Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 20, 1963 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1963
Page 7
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FOLD BACK OH •ROUR LaVB AMD CUT TV—8 Galesburg Register-Mall, Galcsburg, 111., Fri., Sept. 20, 1963 Program Listing for Friday, Sept. 27 WHBF-Chimnel 4 7:55 We Begin This Day. 8:00 Captain Kangaroo. 9:00 CBS Morning News. 9:30 Beauty Break. 10.-00 The McCoys. 10:30 Pete and Glady*. 11.00 Love of Life. 11:25 CBS News. 11:30 Search for Tomorrow. 11:45 The Guiding Light. 12:00 Best of Groucho 12:30 As the World Turn*. 1:00 Password. 1:30 Houseparty. 2:00 To Tell the Truth. 2:25 CBS News. 2:30 Edge of Night. 3:00 Secret Storm. 3:30 December Bride 4*0 Grandpa Happy Show. 5*0 Leave It to Beaver. 5:30 CBS News—Cronkite. 6:00 John Ravencroft News. 6:15 Don Wooten Weather. 6:20 Don Sharp Sports. 6:30 The Great Adventure. 7:30 Route 66. 8:30 Twilight Zone. 9:00 Alfred Hitchcock Hour. 10 DO Jim Koch News. 10:10 Weather Show 10:15 Sports Final. 10:30 Meet McGraw. 11:00 Theatre 4: "Man in the Saddle." WOC-Clumnel 6 6:50 Sign On. 6:55 The Dally Word. 7,fl0 Today. 7:25 Local New*.' 7:30 Today. 8:25 Local Newt. 9:00 Say When. 9:25 NBC News. 9:30 Especially for You. 10*0 Concentration. •10:30 Missing Link. •11:00 Your First Impression. 11:30 Truth or Consequence*. 11:55 NBC News. 12:00 News and Market Report*. 12:10 Weather 12:15 Cartoon Time. 12:40 Movie Matinee: "They Wont Believe Me." 2:00 Lorette Young. •2130 You Don't Say 3:00 The Match Game. 3:25 NBC Afternoon Report. 3:30 Make Room for Daddy. 4:00 Capt'n Vern's Cartoon Showboat 5:00 Huckleberry Hound. 8:30 Huntley-Brinkley 6:00 Report to Area 6 6:30 International Showtime. •7:30 Bob Hope Special. 8:30 Harry's Girls. •9*0 Jack Paar Program. 10:00 Report to Area 6 • 10:30 Tonight Shov 12:00 Midnight Headlines. 12:02 Sea Hunt. WQAD-Channel 8 1030 Seven Keys. 11900 Ernie ford. 11.30 Fathar Knows Best. 13 .DO General Hospital 12:30 Fairm-Hoi • Show 1:00 Day in Court. 1:25 Midday Report. 1 JO Jane Wyroon. 3:00 Queen for a Day. 2:30 Who Do You Trust. 9X0 American Bandstand. 3:30 Discovery 3:55 American Newsstand. 4 :00 Jungle Jay Show: "Road of No Return;" "The Man from Zanzibar." 5:00 Maverick: "Greenbacks Unlimited." 6:00 Weather 6:05 News and Sports 6:15 Ron Coc.iran News. 6:30 77 Sunset Strip. 7:30 Burke's Law. 8:30 Farmer's Daughter. 8:00 Fight of the Week. 9:50 Make That Spare. 10*0 Weather. 10:05 Dick Richmond News. 10:15 Murphy Martin News. 10:25 Jim King Sports 10:30 Million Dollar Movie: "Love Me Tender." 12:00 News Fi--<1. WTVH-Channel 19 8:25 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 1:00 2:30 3:00 Morning Inspiration. Columbia Lectures. Deputy Dawg Cartoon*. Romper Room. Seven Keys. Tennessee »2rnle Ford Show. ther Knows Best. General Hospital. Farm Market, Reports. M Squad. Jane Wyman Present*. Queen for a Day Who Do You Trust? Trailmaster: "The Juan Ortega Story." 4:00 Mickey Mouse. 4:30 Hercules. 5*0 Cheyenne. 6:00 Ron Cochran—News. 6:15 Local News, Weather and Sports. 6:30 77 Sunset Strip: "Five." 7:30 Burke's Law: "Who Killed Mr. X?" 8:30 The Farmer's Daughter: "The Speechmaker." 9:00 Fight of the Week: Ernest Terrell vs. Mike de John. 9:45 Make That Spare. 10:00 Murphy Martin—News. 10:10 Local News. 10:15 New Breed. 11:15 Hollywood's Finest: "Jim Thorpe." WMIW-Channel 31 6:54 Sign On. 6:55 The Daily Word. 7:00 Sunrise Semester. 7:30 Tinker Time 7:55 Today's Weather. 8:00 Captai.i Kangaroo. 9:00 Mike Wallace—CBS News. 9:30 I Love Lucy 10:00 The Real McCoy*. 