Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on December 7, 1910 · Page 14
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 14

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1910
Page 14
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^ TKEKTON EVENING TIMES, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1910. Select His Gift From a Man's Gift Shop WTiat men need and want in the finest obtainable quality and very I'cst of values are ready for selection. Serviceable giftsLare most sensibe. Here's a guide: Silk Suspender Sett, SOc., 75o. and 91.00. . fure linen Handkerchiefs, 25c. and 50c. Instinctive Neckwear. 25c,, 50o, 51-00 and $1.50. House Coats. $5.00, $6.5O, $7.50v $10.00 and 12JDO, Bath Robes, $3.50. »4.50, $6.00 to $12.00. Holeproof Sox. neatlyf boied, $1.aO, $2.00, 53.00 for 6 pair. Novelty Leather Goods 25c. to $3.00. Jewelry men appreciate. 25c. to $1.50. ·* Kid Gloves, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 and $2.25. A EC-W line of Caps. 50c., $1.00 and $1.50. £--r,ros of otter gift bints If you"! take a walk through and see thr-m.. CIVIL SERVICE TO PRESIDENT PRAISES "NOODLES" GIVES TAFT SENDS MANY ASSIST OFFICIALS WATERWAY WORKERS CHILDREN ADVICE, NAMES TO SENATE --Will Establish Branch Office in Newark l« FBIllY YEARS At th Stati-- JJ ins: to a nets of h=td .1 i : !erh Ti-.p ];,-!] until" yef-r th«!..""mes.,f oi.j 7en:ist Ho de^l.-'rnf mf-t;n-,- nf th? St.-Ue Commission Reports to Governor! W A S H I M ; T i f i v r hi.'H'ir' ! a n n u a l i-r-j Rivers raid ! -Iay Assertinfc that -one of its aims is to be not a disturbing, but rather u harmonizing factor in the Koverrmicnt; not to impede, but to expedite an*! to facilitate the jfenernl work of a d m i n i s - tration, the N'tw Jersey Ovil s-rvic, Commission today prest-nted its a n n u a l report to Governor Fort. C o n t i n u i n g the report says it is not the purpose of ] the commission to erutiarrass or in any way compromise h-ads of d.-partm-Mi's In their performance of d u t y . hut. ·?."·:? ' i o n . rather to f r f e from annoyance'and to : » l l n . - r . t strengthen and to encourage t h e i r ' hands. In pursuance of this policy, the -o m - misslon 5hotvs that it is now arranging to maintain a permanent offli-e hi Xewnrh for the transaction of routln- business oonnected with the thr«"~- m u n i c i p a l i t i e s of Essex County to which thf Civil»Service Commission law applies. This plan will make some member or authoratltlve representative of th* commission always on call an.l In direct touch with those municipal, and will serve i-v.»n i t h ^ few ho urs ' time In the certification i-f pay rolls which otherwise wouM !··· reouired In sending them to the g oiTic" at Trenton. The commission says It is expected that similar ar- ranci-mrnts will be made in other largo rmjniri|«HU"s .vhen thev are hrntu:!". u n d e r the law This policy will, th report says, doubtless increase local umli rstandine nf and confidence j n I he syst* m and will extend and con- i Jirrn t h a t popular favor for it w-bi-h Is ' nmv .M-cnming dominant t h r o u g h o u t th»_ State. WANTS J.A.W A.MEXPEP. One of the vexatious problems which the commission says it has ha*i to- deal w i t h is that ronce'rnins- ccrt.iin of State employes whose duties , are rontmca to speeifio' localities nrt.l j to whom special knowledge of su^-h (-.