r t o . + White Caps The l e m p e r i i t i i r e of l,akr Herat in *i'f Mood a t 70 dcgreci at t h e ! i l ' i n l e l p a i beach Thursday noon. ! LADDER BREAKS, TWO INJURED Ruth Miller and Baby Taken to Welfare Home Mrs. R u t h M i l l e r and hei baby son were taken from Decatur and Macon County hospital to the Girls 1 ' Welfare, home Thursday to be held there p e n d i n g M i l l e r ' s t r i a l for the! two-year-old m u r d e r of l l h u l Eagar, taxi d r i v e r . Her husband. Cecil NAME SUMMER SCHOOLFACOLTY Expect 200 Registrations for Ten Weeks H. S. Work This Year M i l l e r . given n 20-year sent- Fell 35 Feet From Scaffolding From Which They Worked f r a n k Sturges, i2S N o r t h Jasper street, received a. broken leg, and George Frazcr. 428 East. Lcafland a v e n u e escaped w i t h minor i n j u r i e s w h e n the top rung of a ladder broke l e t t i n g them f a l l 35 feet to the g r o u n d . The two were p a i n t i n g Inn house in llL'li East Main street, when the r u n g of t h e ladder to which the | cnce Wednesday foi 1 his p a r t in Uio murder. Mrs M i l l e r has been in Ihe hospital since the b i i t h of her six weeks old son, Cecil, Ji., on the recommendation of her a t t e n d i n g physician that Mrs. M i l l e r nurse, the | baby u n t i l his health warranted bot- j tie feeding. Tt was originally p l a n i ned to r e t u r n her to the counly jail. The new plan was effected by Judge Baldwin and S h e r i f f Thrift. She will not he separated from her baby. 'SNAKE r BOWMAN N E A R L Y ) LOSES HIS EYESIGHT Wayne ''Snake" Bowman narrowly escaped losing the sight of both Ten instructors have bcin appointed for the High school summer school and s t u d e n t s will register Friday afternoon al 2 o'clock in Room 121 in the High school, Asa Sprunger, summer school principal announced Thursday. Classes will open at 8 o'clock Monday morning for f u l l class periods, and schools will continue until Aug. 3. Approximately 150 students have made out election blanks for summer school thus far and more are expected to .swell attendance to at least 200. For the first, lime in its history, summer school was self-supporting las tycar. Fees per subject were raised from $5 to .$7.50, enabling the oflicials to offer courses with comparatively few students, in addition to those offered lo satisfy the popular demand. Many students were coming in from other schools outside Decatur this year. One p u p i l from Mattoon already has signed. Boys and girls home from private schools w i l l take subject or two lo occupy time otherwise wasted. Principal Sprunger has received word that several arc coming f r o m Normal university 'or special subjects offered here. The naximum amount of work allowed is .wo subjects, and each student is required to take one hour of study per day. Permanent programs will be f i l l e d out Wednesday m o r n i n g and summer school will be. cnlirely organized by t h a t time. Faculty Members of t h e f a c u l t y amf* the subjects they w i l l teach follow: grammar. R. C. Fox -English. Mis Marjorie Preatley-- Geometry and algebra. Miss Hallic Miller--Commercial geometry, commercial arithmetic, algebra. Miss G e t i r u d c Hill--American and Early European history. F. W. Ziese--Modern history, economics, civics. Dorr Simcr- Botany, Zoology. Miss W i n i f r e d Wilson--Stenography, typewriting. Miss Cleda Moses--Library. Language instructor yet lo be selected. Mr. Sprunger Is beginning his tenth year in summer school work 59 Couples to Start Marathon Dance Tonight i'ifly couples will start the marathon dance from the transfer house at 6 o'clock this evening, dancing toj the Wabash tracks where they will be taken in trucks to the coliseum to resume their contest. The contestants will be required to dance 50 minutes out of each hours s. day during which