10:30 Pete and Glcdy* 11:25 CBS News 11:30 Search for Tomorrow. 11:45 The Guiding Light. 12*0 News, Weather Market*. 12:15 Debbie Drake. 12:30 As the World Turn*. 1:00 PassworJ. 1:30 Houseparty. 2*0 To Tell the Truth. 2:25 CBS News. 2:30 The Edge 01 Night. 3:00 The Secret Storm 3:30 The Lee Phillips Show. 3:45. Street Scene. 4*0 The Early Show. "White Tie and Tails." 5:30 CBS News. 6*0 Peoria Today. 6:30 The Great Adventure. 7-30 Route 66. 8:30 Twilight Zone. 9:00 Alfred Hitchcock. 10:00 Peoria Tonight. 10:30 The Late Show "The Red Danube." 12:15 At Day's End. WEEK-Channel 43 7:00 Today. 9*0 Say When. 935 NBC News Morning Report •9:30 Play Your Hunch • 10:00 Price Is Right 10:30 Concentration •r *0 Your First Impression. 11:30 Truth or Consequence*. 11:55 NBC News. 12:00 News at Noon. 12:10 Weather. 12:20 Popeye. 12.30 King and Odie. 1:00 People WU1 Talk. 1:25 NBC News. 1:30 The Doctors. 2*0 Loretta Young. •2:30 You Don't Say 3.00 Match Game 3:25 NBC News 3:30 Make Boom for Daddy. 4:00 CapUin Jink*. Bill Cullen, Camera Bug, Poses Problem for Callers By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — If you stop by Bill Cullen's Manhattan apartment be prepared to have your picture taken, because the crew-cut host of "The Price Is Right" is almost certain to ask you to pose. Bill's consuming off - camera passion is photography. Candid shots, action shots and scenery don't interest Bill. He is a nut on portraits. One entire room of his 10-room apartment is a photographic gallery, complete with lights and backdrops. Cullen specializes in color photography, posing his subjects and snapping the shutter. He leaves the complicated business of de veloping and printing to the professionals. His wife, Ann, to whom he's married eight years, has been photographed by Bill more than 3,000 times, he esti mates. Friends and acquaintances — among them Arthur Treacher, Henry Morgan and Betsy Palmer — frequently walk from the front door straight into the portrait gallery to pose patiently for Cullen's cameras. Asked what he does with the thousands of pictures he takes, Bill answers: "I just put them into my files." He also has sold many of his portraits to various photo magazines. And last year he helped the Polaroid company test its new color film. He's proud of this accomplishment. * » * THE CULLENS are childless and petless, which leads one to ask why they occupy a 10-room apartment. "Because I collect junk," Bill says. "I've got rooms full of junk that I bring home and hate to throw away. So I just keep it stored around the place." Because Cullen and wife are 5.00 Yogi Bear. 5:30 Huntley-Brinkley. 6:00 Local Ne- e. 6:10 Weather. 6:15 Sports. 630 International Showtime: "Parisian Holiday on Ice." 7:30 The Bob Hope Snow. 8:30 Harry's Girls: "A Naval Affair." •9*0 The J ck Paar Show: 10:00 Harrison an* th* New*. 10:15 Weather 10:20 Gordon Joyner on Sport*. •10:30 Tonight Show. 12:00 Evening Me&itatloo. •—Denote* Colorcast. interested in people they entertain frequently, often 20 or 30 guests at a time. Extra help is called in to prepare and serve the buffet dinners. Unwary guests find themselves gently but firmly nudged toward the gallery where Bill snaps their pictures before they know exact- 1 ly what is happening. At other I times Bill will hire professional 1 models to pose for him. | • • • I CULLEN'S DAILY "Price Is Right" show moved from NBC to ABC-TV this fall, as did his weekly evening version of the game show. His panelist appearances on "I've Got A Secret" will continue on CBS. Though his work schedule