The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on June 23, 1891 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1891
Page 4
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7 JTJIVE TUESDAY, 23 i 9i TMs Date in' History--Jnn 23; 37 B-C --Haonibal defeated tne £Q3-ans at - Thrasvmcne -i-iti. greatslajshten the con- snl, Cams Flamini'-s. ·» as killed 6tO--Loois lot Franco Ix5 JSeboixaire) oj SOUS;--dive destrcned the Indian armv at Plassv, thus estiiul^shing British xulo ov er Bengal arid insanng ihe present British empire in India. lS36-Jara«i "Mill, father of John Stuart 3 and «Q%*?^fefo^ India."-died. 2SGO--Arrival of the ^«rea£ iastern in ^ York. 1S£S--Battle ol Brshear Citj, La^ ; -- started o. lSS4r-Despei-ate bottle for the Wcldon road nearPe^er^bar^r; Federal^ j^air^xi it ate T ior- mouscost ai-*hx-, oat« the tttlerals had lots in e-glii -ivee=j3~"aboiit TlX-QAJ men, a pause was therefore announced -till tltenew troops could acquire prclKiencv 1KB--George W. McCrarj, ex-secrttan, of vi ar, died, agxd oo. Port 5e France, Martin-true, bnmed and 3,000 people made homeless Tho Svrlft \acht Merlin , Here is a picture of the su ift» iAcb- "Merlin, whose n irue is familiar to e% e r lo\ er *of yachting She is acenterbo ird schooner, and is one of the i iste^t "two -.ticLcrs" of her dimensions that spreaus its s ,, v, \ cin v to the lit be I breezes Sh e- IN THE WELD OF BOOKS THOMAS B C O N N E R Y t £ N D HIS FORTHCOMING Se Is a. Journalist by Profession, and ~Ui!r--Re«Vt -a IJIJlomatist,^-bat STow .Proposes to Ii!ie Fame .as _a -Story "Writer. * -^ ISgecia! Correspondenci NEW YORK. June 15--Scarcely had Mr. Connery's novel descripti\e_of tertjinJife la the Mexican capital appeared, from the press when the announcement was msde- that he had a rev\ work of fiction under wm , and that^it \vill appeann time for the summer readers. Mr Connery's latent" novel is reported to be a story of life in Xew York city, and the p^ot is based upon some of the-dramatic incidents in affairs, or which he became co^mzant Trhen 1 ' -, bos3 editor here Bigned b\ Buries*, and binlt for Colonel \V BL Forbes of Bj-^ton in ISsfl Iler work. last season TV L-, excellent She not only won. the Goelet cun for schooners but ui tested that sea sprinter thj, '·'ei Fox on eVerj occasion v hen the two \ ickta met She is L b 11^ ml boat, and fe« \apb.t= can excel her i n wiiidwird wprftr nul in re o.h__ ing 'ind r u n n i n g Swift Hi^Ti TarilT - · nff the winne- of the Clark LouisMllerccenth liaiiindsome ba «ith l l the delu i(_, md refi i t i n e u u o£ ontline tint mirks a borsc of ±lue- blood, Hs "n AS bred at l^pTins^on Kv hntr fir-,c saw the hs it of d u ""t Ltirribee L astm s President Jin. -*s A., ilirt James "V. H rt, the maa vsho V. G Spuc'in^ 1-3 president of tnf. Chic. 1 Baspnall clu ) i^ i \ o n n ^ min pf 1 irTMi the nition tl -^une l i d \sell qualified for the i m p o r i tion he t not po--i ". etrl\ disp] l^ ed i to uetro ue. a on, for in i^Tl he was- min i_c i of his Colle_et" iun at Gravel K i \ e i 4*. "" t-tit u tej Ti Citl i o He =tuck to L tenr- -.poit until ^SM, when he. be came \ic.e nrt-uTpnt fnd manner of Txmis- ville He' J is since - beeji prornrnenth - -aeritifieil with the fortunes of cluos "at M i l w . u t e p Bo a ton r Chicago a n d ' o t h e r flices lie is thirty -S.LJ i e i r s Oi ije,_i-Hr~ oHe_of the ci_uh ^-eat men. of -the _razue - The lon-cer that plfeiipmen it- spniiter, Luther H C i r \ , runs.tEe more -ndencn he thaj^lns disputed claim o"f f ) seconds 100 \ irils m IT h ive been ^"sll founcldd^ the other du he jiid the "hundred ' in-UJi seconds lire ikm_; ~!ohn Often, Ji s, world's recorflof 915 seconds Car seernh LO bi the