The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on April 6, 1924 · Page 19
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 19

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 6, 1924
Page 19
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SOCIAL NEWS DECATUR SUNDAY REVIEW Four Sections -- 36 Pages DECATUR, ILLINOIS, SUNDAY MORNING, ArPRIL 6, 1924. PACES 19 to 26 AMUSEMENTS GENERAL NEWS · MM»MM IMMMMI ii 11 i I' U«*MM «*·«·! l»l 1 1 1 1 « » r? CAME TO DECATUR FROM ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Wedding to Take Place en April 19. The social calendar fur the n o m i n e I e.-k l» »-ell-fllled w i t h H c t t v i t i e . « an.I M i r d e s In honor of Mi.-« M i l d r e d r:..rn(r. d a u g h t e r c.f Mr. and Mrs. T. ^ . n r . r u f f . whoso m a r r i a g e to K. I f e r - · ···r: Kne-latid. son of Mr. «n,l Mrs. C K. K n g t n n d . w i l l ml ; e pUc, Saturday r . . - n . A p r i l 13. In the Central C h u r c h e? Christ. «'iii Monday. Mrs. K v e r e t t P e n h a l l e - c..n. Mrs. H e n r y Curry and Mrs. Le. t.iml r.nglnjid will 1* hostesses to a n u m b e r of gums a t ' l u n c h e o n In the V . T a t u r c l u h . honoring t h e b n d e - i o - Tiiesday a f t e r n o o n . Mr«. S. A. M i l l e r ··III e n t e r t a i n ot brldce in her home In West Forrest a v e n u e . Mrs. \V. P.. F.ssick and Mrs. C. C. K i i - h n l s o n w i l l have a 1 o'clock luncheon Wednesday In the home of the f o r m e r In compliment to Miss Poruff. The members of the Sunday school *la\-s "f th* Central Church or Christ, or w h i c h Miss H o r u f f Is a teacher, and tl..- t o u c h e r s of iho d e p a r t m e n t w i l l K-ivs x p a r t y T h u m d a y a f t e r n o o n In th- hnnu: of Mrs. Urrjes* K i r U l a n d . Mrs. n«n \\". T.Tlt and Mrs. C. A. Stai-r "'ill be hostesses to the I n t i m a t e - f r i e n d s of the bride-to-be on Friday w i t h a I o'clock luncheon Iti the Talt In West Prairie avenue. On K.imlay. A p r i l 13. t h e Delta Delta, t.'flta sorority, of w h i c h Miss Tloruff t.« n member, w i l l have a tea ir. the C h a p t e r house In West Wood street, the h o u r s b c i n ^ frum 2 o'clock t i n t i l I T2.VTEUTA1X SAT CUD AT. Mrs. Stanley Ttroughton entertained t h i r t y a-uests Inforntally in her home t* West Decatur street. Saturday af- · "moon 1n honor of Miss Mildred V.nruff. who w i l l become the brldo of K. Herbert Knjrlaml on A p r i l 1?. w i t h Mi?* Pearl S u t h e r l a n d b e l n e hostess w i t h Mrs. Krousht«in. A s s i s t i n g tl'.e ki-v;o»$es »-ns Mrs. 1:. N". K a g l e t n n . The suests c a l l e d heliveon the h o u r s f! S o'clock and «. M u l t i - c o l o r e d · i-ring f l o w e r s were used In attract i v e l y decorating the house. Little K u r l c e Mary McKee and Master Billy McGaughey presented Miss Boraff a «ue*t prb.e. · · * Mrs. P.. P. Vail »»id d a u g h t e r . Miss r.»Uy A n n . f l a n to r e t u r n Sunday from" Detroit. Mich., where t h e y have h»en passlntr the s p r l n f r vacation w i t h Mr. and Mrs. A r t h u r P. Dumont. e * * Mlso Mary June I r v i n g left Saturday morsilng for her echool. Rosemary Hall, after passing the spring vacation w i t h her molher. Mrs. E. P. Irving. M i l l l k l n Place. Mvs. W. S. r.:lely. West M a i n Mrs-el, l ^ f i F r i d a y a f t e r n o o n for a week's v i s i t w i t h IIT parents. Mr. e n d Mrs. C u r t i u » . In C H f r o l l t o n . M ns. K. A. CAST.M.-N w.i« hos'.'Ss to t w s n t y members of the Art ,!,,«. in her home 1n 'We«t North e'reet. Saturday afternoon, with the · utijeet of eludy ketnr. "Heroines of i he Jfew T»etament." Following the srternnofi otM^lee. Mr*. Osstmftn en- t-rt«,1ne« the memtero w i t h a buffet · upper. IT M. Owe*. Jr. »"· !