Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 23, 1932 · Page 1
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 1

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1932
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1845 A Family Newspaper.--Devoted to Local and General Intelligence. Agriculture and Advertising.--Independent on all Siilijccls. Subscription:--In Caroline, §1.00 per Annum, in Advance; Out of County, $1.50. 1932 VOL. 86. DENTON, MARYLAND, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 23, 1932. NO. 28 High Test Cement Blocks at Low Cost Nuttle Lumber and Coal Co. Phone 25. Denton, Maryland . . . a receipt and a record for your money. Pay Your Bills by CHECK Y OUR creditor's signature on the back of Your Check is undeniable, legal proof that y.ou have paid his bill. Besides, it gives you a record of the transaction . . . canceled Checks accounting for every dollar you spend. Yes, a Checking Account even cultivates Thrift in that you think twice before you make out a Check. Not so with cash. Open an Account with Denton "(Rational Banfe Denton, Maryland. A MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM THE PALACE THEATRE DENTON, MARYLAND Friday Saturday, April 22 23 "THE LAST RIDE" with Dorothy Revier, Charles Morton A gang-ridden town runs up against the power of the press--in the person of a young reporter hot on the scent of the shady mob which put hie brother on the spot. Added--6tb Chapter "Battling with Buffalo Bill," and Flip the Frog Cartoon. Admission. 25c 40c. Families. $1.00 Mon. Tues., April 25 26 "MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE" (Edgar Allen Foe's famous story) with Bela Lugose, Sydney Fox You will be awed, thrilled, horrified at the experiments of Dr. Mirakle, who would blend the blood of woman and gorilla. You'll shudder and Bcream and yet be fascinated in an ecstacy of horror at the unbelievable realities you'll see--if you can stand it all! Added, Extra Special! Laurel Hardy Latest Comedy, "Music Box" and Graham McNamee News. Admission. 15c 40e. Families $1.00 Friday Saturday, April 29 30 "LAW AND ORDER" with Walter Huston, Raymond Hatton In a smashing story of a frontier town. Guna blaze--hearts quiver as four fearless horsemen ride into the lawless town of Tombstone. Action, and plenty of it In this Western picture. Also Seventh Chapter of "Battling With Buffalo Bill" And Sport Reel, "Athletic Daze." Admission. 25c 40e Families SI.00 Two Shows Every Saturday at 7.15 and 9 p. m. Special Westinghouse Toaster $4.95 now $3.50 Westinghouse Waffle Irons $9.95 now $6.95 H. S. GALE Electrical Contractor DENTON,'MD. JUST A LITTLE FOOT TROUBLE Just a little foot trouble may be much more serious than it seems. Feet are the foundation of the body and they carry all its weight. That is a big job fnr a small foundation. Tho feet arc also great shock absorbers. Many of the jolts and jam the human frame would otherwise receive, are absorbed by the feet They need special care because of the important work they have to do. "Look after the foundations" is a good motto, not only for builders, but also for all who deaire health and happiness--who wish to avoid the weary feeling and the weary look. When you think of feet, remember that the Osteopathic Physician thinks and works In terms of foundations. DR. E. F. WITHERS, Osteopathic Physician, Phone 92 226 S. 3rd St., DENTON, MD. I MEW PLAZA THEATRE MILFORD, DELAWARE THE FAMILY SHOW PLACE OF LOWER DELAWARE Direction E. C. Evans--Phone 11 Fri. Sat., April 22 23 Children's lOc Matinee Sat 2.30 V A.TJ DEVI LLE Stage Presentation "CLEO BALCON" and her GIRL BAND SYNCOPATERS 14 Maidens in Melody--Songs- Dances and Comedy On the Screen WILLIAM HAINES MADGE EVANS in "ARE YOU LISTENING" The thrilling story of a radio entertainer who grasps at life and love and finds his NEMESIS Our Gang