-liities is essential, such as Of lish '" and g:im«. wardAns and the prohntion officers. To solve this problem th- Commission Several H u n d r e d Recess A p p o i n t - ments F o r w a r d e d f o r C o n f i r - mation by U p a e r House repeats its recommenda- -- - .--.---._ ij..(iiu i .-«·.-». innde to the I'.pfiis-latur'' last vear ! -Kxainin-.Ts yesier.dny at the j n «raoly, t h a t th" -law be .amended in is- :t was dis,-ovor«d that · · " · - f s u v n ''~ u:l v a * w '" permit the coni- n n ov-f^-Piaht l.r J ?TO h *-" Alan mis ' sion r " restrict its e x a m i n a t i o n s for · ,·,,..,;. ,. I' . "* ' P«s'ti.:.ns ot the character in question i.i.n.^...;. iv n .. has l.een prac- to .·j.n'lidatr-s who arc- residents of the ur-i.i!:s!ry in-rc t h a n forty i'.ears. : iorailitir-s cinc.-i-n»rl ·:u. Dr. Planners i commission also points out tho i t h « desiral.Hrtv of u n i f y i n g KO f a r ns P o s - i il^r^cted o i ·*"'":·'" t h " llPr " ls of ^''P-'rtnwnts ,-,rd a p - | v t l f ! ln poimihK off^'i-is. as c.'i!'-ii!fitel r - - a ;..o m parison r o'fj l n ,! h e "V 111 the n.ll's «-:,s made and: the ' Cat!On , t h e ^notified over the 'phone.) s " ni ^"' v _ h ^5 n " v '"' P rohl «'ni was prrs.-nt-- th:Vt. lie ha " ' ' ' 3 " · - ^ - pro- I " a d m i n i s t n j t i o n . sc--rvice rlassili- commission 3ho\vs r' 'phone. ( , u ·h.etUf-r ho h;; t ] ever 'heen iic-r-nf!c"d."-rtr, "·· . l i e niL'i n. search of the c o u n t y ' -cures inr. t ,o :ir}( j nis registration was --;· ·seroc:. }Te u a s t-kl t h a t ;i license m ,,'--\,.r_,,! jssu,--d to him, but the ·;rt. havnicr kKov.-l.-diye of his ability 1 P--..'S t h e examination, issued" a U~ -""·' a n d sent it in him at-ohce. e d - d n r i n g - the vea r by the xiassifyinsr wrtain empiryes; who Wer" not exclusively subject to the atithor- | ity of. this State, such as those of th" .· i Inter-State- Bridere Commissrjon and I the Tnti?r-S*taU' Palisades- Park Commission. A'ng-c.tiations are in t ,,.,^,·-.-.-, with the X°w York Civil Sfr\-ic'e Com- "··'-- anrl with the inter-state ,-om- missions concerned for a ' sstisfaetcry \ . h M e the es.-unination ..f the class . i r . -i '° , , V M S m '! r "Sress yesterday.permanent solution of the question h..«e '.,m,Jr. nr me n tl '}- ''I"* 1 lectetf i . ' The ^""iniissfon held 43 regular meet'-; .,,o r -,',, " "· j JUipkey, o f j i n s s (Turinjr -the year which were 'so iWke,- -if Vot,'-,C2 t: ; PTlarI « s A - f a i t h f u l l y . a t t e n d e d by the members - i . oi -x .n,irK. secretary -treasurer, t h a t only 12 .enforced absences w^re ~ -' - recnrlr-d._ The n u m b e r of rompetitive examinations, conducted was TS. which : _ · : : n | The Best Hosiery at th» Fairest Prices. Ladies' Fleeced-Iined Hose, 25c an n o f d Warm', h For Real Winter Weather We present winter overcoat nev.s in a nut shell. For bleak and frigid