Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 16, 1932 · Page 8
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 8

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1932
Page 8
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Page 8 MELVIN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, April 1G, 1932. LIGHT FLUFFY MERINGUES FOR PIES Ruth Webster Heath Director Home Economics Department The Wm. Schluderberg-T. J. j Kurdle Company I The meringue used on our famous American dessert presents a problem to many of our housewives, so they tell me. The luscious tempting frosting mny shrink to almost nothing nf- tcr it is taken from the oven; it may fall and form a watery substance on top of the filling; and it may have little dark brown beads appear on the surface. Any of these conditions result in disappointment, to bo sure, but all can be prevented by following a few definite rules. I The shrinkage of any meringue is always due to the fact that it has baked in too hot an oven. It has browned over the top before the lower part has cooked. On standing, af- -- - . j ' t e r the meringue has been supposed- the constant cropping of farm land uncooked portion returns will add to the depletion of lime from ljf - tha soil. Every plant consumes some lime as food in a greater or lesser Guard Against Soil Acidity, Says County Agent The most effective means to guard against soil acidity is to be familiar ·with the causes of soil-acidity. All soils contain some calcium and magnesium naturally but unless this supply is conserved and maintained degree. This consumption by crops and the removal of those crops from the land is a constant cause for soils becoming acid. When organic matter such as roots of harvested crops, stubble and green cover crops are turned down by plowing the process of decay soon begins, which creates an acid condition in the- soil. This is a natural and necessary process of nature and is just another factor which must be recognized when applying lime. Residues' of certain fertilizers cause soil to become acid. This accumulation of acidity is noticed most where to its watery consistency just as it would if the beaten uncooked eggs had stoood in a bowl. In order to correct this condition, bake all meringues on pies in n very slow oven until nicely browned. This will usually require 30 to 40 minutes. j The brown beads that sometimes appear are sugar spots. Folding the sugar into the beaten eggs until it ia dissolved completely corrects this condition. . If you wish to try these ideas, us- 2 Bs; Mary L. Morrick 5 As, 4 Bs; ii yJU mail -~ j ^ Nlin I t l l S Q O l l ft AK. .1 Rs ! T j l l l I R O Ml'flVUn ing excellent recipes for pies everyone enjoys, I recommend the follow- TAKt TOSSES" CO*"" THIS WAV O^L OUR GREAT EXPORT BUSINESS. SCHOOL NEWS Nan Russell 5 As, -1 Us; Louise Brown ing: Lemon Meringue Pie cupful flour, 2 tablespoonfuls 4 As, 6 Bs. P. O. D. Class Starts New Unit Lust week the class in Problems ofveloping her remarkable talents. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY Under and by virtue of an order of the Circuit Court for Caroline county, in Equity, passed in the caso of Wilbert L. Merriken, Trustee, vs. Thomas W. Hnrznon, and by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by a deed of trust from Thomas W. Hnrmoit to Wilbert L. Merriken, duly acknowledged and recorded in Liber No. 92, folio 539, of the Deed Records for Caroline county, the undersigned, the Trustee, will sell at public sale on the farm now occupied by Thomas W. Harmon and known as the Rock Coleman farm, on (he road from Bethlehem to Harmony, on. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27th, 1932 commencing at ten o'clock, a. m., the following lot of valuable personal property: LIVE STOCK 2 guernsey calves, 1 red crumpled horn cow, 12 yrs. old; 1 guernsey bull, 2 yrs. old; 1 holstein cow, G yrs. old; 1 guernsey cow, 2 yrs. old; 1 mouse colored cow, 5 yrs. old; 1 swiss cow, 5 yrs. old; 1 red cow, Buffalo, 5 yrs. old; 1 guernsey cow, bob-tail, 5 yrs. old; 1 guernsey cow, 3 yrs. old; 1 guernsey cow, G yrs. old; 1 black cow, 10 yrs. old; 1 crumpled horn guernsey cow, 11 yrs. old; 1 brindle heifer, 1 holstein cow and calf, 1 yearling bull, 1 holstein cow 3 yrs. old; 1 holstein heifer, 1 dark calf, 1 guernsey calf, 1 black horse, 8 yrs. old; 1 bay horse, 10 yrs. old; 4 pigs, 1 pr. mules, 9 and G yrs. old; 1 sorrel horse, 7 yrs. old; 1 pr. mules, gray and bay, 10 yrs. old. FARMING IMPLEMENTS 1 axe, 1 spade, 1 hoc, 1 shovel, 1 long spade, 1 garden rake, 1 maitock, 2 grub hoes, 1 Iqng handle shovel, 1 calf muzzle, 4 corn knives, 2 hog hooks, 1 empty drum, 1 hoe, 1 emery stone, 1 hand saw, 1 spray can, 1 pr. names, lot wire, 1 cross-cut saw, 1 pile lumber, 4x4; 4 milk cans, 4 milk buckets, 1 strainer, lot bags, 1 Ford auto, 1929 model; 1 Fairbanks G H. P. gasoline engine and saw, 1 Chevrolet truck, 1928 model; 1 19 Oliver plow, 1 stump puller, 2 walking cultivators, 1 Walter A. Wood mower, 2 double trees, 2 single trees, 1 horse cart and harness, lot rope, 1 seeder, 1 corn sheller, 1 pitch fork, 2 horse collars, 2 bridles, 2 sets chain harness, 1 short fork, 1 pitch fork, 1 short shovel, 1 60-tooth drag, 1 scraper, 1 1-horsc Oliver plow, 1 wheel bar- Next Week At The Federal Theatre »°w, 1 short handle shovel, 1 grindstone, 1 disc, 2 thribble trees, 1 double tree, M . ,, n . , . . . . ,,,, . f , H single tree, 1 tomato rack, 1 set wagon springs, 1 eight foot McCormick Mnrlcne Dietrich, being seen in the i )inderi 2 2 -horso plows, 1 1-horse plow, 1 set leather harness, set of trees, set ,,)!.,,. -,,)« .,, »cu^.,^ a i Express" at log grabs, 2 horse collars, 1 John Deere riding plow, 1 GO-tooth drag, 1 Super xt Monday and ior disc drill, 1 John Deere check row planter, 3 walking cultivators, 1 2-horsi role in the Federal Theatre next American Democracy began a new, history proves that she gained fame Tuesday achieved her i-emarknble sue- wa Eon, 1 l° n £ handle shovel, 1 spring tooth, 1 disc marker, 1 New Ideal mow- cess as tf,o result of hard work in do-'f [^iw Sulkey cultivator ' l mnnure 9 P render - 1 ha ? rake - 2 Her OTHER ARTICLES cornstarch, 1 cupful sugar, 2 cupfuls unit, "After High School What?",and popularity as the result of merit; ·*v»k ~* *- -- · --- -.r --- -- CUril alii idle. * i.UfJ.1 u» 3M|5»" t ·· ^MJ.- -- -heavy applications of fertilizer are boiling water, 3 egg yolks, 1 lemon, "Choosing My Life Work." The first not through the caprice of good luck. made or constant applications over a'juice and grated rind; 14 teaspoonful unit pro bi em studied was the "Pur-Miss Dietrich is five feet five inches period of time. This is no objection j sal, ^^TM^«£££ to the use of fertilizer but again suf-' water is6 a dded. St j r and cook un- ficient liming material must be applied til thickened. Beat egg yolks slightly. to counteract the acid. A very out- Pour a portion of hot mixture onto standing example of acid caused by the egg yolks and mix. Then return 1 bbl. corn, 3 bags onts, 7 tons mixed pea hay, oat straw and shredded fodder, lot of posts, lot sash, 8 brooder stoves, 10 brooder stoves, 12 bbl. corn, lot hay, 12 cords cordwood, one-half interest in 10 acres wheat. of sale. fertilizer is the sulphate of ammonia HI*; ^tC» J **·····» · » · · -- ,,,..--. this to the remainder of sugar and ·"· -- ·" -- --· -- starch mixture, and cook until smooth. plat on the old Fertilizer Experiment u omove f rom flame, add butter, salt, at the Pennsylvania State College lemon juice and rind. Mix well. Cool, ·where nothing but sulphate of ammon- Pour into a baked pie shell and cover ia was applied for almost half a century. This soil became so acid that very few plants will grow. with: Meringue 3 egg whites, 6 tnblespoonfuls sugar, Vt teaapoonful lemon extract. .* j * * _ · » i* ·« · · a SUITilr. 71 ttttapVUILLUl 1 C 1 J I U I * t.-A.fii M^b The last cause for soils becoming B eat egg whites until stiff and dry acid is leaching. This is the process,with rotary beater. Fold sugar and of the lime going into solution in the extract into whites, beating until soil waters and being carried away. This process goes on relentlessly winter and summer. The practice of tilling the soil is an artificial method to induce strong plant growth, when looking at the problem from the standpoint of old mother na- amooth. Spread on top of pie and bake in a moderately slow oven (300 degrees F.) until a golden brown, about 30 minutes. Burnt Almond Cream Pie ^ cupful granulated sugar, 2 tablespoonfuls cornstarch, 3 eggs separated, % teaspoonful salt, 2 cupfuls sweet milk, 1 cupful broken graham GET YOTJR Stieff Silver at factory prices from STURMER **»**«·· ***\* u ·*»·· ·*·!