they will be allowed to sleep. All prizes will go to the winning couple with $200 in cash offered and a downtown business house or- f c r i n g ^ l o replace all the pairs of shoes and hose that the winning girl ·will wear out during the contest. If they dance for six days the couple will break the world's record and thereby receive a standing offer of $3,600. Otherwise only the local prizes will be awarded. FILE-COLLINS GUT PRICE ON VIBRO 5 CENTS Underbid Two Outside Firms for Paving of North Church City Briefs OBJECTIONS TO OVERTAXING ARE FILED BY R, R,'S TO COST $32,731 File Ac Collins on Thursday cut their vibrolithic paving price 5 cents a square yard and consequently underbid two outside concerns for the iob of navin* Wc3t Hay waa f l l c d concerns tor the job ot paving tne cRy councl , Th HEBE FOB SUMMER Dewilt Taggart, formerly dircetr,. | of physicial activities in the Dccali 1 ' 1 Y. M. C. A., and now employed r, ' _ teacher in Modclra, O., ban returnc I, to Decatur for the summer month J Claim That ASSeSStTIGntS Are More Than $4,000 Over Amount ERRORS IN SCALING Macon counly property of -*· «-*J** vj.»u*im i^ \_/j~j ' i ., t i i An ordinance for paving Koril: 'n r c c lailrodds has been over- Graccland avenue with vibrolithic taxed by more than $4,000, ac- concrete between West Olive and c o r d j n g to objection? filed in COUNCIL INVITKD Members of the city council wer^ invited Thursday by Horace C. White of the Elks to attend the Decatur Elks' flag day exercises ncxx' Sunday afternoon at the Elks Com; try club. Individual councllmcn said they would attend. FILE ORDINANCE Vorth Church street. Had F. C. quoted their price of last the North Church job would have gone to H. K. Ithoades of Lincolon. Bids on the paving contract were j cnroHmTnt opened by the board of local improvements. . F. C. bid $2.45 a iquare yard as their new price for aving. Last year their price wjs $2.50. Rhoades bid S S2.48 a square yard and A. C. Loomis of Mattoon J200. nea lor a. wecK D' .1 i i · er- TI Thursday. Cost o'l j l h c c o u n l y clc '' k « ofhce Thurs- thc paving was ctslmated at $28, 123.10. FOUR ACCKPTEU Final acceptances for four boys in the Decatur district of C. M. T. C were received Thursda.i morning. They were Waller Ware. 721 West Packard; Edward Hancock, Argcnta; Glenn Stanley, Newton; William McCann, Montlcello. MEMORIAL SERVICE Modern Woodmen of America anu File Collins also cut their price R °yal Neighbors will conduct for building catch basins $5, charg-j morial services in Fairlawn ccmetcr ing $70 now. The total of the F. \ Sunday, at 2:30 o'clock. C. bid for paving North Church wa"j $32,731.35. Rhoadcn' bid totaled $33,292.32. Loomis' amounted to $33,523.60. The bids were laid over by the board for consideration. day morning. T h e objections, entered by attorneys for the Wabash, the Illinois Central, and the, C. I. W.. find legal Haws in county and city essessmonts and f i n d school levies for two dislncls void.. The. Wabash railroad objects to excess taxes totalling $2,835.20. The j Illinois Central, on property held in jl-.vo railroad divisions, objects to ex- i etas taxes of $69:5.91 and the C. I. fc W. claim.'! (o have been overtaxed by $681.7S. Claim Errors in Scaling All HIP objections claim errors in -uiiunjr, 0.1. .i.ou U ^JUUK. I1UH. V f . m e i . -- - . - . . j .