The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 10, 1916 · Page 16
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 16

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 10, 1916
Page 16
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAB, MA* 10, THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR ' CLASSIFIED ADVEUTISINQ HATKS --Agate Type: I time, per lire, 6 cent* dully; 7 cents Sunday, except Male Help Wanted, Female Help Wanted, Situation Wanted Male, Situation Wanted Ferr.ale, Rooms To Let and Board and Rooms Wanted, under which classifications the rate Is 1 cent a word, both Bally and Sunday. DISPLAY TYPE7 6^ cento per agate Hoe, week days; 7% cento per agato lino ' OUT-OF-TOWN ADVERTISERS-- The Indianapolis Star agent In your city will t* glad to receive your want ads at tho office rat* under all headings, or, If you prefer, mall your ads direct to The Star. Ads may be given to your dnigtfst, our tubsUtlon, or phone 4000, OW or New. Hours for taking want ade: 7 ft in, to 11 p. m. dally; 8 a. m. to 12 m. and t p. ra. to 11 p. m. Sunday. THE WEATHER. ACADEMIES AND DANCING. INDIANAPOLIS DANCING Af'ADEMY opon all tho year m o u n d , all lessons pilvats, no olastea, established 1904 312 ffiaet Wuah- Ington Btieet Main 47JS 1'UCKROT Studio of Dancing t h i r d floor Mei chants Bank B u i l d i n g All modem, claael- cttl, too and ballet dances^ Woodruff 2761. ACCORDION DRESS PLAITING. Accordlan Uremt Plaiting Co., 80% Monument Flaco. Main 2S47, Now 4888-K. ARTIFICIAL LIMB3. LATEST cushioned legs. Supplies, repairs. Catalog Marrlck-Hopklns Co.; 10 W. Ohio. AUTO PAINTING. E. W. SHOWALTER CO. High-grade automobile painting and bod/ repairing Modern uhop, high-grade work. Main 21.15. (16 N, Fenn. ut., 3d floor rear. / United State* Weather Bureau Special K«. port for The IndlnnapollH Star. ALMANAC OK THK DAY Bun rises at 4.34 1 Sun sets at 6 - 4 8 WEATHER CONDITIONS YESTERDAY. ·--Relative Humidity -? a. m., 60 pet. | Noon, 23 pet | 7 p. in , 30 pet. --Precipitation.-Amount during the twenty-four houis ending at 7 p. m 0 Total amount Elnce Jan. 1, 1916 13.23 Accumulated departure from normal Bines Jan, 1 (deficiency) 1.09 --Temperatures -- 7s.ra 66 I Hlgheot 74 V p. m 70 ] Lowest 64 --For the Same Date Laet Yeai -la. m 47 I Highest. . BS 7 p. m 54 I Lowest 47 CONDITIONS ELSEWHERE. MAY 9. Low. High. P i e Atlanta . . i4 84 Atlantic Clty7T^.-G6 -- 7 2 Baltimore 74 Boise 42 !0 Boston 68 66 Buffalo 44 48 Chattanooga .... 66 83 Cheyenne 42 82 Chicago r2 64 Cincinnati 68 76 Cleveland 48 60 Denver 64 oo Det Molne« ,,..,. 60 SO Duluth 40 53 El Paso 62 96 Evansvllle 60 82 Helena 88 42 Jacksonville .... 68 94 Kansas City .... 58 86 Los A n g e l e s . . . . t4 74 Louisville 62 78 Miami 66 80 Nashville 04 82 New Orleans .... 70 90 New York 60 06 North Platte ,... E6 94 Oklahoma 70 86 Omaha 68 90 Phoenix 60 100 Pittsburgh 06 63 Pocatello 54 56 Portland, Ore 40 54 Rapid City .rr.--. 48 88 Sacramento .... 50 66 Bt. Louis 68 82 Salt Lake City . 66 70 Ban Antonio .... 68 90 Ban Diego . . . . . . 66 68 San Francisco... 62 62 Sault Ste, Marie. 34 50 Seattle as 62 Bpokana 88 62 Springfield, 111... 66 82 Sprlnefleld. Mo.. 62 84 Tampa 68 84 Tatooah 88 48 Toledo 60 70 Tonopnh 52 64 Walla Walla .... 42 64 Washington 62 74 Wllllston 60 74 Yuma 64 102 Note--Amounts of pro'clp 00 02 than .01 Inch are not recorded. taken at 7 p. m. Weathei. Clear Clear Clear Cloudy Clear Clear Clear PtCldy cloudy Clear Clear PtCldy Cloudy Cloudy Clear PtCldy PtCldy PtCMy Cloudy I'tcldy clear Clour Clear Clear Clear Clear Cloudy Cloudy t lodr Ckai Clear Clnudy Cloudy C I P H 'PtCldy Cloudy Clear Clear Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy PtCldy Cloudy PtCltly ' Cloudy Clfcar PtCldv Cloudy Clcai Cloudy Cleai itatlon of less Observations CAKES--WHOLESALE. The LatjBt In Cake Potfeutlon are TASTE GOOD CAKES 6 Varieties. For nale at your gioter'B, lOc. Made by "Stettler's Cake KxperU." Old phone Prospect 1346. CHIROPODY. . Ladles and gentlemen, 317\i North IIHnolB, Room 11. Phono Circle 2863 CIRCULAR LETTERS. A. A LETTER SHOP, kl? Board of Trad* BulkUng. Main 3816. CLEANERS AND DYERS. CHICAGO 8TKAM DYE WORKS. 107 West Maryland. Phone Main 869. COAL AND WOOD. COAL, and wood. OLD FRIENJULV INN, BIJ West Market^ Main 4*48, New I1BB-K. DETECTIVES. PLACING your detective business with us means quick results and auHured satisfaction. Kstablishod 188B. TUB II. C. WEBSTER DETECTIVE AGENCY, either phone 4616. S14 Hume-Mansur Building Splan's Detective Agency 116 W. Washington tit, Room 6. Phone Main 2040._ LIceiiBpd nnd bonded. -----GENERAL MACHINISTS^ C E N T R A L M A C H I N E WKS. 487 S. Senate ave. Main 2217. LADIES' HAT RENOVATOR. ALL kinilB of hati mude Into new Bliapes, MUL1.EU, 28 Kentucky avenue. 01 B4 IS \ Day's Statistics , Bumis. Harry and Elizabeth Noffko, 849 North Seville, boy. James and Mary Husey, 305 North Summit, boy. Henry and Susie Keith, 1429 West Ohio, Btrf. Karl and Gertrude Little, 6 Eastern, boy. Emery and Cora Moran, 1310 South Bismarck, boy. Harrison and Hassel Gowan, 831 North Meridian, girl. John and Mary Hannrahan, 2302 Plerson, boy. Erland and Qarnett Reed, 1249W/ West Twenty-fifth, boy, John and Esther Thomas, 1007 South Bismarck, girls, twins. Carl And Minnie rugate, 727 Arnolda, boy. Clarence and Carrie Shipley, 830 College, Ctrl. Carl and Bessie Klnley, 2730 Burton, boy. X*. B. and Hazel Klncald, St. Vincent's Hospital, boy, Ttrry and Bertha Fauoett, 264 North Ta- cotna, girl. Edward and Helen Agal, 231 North Tacoma, Ctrl. Henry and Olive Lookebllle. Bll Holly, boy. Wilson and Leota Beshear, 1234 North Bismarck, girl. Elmer and Gertrude Klmbali, 764 King, boy. Tony and Louise Lovlaceh, 720 North Warman, boy. John and Essie Thompson, 1322 South Hard, Ing, girl. " Carl and Helen Brancllein, Methodist Hospital, girl and boy, twins , William and Emma Masters, 3317 Qrace- land, jrlrl. Klmer and Flora Roth, 1830 Montcalm, boy. Thomas and Katherjne Hayes, St, Vincent's Hospital, girl. Ishant and Mary Wllloughby, 1429 Hlatt, girl. John and Mona Mclntosh, 1106 South Eaut. Flat No. 2, boy. -. MAKHIAGI3 LICENSES. Calvin A. Bchoob and Frances E Hamilton, John E. Yancy and Florence Doan John L, Jackson and Jeannetto Williams. Alexander McMullen and Clara Humes Thomas Bush and Ollle M. Green John fiauer and Wllhelmlna Rogje George Cooper and Susie A. Morton, Melvln Lane and Gertrude Balleyr Dftn Cotora and Raveca Hora Charles Johnson, 89, Insane Asylum, toxemia, Robert Furnas, 68, 848B North Pennsylvania; ~~" Anna Berg, BO, 441 Sanders, chronic ne- v phrltls. ' 'JPonald Qordlm, 62, 842 Parker, arterlo- 'ecierosis, John Phillips, 68, 1011 Lexington, abscesa of Hver. Dennis O'Leary, 28, 817 Melklo, septlcomla. Mile* Pemberton, 67, 1082 Udell, carcinoma. Llsile Purvlanoe, B8, Central Indiana State Hospital, myocarditis. Iveola Bunting,'6C, Deaconess Hospital, carcinoma, » L«ander Burdlck, 76, 1948 Ashland, myocar- 'dltls. Coba Davis. 