Comedy, "Spanky" Mickey Mouse Mon. Tues., April 25 26 RUTH CHATTERTON in "TOMORROW AMD TOMORROW" Ruth Chatterton as you like her best! Charming! Witty! and Gay! Comedy, "Blondes by Proxy" News Wed. Thura., April 27 28 LIONEL BARRYMORE, N A N CY CARROLL, ZASU PITTS, PHILLIPS HOLMES in "BROKEN LULLABY" (Formerly titled "The Man I Killed") "Honor thy father anJ thy mother." But how about our Enemy's parents? You will find the satisfy ing final in this picture Comedy, "Glgolettes" Fox News Next Fri. Sat., April 29 30 On the Stage Vaudeville Presentation On the Screen JOAN BENNETT in "SHE WANTED I MILLIOHAIRE" Laurel-Hardy Comedy, "Music Box" Cartoon, "Restless Sex" 2-SHOWS EACH NIGHT-2 OUR PRICES ALL TIMES Mat., lOc. 25c. Night, 16c, 25c, 50c Family Price All Times ?1.00 Section for Colored Patrons. Federal Theatre Pederalsbur?, Md. "The Show Place Of The Shore" APRIL THE MONTH OP SHOWERS BRINGS A SHOWER OP HITS TO OUR PATRONS Fri. Sat., April 22 23 GEORGE O'BRIEN in "THE QAY CABALLERO" This is real screen entertainment for young and old Chapter 8 "THE VANISHING LEGION" Selected Shorts Shows 7:16 9. Mat. Sat. 2:30 Mon. Tues.. April 26 2G uCRNST LUBITSCH LULLABY Q (jaramnur.t (ful with LIONEL BARRYMORE. NANCY CARROLL, PHILLIPS HOLMES This picture was originally titled "The Man I Killed." Criticshave pronounced it a wonder Selected Short Subjects. Shows 7:16 9. Wed. Thura., April 27 28 "THE PASSIOSATE PLUMBER" with BUSTER KEATON, JIMMY DUHANTE, POLLY MO- .RAN Whet a cast to make you laugh -don't mias it! , Selected Shorts. Shows 7:16 9 Fri. Sat, April 29 30 "CHEATERS AT PLAY" with THOMAS MEIGHAN and CHARLOTTE GREENWOOD Comedy--Thrills--Drama all feature this picture Selected Shorts. Shows 7:16 9 Matinee Saturday 2:30 Chapter 9 "THE VANISHING LEGION" Next Week: William Haines and Madge Evans in "Are You Listening?" Try Our Sunday Chicken and Wattle DINNER and SUPPER 75 C At The BRICK HOTEL Denton, Md. For Sale or Rent. Five-acre Chicken Plant, possession at once. Also Shoats, Hay, Corn and Lucretia Dewberry plants. Apply to H. C. WRIGHT, 4-23-tf Denton. Md. SCHOOL DAYS By DWIG Where flie Young Folks fio Reese Theatre Harrington. - Del. Fri. Sat., April 22 2.'i Hi}? Family Variety Show Jlultiniorc Gets "The Hand Wagon"--1 D6NMeTT lADYWITHAPAST 1*3 BEN WON f JJOWID VUHMERS ] Coming to Ford's Theatre April 25th The most clabonitc and most highly primed revue ever produced in New York, "The Bund Wagon," which was the lage of Broadway for nlniost an entire year, is now on a short tour during which it will visit about eight of the larger cities and one of is Baltimore, where this W.C.T.U. Convex Mere Next Week The annual convention of the Tri- County Women's Christian Temperance Union will be held on Friday, April 20, in Hurlock, Md. The morning session will convene at 10:00 in the Baptist Church. Usual routine High School Has An Excellent Assembly Program famous niiiMcal production will play m the Baptlst Church ' Usual routine for sis niirhts liecinnimr Mondav. Anr. busine ^. including reports and elec- jj ««o.MJ»«_" e ! ui Mon i »· |ril 24 25 for six nights beginning Monday, Apr. ||25th. There will be matinees on Wed[tie.-day and Saturday. The reason the 11 tour of "The Band Wagon" is so lim- Mted is bcciniKe of its tremendous size. So many and so massive and elabor- tion of officers, will be carried on. Dr. Mary Harris, justly famous throughout not only this country but the world for her wonderful gift of oratory, will give a Bible reading at O i l J l l L l I I ^ i U l U au I I I US!) I V U U I 1 U U l i l U U I ate arc its settings, and so much me-! the °P cnine of the chaniuil equipment is required for its at 2 P- m " The State revolving that there arc few Mrs. Mary R. Haslup, will deliver an ad- l U V U I V J I I K i l l U ^ U , L l l U L UKJ1C U L U 1JW thc-ntrcs in the country large enough drcss ' whlch W1 » be