·· F. Oglcsby will give the m e m o i i a i l h! tax IPV ' Baling. In the city tax address. Officers of the camps wiin , y ' = ttol 7" . v s claim t h a t the rate is mcel at the cemetery entrance ai 2 o'clock. Threes Crowd, Fours Worse, Two Discover 1 ]^ PREPARE CAMP FOR OPENING Scout Executive Takes -Up Slimmer Duties at Robt. Paries Preparation of the Boy Scout camp for occupancy which will stait Sunday la going forward at a rapid rate, and; Scout Executive Ralph Varner is establishing camp head quarters, spending much of the time on the grounds. More than fifty boys have already been enrolled for the first period and although this fills the quota for the first two weeks there are still two additional periods which are not yet full. If the demand is great enougn, i fourth period will be held. Camp will open Sunday when a delegation of ten boys v/ill arrive from Cham paign. Decatur boys will go lo camj Monday morning. Back seat driving has its drawbacks, and a fellow named Lindbergh is said to have made quite! a trip without any of it. But a little of it is preferrable lo front scat driving, if you have loo much of that. | Ask Bruce Haskcll, 2105 East Wil-| liam street. Or ask Earl Allen, 1»02| ·- East Eldorado street. Or you could i n L- i,, ,, ,, ask Justice L. H. Baird; they did! ^OnnCCtlOnS W i l l Be on Wednesday night. And Justice Baird said that having one driver in the driving seat of an automobile is all right. The justice waa willing to admit, too, that having two in the driving seat m i g h t bc cents above the proper scaling under the .Juul act. Another objection claims a rate c.f DENIES MOVING PERMIT lhl ' or ' c?nts i n excess of that an- I The city council Thursday denied ' thorii ': ;xl for c °u n ty assessments. Kr|John Brown a permit to move a '°'''| in " 10 assessment include thr, frame structure from outside the c i t y , l i s t i n S of "repairs on court house HmiU on West Grand avenue to a a:ll] J a i l " m lno ltrm - I n ' 'he county i lot on East Decatur street ncaj general purpose f u n d when, atto;-- iSouth Sixteenth. The permit was re-, n c y s say ' t n r runci should have been ! fused because the route for moving i l c n l l z c d to sh ow repairs on each ' i s through the city fire district.· o u i l t l l n S separately. Under the law, buildings may be Cites Ovcr-A:,scssmcnt cd out of the district, but not '^ n1 I l l i n o i s Central railroad rite? 3n ovcr-assestmont of 12 and a t h i r d cents on its property in Warrenshurg, where the clerk cx- I e n d e d a rate of 70 cents although the l i m i t for general purposes is fin and two-thirds cents. The C. I. \V. attorney.-, object to taxes on '-chool district Xo. SO. where the cer^ nf t h e levy v,as filed several 'lays late. The \Vabach objection_il"o site an over-assessment of $5") for a school-district, and claim the levy to bo void. The city filed objection to lax ar- SLSsmenl on two lots in Fairvlew Tiacc, now the nite of a city firc- housc and Iheie.fore not taxable. The board of review will meet in company two WC eks to hear objections to the into or through it. NEW/SERVICE ON PE1, L yyuu |J m jUr] at "Vim LilTllTeD 31 Pennsylvania Railroad better, even while actually driving. l w i " P ut tne lat est type of gas-elec- taxes. And he said that having three in t h e i t r i c cars on tnc lino between Decatur I Herald Classified Contest Closes driving or front seat would bc all right, although it is well known that three is *. crowd. But two is a party, and two twos it two parties, and two twos is too many. "But what can we do," asked Bruce and Earl, "when the cars have only one seat? The Justice told them "Who said! and Terre Haute, it was announced I D J?, I T h n r s d a v . C n n n p r - t i n r , . /.nv, Ko tv,n,l.- ' · ' · * ·-· Thursday. Connections can bc mad: with fast Pennsylvania limiteds .1* Tcrre Haute for New York city an-i other eastern points. The changes are to go into efTcd the latter part of this month. When arrangements are completed, the company will announce the date. New Schedule GIVE UP RIGHT TO ATTEMPT INCREASE Illinois Power Light Corp. still believes t h a t Decatur street car and bus fares, and steam heating rates mint be inercured in the future. advice is cheap?" the young men I Train No. 918, now leavmg Decatur c i t y council was so reminded Thure- Inquired, preferring the. $4.115 each. j a l g a ,,,__ aftcj . t h o now s c n c d u i c ,i ay j n ,, ]pUci . f r o m Tra Abbott, DP- and his n i n t h year as principal of unusual letter-writing contest, you If .you have not taken part in this Ihe summer school work. He announces that all classes will be conducted in the. cool western rooms in the b u i l d i n g . The work is pleas- Mr. Frazcr wns hospital nfter f'm'il triiichc-i ate being put on the v n l y r o n a t i u c t e t l w a t e r slide n l t h e M u n i c i p a l bench T h u r s d a y n m l t h e iiipartitiis was lo be ready for use rhur.