36, 4108 East Washington, pulmonary tuberculosis. Will' Reynolds, 2B, 854 West Eleventh, pulmonary tuberculosis. Eva Moll, 7, St. Vincent's Hospital, streptococci septlcemia. Relnnhart MIDI, 61, 243 Terrace, erysipelas. Anna Smith, 20, 1421 Spann, pulmonary tuberculosis. Alfons Bedel, S, 1249 RInggold, abscess of right lung, I William Marine, 2, 617 South Missouri, lobar pneumonia Mary Bedford, 88, 2110 Shrlver, arterlo- Bolerasls, Clarissa Jauney, 60, 8603 East Walnut mi- tral insufficiency. J«se Avery, B7, 82J3 North New Jersey, Brlght'n disease. Caroline Frlodrloks, 84, 1007 Bouth Capitol cerebral hemorrhage Ann Dalsclla, 3 months, Twenty-flrot and Senate, bronchial pneumonia. John Rcdwlno, 69, Indlftna Homo Hospital, carcinoma. » Roy Borden. 18,' BS1 West Merrill, lobar pneumonia. AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY CELEBRATES^CENTENARY ( NEW YORK, May 9.--In the room In City Hall where tho American Blblo So- olety was founded 100 years ago the members met here today to celebrate its ?*nt«imry anniversary. Tho exercises 1»«re begun in Washington on Sunday, , when President Wilson, Vice President Marshall and Bishop William Frazer Mc- Oowell of Chicago made addresses. ,itm- 'Ice John P. Clarke of the State Supieino Court, Bpoaklnjf at tho exercises here, Wd that the United States is a nation ft which the Bible IB recognized us the foundation of its liberties. James Weeks wood, president of the society, announced that during tho last year moro i than 28,000)000 Bibles have been distrib- utee). MACHINE SHOP. J, C. PIPER M A C H I N E WORKS General Machine and Automobile Work, *L_j. 8i!6 v. 32'J West Market at, MANICURING. ~~ M A N K O R I N U CHIROPODY. 217H North I 1!J^^. Room ». Phone Circle 2858. MEDICAL^ ' MKCHANO THERAPT for all nervous and chronic diseases. I positively guarantee to make you feel bet- nAr,«'iI, h 'I"* v , cry flrBt treatment E. Le BARON ALBRIGHT. 833 North Alabama Street Main 8136 Hours. 10'10 to 4-30 AMERICAN H Y G I E N I C INSTITUTE, 17% West Ohio, A p a i t m e n t A Man»age of superior q u n l l t v given and taught. M L U N A WHEN, masseuse, Main 6B07. MASSAGE and psychological treatments restore all f u n r t l o n n . Moved from 206W N. Afer. to Sun Bldg.. 129 E. Ohio. Room 14 M A N U A L A N D MAGNETIC. MASSAGE « THOROUGH BODY T R E A T M E N T 11» EAHT VERMONT STREET M A I N 8878 . MISS FAIR Stilnberg. Swedish graduuto. hot baths. 810 N. Ala. st., Flat 1. Main 6900. Massage, vapor batlm, manicuring, will teach, 10 W, Ohio. JENNIE FI8LAH. M. 66»9. Batha. gunrarteed constipation cuie, niaa- Hage. 182 Bast Ohio Htroot. Room 210. MME. rE ^EllE, Swedish massage given and taught. «09H Moss. ov». Main 8406, MEDICAI^-Thorough body rnaRBaffo and bowel treatment. 118 West Michigan street. MASSAGE -il7H North Illinois itreot, apartment No. 3. Circle 1890. ^ PASTK. ' PASTE for all purpones. INDPLS. PASTE! CO., Pennn: Ivanla and South streets. Both phones 2508. PAPER STOCK. National Paper Stock Co.. 301 8. Missouri. Main 8788. PLUMBING, HEATING, LIGHTING. PLUMBING / N D HEATING--L. B. SKINNER, C17 Maus. Now 4541, Main 2019. SEWER BUILDING. GBO. A. OBIS A CO., Sewer Building, Excavating 8. Meridian. New 8071. Pros 2480: TRUSSES. TRUflSRH--n. W. MAGEE CO , «B Mfiss. ave Trusses and foot brnoes a specialty. PARCEL POST AND MAIL ORDER BUSINESS SAFETY RAZOR BLADES sharpened better than new. GUARANTEED. Single edge. Ho dosen; double, SBoi mall, Inclose price, fiolssors, razors *hnrpon«4. TUTTLBDGH. 14 W. OHIO, ROOM II. LOBT AND FOUN1*. w*-^v^^^w^v-«-^-^^/-wn STOLEN--Automobile; $60 reward will be paid foi the return of Ford touring, four- passenger car No. 625,387, utolen Apill 30, 1916, from In front of 2»U» North Illinois stieot, Indianapolis, Ind. KINNEY KINNEY, Columbua, Ind LOST--On Washington, f i o m 180 East Wash- Ington to Occidental Cafe, a gold hoiBe- shoe pin with pearls and sapphire stones, valued an koepsakc Return to KATIE BRYANT STUDIO, 180 East Washington. Liberal reward rtr STOLEN--Motorcycle, Twin Indian, 181D model, motor No 70-G-100, license No 3.B56 Ind. 1916. Reward, JAMES MASON, 2612 Gradon street. LOST--One 9x12 velvet rug, about 2 p. m. May 1. Liberal tewaid for any Information leading to Its recovery, Address C No. 222, Star GENTLEMAN who took Boston dog from 2709 Northwestern avenue Sunday evening, plesfio return, for she has bublco 4 days old. FOUND--Best chicken dinner. HIT2HL- BERGBR'S. PROSPECT 897 LOST--Ito gold wrlat watch between Eilff- lleh Hotel and Rink's store, or etore Reward, Ma JAfl6p«Ni^v ' 3730. LOST--Small white dog with little bro\vn upots on carw, short stubby tall. Please call Boll 101«, Reward. ·fcOi5T=3ScleiH!s~irml--llimlth--wltli name. Finder call Woodruff 8207. Reward. LOST-- Lwellynn bird dog, white, w i t h black on oars and r6ot of tall; wore collar, $3 reward. Call North 850, LOST -- Two bird doge, white and black epottod, grown Please call M I, OSBORNE, Main 1247, New 2424 Reward. LOST -- Circlet., blue enamel, (teed pearl B e t ting, In or neai 1 Public Llbiury 01 M u i n t Theater Finder call Main 7006. Reward LOST-- Bet"woen~$T3T""amr~$1667~ Howard". ' Reward. LOST -- Yellow and white collie. Belmont 1164, BALK6MEN-- WANTED. - r^s^-^-^v^^vv^V^-^^x-\j^»jr\^- w ^-K rf « SALESMEN WANTED -nho have the ability to demonstrate and close sales In the borne whore airaiifjementa are. made previously by