The Tiffin Tribune from Tiffin, Ohio on June 13, 1878 · Page 2
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The Tiffin Tribune from Tiffin, Ohio · Page 2

Tiffin, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1878
Page 2
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TIFFIN TRIBUNE. IMVKK Ac. IlltOTHKK, P'tOPHlKTOKS. liftB, ffciirm:v Ito. June IS, IbJS. The Em pre of KumI in aeriounly ill Willi a fever. William Cuileu liryaut ia In I-rarioua condition, and bis deatb may be looked (or doom. Tbe war in Cuba U en-led, and rce lias been declared. TI.e ole re joice, as Uie HtruKgle waa a long and wrSoua one. Emperor William, of Germany, Ib rapidly conTaleBfiiog. On Hunday last be was able to Bit op in an armchair for three hour. The Preeldeut baa Dcmiuated John C. Fremont, of New York, Governor of Arizona, and John P. Hoyt, of Michigan, Governor of Idaho. The Sew York Herald In lengthy article speculates upon what may make Gen. Grant President in 1SS0. W: know of but one way to do that give hlni enough votes. Wheat harvest began on Tfaaraday in the southern countiea of Ohio. The reporta are that tbe crop 1b unu-Bually large, the beads long and well filled and the grain of good size. Five hundred laborers in Quebec, .Canada, olrutk for higher wages on Friday laeL Home of the strikers were sent io prison for intimidatlnc workmen In varions parts of tbe City. Wednesday next the Itfpublieana of Ohio will organize for defeat. "WltiiroFiilb iAoaocraUc party, of course. That in their legitimate bual- li-8. A girl named I J da Murphy met awitb a terrible accident at New Portage, Ohio, Haturday. While remov-in K a loaded gun from a cupboard the lock caught on the sbeif-plece and was discharged, blowing oft tbe en tire back and top part of ber bead. Tbe small speck of a war cloud rising la the territories Is daily lncreas- Ing In size. The red-skins are evi ueuuy bent on having a tuaaie or scalp of tbe whites. They may lose their own scalps, as soldiers are get ting ready for them. Hve negroes were hung by a mob In Louiuiaua last week, for attempt ing to shoot Dr. Archer while return' lng to Lis home near Bayou Hara. The Doctor was on horeeback, and cajied without any serioiib Injury, though his clothes were riddled with bullets. . Tbe bill providing for tbe holding of United States Courts of Toledo, in traduced by Senator Tburman and passed some time ago by tbe Ben ate, passed the Mouse also on Tuesday of last week, and will be a law as soon as It Is signed by the President. It provides for the holding of two terms of the District and Circuit Courts of tife United States at Toledo every year, on the first Tuesday of June and December. Dr. Nobel ing's motive for shooting tbe Emperor of Germany is given his own words as follows : "DeutscJdand isl Nichls ; Der Kai ser ist yields ; Die Jienscheit und JfortxfJirifl sind AUes ; wir sind ferlig mil uou una aas yolk wui kcine Aoc ni'c ttiehr." "Germany la nothing ; tbe Em per or is nothing ; mankind and progress are everything; we have abolished (tod, and the people want no more Kings." Perhaps be was somewhat insane, and perhaps be was drunk. A Blgnlll ctnt fact Is, there were a dozen empty beer glasses on Nobeliog's table when the crowd broke Into bla room, wblcb the servant says he bad never seen there before. A Loudon diapatcb of the 7th Inst. bavs of a horrible mine explosion In England : The.'xploelon in the coal pit at Hay-dock to-day shook tbe earth for miles around. - Tbe first explorer descended me snarl nve minutes after tbe ex plosion and others followed. Ten men were rescued alive and sent to tbe surface. One died almost immeulate- ly and the others suffered much from arter-aamps. .igm other men are alive, and have taken refuge In chamber of tbe mine. Two hundred and thirty-two are dead. The explorers state that they found bodies de capitated, reduced to shapeleea mart es, and some of tbem blown to pieces It la expected the norpses will be brought up by midnight. A large crowd of men, women and children surround the mouth of the pit. The cause of tbe explosion is known, as blasting with naked lights la pro hiblted. The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle recent ly criticised the Hon. A. H. Stephens course In the Potter Investigation. In reply to the criticisms Mr. Stephens eald : "I counseled no concession to the Republicans In this matter which were not due to the dnmauds of truth, right, and justice. Even tbe devil should have bis due, has been a rule of my life. Allow me to say, notwithstanding your censure upon this, that I never nave aid and comfort, on this occasion or any other In my li.'e, to any party whose aims and avowed objects did not bear tbe semblance, at least, of truth, right and justice. In this conflict, fierce and furious as it may be, I shall remain as I rrn. What others may do, time niunt disclose." Jobu Jasper, the colored paster of Mt. Zion Baptist Church In Bleb none;, v a., uapuzea 4iu persons in a pool In a church of that city on Sun day last, in