-'lay e v e n i n g R u n n i n g w a t e r "ill o" piped lo the slide t h u s di:,-| M o r a n a m b u l a n c e . Pfnsm^ w i t h t h e h n n d p u m p t h a t !lh le l o leave the ws been used b e f o i e to wet t h e 1 m i n o r i n j u r i e s had been given at- ilid l e n t i o n . but Mr. Sturges remained - - . _ . . i n t h e hospital. Besides a broken Moic and more bout.; .'lie a p p r m ' - i leff he s u f f e r e d some m i n o r bruises li'V o n t h e I n k " f r n i u n t o m g e u m l a n d i n j u r i e s . ' (IV ' and t h e n ;t new Jio?it is being »(l(lp(l. n p p n i r i on p r i v a t e l y own"d f r i f t HIT being m a r i e in n i n n y'. Although I h e w e a t h e r i n I h e pa«l ' f v ilj j 3 ha:; pul a h u l l to m u c h of l h " v v n i k o n t h e l a k e s i d e , Thursday I'irnlng'a . s i i n i h i n c brought / n r t h *orknicn in droves. scaffold was fastened b r o k e u n d e r ! as h n t h r e w it i n t o the furnace. Att h e i r weight. Roth were taken to the Decatur Mncon C o u n t y hospital in Hie eyes last week when gun powder! a n l r ° r b o t n teachers and pupils, h i d d e n in trash exploded m his face! Steady attendance is required, since About a do.-^n h n t h e i s had np- on t h - beach TT.ui.fday noo.i the bathhouse had not been Home Stores to Put on Second Food Show June 25 pave his sight, but at present both eyes are in a critical condition. W i t h o u t k n o w i n g that gun powder wan among the things he expecte.rl to burn, Bowman tossed a h a n d f u l of trash i n t o Ihe furnace. When it failed to b u r n , he atlcmpled to stir it with a, pokei, and then Ihe g u n ] powder exploded, knocking Bowman from his feet. The flames struck him square in the face, i n j u r i n g both eyes, and burner! eye-lashes nnti brows from' his Xac». Decatur Home stores w i l l conduct a n o t h e r food show on the Jasper opened for business. A large crnwd ;!trc,-t playground, East North and expected Thursday e v e n i n g ar.J "Icn'lanta were p r e p a r i n g to meet N o r t h Jasper streets, from June 20 to 00 Inclusive. Permission for the "" d e m a n d for both b a t h i n g suits show was granted by the city council "id cJinorn and rowboats. 'Thursday. The exposition of products . ! the store's sell will be given in a large 1 v . - -- . ·NOW c i n d e r s on the beach road *lilch have not yet packed down Oiakc ii dangeioiis for more ttuin Vf r,v slow d n v l n p ; The Ionic cinder;:. ·'high u-eie a p p l i e d in the c e n t e r ot "19 road, g n p the t l r e t i on curves '·ndliu; lo f m r c it f r o m the r,mcl As seen ,T? u e a t h e r and t r a f f i c have Mcked t h e c i n d e r s t h i s d i f f i c u l t y w i l l « overcome. It d been p a r k i n g splice ami d r i v e w a y lakeside near l h c bench has graded and l e v e l e d o f f . t e n t , BONDS'ARRIVE FRIDAY 100 of $10110 Denominations Will Be Shipped Here by Chicago Bunk Four h u n d r e d $1000 bonds in the S-IOO.OOO school bond issue w i l l be! shipped to Decatur school officials Friday, according to a wire received Thursday from the Harris Trust and | tending physicians believe t h e y ' can 1 accomplished in 30 days of work. July -1 will be a holiday. First Sunday School Picnic to Be Friday St. Paul's Lutheran