· » "tuaent at J', Inceton, N. J.. 1« laesln» his »prln« question. «hleh Is this week-end, with A. Ro«er« Bryon In Me home In nichj f n-id. Conn. QUEEN AND LADIES IN WAITING MI8« MAJUOIUB HAMPTO\. : MISS TIICLMA SCOTT. MISS IDEI.IA DAVIS. MISf BERNICE BELDEN. . ROSALIA McCANMHUCK. These above pictured Voung women were prominent in the artistic Gym Festival held Friday night in the Millikin gymnasium. They were elected by popular vote of the student body. ,, 7 , Miss McCambridge, president of the Junior Class of the university, was voted queen of the festival and the other, young women were chosen as h«r ladies-in-waiting. · . , . . . . ; . , . . , Marian and Robert Kiefer. Now Your T A I L O R E D Suit* Coat r.«»wrt felert »««r ··· ew 111 4e*l«» M *· /·«. .wt) AHcratiQM REASONABLE PRICED A. ROSEN tHCr AND MES1 TAILOMXG Kow «roew4 Flewr Loealloa: KM N. Water St. 4t23. Tti«s» aflorabl* youngsters are the children of Professor ana Mre. E. C. Klcfer. 1147 West Wood street. Star- life. Prof. an Mrs. K i e f e r and their two-children came from Ann Arbor, Mich., last fall -when Mr. Kiefer ac- ian le six years of age nnd is a «tu- I ceptcd a position as head d e n t «t the Dennis school. Master Robert c l a i m s all of f o u r years of mathematics d e p a r t m e n t James M i l l i k i n u n i v e r s i t y . of it the the Mr. a n d Mrs. Leonard G. Gray,- \Vest Prairie avenue, plan to r e t u r n the middle of t h e week from New York where they have been with their daughter. Virginia, -who a t t e n d s Dana Hall. DECATUR DANCERS APPEAR IN LINCOLN Little Bettye Jane Cooper, who w i t h mother, Mrs. Henryctta. H a t f i e l d Cooper, ts passing the rpringr vaca- t i o n with Mrs. Cooper's sister. Mrs. A. T. McAIioy in Lincoln. I'.l.. delighted the members of the Lincoln W-o- rnfin's club at their meeting Wednesday afternoon when she appeared before them In a clever dance entertainment. The women were very enthusiastic In t h e i r reception of the young D e c a t u r mi?*. }tiss U e t t y e .Tane has a p p e a r e d in s n u m b e r of dance programs in Decatur snd other places, Vjt Wednesday was her first appearance 1n Lincoln. Ml»s .Virginia Baldwin, who has been ias*lnjr her spring vacation with her parents. Judge and Mrs. J. S LlflwlTi. snd William Hunt, who has bsen ·pending hi* vacation with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. H u n t , are leaving Monday mornln* for their schools In the esst. the younc people ,, / I n g together as f»r as New Tork. Mls» Baldwin attends Vassar College and Mr. Hutit Is a student at Chaote school. 0 0 0 - ' Members o' the Tuesday Bridge c l u b will meet with Mrs. C. A. Starr, Park Place, for a 1 o'clock lur.cheon, followed with bridge. TRI-DELT OFFICIAL TO VISIT DECATUR Mrs. Sara Wilson Ellsworth of Thomas. Ky., province deputy of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Is expected to arrive In 'Decatur Tuesday and remain until Saturday. During the war. Mrs. Ellsworth enlisted as a student nurse and served during the war period. She Is a graduate of the Miami university. ' A Tri-fede will be held Thursday evening In the chapter, nwuse In com : pllment to the n a t i o n a l - o f fleer,-and Friday/ the Trl-Delta Alliance will have a I o'cock luncheon for Mrs. Kllsworth. Several other .affairs:are being planned In compliment to the rlsttor. ' Mr. end Mrs. Charles Deets. Mrs G K. Chambertoln. Mrs. J. H. Hilt. Mrs. Bussne lilnxweller end Mrs. G. D. Home From the Famous Eastman Professional School IU%« your aUtiM Bud* by us and er«4 yoeirsolf of tho newest and moil «oa4Vrf«l thlM* !