a solicitor. Must be neat and come lecom- mended and. bo willing to work and cam big money. We teach you our line and give a free course In falesmanshlp. Position is permanent with promotion to managership. HATFIELD ELECTRIC CO., 102 So. Mci Id- Ian street See Mr. E h u f e l t aftoi 4 p in. WANTED -- Salesmen with stionu magnetic personality, convincing talkers who can speak at gatheilng of salesmen If necon- Bary, for state or district specialties on rorn- mi'slon basis; neoessaiy expenses advanced; wages and commissions paid weekly Send refeience, pieHcnt and past occupations BOSTON ASSOCIATION OF F I N A N C I A L ENTERPRISE, I»wii_Clty, JIa SALESMEN-- Pepper mado $3oi In one neek; new "buslnesn men's" $6,000 policy, pays $25 a week, coots only $2 BO quarterly, eoh- talna absolutely no exceptions, evasions or nonpayment clauses. MISSOURI BUSINESS MEN'S ACCIDENT AND HEALTH ASSOCIATION, 1081 Fulleiton Bldg. St. LOuln, Mo._ ___ _ __ WANTED -- Reliable salesman for o l t y "01 id Mai Ion C o u n t v ; mubt lla^e, a llttlo eapital; excellent opportunity to right piuly Call or write MR. CARROLL, 151 Kast M a i k e t Btrout. WANTED -- Salespeople, cither BOX, cftpabfo" Mnrltorloue lln«, unusual terms, good commission Write NONPAREIL SALKS CO., Dept. 29. Indianapolis, Ind, WANTED-- Bjtporlencedl film Indiana. Onp that can place big state right features. LYRIC FILM AND SUPPLY COMPANY., Terro Haute, Ind. 5 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Auto funeral service, the latest and most modern. Also auto ambulance, th» best and most modern, with eUotrlo fan, »lr mat' tress ana spring cot. 1L THVJ LAROH ORAY AMBULANCE. Our offices so located insure all prompt and unexcelled service. "Reasonable prlceg, cordial treatment," our motto Both phones, Walter T. Blasengvm Independent .Undertaker Will save you money on all calls. Auto service. old phones Pros. 8BTO. 1 6 A 6 Jhe'by «t. New phono 9414. FLANNER BUCHANAN _. 8 «0 North Illlnol*. Phones 041. ihe modern funeral homo, Ju«t north ot *· M. c. A . j chapel rest rooms without extra charRe^^^ur own motor equlpmBiit The Indianapolis Crematory 820 North Illinois street Newest and most scientific process Vlrt. torsjftlways welcome. Write for booklet, Jfolhurosoini Mootgomery Successors to Johnson Hassler, *«2^^lass ave. Both phones 1410. FUNERAL DIRECTORS-HISEY TITUS 218 NORTH ILLINOIS ST. New phone 684, Main 8610. FUNERAL DIRECTORS -- J. C. WILSON gives good service and saves you money, *fj_g Prospect New 8871, Prospect 3J». FUNERAL DIHECTORB-- WM. E. K R I E G E R Phon«s 1164 ^ 1 4 0 2 North Illinois street. FUNERAL DIRECTORS-O. R. WALD 1»82 JJnlon street. New »170, Proepoet 8BB1, A M RAGSDALB CO.. central office S28 N. Delaware st Phones 80S. Irv. olflco }-» BPuthJRItter. Irv. 167». Auto ambulance. F U N E R A L DIRECTORB-- CHA8. A HOCKffiNBMITH. 724-720 N o r t h Illinois. Both phonos 1166 FUNERAL DIRECTORS-A. J. LAUCK. 111B 8 Meridian. New 9226. Pronpect S14» F U N E R A L DIRECTORS--(JEO11GE HERR- M A N N , 26 Smith Delawam Phont 911. F U N E R A L DIRECTOHfc--Tutowiler Bon « W. Murkot si Phon« 218. GRINSTEINER »t. Phones IOS. FUNERAL DIRECTORS--Mrs. C. C Heneley. -- -1 CM f '21! 8t '' North 2365 Clifton 198 FUNERAL DIRECTORS--MRS T. MOORE, _mi^8taUm^ Woodruff J806 New 7X7-K. OEO. STIEGMAN CO., 1006 Kast Wash, st, ~_°--Ji 0 .* l?"!!^!^. 'L 68 Main 8487 F U N E R A L DIRECTORS--FINN BROS., 135 __west Market ut. Main 2176, New 1881. W. H, RICHARDSON, _MO__West New York st. Phonos 26«l. BLANCHARD MOORE, 745 Mass ave. Phone 411. P K ' K H A R D T , HOWARD U -- L i t t l e son of OHvu W umi l l u l l l u A Plrkhaidt, died Tuesday, May /!). 3 30 ]. i n , nsi 10 months n c i \ u s at ii'Hldcnto In H o u t h p o i t Thuisday, 10 rt in Pilvati' on account of rontaj;ioun ollBe.isi Shoit u n i c e s ut giavo In C i o w n HIM ( Y n i p t e i v about U a in Friends In- % i tfM '^l2 '"' l"° h|1 "t «t UilM sci vice CROSBY, M R S M A R Y -Molnei of William ' i » i " b a n i l M i s A l i e n Closby Reed, (lied at hei late lesldcncr, i'4r, Woodlawn avenue K i i m l j y , M a j 7 F u n e i u l T h u i s d a y , May 11 n t 2 p. m , at E d w i n Ray M E. Chinch, coi- noi of Lain el and W n o d l u w n Friends iu- Utoil to tho church B i n l a l private b l i A Y , RAPHAEL -Dlod Ht the homo of hl» inuents, Mr. and Mrs i). P Khay, 625 l u i k e r avenue, Tuesday, May 9, at 5.30 p MI Funeral at residence Kilday, May 12 ut s .10 a. m., and at Ht. Philip N t r l Chuloh at 9 o clock. LEARY, PATRICK C -- A g o 82 yearft, diod H I tho f a m i l y lesldenee., ^821 Ruckle Htiect. Funeral T h u i a d a y , 8:80 a. i n , at iPHllone, followed by oervlces nt SS Peter and Paul Cathedral at 9 a m Motor conveyance. Int e i m o n t Holy CIOST Cemetery. : REA15AN, FRANCIS M.--Aged 69 years died at late i evidence, 113S Went New Y o i k H t i e e t Funi-ial Wodntsday, May 10, 10 a m , ut retildenee Builal ut Clown Hill Oimetery Frle^nda Invited RAY, OMEft T.^--Aged 64 years, died May 9. Fuireial at tho homo of hlu nephew, Charles P. Coffin, 1027 East Georgia street Notice of funeral later LEARY, PATRICK C --Beloved husband of mien Hesheon Leary, died Tuesday, 10:30 B. m , at residence, 2821 Ruckle street funeral notice later. W1BILAND, CARRIE-- Died Tuesday, May 9, 4.10 p, m., ut the lesldenee of her slater, Mrs. Hophla Grabcr. Funeral Frlduy, May ? p ' m / 3 2 2 Sanders street. : . -- Wife" o f "thelate^John M Beger, passed away at her homo In the Meridian Apaitmcnto Funeral notice later. t'AKDS OF THANKS. rf-V^N^-^XN^^W^^^^^^w-^^-^^-^XNX^--* CARD OF THANKS--I desire to thank iny lolatlves, filends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy shown me during the HleknosH and death of my deari wife, Nell Uloie (nee W l l l e t t ) , especially the Rev. W. D Baker for his kindness and, consoling romaiks, the slngeis for their beautiful se r lection of SOURS rendered; also Dr. Purman und Dr. W. E Mcndenhall for their f.Uthful service; Miss Nicholson and tho pallboateis for their kind service, employee of tho Victor Furniture Company, Grlnstelner Broa, u n d e i t a k r i K , and for all the beautiful floral offerings. BEREAVED HUSBAND. : IN MEMOIUAM. "V»^\^S^^^V^N»^S^**^~^rf^S^*V, IN MBMORIAM--In sad but loving remembrance of our dear son and brother, Harry B. Elder, who left this world May 10, 1912. The stream of life flows on, But still tho vacant chair RecalH the love, the voice, tho smile, Of one who onee uttt there. Sadly mlsoed by loving FATHER, MOTHER, SISTERS AND BROTHERS. IN MEMOKIAM--In lo\ln(f remembiance of Albeit L. Yount. It Is thliteen yoaia ago today slncu our daillng passed away, A treasure, not forgotten has left this world of woe. We laid our darling- Albert In tho sllont gravo below; he sleeps In silent slumber frtje fiom sorrow and woe Lovingly, MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER HILL FLORAL CO. Funeral flowers at moat leasonable prices. "BROWl^H^I^RJET 7 916 North Illinois Flowers bright. Prices tlght^ Prompt delivery. Main B00». H8J4 R. Indiana'* oldest and most complete retail floral establishment. 