The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on October 27, 1955 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1955
Page 4
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Pfef* T«« rricburg, Illinois | Thursday. October 27. 1955* O'Mahoney Says GOP Vainly Seeks Glamour Candidate WASHINGTON W-Sen. Joseph ft O'-Mifcaaey nM t«d*y (he he- ·patteaas §re searching vainly for ··» glamor candidate" to replace Ireudent Eisenhower and "con a party split. "But 1 don't see where they can find one," O'Mahoney continued. "They can't find anyone now to conceal the fact that the Republicans who occupy the seats of power are representatives of concentrated bu.Mlless " O'Mahoiiey did not designate his choice of Democratic candidates, though in itpuru;-in,: them he men tioned only Adlai K Stevenson aiui New York tiov .-\\erell Harnmari Benson Soys Politicions Exoggerote Form Plight; Believes Program Sound WASHINGTON 'V -- Secretary partisan basis/' Benson aid in an Wyoming Democrat told a reporter that tke Democrats will Dominate a man "whose purpose lit to serve all segments of our ·ociety." U'Mahoney said that "the Republican National committee is now engaged in a search for u glamor candidate who can conceal the basic division between the followers of the late Sen. Robert A. Taft and former New York Oov. Thomas E. Dewey. Dohlgrcn Man Dies Geofue P Kiefer. 60, died at 12:40 Wednesday allernoon at his home in Dahlyri'ii Funeral sert- ices will be S a t u r d a y at 2 p. tn at the D a h l u r e n Baptist church Hf\ K J V \V.)kic \ \ i l l officiate and b u r i a l A i l ] be MI the Oiid l-'elluus f f n u t ! .'.I I)ahl:;''«'ti The body re-,:.- at the ( I r u ' i i and ChuKon funeral home in Dahlyren Tonight! FORD Theatre presents {or the first time on TV 12 TO ETERNITY starring EDWARD ARNOLD and BARBARA BRITTON WSIL-TV 9:30 P.M. Channel 22 with all that's needed for.. HEALTHIER BIRDS STEADY, HEAVY LAYING BETTER QUALITY EGGS PYRAMID HATCHERY HARRISBlItr.. ILL. Hauptmann's Grocery CORNER CHURCH McKINLEY Phone 168 Free Delivery ARMOl'R STAR -- Whole Hams l«r In. SHANK HALF Tendereted Hams, Ib. 39 C HLl K H I - L L -- 1 ».b. Ceilo WIENERS . . . Ib. 39* KM) I PCRK CHOPS . . Ib. 39* VOIAC :\m:u Fry -..»g Chickens, Ib. 39 C ALL Bt'.rr -- (.KOIM) I'KFSII . 3 Ibs. $1,00 \KI»( ' . - 1 ! Si/e Me ne Sardmes, 3 cans 29* (.KK.I. ' M 5 K L -- 1 ··'. · Star Kist Tuna, 3 cans $1.00 ALL PI Hl'OSr. -- l.aicv J' BREEZE . . giant size 65 C UEL MONTE PRUNES . . Ib. box 29' 1 2 Gallon i CLOROX. . . 2 qts. 35' n; of Agriculture Ezra T. Benson ;;id today politicians are exaggerating the plight ol the nation's farmer* Ken.*iii. central figure in the controversy about tarm policies, declining tarm income, price* ot farm produce, and the new pork purchase program, asserted that politicians are deliberately kicking up a storm without cause. "The farm program now in up! eration is the result of a year's study and \va* adopted on a bi Church Head Blasts Romance By Margaret LONDON IP -- The head ul the Bnu*h Methodist Church .said today I'ri.'icevs M a r g a r e t ' * romance w i t h dnorced I'eter Townsend *a* shaking the inundation* of Chritiai: marriage. Dr Leslie XVeathtrhead. piv-i- dent nt the British Methodist. Conference. .said that even if the princess renounced her royal role. " t f r example doe* not make it easier \. uphold the ideal of Christian marriage." For the first time Britain w a s showing open impatience with the couple's -.teady dating in the face of stony silence in official quarters on whether they wish to marry. Referring to. the- throne, the Manchester Guardian declared in an editorial: "Olympus, we may as well admit, has been shaken " Weatherhead heads the largest Protestant denomination in Britain outside the Church of England, which has strongly reaffirmed its opposition to the marriage of divorced persons through its primate, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Some of the wide support for the Margaret - Townsend match ap- I peared to be giving way to second I thoughts as the constitutional and religious implications were debated in public. The Manchester Guardian had already given its support to the marriage and even made the almost unheard-of suggestion that in a modern democracy. Townsend. a commoner, had just as much right as someone of royal blood to be a queen's consort. The Guardian criticized sensational press coverage of the affair but admitted that "the royal f a m - ily's 'public relations' have been very bady mishandled and that a great deal of the unpleasant invasion of personal privacy has come because of the inepitude of the royal advisers." interview with I'nited I'rcs- "A farm program v h - u i l d not -rrve I'.uti^.in | x i i t u . c l purposes "Yet a determined -f!rt i im dcru.ty to paint tin- picture black T Ulan it ieali i- Noi Helping I'Ji raers "Sonie p o l i t i c i a n s arc not helping tanners nuioh by their coin ments." He answered w i t h a grin only when asked if he thought those IKTsoiis «ho achpoaie a return to SK) |er cent ol pant) price sup- polls .shuuM shut up Advocate.