weather a fur lined or fur outside overcoat 522.50 to $60. For blowing, blustering weather, a com-ertible collar great coat SI 0 *o S25. For cloudy, threatening weather, a woolen cravenette raincoat $15 to S22.50. For drenching -.vinter rains and sleet, a rubberized rain coat, $5 to $20. . Fcr dress, Chesterfled overcoats, phin effects in beavers, fcerseys, friezes, thibets, monle cloths and rough moatag^acs, serge or silk lined, at $15 to $50. Clothiers. Hatters. Haberdashers. SEVENTH BESERTION LEADS TO Per Paar. 25c. GRIFFON CO. inc. Women's, Children's and Ben's HOSIERY EXCLUSIVELY Trenton Store. Commonwealth Buildingrflpp. Post Office Trenton's Favorite Xmas Store Honesty in Advertising. i'll and 129 East State Street Silk and French Sateen- Covered Comforts Make Pretty Xmas Gifts Showing a new and exceptionally pretty line of them here, A wide variety of patterns and prices 1 : JR.O.U. A. M-.-OFFICIALS MEETING IN WASHINGTON Cotton Down Comforts at . . . . \ l i c h t w-i'ilrli Fit'il MZP r ' u n f n r i s sifkjilini'. I n hi f l ) V ( T S , . ' p F ( ' t t y f l u Splendid Line of Comforts at L i i r h t ' warm. $1,49 w a r m , t'ntl O V I . T ' ! \ v i f f l · r»nff nf to' t h e Times, oN, n-c. -J hy llird ltt;ii-km.iii . . _ :i-1vi-iMl a drvorn' for her j ··iiipl.tyi-.i ;n t.'re HoirhlinK ·"·rdiiii; I . !!ic teslimony of Si'VCTl t i f l l .ji " t h a n t w o year.1 t f-titL-.ncr n-aa repr-senr- - j over in u-i'-iirht In " s i l k a l i i u - m boriliT-rtl '.i-ffivts vt-rcil ;tn,| cri hut vc'rv . '.!r. DEATHS -- In Morrisv.ille. - .-r Uree .pa on . efforts w i l l iVow be" direct- ! " v " r t : e.t. tou-ar.l m r i k i n K ilu- appropriations "'1 "" ' rrsiilar insti-nd of- i n f p r n . j t t . ' n t . Th" 2reaf« r p i r t of the. iiiorjiirtar session was takeri up by the 'addresses of President T»fi. RanswleH h n d - f » n o r d»? l.ft- B;ura. 'tne JTesican Ambassador, Pa., on - r f | m ' h e r . i a t e r - r e s i , ami - Kerk Streets T h u r s d a y afternoon 'BS-r^ % -·- ;,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, ,. Mra ,,«, trt n» ,,r,,.;:r5TM o ,-,?^'Tsrs;"',,KS!; JIv e -,1 t fr ' Vnds ''f t a t t e n d t h e * , f r o m the residence of her son, F* '- U / lbhe -. ' fl0 ' Relr' St fcrwlar a-fternonn. at. r.30. o'cJo'clt. - fa-m- on Serv . - - rr"* v --*--- v '-Jm. rv. o t r t Y -.-_-. ^-t-'-XU. -Zien : Affican. Slethodlst Episcopal Churca at 2 o'clock. ' Tner-- raeaf .at Kirervieiv- Cemetery. -12-7-St KLt.VR --in this city. on. the Sth-inst Apn:e.-M., wife--o-f Manuel Kline. Sr' . The relative's and" Criends fit., the rim- ii - are invltt-.a to attend the funeral " D TM , t? 1 ' ' a!e ,. -^ence; 3-l-S-.' South ,,,,,,^- JV .»_T.n B«rfichtown ^T-'.f- "uu- L n^ : -.- :jj^;^|^^Sna^Stl 31 ^"' '^A* ** *'.- iV-^^/^'^feS ^t-^ 1 ^ n 3?-°f,t l i e - : ' r . ii - m '. v 'fr-fni,'-Ae;-res?^»-.iiS-'-'of ? t)re 'Sra-nd^aJ?- -·-. gnts' -Mr.- ,ftrtd;Mrs;"rharIcs Gro've. Ajrin street,, on.-l^riaasc-H/ternoorr at- '* o'clock" : -. ? ;Interaieirt-at-- BSrd«sh"tou-a · C ' OCK - - ; PA-i-i-f : ;ftso-_tn tiiisv citxv on 'the -6th .-.:,. mst.. :Marr.Morrlssey.. Patterson. ' :,:T «^ ^latlvps anfl' the' fam- Ulr .