The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on October 27, 1955 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1955
Page 3
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Calendar There will be a regular · ·1 Saline Encampment No I7rf Friday at 7 jo p m Work in thv l'itii.uih dt^iee Hufu.s Wlupplc Chief i'atriurch 'I lie \iiloliia class of (he l ' u s t Itaivis-t church w i l l hold .1 p.nlv Fiiday at 7 p in t tin- hoi ·· of Mrs. Alma Kietfel. 503 North Mam The Saline t ounlv ( olieue lub vxill h a v e a tea ut the home of Mrs .Limes Ar«-nsm,ni 500 East Ihurch. tonight at 7 JO The Pustoi s Ail club of the Mt 1'lcasant Baptist churc-h w i l l h a v e a chill suppoi Fndav U'^miniiK at 't p m in the t Inn i l l bas tin n' lioniem.irt c h i l i .uid i. I K nn .iti1 sn 11) t w i l l be publu is i n v i t e d Miss Shirlee Roe Grain, James Michael Guard Married Oct. 22 at West Frankfort i v e d Hie HM Drily R*f Mir, H«rrisbin0, IUinoi« Ifeuifay. October 27. 1955 Pace Three Honor Roll for 7th, 8th Grades at Dorrisville School The f o l l t m n m is t h e f -,t weeks h mm i. !' t i t i n - l u 1\-. \ il'e 7l'i .1 nl K t l i i - · li i ii in itu nl !,\ l ' i i i i i i | i n HHIM I ' l u l I ii- 1-iL.Jith ' fade A n n K u p t i a i t I 1 . 1 ' Dill, M u i l c r i r Mice I ' i t I'ol.mcc \ e r n e t i a Duke S e v e n t h ^ i iil V\ i r i ' i · lusky Jn An i Benn* 't l o v m i Hi,nni Jet don I ishei Mi I IT\ J JMOl The Daily Ko^ister J'ic j wt-cl, b carrier bov Don't Miss Rod Cameron in CITY DETECTIVE Every Thursday 10:30 P.M. KFV5-TV, Channel 12 Cape Girardeau Brought To You Hy FALSTAFF America's Premium Quality Boer Daley Denies Powell Hint of i Rumored'Deal' CHICAGO (W -- Mayor Richard 1 Daley has issued an angry de ' ial of State Rep Paul Powell's hint of a rumored "deal" between him and Gpv William U Stratton , Daley used blistering terras Thursday in commenting on any | statements that he had made an i agreement to insure the fiepubh j can governor's reelection "Such speculation is an insult to both Gov Stratton and myself." Daley told a news conference "It '·outd only come from a distorted, Mrs. CvarlM Famr T* Kaline $«4m Ctafc 'The Salute County .Garden club met with sir). R. D Brown Sr., .126 Ka«t Church, on the afternoon of Tuesday. Oct. 25. Fall flowers from Mrs. Brown's garden were supplemented by two beautiful arrangements brought by Mrs Michael Resheter Mrs S. M Farrar presided at the business session and she made a report on the semi-annual meeting of the State Garden club held recently at Carbondale and attended bv a group of Hambsurg club mem ben. Mm L B Kimmel introduced Mrs Ed Gaskms who spoke on "Only Young Folks Make Love in October " This proved to be an wierebtmg account of the mating season of young quail ,as observed twisted, polluted, vicious and pro by the writer The guest speaker s *lyted mind which sees e v i l in of the afternoon was Mjs Charles «v*rvthins a public official doe« O. Farrar whp chose as her sub- "It's about time the people -- · ·»».« Romance of Tea " She ' started to have respect for men in t . \ K O L \ N ANDERSON PARKS. dju.'htei of Mr and Mrs S N \nder.son. 311 \\est South, Harris- bur, 1 w a . el«cted as a member of the Q u c v n ' s Court for the Home_ _ __ . coming activities at Illinois college, toldI many interesting"things from , publiclife and that public seivants Jack .wnilie^ Oct 22 Mrs Parks, · h e time o f its first known u s e in "" ' ' ' * ' " . . . . _- ^ - f .«-. i · China and the formality attending the drinking of tea in that country She also spoke of the first tea hav | ^hould be able to serve without having their every action inter preted as u ronn-doing " a number of the Junior class. is a member of ti. mma Delta iiterjry society the Inter Society board, the I'oweil. f 0 1 mer Democratic ' Disciplinary'committee and tne uif tiiMJ auuiw ui uitr i i i a i ica iiav · "..» ., . -. * ... %- . »"*,....». «».^ / · _ . _ ,, ' * , _ i\ _ M ^ -- - . I · *i_ ·ng been brought to Europe by the , House speaker from Vienna, had ^ a , ai ^j 1 ^" rn L^ u ·V' = ,,i , *£ arly Dutch traders and how it has brought up the subject at a Spring- ^\ V V and a member oMhe Socia come down throuah the a*cs to Held meetms t.f downstate Demo- I:*TM.;?"