Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 14, 1890 · Page 3
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Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1890
Page 3
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LITTLE UOIfS. Tbis if At the coldest the 8CBSOD. morning of Miss Bert Keynoids left to day for Denieon, Texas, where she will spend the winter with friends. J. E. Bitt is suffering with a severe attack, of cold, sod in consequence is confined to his bed. The lover* of sport will now be out after docks. They are coming rapidly and the sports know where ID find inert. v*s R. Ii. Murry, of Carrolltoh, was tried yesterday in the district court at Kansas City, for boot-legging, and was acquitted. Miss May Menafoe, after a visit to the family of R. W. Kejnolda in tbis city, left last nigbt for her borne in Denieon, Texas. Mr. S. Minick, of Lockspricgs, is here to-day with bis friends in business. He is one of the representative men of that village. Dr. Barney was among the delegates who went to St. Louis Monday nigbt to attend the meeting of tbe Masonic Stale Grand Londge. "Johnny has his gun," but the Muaick is still ringing in tbe air at Koach lake. There will be fun tonight when the truth is known. Platter Bros, have shipped two car loads of hoi sea to St. Louis Ihia ·week, and have made money on botb. They always buy BO as to declare a dividend. Dan Saale, the genteel clerk at Stephens Sipple's, returned from St. Louis last night. He was well pleased with the sights be saw, but came borne nil broke up Engine, No. $5, west bound on the the Hannibal, was disabled at tbe depot bere tins afternoon and sent to Brookfieki for repairs. Tbe trouble was caused from the leakage of flues Johnny Young packed his grip this afternoon and started to Texas. While ho is gone he will visit Dallas, Deniaon, Cursccana.and other places. He will have a good time, for that is fai* nature. gis, Polo, Laclede, Gallatin. Wheeling, Sampsel and Chillicothe, will show a shipment of 13,000 barrels, which is a greater number than any one else in the county. Mr. Slif or and the Tribune seem te be the champions of negro equality and supremacy, the candidates ticket are so bold ? at once. Wonder it' any o1 on tbe republican Don't all speak T. JF. Spencer will leave to-morrow morning for Denver,Colorado. While be is absent Billy -Williams and Ed. Myers will have full sway at the lieeper, and will keep everything in «bapo for guests. Tbe social announced to bavc been given by the ladies of the Baptise church at the residence of J. K. Liggett on Thursday evening, be» been posponed until Friday evening, Oct. 17. Everybody invited. Geo. Page, of Salt Lake Cily, is here for a few days visiting bis sister ulrs. Moorman. This is Mr. Page's first visit here fur twelve years, and be was surprised to sec the vast changes in the city--for the better. 8. J, Jones, an attorney from Hale, came in to-day, overland, and told a great ducK story. He claims to kill nine at one shot on his way, here. IF we had a case in court, where it necessitated he would be employed. Kev. · S. W. Cope has placed a book on our table which is a treasure. It was written by himself, and entitled "The Christian Ministry" It is filled with truths of religion,and reflects great credit ou the author, who is a resident of Ctiilhcotbe. At the,colt show by John A. McMillan, at Dlica, last Saturday, W. W. Bagley took first premium on best all purpose colt, while A. J Hedrick walked off with second. On the best draft colt, Lewis Shinogle took first, and A. J. Hedrick second. E. P. Wells, on North Broadway, killed a wolf last night at 9 o'clock. It is supposed tbnt the wolf escaped some circus, and becoming hungry, invaded.lhe premises of the aforesaid gentlemen. The animal wore a brass collar, and showed that be bad been handled. N. J. Bliss, O. H. Gale, John Bird. Bob. Stewart, Henry Cox, and several others from this county left today as delegates to the State Anti- Horse Thief Association which convenes at tjniouville to -morrow. Tbis order is working its way to fame,and to day has a membership in the ·tate of several thousand. The Tribune of Monday afternoon slated that Mr. S. Chandler hsd shipped 15,000 barrels of apples, wbile Scruby Brcs., had only shipped 12 000. The latter parties desire us to .say Unit the bills of lading Ironi Bosworlb, Hala, Linneus, Stur- H. 11. Murphy, passenger conductor on the H. St Joe, brought in engine 83 this afternoon to relieve 85. Mr. Murphy will remain here with friends until late evening. Mr. W. B. Egan, of Monroe City, writes to the secretary of the Board of Trade, as to tba outlook for pu 1 ting in a' carding machine in eon* ncction Kith a meal and feed mill here. Mr. Egan desires to move biS outfit from Monroe City to tbis place, having beard that it is a good point. Farmers Alliance Picnic. The frrmers meeting 'on Saturday was in every sense a "success i The day was delightful, tbe roads excel* lent and the speaking of the very highest order. The