followed by an to accommodate the production. "The " d * m « nstratl ° n b y Hurlock 1 Band Wagon" lias a special mechanical crew that works during the week Comedy News Wed. Thurs., April 27 28 LIONEL BARRYMORE. PHILLIPS HOLMES, NANCY CARROLL in ffi BROKE*/ (J ffjrrmomt (ficlure i*-- in advance, during the night anil morning hours, in order to make the necessary alterations and install the revolving stages. "The Band Wagon" left New York recently, not only with its entire scenic equipment intact, but with its star cast, headed by thopc Broadway fa- children. At 6:30 a Song and Story Supper will be held in the Parish House. At this time directors of the many departments will present their reports in song, poems, playlets, etc., and there will be much good-fellowship. The evening session will be held in tho M. E. Church, beginning with a song service at 7:46. Dr. Armor is cast, neiiuuu uy uiu^i: uiimuwuy *u- -- . . vorites, Fred Astaire, Frank Morgan the speaker of the evening and two and Helen Broderick, and including\^° 5 w '« be *'ven by Rev. Mr. T. J. Vera March, Jolm Barker, Philip Lo- Turkington. eb, Mary Jo Matthews, Edward Jerome, Helen Carington, Francis Picr- The delegates appointed at the last meeting of the Denton W. C. T. U. to or "The Man I Killed" Selected Shnrt Subjects. Fri. Sat.. April 29 !iO Laugh and be Gay. You'll do it too when you see EL BRENDEL, SALLY EILERS in "DISORDERLY CONDUCT" Brendel laughs up his sleeve at the cops as he is ore A great show. Don't mias it Big Family Variety Show OI11U, IIUIL'II vjurniKi-«" i - i t i i i w i a M. itt- . . . .. i j 11 m lot, Lillian Duncan, Florence Chum- attend th,s convention mclude Mrs T. bwcos and many others. It also J- Turkmgton, Carne Miles, brings its original Beauty chorus, in-! Sue Bye Mn. Mabel £·«* MJJL.Fred 'eluding the Albcrtina Rasch group of Covey, Mrs. Reuben Rmrigh, Mr.. W. New Prices-- To Fit Every l'u»e Colored Halcony25c. White Ba|- cony 35c. Orchestra fiOc. Family Ticket $1.00. Prosperity Tickets $1.00. _ _ yu^i.^s.ffl^yj^gaasBjg'tJstgvJij^K^ The HappinessTheatreof Maryland NEW Community Theatre RIDGELY. MD. MOTHER BIG DELUXE PROGRAM Fri. Sat., April 22 23 Action - Romance - Comedy A picture the whole family will enjoy GEORGE O'BRIEN with VICTOR McLAGLEN.CONCHlTA MONTENEGRO in "THE QAY CABALLERO Romnnce rides aguin in this story of a footbull slur who goes West Comedy News dancers. Speaking of "The Band Wagon," the I'.New York Times said: "After viewing this revue it will be difficult for the ordinary musical show to hold up its head." And the New York World- Tebgnnn called it "The last word in sophisticated musical entertainment." i The music of "The Band Wagon," by Arthur Schwartz, is already popular wherever music is heard, especially such numbers as "I Love Louisa," "Dancing in the Dark," "High and Low," "Sweet Music," "Hoops," "The Beggar's Waltz" and "New Sun in the Sky." i Tickets for "The Band Wagon" went W. Sylvester, Mrs. E. M. Willey. Mrs Wilbert Calloway, Mrs. E. C. Hallman, Mrs. G. A. McDaniel and Mrs. G. H. Rue will attend as Tri- county directors. These ladies and all others who would like to attend the convention are asked to meet at Mrs. Rue's tonight to discuss plans. "Clco Balcon" And Her Girl Band Syncopators and Entertainers At Plaza Theatre Patrons of the New Plaza Theatre, Milford, seem quite pleased with the first class Vaudeville shows being presented here. Continuing with extraordinary shows, the management an- though New cities which liave well as other seen "The Band Wagon" have- charged $5.60 and $0.00 for scats, Baltimore prices will be kept at the lowest this attraction has ever | played to. The night prices are $3.00 for tins orchestra floor; $2.50 and $2.00 for the balcony; $1.00 for the entire j j n p p = r balcony. At the matinees the prices will be ?2.50 for the orchestra door; ?2.00 and $1.50 for the balcony; $1.00 for the upper balcony. For Sale. A Grade Jersey Cow and Heifer Calf for sale cheap to quick buyer. R. T. K. GAREY, 4 9-tf . Denton, Md. B., A p r i l 29, One day only Here's what you've been waiting for! JAMESCAGNEY « LORETTA YOUNG in "TAXI" Young Ideas do grunt things-but see these two yoimt; people in this whirlpool of excitement Selected Short Subjects. Fri. Sat., April 20 30 Note-- This picture is now plttying in nil large cities at advanced prices Warner Bros". New Stnr KAY FRANCIS with a great caat in "MAN WANTED" One of the most entertaining pictures of the year. Kay Francis climbs to greater acting heights Comedy News One Show Each Evening at 8 Regular Admission, l. r c 3,"c. Saturday, April 22-23, with a special children's lOc matinee on Saturday at 2:30. On the screen for these two days--Wm. Haines and Madge Evans have the leading roles in "Are You Listening?" A drama of forbidden love. It is quite a different story of romance, thrills and laughs in the lives of radio performers. Added also is the Our Gang Comedy "Spanky" and the Mickey Mouse Cartoon. On Monday and Tuesday, April 25 and 2G, Ruth Chatterton and Paul Lucas will be seen and heard in "To- anil Tomorrow." Love for Fifth Anniinl Poultry Field Day Will He Held June 9 The fifth annual Maryland Poultr y. morrow nnil lomorlow . «,.,, ««. Field Meeting will be held this year, rcnson _ and tnat reason is not mon- at College Park and Bcltsville, Md.,! gce th(j nmnzine story O f n wife Thursday, June 9, according to au- ^ ^ } ^ m marriagc wag not enough. ^horitics at the University of Mary- Lionel Barrvlnore) Nancy Cnrroll, i land. In the morning the visiting phmips Ho i meg an d Zasu Pitts fca- youllrymcn will hold their meeting n | turinj , in -Broken Lullaby," (former- the CeHese auditorium and will be ^^ , IThc Man j Kjncd .») ft , _ 4 ,,.:. «,,,, i,,, ,, "" ml1 ^ stabs th(J heart . It stirs the soul 1 A - - melodramatic triumph of a hate that lowing this, luncheon will be served tums ^ g]orioU3 v i br ant love. The on the campus. Later on the S^"?^^,,^ crit j cg everywhere have hailed will visit the government poultry farmi at Beltsvillc, not far from College Park, where the various experiments .·mil equipment will be viewed. Dr. M. A. Jull, senior poultryman for the U. S. Department of Agriculture, will be in charge. Pinoy M. P. Church will hold a supper in Denton Community House on Friday, April 29th, at 5 o'clock. Price, 35c a plate. picture o£ the year to date. Don't miss this show--for two days only--Wednesday and Thursday, April 27-28. Next Friday and Saturday, April 29-30, another Big Vaudeville Stage Presentation, together with Joan Bennett in "She Wanted A Millionaire." Wedding invitations and announcements printed with care and neatness. --The Denton Journal An assembly program of unusua interest was givlen last Thursday Arbor Day, by Mr. Hoffman and his ninth grade boys. Joe Lee Parker was master of ceremonies. The program was as follows: 1. Bible Reading--Harold Hallman 2. Recitation--"Planting a Tree," George Wilson 3. Essay--"Trees of America," Stewart Wright 4. Musical Selection--"Palms," Geo Wilson playing cornet, Lynne Cheezum, saxophone, and Madaline Cheezum, pianist. 5. Essay--"Preserving our Forests," Aldridge Pepper 6. Musical Selection--"Trees," Girls' Glee Club, accompanied by Orchestra 7. Recitation--"Birds of Killingsworth," Parker Stone 8. Humorous Sketch of "Casey at the Bat," Mason Thawley Most interesting of all was a two- act playlet "Woodman, Sphre that Tree," with Theodore Robinson, Harey Fleetwood and George Goldsborough as the cast. The first act was jerious, carrying out the full meaning of the title; but the second act was a parody of the first, the same cast taking different characters. This clev- ir parody and the parts of the first .cene were written by Mr. Hoffman, who is to be congratulated for putting in one of the best programs of the year. On Thursday, April 14th, Mr. P. F. 