? a TM5 mt ^ r __*?*.. 5?". a .f 'he be | rage we h a v e today used in many lands throughout the world Mrs Farrar was presented with a tall bud vase as a token of an- oreciation of her talk to the club During the social hour following the meeting Mrs Hubert Hawkins, Mrs LeRoy Reese and Mrs J H Lavender, assisted Mrs Brown ·n serving cranberry tea and small cakes. cratic county chairmen Powell said ' downstate Democrats will have no part of any deal between Cook County leaders and Gov Strattoa in 1956 If they do I'll be the first to take a gun and run them out of the state Thev don t belong to the Demoi cratic Party But the rumor is out " Daley said at hi* news committee bhe is majormt; in history and is preparing to teach. Creol Springs Woman Dies Mr. and Mrs. Jane* Michael Guard 1 he l u s t Methodist church in , t H a n k fort was the scene Sat i d j \ t \ . n n ^ . Oct 22. for the M \ f i l l weddint; of Miss Shnlee ,i ' rain, daughter of Mr and Miss Judy Redfearn of West Frankfort was maid of honor David Guard served as his brother's best man James McKee of Centraha and Kenneth Horning I I! i v m o n d Cram. 1208 East were groomsmen, arid seating the I I s.iu-t m \\est Frankfort, guests were John Mowery of Car- iid l a , n s M i c h a e l Guard, son of mi. Terry Lockman, West Frank- t .'in Mrs Mean cuard of this fort and Harold Lee Guard, cousin t of the bridegroom Little Randy Hutchmson, nephew of the bride, carried the rings on a white satin pillow Escorted by her father who gave her in marriage the bride was beau t i f u l l v gowned in Rosepointe on Chantilly lace The bodice featured a square scalloped neckline, double pleated flounce back tulle butterfly skirt converted to pick up a net-over satin slip Her chapel train was of Rosepointe and Chantilly lace and she carried a i pa ( i t : c . ittd .it the 8 o'clock dou r h candlelight ceremony be M QIC than four hundred rela- j'ui friends of the nuptial Mr and Mrs. Herman Dn^l! and Mr. and Mrs L. M. Ragsdale were in Springfield this week at! tending the A S C Conference for i wo d a y s session While there they staved at the St Nicholas hotel and en route home they visited he McKendree college where Miss Ann Ragsdale is a student She is *he daughter of Mr and Mrs. L M Ragsdale. Mrs Ida Radford, 74, resident of Creal Springs, died at 5 20 this morning in the Marion Memorial hospital The body is m care of confer- the Cosb funeral home and no tme that "everybody knows" the plans h a v e been made | purpose of conferences with Strat ton in Springfield was to "help Longest verse in the Bible is the city obtain its vital needs in Esther 8 9, which consMs of 90 cit services words Health Choir only Purchase of Iroartie IOOM CIOSIIY, LA»IESI IIMEMIII And watt MM y«v Hilt n*w««t «f With Of the Purchaae An IroariU $189.95 You wiH Receive a $14.95 Posture Chair for Only $1.00 Morel NEW "RHYTHMIC" IRONRITE YOU IRON EVERYTHING SITTING DOWN! A new day's dawning with new Ironrite. It's the grandest appliance we've ever shown in ou store- be sure to see it now! We'll show you all the features, all the great advantages of Ironrite's restful, "rhythmic" way to automatic ironing while you relax in, comfort, sitting down! Harrisburg Electric 24 West Elm Street , o r / I anil vellow mums in tall u ', p.iinis and ferns were · i .eil · n the church altar com ' nifii* n^ the archway of white --.HI nt iron, interlaced with the n fl Au-rs ami a kneeling bench i fr nt of the church dais Fami Mr and Mrs Nick Guadagonh, El Paso. Tex, are \ (siting her parents, Mr and Mrs Harry Wirth Sr She is the former Zada Lou Wirth of this city marked w i t h large bronze ^ h .;l*_? lb jf i°PJ£ d .. *! th a _ brlda j l \ t l l o \ v satin ribbon bows, tied " " "" ith l he greenery Mif.s ( ollcn Patton presented a 1' of w e d d i n g music and ac i , ,! is who sang "Because." V · .1 s nd The Lords P r a y e r ' i ' I 'he nuptial rites ' dli'i. da ( ha nee of West t * ' u is bridesmaid. Jane · ( ' i ·) 11 i f ( irlvle, the bride's i · \ v a s j u n i o r bridesmaid, and of stephanotis. centered w i t h a white orchid, tied with white ribbon satin streamers, knotted w i t h stephanotis Her onl jewel- the bridegroom GM Nears Billion Dollar Profits LAST CH/.NCE TONIGHT ELKS MIKSTREL G R A N D T H E A T R E 8:15 P. M. $ $ $ DAYS Open Tonight 'til 8 P. M. $ $ $ DAYS MEN'S FALL FELT Thursday Friday Satutday · Dupont Process · Shop* Retaining · Water Repellent · $7.50 Value Char Hrowns -- Char Grays i nar Hlues Si/e« A ."