effect of the days work cannot but result in good. Tbe first speaker, Mr. Williamr, spoke for nearly two hours. He was earnest, witty, caustic, and sometimes pathetic. He charged that the farmers cf this country were oppressed, victims of corporate power, and that this condition of things was the result of the iniquileous legislation of Congresp, between 1862 and 1875. The National Banking end bonded system of the general government was adopted by Congress at the instigation of British capital; a system that has capitalised more than half of the wealth of the Nation. It has bonded, manacled and enslaved a nation of free men to enrich a few. It has bonded the home of the farmer and robbed him of tbe fruits of honest toil. It has created gigantic trusts which regulate tbe value of two-tnirds of the wealth of country. It has created a tariff system which taxs the many to enrich tbe few. These are solemn startling truths, and yet they are not new. Allen U. Thurman, Tbos. A. Hendricks, Tom Ewing, aad other leading democratic statesmen foretold just this stale of things twenty years ago, and warned tbe people against it. A natural inquiry arises, who or what party is or was responsible for the legislation of that period between J862 and 1875; what party created tbe National banking System? What party demonetised silver, contracted the currency and brought the de- j pression which followed contraction ? Here tbe speaker was untrue to him* self, his country and the Alliance. He knew, but be would not say that the republican party, and the the republican party alone, is and was responsible for that legislation. That party in its National and State conventions baa time and again boasted with uplifted bands that it gave this system to the country. H e should have gone further and shown I that the TARIFF STSTEM has inflicted upon the agricultural interests of'the country the paralzMs of ban! time; that tbe trust and combines of today which control two-thirds of the manufactures of this country have grown to their present colossal proportions, during the administration Mr. Harrison. What has been said ot tbe speech of Mr. Williiams. applies with equal force to that of Mr. Wheat of Iowa. Tbe latter gentleman, like his associate, in good plain common sense language pointed to those present the necessity for a thorough systematic organization of the farmers everywhere for their own protection. "OLE OLSON" A Veritable Treat is Promised to Patrons- 'Ole Olson," Which comes to tbe Thursday and Friday evenings, enjoys tbe enviable reputation of playing to the utmost capacity rf every theater where it is produced. At Boyd's Omaha theatre it was pr« - eented to 1,711 people, considerable .ore than tbe Beating capacity, and Colonel Woods, who chanced to be n Omaha and saw it, says its "out of sight. Nothing like it " In fact, tbis estimable citizen since his return home has been its greatest advertiser, even to the neglect of his own business. It has been equally successful in the larger cities. In hicag'O it turned people away Jevery night's performance during its run, and tbe same is true of the engagement in St. Louis, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and other cities. The cast embraces one of the brightest and tst sonbrettes on the American stage, Marie Heath, wbile Miss Sadia Connolly easily comes in for second choice. Altogether it is a trong organization, and Lincoln's amusement goers can count on a treat --Chicago Mail. At opera house, here, Wednesday, October 29lh. A Bills Not All Paid by The Fair, But Estimates of Their Standing Hade. EVERYTHING SATISFACTORY. There Will Be Wo Mon» Lett In The Treasury, Kmt Ml Indebtedness Will be Fold. From an approximate schedule of the the business of the First Annual Fair of Livingston county, held September 30th to October 4th, vre find that everything has been satifcfactoiy, though there will be no money left in the treasury when the indebtedness is all paid. The directors and stockholders were at one time somewhat scared as to the result, but of late they have gained courage, taken the bull by tbe horns, and made it a fir and sue cess for all. At the present lime Uicre yet remains some premiums lo be paid, and with which to do that, there yet remains money -in tbe hands of the treasurer. It is a well-known fact that it necessitated a bis outlay of money to build up this fuir, which the society willingly put up, not knowing whether it would prove a success or not, but having confidence in the people of Livingston connty they advance the same. As the matter now stands tbe books show that the entrance fees in tbe speed rings for five days amounted to near $466 50; tbe gate receipts for five days amounted to rear 83,56f.55 ; receipts from stall rents, booths privileges, etc., about 866V.05, making in all a receipt of about $4.701.10. Oat of this amount there was to be paid $1.210 per speed t i n g ; in the different departments from A to S, there was $881 83 to be paid on premiums, which leaves only a