gfe^SteaC sp-mter oa the pa»-h torlij A Sn-cll INPTV \orK T\et!dinTM. Xt?sv York's Fifth a%euuc in the neigh borhood of St TJiorms' church it Fiftj- third street was rrowded for blocks with shining carnagesitind prancing horse= ^he other daj when Jiarry Le Gr ii'd Cannon jn irried Miss £,li/ibcLh M-jr} Thompson, of Detroit It wns the sedsor\s biggesj; event, of the kind, Ihp. groom, despite his has been i Icadcr-^tTEe E5 Ward Me-Vlhstcr-of \ T ew YorVo FgTrr^uuttTc^ fre is a small, TH05IAS B It is bompthing of a coincidence thit two men who were conspicuous HI the field of newspaper ictivity ntthesame time should, in then davs ol retirement from editonil «ork, h i\e turned to lictionwritiug Mr v Louis_J JeTJiunjjs^ is the m in igmg eflitor of the \e^ York Times when "Mr, Thomas 13 Corujcr^iejd the -«ime pott u- The Her aid office -~i5oth o_f them were trainexL u t w s p pr men 'Conner', -nas less known pen-on illy th in J\Tr Jcampr^, for he 'ad hered TO tl e traditions of The Herald oi^ free ind kept his personality from pubhc iieu ^euniU4S « as'agjfe -siv e, impetuous and had i t t h i t d i j ' Cnp enthusiism for| editorial ^·^^tlng is -svell is for the purely- ne-wsgt ttmglnnotion otjus profession Mr- Jennings' t \ v o novels were- suggested to extent b\ his experience^ is a news p i p e r miii ind IIOYS Mr Conner's storres ire inspired 111 the s ime wS-v His lirst l u i e l YM 3 -born ot--his-esperience -while serums; in inofficial capicitv 111 the Citj of "Mexico, ind soTne or the most thrilling innc'em-, ire thinly disguised history If, in hi-, loi tnconiiiiE; storv, -Mr "Conne^ sTTal 1 ctcate i plot and dr vY*rit,~chai-icte-rs Fioi.1 cuouiu-tince= and from, men as -ii^-zestpd b\ his recollections~jie certainly ·nil ha\ e a \er\ nch- tield -si herein to work who~ knoT\*^ Air Conner^-\iill'not be baipriseu to heai thai, heliLsia'^en up i,he. pen ol 110111 iiic^jr Hi-, first newspaper Viork sn"j^csted de-criptive p o v t f j r i s well is i. e imci.tT lor analrsia ind a seiibc 01 hamor iid these ire qualities which go f u-to make ohe suoeesvful ttnter of fiction .H"-. -vho that he hifc -rre itivo po« er -ind i f " is Ifis tne id- si^, he has^dctermmed to tike up the « r_tmg of fietion is a--Aoeatioii v i e m a j look for !n ' itnpoi oaiit addition to the beat of ro- m .nces "Mr Connerv,-in iis- career,_siisj^ests the storj ot the majorrtj jaf tho^e vi^ho began life as newspaper workers Yfter he fin ished his schooling in \"evy- York he was employed "bv the elder Bennett ib_a T^" po^i*i_ind hjs -(vork \v is to ,,ood that he ·«a=--peei.»4y~promoted. In the \ e r j im partant politicil e\ ent§-which occurred in Wisniujton immftha-teTy*atter the close of Thf -u ir ^^r Connery foundliimself. placed bi Mr Bennett with instructions to report Lurlj- ind impartiatlj" those WAR THREATENED, Trouble itkeJv lo'Occur in Asia, Between the K^encb »nd Si^raete. iv, Jtme %2. -- A dispatch from Calcutta states that war il threatened in Asia, between the French and Siam- jese. The Annanuies, -svho axe tributary to Prance, have already-come to blovrs "with, the Siamese troopo dn the banks' of the- Mekong, and the Siamese ar»en- jjaged in ravaging the territory- claimed by the French that it within their jurisdiction. ^Nothing has been heard of 3JL Pavio, a French officer -who., vnth a party of assistants, "was engaged, in ad. instmg the boundary ime, and strong apprehension is felt that he may have -fallen a Yictun. to biameoe hostility, -Should such be the cae, direct hostilities between France and iatn axe more thanjprouable, especially as the Siamese feel but- little disposed to makeauy concession, German and English influences .are powerful in biain, and tne Germans hold v^uable contracts that -woold- be disastrously affected bj -vvar. The King of Sidin,. however, is believed to be desirous ot peace and.