Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on February 11, 1882 · Page 3
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1882
Page 3
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GREAT SALE OF WATCHES! We fire Still OfleringyWatches at the:Low Prices of December and January. TERMS. fer «wfc, payaMe to Carrier, ....... 10 Cti. One year, in attantr, ............... f7.OO Ihrte Month*, '· SATURDAY BVENIN'G, FEB. II, 188S. LOCAL AND GENERAL NEW?. STANDARD CAlDtOAft Th '' j.' f«l: inflnrlr all ;ni'le- Of t ; ) ' - K F O R r , K U . 1 X . \ V \ I / n i A M , S l ' i l i N T J F l K I . I * . H A M J ' M K N A UOW.VKD, u i i d a 'j- -it 1 t i i - i n y o l ' t h c FI.VEI: I \ i i ' i i n c h \\"AT iiKh. I T v i u ··;*!)! a t;nod \\'.itcli \v- can sav- yon immry ; but we DO NOT KEEP any "Snide Watches for trading purposes," J"i V I H I I', ul v o f - ' l l a U'el'.i-ill- I n order to take advantage of all the discounts given Jobbers, ' mndp contracts for great nnmbert* of al! the mak**) of Aniprinan Watches, to In- delivered during December, Jaiinaiy ami February. We have IKPII making a SPECIAL SALE of tlii'FP J5« .(In i' i' t w o month?, aoii v , i ' i continue during this month. Ve (lo this ill order to f-nable us to hand!" these large i|inntities o( \Viiti-li f, and liiei-ely «;et the di- c . i i i i t 4 only t" be hnd l.y thnsp who Ci:i liiuidie en* iif*h Watclns to R A N K AS A JOBBER. W E W A R R A N T EVERY WATCH COMPLETE, E. Curtis Co., Ii"'; Jewelers of Illioois ABEL LOCKE \ l i K SKLLIXG I5KTTKK THAN YOl i ' A K l ! SAW I-'OK THE MONEY. Their Store is Full of Novelties in the Carpet Line. CHANDELIERS and Liiinps, at E. D. BABTHOtOiTEW Co.'f. FULL crop report in the Chicago Timet of to-day. LET yonr wants be known in the REPUBLICAN'S "Want Column." You are invited to attend the regular temperance meeting at the tnhcniiicl* tonight. THE ice harvest in thin section has been exceedingly thin this winter. first-class meals served at th* ,'RKA'I* SPKKi'H /.v rri.i. THE following prizes will be competed l A COSTLY (HPT. for in the shooting tournament to b* j --·- given in thin city next Wednesday, by the , Sheriff Foster Taken by Surpriw and Decattir Shooting Clnb: Ofl'-hand shot* ' with rifle - 5 turkeys, single shot, 41) yards; 1 fore-qnarter.beef, 3-ehotstring, 20 yards: j 5 turkeys, single shot, 20 yards: 1 hind- ] quarter beef, S-shot string, 40 yard*; 5 I (j ap t a i n \V. W. Foster, our worthy turkeys, single shot, 80 yards; 1 hind- , HherifV. commander of th- Decaf nr quarter beef, 3-shnt string, 100 yards; I Guards, and an honored member of the Ballard 32-calibre rifle, with globe sight, , .y u ,, )n Count? Veteran's Association, *»§ 5-shot string, 4(1 yards: glass ball shootine i ra!1( j e iht . ,,1,^1 m-jpimt of a Iwamiful with shot gun -10 turkeys, 5 balls each; . go!d v . dic ^ Swial moTemei ]t, last evening cash prize 10-93 to first, S3 to second, j at Rbont g o^iod,. The watch which was 82 to third. 20 Iwlls each. Grand sweep-1 purchased at W. R. Abbott A C'o.'s jewel- stakes prize, 810 in gold -string of three | r} , nl(in at ft eosi of j^j^ j s ^ ]R_k gra t shots, with rifle oft-hand, at 20, 40 and 80 , hunting case, split quarter second, and is yards; shot gun at target, one shot each, \ tht , ))fst g wisg tjjne.pjeoe t,, he had iu at 20, 30 and 40 yards; string of three mv ( . itv T!ljg Mtir ^ waB pulo h a «ed PERSONAL MENTION. NEW ARBIVALS. Horn, toEx-Gov. and Mr*. K. .1. Oj;le«- by, on Friday morning, a son. Bora, to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Carter, a daughter. Justice Cm-fit: «,m repirtedsomeIwtter O. W. (.'order, tin- ]M«nd druggist, wa in rhe citj yesterday Vitw Marj' ^. Hardy if visitine among