_*»'·" ·· -- -- -- - -- --------- -- S iVCcl mil l*.« A t U U l i l l l U i w i v c i i ^it*n»*«* ture. Consequently every farmer must crackers, 1 A cupful blanched almonds. observe nature and try to duplicate 'Mix sugar and cornstarch completely, order to retard depletion of calcium and magnesium from the soil. The question naturally arises, ; "Is there any way that this loss may ' bo prevented?" f, must be recognized that this is attained by following the accepted good farm practices which ' are well known. But in all cases where these factors are operating, lime I stant , y Cooh Add graham crackers. p our j n t o baked pie shell. Cover with meringue made of 3 whites beaten stiff, 6 tablespoonfuls sugar and a few jjnond ^xtract. ^ Spring n modera t e ly slow oven 300 de- F.) until lightly browned. Chill before serving. Grape Juice Pie jn pose of Education." We learned that'tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her hair all animals are bom with instincts'is naturally curly and has a beautiful and that education comes informally red-gold tone. Her eyes arc deep blue comp ii ed or by accident without any aim and and her complexion is ivory-white formally with definite aims and ob- with considerable natural color. jectives in view. The seven big aims Will Rogers continues his triumph- L conard p_ Covey, Auctioneer. in education arc: 1. Health. 2. ant career as America's greatest talk-j Worthy Home Membership. 3. Mas- ing screen comedian in his newest tery of Tool Subjects. 4. Citizenship. Fox Film production, "Business and 6. Development of character. C. Vo- Pleasure," which plays at the Federal cations, 7. The Worthy Use of Theatre next Wednesday and Thurs- Lcisure. clay. Rogers has never been funnier Other Unit Problems that will be than he is in this excellent adaptation studied are "Shall I go to college?" of Booth Tarkington's best selling "An anaylsis of myself," The out- novel, "The Plutocrat." He starts the door occupations," "The mental occu- picture with a laugh, and works up pations," "How to decide," and "My to a climax of hilarity wbich will send life's work book." As far as we have the audience from the theatre still studied, this to bo very in- laughing. | teresting and beneficial. I That modern outdoor romances con- Assembly Program April 7. 1932 tain some of the best entertainment the screen lias to offer will be dem- On Thursday Mr. Gumming intro- onstrated a t the Federal Theatre, duced to us Mr. A. Howard Johnson, wnere "The Guy Cabalkro," George piesident of the Maryland Beekeeper's 0'B r j on ' s latest Fox production, with Association, who gnve us a very inter- y ictor jj c L ag i en , Conchita Monteneg- eating talk on the life of a bee from Linda Watkins, and many others beginning to end. He went through| opon for nn ena gement of two days each step of a bee's life, and cx P lain -| nOx t Friday and Saturday. "The Gay ed it to us in such an interesting w^Caballero," which is the screen version that we enjoyed every minute of his' o f Tom Gm , s novel) "The Gay Bandit talk. He also had a case showing the Q £ the B order » j s exceptional in that TERMS OF SALE No property to be removed until terms of sale are WILBERT L. MERRIKEN, Trustee. 11-7 EastoD, Md. to maintain a constant lime supply *gg s "pin c h" 0 "f salt',"baked pastry shell. in the soil. The amount to be applied jj ea t the grape juice. Mix cornstarch, must be determined by soil tests. sugar, egg yolks, and salt. Add the · i · hot grape juice, and cook in a double T» *· i R itor Timn Pure boiler until thickened. Cool and fill Prevention Is Better Than Cure ^ ghdl r ^ meringue madc "Go to your family dentist at least, w ith egg whites, beaten stiff, and 4 twice a year for a thorough inspection tablespoonfuls of sugar. Bake in a of your mouth and teeth; then '"Hp^"^!