- are -,'uiy!» ? r l , to* attend .t he' f uneral- -frr.jTi .r!jr r^Msnj-e of her .son-Jn-la£. . .Thomas, --Henrr/ -432 . Centre -Sftefet. oil .··*."-2?v;.morBin'ar h:t S x»-1ock. -Renuiem. ..bigrh: -mass at Sacrefl_Hea.-t C!iTirch.at0 o clocfc. fciterment at .Johh-'s Ceme- ,ter- -at convenience of .- the ' family "" " ' - - ' · " " " ' · " - * · uuiti,iii K fij iiii-u-uiuaTtrs ncing tlinsf 1 rrij who attended-the last 10 examination.4 tg O ernment Bav- to · , - - - -- . . n - e to end the: .funeral .from. Ms "Btte'".r»sl- - - - dence, t! . Friday ' competitive cl£._, .,, ,,, ,,,., ,,,,,, ^ 1Jlu . petitive. class, and G9 in the .labor class 1 3. total of 2.017. appointments. - There \rere made for the good of the service, for. adequate causes not -of a political or religious nature, 223 dismissals a fact .which should abundantly disprove the complaint, the report -soys; which is .still occasionally heard that th« cli'il service law operates .to retain tncompe- tent or unfaithful'employes in office, and thus to prevent Improvement of the puWic service. . · · INCREASED ITEXfANTS Increased .demands were:made tipon the commission in^ the .quailtj and character of its cxamlnattons. In- se- curinfi- eligible lists -ot experts' for the Publie TjtiHtles- "C-aniTrilssid.ri, of ex- nmiriers of _btrlldins and -loan associa* tl'ins, of ^probation" officers "and others, liigh jtiali8catipn.s were required and expert all = was securea," in cd-operation -'wittv the-heads of-the departments eon- .corned, ; .witH : gra£ifjnng results The j-epcirt contains "a. huiriher of letters .t^sfjf.vinR-to.-the high sta.adard set by the. examinations' of the'commission tThe ^yarlons bearings held dnrfeg- the year-with-relatton to eonipla'irits filed are. .sretiftjrth. . Details- of these cases referreci to were .prtnteS'-at the time of their considers-tlonrby ; the conlmissloit It 'has been disclosed; accprding to t:he "report, that If is hot alvicays possi- has built a htch thirty shl I be loaded or i series of , We to secare-.among-tiie: actual citizens of 'the/ State. th«j inpat .de^iiiftble' canai- datea:.:for "the-, techijlcal "·posftfpns re- qulrfDg- high goaHflcfttiohsi The Ct^n Service law: ricrar :restelcts exatnlnatlohs to cltfz|ms of the' .StAte, and the coin- mission' saya^ It belfeyes. thai' no Injus- tice'wonld be dpneandi that the ends of JJJgner-efflciency ^ promoted = TRENTON MEN AT RIVERS CONGRESS Special 'to the Times. W ittll\.,Tft\ Dec 7--Jamci C Tattei--iJ' n r c = W r n t o£ the Trenton ian ^ \*-th ir SletzRrer, s^»retaT5 of - . Trenton C^iamher of rrm:mer»-e.. aiul Frederick W. - DoVrvelly, president. o £ Trenton Pepper ^ aterwajs Asso on p n n AT ?. nonnelH. are- In JVasbfnston fr attend t?ie sM-enth'sn- jiua! ·jsorivi-n.tlon if .fne National Rivera and tJar^ors Con^re 61 ^ a.rd are regr*^- tered at the Ri^s, Hnu^e 4, number of otLer df leg-ates reore seutSnq- "-- "" - - · - · - - h.f Trcrtoa Thamher of ra«roe aii/j the Trenion T^ecp^r Water- J\i\: A«=soriq,tioa aro etp^f-tort from Trenton tOTmr-ou t» atfii'l the- convention \Tr ronnc"1v !