six hoars, being over one convert per minute. An Enquirer report says : .. Jasper, who Is a stalwart negro, six feet four inches high, had always boasted that be could put more converts under the water In one day than any other preacher, black or white. The pool was a small one, and when tbe work was over, which was at 4 P. M ., the water was quite dark. Jasper tins many more yet to baptize. At tbe First African Church eight hundred are announced to be baptized next Sunday, but there will be several preachers. It is about time for tbe European peace Congress to assemble. At least some measures should be inaugurated to prevent the horrible atrocities still being committed. A lata dlepatch from Constantinople Bays : The Bulgarians continue to commit atrocities in tbe plain of Arda, and tbe Mussulmans are fleeing to tbe Uhedope Mountains. It is said that nineteen villages 'have been burned, several old men cracltted, and many women violated. Tbe Burlington JIawkcye cxpretses its feelings In this paragraph : Tbe dispatches assure ua "the President ia not afraid or disquieted." Huch assurances are needless. The President has shown all along that he Is not a timid man. His past life bas shown that he is not deficient in courage. Nobody expects him to be afraid. We don't want him to get frightened. We want him to get mad. Mad. Mad as thunder. A life-long citizen of Cincinnati make a bet that if be should be blind-folded and taken through that city from one end of it to tbe other, be could tell at any moment what part of town he was in by the smells. Vin. Commercial. What a perfumed city that must be the Paria of America. Dr-Pauter, of Westerly,' R. I., says : Hunt's Remedy is the most effective medicine I have ever used in my practice, for Dropey and Kidney Diseases. can aafely ay Hunt's Remedy has almost rained IhcdcaiV Ail diseases of the Kidneys, Bladder and Urinary Organs are cured by Hunt's Hfmedy. U K. 11. to r. K. J. C. a DEVIOUS DEMOCRATS. DEVIOUS DEMOCRATS. Their County Convention. DEVIOUS DEMOCRATS. Their County Convention. HOW THE OLD THING WORKED. Notwithstanding and in spite of the liemocratic Convention, Haturday last, this ssction was viltel with a much needed rain. AH of which conclusively proves that there is an overruling Providence who Bends good with evil. Saturday was a field day with tbe Democracy of the county and they came to this city, frora the ountry, In force, to a-bit in nominating a Democratic ticket made cp mostly of Tiffin men. It waa not probably their intention to have quite so much Tiffin in the ticket, but the "head center" fellows here wielded their influence to some purpose and polished tbe platter. Tbe clans began to gather at an early hour and by nine o'clock tbe Court House yard and pavement was alive with sovereigns who felt that tbe candidates would bow to them and shake Lands cordially on this occasion if on no other. Tbe candidates were thick and buzzed around In a manner which demonstrated that if they were not nominated to some fat office they bad the physical capacity to work for an honest living If they had the disposition. It was a large crowd and a lively, good-natured one, and tbe alight rain that was falling did not dampen their ardor in tbe least they felt like patriots and to show their regard fur the country or the Integral part tbey were laboring in they would bave stood out a combined hurricane and bail storm. Tbe devotion to principle was a fine ex- luetic or "lunatic" and so we jump right Into the convention at once. At the proper hour G. W, Bach man called the convention to order, and Judge Bagby was made the temporary Chairman. J. M. Myers, of the Advertiser, was made Secretary, and R. C. Myer, of theFostorla Democrat, and Geo. Homan, Jr., of the Tiffin Jrcsse, Assistants. After the canal committees had been appointed tbe convention ad journed until afternoon. Then were renewed fraternal greetings between delegates and candidates and the Iat ter were a shade more affectionate than they were an hour or two before, At half past one the Convention re- assembled ana me uourt House was packed full it was the largest Con ventlon that baa been held here for ten years. Tbe first business was bearing the reporta of tbe committees. Tbe reports were as usual. The original officers of the convention wore allowed to stand. Tbe following la tbe report of the committee on resolutions, which was adopted. The Democracy of e)eneca County make the following declaration of principles : That we are and alwaya bave been In ravor or equal rights, under the law, without regard to creed, condition or occupation. That we favor an equalization of an reee ana salaries. That we demand such legislation aa will secure and protect American In d us tries and develop the natural rc sources of tbe country, and give full measure of employment and re ward to labor. That all money bearing tbe stamn or me government, gold, silver and greenbacks, should bo legal tender, at par, lor ail debts, public and pri vaie, inciuuing duties