^^^^" low his advice as to the care and' 3 ( J minutes . if the juice is "very sweet treatment they need," is the advice of ,j ess SU gar will be needed. Chill be- Dr. Richard C. Leonard, Chief of the fore serving. Division of Oral Hygiene of the State Department of Health, given to all who are interested in keeping their mouths healthy. Incidentally, he said Single Pie Crust 1 cupful flour, 4 tablespoonfuls lard, bees at work building up the comb on - t com bi n cs smoothly all the elements the frames, which many pupils exam-! necessnry to an outdoor drama, name- ined closely after they had been dis- , nc tj on) beautiful scenery, and a missed. We hope Mr. Johnson will fasc j nat i n love story, soon come back again to tell us more about the "Busy little bees." Preston Defeats C. II. S. In Volley On Friday, April 8, the C. H. S. girls were defeated for the second time this season. With apparent ease Preston's team won the game, even at the disadvantage of being away* from the home grounds. However, the game was not as complete a vie- that a healthy mouth usually means sembles a coarse meal. Carefully tory as the score of 23 to 4 might in- ·A*teaspoonful saltTcold"water. Sift dicate, for C. H. S. made a defense the flour once, measure and add salt, which was excellent against a supef^ ior team. l i l t ? I I W i l l U11V.17) 1 14 t **-»*·* «- · » · · · · M U U u v * _ « Cut lard into flour until mixture re- that the rest of the body is in good condition. · "If you make it a rule," he continued, "To go to your dentist every six months--oftener, of course, if necessary--you give him an opportunity to detect unfavorable conditions when they are just starting and when they can be most effectively brought under control. "So long as their teeth are apparently sound and do not ache, and so long as their mouths are fairly comfortable, most people are inclined to put off these necessary mouth inspections. Tooth decay is like other ailments to which human beings are susceptible. It is a disease, and the sooner it is treated the less damage it will do. But the teeth are not the only part of the mouth that ore subject to ill health. The soft tissues--the gums, the cheeks, tongue and palate --are subject to disease also, and need careful watching. "AH unhealthy or unusual conditions of the teeth or gums need prompt attention by a competent dentist, and his instructions should be followed faithfully. The use of tooth protective foods--plenty of milk, green, leafy vegetables a nd fresh milk--are a great help in preventing and correcting unhealthy conditions of the mouth. Rigid cleanliness is another essential. Each mouth requires individual attention. "Go to your dentist for such attention. Do not treat gum diseases or any mouth ailments by quick remedies, no matter how highly advertised they may be. The advice of your dentist should be the first and the lost resort. Do not put off the examination. Prevention of any disease is better than its cure. That is why visits, twice a year at least, to your family dentist, arc advisable." work in only enough cold water to moke a dry dough. Form into ball. Avoid kneading the dough. Turn onto floured board. Roll and fit into pan. Trim and frill edge. Prick a few small holes in bottom of crust. Bake in a quick oven (460 degrees F.) for 10 to 12 minutes. Wedding invitations and annonnc*- ments printed with care and neatness. --The Denton Journal Subscribe for the Journal. Position Wanted. At once by young white woman as housekeeper, child's nurse or practical nurse. Can pive reference. Apply to (MRS.) LILLIAN E. HAHN, 4.9 Eaaton. Md. Phone 613, Post Office Box 322. Notice of Town Election. There will be an Election held in the Town of Preston, Md., on Monday, April 25th. 1932, between the houra of two and five o'clock p. m. at A. M. Willey'a store, for the purpose of electing one Town Commissioner for the term of three yeura. THEO. K. FLETCHER, President, 4-16-21 W. J. BONNER, Secretary. For Rent. Two houses for rent located on Second street in the town of Denton, facing the Court House Square. Possession of one given at ocne and the other January 1st. Apply to LAWRENCE B. TOWERS. 