* has ordered his troops, on, the frontier to abstain for the present from any aggressive course. Practical Joko-of M U i t i A 3ieu, ^ DCTEOIT-, ilich, June- 22. -- The dis- 'patch reporting- - a serious shooting scrape ou the barge Jane Cook at Arn- herstburg, Out , tarns oubto be a fake which emanated from the members of the Detroit light "infantry -who -were pickmcking on sugar island Tnere v.Jis nothing vhate\er to warrant tha dispatc i Ihe nampS tr=:ed m the vrnd description of the bittle are those of prominent and popular members of the light infantry. orders promptly attended to. WEBB BROS^ Bismarck, NorthrDakota. ·The largest assortment in the city. All the latest patterns in gilt, embossed and plain papers. Send for- samples. ilnmeapolis. St. Paul and S stilt Ste. Maria B'r. " D ninth. South Shore and Atlantic .Railway. I'lEECT I.INE TO POINTS IN ' N E W E N G L A N D , - Canadian and Maritime Provinces, Michigan, V/isconsin, New York; -- SOLID TKAIB TO MONTREAL f DAILY. soo SOW H SHORL LINES. THKOUGH BOSTON DAILY, IQQ-Miles Siiorkr-lhan an\ oilier Route Untight Street K t i l w a \ Stoc-t. DCLT.TH, June '22 --Dulnth now own a. coutrollinj interest in the Dnlnth Street Railway comp t iuy The sale includes the entire plant This three-fifths, the ie£ being still bj Tho-uas Lowrj and bamuel Hill, of Minneapolis. TICKEI OFFICES, _ Unfon btation and 18o E. Third Jst ST PAUL. Union Station and Guaranty BuildinK- MINM.A.PO1JS Union Station A, J27 We-t fenpenor St_ DULUTH. ol^on C o m i n g to 31ilw mkoe VLKEF, June 22.--At All Saints',_Dean William read ,i letter from Bishop"elocfc Nicholson, of Phila- _delphia, in which tne latter said he ' wo-uS be here this «eek and ^onld then gr\ e hi 1 - iinalTdecision a^ to rugsac- ceptAiicp of the election os'Tn^hopT The feeling heie is that he will accept Caslt Bonn-, for a H o t e l DcjtMCO m, S D June 22 --Dead- ·wooda people it a board of i^-ade -meeting, raised ^s^O.OOO caihufoi a Donus to aii\ rt -.po-fi-iblp p u t v wao will eiect a §100,f)pU hotel Building in this cit. The monej" is on deuo^it lu the F ir-,t and IS ational b mk, atches, Clocks, Solid Gold Jewehr, 8UTerwsre, fine Spectacles and Eyeglasses, liepairing of all kinds dona in nrbtclasa Yrorkmanbhip at reasjnablpnceE. ORDEKS FBO1T THE COUNTRY PROJIPTL . f ATTESD1-D TO I lii in Gets tiit ^Jont -June 25 _4,\joiHTs^--Ijookk^epe- in the lav, ofiice of M( Conne"H , Cla^ brr~, plead guilty in court to hT= numerous foiser'e^, and received a serfence of five ears at" hard latior in tjie penitentiary. for in V Trjck of the It uis mn-ri^ fcne asked CnmK i aper H(t_drew' hP across ms^f ice ind s .id Will 3 er h i \ e i clean ore er a dirt\ him eo' 1 'Clean one or diitj one 5 \V h^ i cle in- oue Ol course~' ·· ^ ' " UI nghc "Ye|^_see some folios don t care, an' a ^kiacMlt keep pacers -clean -when it-soz/les all dar an' he can^t Ei.ll de dirty ones a^ quick as der clean ones so I je=' asked ' £* He had folded tcr piper carefrufr and Ke took the pennies Mth 'Thank \er " Another newsbo\ atanding ne ir said. "Hil kxl^, did yer hear d e s U i e Blokey is slingin " Clem piper^ IT? dirty ones' JCT fold d^^irty ones de *4 ( T"F GI. v N D C^XAO-V tJTD HIS Bt'LDK bnsk m in of thim three or there.ibouts who is too rich to p IT much attention" to his chosen profession--painting"--and aBj- -\\i he cau dance better than lie c;m paint. Iherefore he dances For_fonr or five I ears his studio "tyis le( n famous for tho swell pirtie^ it so~metimei entertained, at teas ind, tht- other and unique entertam- menoo thit jie seemed