The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 6, 1921 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1921
Page 12
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DEAD, 31 HURT IN TRAIN CRASH TUESDAY. DECEMBER 6,1931. * WILUAM E. PULLJAM * 4, +4+ t fin F«m MUM cumin i. Mir PMMelpNi _ WOODEN iUUCHES . BUM Many BodlM Arc Charred Forms and May Never Be Identified--Engineer Blamed For Wreck. \ Philadelphia. !·- «.--Twenty-two bodios had been removed from the burning debris of a -wreck which occurred on the Newtown division M the Philadelphia and Reading railway, about n mile from Wocxfmont station, when two passenger trains, one of them loaded with suburbanite* bound for Philadelphia, came tugether in « head-on collision Still more bodies remain in (be wreck, but arc probably burned beyond recognition, as the car under which they lie was "till in flames when darkness came. It i" estimated tli°t 'the lowest number of killed outright or burned to death i.« 24. and the minimum of Injured 1« 24 There are two more bodies In the wreck. The Identified dead: Elmer Hanson, ticket agent at Woodmont: body burned to n crisp; Dr. Irving lln'tob. den- l!«t. of Xewtown: .Tnd« Kn«sen. 0 years old, son of Mr and Mrs. Herbert Krn- sen, of Newtown: hl« mother n n s injured; Thomas J.. Price, of Southampton. Ten are missing: Charles T. Scott, of jChurchvllle; H. E. Hegeland, of Southampton, Mrs. William Slnkler. of Southampton; Edward Vogel, of K\ers, Pa., fireman of the southbound t r a i n ; Thomas Oro\e, of West Philadelphia, fireman on the northbound train; Mrs Emma Van Hart, Mrs Arthur Heaton, Mrs. Morris Vtfn Horn, Elizabeth Shelmire, Kathwine Fitz- pntrick, all of Sontfiftmpton. The Injured are- Walter Yeakle, engineer of the northbound train, who is blamed for the cra«h; James Rook, of Xewtown, engineer of the southbound trtiin, right leg fractured and scalds; Edgar Brehm, Southampton, burns and Internal injuries, expected to d i e ; George H^Potter. Philadelphia, Internal Injuries and burns, expected to die; Adolph Schneekels Charehville, burns and internal injuries, expected, to die; Louis Johnson, Southampton, internal Injuries, cuts and brul«e«: William Blxler, Philadelphia, cuti and bruises; Helen Rook, oollar-bonai broken ; Miss Anna Fittpatrick, of Southampton : Miss E M Hartmnn. TUch- moro; Mrv. J. Herbert Knisen, mother of tbe s 6-year-old boy who was killed; slie Is suffering with severe cuts and bruises and shock. All of the above are In the Abington Hospital. Ten others who were Injured were taken to their homes. The first car of the crowded inbound train was the one under which the other dead were. On top of it was the tender of the locomotive Both had blazed all day. Onlf five, of the bodies thus far have been taken from this car. Many more are thought to he dead in the flaming wreckage. Only n few of the dead have been Identified. Mnny probably never will t be, as some of the corpses are mere charred forms, the color or the ser of which can scarcely be determined. Several score men and women were also injured- In the wreck, including the engineers of both trnins v and both Gretnen are missing and supposed to be dead. AH the injured were taken to the Ablngton Memorial Hospital, ilthongli the ambulances of several hospitals were used, including that of the Jewish Hospital in Philadelphia Railroad officials are conducting a rigid Investigation of the wreck. Their first statement lays the blanlfe upon the engineer of the outgoing train, which had left the Reading Terminal at 6.45 A. L It is said that he ran abend if his orders and crashed into the incoming train, which had left Newtown it 7.30 A. M., picking up passengers at every station until It was crowded, many people standing in the aisles. With a terrific crash the two locomotives came together and the light wooden cars, such as are used on local trains, were piled up on- top of the two engines Scores of persons in the vicinity beard the crash and ran to the scene, which w«s a narrow cut in the rocks, nlnsted through many