balance of 82,709.2T, with which,to pay for lumber, work, marshals, secretaries, printing, and all incidental expense, which, we learn, will not more than cover the amount. However, the society feels that it iias done a good work, that they will tie able to pay out, and that by next year Ihey will start in square with tbe world, and be able to make the Livingston county fair second to no county fair in the State. Each officer of the association has done his duty ; the people appreciate their efforts, and the COHSTITDTION wishes them abundant success. Piano and Orean Instructions. I will gl'e Instructions on e i t h e r piano or organ at reasonable rates, address or call at 301 Mannar SD. DAISY UOL.MES. STBA.YED. A dark re.I tuiloh cow, dehorned. A n y iuformation leading to recovery of cow will be rewarded by Robt. Lauderdale, Chillicothe. Mb. Oot-6 riwif. If you wish a lap rob* that you can leave to your great grandchildren and still be the best in the country Jim Tanner will sell it lo you cheap. TO THE PUBLIC. Dr. E. W. Wright. tlieOld Reliable veterinary Burgeon, of Chilliuoihe, Mo., has come to stay, having secured a l(?»-c of the O. U. G.ile stables, in the rear of the Alliance Meat Miirket. Corner of Jackson tint] Elm sts., which be has converted into a veterinary Hospital, where he can be found d u r i n g business hours, and at night can be found at his rcsldenco, on cast .Tnokson St.. first house cast of Grave's lumber office. I will have first-class accommodations for stock, ami irood care gu-ir anteecl to all stock intrusted to my care. I successfnlly treat all diabases incident to the Domestic family. All chronic diseases guaranteed. Prompt attention to all calls in the city or conn try. Remember the doctor has been with you for four ye;»r», and it is my tlesire to stay four more. DR. E. W WRIGHT, 3X*-d*n--tf (jhilllcothe Mo. ROOMS '10 RENT. The rooms now occupied by Dr. I. R. Campbell, dealest, over Citizens National Bank will be for rent after Oct. 15th. Apply to T. McNaUy, Ootl2dti Notice to Contractor. I will receive bids for erecting and enclosing tbe Odd Fellows building, carpentering, brick work etc., up to Saturday noon Oct. 18. 1890. Flans and specifications can be seen at my store. I will reserve right to reject any and all bids. N. J. RENSCH, Committee. For Malaria, Liver Trouble, or Indigestion, use BROWN'S IRON BITTERS CQLDSTEELE. tftie Oklahoma Capital BH1 Receives a Death Thrust. GOT. STEELE LAYS IT OUT COLD. The Mercury GOCH Up at Guthrta and Get* Into (lie liulb at Oklahoma City-Capital IllUs Muat Have Better Support. GtrTniiiE, Ok., Oct 14.--Governor Steele yesterday afternoon returned the Capital till to tho Council without his approval-and put it in such words as to warn otter towns that it would be useless at present for them'-to present aim* liar tills to him for his approval. It was rumored on tho streets about fcoon that tho message was ready, and on the convening of the Council in the afternoon the chamber was crowded to its utmost capacity. At four o'clock tbd secretary of the Governor appeared on the floor and announced an executive message. The clerk was instructed to read the tnessago and as he proceeded to do so everyone present bont forward to catch each word. The various details of the bill were reviewed and each point of legality sustained. The Governor based bis veto solely on the excpediency of a change at this session as largo areas of Indian lands would be added to the Territory in the near future, which would render the location at tho capital at the present Inexpedient. When tho words declaring the vetb were uttered one wild cheer shook th« very walls of the building. Fully 10,000 people were on the street, and soon bands were out, and powder was used, and the noise speedily became such that one could scarcely hear. Banners floated from every hduse, and a procession of 6,000, headed by the bands, was foroied and marched to the GoverndfM mansion, whoro he made a brief speech. Bonfires burned on every corner, and the streets were crowded with jubilant but orderly puopio until a lato hour. OKLAHOMA CJTY VERY BLUE. lZ ~ T ' OKLAHOMA, City, Ok., Oct }4.--At three o'clock yesterday afternoon a telegram was received that Governor Steele bad vetoed the Capital Site bill and the circumambient atmosphere as- aumeda degree of chilliness that brought overcoats and furs into instant demand. Some wild talk v.-aa indulged in such as burning Governor St.oele in effigy, but happily these threats were confined to a few hot heads, tho more cool citizens advising that nothing rash be done to bring reproach upon the fair name of Oklahoma City. Captain Higgle, a wealthy capitalist who is serving as county commissioner under Governor Steole's appointment, declares that he will take the first train to Guthrie to hand in personally his resignation, accompanying his action with an expression of his opinion of the chief executive. Last Friday, while being interviewed by a newspaper correspondent, the Governor made use of the following language: "I'll tell what: J have a notion to veto ovory capital site bill that is presented to me u n t i l a bill is passed by a two-thirds majority of the Legislature. Tbeu I will bo satisfied beyond a doubt New lorl; STORE! Cloaks! low - Open! Our New Fall Slock, embodying Everything New, Stylish, Desirable and Commendable: ,Vi'Iiliil«.y in Michigan., Micb., Oct, 14.