1610 North Illlnoli street New 8464 Old North 6.01. MALE HELP--WANTED. **-^ l ^- ^^-^^-»"^^V^N^\^^^ s ^-s.^x rf -\^s - x WANTED--A furniture salesman with expe- ilonco in soiling both new and used goodn; also capable of mnnnglng; noeonrt-hand atoro. Good o p p o t t u n l t y foi l i R h t man. Htato ago, uxpeilenco, lefuence, lust plnco employed «.mi If now p o l k i n g AddieHH I, No, 19, 8tat WANTED--Expi-ilenced cigar clerk to woik evenings, $20 per m o n t h ; prefer student 01 some one employed part of day Qlva leferenoo and experience. Addrous (' No. 4(jU, Star W A N T E D -- Y o u n g men to solicit triaf orders tor Cobmopolltan, Ooocl Housnkeeplng, K s c i v \V«ck MaBaylnpn Big ronimlislon^, Piiv d a i l y Moo (1KIMK, Linden Hotel, e\e- W A N T H I ) -- Y o u i i K , actUc, I n t r l l t g r n t inani uildci L'". outside C I B W v o i K , pcrnuinpiil position to l i g h t p u i U A p p l y Room 109, Linden Hotel ; WANTKO--Reliable man, ~ familiar with shipping, cftpabln of taking charge of dtoieiooin; Rood salary for unnpntent man. THK_ESTERLINR CO., 227 East South. WANTED --Smart American boy, about IS, who ID \vtlllng to work for $r por week and three Kood meals a day UNION STATION CAFE. _ WANTED--Youiif? man to woik In candy store; expoilence unnecossaiy, chance tor luUancemcnt KOMKTOHK, B Kouth Illinois street SHOP, 207 Massachuuetts n\enuc. $U liuaranterd WANTED--At once, wnltora nt Oormaiila cafe, 37-39 South Delaware street. Apply to MR.,,LOUIS KAVALARIH WANTED avenue -Short-order cook W A N T E D - Two l i-i th L'"}c pe laborers, horn. 306 Indiana 1461 E a s . s i x - \ V A N 1 1,1) H a i b c i , steady job; biltig tools fl N o i t h H l t t i i tnenuo W A N T K D r - S l n g l n w h i t e man tor gcnrial WOP It In l i \ ( r y bain. G22 Ogden, WANTED--Good furnace man, at once. 20" East South. WANTED -- Outside houso painter 7ioTl Main 8691 before 7 this morning MAI/*; WANTED-- aken [ound ASK FOR CLERK. sa 9 a, in. to 11 30 a in. 2 p in. to 4 p. in. ANY Intelligent poison, citner sex, of good education nnd business ability; must be able to handle correspondence and wrlto a good business letter. An opportunity to otart a_emall but profitable mall order business In your own home or office; good for $100 a wefk when establlaned; can be managed In spare tlnif, evenings, or as a aide- line at first; grows rapidly. Stnd for particulars, HEACOCK CO.. S64 Heaeock Building, I.ockpoit.. N, Y. WANTED-- Boys Sixteen years of age or over for delivery, messenger and window trimmirig departments. IIP. Wasson Co. W A N T~E~D - E X P E R I E N C E D MOTOR R E P A I R MEN, VALVE G R I N D E R S , B E A R ING ADJUSTERS AND TESTE-RS,- FIRST - CLASS _ MEN WITH TOOLS. COLE MOTOR CAR CO. w A N T E RIERS FOR ROUTES IN OR N E A R BRIGHTWOOD. STUDENTS PREFERRED. CALL FOR MR. OGDEN. CALtr OR ADDRESS CITY CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT. MEN AND D.E HA I L E R.S. N O N E BUT E X P E R I E N C E D MEN NEED APPLY. PATH- F I N D E R CO., MORRIS AND DIVISION. WANTED--Young men from the city or countiy to learn the barber trade and accept positions. Bois barbers now engaging help for tho rush season. Can prepare/you In few weeks. Tools Included, Wages Saturdays. An exceptional opportunity. Call or w i l t e MOLKR BARBER COLUiOE. 349 IBaut^ Washington stieet, AN OLD LINK life and casualty company will I n s u i e you to the, amount of $25 per WPCK foi the \ o i y timill premium of $6 per year, policy covering all forms of nutomo- b l l . n c o l r t i - n t Addiesi A SCHULTZMAN, 815 Lemcko Building, Indianapolis. Agents wanted W A N T K D - M e n and women to qualify for goM'inmpiit positions Seveial thousand a p p o i n t m e n t s to be macto next fow months. F u l l Infounatlon about openings, how to pio- paie. e t c , free. Write Immediately for booldpt TG 126. EARL HOPKINS. Washington, D. C. * ; WANTED--Lonrn the barber trnae. Tri-Clty Barber College^' tuition $26; topis given. Catalogue^free. Strictly modem, electric massage, hydraulic chairs. 80J Bast Washington street. Indlan- apolls, Ind. WANTED--At once, two experienced news ngenta to run on Illinois Central Railroad between Indianapolis and ISfflngham; commission basis; must have bond; good proposition. Apply at once to VANNOy INTERSTATE COMPANY, Matoon, III DO YOU WANT Vposltlon for""life wfthjblg pay, short houis and sure advancement? Then woik for Uncle fiam. My free Illustrated book DK-126 tells how to get .an appointment. EARL HOPKINS, Washington, W A N T E D - FIRST - CLASS LATHE AND SCREW MACHINE OPERATORS; NORDYKE MARMON CO. USE your spare time to build up a mall order business of your own. We help you start for a share In profits 27 opportunities. Particulars free. OPPORTUNITIES EXCHANGE, Buffalo, N. Y. WANTED--Two traveling salesmen to sell county supplies, only men that can sell need apply; coininlnslonti paid every week; liond and refeience required. J. H. MEYER, '27 East Vermont. WANTED--Band sawyeis and shapor hands, experienced on automobile body work, at once, steady work Apply MERIDIAN MFO. CO., South Meridian street and Belt Railroad. WANTED--If you want position as fireman, brakeman, motorman, conductor or colored sleeping car porter, write now; name position wanted; experience unnecessary. RAILWAY INSTITUTION. -Dapt. 1, Indianapolis. LEARN BARBER TRADE TORR'S SANITARY BARBER COLLEGE, 472 W. Wash. Jobs guaranteed Enrn while learning PERSONAL INSTRUCTION. WANTED--Auto chauffeurs gat JJ18 week. Jgarn while learning. Sample lessons free. Write Immediately. FRANKLIN INSTITUTE, Dept 836 0, Rochester, N. Y, WANTED--Accident agents, new policy, full benefits regardles 'of house confinement. PRUDENTIAL CASUALTY COMPANY, Indianapolis. $2 TO $8 per day to any employed persons; easy, spare-time work; no selling experience or money required. C. M. FLORAL CO., Box ,204, Central Sta., Toledo, O. : WANTED--Men at once, INDIANA BARBER COLLEGE, Complete life course $10; wages paid Write for particulars. 