appears to be heavy, Bill's shows require a minimum of preparation. He arrives a half-hour before each program is taped and quickly goes through the paces. He says a star like Perry Como spends many more hours on his complicated weekly show. When time affords, Bill drives to Teterboro airport in New Jersey to rent and fly small airplanes, being a licensed pilot since he w*s 15 years old (he's now 43). Anne Pearson and Tom Carlin, television husband and wife on "Search for Tomorrow," in real life are next-door neighbors in New Rochelle, N.Y. •miipid by tk« Ant**** Miurrt Ukw atory if tt* (Mmrtity *f HliMis. Mattcf Iff IV ly ATI UtctiMJcs Cwp. GIVES YOU BEST COLOR AND BUCK AND WHITE PICTURES Dunn & Julien 191 I. MAIN FOLD BACK ON BROKEN LINE AND CUT (jalesburg Ifegister-Mail GALESBURG, ILLINOIS - FRIDAY, SEPT. 20, 1963 TV PAGE 1 Every Day in a Little Way Television Becomes Better By DICK KLEINER HOLLYWOOD (NEA) - "Television is finally coming of age." The speaker was Dan O'Herli- hy. But it could just as well have been many others, for most people seem to fell that way. After all these years, when Hollywood turned out television shows because they had nothing better to do, now they are making them with an ingredient previously lacking — respect. You get that feeling wherever you go in Hollywood. New York has always had it; for the past few years, the top television shows from an artistic sense were The Defenders and Naked Ctiy, both produced in New York. Hollywood had nothing to touch them. * * * This year may he different. You hear, as you go from set to set, words that you never heard before: "We're spending more money on scripts." "We're looking for good actors, not necessarily big names." "We're using The Defenders' techniques, because they make good television." And a look at the upcoming schedule and the new show stars drives home the point. In years gone by, if you wanted to meet the new stars, you O'llEKLIIIY: During filming of the Jaimie Mcl'hwters series. were introduced to a procession of young men who looked as if they all came out of the same molding machine. They had one thing in common besides their appearance: they couldn't act. * * « But look at some of this season's stars: the aforementioned Dan 0" Her liny of ABC's The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters; Ray Walston of CBS's My Favorite Martian; Ben Gazzara of ABC's Arrest and Trial; George C. Scott of CBS's East Side, West Side; Ralph Bellamy, new on NBC's The Eleventh Hour; Jason Evers and Henry Jones of ABC's Channing; Larry Blyden of NBC's Harry's Girls; Jack Palance of ABC's The Greatest Show on Earth. Among them, they probably couldn't sell six fan magazines. But they all know what to do when the camera is turned on. And that's what O'Herlihy meant when he said television was finally coming of age. "The finest actors are going into television now," O'Herlihy said during a break in his Jaimie McPheeters filming. "That's because television is the leading entertainment medium today. It is attracting the best actors, the best writers, the best directors. And I think this year's product will be better, accordingly." Stanley Colbert, the producer of The Greatest Show On Earth and the man who lured Jack Palance to television, says that this season is one characterized by what he calls "character leading men." * • * "They're not looking for col» lar ads any more," Colbert says. "With men like Palance and Chuck Connors and Dan O'Herli- (Continued on page 7)

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