on imports. That we endorse and approve of the law recently passed by Congress, to prevent the further contraction of tbe greenback currency. That we are in favor of eccn Ieels lation as will effect the Immediate retirement of the National Bank cur rency and tbe issuing of treasury notes in lis steau. mat we are :n ravor or tbe Imme diate and unconditional repeal of tbe resumption act. That we pledge our hearty and united support to tbe ticket this day nominated, and mat we will use all honorable meana for its election. A moderate cheer followed tbe reso lutions, but It waa evident that the convention did not understand the platform, though ordinarily that would have not prevented a free and full yell. The nominations were the next in order and Probate Judge came first- Judge Lang was presented, and fol lowing Immediately upon that G. W. Bach man presented the name of A. Landon, and lauded him highly. Mr. Landon at onee arose and in his characteristic style withdrew and pre sented the name of J.F. Bunn, with a laudatory opeech, which was received with a few cheers. Tha presentation of Mr. Landon by Mr. Bach man and Mr. nana uy Mr. i,anuon was a 'cute" little by-play on which the three gentlemen had expended a great deal of time and wisdom, in order to givn Mr. Bunn a good send-off from mescraicn. ineu&iioi, wnicu is as follows, shows that the plan worked very well : p ug 67 M Mr. Bunn was called upon to ex press his sentiments as to bow he liked it, aud he Beemed to feel that he bad bee n justly honored. He return ed thanks, said that be failed to be elected before, but stood up to It man fully aud waa willing to let the dead past nury its ueaa, ana would now leave no stone unturned to elect the whole ticket. trot uierx, jeremiau itex waa re nominated by acclamation, and V. J Zahm waa served tbe same way for Auditor. Neither of them respond ed. Sheriff followed and the names rat tled before the convention like rain on the roof, though the sound was not qnlte so soothing. The result was as follows : lKtbal. ZI -a .il w4 id baL KS . IS 13 ti Zi 26 1 1 3.1 baL N. Lca Wm. Hiulth M. K. Krey li u is 40 wlib is M Ball. H. Arnold. as. Fee.. K. Hoem Wiu. H. Beit; ley S 1 with The result was received with con alderable excitement. On motion of Mr. Arnold tbe nomination was made unanimous, and Mr. Lease was called on to tell how It waa. He returned thanks, and said if elected would try please tbe people. Lloyd waa hap py, very happy. In short he waa aa happy as the other seven were mad. Tbey were very mad and their friends likewise, and unfounded charges of buying tbe nomination, etc., were wildly made. Commissioner came next and pan ned out as follows : 1st bal. n 2d 3d bal. j wnmiPT Jacob Kimmel. 3 Willi. Ill u 17 with. 14 bard V 67 111 t i-J J. Hlste .5S Cbl lla H. U. BhiI 3! blgbuni Joe. I. My cik... Although scramble for Tiffin made tbe Commlasionership, Histe got it on the third ballot and Tiffin felt grieved. Tbe ballot on Infirmary D Ircctor resulted in tbe nomination of Mr. Hepler, of Eden. The ballots rvere 1st bal. 2d baL MuLschler 8.J. Klntz I 21 M with VS Geo. Hepler Hi Mr. Hepler was declared tbe unanimous choice of tbe Convention, and Mr. Mutschler waa made a yearling. A resolution that all Democrats In attendance at tbe State Convention considered delegates, waa adopted, and the annual agony waa ended. As stated before, the Convention was a large one, and It was well controlled by the Chairman. Judge Bag-by. Tbe ticket nominated . haa some atroug points on tbe main offices, and number of weak ones In the higher grade of officers. INCIDENTS, ETC. There were several axpirant.i before tU" C mmittee on Permanent Organization for the position of Chairman. They wanted recor?nltinn, and to hold a po-t of honor. From the Committee. f,u Credentials, a sub-committee of three was sent to a regularly authorized delegate, and one who bad taken part in tbe caucus, to inquire if he was really a Democrat, and if be intended to support the ticket. It was a cool operation, and rather funny. But then the Democratic folo must be kej't pure. Tee numerous candidates for Con-gre8 did not demonstrate very much iSatunlay. They were around, bow-ever, aud cuddled a Congressional delegate when one could be found. Johnson, of Hardin, was at tbe Convention. lie wants to go to Congress. He found that the Seneca Congressional delegates were not numerous enough to go around among Seueca aspiranU and leave anything for outsiders. All fixed up and labeled, the Democratic ticket shows up like tbi-i : Probate Jcrx;E, TIFFIN J. F. Bunn. Clekk, TIFFIN Jeremiah Rex. Auditor, TIFFIN-V. J. Zahm. Sheriff, TIFFIN L. N. Leaie. Recorder, TIFFIN T.J. Itiutz. Commissioner, FO.