Sunday school -.vill hold its annual picnic Friday afternoon in Fairvicw park. The chil- dicn's contests will occupy the hours l:om 2 to 4 o'clock, followed by the women's contests and the men's b t l l game. A f t e r supper the time will bu given over to the men's contest and those of the Junior-Senior Wal- tl-cr League. Supper will be served at 6 o'clock in the pavilion under the direction of the ladies' aid. WORKS~oTBUDGET Commissioner A. A. Hill is Getting To His Office Early in the Mornings Commissioner A. A. Hill is at work on the 1028-29 city budget. He said Thursday be will have it ready to be drafted into the new appropriation ordinance in two weeks. "I'm. getting down to my office early to work out the budget," said the commissioner. "T got down this morning at C o'clock." Savings "company of Chicago. The . .. bonds must first be recorded with A m u s e m e n t boaU cxpctd lo s t a r t the county clerk, then signed by the »isins3 again Thur.sday e v e n i n g a t l - j president and the clerk of the school ''having passed a r a t h e r slack fore of the week because of weutlv " conditions. Fishermen had poor l u c k on the akfi Tt,.,,..j ly m o r n i n g and few re- m o i e t h a n Iwo or three on the ,;lringcr. Many pros board. Rev. It. K. Henry and C. W. Evans, respectively. The bonds then will be r e t u r n e d to the senders, Mr. Evans, assistant superintendent, expects to have the bonds ready to be returned Saturday. , - - · · t h r l r I n t e n t i o n of r c l v i r n l n s l ill,,""' 1 ' n u u n l s d u r i n g the e v e n i n g however when t h e y were the luck would be better 'hey would hook lhc "big one that Slot nwav." Kew f i s h e r m e n 1 out at noon Thursday. BIRTHS B o r n - - T o Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Swcringer, 770 East Grand street, in St Mary's hospital, June 7, a son. Born-To Mr. and Mrs. James Arnsey, 900 North Fairvicw avenue, ·June 7, a daughter. "Oh, if I only had a on some hats," said Miss Fawn Lippincut, t'day as she passed an empty parkin' space directly in front o' th' Elite M i l l i n e r y Emporium. I don't know which gits discouraged first -- th' girl who marries fer a home, or th' feller who starts in t' raise squabs fer th' market, but it must be purty close. Copyright, John F. Dille Co. had better take advantage of the remaining days of the contest ami send us your letter on "What I Did With Herald Want Ads". This contest is extremely interesting as well as profitable. Every day .,, _, .. in The Herald's Classified Section P. n e n t i r e semesters work must be letter is published telling of the profitable experiences Herald readers have had from the use of HeralO Want Ads. Someone is going to write the prizt winning letter, which means a free 3-day trip to Chicago, All expenses paid, with accommodations at The Great Northern Hotel, and entertainment at the finest theaters of the Great States chain, In addition tc the grand prize, other valuable cash prizes will be given to the second, third, fourth and fifth best letters. All letters win their writers free theater tickets and a 25 cent cash prize when published. 50 cent cash prize is paid when a usable pictuic is enclosed. The conditions of the contest arc very easy to comply with. Simply write a letter of not more than 100 words relating actual experiences with Decatur Herald Want Ads. Tell how you got a job, rented a room house or apartment and so on. You may send more than one letter. Better write your letter right away. Do not let the remaining days of ,this contest pass without getting your share of its pleasure and profit. SUPERVISORS JUNE MEETING ON MONDAY Appointment ot election will be the .first business Monday of the regular June meeting of the county board of supervisors. Reports are expected to include the report of the board's right ot way committee on the completion of the purchase of right-of-way for Route 48 south of the city. Ait- other interesting report is one to be made by G. I, Covalt on progress of his investigation of bus companies' uso of state highways. Igoes into effect, will depart at 8:4."