The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on April 22, 1899 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 22, 1899
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temurck Putin tribune. NINETEENTH YEAR. MOREFIGHTING BISMAHCZ. NORTH DAKOTA, SATURDAY, APRIL 22. 1899 Filipinos Attack Washington, South Dakota and Minnesota Troop.*. Compelled to Retreat siderable Lws in Instance. Many Mauser Riflps and Other Weapons Captured by Araerieans. and in Good Health. AS IT STANDS. FIVE CENTS ·GERMANS ACT | Protected Cruiser Ofion Orft to Apia, Samoa, From the Chines* Station. Te«w Koloy, IB Kavo, of th. Vaiu,,.. ,,.the Arltaiuuu Auti.Ti-mt L* v . AI-STI.V Tea.. April ;?-..'.-The special cuicmitn-e appointed t.y the st-r.aU- to give hearings tc jarti-s, interested in tb* Arkansas antvu-ian lill now pending in the Texas It-gnlv.ur* made- their | report to the senate, ri-t-oniuif-uding that ! the bill be passed without aijjeuuuients W i t h Colt- ! 88Vt ' JI ' e tu PTM"* 1 * 1at the bill shall j Ea,h | ^^r^rS^'Jt ! IS Now at Kaio C} ' OQ E '^ark- I labor unions of the state ask.- that they j be exempted f roni t i, e provisions of the , bill by amendments, but as the bill does not touch them, in the opinion of the committee, it i» suggested that no amendment be added to the bill lu this particular the Boo»e tommittte B.port DU*enu, ~ ! ' n t l m t it m-oaimtnds that an amend- Otis Cables That Troop, Are Well | £T4 "%£*%£ S^SlT^ adopted an amendment providing t h a t no insurance company pooling- in a n - ; other state in the union and doing bnsi- i ness in this state shall be held responsi-\ We for the pool without the state. That i is where the strong fight will come over i the passage of the bill, as this is the i OF M A Y O R JONES. Peunsylvania Senator Declared .Not Guilty of Illegal Use ol State Ftuitis. iflg an Extra Supply of Ammunition. Another Cruiser, According 1 the Report, Will Eollow Immediately. to Jury Out All Night but a Decision Was Reached on the Second Ballot. MANILA, April yi.--t:2o p. m.--At 0 a. m. three companies of the ssonth Dakota regiment inarched froui Bocave and in corocnrtion with three t vm- paniesof the Minnesota regiment from Oaifrninto, north of Boeave. encountered a force numbering fully .«.J men. when two mile* out. The eiiemv retired three miles in fairly ?ood order. in spite of the tact that the reijels Buffered heavy IOKSU-S. The American-! having exhausted their aaimuuiri-ju. ·were compelled tu return tolheir (ami*. The heat is intense. At noon th" thermometers registered !*5 degrees and the mercnry was still rising. There were several prostrations from the b-at among tiie troops, bur only one man I was w-onmled. Later the "army tog* opened fire on the enemy along the river bank. Tlw rebels are unusually active west of Malolos, as far a,s C'alnuipit. They have been busily at work on their trenches and several new trenches have been discovered within two miles of the railroad. Fires are btrninx east of tie railroad and it would ap;war that the rebels am evacuating the foot hill towns in anticipation of an attack upon the part of the American troops. MAXIM, April :.'2,--10:« a. m.--A force of aliom 200 rebels attacked the ontptist* of the Washington regiment, near Tasruig, smith of Pasig and Pahros. Two companies immediately engaged the enemy and advanced info the open m skirminh order. The rebel* were checked and rooted after two hours' fighting, leaving 12 men killed on the field and several wonuded. The American troops also obtained possession of many Manser rifles am! mony other weapons. Three Americans ·wore wounded. : Startling: Story Via Victoria, B. i C., Which Is Lacking: in Confirmation. LoxD0 *' A P ril 32- - A di spate a from opposed to this amendment, and probabilities are that the without it. this amendment, and