The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on April 27, 1923 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1923
Page 4
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CONSTITUTION, ,CHlLLICOTHEyJ£O.FEIDAY,APEIL27,1923 THE CONSTITUTION CI.ARENCE E/Wii'klNSY'Eciitor and Manager. IKVTNG W;* WATEINS,: Advertising Manager. CHAKI^ES A. SPOOKEB;'City. Editor. Emtered at the pent office at Chll- llcotlie, Missouri, at ncond clan matter. Th« Chllllcothe Constitution in- ·ludlng th« Mail and Star and Cbllli- Mth» Democrat. Owned and pnb- lUbed br-r- . rn» CHHXICOTHB coNsrrnmoH ·: : PMN'UNG * PUBUSHDiG OO. ; XEBUB OF SOBSdUFTIOH DAILY t7 carrier m tb« Clt7 . v o£ : C«UllcotJi«, tf*_T*r~--i''* t ' . . ; .r^'ire«k ~ .li DAILY bj mall In UylBgitaB ConmtT, p« T*U ------- «.»0 By main o«taUe ot LlTlngrto» Oonntj. per T»ar _ -_- 4.10 · ABVKBTIBDiO KXB* BNolotion of'BMpeet, per lln« ,tf Oard of Thanks, 10 line* aa« I'tK line -^ ·- - Apeelal Notice*, per line TMi' ,10 ·ntertalnmenn, »rrea tor pay, under .----._;..--» .li I«cal~ Advertising at Lefat nti Administrator'* Notice -final Settlement Notice : 4.08 Political Ad-rertwnj, per line 10 cmcciATios A detailed «-worn atatement ot the drenlatlon win be furnished at any ttrne when requested by an advertiser Member United Frew Association testimony to."a-.census..enumerator; Actual test ot men. drafted-for service, 1 in the-lata.-war.showed/that approximately. 25 per, cent'. -were unable ,to read, a newspaper or write a .letter liome. Investigations" toy., the child- en's- bureau in' -five states showed hat more.than 25 per cent of-hoys, girls between fourteen and.six- eejx --were, illiterate;^ .'So the proba- lilities 'are that the number of real, nitrates in the "TJaite'd States-' Is nearer 25,000,000 than 5,000,000 The aim should be not merely to each the Illiterate to,reaa'and write, perhaps, his ,name,'..but.-to read with withta degree of understanding and o write in- the.'same'rmariner. Such an aim does not make the task an, impossibility. If, as contemplated, eachers of public schools; churches, Sunday schools; patriotic and elyie organizations are .enlisted . in : the move, $nd .'definite:".reBponsiblltiy .is assumed for the removal*ot illiteracy ~ each : ".precinct of.;the\cities'.and each township or school district -_ot country, the goal may be reached. ---News-Press WARN1NGOF ^ RED MAY DAY DEMOCRATIC TICKET: .MAYOR: JOSEPH D. STEWART Councilman-at-Large: ·WILLIAM A RENSCH Councilman First Ward: WM. N. NOTHNAGEL. Councilman Second "Ward- ALLEN j. MCDOWELL Councilman Third Ward: '. LLOYD SDJNARD Councilman Fourth -Ward: . CLAUDE E. BRADFORD City Clerk- LATJRA CRAVENS City Attorney: f ' L. A.-MAKTEST .City Constable: . MAURICE DORNEY Police Judge: Z. B. MYERS. ..City Treasurer; .; , L, R. MBB.RICK City Auditor: ELMER G. JOHNSON City Assessor: M. R. DOUGHERTY A dainty little miss, A love, fond and true; Four lips stuck together-An ad for Carter's glue. LEGION OFFICIAL SATS RADICAI, · DEMONSTRATION IS PLANNED: National/'Director.. .of · ' Americanism 'Commission..Declares. .Communists and Revolutionaries Are Be- hind the Movement. Indianapolis, April *7 --Communist and revolutionary organizations release of all so-called, political prisoners by the federal government 'A recent I W W bulletin discloses the real object o£ tlie strike Is to paralyze the lumbermdustry and strike a heavy blow at law and order initne Pacific Northwest 'In New-York;'Boston ana Baltimore 1 and. .iii. : Los:: Angeles'., and San Francisco the revolutionaries toave posted their slogan on all water fronts. ' It reads" 'Let us awaken, rise up, and show the might that "is ours*"" "This is just one fraction of. the revolutionary May 'day program The orders of tbe Third Internationale GREATER MISSOURI -· I include those -jon- organization,,--,-IO BE PIANNED TODAY I nance, Civic Government, Development and Publicity. Tbe t Publicity Jefferson City, Mo , April 27 -Delegates and officers of the Greater Missouri"Association are meeting today to outline plans "for a greater .Missouri,'--',the "purpose. 