friends at Moaweqna. John H. .Tackmn has returned home from his trip to the "Future Great." Geortte Stuart, the principal of the Milniine public schools, is in tlie city today. Miss Oen M. Lukens leturned home LINN shots, with rifle off-hand, at 20 yards: glass i 0 the Shenrt' by the '" r balls, 5 each, at 18 yards -the person win- ; 1)?ls ()t tlie jjacon County bar and by tie p" 8 -' Katerday after ' "Datives '" Philndelphia. .., M a testimonial I «"· · Talnea n Kerr ' ° r K TM t*"'" 1 " " '" ,f (heir legard for him as a citizen and in I tjlft eit ' Tlsltln r '»' f"»«'l "f '"« brother, turkeys, at 30 yard*; 1 fore-qnarteribeef, at · rv . 0 p,itiijii of his efficiency as an officer, i (-""I 1 """ K f r "'· 30 vards; 5 'turkeys, at 20 yards; rmd nin(|the greatest number to receive the , \ ms ' mesa 1DN1 of Decatur,' a S10. The target shooting prizes will be 10 ,,f (heir legard for him as a Palace Hotel. THE Y. M. C. A. chapel, on Merchant street, will be used for the regular goupel service, at 3:!Si o'clock to-morrow altei- noou. SADDLKHm-Koyateru I'lirKat rVUuwrtHt Millers. «M* MB. HIRAM WIIXKN has purchased W. il. Kunkel'a frame dwelling on E. North street, near J. T. Denton'u home. The price paid wm 81400. Mr. AViUon will take possession on March 1st. SHELL ousters nice and fine all alive. At Miller's lunch room. d-4t REMEMBER, every pernon attending the Kewue Hone Co. ball on Tuesday nest, will receive one of those elegiuit Valentine programs. ordered e»|ecially for thin occasion. SINCE the union Methodist revival services commenced there have been over 60 conversions. Services next week at the First M. E. church, Si. ^'^7,E^·TI^·E v ill reach Decatnr early the 14th inst., and will make his head- qunrters at Wallace's.Book Store. Their assortment of Valentines is immense, embracing besides the old familiar kinds, a a full line of i'r(iii(i'«, and many new imported stylus. PricpB from 3 cents to 85 Srirs put '.HI to yards ; 5 'turkeys, at 20 yards; "hide and tallow," at 30 yards. THHEE fhat-eltiss attractions we booked . for the opera house in the near fiitme. On Monday February dOth, " Hazel t Kirke" by the Madison Square Theatre | ! Company, will lw presented; on Satnr- ' ' day, February 2.1th, 1 'The Tourilt* in a ( Pullman cur;" Hiid on March Ilrd, The j I Original Yokes family in " Belles ol th« 1 kitchen." : I NJLLIE BBOWX, aged IS montlifi, dnngli- ttr of II. T. Brown, did not die from the | etleetn of too much vaccination in Bine, ' Mound township, as 1ms been incorrectly , published, 'l'h(- t'lumt- of her dentlj, ' we learn to-day, ««« inflnnihtu-m of » Htonuieli and bowel*. was u complete iarpriiie to the Sheriff. He had uo suspicion whatever of whut I wan iu stor* fur him, i'uj having lost i, . portion of two mights' rest on account of i liis olficial trip on Thursday to Toilet, Ue j went home early, disrobed and went lo j sleep. And while he wan wrapped in the aruij* of Morpheus, the surprUers met ia Stiite'B Attorney Johns' office, anil from thence proceeded in u body to tlie resi- demie pin tion of tlie count) jail. Mrs. FoMtei had be«n let into the secret and BOOH the following named persons umong utheru luul sin rounded the lied on which the SSherifV was sleejiing: \V. T. Wells, i.'uy OI.I.UK HAKDT lias piuchanttl the Henry Bishop pioperlj on West \\illinin street, which has been occupied by Dr. Hnwkes and famil.N. The price agreed ! j James Freeeraan, J. A. Close. S. (i. ' Hatch, T. B. Race, Casper Klwuod, B. (. ilcEeynolds, J. I'. Koa-lj, John .1. H. i Young, St., Tames Kecfe, C. "M. Imbuilen, 1 James Hnttield. 