the i , " crnlstir e o n has are that the bill will pass I orde red to proceed to Apia. Samoa. The senate created j r emba r'"ng an extra supply of am- wbstof.seniatJoo [niw'tion at Kaio chon, China, and and incurred an interesting debate over a proposition to- appoint a "coir, mil tee to I investigate who was paying tolls for the : thousands of telegrams the meml»-r=' i were being deluged with. The state- Uient was made on the. floor of the senate that insurance people, were spending thousands of dollars in their effons to intimidate legislation on subject, and they were responsible for! all tiiis teit-grapjjiug Some of the lueui iers were of the opinion that other trusts were behind the opposition to the bUl.-aa.well as the fire insurance companies. It was finally agreed that the niw'tion allutiltr Kaio chon, China, s t o f o l l o w her. LACKS COXKIKMATIOX. _ _ 9 Startllne §torjr From Samoa by Way of Victoria, B. C. SEATTLE. Wash.. April 22.--A Times special from Victoria, B. C., says that the steamer. 11 orangi from Australia OPIMOXS j Public O^BBrslnj, -i f l J l J t i e a .Aboot tbt f Only l**a« »t l*rv*eut. , NK--V l ' , i : K , April -'.'.--Mayor «-. M. i Jones of Toledo, wuo ia in New V- rk. i was interviewed by a Herud reporter ; OE the report from uhio that he might j be ii'jmmated for governor on the Ke: publican ticket. "1 am not a candidate." said Mr. Jones, "though there has been much talk in Oh:o about nominating me. 1 have a loa-1 call to be mayor of Toledo. Nearly ;7,i.w of the .M.OW citizens who voted there at the last election cast their votes for the independent ticket on which I ran, though both the political machines, all the newspapers and corporations in the city and a few O f the eminently respectable people were against me. "Municipal ownership of public utilities is the first step in reform. This public ownership will extend to the state and nation, and I believe that in 1930 it will be hardly possible to find a railroad in the conntry in private hand*. The telegraph will be the first to pass into public control. The taxation of promise, Development of Tr«t* PHILADELPHIA April Si-Matthew remSKur^ TrnvV^iorTf ^^ V** *"" **" ***"** *' the closing years of the centiiry'""l do I ^f* 7 ° f ^ S ***** *° ** nOt guilty of th * ,, - -1 ,, .n, L*° l ch f«* °f expiring to use. for his own do away with labor which they make j tmlawflj gain and profit the funds ol j the state °f Pennsylvania deposited in j the Peoples bank of this city. This ver. i diet was announced by the foreman cl the jury just as the hands of the courtroom time piece pointed to 11 o'clock. li ODt ballot Demonstration Over the Verdic Sternly Checked by Officers of the Court. Promptly Xanied by Governor Stone to Succeed Himself in the Senate.' not regard them as bad in so far as thev do away with labor which they make useless, so that all can benefit: but they benefit only a few. Their organization and the introduction of labor-saving- machinery have not made the hours of labor any shorter, noi; have thev in- .heiri" l e steamer 31 orangi from Australia -~-;""^ "-" ugure m me ne this j bnn?s advi*s that the commander of , %f' ^^paignr was asked. * I t K o / i^iWT*-, n*-, -,, ~. «. ._ J n ·! ,- 1 H^V JIT** i M t i l T i l l rri f?ir*i vu-i "IX, yon tbmk the i«ue 8 von have mentiouel will figure in the neit presi- " The rule '·They are bouud_to figure sooner or insurance companies were responsible, and no invesrigi.-ion was needed. PAYMENT HELD UP. Imoraiwe Coapaale* T«ke AdTmntaae of Anti-Trust !·«. LJTTLE Rocs, Ark.. April 28.