820 East Washington. WANTED--To aeo tho dirt, grease and grlnu that can stick In the cracks or porea of youf tkln after washing your hands with "_Whlg" soap. All dealers. D E NTI flT~WANTED--Registered In In dlana; good salary and commission; prefer men with Bomn laboratory experience. Address X No 316, Stni , ,,,, 'WA'iNTElS^Sxpeiienccd "nTlersT^talners and \ainl9li i libbers at once. L. F, GRUMAN FURNITURE _CO , Seymour, Ind. WANTED--Four per cent Interest allowed on savings accounts by FARMERS TRUST CO., 160 East Market street. between 20 ana 4D years A No, i live mrasiinu ereiwce asid .on for a reff- Address C No. 4S9, Star, WANTED--Experienced machine operators for lathe, 'grinders, J L and B 0 screw machines, P J and automatic screw machines, tool makers, machine repair men, internal and external tool grinders. WARNER GEAR CO., Muncie, Ind. Wanted An experienced collector at once. Between the age of 25 and 40. Man with wheel preferred. H. P. Wasson Co. WANTED -- Two experienced young men stenographers and one without experience; these are good places with a f u t u r e ; one place a Smith-Premier; If you are qualified and looking for something, come "a-run- nlng;' our services In this lespeot are "soot free." Employment department, Holllday Building, fifth floor; ask for Miss PIckard. The school Is the CENTRAL BUSINESS gOLLEOlS, Fred W. Casa, Principal. WANTBD-- Several general machinists who have had experience In contract shop, for work In closed shop. Only men of good ichaiacter and best of reference need apply. Olve past employment, nationality, age, etc. Good waecn Muat be willing to leave city. N o S ! Star. : WANTED -- Expei lencod shoe salesman) for steady position and regular Saturday work. ^ third flooj\ Occidental. WANTBD^Men, let's tailor tcTyour meas- uro two pair trousers for $6.75. CAPITOL PANTS TAILOrtS, 620 Century Building. WANTED-- FITTERS, RIVETERS AND RIVETBIIS' HELPERS, CENTRAL BTATE BRIDGE CO, 601 BEECHER. WANTED--Salesman for Bhoeu and f u r n l n h - ln«n, steady cmplovmont, must be experienced 348 Vliglnlq avenue. wXNTED---Barber, nrBtTfasB, at onoaflFz" and half over $18. M. MeOAHTNEY, Dan- \llle, Tml ; WANTED--Boy to wrap rough diy work. EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY 222 North Alabama · WANTED--T\v o teams N o i t h M e i l d t a n n f i e o t In basement, 216 W A N T E D - - A good man for general \vork. 1213 N o r t h Mpililltui WANTED- E x p e i I p i u r d coin salesman, flicsa E No. 623, Stai. Ad- WANTKD--Two rough carpenters In basement of 216 North Meridian. : WANTED --Man to operate carpet dusting machine. ORKGO. 1124 Prospect, WANTED --Experienced shipping and re- rerelvinir cleik. Address LJs'o, 789, Star. MAN, wlfp. kitchen helpers, $11. Board steady __WORRALI/S AQCY,. When BUltf. WANTEl)--Prpsser on Hoffman machine. _G1UOUO, 1124 Prospoet. K I T C H E N helper, $25; BoanJ, room, hoVef. WORRALL'S AGCY , When Bldg, piess feeder. 227 Went 800 Indiana W A N T E D -- J o b Washington WANTED "Short-order avenue, r WANTED---Good man for horseshoeing and iepa|r work^_ 11_0_ Weat McCarty. SHOE IENDING fTiillP'l for and dorivered" GREGG. THE GARMENT; CLEANER. W A N T E D Dellvciy boy w i t h rcfpicilco. K c v e n t o e n t h and Park W A N T E D -- T w e n l v - A v e l a b o i c i s BIO FOUR HOUSE. W A N T E D Bov with wheel. HOOK'S, Col- 'ege and WANTED--Barber, steady job. 603 .South East. WANTKTO--A first-clam* upholotcror, Address B24 Bo. 12, Richmond. _ W ANTE Enff^JDYHM AN~ON A U T O M O B I L E SHEET M - E T A L W O R K . APPLY METAL AUTO PARTS CO., TENTH AND CANAL. WANTED-- Four first-class handy men Ivlth experience In manufacturing plant. Must be of good character and have best of references Answer In own handwriting, giving previous places of employment, age, etc. Must be willing to leave city. Good wages. Address C No 454, Star. : WANTE D^-~Fouridry" helpers' experienced only. Permanent ".jobs/ 1407 Tvterchants Bank" Building. THOUSAND8 United State* government positions open to men--women, $76 to $150 month; vacations; common education sufficient. Write Immediately for free list of positions now obtainable. FRANKLIN INSTITUTE, Dept. 96 0, Rochester, N. T. : WANTED--Two or three molders' helpers. Only men of good character and best of references need apply. Answer In own handwriting, showing past employment, nationality, dge, etc. Muat be willing to leave city. (Jood pay. Address C No. 453, Star, ; WANTED--Three magazine salemen on fastest selling clubs Men capable of secuilng four orders a day make $ 2 2 4 0 a week See my club prospectus, MR. IIUPPERT, Room 302, 148 East Market stieet. W A NTED-CA B fN ET*MAKER~ ALSO MOLDING SANDER ON FURNITURE WbRK. H. LAUTER CO. RAILWAY mall and postal clerks examination soon; piepure at home; write for plan 130 of payment after appointment. PHILADELPHIA BUSINESS COLLEGE, Civil Btrvlce Pept.