15.7. Talor, Thomas j Andrews, Charles H. Tjlcr, Hufk Crea, 1 I). A. Maffit, Luuia Steinhach. .lames The Cassell brothers and Justice Albert retur»ed home lasl evening from the nurth, after an absence of five dm s. Dr. C. N. Deniton and family, late of Ar^cnta, arc now residing at No. t" North Church street, this pitj. Dr. V.. \V. Moon 1 ha* our tlumkn for eojjii"; of the Fnrgo and .\loitrlieadlMinu.i dail) Ht/iililii-(iit iiiul AIQII.-. of recent dates. KmniH Abliott cnunot deep il there, u anyeue overhead, and fur that reanoii ul- i Wins takes ·! room on thr top atoij. I Henn Smith, of Pintt count\ took u ! look IhroUKli 'lie I(n rr.t.u t\- office tliih ; nftfimion. an'unii.aiiic I }\ I'nrle Ttarid I Gaiver. SCRUGGS t h e ( '" Ka-.ifnia,,. ,,f ( hir,i-u, «;,» '"-"'^ ,,ri l»us,u«-s S . He , ' nebsed the dninia 1.I-.I iinrhr and deputed fni home this niorimix H. U. Wise, liiteot T i \ \ i « i \ i ] i . pai.' u- a business call hint CTIUIIII in "mpam 'I'm: lleeatur Fmnitnre Company have donated H handsome brKl-rnoin 3et lo Kl- dorado Hose Co., which will be disposed : of at the festival next week. order at astonishing New Commission Rooms, The well known grain conmiiMiioH merchants, B. Eugene Pratt, formerly nf the firm of Pratt Robert*, and Frank M. the Sheriff had Von aionsed, Mi. Cre.'i. who had been selected as the spokesman of the party, remarked by way of introduction that he had a wairant (jr him, and would proceed to berv« it then and (h*r«. The following in MIL rnE\'» STEr.cir IN n'i,i: MH. SHWMFI -It ii with nineli plenn- nre that I act as the spokesman of \oiir friends here assembUd, and of othei-s of ot ii.- i'»*i »r v. .,,,,v. «- ~ n T* ii i t i i v ^ « i menus nere MSfiemiuu, HIIU 01 oiue lowpii^atFlcury, the French Cutte,-, ' PTMtt f have formed a nvpaitneiriiipniider | Wendg who owi ' ntr |o ,,,,,,, t'.ie firm name of Pratt * Co., and are now installed in n handsome unit of room» elegantly fitted np and centrally located. Tho well-lighted rooms arc in Central Block on the second floor over McAVhor- . ter * Rollins board of trade headqnarteis 1 and opposite the New Demiog Hotel. | The floor of each room is covered with ! the finest cocoa matting, the walls are decorated with handsome paper and the ceilings are adorned with fresco paper hnng in Abel A Locke's best style. Tho double corner of Old Hquiw. Perfect tit giiar- . anteed te eYwybody. janlld«!rwtf THE Platonics met last evening at the i high school building. Will Heilman, | Minnie, Dill, Lillian Irwin nnd Almii Kay. lor favored the audience with selection?, and the question: "That men of thought are more beneficial thnn men of action," wan discussed b? Hattie Coleman and Ralph Tem|ileton on the affirmative side j . and by Louie Christie and Logan Philips on th,; negative^ The affirmative churapi- u. MissJMan 1 French wnp the critic j . " .. of tliefveniug. tureig jn keepil J B with the ^^^1 fl ne CHM, all slive and nica, just received i apjie^raiiee of the rooms. The senior at __ MIT.TTR'S Lrvcir ROOM. m , m ber has had an experience of seven '' " years in the grain business and has been THR new play of "A Life's Mistake I en jj a g e d j u tliia occujmtion in Decatnr Wat- presented for the first time in Deca- · s ; uca jg;;^ aril i j ie ani i y w j un i or member, tin-last evening at the opera house be- i wnof)P exp ,ri oa ce iu the business has been n fair audience by the Alex. Cauf- prior engnt'ements.flre rehictnrlly alwent on this icc8Bion. There, are fonr ijualities which should always be conspicuous in e sherilV-- fto,/- fsfjy, pniimilHviitffoiiragt and /. imiurnx. Uoufstfi is n great essential in such an officer. Countless emus of money paps through his hands in the course of o sin- ' that t;le term, ehierh belonjjin^to the business men of the community. It is important that the steward to whose care it is