·? Siting hoomeT for on^ rrt the ni 1 mnal i^t le-jrates at larg^ for the ^ornlnpr vear ant It is helns"tlan*ie"d'' ; for. Xeiv- ."Jersey to tak« an a-ti.p ptrt In tho proceedings of the convention. TO URGE DEEP CHANNEL i i As a lecturer he. ,, 1 on. Hi, -[.[.itfortn's of l « i i d - | [ ·a-iiil V. JI. C. A. h a l t s . a l l . : - V world, f r c f t u n n t l y h«-infr called: ·· leHvi-r !i!S f e i - t n r » - t o p c i i n o i rhil- ; ^ i M.n-n. Mf, h.-is sp..k,.-ti in all !h« churches '· ? · m th" principal' cities of ;he country. ', I, 1 j He i-;tr'rii-s 1.-r i.-rs irom M a r t i n ' I S r u m - ' l a n d iearlinjj" instructors of "America. "Noodles^- lectures and talks to chif dren bf cause of the fact that a: few years a-so he · was a newshoy. He knows the hardships "and temptations of bo\ toilers and is t r \ m g to do something to help, and enootira-^c them. -GOon ADVICE AMD GRIN'S, Good advice and a grin always ,.gi. topeth^r with Noodles;-and -though h^ always leaves. a:serious thr-.ught Jn the .boys' minds and an earnest 1 message." he had them laujjhin? a pood deal of the time. \oodles talks at the rate of tZ"i words A.infinite, and that's some tallc. Tell -vou on" thing boj-s ' beRnn.1 -Noodles, hreez'K-. in onV of his a d - | dresses, herp. "The ladder of success I has no rungs made .of cigarettes.! STnokiBS. ciuarett-es will 'never Rst you anywhere- On the other hand, -the '.boy who take's carn'pf himsself and is- sensible, that has -a'prooil'. constitution and 6- Rood education, a'.- steriinE: chara-cter a-nri gentlemanly traitsv.-that -hov" Is an hcnrr to liis school ami hi^ PT- i .\Vin.i,m ...-nrerary A ay H. f I P ofti.-cr* 'nn?yU:;in;a th- Dislri. r. A M. ",\V W M y r y l "f I'-.- ·itl, r j f i f i i i i i r e ] "Thr. «-ay tli.-it man inokeri at me was most iupiiltlnK,"" sh» said. "!M !;«.- stare?" asked !ier brother. '!-Ni: li-? likr-.l onoe and th»n turned a-.vay a tiinucl) I ' w a s not wnrth no ti'.-lr.s."--Uafralo Express. work hard ami %eH joiJr- hoarse- ! -Ior y.ou'r. fnoth-ill 'or hase- . tcin ·» and nh, what an ovation, for the l o v = f non thf\ br nt; -home the cup' '-But fpn't -it-the .crrc'.it rhah-idukl triumph to pro out in thr- uorld ami make sroort and hold a cr«at position" ·an^r^niendijnenV.lor thel-law permlt- ^ ^*" adinissioTn "of .^csandidates from t Cemcterjv ·'!" (such places/a^thdse~ln. question, after " 32^7-2t|it· Tiast li · - " - - -- - .mass .of.req.niem"at..thfi7.:Cn"ufch- dl ^e Immaculate r Cotc«-Dtian , »t 9 o*ti*cK interment"at Riv.errlew.' Cemetery: ." e .~^*. «,, ,..,,,« ,,, uoou 32^7-it j H ;h'as heeh found linpdasibTe to flll v them t ihe e*t advantage 'from Insida " the State. := .,, --'-: __.-..:- ^. : - Tisereils. »et .forth;the dectelpn of the uneonstttstiohal ithe iaethoa .-By wnlch .civil.service, wasadoiJtea Jn mmrtcipaJf- - - _ m i n « g men. who wi!l re-prestent tills rlty- at tiia c.onyenrioff of/ the · National TRI«-ers ! and Harwirs-" Canferess :.will probably' seek .a orenrp with the t ong-ps^ionfll repre- tfie«= from jMs ota-t"*. Vow Jersey i an Belaware. KdRidifr General W H · BlThy cnSff rf entsnoers o j y^ fnJted "'States- Army, m W? -fecetit report to thfi Ser reta^ ot W ?V. --k«l /-nr Jl 5-1 fi«) -yUh wliicjt tiy t»tsin the work of deeperins ihe Delaware " til- r " V-'»i_aB»i»1 tn fnSrty-fi^e feet. UoTTimnrcial "interests h"re wilj iur.ce upon rtV t onere==smpn the"iifces=lty for' additional rap .