years ago when the railroad was built Tbe outgoing train bad very few passengers aboard and Jiad but few rasualties, except in the first coach. It was the Incoming train which suffered the greatest loss. Those of the aassengere who remained uninjured immediately went to the rescue of the wounded and helped drag out the dead from the wreckage. Hospitals rushed imbalances to the scene apd the work f rescue continued throughout ihe »nt3re day. W. C. Erkert, raperintendent of th«» iivj«ion. was on the j* alt 1 day. H» «Jd: "I iave «een 1." tea1 taken out nnO ay men tell me there were 21 bodies ja all rewveO. w win clean It up luring the sight, bm ! fear those who remain cnflr the fwi wnj no longer j« separate bodies Some no «JooK Mire been burned to ·r-inder* Our «nnf»t "'pproac-h near onousrh to burning cna»-h So s«j anything out. have hern !ief all day. but die «3rr i»c«tn bumlns" CUTS HALF BUtlON FROMU.S.EXPENSE first Federal. Budget 6oe$ ..». to Congress, DEFICIT OF $167,571,977 William B. Pnlllam, who bus peen appointed receiver general of Dominican customs by President Harding. He was first appointed to this position by President Roosevelt and held the place under President Taft. He will leave soon for Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican republic. ARBUGKIE JUROR CHARGES INTIMIDATION Woman Declares -Her Husband .. Was Threatened. San Francisco, Dec. 6.--Fiilty Arbuckle, who but for Hie fixed obdur acy and the more-tltan-Iron will of on* woman juror, would JinM 1 been acquit ted of blame for the death of Virginia Kappe, will return at once to work In the films. Eflrly releases of new plol.ircj, with held since the girl's und the vivid scandwl of the gin and orange juice Labor Day party in the Arbuckif suite at the St. Francis Hotel, mny be expected. Though he must go to trial again on January J», under the charge" of manslaughter, Fatty sees a complete--an almost shining--moral victory in the peculiar division of the jury which was discharged after the distracted foreman informed the court that a verdict of any 4,011 was "«i physical, find moral impossibllfty." Meanwhile a new crop of sensations seems about to lenp from the debrl jf Fatty's case. Mrs. Helen Huhbard, the obdurate jurywoman, issued fl statement which she hopes wljl shako San Francisco. In an amazing broadside Mrs. Hub oard charged that her husband, T W Hubburcl, an attorney, had been np oroached on Saturday by Ous Oliva 1 commission merchant, and hv 'C. J Irwin, n lawyer, and one of Ollvn's friends, who urged him to attempt tc change hte wife's vote In the Jury -com. Mrs Hubbard added that an acting ·icutenant of police. William Lambert ittempted to communicate with hei n the courtroom. Mrs. Hnhhard told Vssistant District Attorney U'Reu hat he knew of a connection between 311 va. Irwin and the attorneys for Fat .y Arbuckle. Mr. C'Ren snirt the reve tatlons made by Mrs. Huhhard would le called at once to - the attention o 'he grand jury. Prison Term cut 4 Years. Reading. Pn., Dec. 6.--The court reduced the sentence of David Mlnogue, one of the Wyomlsslng bank robbers, from twelve to eight years, because at the assistance he save the authorities in recovering the mwiey and apprehending the otii«r imndlts. Mlnogue is to serve his senteuve in the Berks Jail, as his five confederates in the Eastern Penitentiary are «aid to hnve threatened him. An automatic attachment invented by a Detroit man preheats the incoming fuel when an automobile is starting or idling and automatically stops operating when the engine supplies its own heat Lawmaker* Art Aaktd to Appropriate 13,500,754,727 For the Next Fiscal Year. Washington, Dec. 0.--The first fed- ·sral budget for the fiscal year 1928-approximately $.500,000,000 below the four hinioti dollal figure which had been estimated some time ago as the minimum of'government expenditures for Keveral years to come, faced congress when It reconvened. · The exact figures, as prepared by the newly created budget bureau and transmitted by President Harding in a special message, were $3,50^,754,727, Including an estimated deficit of $21,509,(M(6 In the operations of the postal ·en-Ice The total represents a decrease of $462,107.689 from the $«,9e7,92'2,3fl« estimated expenditures for the current fiscal year jmd $2.032,285,962 from the actual expenditures in Hie fiscal year 1021. It is, however, $107,571,977 in excess of the estimated receipts of $3,- 3.