temporarily entrusted should be a faithful steward; that, in a word, ha should lie lore mim Dramatic Combination. As a whole :he [lerformnnce was unnatural, but the port of the released convict presented by Mr. Cnnfman, was a fine piece of actint:. The support was fair. \\'e will sell Blafk ami Colored Hilkf. CHEAPER THAN ANY MEBCHANT Devatitr CAN BUY THEM JON SPECIAL OBDEBS. Hake u note, of this, ct»L!ii)i A Strung* ttic respaimible 'ot- wJiat thfn fknj. febl3dwtf SPHINO is riot quite here, but it soon vill be, and tlien the new carpets and wall paper will be ripe. Read Abel jocke's new advertisement CALL on L. L. Ferriss Co. for dnra- ile and stylinh boot* and shoes. TBE attention of the public is called to he. change in the advertisement of Henry, the French Cutter, who, in order o pay more special attention to the mer- equally as extensive, enjoy the full confi' deuce of all with whom they have dealings. Both are careful and shrewd business men, mid deserve the, success which they have achieved iij the eommipakm line - ·«·*. - Klnod $37.50. The jury in the case of the City of l*e- catur v.s. Timothy O'Conuor, who had a hearing in Justice Corler's court on a charge of selling intoxicating liquor to a minor, returned a verdict this afternoon declaring the defendant guilty on one count, acd fixed t]ic fine n\ §!7,"iO and costs of the suit. ' rff in tke transaction of bu- sinesa by a nherifl' u of vital importance. Promptitude in such in officer insures the coll«ction of claims against dishonest debtors; aids largely ui the odministni- tion of jmtice by securing th» arr»et and courictiou of thoy* who violate the IMW; and asiists in the rapid transaction of business before the court*. Courage is indispensable to an efficient sheriff. That officer has to deal with the most ricioua and dangerous classes. HP JR liable al any moment to be called upon to protect (he"weak end timid against the stiong and the desperate. Not unfre- quently U the sheri If obliged tokavehis comfortable bed and go oat into the darkness and storm to "ran in" the man who will cut ft for a dollar or practice pistol exercis* for revenge. At such times he "takes his life in his hands." Kindness in a sherifl' smooths the rough places which many good and honest but improvident and unfortunate people are obliged to have). The grace of a few da»« delny in the enforcement of an execution, while not jeopardizing the righti of i he creditor, sometimes gives tlie debt, .r a chance to raise the amount required and avoid the sacrifice of his rfmall effects at forced sale. Words and ! chant tailoring department, has entrusted ! was sent to Springfield ou vppterdaj. 100,000 Rolls Wall-Paper in Stock BEAUTII-'l I.. B K A r T l K l l , . UKAVTIFfL STYLES. S. G. Hatch Bru, 10 MERCHANT STREET, their the management of the ready made clothing department and also the general stock to Mr. A. J. Brewer. Mr. Brewer has had years of experience, in the largest and finest clothing houses in Chicago, and he comes here with new ideas and will moke it a study to please the trade. j He is now over hauling the atock, and will establish what he styles the "Job Counter," on which he will offer great bargains. This is done in order to make room for the large stock selected previous ! to leaving Chicago, which will be one of 1 the largest and finest stock of clothing, fur- i nishing goods, hats and caps ever brought ; to Dscatur. Particular attention will be paid to the boys' and children's depart| ment We beapeak for Mr. Brewer many | friends and extend to him a liearty wel- j coiae. i dw i FrcE French kid glows for ladies on : sale at" L. L. Ferriss CO.'N. j DOLLARS saved by purchasing mtuical j merchandise and pinnoa ot