-..VX--M Roebling-. X. J.. .:.. inst:. JJarv.-E.; wife of: f ,-: fJji'-th^.'37th\year-.6T^her-ajre - - . --.- Relattvess aha 'friends- of thi fan -are mirltea-ifl'atteBd the - - ^-'"ii."'--^.- * - v : - . . n - Thursday; at -1-- o'clock » : Interinentvat^ the BordSjtewn Cem-,/.:_ = s , \./-r..,. ; : 12-«-2t . - .ties;.".biit It Ss sl\bwu,thisit the «lyU ser" . . . wu, e «y service ;la* wais "«p ; popa!ar that nptwlth- staridfng- the-adveiB*-.deslsJ(3n- the law j was immediately adopted" by r«f eren- W"». in Essex CoiOily.lfewark: and P\RENTS *tA great many ho\ ·? forget their parents tvhen thej. get to he twenty : years old. You boys remeiri!pr that the respectable yonn^ mail- who honors' his 'mother, will rot "only be ; aJ- mlfe,d, but- win ^irva-ke'4 hl-f succes m life "Here-"In Ihiy .?-hool foor boyg'have just as good; a'-cjiancft ais, riijh anes. \nd \ ou ousht -ui of x on to 11 thank ·fu.l that .yon ran be ijr ; ihis school. When .--.yon" compare/ yniir condition" w-iih the toys w h o . n f " ; not. in school: the hrrt«i x\ho htvf* r i^orK, in mines .ind factories ind snop= -it -vour «ge wh# r-Jfw ^.re th« -luckv BIG VALUES in oni Drapeiy and Rug Deportments $10.00 Jute Smyrna Rugs. 9 x 12, now 16:00 Seamtes Brussels Rugs^ 9 x 12, now 1.25 Inlaid Linoleum, now 60c, Printed Linoleum, now __ _ $ 6J8 12.98 ggj stock in Trenton, tut always the fittlest* prices. Rtiffled Muslin CurtaTns, a pair Euffled Muslm Curtains, colored borders _ Senm Curtains, eliray lace edge, a pair Nottingham Curlams, a pair Novelty Curtains, a pair _ _ Renaissance Curtains, a pair Insh Point Cu» tains, a p*jj _ Marie Antoinette Cartams,\ pair ARE ALSO SHOWING SPECIAL ROPE AND TAPESTRY 69c 89c to $2 89 to 69o. to 1.39 to 249 to 2.49 to 3.9a to to $ 1.12 1.12 449 4.75 4.49 7,75 10.00 14.00 IN Hooper ( Co. Daylight On pet Store :: 15 S. WARJtT-N ST. $718 Feather Weight Extra Warm Comforts at . . . FilKn! with l a m i n a t e d o o t t n n . oovcre*-! with l i f s t - q u a l i t v s i l k ; i - liiif 1 a n J satini-s. .lxjni«'ivl arit! Fine Sateen and Part Silk Comforts $3.50 and ?3.98. A gram! comfort -for warmth and .service; covered ivitJi heavy sat-pch, siitno. with silk honlprs. in a lar«e variety-,-o.f beautiful designs. $4.50 Fine Bordered :C6m- forts of Lambs' Wool Covered w i t h \cr\ ity silkaline. iu pink. Jihre ami yellow.; ·' pretty 'bordered eF- Lamb's Wool and Dtrwu Comforts at S4.50 and $4.38. 'i(nu;;!! wml anif do\TO coni- f.irt.-.---',ivr-rfd with sateea or si! k a l i n f . · Tlu'.sj- arc- b»th very Silk Covered T,ambs' Wool Comforts In all-ifivcp 'and in bordered ef-- fvcts: ;i warm comfort showjiixt-'-. a - n u m b e r of pretty patterns.'