!. catur division manager of the I. P. It will connect, in Terre Haute at L. 11:45 a. m. with the Pennsylvania's! Mr. Abbott stated the reduced light crack limited, "The. American," for 1 rates of S, 6 and 3 cents per kilo- i eastern points. i wall hour will be put into effect judges; T 5 a _'n No - 9 °8 will leave_ Decatui ! July 1, subject to approval of th-. f o l ' In reference to the acccptaance. Mr. Abbott wrote: "This acceptance Protesting that such bus compan-j a n d peorja wjl , remain uncnangcc i. ies pay far too small license fees' at 5:15 p. m. for Terre Haute, in- minoi.i Commerce commission The stead of 3:40 as heretofore. It w i l l 1 council accepted the reduced rate connect in Terre Haute at 8:15 p. m. schedule May 17. with ,.o. 154, another limited, f o r ' points in the East, Train No. 919 will rpach Dccatur from Terre Haute at 4:35 p. m. instead of 6:25 as is now the case. T h i s j train in Terre Haute will pick up passengers for Decatur from the westbound "American." | The departure and arriving time 1 of Train No. 928 between Decatur j for the profit they derive from using state highways, Mr. Covalt has attended all the recent, hearings before the Illinois Commerce commission on bus petitions touching Decatur. He has interested supervisors of two counties in adopting a protest resolution similar to that endorsed by the county board. Other business before the boar.! However, Train No. S09 will arrive in Decatur from Terre Haute al 0.30 a. m. instead of 9:45. OPTIMISTS TO HAVE DINNER-DANCE TONIGHT Optimist club will entertain will! a dinner-dance and card party evening in the Elks Country this club will include the appointment of t w o , f ' rom 6 . 30 to n o ' c | 0 ck. Between £i constables for Decatur township. is not to be taken to foreclose the its right to apply for in street railway, bu^ and steam heating rates which thfi existing c o n d i t i o n s make possible." $45,000 T(f SCHOOLS Amount From Tax Money Puti Them Out of Debt With Exception of Bonds School officials heaved a sigh of relief Thursday m o r n i n g when they received an additional $45,000 from 'he county treasurer on the balance ·lite schools from the taxes. All school debts are now paid, not Including the bond issues, of course, bin al the anticipation warants have been taken up and the last teachers' payroll will be paid off Frid«y. Tn GRACE M. E. ANNOUNCES VACATION SCHOOL STAFF party. Dinner will be served al 6:.!0 o'clock. Following dinner, the. guesU will be entertained with dancing and Plans are being completed for the! cards. hTe club did not hold the regular weekly luncheon meeting Thurs- uuuuuuuuuuduauyuuuAo'rus MHHH day noon but will meet Thursday oventng in the party. FORMER MANAGER TOOK STORE FUNDS Vacation Bible school which will be conducted in, Grace Methodist church beginning Monday. As has jeen the custom the last three years, the school will concentrate on Bible stories and memory work, the only hand work being used to illustrate either Bible stories or memory work. Besides these two subjects announced the personnel of the the curriculum will include hymnol-j com mittee which is to plan a cerc- NAMES COMMITTEE David Ellison, who posted bond in circuit court Wednesday on a charge of embezzlement, was former manager of The Union clothing store. He is accused of absconding with ogy, dramatization, foreign lands and hand work. Girls of the school will be given the privilege of swimming twice a week in the Y. W. C. A. pool and the boys will go to the Y. M. C. A. pool. Miss Otie L. West will be in general charge of the school assisted by Mrs. Edna Zimmerman, Mrs. G. A. some .