C. B. Pres- 1 i-ott's. IT will prove lo you to In 1 a fortunate . ,.,,= ,,,,-,,, Palt : acts of kindness from a rterifr have com,, . .n CT^M TJ i · i i fOTtp l mal1 ^ n - vonn S man who by evil Mr. A. T. Hill hag sold his iliorsugh- j TOmmuniea - tion - s has been led to the com- bred Jersey bull c«lf to Mr. C. A. Gehr- missionof crime; nnd have »o encouraged raann, of Springfield, III., for $75 cash, i him tha't lie has on quirtinspriBon (Tirnel The calf is nine months old nnd eomprt- , °V-' r « "^ dud better leaf in his life. . , -i · 4. . i T i Kindness, like mercy, "droppeth like the ent judges say it IB tn. · .- . uwt Jer- , Kpn( , p n[n jrmn i 1( ^, Tfn " npoll j tg rw .j p . my there ever was in lint amnty. He i j en t Mr. Sheriri; a number of tht business men of llir city of Pecatur and of the members of the bar of Macon conntv A New Proprietor. Mr. Frank Hall, son of M. B. Hall, has i mvf . rccoguired in you the qnalities 't bure referred to us essential in one filling tho place yon occupy. The bn»ine«s men have learned ynnr honesty and promptitude in t!ie discharge of your duties; «nd they apprK-iate both. The members of the bar unite with the business men in succeeded Wise Imboden as proprietor and manager of the wholesale and relnil oyster and fish depot, on North Main st., and would 1«? pleased to have his ninny friends and the public generally give him e.iifo, li(i%r coinc tn Mr. lirewer has liern ger of the stock of n,, clothmg house. Will H, Stevenson who IK now in Ne\i (Irleans. favors us w i t l i :i eopj of (he f'ii-di/nI,F of that i - i t \ . d i i t i d Fcbrnarj 8, which contains ii whole pngi' wnte-np of the lulc 8iillivan-R;an piize f i j h t . The I'lt-ntjii nr *:ii\h flir- Hi;li r in .ted only ]1 minutes, H'Rl»nrl of 'jfi :IK lepord d b til* telegraph. Taeks'iinillr ./,i;.,,,o/ .). }. Hnra, of Peealiir, reprt'srnlint.' the f i i m of A. AVnit f, Co., ileiiteis in wholesale notiomi. of city, w a n in town yesterday, nnd favored the ·Imn mil oflieo with n plpnsiinl call. He is d ]iniminpnt and earnest workfi, ami was fonaeily the state organizer of the Hoj rl Ten plain of Tenijierance of Illinois. Will A. (itubbs linn tendered liis reBig- aotion aw city editor of the Rrrinr nn ae- count of ill health. He will leave foi St. Loui* to-morrow and will eutet the I emploj of the (indium Paper Compnm ! as traveling salesman. Mr. Ornbba has I been a oarefnl and hard working attache ofthe Jred'cir, mid we are sorry to learn of his retirement from that oflice. May good lurk attend him wherever he muy go is our wish, Mr. \Vill F. Snydar, late of Sullivan, will fake Mr. Grubba' place on the Rerinr. New Music Store. We take pleasure in announcing to the . public that we purpose opening a music store about the first of March, iu the ; rooms at the north end of Central Block i , which will be fitted up in suitable style , for that purpose, \Ve have secured the I agency for the unequaled Wrbtr Pinnn, \ and also other first-class pianos and organs. We will also have a fine selection of SIttrt Jfi/sa-, Music Books, and all kinds of sinnll instruments. We hope by handling good goods and square dealing, to jnorit a share of public patronage. S. M. Lrr?. ' »b. 11 dtjrl-' H. H. WIRE. ' Bern- in iniii luJifK, tlint vlienfrff ! HOW wt/ti au-aiiffir BLAOK SILKS, ynn ' will pay from SHio f H i n]nttini MORK thdti tjoti i'Qit Inti/ ft of Feb. 11 dAwtf LINN .t SCRUfKjK. , ALWAYS 1)0 WHAT I H K V SA^. A N D W H K N 'I'HKY OFFER BARGAINS TI1BY KESPIX'TI-TLIA ASK 11 IF. ITliLIC To JC1GE OF THEM NOW. As IN THE PAST. VM) NOT BY THE SHAMELESS HUMBUG ADVERTISEMENTS TIUT AKK SHOWN IN THE (WLI'MNS OF OCR DAILY 1'APERH. BY MEN CALLING THEMSELVES HEBOHANT8, aentl.i.ien w i l l 