to h \\ e a genius for originating -Ills fither, Le Gnnd B Cm non, is worth millions, and the son is a very ~ich nun on his cn\n account The bride s home is in Detroit, where her family is \er\ promiDent. "When liirtlis Occur. There is no question that, in common with deaths, births occur more frequently bj ni-jht thin by day This question beenoften disputed, and^was authonta tivcly decided by Dr. \Ycst, who kept a «lecOTd of_2,Q19 cases \\hich he attended, ynth i resnlc that they -were founcfto have taken -place as follow « Sev en hundred and eighty from 11 p m to 7 a m . GC2 from 7 a. in. to 3 p m , o77 from, 3 p m. to 11 p m. --London Tit Bits. His \s^rk VAS so well done th it, after the rLurei lent OL Frederick Hudson from the nun i-iing t ditor's chair of The Herald, !Mr Conner\ w.n promoted to that important post In ffa it eapaeit\ he served Ihe Herald lor some (.en \ears, and m j n j of the mcT'-t impor'ant .jonrnalistio 0' l'ipvJ3ients occi_ 1 rr^'l dunufj- his" nitnac;einent IIv, io_ ceived a salarj _of ^10,000, which was a -very large one for that time, and even today 13 eqnilc/l by only three managing editors of'' ^e\v~YbrL neWspipera 1 \* hj htrquif ted. The B«pa!d his alwiys heen .1 matterof surmise 'He was true to the traditions of the paper when he left it, and«wou!d saj nothing even to intiai ite 'friends of the reason w hich led to ins retirement His mencis nelieie 'that the reason" was wholly amicable, and that he is new tTe-reeipieii'n of a retiWu^ sjalsri-7-ni- accord ince w ith the policj ofMJhe eldei^ Bennett ~ - °~ After he f 1\ t. np active work Air _Cori_ neri speutT some time^ in travel, and did some literary work of a casual soro But he found his leisure irksome, aud_dnring the admiriistntion of President Cle\elind he was appointed secretary of le^ition uuder thj; minister to the republic of Mex ico Ihere he saw much which he determined to atibze l in'_^he wa\ of literature, and he canje home with % oltamnons liptts ^\Ir CcmSery is now ibout fifty f i \ e y-ear= of age, a time of life which is usual]} regarded as too ul\anced for the production^ of rtallj good rominces or imaginative works Thackerj userl to say thafr-no man aught to write i novel after he is fifty veajs of ai,e Bttt, Charles Dudle} \V ar ner, IVoude, the historian, and Louis J Jen nings published their first -norks of fiction after ttfey hid pissed "the fiftieth milepost, and Mr Connery's first novel indlcatx^that his powers are novy really in their prime £j. J ll.DV,- VI.DS- "Hold _Cju~ dei-e' Don t 3 on go to gettm' fresh' I knSws \vhc'tj" r ni about' She went on and jnnsed over the fact t-nat even^diru Ficed. and"ragged and self brought up"Qe«sl3o} s seemed to pick up i sense ol Honor, and know intuiti\ptv the- pimciples th »t mike a surcess ot businesa When slfe arrived home^iffd opened the. p per she discovered that_tll uewsbovdid know ex iLtl\ ·«h_it_hjij,YJS-abe 11 t. ^T per w is e^raTTonly ont?if4"out,side --Teresi Pearun Chicago Her lid "*"_ Different Ways of Doing It. Tenderfoot (who has just purchased A horse) -- Is it the custom here in the west t» throwui^ a halter Vhen a man takes a horse' Old Resident-- Well, it depends on how bo takes him --Life. Peru's prosperity. the -- WASHINGTON, Jane 20--During Jast thiee years the progress of lias been very marked, and a great deal of English capital has gone into'" tkat country foi investment. The- English, companies who are in business in Peru have a capitalization of £8,303,000. The Toctor- Died. "The'dead]} patient for once takes the place of the f ital doctor About two year^ ago a woman presented herself at the Man hattan Fje and Ear. hospital. New York, -for treatment for catarrh Tw o oTaj s