-rA fire occnrred in this city last Snndsr'iiifeht j the German man-of-war Falke at Samoa had been arrested by the British and is now held a prisoner" on the Porpoise. He was surprised by a sraad of , T , British sailors handing amis and am- "There ia no moral -nmiition to JCstaafa's men. The report I two great I )artl;s - The . v which company suffered losses to the extent $11)0,000. of which |60,000 waseovei^u by insurance. Adjusters for foreigm insurance companies are now holding up payment on the policies on the ground that under th« anti-trust law they are liable to criminal prosecution if thev ·ettle. GOVER.V31E.VT PROTECTED. -- --,,*,,,_v.» H w »*A^.L», A iic J ClAJ* l was brought to Australia by the passengers of the steamer Upola, After the arrest of the Palke's commander a conference was held between Captain Stnr- dee and Admiral Kantz and the Porpoise and Philadelphia steamed in a position on either side of the Falke. | Orders -were then sent aboard that if I she made a- move of any kind she would | be blown ont of the water. No one i,« | aboard or leave the Ger . without permission writ ten and sifrned by either Captain Stnr- dee of the Porpoise or Admiral Kantz. i Ooabts ttw Story. something morn serious to contend for than who shall have the offices." OXE COXCESSIOX. were I few people in the courtroom. j regarding admission that has ; since the trial began was strictly ad j hered to, and nobody got by the line o I watchmen guarding the corridor who j was not provided with a tieke,t. As a between the ! f 681111 °f this arrangement only about must have nalf tae ^W* were occupied when the verdict was rendered. There was an attempt at a demonstration, but this was sternly repressed by the court officers, whose loud shouts UVII. folio* io,; U « Aeqoitt.l Coveroor . p^.. April s.'._sbvi--lv " after noon Govrr.or Ston^ appointed i JIarthew Stanley Qaay as wnator to ! serve until the n-st -e^ion of the legis- ; latnn;. Thr appointment is address«l ' to tne_ pretadeut of the state aii'i it is statctl in the letter to be unJer the aaiaority of S, o «. ti.:, ·',. of Article 3. of the Constitution ! ul the United States. -| , i CAKMEGIE AfTEK Tfl£M. Main Bleant Mo»t WASHINGTON. April Si--As a result i of the day's cabinet meeting Secretarv I Alger will issue an order to permit the j shimnent of cargoes from Porto-Rico to j United States in other than Amer- j ican bottoms. The general subject of i sat '' cbeerin =- The officers were to kee P ^ck those of those wh ONLY A SKIRMISH. Scouting l'»rtj of Mlourwtant Attacked by fthplnoi In .Mip«.i-.or Nnmbtir. MANILA, April -·.'. - A scouting partv of the Minut.-*otii regimenr ni-nr lit;:-into, between Malnii* anil Bi^na, met H superior fores of Filifnn.*. Tlut American.-! rt'imlswl the i-nduv's atta.'k -int;!, just as their ammunition was failing. the Minnesotjns wt-ro n-iiifiin-ed bv t w o companies of American tr. mps ajul UH- rebel* were sea tt «···!. Uric s-.-ldn-r t,: thv Minnesota n-gimi-nt w-;is vvcmnde.;. A body of about !('«' rvlwls tri^l to break throuirh the Hues of Pnci-'s )ia;- talion of tin- Fonrth r.-eiraent at I'SMI.-. bijt they W.TP T. iu!«tHl «--:hont any liw- on th Auii-ric.-i.n .»idt-. Spain's evm-r.jitioti of th" Ph-.lip]'ir.«- islands will be praotu-aUy rom(.]r; t -i| li\the withdrawal of thi- S^.-iiush tfarrisi-ii from ZHinboanea. island of Min-.tana*.. I and from the iSiiln islands, ami if tlu · Unitwl States asmuips i intr«l of Mindanao and the Sulu isl.-ir..!^ .jj the;- iards withdrawing the m i l i t a r y aiithon- ' ties here must, in orl.r t« garr:~.:j these island*", d i m i n i s h the f o n t i f Aaipriran Iroops. w h i c h is airrady to.' small. !!»- DxInE Kirhan A trijiartite en 'u will be arranped. if it is j«i^-i!)!« t.i in- jrotiafe with f h c Frii|.-.ti.~ a^ if t h r were a civilized nati.iii. If t h r Kilipir.ii* consent V rr-U-ase t h - S;^uv,sh iin.~-r:iT« the American* might r^l.-.-isf th" T.-ICJI- 15 tht-y hold pnsr.Ti'-r«. in return tHr which Sftfjiii wiv»iii fr»*' h-r jmliTn-.-i. priv-nor*. The {Tovi: - r.s of ti-.. treaty would t h u s 1»- c.