-5TORIA J. J. Histe. Infirmary Director, EDEN Geo. Hepler. To an outsider tbli would seem to be an intolerable deal of Tifliu to very small allce of any other Dart of cue county. Mr. Histe Is the gentleman whom Mr. Uayward beat for Commissioner two yeara ago. He is bound to run again to redeem himself. Mr. Bunn ran for Probate Judge three yeara ago, but the switch was set wrong, and be went on a side track He expects belter luck this time. MATTERS IN GENERAL. Out in the Black Hills jack rabbits are called narrow gauge mulea. In the South Carolina public ecboola there are 040 more colored children than whites. A man in Quincy, Fla., in order to protect his cellar from thieves, put rattlesnake theroin. The cellar protected. is John Wanamaker, the Philadel phia clothier, is reputed to be worth 120,000.000. He advertises extensive ly, hence hia wealth. A man in Ansonia, Conn., haa become insane through hearing one of the lectures of Colonel I to ber t Inger soil. Ho must have bad a weak mind. E. P. Roe, the author, la a famous strawberry raiser, making a specialty of growing and shipping young plants, which he sends out by the hundred thousand. Tbe Crown Princess of Germany is six feet high, wears No. C shoes, likes to ridd ugly horses, and wants to come over to America and see the American eagle. Twenty thousand field daisies were used In making the marriage bell at tbe Rsarn-Uoxle wedding, which took place in Washington recently. Hon. E. F. Noyce, U. S. Minister to France, Bailed for this country last Thursday to testify in the Potter in vestlgatlon. The Crown Prince, Frederick Wil Ham of Germany, has been declared Regent on account of tbe serious ill ness of Emperor William', who was shot and badly wounded recently. The dean of Chichester waa select preacher at Oxford the other day. "Ye men of science," said be, "ye men of science, leave me my aucos tors In Paradise, and I do not grudge yon yours in the Zoological Gardens, Mary Clemmer says Hayes is clean, obstinate, self-Battened man who believes thoroughly in himself, in his "luck," in tbe Lord, aud in his Ife. In tbe conduct cf his life he is Invariably directed by the four, chiefly by the first and last. President Hayes and tho members of bla Cabinet, who wero expected at Evansville, Indiana, on July 4, have notified tbe authorities that In view of existing political complications the President will not leave Washington The sermon of the best preacher in the world will not make aa much im pression upon a congregation as the sudden paltering of rain on the win dow-panes of a church containing two hundred new spring bonnets. "What's that?" he asked hia land lady, as she set his cup by his plate. "Coffee," was tbe prompt and deci sive reply. "Ah," Innocently re marked the boarder, with an air of Interest, "and what ia It made of 7" And there was silence around the ta-ble for the space of half an hour. A Minneapolis boy was sent by hia teacher, a woman, to the Superintendent to be whipped. The lad suspect ed tbe contents of tbe note, and hired a boy he met on the street to deliver it, giving him ten cents. The Superintendent didn't discover till after tbe castlgation was over that tho boy he bad flogged had not seen the inside of a school house for a month. The Vaesar College school girls do not gush. There are 3.V) of them. Many of them expect to be teachers, and they are so thoroughly educated tbat tbey are given preference as in structors. Professor Maria Mitchell lives alone at tbe Observatory, with two of tbe young lady students. Besides astronomical observations, they take a photograph of tbe sun every day. The first tannery in New England was established at Lynn in 1G30, and shoe making began there and at Salem in 1C35. Now Massachusetts alone manufactures annually 69,000,- 000 pair of boots and shoes, to the value of nearly $25,000,000 per annum. Besides, it exports vast quantities of eather, and also the machinery for making boots and shoes. The sad fate of Charley Rosa has not been in vain. Mr. Rosa baa examined 497 unknown and friendless walfa In his search for tho lost boy. More than 300 of these boys, wbo bad been drifting homeless over tbe face of the earth, are now provided with comfortable homes through tho publicity given their cases by being mis taken for Charley Ross. A terrible story cornea from Taze well county, Va. Two tramps broke into tbe bed-room of a young widow, Friday night, and demanded ber money. She seized an axe and brain ed one. Tbe other stabbed ber fatal ly with a dirk, but be did not escape without his death-wound. The brave woman lived long enough to tell her story the next morning, and then died. An Iowa widow is in a strange pre dicament. She and her bu&baud having quarreled, a divorce was ap plied for, but while proceedings were pending the two made up. After a while the husband died and tbe relict thought to enter upon his c-stata. It was then she found that the lawyers had gone on with the proceedings originally Instituted, and bad actually obtained tbe divorce, so that the widow bad no leiral claim on the prop. erty. It Some ono ha1 ftolen the head o Webb, tho negro who waa hanged at Mansfield. There Is proof positive that the medical students of Cleveland and Cincinnati bad nothing to do with it, or they would bave carried fl body, box, boots and