-s to 7 1-2 -- Long O\aln, Regular Ovals The Main TAILORS-- HATTFRR-- HA»E»D, On Main Street NEW YORK W--General Motors Corp, earning more during the first nine months of 1955 than any _,. , , , j 11 corporation in history has eve*The c, ors of bronze and yellow earned in a full year, seemed well rihrK d s '"t^r IKS ^ * ay tnd - to - rd a b 11 - ( banco and Miss Hutchmson's ' T ne Clan » fi r m :owns wore fashioned of gold col j a i es ored cloth and Miss Redlearn s, al ;J , burnt oranye The uowns were de signed w i t h scoop necklines, fitted bodices and of ballerina Ion mil in crystalot'c Miss Redfearn carried a cascaclmc bouquet of bron/e mums Miss Chance's and Mi.-is Hutchmson's bouquets were of yel low pompoms Mrs Crrm mother of the bride. i, , , J^l, '? come «l°, r *?* * hre £ quarter t* nod was WJ 2 887.537 The previ '"'s v e a r s net income record w a « $834.044.039. set in 1950 The total sales fijztire for t h e l o l m a . on June 1, 1911. first nine months of 1955 was near Report Flier Bails From Plane; No Aircraft Missing CARROLLTON. Ill UP» -- Wit iicsses reported seeing a man bail nn out of a plane Wednesday, but he Air Force reported none of its arcraft is missing And state pol.ce and sheriff s officers in two counties said they ould find no trace of a wrccKcd plane Greene County Sheriff Fred Bal lard said three persons in this southwestern Illinois area told him thev saw a man jump from a plane north of here The pilot's "parachute was trail- 'ng behind him and didn't open." 'he sheriff said he was told by Terr\ Hetclle. a service station operator But Scott Air Force Bnsc, Cha : nute Field and O Hare Field Air rorce spokesmen all reported nout '·f their pi ines was missing ' Something like a small ba'lnon" vas reported falling from the skv '5y residents of Pike County, w h i c h is northwest of here First county health department in the United States was establish ed in Guilford Count 1 . North t nr- R E V I V Evangelist Paul Holt/claw Church of the Nozorene October 30th Through November 13th 7:00 p. m. Nightly Special Music Each Evening The Public Is Invited to Attend These Services Pastor Song Leader Charles Scott Iv as great as the record sales I chose a bluestone sheith dress of figure .of $9 823,529.000 for all of pure silk, fashioned w i t h a V neck With the company entering line, trimmed with bow and rhme- fu " scale production r M stone p-n complemented w i t h certain to too the 10-billion-dollar m a u v e and pink accessories Her sales mark this year. ' c . i s a u c - w a s fashioned of pink rose- -. ·. - -·ales for f v buds full ear of 1955 may exceed 12 A reception was held in the billion dollars and earnings may church lower auditorium following reach the staggering total of Si" the ceremonv The Kold and bronze 200000000 No corporation ever colors were continued in a ininia- has earned one billion dollars in ' t i n (orsaue w h i c h topped the a single year l i r a i i t i f u l K adoi ned three tiered w i d - l i n y c a k e Scallops ot u v drap od the table f i o n t Miss Helen I d i m s L.iDon F.dwards and M i s Marv Jo Smith served Cake- and punch Mrs Mark Hutchmson the brides sistei. registered the quests Mrs (iiiard is a Four Children Suffocate in Fire SAGI.NAW, Mich .W--Four chil dren suffocated in their smoke graduate of filled basement a p a r t m e n t \\ednes h r a n k l o r t C o m m u m t v high school day light while their mother w a s and attended two ear.s at Southern out m -cling two other childien she I l l i n o i s u n i v e r s i t v . ( arbondile |had sent to a store , The bridegroom was graduated ' M r! Estelle McC.lothm, 25 sau from SHI Ust June and is employ- , m oke pouring from the a p a r t m e n t ed as equipment ensmeer by the -»--- -f. __. e , .. Jr" 11 ".'