^ Philadelphia, Pa. : WANTED--Reliable salesman for olty and Marlon County; must have a little capital; excellent oppoitunlty to right party. Call or write MR. CARROLL, 161 East Market treet. WANTED--District manager In each Indiana town of 10,000 or more population Address AMERICAN BANKERS' INSURANCE CO., Accident Department, 816 Lemcke Building, Indianapolis, Ind. WANTED--Five young men to travel In Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee; good pay; expenses advanced, F. J. PCHUH, 624 Ma- lettlo Building. Call between 8 and 10 or 4 and 6. SIX young lady canvassers to travel for large publishing house on special subscription proposition. Applicant must be clever talker, neat appearing and have experience selling books by house-to-house canvass. Splendid opportunity, good compensation and permanent eonnectiqn for those who qualify. RAND McNALLY CO., Dept. B, Chicago. WANTED--A woman stenographer; n nood salary contract mads with competent" person Don't apply unless you are well educated and have had good business expert encp Vipply personally. ADVANCE!. HUMBLY THRK8HER CO., Inc., 140 Bouth Capitol avenue. , , Wanted Waitresses for noon work. Experience not necessary. Apply manager cafe. H. P. Wasson Co. WANTED--At once, experienced shoe sales ·woman; steady position with good pay. Apply general superintendent. THE NEW YORK STORE. W A N T E D--FOUR OB FIVE GIRLS TO LABEL CANNED GOODS. APPLY AT ONCE. H. J. HEINZ CO., 19 E. SOUTH STREET. WANTED-- $1.00 DOWN -on any garment In the house up to $10.00. GOODMAN'S CREDIT CLOTHIERS 81 North Penn., Second Floor. W A N T E D - EXPERIENCED O P E R A T O R S . G O O D WAGES. APPLY CHIEF OPE R A T OR, INDIANAPOLIS TELEPHONE CO., 230 N. MERIDIAN. - STENOGRAPHERS " We have several stenographic positions open, paying from $45 to $60 per month; splendid opportunities In good locations Call promptly. BROWN OFFICE! EFFICIENCY BUREAU, 210 Huma-Mansur. WANTED--Qlrls, 18 to 25 years; light, clean, permanent employment; centrally located; good starting wages, with excellent chance of advancement to reliable and-trustworthy girls Apply 7 a. m. to DIAMOND CHAIN AND MFG. CO., 241 West Georgia street. LIVE WOMAN, over 25, for outside position; teacher, nurse, demonstrator or saleswoman preferred^--a+though experience not necessary; permanent position; quick advancement, unemployed only need apply. Wednesday morning, 10 to 12. E. J. STANLEY, parlor Claypool Hotel. v FEATHERS Bought, so d, renovated; mattresses and pillows made to order. E. E. BURKLB, 416 Masa. ave. Phones Main 1428, New 1B76. WANTED--You are patronizing home Industry If you send for a sample of Lava- tone, tho new toilet necessity; sample 25 cents; agents take notice NONPARIEL SALES CO.. Dept. 29. Indianapolis. WANTED--We have an opening for two re fined, ambitious young ladle* under 25; outside work; permanent, good paying posl- tlon : Address C No. 446, Star. WANTED^--sWln's 'tnfftillbie~Femala Tojiio for women's peculiar ailment*. For Information write MRS. M. L. VOQT. 1001 Boulevard Place. Indianapolis. Ind. WANTED--If you can operate a typewriter wo will teach you to operate the dlcto- phono and you can pay after you get a position. Call Main 791. MEN--women wanted. Government Jobs, 176 to $160 month. Write Immediately for list positions^ now obtainable. FRANKLIN INSTITUTE. Dapt. 88 0. Rochester. WANTBD--Yard man experienced with horses In coal and"~ building material business; state size of family, experience and age. Address 1 No. 330, Star. WANTED--Men and boys not under 16 of age. South Keystone avenue and Bolt Railroad. Take Prospect car going eart. FAIRMOUNT GLASS WORKS. WANTED--Names of ambitious men, 18 to 46, wishing to become Indianapolis mall carriers; commence $87 month. Address X No. 228, Star. ; $76 MONTH. Get government jobs; men and women wanted. List of positions obtainable free. FRANKLIN INSTITUTE!, Dept. 8B O, Rochester, N. Y, WANTED--Two neat-appearing young men under 22 to travel In orew; good money, 6eTmairent ~ poBttloriT" "See Linden Hotel. WANTED--Experienced painter for wagon and auto work. PETER BBRND SON, 144 East Morrla WANTED--A first-class all around wood working machine -man. Address C. L,, General Delivery, Terre Haute, Ind. WANTED--Men only that wear trousers to come up to CAPITOL PANTS TAILORS. 620 Century Bldg. WANTED-- Short order cook; good wag«s; permanent ; lady or man. TERMINAL . Muncie, Ind, ^ _ DAY or night; private Instruction. lNbTAN~- APOLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE fourth floor, When Building^ Main 4684, New 499, BARBER, at once, first class; steady Job; $12. half over $18 or 65 per cent. M. RAKE8TRAW, Fowler. Ind. ; WANTED--Young men over 18 years of age to work on trains. UNION NEWS CO., 407 Madison avenue. -~ WANTED--Experienced driver for moving van. Call A. R. WILSON, 727 Bast Me" Carty, 6:30 a. m. Tuesday, WANTED -- Good bo\r or young man; dairy work. TEMPLETON. Th ....... -"- - ' WANTED-- Laborers, Tenth and Meridian atreets at once. LYNN B. MILLIKAN. Ask for Miller. WANTED--Bovs between IB and 19 to 5 work In grocery. Call before 8 a. in. 440 Soutli Alabama.. ^^^ WANTED -- Young man over 18, helper In washroom. PROGRESS LAUNDRY, 420 East Market street. over "it. CAPITAL TAN CO., Naomi, near Shelby. WANTED--Colored Janitor. Apply 710 Newton Claypool Building. WANTED--Experienced counter man. BUSY _BEE Na t, 144 North I»lnol».__ WANTED--Barber! $12,Twlf over $18. 2104 East Tenth. WANTED-BOYS, 16 YEARS O'LD. H. LAUTER. WANTED--16-year-old boy; must~bo good penman. Room 824 Lemcke Building. WANTED--Some one with team to do Brad- Ing. Phono North 2071. WANTED--Wago.n blacksmith's helper, Kentucky avenue WANTED -Barber. N. ROBERTS, Washington street, Columbua, Ind. WANTED^WrTngeV CO. 710 East Michigan street. " 203 B32 COOls. white, colored; city, out; Jobs open. WORRALI/S AQCY.. When Bldg, WANTED-- Automobile painters at 420~Eaat South. WANTED--Hair cut IB cents chtipetts avenue, C60 Massa- PORTER und bell boy, $5; boaid, room" shines. WORRALL'S AGCY, When Bldg. WANTKtf -- Upholstolcr. INDIANAPOLIS UPIIOL3TERING ^JX 1017 Madison avo, WANTED-^A pood presser nt 470~~Miy)sa- chusettu avenue. WANTED -- A bushelman. - las West Maryland, WANTED--Colo/ed barber, married, FRED CURRY, Greenfield, Ind. , WANTF.D- Barber. BARBER SHOP HOTEL 8EVERIN WANTED-- Barber shop porter. Illinois 603 North _ __ W A N T E D Throe flrat-elas 1 ? oablnet~makcrif Apply THE UDELL WORKS HAU jER $9 U9 nulta and overcoats. World's _ ^ c l o t h e s j y a l u o a ^ J S S ^ ^ I a s s . avenue, WANTED~-Younir man at"tho~ COLUMBIA DAIRY LUNCH 217 North Pennsylvania. HUNDREDS government positions' open to women; 170 month; write Imefllately for free Hat. FRANKLIN INSTITUTE, Dept. 81B O, Rochester, N. Y. : WANTED--A neat young lady to help around, fishing camp, all-season Job for right party. Call at 401 Virginia avenue and'-sea SANDEFUR. SPIRELLA corsets fitted In your own horn* by trained corsetler. Phone Irvlngton 1976. ask for COR8ETIBR. Demonstration free. WANTED--Two experienced maids; must know how to wait table; good home provided and good wage's. Telephone North DR. RA8CHIG, Dentist. 