· photoinphy. TAU ELEVATOR WESSON STUDIOS SIS N. Water Dra« BMf. Stcele nio'.orel to (^hampaifin .Saturday m o r n i n g ' In t h e Chamberlain car. r e t u r n i n g S a t u r d a y evening. Mr. and Mrs. Deetz visited rrrends in Champaign and the rest Tot the party attended the lun'cheon;-«iven Saturday noon in the Lincoln hotel In Urbana by the Illinois Republican Woman's club, Champaign .unit. Honorable/ J o h n Barrett, former*, minister to Siiirn. was the p r i n c i p a l s p e a k e r al t h e l u n c h e o n . * * · T. K. E. AWARDED FESTIVAL CUP Tau Kappa Epsiion fraternity was awarded the c^ip given In the Milllkln gym festival for the best fraternity representation, the cup being awarded Saturday morning. The second best was P* Beta Phi sorority and the t h i r d place was a t i e ' b e t w e e n Deitu Delta Delta ar.d Theta G a m m a soror- ilics. * * · ' Miss Delia N o t t i n g h a m cf Pleasant Plalnes !e visiting her Bister, Mabel, at the PI Beta Phi house. MI-SB Clara Engelder' of. Springfield Is visiting her sister Cstherlne. at he sorority (house. Miss Maurlta Shafer of Jereeyvllle has returned to her home after passing « few weeks at .the PI Phi house. Miss Helen Jones Is In Montlcello over the week-end. Mrs. George Mocller. Sr., will b« hostess to the members of the Thursday Bridge club in her home In 'West William street. * · ». · IplTE annual Father and Son banquet given by Delta Sigma Phi fraternity at. the'Milllkln university will be liold Sunday at 1. o'clock I n ' t h e *rlll room of the Hotel Orlando. A-special proeram has been arranged to bo given by -representatives of the fathers, faculty of the school, patrons and the active member*. Special guests for the occasion will he Dean Arthur Wald, Prof. Andrlst. F. E Harold and.M C. Nelson. Sam Smith o f ; the Delta Slg fraternity will be toastmaster. ' - '.* -*':* , : Psl Lambda-Chi fraternity men »-lio lhave'gone_ to their homes for the week-end 'Include Sidney, Cotton .to Warren»burg. · Everett Haines to Cornliind and/Clyde Thorpe to Clinton: · 0 * 0 Mrs. Robert Allen'.of Delevan is passing the -wsek-end with her daughter. -Dorotny,:-at;the Zeta Tau Alpha house. Miss Letha 8choll,;«f -Arcola theVZeta house.for several days. Miss Mildred «m!th',.of' Hlllsboro ,ls visiting ..her sister,' Stells, a f t h e Zeta house. f : , ' . .'/ * * * : The: first of "a series jof spring parties to be g-lven by Mrs. Clyde H Tearman and Mrs Thomas Bsmuels wilt -be held Tuesday afternoon In the ·home of Mrs. Tearman, .999 West North street. Eight tablet of bridge will be at play. ' The Invitations for the next party have not as yet been issued. *· * · Miss Isabel Bering returned to New Tork City Saturday night after pass- Ing her eprlng vacation with her parent*; Mr. and Mrs. TV*. M. Bering. The. Dinner club. wl.lljmeet;Tuesday evening for dinner in the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. W.T,lpscomb. South CoU*« ·Ueet. with Ur. and Mr* Llpscontb and M r . ' and M:». A. A. ones as hosts and hostesses. * * * : Mrs.'G. Dl Stcele is l e a v i n g Tuesday evening 'for Chicago, where . she rill visit her h u s b a n d and Jier nlc'.'C, rtrs. I. W. 'McDowell, r e t u r n i n g to eeatur In about t w o . w e e k s . . - ' - . - · o ' * · · JECATCK chapter of P. E. O. w i l l hare a dinner Monday evening at o'clocl; In the Yellow Lantern, hon- r l n g Mrs. Th'eodorc Ivemp of Bloom- rigton, state p r e s i d e n t o r ' P. K. O. "ollowing the d i n n e r a - m e e t i n g , of he chapter w i l l be held in tlie home f Mrs. George K. Hess In Park Place. * * * : Mrs. W. P. Morris returned Friday fternoon from a several weeks visit vith her daughter. Mrs. "vVllJiam A"~ .rews, and f a m i l y in Kvanston. * · » Miss Rettie. Holt, who a t t e n d s R a n - dolph'Macon Wo:i:an : s Co'lege In V i r - ginia. Is passing- h e r - s p r i n g vacation with Miss Audrey M a n n In her home in Richmond. Va. O * * . Miss Harriott Chapman was hostess to fourteen high school girls at a house party at the Fishing clu!) during spring: vacation, w i t h Mrs. Walter A. F r a i l l y of Chicago a.