all. ls.'ulcr. The Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, in the course of bis address to the Grand Army of the Republic at Springfield, Mass., eaid of tbe conciliation policy: "Hone't truth should be fearlessly spoken. The south was wrong. The North waa right. This must ttand out as clear as the sun." Secretary Schurz reports that there are now employed in the Interior Department at Washington 4!5 honorably discharged Union soldiers, 10S soldiers who were permanently disabled by the loss of their limbs, 41 widows of soldiers, and Si orphans of soldiers. The statute requires the heads of departments to give tho preference to Union soldiers in making up their list of subordinates. Mr. and Mrs. Flynn, of Sidney, O.' bad been married only a few days when, in tbe middle of the night, the husband thought he beard a burglar biding under the bed. He arose quietly and armed himself with a Bhotgun. The bride was asleep with one of ber feet hanging over the edge of the bed. Fiynn saw tbe foot, and thought it was the burglar's face. Tbe light was dim, and the foot may bave been un commonly large. He fired, shooting away three of Mrs Flynn'a toes. Louisville Couricr-Jourii'd : The failure of tbe Stewart Hotel might bave been avoided if tbe late Mr Stewart bad read the 'Small Talk more regularly. It has often been re peated here tbat tbe softer Bex can not m senarated from otner one. our charma are such tbat tbe poor creatures find tbem Irresistible. The coarsest and grossest of us are treas urea to them. Even the toughest of the woman suffragists bave a little man tacked to them some way, and drag him about with tbem, thinking be Is sweet, no matter how ugly and insignificant he may seem to his own sex. LINES ON THE DEATH OF MY WIFE. Uoue home, bat not forever gone. Llvelli, In memory's brightest view. Calm, serene, angelic Is thy rest. In mansions prepared by Uoil anew. Oone homo ; life's labors done. Aftll&lon'ssting, tho common lot of all. She nobly bora ; with patient grace Huiitained, prepared to meet ber call. Clone home, but llveth still In loving heart, A daughter's love and a noble son's. Will never die. Forever treasured In Hie aUections ol hor loved ones. Uone home ; sLstnrs dear are left. Whose love was imre, angelic love. If love so holy, on earth below , What mast 11 be In realms abovo ? Clone home ; kind rrlcnds nro left. In love, aHoctlonate hearts and hands. With flowers arranged In lovely forms. Are done, In faith In Christ's command. Uone home ; kind friends she had. Whose friendship never dies ; Whose hearts and hands were ever near. To smooth hor pathway to the skies. All going home ; My God! MyUod! Urant unto me through tby grace. I n thy fear and love, so to walk. When my honr is come, to see Thy faco. J. H. Neighborhood News. HANCOCK COUNTY. Last Wednesday night Mr. and Mrs, W. 8. Burns, of Orange township, returned home from Ada about 9 o'clock and had been In the house but a short time until tbey thought they heard the crying of a child, but as tbey bad no children, the noise was attributed to cats and no attention was paid to it at first The crying was heard again, and Mr. Burns going to the door found a large basket on the steps, and on taking it in and opening it fouud a nice healthy boy baby laid therein.- 'ino following note waa found pinned to the child's clothes : "I leave my baby with you please take good care of it. It ia 5 months old this mouth." There wore also In the basket three full suits of clothing, nursing bottle, rattle box, and several other articles, From the actions of the child it is evi uent mat it bad been brought up on the bottle and In a quiet place. No trace haa yet been discovered as to where the child camo from or who its parents are. They bave no children and may adopt the little foundling Tre Sheriff closed up the clothing store of Hardesbell & Ritter, of Find- lay last Wednesday, on a judgment of C. Ritter Several cases of milk slcknei-s are reported in this county by the Jeffer- coiVm.......The residence of Mr. Van Baren, for miles north of Findlay waa entered by a couple of tramps, on Saturday morning of last week, who ale all they could conveniently, and departed carrying with them some silver spoons and other articles, They managed to escapo with their plunder. CRAWFORD COUNTY. On last Friday afternoon, while several children were awinglng on the limb of a tree, In tbe southern part of Bucyrus, the sharp point of a twig struck a five year old son of Mrs. Mary Clouse, In the eye, breaking tbe ball and causing the vitreous humor to flow from the wound. The wound has been very painful for the past two days, but the little fellow bears it like a Lero ......... On last Monday afternoon, little Claudlo Keller, of Bucyrns, in jumping from a fence, broke his arm just below the elbow.... .On last Sunday morning an In cendiary fired Wm. Shaw's residence, situated in the southern portion of Bucyrus. Tbe Fire Department waa badly demoralized, and before the fire could be put out the building was burned to the ground. Mrs. Wolfs