-irr-rfil ··;: SjaTiish c»mmisv;on. !;,,u.-vir. ;.· tu n-t»T thi Filipinii liiii-s. i Will Lot? I.lttl* by th«. Operation* of the I Mamp ( nuntrrlvttcn. ; _WAS«I.\-(JTUX. April -i.-- The officiak j ; of the internal rewime bureau are ua-1 ; able to n-arh an approximate amount of j · the counterfeit revenue stamps made i ; Lama-ur. P.u, who were arrested A\Vd:i-v,l.-»y. A revenu- aseii! J fr.:i:: P:.i::i ;.-!;,L:.i is now in charge o! i th- !;i-.-;.:!-,.·· ;t^ soon as possible wfii I lo-air- the upj.iy (..i bnie pjip-jr from ; which tiie sijii!!;^ were printed. The manufacturers of vicars ur: required by : law to f:irii!sh atl indemnity Ifind to r comply w i t h t i n . revenue laws, and it is I a^nii'.eij that Hie nmuuiit of the ix.nds ijnirf-.l in tbes.- tvro r;isf^ will nearly. Apia by tl was at once scooted by the officials whom it was referred here. Both Secretary Hay and Secretary Long -x- pressed their disbelief in the accuracy of the report. LOW LAX US UXDEB WATER, i rei if not entirely, rover the loss'tht ,,... . enniient ,-ij.i'ht oth.-r-n-i-e have sustained. Th.- evidence acainst all of the men tnnier am-sf. it i? said. U over- KXH.KD RV POVERTY. of l»rUon«ir«. c -f j.ri--«.-r.»T- Manj t ubun* In the I nlt-l stdtn Dnirr to Ketura to th* Nland. N'BVV Yt.KK, April L'-'.-T. Estrada Paiitin, who nntil the recent dissolution of the Cuban Jissembly was its repre- genfnriv-" in this country. ^,iid that he was now -.-nirairpd in farilitatrm; the t- , patriation of the Cuban* who had le.t j the ii-lnnd in c(irs"qij'-ni-e of the war. l a * ' Pl-r llis»our; Ont ..r Its Bank* at Many Point*. i Siorx CITY. la.. Apr.! ··}.· -Spe-iaU t. | The J-.ttrnal s!nw that the ilis.-or.ri i i still risi-ij;. At Ur.awa. Ia.. tht river i: the hight-st sin.-.. I-1 and is still rising. , Much rich l«jttom lami is row unrter ; water. At Meckliag. S. 1).. the strt-ct- iu the lower part of town ar.- under water. The Si. .us and Floy 1 rivers art bank full ar.d dead animal's floating in the current indicate loss of live stock i At Pierre the river is pra tic-ally on a stand, rtvirtvring V f wr . The Northwestern has n-paired the V-re;ik in it- ·· tracks at Rfsseau acd trains arc mov- ': in*: npiin. i All along the low lands in Nebraska ! and South Dakota, from Sioux City ! north, the water is out of the bank* ; and fann-rs have removed their stock I and belongings to places of safety." j .trade with Porto Rico or modification of the tariff dues which the natives ask is one for congress to determine, but it . was thought that some relief could be : afforded by allowing the shipment of | cargoes tn the United States in other I than American ships. : MKiHT ELECT"" A~" VVKSTEEXER . ConeresAuian H a l t Incline*! to Tavor J Hopkir^s of I H i n u i A for Speaker. j _I)K M.J..XES. April S-'.-Congn-ssnian ; HU:J, i-hairiuaii of the coainnttee on · miiirai-j- affairs, ^id tkat the Iowa del- egatioii had cot yet made tip its mind who it win;;d support for tiie speaker- ship of the house of representatives He said: " ': "I understand Representative Hop- ' this of Ilhtiois will 1^ 2. candidate. 1 regard his chances as very bright. I '. believe the West is entitled "to the i speakership r.f the nest con;rre. There hiis never l*e:i a speaker who lived west of Ohio. And the time- is opportune for the eiK-tion of an active and able Western candidate." I« XcEotiatlnc" for the Beat rrodotiD- Miu« o u the Jtvrquctte Ranga. JlARvCETrE. Mich.. April 23.--Persistent minors are afloat at Ishpe'aung that Carnegie is to take in the Laie Su" perior mines, the biggest producing property on the Manjnette range, Carnegie bought the Queen gronp at Negaunee April JO. T. F. Cole, general manager for Carnegie in the upper peninsula, and Dr. U. P. Hnlst, whu closed the deal for the Qneen property, nave beea making careful examination of the Lake Superior property. Se*er« Te«t For the Marconi System. ' CHICAGO, April 23.