after wird. the doctor w ho -tre^i^d her dial sud denly Six months afterward tne vromin went arrim to the hospital, and the doctor who. attended her died of heart failure two days fater This second death -caused the w o m u i to be called "the fital patient," and the physicians jokingly said she would L'll the next one'w ho treated her A short time ago she weni again to the hospital, "and expressed icas, that she-imghtrnot bc=: treated beciuseof the ill luck thiplttended her MSILS Dr Divid PhilhfS liugbed at this suggestion, brft two days after be operated upon her he was found dead in bed. The worn in has perhaps-not jei fin ished her deadly career, ind the doctors are w ondenng who will be her ne_xt Tht "Vlar-velous Boy. - Bulwer was a Spiritualist "long before Spiritualism, became n accepted" term, which only began w i t h tne Rochester knocfcings, in 1S48 I dined'with him when he was living at Cra-yen cottage, on^tlie banks of the Tuames Drough im vv it, of the part} We were, to meet Alexis, then -aTl-Tll k n o w n is L cl nrvoyint _ \ \ n e n t h e bell rang Bulwer, accompimed t% two or three of Ins fnfrnrls, left the"room to recen e him. In tie hall vris tie card tra\ Bui wer took troni it i dozen or so of_eards and placed them_m_bis pocket_ _ Alter^umner Alexis went into a trance. .Bolvver placed his hand in his pocket ,iu,d before withdr-iw mg it isked w"hose card he held. The answer, after i onef piuse, wis given correctly The e-fpenment_was repeated at least a dozen times--alwajs correctly Alexis was a'JFrench boy who had been but a lew di}-, in En 0 l ind' The cards were all those of Feglishmen Clairvoy ancc was i term that probibly most of the guests there heard for. the Crst~tirrje --i Hall's Book." -Jt tne rionst of tlie "Nortli west, can fnrru--h ioa with the CHOICL3T of riowors for -Wrddi^gp, P^lie^ rcn^riTc, snd ail other iJEirpo'*Ds X^ar^o dtsortmenfc of fine bedd'nf and^honoe plants Catalogue Iplegraph^ oraerb, for f nncnls prompTlj"nl T ed. MEHDEMHALL GREENHOUSES, Fir=tAve South and 18th fetor C tj Store, 1 iTourth St S N Minn SUP E C ^*s o .And Business Houses. -Carter ; s Inks,' Stafforcfe-lrrks. The Postal S'ervjce In Switzerland. ~" We had sent our baggage, as we nad been advised, to the postoffiet, w here we at once went. The bag-which we -wished to post to Zermatt seemed to ub very heavy, but scythes and barrels and bandies of old iron, labeled and addre^eI,~were-lii;Bfr' on--p th"e floor, and we supposed it must be all ·ngiiC, tnougu the post mist rest,, o5"35on~'7I3 r we had paid our money, turned away -without giving us-Stamps, or -receipt, and hari nothing more to do with us We need not have worried, for the-Swiss postoffice takes anything and everything-that the v e-q)ress comnames at home would carry, and if one does not bother about his baggage it is as certaiiTto turn up at Tus jourriey's ehd~as it would be to disappear in England if one .ventured to let fiTtake care of itself.--Cenfc- Condoling to tho _ The following dialotjue actuallj occnrred in the Boston city hospital- _ Ntrrse (to patient who is too long SOT his cot)--I-should think-the authorities would furnish^beds lone; enongh for the patients, ·Patient (who has been flat on his back for two months and 11 -v ery feeble)--I shonld think they wonM Scrubwoman (who is hashing the floor) --It's a nice long coffin they'll have to make for yon, me byl--Providence Telegram,' TYP-EW1ITE SUPPLIES OF VLL KINDS ' LEGAL PAP.ER" and Folro," In any Size3Boitles. 