--Major McKfnley opened the campaign for Congressman Burrows in ttu s city last nlffht He spoke ixlso with Mr. Uurrows in tlje nfternoon at Dowaglac and despite rain at both places bad largo audiences. He was pale and careworn and his voice was almost gono. At first he could ·carcely be hoard but finally warmed up to bis subject and when be got on tbe Lome market thorao be was eloquent. He said he disliked this cry for cheap prices for cheap and nasty went to- Brother and be believed that when tbings were cheapest men were poorest because ·heap prices meant no work. Tlie i:jvil-Servleo JT*Aiv. WASHINGTON, Oct 14.--In- orde* to carry oxit the spirit as well as the letter of tho Civil-Service law the Secretary o£ the Treasury has agreed to a change of existing practice in the marking of examinations of applicants for promotions in tho Treasury Department in the cases of honorably discharged soldiers and sailors, who by law are entitled to preference, other things being equal. The cban-yo will bo accomplished by adding Two per cent to the percentage made by such persons in the examinations referred to. Shocking Accident. KANSAS Crnr, Mo., Oct 14--Frank Bticltney, an employe in the nut and bolt works at Sheffield, met with a horrible death yesterday. While attempting to cast a belt from a pulley bis arm was caught and before the machinery could be stopped the unfortunate boy's body was hurlc*J around the shaft The arm was torn from the socket and the body thrown twenty feet away. He gasped but a few times and died. He was tbe only support of an aged mother, his father living in Texaa ScnrHiing For Dillon und O'Brien. QUEENS-TOW!*, Oct. 14. -- Detectives have been scouring 1 Quoenstown harbor all day in search of Dillon and O'Brien- They boarded the steamers Umbria and Wisconsin and all tugs and tenders. They also searched all in-coming mail trains. The authorities evidently believe that. Dillon and O'Brien have not Bailed. Messrs. Deasy and Lane, members of Parliament, boarded the Umbrla, causing intense curiosity. Tho I,lve Cattle Trad*. LONDON, Oct 14.--Tho Board of Agriculture Commission, upon whose report ·will depend the regulations affecting the live cattle trade from America next year, will have another meeting this ·week. Sir Dlgby Murray, a prominent member of tho commission, has been In Liverpool inspecting cattle ships, anftit Is understood that he is not unfavorably Impressed with what he saw. Prof. Thorold Rogers, of Oxford, England, is dead. DENTISTRY The Psotls's Where the Stock is Large Enough and Varigated Enough to please the most fastidious. Blazer Jackets, with cord trimmings and detatched vests. Reefer Jackets, with astrachan lapels and cufis. Three-quarter Coats, supurb qualities, black astrachan revere fronts, standing collars, astrachan cuffs, ruffled shoulders, handsome, elegant garments. Three-quarter Coats, in English cheviot, huzzar fronts, standing or turn-down collar, puffed shoulders--the very latest. Handsome combinations in plush and astrachan, in all the desirable selling shapes. Plush Garments in Blazer, i Reefer, Three-quarter coats, Sacques, and every other commendable style. Handsome line of Children's -GO TO-- 1 DENTAL ROOMS for Firat-Class Dental work. TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT *AB», and all work guaranteed as represented. North side square, "bi« clock," and Misses' Cloaks. All garments, sizes and shapes carried in Stock at the New York Store Cloak Rooms. Tis Grsn Htwiwiur.. · Slit!, McYey Co. OLD RELIABLE Farmer's Store! Still in The Lead! We are, always have been, and shall continue to be the During the past six weeks our store has been thronged with customers from Monday lorniog =UNT1 Sii t iiniii v light! We feel confident that everyone was more than pleased with the purchases made. We try to please the people. Nothing misrepresented. Our business is booming. We are enjoying the largest trade this fall of any season since we began business. We are drawing trade from towns almost as large as our own, 25 to 35 miles away. Every article in our store sold at Lowest Possible Price! NEW GOODS COMING IN VERY DAY! We call special attention to our fine assortment of Wool Dress Goods! Silks! Velvets! and Plushes!!! We are showing a beautiful line of PLAIDS -:-and-:- STRIPES FROM 35C. TO 1.12 Combination suits at Great Bargains! Another large lot of NELLIE BLY CAPS at only 5o cents The latest novelty -- "THE NOBMAL CAP"--received last week. YOU CAN SAVE MONEY BY TRADING AT Farmer's Store! Stew, Conger Botte, Leaders of Low Prices, Chillicothe, - - · Missouri.

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