residence, immediately north of Mr. Shaw's, was nearly destroyed, and the house of Samuel Shrlver, juat south, was badly damaged. Tbe en tire loss waa about $3,500. HURON COUNTY. There is said to be a farmer living in Sherman township, Huron county, wbo haa never yet seen a steamboat, nor the inside of a passenger car. He came to the Fire Lands in ISIS, and has lived In Sherman sixty years. Though reputed well to do in tbe world, he bas never seen the time when be thought the cost of a short trip by rail or water would be a judi cious expenditure Nor walk ia to bave a street railroad at last. Tbe city Council have said so, in the legal verbiage of an ordinance, and so is to be. The new railroad ia to extend the full length of Main street. SANDUSKY COUNTY. The project of another newspaper at Fremont, to be conducted aa an organ of the National party, ia settled upon. E. J. Hammer, the perambulating journalist, ia to conduct it......... Mu Etta Smith, charged with tbe attempted poisoning of the Stine family, waived examination last week, and in default of ??,000 bail was sent back to jail until Court sots n October next. DEFIANCE COUNTY. On Monday night of last week a burglar effected an entrance In John Reuter's saloon, In Defiance, by opening the rear door. He took sixty dol lars in money and other articles and skipped. Suspicion rested upon a fel low named David Charon, whp left on the east bound train on the Wa bash road on Tuesday morning. He was arrested at Maumee, but man aged to escaped from bis captors be- for they tnt him barfe to LVfianfe. A Fourth f July celebration will 1-e held in Defi-.nn W. R. Hamilton' etnr in Hicfeavllle wn burrjlarb.Bil recently, and fifty dollars' worth of (-ondi wre carried away. WYANDOT COUNTY. On Saturday mornim-, as Mr., Shuel, liviue est of Upper Sandusky.' i , si liia I arn ar n a Warn r, rcr.O r-l t- r rai .o.rf -- wr.-A ' . .. ; . . wagon, juuan, toe ouer, pro.otni it take the gnn with them. Ttc gui waa brought and placed beside Vr. Sbuel, who wai sitting on the frcnt seat. Willie, the younger boy, vas stanJing behind his father. As Julian was gettiiig Into the wagon, his foot struck the hammer aud discharged the gnn, the ball strik:ng little Willie near the left eye, and corc-ing ont of the left ear, kuoofcii.2 h'to down, and made a eerious wuurd. There were no bones broken, aud ft eye waa not hurt, except being buret by the powder. : j HENRY COUNTY. A very sad occurrence tool; pine Sunday, last week, about a mile sotth of Holgate. A young man by the nafl-e of Geo. Rickbert bad been havii; fever and ague for a few days,' aid when tbe fever was on, was partialy deranged. He bad a chill early n the morning, and fever coming n showed signs of insanity, bat not e-rious, when about II o'clock A. J., be said to his mother be believed he would jump in the well, and got directly up and went out, bis mcher following him, aud apparently as deliberately aa could be jumped in. His mother screamed to him to stop; but it was too late, she got to the ekl( of tho well just as he rose the first time, when be held up both hands for her to help him out, but before she could get anything available he had sunk again ; she lowered him a hook, hoping to aid him the second rise, but he camo up no more, and aa all tho nearest neighbors were at Church, she had no help for an hour and a half. When brought to the top, tho ttend-ing physician pronounced If extinct. He waa 24 yeara old, and a very worthy young man, thi main stay of his widowed mother, vho la almost distracted. His falho diod very suddenly about a year afp 'n a field, of apoplexy. WOOD COUNTY. Last Monday afternoon a rinaway took place in front of Henry Carroll's residence in Henry township, which came near proving fatal to Daniel Frlck, of Van Buren. He hadstarled for home with some sheet iron in bis buggy, tbe noise of which frihtened the horse, causing it to start rfX at a break-neck pace, pitching Mr. Frick out on the hard ground, cutting a frightful gash across bis forehtad, and cutting a part of one his ears off, rendering him Insensible. When picked up he was strangling in the blood that flowed from hia wounds. Had the accident happened in tho nighttime, be wonld have strangled to death .before found. -..New Baltimore is to have a Fourth of Jtly celebration. The Enterprise says the Bowling Green Cornet, Toutogany, Perrysburg, Weston and Bloomdalo and other music bands will be in at tendance. RICHLAND COUNTY. Last Saturday afternoon, as Wm, Mercer of Mansfield, was out riding, the harness of hia horso got out of or der as be was going down Market street. Mr. Mercer bad fixed the harness, and as he was getting into tbe buggy again, tho horse, a colt, suddenly started, entangling the gentleman In the lines, and the buggy was turned over on him, and ho was dragged for some distance He waa picked up in an insensible condition and taken to hia residence, where medical aid was summoned. Ho is badly bruiaed aud scratched about the bead and face, hia noso is broken