1 !or whijch:the organization was rcently formed. J F Hull ol Marynlle is president ot the association There are six other officers ot the organization and a delegate from each of the sixteen congressional districts "ot the state The Sedalia Chamber ot Commerce has contributed (1000 to the are dircting plans for a national rad-1 are designed to inspire walk-outs and leal demonstration May l',"Garland W. Powell;-national' director otr.the Americanism commission . of the American Legion declared here last nigbt. , I "The communist and revolutionary party, of this country; nine-tenths .ot which is composed '"of foreign-born revolutionary disorder all over the WHISKY, STIEI/ IN STATE PRISON. Philadelphia, Pa, April 2! --A whisky still was found in operation 1IARJORIE DAW STABS IN BIG COMMUNITY PICTUHE TONIGHT. Irvin V. Wittat-has made a-w.onder' Eul.screen production" from'Earl Derr Biggers' .fascinating, story,.. "Fifty Candles," starring Marjorie 'Daw, which will be.the photoplay attraction for,'the community picture program, at the .Tabernacle tonight at 45. "Fifty..Candles" is a delightful .story, of 'intrigue, romance .and. heart-interest, and has all the mystic charm of the Orient, with a -dash of the action, and romance'of America Gripping,, forceful,, and fast-moving to a climax of utter, surprise,- "Fifty Candles" is a picture that, will hold your interest to the very end. As an added attraction the latest Bray comedy.- cartoon, "Colonel · 'Heeza Liar- and the Burglar" will. complete the. big bill. . The usual good music ·will be a special feature of the evening Community prices, of 5c and lOc "will prevail.; Come and. en joy.-this splendid program of Selected pictures LIQUOR FIRM AND 7 MEN, J -. INDICTED IN $200,000 "BOOZE DIVIDEND" PKORE. persons, has 1 , fixeds this annual 'obser- in the-: eastern penitentiary . By an vanqe ot May day as the time tor con- investigating grand jury. The jury centrating propaganda against law I reported; to Judge Managban Here and older," Powell said today that liquor and drugs were "The I W. W have called a gen-1 freely used among the prisoners^ One eral strike all over the country. In member of the jury was able to pur- the Pacific, are'to- chase heroin 'from · prisoner. strike: for. white sheets-and ,poUow| slips in all,lumber camps.,,and for. the.l ' Old, papers'at-The" Constitution' at greater Missouri movement organlza- legeil to bave'embeizled'about $75,- tion and Sprlngneld is planning' to donate a like amount, it wan an- Lounced here today. Contributions Hom'all the other cities of; Missouri are expected. Completion of the working organization, will be the work ot the Board of Directors at the meeting, Fred Hull( ; president, announced An acting secretary is .to' be .selected^and committees nominated by ths president are to be submitted to. the di- rectors-tor approval. About $3,000 in memberships;has been collacted; .by the organization since- its :. inauguration here · last nionth,.Hull said. :The Committees- to/-:be .appointed Committee, wilii'be appointed subject '-f to the approval^ the director of ftie j; Missouri.Tress Association Permanent jheadauarters for, the Missouri Association will soon be es- L tablished in .Jefferson. City, Hill an- * ARREST CASHIER . DT.. CALITORNIA. ; - Chicago, Ajnl 2J --Ernest B. Schwab,;:"model' cashier," .whoLis al- 000 from four Chicago Iran, has been arrested in Fresno, Cal., according to : word received at the detective Bureau here today. Authorities trailing* Schwab after he fled declared they discovered that while be was a trusted and efficient employe by day he was a habitue ot cabarets and cafes^ by night. 1 SEED CORN. Reid's Yellow Dent, Boon County White and Button's White Dent--all graded and tested. Germination' 8" per ct. pore bred seed. leave-yonr'oA der, as the supply i« limited. Phone 10 and 350. aaa-et ; -K Scrnby Bros. G, I. Co. MOKE reasons why a ship .should "be called "she"-Because they are sometimes seen TrUa a man-o-war, ,and quite often, .they are attached, to -a buoy; he- cause they sometimes make up to appear; because their smacks usually follow a storm; the riggingjs often -worth more than.the hull,'and, Oh! Buoy! they sure know the ropes. " .A- "WOMAN expert'says that her touch could' STOW hair on John Kock'efeller's head, : and we,believe , her,'for it's a · poor'rule that won't · Tvorlc both. ways. A~_ woman's expert .touch Jias caused many a rich, man to lose his hair. Chicago, .HI., April 27.