-, cliaperoiie. The y o u n g women w e n t to the c-lul a r t n r school Friday. n:j.l d u r i n g t h e week, t h e y ' e x p e r i e n c e d a l l kinds of weather. They enjoyed hikes and sports of various k i n d s and I n , tho evenings had entertainments by the fireplace. On Monday afternoon. Miss Chapman and Mre. Frailer entertained the party with a dinner and bridge al the club house w i t h prizes going to Misses Francis Johnson ond Doris llulett. Those 1st t h e party besidi' the hostess end chaperone wer? Lorraine Spless. Mary Moak. Caroline. Powers, ISlliabeth Schaub, Helen Moffett, Doris Huiett, Margaret Mc- Deed, R u t h Co-leman. Jola Brundage, Juanlta- Byers. Frances Johnson. Helen Miller. Eunice Scott. * * · Members of the George Innes Study class w i l l meet Monday a f t e r n o o n at .".:SO In the Art I n s t i t u t e . Both the day and n i g h t classes are requested t o l« in attendance ns tlie meeting will be an Important one. * O. * Wallace Heuston Foote of Champaign Is the week-end giient o f - h i s grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Baldwin, West Main street. * » · · Mls» Marjory Dobson and hsr sis- j ter, Mary, of Moweaqua, are passing the week-end at the Alpha Chi Omega house. 1 ' Miss Dorothy Clark of Alton Is »ls- itlng at the house. The freshman and pledges-of the Alpha Chi. Omega sorority entertained the actives of the sorority with-a bridge party Saturday afternoon In th» home of Miss Helen Hayes. O * o Miss Jury and Mlse Elizabeth Reynolde of .Washburn are passslng the - week-.end at the Delta Delta Delta house. 'Mrs. T. .1". MeCambrldse of Casey, 111., is y i s t t i n n r her dauehte;- at th« Tr! Dclt house. · ' ·: : ·· · * * * . - - . JfUS. EDWAHD B. HItCHCOCKand her mother, Mrs. Sharlow moved Tuesday from t h e i r ' honie 'at 1473 West Main street to their new residence, 459 Powers Lane. . Mrs. .Hitchcock" Left on Wednesday for Chicago and will return Tuesday. D u r i n g her absence 6he is appearing in Severn.! c o n c e r t s ' I n Chicago. Upon her r e t u r n 10' Decatur. Mrs. Hitchcock w i l l r e m a i n u n t i l the first weeU in May and t h e n w i l l go on a concert tour, as one of a trio. · + * Miss EOlzalieih. Cooley of Peoria i* tli» week-end g u e s t of Miss V i r g i n i a Jjipscomb. · * .0 Seven h i g h school girls held a del i g h t f u l pot-luck supper p.nd slumber Varty -Thursday evening in the homo of Miss" Virginia Llpecomh.. -South College street. The evening was passed In dancing and games. *. * · Following the meeting of the "Es- Bington-for-Governor" club, 1 held Friday evening, a reception was held In the Y. W. C. A. rooms for a n u m b e r or guests who wished In renew ac- q u a i n t a n c e \vilh Mrs. L i l l i a n I. Dan::- liin of Jacksonville, who spoke ten years ago during the wet and dry campaign In Decatur. A number of admirers wished to talk with her. · * · . . ' . Mrs. J. J. Caldwell will entertain the members of the Wednesday Bridge Luncheon club In her horns in the Commodore apartments. » * * Mr«. Benjamin Pegram oC Lincoln. Order Your Nurtery Stock from the Floral Nursery H E N R Y D A U T PROPRIETOR I HAVE A LARGE STOCK OF Strawberry Plants AND ALL OTHER KINDS OF Shade and Frail Trees, Ornamental Shrabs, Greenhonsa and Bedding Plants R. R. 1, Box 92 Telephone: County )G6. Ring 5. On Township Rosd. Half Mile West of Bloomington Road. li'Bi:'l!HSi»Mlll!!iniIH»*m«llllllPI|(llliril|^l1llllII:!ll!IB|:||!!||li;il!l!!!iriil!S :' · . : .-= m =£ We Close Saturdays al 6 P. M. ffi Easter Frocks Charming Styles for the Miss of Eight to Fourteen Crepe de Chine in the smartest styles and colors. Hand embroidered linens. Dainty Crepes, Voiles and Tissues. Our stock is'not large. We could not make it so and select each garment with proper "care. Prices ranging from S3.95 to $18.75. 111., who was the speaker (it the "Ks- s i n g t o n - f o r - G o v e r n o r " . cUth Ifridav evening, was the g u e s t ; o f hor cousin, Mrs. Bert Lyons, w h i l e In Decatur.' | cot. meet Thursday In the borne nf Mrs. J. K. Burkholder, Itarrlsioero. * * * The In-For-Fun Sewing c l u b w i l I I because of measles in (he family. The CHILDRENS SHOP 146 So. Water St. Phone Main 237 ^ "Exclusive but not Expensive'' flELOS-f IDLER CO 207 NORTH WATER "Slwwing New Styles First" "Smart for Women New Frocks for Eastertime EMtertime is New Frock time! 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