12-12-tf The regular spring meeting for the Homemakers' Clubs of Caroline county will be held in the Parish House, Denton, on Friday, April 22nd, at 7:45 p. m. The members of the club, their husbands and other special guests will be present. The program will be as follows: Song, greetings from guests, song, talk, "4-H Club Work," Ruth Voahell, Salisbury Normal School; talk, "The Economic Value of Exten- Fredric March and Kay Francis _ At Reeae Theatre This Week-end With such an outstanding array of hits such as is listed on the Reese Theatre program for this week-end and the coming week, theatre fans can expect rare entertainment at this popular lower Delaware theatre. Fredric March and Kay Francis are the stars in "Strangers in Love," the Paramount hit scheduled for this Friday and Saturday, April 15 and 16. Many requests hove been received for "Strangers in Love" and in line with its policy to give patrons what they want, the Reese-Riolto-Keith Co. made every effort to get this picture on the above dates. Another requested picture is listed for presentation on Monday and Tuesday, April 18 and 19. Charles Farrell and Marian Nixon are co-starred in the new Fox Film Co. deluxe production, "After Tomorrow." Critics claim this to be one of the best Charles Farrell starring vehicles to date, and if the tremendous crowds that packed the Fox Theatre, Philadelphia, is a criterion to judge by, another rate treat awaits theatre fans. The surprise picture of the present year is scheduled for showing on Wednesday and Thursday, April 20 and 21. William Haines and Madge Evans, plus a perfect cast, appear in the new Metro hit, "Are You Listening?" Having everything and more that u good picture has, "Are You Listening?" ranks as perfect entertainment. The super show, "A Lady with a Past," starring Constance Bennett and Ben Lyon, is the attraction on Friday and Saturday, April 22 and 23, The screen's greatest actress scores again in one of the most successful plays ever to be presented on Broadway. Together with a big Family Variety Show, this program constitutes u big week-end of deluxe entertainment. Program Of The Capital Theatre, Dover, Del. Monday and Tuesday, April 18 and 19, a glorious stage presentation-music, dancing, singing. On the 1 screen, Billie Dove in "The Age For Love." Added: Comedy, "It's a Wise Mermaid." j Wednesday and Thursday, April 20 and 21. William Haines in "Are You Listening?" Added: Comedy, "He's A Honey." Friday and Saturday, April 22 and 23. Joe E. Brown in "Fireman Save My Child." Added: Comedy, "The Flirty Sleepwalker." Butter Bean Poles. ·' For Sale, largo, oak butterbean poles sharpened and delivered. Order for any number accepted. Price i!c each. BILLY MERRIKEN, 4-16-21 Denton, Md. For Sale. PULLETS -- Rocks. Good Stock, healthy and now all laying. $1.00. T. W. LEWIS. Denton, Md. R. 1 near Hobbs. (4-16-tf) Booms for Bent. Desirable rooms in Denton for rent; good location, attractive surroundings, garage. Address inquiries to DENTON JOURNAL. 4 9-tf Denton. Md. Hello Polks! Cooley Chicks are the beat! $7.00 per hundred. 10 free chicks with every order of a hundred. ELD EN E. COOLEY. * COOLEY HATCHERY, Bridgeville, Del. Phone 64 (3-5-tf) . A. BRACKETT DENTIST Office over Caroline Motor Co. Market St. Phone 32 D E N T O N , M A R Y L A N D Open daily from 9 a. m. 5.30 p. rn. For Sale We have a good size bunch of piga, about eight weeks old, for sale in pairs or singly. EARL and NORMAN HUTCHISON, Cordova, Maryland. Telephone: Hlllaboro 14F21 (4-16-21) C H I C K S ! Barred Rock, Reds and Leghorns; low priced. Get our price before you buy. Custom hatching. WEST DENTON HATCHERY, 2-20 Denton, Md. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS STATE OF MARYLAND STATE ROADS COMMISSION Notice to Contractors. Sealed Proposals for building one section of State Highway as follows: Caroline County. Contract No. Co-7622, Federal Aid Project No. 256-A, one section of State Highway along the Ridgely-Greenaboro Road from tbe end of Contract No Co-66 near Boonaboru toward Greenaboto for a distance of 1.60 miles (concrete), will be received by the State Roads Commission at its offices. Federal Reserve Bank Building, Calvert and Lexington Streets, Baltimore, Maryland, until 12 M. on the 26th day of April, 1932. at which time and place they will be publicly opened and read. Prequalification of bidders required. Bids must be made upon the blank proposal form which, with specifications and plans will be furnished by the Commission upon application and cash payment of $1.00, for each separate