1 WHOSE RECKLESS 1)1SRE( J Mil) OF TRUTH FORMS THE GREATEST c-ie sloi, in tl.e i PAKT OF THEIR C \ P I T \ L . A N D WHOSE B\ROAT\S EXIST ON'LY ON. PAPER WE OFFER I N S T E A D 5rewei. late ol'Clu Oeeiitnr lo reside installed a* niana- ' ( K a t Fleiirj'slarge Bargains in Linens. Bargains in Calicoes and Cotton Bargains in Dress Goods. Bargains especially in Silks. Bargains in Cashmeres. Bargains in Hamburg Embroideries. Bargains in Laces. Bargains in Woolens. Bargains in Cassimeres. Bargains in Hosiery. Bargains in Gloves. Bargains in Towels and CraeheB. A M , OK W H I C H CANN'OT FAIL TO AFFORD THE PURCHASER THE CREATES'!' SATISFACTION. LINN SCRUGGS, COURT HOUSE BLOCK CORNER. liMMtnr. Feb. 10. IfW'J d A w t f DECATUE'S LARGEST Cash Hat Store. 1 will sell all kinds of Hats, Shirts, L'n- ; derweur, Gloves, S^iiifs, etc., »t very low prices for SO dnyn. ! Feb. 8 lAwtf KKBLEII, Hiitter. ESTABLISHMENT. Corner of Old Square and Main Street. Thi Ket»lih«hliicill inlhi'(MiiHecM ui iilllhe I Inrliinit t»li-i. in fomtui. HBd mill it i« ihr r.nrc-'-'t ami Kino-t «t tin kind. a call whenever in need of anything iu his apprccistiou of onr honesty and promp- ,. ,,,, . . , , ' ., . titude as an officer. The tmumess men line. The change took place this mom- nn ^, m(im ^« ,,, ,,,. i,»v alilrA recognize BY TBbEOKAPH. Will continue their unprecented CHEAP SALE TWO WEEKS LONGER, And then comes Stock-Taking. We are ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ determined, and shall make an extra effort, i LOAA«rr to REDUCE our large stock of DRESS GOODS, CLOAKINGS, PLUSHES, VELVETS and WiNTER HOSIERY. What few Dolmans, Cloaks, Ulsters, Cir- eulars and Children's Cloaks we have left will be closed out * WITHOUT REFERENCE TO COST OR VALUE! Come and get them at your own price. Remember, No. 10 MEBCHANT ST. I WHY don't you to- cute* Mtu LIT. «r Pilte? They are a positive cure for G i l 1 TO U JP« D Dfl «ick headache and all the ills produced . n M l l / n Ot DnU. ^disorderedliver. Oalyonepffl Bdoee. gold by Hubbard i Swearingei. « The change took place this mom' insr, and Mr. Hull is now in full powes«ion. Masonic. * j Special communication of Maeos 1 Lodge Xo. 8, A., F. and A. M,, this (Sat: urday) evening, at 7::T(i, for woik in third ! degree. All M. 'M.'s frnteimdly iuvit«d. | JOBS HATFIKI.T), W. M | \V«, T.. HAMMRH, Sec. The Veterans' Show. Another meeting of the Veteians w*i ! held at the Com t hoiihc lust night to fix , the time of giving that bom-tit witOTtaiii- meif. It was decided to give an entcr- ' tainnient on Thursday evening, Feb. 23d. : The following named gentlemen were | elected ofHeers to pieside at the raining 1 entertainment President, GHP. S. Dur- Tllf IJU'ttilliiimntMtn'lKiitri ii'ii} 1t«im*. at I /. 1,1. T A TI Wbem -- $].±t, Fetirunrv; fl/rr-i l.9i April; JLa"; Mm. f'orn-- .IT Felinituy; .V. . \Iitirh: l 1 .; Jfay;® 1 ; June. Odin-- 4ti',; Fob; 4(l' 4 March W ', M» Pork-H«.3S : S Fob; $18.30 Mardi; ?] 1 '; Fct); 111.15 Mttn-ll, il C N I O X 'WOl'K VAHI'S. Ho««-- i!i-ii-i|ii -- Hi.dOn. l.ifiit IHI »iwn I All 1.01.-. IVb. II i Mnu-h; feo; Secretary, Jolm A. Barnes: Treasurer, daVwlieiMou conclude to take Hall'H CH- i Cyrun Imbodrn: general etas* manager, torVhCure. For sale l,y : ,11 drifts nt ' ^ " ^"" ^ M1 -To cents per bottle. li-tl^wlw THAT beautiful IVdy BrusselB carpet EVBBT nervous person should try Car- tertLittle Nerve Pills. They are made specially for nervous and dyspeptic men and women, and are just the medicine needed by all perfons, who, from nuy cause, do not sleep well, or who fail to get proper strength from their food. Cases of weak gtoraach, indigestion, dyspepsia nervous and aiok headache, etc., readily yield to the use of the Little Nerve Pills, particularly if combined with Carter's Little Liver Pills. In vials ot 25 cento. Sold by Hubbard * Swearingen. 