'ry, Assistant to the President of Strayer-Bryant Stratton College, of Baltimore, addressed the Seniors of H. S. His vocational talk was lused around the question "What hall I do?" He gave us some fine oints that must be considered before we can thoroughly decide upon our ocation. One point which he brought out was that we should choose the vocation in which we have talent, then arouse and cultivate an interest. One can arouse an interest by starting and doing his best in that in which he has ability. He compared the employees, to whom business men gave trials, today, with those in former years. All these points helped the P. 0. D. clnss to answer their main problem, which is "After High School What?" We all would greatly appreciate anyone who could give us any other points concerning this. Principals' Conference The annual Principals' Conference met last week at Washington College. Those present were the Superintendents and Principals of Cecil, Queen Anne's, Talbot, Kent and Caroline counties. State High School Supervisor E. C. Fontaine was chairman and Principal W. K. Cumming, of Caroline High, led one of the discussions. A delicious lunch was served by the College Cafeteria. First Annual "May Day" Track and Field Meet The first annual "May Day" Track and Field Meet will be held by Caroline High School, May 2. The entire program will be similar to that of County Athletic Day, which will be held Thursday, May 19th. The purpose of the "May Day" Meet will be to arouse School Spirit and pick the entrants for the County Meet. Denton vs. Greensboro On Friday, the fifteenth, C. H. S. boys met Greensboro on the Denton grounds. The two teams were rather evenly matched but due either to carelessness or the lack of effort on Denton's siift they were badly beaten by the score of 14-1. The Greensboro boys had an excellent pitcher and infield. Denton's only run was scored by Satterfield, their pitcher. C. H. S.'s next scheduled game is with Federalsburg on Friday, the 22nd. This will close the season and C. H. S. wants victory. The line-up: Greensboro Jarrell, 2B Cole, S3 Kibler, RF Butler, RF Wyatt, P Doty, P Smith, CF Lima, C Meredith, 3B Dickerson, LF Murphy, IB Denton Dawson, SS Pollard, CF Middleton, LF C. Fleetwood, IB Irwin, 3B Galloway, 2B Andrews, 2B Trice, RF Horsey, C Satterfield, P Score by innings: Greensboro 0 2 0 2 3 1 0 2 4--14 Denton 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 -- 1 Denton Girls Bow to Greensboro On Friday, April 15, an interesting yet disappointing volley game was played on our home ground--interesting, because of the fine spirit displayed by each member of the two teams; disappointing, because our girls lost, with a score of 23 to 5. But don't worry, girls; our time is yet to come. A bad beginning brings a wonderful ending. Let us hope this proves true for us. Trees Planted in Front of School The P. T. A. has sponsored the Turn to page eight, please. State Federation To Meet In Baltimore Tuesday More than a thousand women from all parts of the state arc expected to attend the thirty-third annual convention of the Maryland Federation of Women's Clubs to be held on April 20, 27 and 23 at the Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore. Mrs. John L. Whitehurst, president, will preside at all sessions. One of the outstanding events of the convention will be the Russian dinner on Tuesday, April 20, at 7 p. m. Conditions of both the old and new Russia, in the time of the Czars and under the Soviet regime, will be given. Madame Pierre Ponafidine, wife of a Russian nobleman and diplomat, who escaped from Russia at the outbreak of the Revolution, will speak on "Five Years a Subject of Soviet Russia." William H. Grady, an American Engineer, who worked for the Soviet