'Lead~Pencils, Pens, Rubber Bands, Etc. In order to meet the deruandb of its patroni, the THIBL\E has found it necpfFary--to-Rd«f-«. etntionnr'a ^npply depimjient, and j % now prepared to fill any and aH orders in this lina on fhort notice \ specialty will be made of county Addrees, THE TRIBUNE, Bismarck^ N._D. mxkc3 'i, spnjrkl nfr, and K Sold by n 1 ! dealers. KrEabe-irj'ifnI Pictn-B BooV and Cirds C E HTftrS A. CO MANHOOD! How Lost ! How .Regained ! TFork-for Young' and Sew Edition. KIOW THYSELF, Or SEEF-PBESEKTATIO'N'. Go' 3 Medal FKIZE 3ES S AY on 3STEKVO US ac d DEBILITY, 3EKKOKS of X3tATJSTEI TTTATVTTY, 3?KE- DECLECE, and all DISEASES . ents r*ni"F~l ntary H K H H f cured. I I I U L . : , gUt; 125 irrreluabje prescriptions- Only £1 oo fay Tral, double eeafed. Descriptive Prospect us with e n d o r s e m e n t s of tie Preoa and volun tesfcmonlals of the c u . CorialtsL0n in person or by mail. Srpert trest-- meaL rXVIOJ^AEtiE iECItJJCY and CEK- TAIN CUKE. Address Dr V?. H. Parker, or ThsPesbody HeoCcal Insulate, 2To. 4 " THYSELF __ _____ .Tho Peabody Medical Institute has jnsny ·'to's'bnt no eockL. -- HeroH. . (CopynghtedO LYOW HEALY z. -e-e nMcire-1 £5" E^^i^ or I Corp. ia U .3- - rfclll. T ^rtwn nzC sjt Sez-ei. 1 o. i r--r JCT. 1 T Law, a J L I H.i»d JIo»ic- leading remedy to nnnaturaljllscharges and prl\ ate dLseaaPd oT m*?n^ A. certain cure for tne debilitating weakness peculiar to women .*_ Iprescnbeitand feel safe in recomtneodlog it to all safferers A.J STOKER, H D ,DEC*TLR,[U. »Id by JraKKl«tB* --3FR1CE 81.00. TV M" Paul, ilinneapolls i^Ianitoba · and Branches became th? 1 With 3,300 mil txranties in ilinnebo'a, liorth Dakota, South Dakota and iloatana, renchire pnncipa points from St. Paul, Hmneapolife, We x t Sn periofnud-Dnlntli. ^, It ftinuihea.through-clo=o cornpHtions, tha beot and cheapn^t route to all points tn lolaho, Otah, California^ Oregon, WiiShicg^on^Bnt ish Colninbia^AlatJij;, thp_ Canadian Nortfi It is the onlj American line ye'-t gfrhicago hav 1I-5J a truck lilii -H--th 7a,nonEd steel rail and own*«g its enhxfl msufoiucent equipment of eletTOit Dicing and Sleepuig carfc,iHaniT.mrp Da Coaches ard FTPO Co^mst Sleeprrs the dir=ct roufe beteen ht FaaL, ilmneapohi Anoka-, bt. Cloud, DnlnTh, West Snprnor Fergus Sails f^iookstou, "\loorherid, G-and Fork":^ trrafton, ^\ umipec, Lake IJleudale Ab"rd°pn, Huron, ton, Sio -is. -Falls, andSiom- Citj, It 5 th? on!} Lme numujB tlu:oni;u_ tho Tgrpat ililL pi\er re'-pr-^i-tion, -with* ool'd trainf _mthoat change from bt Pam and Mmiieapo- hs to la'-co, Grand i orks, De»ils Lakg, 31. not, 'Wilhh^on, Bnford, Glasgow, Chinook Banton Grpat Frll", Ilolena ind Bntte^ It has three lines m tltaJitd luTor -sallejt is= the onl hno to. the Tnrtie Monntams and na£ three lines m Sonth Dakota ·7- It reaches the laree-t a'-ea or -free govprnmeTi land of ag_ricnltnratTalne_ now remaining in the conn try lor rates, tickete, -nap= and guides, apply 'o any aeejifc of the comppny df write 1c F 1 "lY, Gen'lPatb andTicket Agen^ Groa' Northern Rail wai,8t Panl, ilirn - fcealed proposals fo- snppEes for the Xo'th Dakota for tha insane, for the jear endicg Jur e , ti-iil be received by the 6ie;rare at hj,cS tha iocpitel, Jarcesto-sm, KortiDaiota, T o'clock, y. m_ June CO, 1S21. " "* Sampler *.£ all articles marked thcs * u-~ fnmished ^ths Btevrard. Bids can becij grocenpi Jiob- _and for dry goo both. Tka lists -mnst be separate. to be listed inthe."6anie Order as in the a r p - inent. All goods to be deliver^ at tleto- Grocenes bimonthly m Etfch qoantirif , 1, Elnrajd msy direct, fj^t delivery ^*o b» from JnJy 20th R)2jth.lK91, and same dafi tsvo monttB follovrmg. Bending Slay^rt, Dry goods to bo delivered: quarterly. J^ ,, 2oth, same date October, 1^91, also Jancar- Apnl, J.892, in such qnantines as tie tte*aru direct. All bids zncst be accompaalcd t,, 0 -tieecl cbeci for S109 to be forfeited to in » t if bidders fails to enter into coarrgS«f-n_, b accepted, otherwise to be- retained. Tr s t j ful bidasrs wili be required to fjstaixn a -!i factory boc3"fo- the faithful performance o* contract. The samples o£ nnsaccc^tfal r_ u will be reiamejl tosetheriTiththecert-nej LT _A_11 goocb mast be of the best qnahty. 