408 Board of Trade Bldg. New phone J023-K. Pi Ices reasonable on all kinds of work. WANTED -- Clean, neat-appearing) white cook to act as demonstrator In model kitchen Apply to Mr. Deeds, main floor, INDIANAPOLIS HEAT AND LIGHT CO WANTED--Housewives, no more burnt _flngers; use our,duplex_«ecyJng fork; sample 2B cents. NONPAREIL SALES CO.. Dept. 29, Indianapolis. WANTEDWfwo ncat-appeaiing lady sollclt- ors; $12 weekly salary and commission. Call In person, 501 Lemcke Building, WANTED--Colored girl for general houae- -work; no washing; one from out of town preferred, stay on place Phone North 6061. WANTED--Good white cook and nutse girl for private f a m l l v ; ipf"reneps rcdiiired Wr| t»_MR8._K.JK_. CULVER, _Culver, Ind. WANTBD--KiBiBTBR's" LAofEls 1 "TAILO'IK^ ING COLLKGE teaches all kinds of sew Ing. Rooms BOB-* Occidental Building. WANTED--Housewives make extra 'money selling our guaranteed household articles. Splendid profits. 64 Baldwin Block. WANTED--One mangle girl and one starch- er. THE GRAND LAUNDRY, 108 West Tenth. WANTED--Girl or woman to help with housework and wash dishes. Call at 840 Woodlawn avenue. WANTED--Ten city agents can make $10 a week; steady work, NORTHWESTERN MFG. CO., 727 East Vermont. WANTED--Housewives to try "Whiz" soap scratch; 10 cents per can. All dealers. WANTED--An experienced maid, no other need apply; middle-aged, settled preferred. Apply at 427 Eaat-Wabash. WANTED--White girl for general housework at ones. Phone Circle 8B2. 830 North Pennsylvania atrnnt. WANTED--Young lady, experienced as cigar clerk. Apply this morning. LINDEN HOTEL. WANTED--Young lady for housework. Woodruff 4B12. WANTED--White dishwasher. Delaware street. 216 North WANTED--Experienced girl for general housework, must slvo reference. 8469-K. WANTED--Some one for general housework; good home and ^treatment._ Irvlngton 1S4S. THE Stewart Corset ~lor comfort. VICKRIOYT 8tate_manBger, 2626 Roosevelt nv., Indpls. WANTED--Waitresses at) once. B61 Kant Washington, WANTED--Colored working girls to Thnre In furnished or unfurnished rooma, 7208-K. WANTED--Lady to press curtains, GREGoT the_jClpaner, 1124 Prospect. WANTED--Experienced skirt and waist Juuidii L _Apply 18 When Building. WHITE~~SWAN LAUNDRY wliT Yc~ family washing, Bo pound. Main 2284. WANTED--Experienced noon waitress. 1827 Eaot Washington street. WANTED--Middle-aired white lady to^worit In kitchen. Apply at once. North 8160. NU BONE made-to-measure corsets, A. j! BOINK, 612 Kahn Bldg. M. 8388. N. 4341-K, WANTED--Bright girl to mark. 1124 Prospect GREGG, DR STODDARD. 620 Newton Claypool Bld,8. _Ho"ni 11 to 6. WANTED--Experienced iady collector^ at once. 631 Virginia. WANTED--Experienced waitress, at once. 41 Sputh^CapltolL v WANTED--Cook; experienced; white. Must linvo good references. Call Clrole 1854 WANTED- -Music and art pupils, Main 98687 AGENTS AND 8OMCXTOIW. r V*«'Vi''Vrf*V^ N^ \^- · ·w'-SWvXyS^SiXNrf^ta'Vi SXNy*-/**i^vXVX^yXxX^N/* USE youi npaie time to ftjjlld up a mall order business of your own; we help you Btart for a share In profits; 27 oppoitunl- tles; particulars · free, OPPORTUNITIES EXCHANGE Buffalo, N. Y. : WANTED--Agents, handle our hygienic milk bottle holder; great pronto; big catalogue and aamplo 20o. NONPARIEL BALMS ngiu 30., Dept, 20, Indlhnnpolla. WANTED--Bus boy. 138 East New'York. WANTED--Counter man. 20 W«st Ohio. WANTED--Agent In every town to sell my now starter for Ford care, W. A. CARA, SIS North Otnte. Do YOM Want' « busliii« of your own? A *«w nultn.hlf people will be taught a new prof«e*lon, m*** ing and fitting a foot specialty that trill pay from »8,000 to $6,000 yearly. A reasonable charge fpr Instructions at your home -- no further capital required, no goods to buy, ogenoy or soliciting -- openings everywhere with all tho 'trade you can attend to. To obtain particulars Btate something o* your abilities, occupation, etc. 8TEPHBN8ON LABORATORY, 6 8. Irvlngton street, Boston, Mass, FORTUNE8 IN^OIL In great Humble gusher fleld. Investors have made millions. We offer small Investors opportunity to ihare In walls to be drilled adjacent to tht» rich field. We control 800 acres, which may make our shareholders million*. Invest as little as $10; co-operative plan. Write today for particulars. SINGLETON RANCH OIL CO., 344 First National Banlt Building, Houston, Tex. : W-ANT LOAN of $1,000 on note to run one year, principal and 8 per cent Interest at maturity; $100,000 personal responsibility Is represented In my Indorsers; valuable consideration worth half the principal given party making this loan; principals only. _ _ _ __ BUSINESS CHANCE-- Have a good~paten1 on well-driving machine, also will drive fence posts; simple In construction; good proposition to manufacture; If interested, can demonstrate same at 2001 Winter avenue, Indianapolis. Will exchange for good Ford car. _ ________ _ REUABLI3 manufacturer wants capable business man to open office and manage salesmen. Liberal contract; $200 to $700 capital necessary. Possibilities unlimited. Expense paid to Chicago If accepted, MANAGER, 1827 Lytton Bldg., Chicago. : BUSINESS CHANCE--For sale or trade: $13,000 stock of general merchandise in good central Indiana town of 1,200; also Tipton County farm of 80 acres. Owner wants to convert both In a good stock and grain farm. ^Address J t N o 804. Star. BUSINESS CHANCE--For, sale or trade! One good restaurant: all In good shape and running. G. L. PIBRCEJ, 425 Newton Claypool Building, corner Pennsylvania and Ohio, Indianapolis. BUSINESS CHANCE--Oround floor proposf- tlon offered to ten Indianapolis men In company just starting; only small Investment required; quick action necessary. Address B No.