°.8,182,7r»0 t while |he outgo for the current fiscal 'year exceeds the estimated receipts of $3,943,4."3,063 by $24,468,703. Referring to the apparent deficit for 1923, President Harding wrote con- grens "ways are provided for the relative easy adjustment without added taxation" of the discrepancy between the Income and outgo. As one means be recommenced -legislation directing the reduction of accumulated naval supply account by $100,000,000 Actual appropriation asked of congress for the various federal departments and agencies for 1923 total $3,- 224,87f,. r )92, exclusive of postofllce department. This represents a reduction of $122,800,310 from the original estimate as presented to the budget bu- rcnn. It Is stated, but is approximately $27,000,000 more than the appropriations for this fiscal year Explaining the $280,879,134 excess of intimated expenditures in J928 over the appropriations asked for, budget bureau officials explain some of the funds actually to be put out will be carried over la continuing appropriations and by other means. They say appropriations for n given year do not accurately reflect actual expenses for that year, pointing out while the ap- propriaUona for Mils fiscal year were '$3.197,807,902, the estimated" actual outgo will exceed this sum by approximately $770,000,000. . Of }be total estimated expenditures ·for 1923, approximately $2.900,000,000 Is to pay for past wars and to keep up the fighting arms of the government, leaving only about $600,000.000 fyr the peace-time pursuits of the federal establishment. The estimate for the army and the navy is $801,C36,- 107, a reduction of $60,305,299 as compared with this fiscal year and $956.052.741, as compared with the fiscal yeur 1921. The. na\y estimate of $431,754,000, it is explained,.does not take into account any possibly reductions that might he brought, febont as a result of the arms conference, the total Including funds for continuing work on the ships of the 1910 program, most of which would be scrapped under the proposal mode to the conference by the American goernnient. "TheLlhrgest single item In the bud- p»t is the fund for the Interest on the public debt, the $!75,OOO.CXX provided lacking only S2T..OO.OOO of the total expenses of the federal establishment before the war. An addition there Is an estimate of $3,"9,338,000 for the war d«"bt sinking fund.' · Included In the total for the army and navy Is $31,064,400 · for development and maintenance Of the air service of the two departments, divide,! $16,193,000 for the navy and $1.964,400 for the army. These compare with expenditures this year of J 15,000.000 and $19,159.700. respectively. The navy estimates carry' an item of $99.198.000 for continuing construction ?q 'the ime building program ns compared to $142,4r»2,000 for this year. Navy pay calls for $148.754.000. an increase of $4S».000.000 For prohibition onfon-ement the budget bureau estimates $10.000.000. »m Increase of $2..V0.000 over this yenr. Expenses of 'he internal revenue bureau are placed at 9S6.20C.190. 'kf^pere when it rut It inside and rut ·tut U as asaaJ. afld wh^n M U£9 to b» fnwh' Jvicier than if prtpsr-! eM way. Don't Forget That Big Dance TONIGHT At The ARMORY West Second Street Admission at the door--8.30 P. M. DOLL BROTHERS CHRISTMAS STORE Ready to Serve You Wjth Gifts for Every One On , Your List--Solve Your Gift Problems Here, Where Every Window and Showcase, Ev- * ery Counter and Shelf Offer Gifts Suitable for All Occasions. Men's (lifts that give practical service. After all is said and done, a man would rather receive something he can wear above everything else. 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