8. CASTER'S Liver Bittei for the cure of dyspepsia, liver complaint, and all diseases caused by malaria, are made by the makers of Carter's Little Liver Pills-which guarantee* their goodness. Sold by Hubbard Swearingen. 8 Gmt something towards the firemen's festival to be held at the tab. on Thursday and Friday of next week. 8-42 ORDERS for DECATTJR NCT COAL, screened, promptly ailed by B. McClelland. Telephone at Cole Bros.' drug store. will. I June ,ieat pleiLnire in ejirrjing out the, desires c'f the gentlemen referred to: a n J I n u * , ui (be mime of euclj gentle- T. M. Wells. Tlie following committee i men, and or. their belinlf, hand you the was appointed to notify the above ofti- nairh; inid in aftei times as jon look cersof their election: D. M. Berlin, T. ! "1.TM its honest face, taking nnte of the M. Wells and Tlios. Hujrhes. The Veter- "^, nnd members of the bar alike the courage which yon have displayed in the disi-harge of ronr duties--a conrage trained and tempered in the face of death on field* of battlp in j o u r country s ger- nee. liusinesn iiien and iiu-inberB of the bar alike rec,utilize Ihul your firmness and feaileHsnesH an an offloei have been tem- ij'-r.'d ^itU the highest degree of kindness toward the unfurtunate, conijuitifiV with Kufeiy and r-ffi^iency. As a practical irf'ogmtiou in you of the qualities] hare outlined, and which they regard ;H so essential in a uherif!', a large iiiini'ier ol hnnineM men of the citj nf l)e- ei't-ir and of the members of the bsr of Silicon count) have united in procurint; a Ini'idsomett'ildwiit''!!, and have iuntrncted me to iin-.ii it the same to o:i. -tritli an expression "f their i.|,prrei:it,onand ,'r,,,,l ' WANTED, LOST, POUND.C. , We f a k e pleasure to iinnonui't I J P tht* I ' u b l i c f l i n t M l ' . V .1 H H K V V K f l hamnwniiH- the management of n u t utock nf \in HI. t;: : i .irn i n' »i ;c:y i | Com-- W j Ca-th; 1 - -- IV?: W n»h; fi."; ;fiSi 4 Mny '. 1?; Hjo, II., l H, Mil} 1 , ?!.·» , i»l '«' .Tiinf. b.l] .Iniii- - J.N"UfOS in tliis rolumn. nf f l \ o jint- or ]",%, will Iw in'lnrtt'd oiH' v,-*^k fur '.'o cn'nts, pfiyablf in Hdvant-o. N"o Irfl'le «lrn-ti-^ m c n t - i n « M t i t l InthlH column.] ans will meet again of th* court house Monday evening. Bounty Decision. The Adjutant General of the T'mted States Army, recently decided that ell j soldiers enlisted between .Tune 22, 1861, , and Anjfnst (. 1S61, (ire entitled to g I bmmty. of time, TOU will be reminded thnt fellow-citizens huve fonnd embodied in jon, as an officer, what should be the watchwords of every sheriff--hoitfstij, itromptitmli', lea 1 ;!. Ihirfufv*, \ SHFT.iFi rosTTJ: was more than surpnued. but he again proved that he is equal to almost any emergent y by returning liis grateful j ' are wanted toi-nll inrtsor the DcstCur- p p c r l n till* i-ttv.ut fuj!\-|wo 'lollars. at rtddlc'e telilMn. Y or pptSwc T7OH HALE--Fine larm nf aiant-i-ei.two m l l f 4 r w t _ :tht of Demenl, »r! '^W t\rn"t hlifhly Im- provpd lond, two mllca BorUiwcsi of Oaklpy. ·'. and last, not I Bto bargain In either of_j ho HIK-.VU farni«.-- wlii-li M i l l be lironuht up to the hlandmd ..r i- FIKST-C'LA.-iH ( T l AHSOR'i- MTNT. Nothinir will be left nndone to make our ;ilre:nh I'upiilfir 1'slnblinhratnt THE PALACE OF FASHION IN THIS CITY. Tim Yr:intK .,i t!i.. il-exs'. i m m t r t n H t i IK I . . W M n ' l l t i n , I j,p,"a! attention. The Bte bargain In either of tho nl*v Address HBXRY MITCHrr.L. D.-rn fur, III TVAXTEU.-A B (HKi 'iennnn Birl f housework i n n small f n i n n j . Cnll nt tbr rcsidenco of O. Z. Greon. Main end Wooil etreots. of south I i'Airo 4 Coox, .