.«· " l Western Llectnc company in (. hi cago Mr and .Mrs Guard left after the reception for ( hie ago For travel ins she wore a Pans blue and black sheath dress, w i t h short black coat, black accessories and the orchid torsa^e from her bouquet Thev w i l l reside at ,440 North Meivina". ( hu.i^o Mr and Mrs Harold Wade and Mr and Mrs Matt Swinbtirn. the bride's uncles and aunts, entertained at the rehearsal dinner last Fn- Inmfltftc day evening at Franklin County ···»"t*»«s3 Country club for 30 members o'f A . \t J I* Ihe bridal party and immedinte rel- AT r OflClOlfO itives. The color theme of bronze, yellow and green was carried out n the decorations of the beautiful 'y appointed tables Shirlee and her fiance presented gifts to their *° risc during September except attendants Shirlee's gift t.. her for a decline in the n u m b e r ot 'lusband-to be was engraved culf links. "The Fifth Avenue Fashion Center ot Southern Illinois" HIGHLIGHTS Save $1 to $20.00 on hundreds of New Fashions! For Three Days! two children She said she ro, neatc-dlv tried to eater the build ing. But each time she said ^e A as driven back by the t h i c k ' smoke W h e n firemen arr" »d (*-· ' m i the four children dead from asphyxiation 1.1., *..^ ., . 5, Billic- Ray 2, Debra 14 m o n t h s and Willie Karl, 3 Cause ot the fire was undetermined SPRINGFIELD (IP -- The d a i l v average nunibur of i n m a t e s at state penal institutions continue.! Pn Dresses 1.04 to 5 00 off an\ d i c - s ill the store -- mcliHini; K n i t dresses -- f o r n n l . -- Jim lors -- Misses -- Half !siz s 8.95 and up Days THURSDAY -- FRIDAY -SATURDAY Raincoats 1.00 to 15.00 off any raincoat i n c l u d i n g a bin special pur- i hase firoup of 22.99 to 29.99 values -- Now priced 14.88. v undav School Class Enjnvx Sapper The Phuathea Sunday school lass of the \KKmley Avenue Baptist church met at the home f Mrs Evadean Woodruff Tuesday evening, and enjoyed a supper ;iven by the losing team in an ittendance contest Prayer was offered by Mrs Henry Short Others present were. Mrs Seth 'lister, Mrs ( harles Gibbons, Mrs Webb Varbrough, Mrs Ralph lurnnichs, Mr« Jesse Gibbons, Mrs Bruce Baker. Mrs Halsey Minor. Mrs Calvin Blackman, Mrs Delia McDonald, class teach- T, Mrs Ruth Cusic, Mrs Iva Tol bert, Mr« Clifford Burir|r«» Mr* 3 W Rankm. Mrs S E Handley, Mrs Rev a English and Winona Mrs Gertn'de Sheldon. Mrs Ruby Milliard. Mrs. Earl Robb. Mrs. Iforef Jones. Mrs Harold Chan- v Mrs Kvudean Woodruff and daughter, Mrs Essie HoHoway, land Mrs Houston Coktr. admissions to Vandalia State son Farm The Public Safety department said Wednesday the daily a v c r a K f inmate census at all state institu tions was 273 lower in September than in the same month a y e a r ago because of the drop in t h t.umber of misdemeanor offenders admitted at Vandalia The average daily census at thi three britches of the State Pem tentiary was up 112, and up 39 at the State Reformatory for Women ·irths To Mr and Mrs Arthur Damon Palo Alto, Calif, a son named Charles Lawrence, born Sept 28 Mrs Damon is the daughter of Atty. Kenneth Cummins and Mrs Mary McCoy Cummins of flams- burg, a«d her husband is a lawyer also. Coots 1.00 to 20.90 off any coat in nar new coat and suit depart ntent. Included arc tweeds, chinchillas, fleeces, furs and man made fur* -- All sues -- petite* and tails. 29.99 and up ^i- .ire Rood dajs to shop for a Fall wardrobe in the finest collfc-lion of Fall Fashions in all Southern Illinois. Suits 1 00 to JO 00 off anv suit in our new suit .inri coat depart mrnt. Included are l»r«-d», worsteds, milafrcns, tn boxy ,md fitted stvlcv All sues. 29.99 and up British education is free and eoMINilsory between tne ages of five «ad 15 for boys and girts. Shop till 8 o'clock on Thursday night LOOK FOR THE LUCKY DOLLARS ON STORE WINDOWS! Sec Liberace 7 o'clock Wednesday WSIL-TV

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