--Federal indictments, naming seven . men as well as the firm of Grbmmes /Ullrich, liquor dealers, which recently .was. dissovled by distribution' .of its $200,000 stock .ot liquors to the stockholders, were returned before 'istrict Judge Wilgerson,, today by! he federal grand jury. ) | The" firm and 1 'the individuals, 'vrao .eluded Charles A. Williams, the at- orney who. had. charge, of the legal: .etails in connection. with' the IIQ- lidation of the 1 firm; ·lormer.-Alder- lan R. J. Mulcahy and five others, nere charged with violation of- the e'deral prohibition law and with aid- rig and abetting, in the illegal trans- .Beside the corporation.and former n'dge Williams and Mucahy the other individuals named as participants of '.what has been, termed tlie "booze dividend" of the liquidating liauor- firm, are: .Frank A: Rehm, "Freder- ckbiehl, Arthur .p; 'Christian;, Harry T. Tarisey and'Carl P..'Beta-ens. Mulcahy also was among those ·charg- with ^receiving a share of-"the' liquor. .'RECENTLY a locomotive engineer on an eastern railroad resigned his ' position ^because of the carelessness of automobile drivers at grade crossings. He had been in the service for many.years-witliout having met with the accident of running over a pedestrian or colliding,with a.vehicle of any kind. -In the last year or two he . has come very near to such an. accident several times' and -decided .-to tender tiis resignation- while hi3 : .ord .was 1 free from accidents.--Macon . Chronicle. V THE WAR-ON ILLITERACY. WITH the object of eliminating illiteracy from the .United-'States ~b] ' the time of the next federal census ,1930, a conference of delegates most .ly from Northern" and Eastern state c is'to be Detroit May 1. am .2, and in this conference Missour 'is to have eight representatives, jus appointed by Governor'' Hyde. ' The purpose is .ambitious, - perhaps ambitious to be. accomplished, with in the time'set. That; however, immatrial. Tie shame of- illiter can-be removed from American civ ilization,. and a. more determinet move in this direction deserves tb · wide .support it must have if it 'is t succeed, '"whether .the time.'"be seven years.-or five times seven years. It-is an "open secret that censu figures on the subject .of -illiterac are-not-reliable. ItTrill not do to r ac cept tne showing .that there are few ed than 5,000,0.00.-persons in:toi ; coantry more-than ten. years of ag who cannot read and write simpl because that number have siven suca DiVision No. 3 of 'th'e'iFirsb-Chris- tian Gb-urch, will hold, a "market at The Constitution office Saturday. Hot Rolls;'dough nuts, fresh, eggs, white and dark'cakes, pies like.mother used to make. -. - -· ' , ' ' - · ' - 26-2 Communiiy Night Tonight--7:45 p. m. T A B E R N A C L E Chillicdthe's ^Largest Antlitor- Irvin V. "WlBat Presents MARJORIE DAW And ii Notable Cast in TffTY CANDLES' From-Barf. Derr Biggers' Popular Saturday '. Evening Eost Story. .A Fascinating Story ot the Bast and West that' Weaves a Spell of Mystery .and..Romance- The Mystery; Picture Snpreme ADDED ATTRACTIONS Xatest -Bray Comedy. Cartoon"COLONEL HEEZA MAR THE BURGLAR" ADMISSION OKIiY 5c l A BIG PROGRAM OF .SELECTED PICTURES. F 0 R. D ANNOUNCEMENT of Interest to MILLIONS of FAMILIES "/ will build a car for the multitude" Said Henry Ford in 1903--Bead how the fulfillment of : that prophecy is -now made possible through the - · - For many years it has been Henry Ford's personal ambition, to make the Ford the universal family car--to put it within the reach of millions of people who have never been privileged to enjoy the benefits of motor car ownership. ^ During the $ast fifteen years over 7,500,000 Ford cars have been placed in the hands of retail customers--more than a million and a half of them within the past twelve months --and yet there are still millions of families who are hopefully looking forward to the- day when they can own a Ford. And how the way-is open. Under the terms of this plan you can select your Ford Car set aside a small amount each week and you will be surprised how soon vou will own it In the meantime your money will be safely deposited toyour credit in one of the local banks. Think it over Five dollars will start an account. The whole family can participate in it- father, mother, brothers and sisters each doing a little. ? Stop in and talk it over with your local Ford dealer. He will be glad · · a nd he Ip you get started toward the ownership of a Ford car. Ford Motor Company A. E. NORMAN MOTOR CO Detroit,fMichigan GHILLICOTEE, MO. iNEWSPA'FERr lEWSPAPERl

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