and hia ear torn, but will probably recov er. Reporta from all parts of the couti try Indicate an abundant harv(bt. If the weather contains favorable there ill be an immense crop of wheat harvested which is already being cut, and even threshed, iu some of the States. A special dispatch to tho Ga zctle saya of the prospects in Illiuoia Tbe wheat crop of Southern Illinois is now assured, aud all thai is re quired of the farmers U to put forth their best efforts and secure 30,000,000 bushels that awaits thorn. Harvest ing, in a few instances of early varie ties, bas commenced, and, by the middle of noxt week, it will be to its full height : and with n couple of weeks of favorable Weather, it will all be in shocks, and there is no doubt but what it will prove to be the Iarg est and best crop ever known in the nistory or the country supplies to the coutrary notwitlMUad;u, Oats are very promising also, and no doubt is entertained In regard to an abundant yield. As to Corn, it is too soon to speculate ; but one thing ia certain : There baa already been more work done thus far in tho way of tilling than for the past three sea sons all put together. Tho reason cf this Is on account of there not being one-third the rain floods thia season as compared with tho three preceding ones ; and, if ever there waa a coun try on earth needing a bountiful corn crop it is this, for there has been notb ng but disastrous failures for the past four years. There was a light frost in various sections of the State on lait Thursday morning. The following specials aro from the Enquirer : Dennison, O., Juno o. in some localities the frost of last night in jured garden vegetables, and in other places froze ice, but from an re(Mrts the wheat ia not iDjured. Tho prospects for a large crop were never better. Milt.ersbuko, Ohio, June G-Frost showed itself pretty generally this morning, especially along the Kill-buck bottoms, where the grass blades were stiff. Wheat in some places near here Is badly struck with rust. Harvest will commence at least two weeks earlier than usual. CosnocTON, O., Juno C Farmers several miles north of here report tbat a heavy frost in that locality last night damagod wheat. According to the New York Herald the Democratic party bas done good service for the Republicans In tho in vestigation of the so-called frauds. It eays : Tbe Potter Committee has consolidated the Republican party ; bas given it an issue, and a very strong one, for the fall campaign, aud has given tbem reason to bono that they may carry the next House. That is the net result of this great stroke of political geniua. In fact, tbe question which thia folly foroes upon the country ia whether it can afford to risk a Democratic majority in tbe next House, when tbey are already certain of the Senate ; and when that question ia put to the independent voters this fall tbe Democrats will be uncommonly fortunate if it is answer in their favor. As to General Grant we have only thia to say it depends upon Democratic folly whether he is renominated ; but if tbey frighten tbe country he will undoubtedly be not only nominated, but elected. Sash ! Not a word ! The rural Democrat of commerce of Ohio does not read the papers, and will not know tbat the State bas been redis-tricted ; hence, on the second Tuesday of October he'll vote in tbe wronz District, and his ballot will be thrown ont. Bash ; Not a word 'Chicago Tribwui. This is rather a sad coojideaUry on the Intelligence of Ohio Democrats, and a sadder ono on tho Tribune to presume that the voiing precinct of a Democrat will bo changed because the State baa been redistrieted. Tiffin Democrat will vote in Tillln as heretofore, although they are not In the same t'oiiur'-uional ly.-trict. "Sesn I" RICHLAND COUNTY. GEN. HARRISON TO THE PEOPLE. RICHLAND COUNTY. GEN. HARRISON TO THE PEOPLE. A Cause Arraignment of the Faculty RICHLAND COUNTY. GEN. HARRISON TO THE PEOPLE. A Cause Arraignment of the Faculty of the Medical College of RICHLAND COUNTY. GEN. HARRISON TO THE PEOPLE. A Cause Arraignment of the Faculty of the Medical College of Ohio. NV-ihlnir proper for publication nt l-een obtained in Ui sesrch for lis bo!y of Aus'ist'is Devin. The foUwi!i? letter frr.ia Oerr. Harrison is a ahl Bfl arraif-nmeiit of the !acui- "ly-of .n:i kouw as cou'! ue iran : GRAND HOTEL, CINCINNATI, O., June 1. '7" ''r"' '''".;.? of t !'''"'' "i c id u;t s'.'ppos-? whfin ca!W toi yonr -i:y iy i mw-iire tbe mot suoiain? hii.j ULin: ever sent to a son tuat shot:!!) hav occasion to! ailJrcs'S you exei-r: to thank you for your wMiCitotiH -.m lje? and tc-riler ynipa'.tijT. Xii'i' bunion is h-avy upon uie tbtM niornin. "1 can miiy say f.r the ehiloren of your :ri-!jj, lhatik you, thank yu. Gc.i keep precious dead from tbe bar! aro:: i-oucii of tao grave robber, aud you !rota taat tate of hell which comes with tuo discovery of a father's grave robbed and the lnly nagging by tiie neck like that of a do?, in the pit of a medical coiiee. 