«,, Pension Jc Claim Agent*. Hd2t fhanks for the beautiful present in a few- well chosen words. The a*ntlemeii lingered a few minutes to shake hands with the oflicer, and those who indulged in (he A Birthday Surprise Party. ! use of the weed -.ampled the Sheriffs fine Mias V. Ogle was tendered a birthday i cigars, all departing Ix'tore !i o'l'lix-k. surprise party at Cerro Gordo Thursday I xtie gift u one mo«t worthily bestowed. evening last, which was the social M,. Foster lias proven tan.self one of the event of the year. The ere»ing was ap- 'very be»t sheriffs tkis county has ever had, parently passed very pleasantly by all gnd ne ksitrtily cudorte the well-merited F )H SALE OH REST.--A «lx-romn i-otlajrc on JTdrtii College street. Will «r-Ilfor f2r«. or rent to a gcxid icnnnt tor fM per ycjir. | PonH*33lon ifiTPii hnmcdiat'-ly. .1. S. f AMP-; DELL. M-'f C'l I'M Ihr-'pc" .1. f.niir-llit.011 of "\\ »* T A.N.VTEUTO HEXT.-- T FLEURY.lleFl blnotsof n . thla office'. i. Fur r in ii;i'I v.-jfe. A'i f*» HM! on.-r ii" -if '" th'»" !" want \\ AKD'S ' \STTI»--A iriioil GfrmHn irirl to do Ren- i Call at ILAS PACK- ; !!·', ·*' Tth Ma!nstre"t. Wlw* ' of the participants. The presents were numerous and elejjant. The following in a list of those who were present: Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jeffrief, Miss Msttie Harris. Addio Oarver, Emma Friesner, Ola Hni ^\AV11V ^.«. .^., -- -- -J -der, Eva Huff, Louie Drum. Minnie Hnfr.lP'f" 1 ;rad Misses Cora and Minnie fUls, Alma Smith, Laura Snider, Sarah Replogle, Hannah Hardy: Messrs. C. E. Garver, H. W. Donaldsou, D. B. Fr-lrath, E. S. Green, B. F. Beplogle, J. K. Coi, Will Huff. James Huff, Spence Hnft', Ezra Smith, J. T. Baird, B. F. Ogle. B. F. O. CHOICE Bros.' hnttw at Young remark- of Mr. Crea. Hosiery and Corsets. , Though we risk nothing in claiming that our stouk in all litfHirtincuts in UUIH- ^ aasorted. we can «afel;. claim that the specialties named at the head of this item comprise the bout and most complete aiaortment nf any retail establishment in this part of the »tate. We show a varietr (hat cannot be excelled--and soil them lot we d» all classes of goods) on a very small pro8t. By all meane see ertd trio» onr good* in every department. C*r.\r STOEE. Big 18. _ _ IV VvTKU-- 'I I -lil.1.-- El.inliling low near I 11 iul Mum- for tl.wo \ .I!,, nunt for I i bbU. *ik J. K. KINX'EV, rr-nl "»«t hrokcr, at | ^mpriran F.xprr-w office. MjMR- r tR FALE-- A full-CHliim-l ~l!l(!t-r sewilifr ' niarbinf, in pfod ropiiir. fall and peo it , at th«" Intcltisronce Office, en IT Armstronff'« UI-UK stwiv. Uou«(-5 rented: nttuatlonfl fur- ' nlPhwl: help supplied. Mfl- W. U. DAVISOX. ' N 'OTICE.--I hereby sri\i*noticc to all per«ona __ thst T will prfitH-cutf 1 , lo thr f u l l extent of i the law. anv one who jfirp^ or 9c\l* any in(oxl- r rntinj? liquors to my huoband. 'harlr-a A'Wor- ; IT. l mpon jn«t whs* I «*ay. ' trbTdst MAHV ADDEKLV- ; Suits to Order! A- well u, Qt A L I T V . »· idso STVLK *n.i KIT. IMPORTED and DOMESTIC WOOLENS In Lnr^e ^-ortmojit.'conMnntly on hand. J^-I{f.m-mlipr tlist wr-«-l as L K A K K l t OK I'OPULAK PRICES^, and that WP enflearor to \v worthy of tho mum-. SA'J'ISKACTION GrAH^NTKI'.n OR WONKY C'HEKKFI'LI.Y HKFf'XBKI). i ·\V A - XTED -TO RENT-Tbrec or four rooms ! » in a hou.w with another family. _Ald_rew · B. nt this office. fob«tia» I 'OR SALE-A lot of household furniture, oooking-fitovr. extension table, cabinet organ, chalre, etc. Apply at n«iilcnce of I,. M. HHJ^East Elitnrsit* «!iwt. »pprltt Roll- Corner of Main Street and Old Square. i Heo.tur, HI , F«ti. II. IS*.' *t»tr

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