-What is regarded as a supreme test of the Marconi system of wireless telegraphy will be made in this tity under the auspices of The Tribune. The advocates of the system have never tried it where large ruasses of steel are present to exert an influence upon the electric current, and if the signals can be made to pass over the ugh buildings in large cities it will be a success. TJjt- first, attempt will be made from the top of the Masonic tern- I pie to the Auditorium, a distance of one-third of a mile. If this is successful and one of water cribs in the lake. No Foundation For the Report. PAPJS, April 23. -The police officials announce that there is utterly no foundation for the report circulated by the Fronda of this city, that three cases of the plague have occnrred among the employes in one of the big stores of this city, to which the disease was alleged to have beeu brought in carpets of Eastern manufacture. BfilEF BITS OF XEWS. The American Glass company has advanced prices of window glass 10 per cent, to take effect at once. Si* Thomas Lipton has accepted the invitation of the Atlantic Yacht club tc make his headquarters at Sea Gat« wnile on this side of the ocean. LATEST MABKET REPOBT. UtUuth Grain. . » . irtherri. 65,e- To Arrive-- No. 1 hard. 4}-sc; No. 1 Northern, r-jc On Troy-k --No. ] hari T4i. J : No. 1 Northern, 71 V, May. n ',,:. July, r.JJ^c. -MlnneapolU train. M.-NSE .i-o.i-. A p r i l i l W U K A T - J n S:,.r u -.\o. !. X o r h e r 1 teurh..-r. ern -. On Tra. ; N.,r;heni. 7.- .N, :;,hard. BLRLINfTO.V WRECK. Fn'.iy 4 « '."00 ("r-.hp.n:-. he dorian-.!, had ·d frotii Ciilui and virtually all ' in-its to return, while few were ! A. B. Plough of the Dnlalh Ko»d Injarc-d In x Railway Awldent. :fu. Ills.. April -'C.--The St. p- ll; i ' of the Chicago. Bnrhr.ctoii and . : n «-.. Must . . iTitry -- to v-ity. M.UIV them had come nipa. K-y \Vr*t Throi:_-h the i · Qtr.ncy raiir'«ad went into the ditch seven ni-.ii-s wert of here, k i l l i n g the fireman and injuring several others and " ;na the train. The train was so- r:ii Th- bulk '» mi left tra;;i wen- A. P». he trac The i er.iri:;p wr. i-f cuaranti-t-d t h r safr :y sii-mt-rc. Tin- r«-!.-r-i^" hi-l-.i by th- Am- nr; to have bt-en c, by the jf. ·ed ard :. favor of the po The nntiv,- u risotis are in a nri-ompariy t h v»--.]^-eance "f t h e i r nril". *.v» i-r ··;· - :tisi::.iry -ti^,-r -t- .1 ;. .-:t: crop ··* i -ring. i:mW ordi- · ··'.:* .' now for: -. V . ' I . . I | » ! . I « K I M ! ; ^ h - i I . I Uuhith low ,,f · Tr*»*,j»« an hnnr when tl: ·llowed bv the i£T car and one c\«.-; '-·r.i; tlu». injuret! wa . Paul, vice prp*i,!ei, lager of the St. WAV. thrown thr-!-.-' ·-.iff-t car. badlv ,"; UACFABLAXD'S TRIAL. Several Witne.»e« ratify Ajram.t lowV. '·-»- »cretary of state. 0F,-; M-.«ii;. April i2.--In the trial c' ex-Nrcretary of State MacFarlaud th- aftenitxjn wa.« devotod To ar-r.nie.nt tif law points. Three witness^ wert- e.-s- atr.:n«J. testifying thf-y worked for leis, than the amount allowed by the »xec:i tive council, iiayitii; the .Jiflfereuc-e to M.icFarlan.i at h:s r-.-;-;t-t. The .;e- fense obj-rted to all t h i s testimo:'-,- statina; th:-.r MacFar-an-1 -lid nnt fix :'*.'· w,u,--s ..-f cierks. Aft.-r .1 1. .ng nr^--.. n;.-;,: ..-a jv.intsof law. after the rutr-- | Ouaj- Will Take a B«»t. i Senator Quay walked with his friend = out- bW-k down Broad street to the of- , DciriH. April u i nee oi his counsel where he made his WHEAT-Cash, No l h; Jr d 7 ' : escape- from the surging . crowd. It is ! 1 Northern, 71 Wo; Na B Northe . understciwl that he will at ouce join his i ?"