project, as hereafter no charges will be permitted. No bida will be received unless accompanied by a certified check payable to the State Roads Commission of Maryland, as required by Sec. 6, Chapter 539, Acts of 1931, of the amount as set forth in the proposal form. The successful bidder will be required to give bond, and comply with the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, respecting contrncts. The Commission reserves the rigbt to reject any and all bida. By order of the State Roads Commission this 12th day of April, 1932. G. CLINTON UHL, L. H. STEUART, Chairman. Secretary. Notice to Creditors. This is to give notice that the subscribers,of Caroline county.have obtained from the Orphans' Court for Caroline county, in Maryland, letters of administration on the personal estate of WILLIAM S. GROUSE, late of Caroline county, deceased. All persona having claims against the said deceased are warned to exhibit the same to the subscribers, with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or before the 1st day of November, 1932, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all beuefit of said estate. All persons owing this estate ore required to make prompt settlement. Givan under our hands this Twelfth day of April, 1932. ANNA ELLIS HARPER, MARY MELVIN, Administratrices. Subscribe for the Journal. Cases of communicable diseases have been reported in Caroline coun- sion Work," Mrs. Clifton Grouse, Club ty from April 4tlt to llth, as follows: Member and Master Farm Home Mak- Tuberculosis, one near Ridgely; scar- cr; Recreation of Washington's Time, let fever, one at Hillsboro, three at The Federal Club; address, Dr. Thorn-1 Denton; broncho pneumonia, one at as B. Symons, Director of Extension,'Denton; influenza, one at Denton, one University of Maryland; song. near Preston. for now and later .. Fascinating Footwear $ 5 · takes any of these new models STYLE - MINDED WOMEN, always a step ahead of the season, will be delighted with this array of new Footwear. Ultra-modern, open sandals . . dainty pumps . . novel oxfords . . invite a try-on. FEATURED ARE- colorful Kids, Reptile combinations, Patents and Textures. Every heel style. Everngam's O W ONE oftkest IGA COFFEES \sjustrighi for YOU s Here'i real coffee latlifactloh. The flavor YOU prefet ii blended in one of the four blendi ofl.G.A. Coffeei. One of these fib your pocketbook too. ft M' Blend Lt 30C Rich--full bodied. 'G' Blend Lb. Z5c For milder flavored coffee. 1 A' Blend Lb. aoc A Santos coffee--rich in flavor. Vacuum Packed DeLuxe CAN 3fc 7VT TV TVf T\r For the moit discriminating coffee taste. Butter F R E E ! ONE BAR ICfl Beauty Soap With each 2 ban purchaied *t 2 l-4Lb,S2frc Apple Butter Qi, Jar Gold Medal Flour 12 ib.Bag37c Flour m Typical ofl.G.A. high quality. An Improved flour for all home taking needs. Kellogg's Corn Flakes The low I.G.A. price it made poulbU ^ Inrne by btmendous I.G.A. buying power. 3^ Pkca Instant Tapioca Macaroni, Spaghetti Sauer Kraut IGA Salmon IGA Pinfc Raisins--Seedless 2 For 23c 4 PfcgS. 25C Ko. 2 Can ice 2 Cans For ITC lie Milk EVAPORATED 1IC More proof of I.G.A. every day economies. Super Suds 2 For l?c Dill Pickles Qt. ] flr I5c OUR OWN MAKE Pure Country Lard 2 Ibs. 25c Fresh Pork Sausage Meat lb. 2oc ,A Scrapple lb. ice Vegetables We Carry Mrs. Russell's Bridge Cookies and Homemade Specialties George's sanitary Mar ket Telephone 107 DENTON, MD. A, T H O U I NEW Low PRICES! Goodyear builds millions more tires than any other company-- that'a the reason you get best values here. Plus our Service. Now--New Low Prices. Lifetime Guaranteed GOODYEAR PATHFINDER Supertwlat Cord Tirea CASH PRICES TRADE YOUR OLD TIRES for new 1932 Goodyear AU-Weathcrst TUNE IN Goodyear Radio Programs Wed. Sat. Full Ovrnlz* 29x4.50-20 30x4.50-21 28x4.75-19 29x4.75-20 29x5.00-19 30x5.00-20 28x5.25-18 30x5.25-20 31x5.25-21 30x3 jounnj.a. jOiJMOs.a, 31x4... 32x4 Prlc* of Each $5.35 5.43 *.33 *.43 *.*5 *.75 7.53 7.89 S.I5 4.07 4.19 4*9 7.35 7.5» Each In Pain $5.19 5.17 *.I* *.24 *.45 *.55 7*30 7.6S 7.91 3.95 4.0* 4.16 7.09 7.35 Tub* SI .01 .03 ·17 .01 .30 .33 ·35 ·33 1.43 .·X ·90 .90 X.3Z X.3Z Other tlset equally low CAROLINE MOTOR CO. Phone 117 Denton, Md.

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