^86. Star. / BUSINESS CHANCE--Country store, IB miles out, established seven years; has postofflce and Interurban station connected; piice $2,000; might trade for farm. PLAZA, 509 Lemcke Building. : BUSINESS CHANCHJ--fror sale ^or trade: Wayne Theater, Fort Wayne avenue; cm. paottr (00; modern and up to the mtnut*. For full information call or addreM GRANT HBTH, 118 West Market street. BUSINESS CHANCE--Indlanapoll* manufacturing concern offorp secretaryship to flrst-claas man with $6,000 to Invest: a bis opportunity for the right man. Address B No. 627, Star. BUSINESS CHANCE--Concessions now sell- Ing for Speedway race, May 80; exclusive privileges, grand stands, lunch stands, etc. W. P. CARPENTER, Indianapolis, Motor Speedway. BUSINESS CHANCE--A live grocery--and- meat market, doing over $1,800 month; good 'fixtures, clean stock; will give terms to reliable party; East Side. Address C No. 603, Star. : BUSINESS CHANCE--Downtown lunch-room with eteam tables; receipts over $2,000 a month; this Is an elegant proposition for the right man; price $8,600. PLAZA, 509 Lemcke Building. : BUSINESS CHANCE--Rooming house of 15 rooms, three squares north of postoftlce; steam heat; nothing reserved; price $1,200, Including piano. H. Q. MONEN, 414 Law Building. Main 2818. BUSINESS CHANCE--Wanted: Partner, either silent or active; must have $600 or $1,000; good pay, established business; snap for some one; your Investment secured. Call North 8819 for details. OUR business is closing out stores at auction and private sale. We have closed out over 40 stores. Get In touch this day. A. O. DEERINQ AUCTION JO., Lock Box 142, Richmond, Ind. BUSINESS CHANCE--Grocery with four -nice living rooms; price only $600; will take an auto for part or will consider terms on part. H. O. MONEN, 414 Law Building. Main 2816. FOR SALE: Moving picture show, count? seat town, show well equipped, well located, doing good business; $1,000 cash will handle. Opportunity knocks but once. Ad- dreB3_X No. 816. Star. ^ BUSINESS CHANCE--For sale: Well-located drug stock of $2,600 In good central Indiana county seat town of 6,000. Owner might consider good rentals of equal value. Address X No. 808, Star. BUSINESS CHANCE--I have tho nucleus for organizing a corporation which will be a money maker. 1 need two parties to Join me with $260 each. Address C No. 464. Star. : BUSINESS CHANCE--Wanted: We have buyers waiting for grocery, cigar stand, rooming house, delicatessen. PLAZA, 609 Lemclco Building. : BUSINESS CHANCE--$6,000 stock dry goods and men's furnishings; good location tfila city; for sale or will trade for city property. Address^ C_ No. 468.JStar. : FOR SALE--Only restaurant on publlo square, opposite main entrance court house; write BROADWAY RESTAURANT. Princeton, Ind. BAKERY and grocery; excellent location; live, paying business; living rooms; cheap rent; home and wagon; worth $900 for $600. WOOD, 211 Law Bldg. BUSINESS CHANCE--For sale: Restaurant and soda fountain; good business; price reasonable. Address Postofflce Bos ^ 31, Pendleton, Ind. BUSINESS CHANCE--For sale: Picture show; other business Interferes; doing good business; fine location. Address C No. 467, 'Star. PICTURE- SHOWr flntrnetghbOThood , showing net j proflts $40-$60 weekly, seating 860; $1,100 takes It this week; unusual proposition. STONE, 920 State Life. : COUNTRY STORE, splendid place, settling estate; rare chance. STONH, 920 State Life. : GROCERY, splendid little place east, doing all the business can attend to; splendid opportunity. STONK, 020 State Life. r BUSINESS-CHANCE--For sale: Small cash grocery and living rooms. 804 East Walnut. BUSINESS CHANCE--For sale: Complete dental outfit; will sell whole or part. Address C No. 442, Star. ' FOR SALE--Two-chair barber shop; good business; cheap for cash; have othep business Address C No, 443, Star, : FOR SALE--A good restaurant with soda fountain; good bunlness. For particulars write Box 103, Otterbeln, Ind. GROCERY, north, good location; good stock and fixtures;- rent only $9; worth $750, 'j»r_*l26.__WpOD Law Bldg. BUSINESS CHANCE--Merchandise broker'- age business for sale because of Illness, A GOOP PROPOSITION for every one is "Whiz" soap. It cleans the hands and Bcours the pans. All dealers BUSINESS CHANCE--First-class motion theater; seats 420; part trade considered. Address C No. 821, Star. BUSINESS CHANCE--Merchandise for good lot north or east. Address 3UU"Bta3gacHlI-~ setts-avenue. Phone Main 6475. BUSINESS CHANCE--For sale: Shoe shop and tools In live town; no competition; ownor leaving town, Addreas X 748, Star, i BUSINESS CHANCE--Partner wanted in good paying proposition. Services and S300 'equlred. Address C No. 462. Star. : RESTAURANT, centrally loratedT~wTll exchange for rdal estate. WOOD, 211 Law Bldg. ROOMING HOUSE, rents $40, Income $16B; price $600. WOOD, 211" Law Building. FOR SALE--First-class rooming house: would trade; bargain. Call Main 9182, : 'OR SALE-- Rooming,house; a bargain; no agent. 315 Went North fltreet. IASH GROCERY, low rent; price $206" must nell. WOOD, 211 Law Bldg. SITUATIONS WANTBD--FEMALE. S~*J~^****s**-i*^-'~*J~*-*-^***i'*^^ WANTED-SITUATION WANTED. Tvpewtltlng to do at home evenings. First- lass work guaranteed, Called for and do- Ivoied. Rates very reasonable. Addresa L No. 793, Star. «* WANTED j --Flrat-class ^stenographer would like two or three hours' work dally. Main 266. WANTED--Situation, by experienced nurse, middle-aged; best reference. Call Main 3101 from 9 to ll_a. J}^__ : WANTED--Situation wanted by~~ colored woman dishwasher and silver wanner. Call X46R, WANTED--Laundress wants waahlngs to bring homo, Circle 211, WANTED--LftundreBH wants washings la __brlnff home. ^^o'l^J^^ 8 j?ll- VANTED--Day woik by coloredtflrl. Phond North 2697, New Clifton 23-K. WANTED--House 3145-Y. cleaning to do. Call SITUATIONS WANTED-4MALK. WANTRD--J'oMltlon as helper' In tho homo i leaning pans or In tho shop cleaning iiclK; good recommendations. "Whiz" BOBP All deakrs ANTED--Job by prossfeerier: oa7r~maktf roady. Addrens L, H. WHITHHOUSE 104 Cottage avenue, ColumlpiiB, Ind. WANTED--Permanent factory or office worfi by colored boy. 924 Fowler street. :

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