0er is reserved to reject any or all bids. A1U a be marked "proposals for forrn.nincr =4t, for msane hospital." The bTds and sa must De famished the'steward before p. m., Jane 30th, 1891. The bid^ T\ill ered July 2nd, p m , i«U Goods to within thirty days af i er dehverr. 1 GEOCESrES. -- »3.a» pounds H i E Krannlated SDRE.' *i,000 poands eztra golden Uio coEci. * 500 pounds ejrtra-llocha and Jai,i ccftW *oO bushed hand picked med nm Iwui^ ·30 ba-hels green peat, bp~t qnahtj *3 OuO pounds fancy Jarin nc-e *15 barreh:, 3 «» pounds clear whiteTon, 48 barrels fctaart i UodRli^ tteel cut c -{"B ') oatinei-1 *12 barrels 2,DCfl pofaciift .Turkish piu_ in barrels. -- : - 5fe *jO boxes 2 oCO pounds eztnr^riccd et ·- apples *10 boxes oCO pounds erfra evapor? tecl berries. *2 barrels f (X 1 pounds extra dried cur-ant *1 GOO ponnds dned grapes, be-t qnalit 'b boxes oOO poands tvaporatcd ( alifo^ COtfa *fi boxes 300 pounds unpared Ca' peihes. ^_ 1 barrel «00 poundfi standtird cabe sn^r **J IjO T-allons gijMen dnp= -=\ rni IS barrels clear faruilv pork »65utte={ 100 bars ^lii^^ach) Ki-k - ^ '-oip boxes (7o bar-, tjOlb'-.'each) Kirk ·- F - o r c ,r *j(XJ pounds uncolored Jaiin tpa, che't · tea pounds, ne^t jLnqh'-a b pound^ Iormo:T Oolon, t .,' qoality 1 ^v, chp^t bfc;-t qrrnpowder tea ^ j roi 2d ±Z DRrrcl*^:o^i« *-alt 12 barrels 2»-10 fine -=ilt 1 200 poundo rojid "glo ~ ^-tprch---" !- bosps bOO ponnds Kiapford s co c "/ i dozen 2tpounds do^en ! tie brx ( .n *ldo7yn brush brooms -^_SOO pound- bt=t Qaahtj breakfast To s in stnp K ~ ' --' ~ iffl ponnds-Jarceha-n": ,, '··T.O barrel 1 - tJrietl. uure cider \iieL,ar- lon 1 -" ' L/olniubi? nver'-i'lmon ' CUSPS :s do/enIJi ) caJ-- star lobster bO bo^es 3 jOOlb. eodith ix. 22) bric^_ b liti 2 bpTrej.r cstTi blr-ter mees m-r^r W poands Jioi~il bakinf, j owder in i _0_caseb JL°'ie _ BtTWEFJS Dickinson, ^Taiidan, Bisrnarcli, Jame- tovrn, Leeds, ~\Iiune'wau-kiTj r -E!geley, OaJies, There is nothing better than the ^ervice on i o The Dining Car Line, ff Cars Dai A N D ST. PAUL and MIi\ T \EAEOUS P'acrfi.c Ooast Trains Passing through ~\hnne c otn, North , Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washinijton carry complete eqmptniCnt o£ Pullman palace -°epinf, care, first and tecond-clats Coaches, Palhnnn toun^t nnd free colonist sleepers, and elf gont dining cars Ara £old at all coupon of ficesofthpNorthernPaci fie Railroad to points ""North, East, ^onth ana Ve=t, In the Lnitcd bts'es anj Canada ""THiDE SCHEDTJLE Train No. I. West Bound - 9:25 a. m. Train No. 3 y West Bound -. r2:l5a.i7i. Train No, 2, Eastjounfl - 2:05 a. ni, Train No, 4. East Bound - 8:05 p, m. For Kates, Haps, Ti-ne TablM or Special Information apply to Asent, Jiorthern-Tacific II. B., CHAS. S.-JFEE: Gen'l Pass and Ticket Agent, ST. PAUL, AH JIN S20 REWARD. Webber of Bisoiirckltft on the llth for parts unknown Jie was driving t-svo mares, oue black and ohe white, three and fonr years-old weighing about 1,000 pounds each, to an oldtarm w agon painted jellow. \\ebher himselt is a little lame baid horses \\ere mortgaged to me and 1- willpayS20for their return to Bismarck, or S10 for such information as^vill enable me to set them. MAKTLN FORD. 12 dozen brittle* srrno brn^tip'- 1 loO uouna^P J Sori, A . C o ^ Joker c. ^ tobacco " . -- r j poands Tj cr^rori I iljers ^tarcnew ^ hnrco *^« T i ponnds ,Lon,ll?rd s rrtbe'JKo'-e " ^ tobacco ' ^ -- °CO pounds i.enned \ \ \ ".tda era "k SGO pounds Jfennedj s \"\\ oy ^r en c ^10 pounds Kennedy « \XX cinder "11 U Eate3 .Archer b red coat tomatoe-. Ib Cises Arctiei's- troi h corn (j tape-) i.rie p u m r k m b c i=es 4. Lusk golden drop plnirs b cases \ JLnsi: green ijftge pliNii^ ·"-: b e ^es A Untiv peache^ b Ce^etj A--Luak pj irs b cr_es Carfi^ Bros btravrbeme , b cases Cnrtis Broj blarkbemr b cage*- -Cnrtifi li--oa blick raspbemp 2 dozen t}nsi-ts Cro c e i -Blat.kv,fir- cr chow ~ L 1 (Io7en v-fjallnn"Gordon i Dilvrorth-^ U c 1 do7en qnart^ Dr i'n^e-s tnple txtra'' ^ 1 "dozen quart 4 -Di Prices tnile ertt r- mlla * *1200ponnds bestqnality do ne tic. ma OJ. *j() ponnds-whole shot peeper ^10 uoauds -who e Penan^^ovts *10-pbnnds whole'Cevlon long ^tick ciir-i" *10 pounds Jamaica-gmgenraot cjj.ra bo d *10 ponnda fvtni Penaug-nutmecs ___ *li pounds extr? mustard c ed . -- ~ *10 pound- baps leaves in bnli. S eases,bribtol bath bnck ' 10 dozen Southwell's jiip H , raspbprrj _urr and ^tnwberryi ' *12 Ix\e3 v crown InObe MrLRcatel rSi^m b caseb.Plait i, Co s earlv June pea" IS dozen pirib best liauid bluemg 2ra.-esW Brier's rhot-olate^-21 pounr 1 '. 12 dozen.-mop stirksto hold scrnb bri '-h J3 doz^n cob pipes 4 ) boxes ieast foam--3 dozen packnc* 3 i bo- 2 dozen lunch rnrkev (ln=tprs--hubt aut'i 4 ca-es^^ Uliatnb' s bar ^oap ^ 0 dozen tubular lu*itern"~Klobes _r t ^ b dozen No 0 chimuei 4 2 dozen "No 1 Rochester clnmncj 1 - ^ - dozen "No 2chiinres ~- X 2 dozen e-ctra c hce broshe-- 3 barrelb mediam pickles--bebt cruility · D F \ OOODb. *^000 yaras t~t brown p-rra hravy and t . 4 extra heavy and cosrse hr ^ phretiDjz, brown "iOO i-ards l 4 ettra- hoary and cour^t- L I pheetnng, b^own 200 sards n i bleached S_amintta Rheei J 2000 jardi Indian head mublin 4-4 ^^ ----fjiryHTOS Bfid^rr IT ET 1 -Tmubhn M yard= frnit of the 'oom I 4 b k a t ' - 1 " 1m *!CiJ yards che^e cloth -HOOO jards fast color red dama c k 2000 yards b«r--' "\ prints--IndtKO W~" *10-0 yards \rnold's pinks ind !,Tay pn t -'luuO jards extra heavj -nirp twist chcvio -1)0 yards luVo/ government dack IOU jnrda (lark colors sliter cambric "100 yards b*st quality sileiii -^IWK) ^tirds bte^ens twilled cribh. * 00 j-ard-j Stevens t-villed S cra?h *10 tlo?en best quality towels 1 iO dozen as^ortedrsizes ( flat s cotton U "f lo doz n Harbour b hnen thread *10 tiros'! horn coat battona - *10 |^ro ct ? horn Te^t button 13 t . »IO rrosb hard ruboer vest battons *10 sro_s 20 to 24-lina pearl button- f o thon and-H "ihlward 5, Son s ^han nt~ a^-iorted 81*^3 JO poonda number 8 -white kmtUuRcotton quality · .. 20 pounds number 10 vhite knittincr c o t best quality. J 20 pounds nu-nber 12 white knitting co K 1 -* 11 T h 1 10 pounds'number 20 ivhita knlttul^ CT t best qualitv 10 pounds nnmber-10 brown ard white il ting cotton r best qaslifcr- 10 TxranAvblne and white knittini; cottoi- ^ b^r 10, beit quality. } . *200 yards best quaht -a hits cotton f Sane *oOO yard-, best qnnhty drab cotton flannel *10 pound-, Saxony jam -- ^jfLyotindsGerfniin y-niirmg mm. blac-- _ brown -jvo. -- - lO sets ascoTted fc-nittmB nredlos 13 pioVnges \damantins pins, numbers - aorted - , AT 10 packages ne plus ulurapms-- as°orteti i, S. C. '6 gross safety -pins number 2 lero°a nnmber 101 Tj£;er plojmi? cards -30 dozen larro s l zes men s Rockford ho-^ *30 dozen liu-Rc sizes ladies' Kockfordio e *-Onnnber iJ Bates white quilts ^·1-1 dozen large best quality Torke} r«l- -« ktrchieffi v ^_ I t h o u andhiBh cut. Government o i ^ envt lope~ 10 rein 9 4-r.onnd commercial noto pnpc.r ^4 (loz»n larRO I aid rubber dressiiiB com!) t n hard rubber fin* coral), ^ Stonari Jamestown, N. D., SPAPLRl v SPAPLRl

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