··-""-. Kxtra Finish Down Comforts .. V.pry li«rht and warm-, covered, wit.h fin*- FVench sateety vv i t h p Lai n - . coin red borders j at wiflf assortment of colors- . ·'." Silit Covered Do^nTTgomforts «^Ui rj-'itrn. hea^* ^ind vsry "liffitt- fin«* finality do%vn, very ; Iarg!i: size, crood quatity silk witt contrasting borders in reds.; bln^s. pinks' and persians; darfc' and Ikrht colora All Silk Lambs' Wool Comforts ,.. In prrttv per^ian designs^; v^ry lio'ht anfl warm Eilra Heavy Silk and Down Comforts A grand comforft; verv large t thick and warm, m pretty bordered effects. Women's Outing Flannel Garments Heavy Outing FJannel Heavy Outing Flannel Skirts nd short .f \ 1^ patterns an') in w Intf are hem-litrhnl, others scalJoppfl LHitres, at 25c, and 50c -with 39c. Ten- violl madp m stripes ptam wfure flAnn^ls: with and" -svithmit crtilars. snme fiiv j'Apfi in so} d eolor bands, others silk EXTRA Reg. $7.00 X , EXTRA HEAVY 5 LB., BLANKETS $5.98 $3.50 WOOL FINISH Extra Size BLANKET^ 52.49 LAe4 .'-.i'-v.-."-..-". Jduin, In Essex Ci *Vf *"?. ; :«:v --"-". fEsistvqraBga!;^^ ·'·:, Ttiatis what w:e Kay c worked for the last twenty;-six vye^. ; v-F6r.;Haany;y^rs\jpuf business has been the best in the dty. There is no bet^ in the state. Efoipitjent md sfell have helped us to do it. You get the advantage of all this when your prescriptions are filled here. Joseph WaeireT, ·vao Hres on th« Keeler ferm nesoc Biobkrllle. for -a» second tttne has been made the de- .fenaant In a. sott'faf. dlvorca imjoglit by his wife, -Mrs.. Cnristtwut Wayn*J". ; Several n»pt}i« a^gb- , Mrm; Wm^uer took similar action and when she heard her husband was ^olngr to leave ths state ahe applied to «» sheiUt for his arrest. - ' . ' - * " After Wagner "taA «scaped ft o»« the officers several times by swimming th« river, he was oOip.i-ed and captm'od at hl» hoow by Under She. IK. Hotl«r^ Wagner had be«iv In Jan about t-« months when hi* «lf« .Rented and dla- conOnned her suit, afUs which the hug- band was released. Mr*. Wagner now chaix^* her husband with a statutory offense. r~; _ ; - -- - . " - " JOT RIDE COSTS LKJENSE Upon the rec6ir»m«ndatlon and re- Vuest of Uzel H-.McCarter, q^f Newark, the ,' iver's license of his chauffeur, Thomas H. Haverin win b? revoked by Commissioner of Motor 'Vehicles J. B. R. Smith. The complaint as made br Mr. McGarter Is that the driver to k h|* machine from the garage without the owner's eonseat^and ha4 a 4*m«re Trenton People Should Know These Impot tant Facts About Belle Mead Sweets. Chocolates and Bon Bons Belle Mead Sheets Creams contain no glucose, * Belle Mea* Sweets contain no artificial coloring?" tf Belle Mead Sweets are never stored and are always fresh. * Belle Mead Sweets are made in the cleanest candy kitchen in the world We doubt if any candy maker in America can make such statements about his ro-irectiois and ^rovs them. There is five times more Belle Mead Sweets caHed for in Trenton than all other «a!ed package candy put together. Albert Netson, 16 North Broad. Holcombe Bros. Stats and Protpect. S.!d in Trenton by ^ A'rlhur Schwartz, State and Montgomery. HA«*RY P. MUIRHEID. Pres. H. O. Goedenough, Stattjnd Stockton. H. F. SMJTH 10 West SUte St. ·r

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