-, ol !MJ p r l ··. i l l o! | . H l t \ ^.i ll v . i u i d j.n'k up i.irin i n c o m e i . ! K i - n i oi t!n adniinistratioti s f a r m p i f u i ' . i m l i a s Lreii severe ben*'ii has been picssured by huh i.iiik.ii:, pi.hh ].I:N ul lii'tli pal lie- l a r i l l e l - .Uul t . l l l l l groups 111 Ihe M i d w e s t . and others to do something about tile economic situ a t i o n ol f a r m e r s An i n d i c a t i o n ol the scxerily of t h e pre-Miiv \ a - tin- announce- men! l.i'e \\ediifsday t h a t Ueiisoll h..d cancelled ;: t r i p to Kurope. He l;.id planne 1 ! to lejM 1 next month to m a k e .1 pei'stiii.d on tiie- -pol .tudy oi i i u r k f l - lor I S. -urplu.s cfir.moditiet in Kurope ,;nd also \ ^ a s to deliver a speech before the Kooils and A g r i c u l t u r a l O i x a n i / a t i o t i s o! the I titled N a - tions in Rome. Conumcd Program Is Sound Benson IN convinced the f a r m program is sound He is convinced the present flexible support policy is correct and that farmers realize its correctness. He thinks the voters next y e a r will agree to it.s soundness. Social Security Manager Explains Retirement Test. "How much can I earn and get all my Social Security payments?" is the most frequent question a.sked by persons of retirement age. according to E Bishop Hill, district manager of the Harrisburg Social Security office. Many employers call with the same question, so advice can be given to their employees who work part time Anyone who is 72 years of age or over can receive benefits for all months regardless of how much is earned For the worker who is under age 72. earnings for the entire year must be considered If the earnings are $1200 or less r.uyment can be made for all months. Where earnings exceed $1200. one month's benefit must be withheld for each $80 or fraction of $80 over the $1200 For ex ample, a man who earned $1281 m a year and worked all months would have 10 months benefits pay able The first additional $80 would eliminate one payment and the $1 would eliminate the second One who works in all months and earns over $2080 will receive no payments for the year On the ·itlier hand, benefits are payable for all months in which no more t h a n $80 is earned regardless of total yearly earnings "Old-age or survivor beneficiaries who earn $1200 a year or less ·r who became 72 years old before February of this year, need not concern themselves with the re tirement test," Mr Hill said, "but 'or all others a complete under standing is very important." The best way to get that understanding, he suggested, is to visit the Social Security District office. Those who cannot "conveniently call in person, may request Fact Sheet No .'t by mail To Discontinue So/e Of Gor«rnment-Owne«f Corn to Cxporters WASHINGTON ilP-The Agricul ture Department said today it tern : porarily will discontinue sale of government-owned corn to export · or* as soon as outstanding commitments have been fulfilled The government now is moving 10 million bushels -of corn from midweatern storage bins to the £ast Coast to fulfill export orders ''As soon as that is done," a Commodity Credit Corp official laid, "we will stop sale of govern- i ·nent corn to exporters for the i time being " ; The official said the government ' would halt export sales of its stor- j *d corn so as not to interfere with sale of corn now being harvested Three or four light applications f paint on buildings is better th*n ·re thick coat. GOP Legislator Blasts Benson Farm Program BROOKIXGS. S D U^--The Senate Agriculture committee A as greeted today by a new blast at the Eisenhower administration's farm program from a Republican farmer-legislator State Sen. Harold ijolseth of Erwin. S. I) . v.ho i« also vice president of the state Farmer's Union, told the committee in a prepared statement. "We are definitely opposed to any type of sliding scale price supports." That was a reference to the administration's flexible farm program under which five major crops are .supported this year between 82 1-2 and 90 per cent of the "fail- income" parity level The range next year will be 75-90 per cent. Golseth also delivered what his friends conceded was intended as a slap at GOP Agriculture Secretary E2ra T. Benson He said the administration of uny farm program is as important as the program itself Urges Rigid Supports The r.OP legislator testified at the fourth of a series of "'grass roots" hearings mapped by the committee to gather advice from .farmers before writing a new f a r m ibill next year Another session is scheduled Friday at Minot. N. D Oolseth urged the senators to approve a House-passed bill restoring the old Democratic program of rigid. 90 per cent of par ity for the family furm or ranch " (;lseth. like nearly all of 15o farmer witnesses intervu-.vpd liy the committee in three previous Midwest hearings this week, also endorsed a g o v e r n m e n t land rental piogram Such a program umild provide ferteral ' r e n t " subsidies to farmers who put surplus-producing crop land into uras.ies or other conservation crop.s under contract with the government Harrisburg I Hi. 34. .South of tiurtebar* TONIGHT --FRIDAY --AND-- i Tk« B* at Red Rircr Ak^rn Firat Wffl UZZLE'S at The Big Store on Route 45, has an outstanding array of beautiful furniture. It's quality merchandise and the prices will surprise you. Come over and browse through our beautiful new store! Modern 3-Pc. BEDROOM SUITES You'll like 0111 .·!· lion of Bedroom furniture. \\r have mauy sl\lcs l!iat a w a i t .our selection. . . Stop a IK! 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