· a ' ***»-'. ~ i family hi Washington and go ' -r a long · rest. There is every reason to believe : that Uovemor Stone, will, some time ic the near future, announce that he has .appointed .Mr. yuay to the United States senatorship vacated by him on .March 4. Governor Stone will take this action notwithstanding previous dec-id- ions on the question of hisrighs to do so and will leave the quesliun of Jir. . Quay'- eligibly to be iiisposed of Lau"- oc. : P:-' vious to the anuounceinent of the ' , Venhct tiie accnseU rn.-ui sat in his at- j ctMtomed seat ia the courtroom and ' cnaned witii his couu*t-l aad a group of : newspaper r«-i^rter*. He was in goo-i : ; Bjunts. probably ow-.c- to the prevalent i rumor that only one of the jurors was : holding ont against him. He looked as ; Well as he has at any time during the few r.ioti:hs. and said that he fr-lt ! better than he has for a long whiV-' This improvement in his health he"at- trilmted to the :act that he h;is httu d- prived of his Javorite cigar during the HOC: -- M;irk C tty Live Mock. S L- s C I T Y . April - higher. C'ATTLK--.Market f u l l y steady. Su:«-s nin^-U at $4.u : j · .=, ;u for beer-a*- S2.i-.K-4.'i i f,, r cow!t h l l U s am , jj,^^: fi.^^j. :.H.J f.,- stw-iker-s and feeders; gS.73 . Kt--. ipt.-: H.-IJTS. 1.3UD; cattle, a*. M. Paul foloo stocfc Varrla. Sr.t-in s.-. PAUL, April 21. HOGS--Market, strong to :c hi.-h« Quaii.-y fair to good. Kanse of prices, m the court- W;1S court H f tfc. I'D'. in t;»' Sfi plight. -:r fr.f-ixis ;n inc dispatch de]virT!7!-t tar,: (iet,. . A p n i * r-ceiv froir. J. - The follow ed at the w ··- l Ot.:*: A,ljr- ' l » r , - t I n % - p « l l ^ n t U ^I'aniards pn)xs" ( they ruftise to tfnr rr-lln*-» li W.»,iusoTnN. Af Lord of Orison | 1;ls "f the mission to T l l i ' \ - T l l U t r.i.-u-ds or ri-k the coni]pt»triots. The rlisliand tlinr.. lnit up their a n n « . Itf* AU««lnn. nl * - . -- K i - i o v e n i o r di-rlnn-d tin- tender ! Persia, (iovenior T i t e Maze woun-ied inc; tion pi-r rent ed. and ..n!y seven .f fr*- W'-r"- r.'.; i j-.'Tin i - l i a r . l Cmk.-r had t h ? t u n e of al- ilT« l i M U I U . . -A d i s ; a t f h to . \\-as an applicant for the 1'e.ruviaJi N F W ^'..];lv. A [ . n l Tin 1 .Herald from M o n t , - v i i | i m . says that S, ( »nareiirs y f l ] i i w fevr-r serum i s ^ i v j n ^ Ui«iil rt'siil s t h e r e and several persons hiiv,- I».,-n ,-ompletely cured by its ajv pluatioti. V»ral Rj-JerTf* O(Trr Sorrlre*. ( 'HI. -AI.H. Aprii L"J.~Tlir Naval R- wn-- Ass-fi.-iri.-.n of Illinois, veterans of the S;.ainsh-Aineric!«n w»r. havr- re. *olv(l to off.-r the government -J.K men for the -rrvirt? in the Philippine islar.;!.. Bet-n-tary L..HS of the navy department will tw ach-is«l of th- action of the association. ' .,rr Block · K v . A t r : . th- u r r-'t: i bex'an^- . hours that lie lias been room. The Senator Almo.t Overcome. Tiie sterec-t\pe.'i "iiow say you. ^ ell tletuti! of t!- j u r y , do yon iiad the pr.~on-,r at the bar s~a:ity oVnot tuilty ·" brov.sbt proiaj.tly from tue fr.reican's Ur.s th- \vor,i~ ··:;« tniilty." and at this r---Qt · cr.tor Quay's f.u-e flashed and he --m-' icTc-.-:itar-.!y as if ab-ju: lo b.'-.v^rv.ine by t h e feeling of emotion t h a t «-.,, -arc;n^ over him. This was en:.'. '.'IT ,a a ius:a:;t. hovv-ver, ar.d tii- ST-. itt 5-:iticai if.nier was j;:s im:»_-rtiru- » . ' . - · el:' a^ai:;. as Ue stniii:.e!v 7--;^-^.;e-: · · - t-.f CUE, uiatioas that w.-r": »-. i::,- IJ-T,:^,J ti;«,a him. --ii3t-!r c^uay did not look .-,t -.:-. : . CATTLK-- Alight run ,j k-: Cot enough good cattle butcher , to supply ; Sales ransrixl at JB su-. ; ? ; M.»;?4 35 for st-eer.- S'. ers. £3.00 ^3 fi*1 for b u l l ! cow« * 3 - .i it co::- c. -nstitnti...n. r ;:;v. .;r.ntary u n i s h m e n t ...f cy \v :v not .i friine ':·-.: a misdetut anor. \ V » n t a Duty on K C T|.tl»n Cotton. T U . I . I H V « . - T - F . . April :?2. -- Th" lfsri!a I n t i i r . 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