Sovernment for sixteen months, will alk on "My Experiences in Soviet Russia," There will also be a special musical program. The Rev. Thomas uthrie Speers, minister of Brown Memorial Church, will give the invocation. David Lawrence, editor of "The United States Daily," will speak at Vednesday luncheon, Miss Mary Bain- iridge Hayden, former Berlin correspondent of the Associated Press, will peak at Tuesday luncheon; Mrs. Tutle, of New York, who recently re- urned from attending the Geneva onference, will speak at Wednesday uncheon, Dr. Florence E. Bambergcr, f Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Davd Weglein, Head of Baltimore's Pubic Schools; Dr. Elinor Pancoast, of loucher College; Mrs. John F. Sipel, president of the General Fcdera- ion of Women's Clubs; Dr. Esther C. Brumauer, American University woman, and J. Alexis Shriver, will e featured on the convention program. The convention will be opened at the uncheon On Tuesday at 12:30 p. m. t will be preceded by an executive icard meeting. The afternoon ses- lon will be given over to reports by Mrs. Whitehurst; Mrs. C. Albert Kup- r, recording secretary; Mrs. O. Raymond Mclntyre, of Frederick; Mrs. Robert F. Skutch, chairman of the rogram committee, and Mrs. J. Enos Ray, State Director. Mrs. John Paul Troy, president of he Baltimore District Federation, will give an address of ·welcome. Mrs. Vhitehurst will make the response. A concert and chorus contest will e held on Wednesday at 8:30 p. m., under the auspices of the music di- rision under Mrs. Paul Criblet, ihairman of the fine arts department; Mrs. Charles C. Slayton, of Annapol- s, chairman of music, and Mrs. Clevc- and C. Smith, of Easton, chairman of community singing. There will be a chorus of 1,000 voic- s, composed of singers from all clubs. Several well known soloists will also e on the program. The Baltimore District Federation ·will .entertain at tea on Tuesday from 4:30 to 6 p. m. at the Lord Baltimore Hotel. The election will be held on Wednesday. The polls will be open from noon until 2 p. m. The report will be made at 3:46 p'. m. The ticket pre- ,ented by the nominating committee s as follows: Mrs. Rudolph S. Allen, of College Park, president, Mrs. C. Albert Kuper, of Baltimore, vicc-pros- dent; Mrs. Joseph T. MaGuire, of Chevy Chase, recording secretary; Mrs. G. A. Stewart, of Baltimore, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Homer L. !"wigg, of Hampstcad, treasurer, and Mrs. B. Peyton Whalcn, of Bethesda, State Director. Adams Cross Roads. The Woodcnhawk Community Club will hold their last P. T. A. meeting n April 27th at 7:30 p. m. Evory- ne is invited to come out and enjoy he program which the pupils have ar- anged. The date of the social will announced later in this paper, as he previous date has been changed. Mr. Fred Johnson and brother and wo sisters visited their sister and amily at Cambridge, Md., on Satur- They are still on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson were Junday evening guests of Miss Paulne Reynolds and Mr. Norman Adams. Mr. Charlie and Miss Altha Adams nd Miss Ethel Littleton, of Wilming- on, spent Sunday with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. George Terrell and on have returned home after a week's irisit with her sister and family. Mrs. Earl Adams will entertain tho Bloomery Aid at her home on Wednesday, April 27th. ay. Next Week's Shows At The Capital Theatre, Dover, DeL Monday and Tuesday, April 20 and 16, usual big stage presentation and in the screen, John and Lionel Barrymore together in "Arsene Lupin." Wednesday and Thursday, April 27 and 28, Ronald Coleman in "Arrowsmith/ 1 with Helen Hayes. Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30, with matinee Saturday, Robert Montgomery and Madge Evans in 'Lovers Courageous." MEWSPAPEJRl

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