$203 of the store's funds. plttSp Mrs Ef(ic Barnhart Mr6 . w . Ellison left Decatur in January F Tohnii Mrs . William Orey, Mrs. E. R. Larabee has been manager of The Union since Jan. 14. PATHFINDER PLANE IS DUE AT AIRWAYS FIELD THIS AFTERNOON The p a t h f i n d e r plane of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce was definitely expected lo land at Decatur Airways field between 3:45 and 4:15 o'clock Ihis afternoon. Members of the airport committee, Association of Commerce made arrangements to welcome, it. C. H. liucdi heads the committee. C. L. Hardin, industrial secretary of the Illinois chamber, is expected to come in the plane. It was scheduled to leave Chicago early in the morning, halting briefly in Kanka- kec and Bloomington on the way to Decatur. The plane is mapping n route for a state air tour of several planes to leave Chicago around June 20. The. pathfinder was expected to hop off Monday, but bad weather in- tw Cered. Frank S. Breed, Miss Elizabeth Mc- Kensic, Miss Margaret Railsbak. Mrs. E. W. Burke and Miss Dorothy Hoff. The school is open to all children of the community th'-ce years of age and older. A registration fee of 25 cents will be charged. CONFER TODAY ON REPAIR OF LEVY Arrangements were made by the city council Thursday morning to met with Wilson M. Bering, secretary of the Decatur Water Supply Co., at 2 o'clock in the afternor.. Repairs to the dirt levy between the new and the old dams were to bo discussed. A sction of the levy went. out a week ago. and 25 members with their wives and j ' l a t e , schools have received 5056,100 swceethearts will be present in the; form the county treasurer, and an approximate balance of $15,000 remains tod be paid into the school treasury. "We're certainly indebted to the county treasurer for the promtpness with which school funds have been lurncd over to us," school officials declared Thursday morning. PHONE~BUlLmNG~PLANS !UNDERGO MANY CHANGES Mayor O. W. Smith on Thursday j P i ans f o r the~p~ropo.sed new tele- "" ~ "' ' """ phone exchange building in Decatur have been so extensively revised t h a t traces of the structure as originally considered are hardly perceptible, E. J. Howells, local telephone manager, said Thursday. The revisions have have delayed Hie sending of the plans to Decatur. Mr. Howclls said he expects to ar- i IVR here soon. The building, minu.- r q u i p m e n t , is lo cost around $250,POO. The site chosen is at the corner of North Church and West North streets. TQDAYS~MEETINGS Progress Hebekah Idoge No. Mi. r. o. o. P. Tribe of Ben Hur, No, 580. Triumph Court, No. 17. St. Francis Court, No. 10. International Association of Machinists, No. 833. G. L. A. of B. L. E. No. 252. Thomas Johnson Circle, No. 107, Ladies of G. A. R. Decatur Park Board. Stephen Decatur Chapter, G. A. R International Printing Pressmen and Assistants Local No. 161. Triumph Court, No. 17, Tribe of Ren Hur, regular meeting, 7:30 p. m , Community hall, Main and William street * menial opening of the A. E. Stalcy viaduct. The committee includes: W. F. Hardy, chairman. W. L. Kline of Decatur township. Henry H. Bolz of the Association of Commerce. J. H. Galloway of A. E. Staley Mfg. Co. H. C. Caswell of the Wabash. Morgan P. O'Brien, city engineer. Otto R. Kyle of the Review. The council, on a motion by Commissioner Beccher Hughey, officially voted for ceremoniously dedicating the viaduct to public use on a dale to be chosen by the committee. SAM BURSTEIN FREE FROM TEMPERATURE NEWSPAPER! Sam Tiurstein, in a critical tion in St. Mary's hospital for the last week, -was so much, improved Thursday morning that he was entirely free from temperature, nurses said. LOCALlTdflCES" AJhambra Dance Tortile Vaught Teeters playing. * . I- -4 AI ;-a

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