'But tiie purpose of this card is not to niako aay ucUuovlelmeuti for kindce.cs received, but rather to fix, if I can, the responsibility for this outrago where it ought ultimately to rest. 'We bave been oilered through the press the sympathy of the distinguished men who constitute the faculty of the Ohio Medical College. I have no satisfactory evidence that any of them knew whose body tbey bad, but I bave the ruoat convincing evidence that they are covoriug the guilty scoundrel. While they consent to occupy this position, their abhorrence is a pretense, and their sympathy is cant and hypocrisy. "Who can doubt that if the ollieers of that institution had desired to secure the arrest of the guilty party, it would have been accomplished before :iii;ht on Thursday ? Tito bodies brought there aro purchased and paid for by an ofiicor of the college. The body suatcher stands before lain aud takes from his hand tho fee for his hellish work. He is not an occasional visitant. Ho is often there, and it is silly to say that ho is an unknown. After being tumbled like dung into that chute by the thief, some one inside promptly elevates the body by a windlass; to the dissecting room. Who tlid it, gentlemen of the faculty? Your janitor denied that it had been upon your tables but tho clean incision into tho carotid artery, tiie thread with which it waa ligatured, tho injected veins, prove him a liar. Wbo made Uiat incision and injeoted that body, gentlemen of the faculty ? The surgeons wbo examined bis work say he was no bungler. What haa your demonstrator to say about this ! While bu lay upon your table, tho long whiteboard, which tho hands of infant grandchildren had often strok ed in love, was rudely shorn from bis face. Havo you so little care of your college that an unseen and unknown man may do ail this ? Who took him from that tablo and hung bim by the neck in the pit ? Was it to hide It from friends or to pass his body in your pickling vaults for fall use ? For a relmlilo informant states that an or der has gouo out to Rather bodies against your winter trm. Your Sec retary has said, and I can prove it over hia denial, that he thought he ought to name the man that did it. But he refuses my just demand tbat bo should do so. I denounce the man wbo thinks lio knows the guilty party, and will not aid ray search, as the brother of that ono wbo drew my father by the feet, through broken glass and dirt, from tils honored gravo. Have you advised him, gentlemen of the faculty, that bo ought to tell? or did a change of pnrpope on this sut ject ccmo from a conference with you ? You profess to tho public that you are extremely careful and solicitous that private graveyards shall not be violated. Do you expect to foster a careful spirit in your grave robbers by covering them aud raak ing yourselves party to tho crime when they violated your pretended instructions .' would you not give tbe public better evidence of your sin cerity if you repudiated the men who in their own wrong (if it was sol, did this deed ? I bavo not tha composure to state my case clearly, but 1 think I have said enough. If tho faculty would have us belicvo them clear of a knowing participation iu this crime, their conduct must be conformable to reason. The law and the common sense of mankind hold mm who con ceals tho fruit of crime, or aids the cs, cape of the criminal, to partake of tho orv,i...i (r-oe. viy truly yours, "BENJAMIN HARRISON." It is understood that the members of the faculty of the Ohio Medical College and whoever Is supposed to know anything about tho recent out rage will shortly be called upon to slain what they know before he Grand Jury. ilazellc. William Cullcu Rryaat, who re cently foil in New York aud severely injured his head, may possibly recover, lie is eiguty-four years eld and re markably active for one of his age, A correspondent of tho Gazelle eays Steady exerciso nnd plenty of it, getlinK up at ) o'clock in tho raornln and goiui; to bed in good season, and a careful tiiut, have, been tho secrets of this prolongation of iifo, and also of its absolute frecMlom from sickness from his boyhood until now. His ex ercise has been varied : he took long walks, aud also practiced feats in f?ymuastics. Every day ho walked from his house in Sixteenth street to tho Evcninq Jj:t ollice at hulton street and back, the whole distance beintr at least II vo miles. Ami when he i;t thcro bo did not ue the ele vators of that dizzy establishment, but trudced cheerfully up nine flights of stairs. It can not be more than ten days since I passed him on Broadway. He was evidently on bis return walk. His eyes were, as usual, bent on the ground in thought ; his step waa steady, and ho looked as vigorous as I have ever seen him look. Turning over tho leaves of Forster'a Life of Dickens to-dy, I chanced upon the f;u'. :.inti'4; of tin; letter of invitation to a public dinner addressed to Dick ens by Irving, and signed, witli many others, by Mr. Bryant. That way more than thirty-nix years ago, and the signature of V. C. Bryant seems no clearer 'r firmer on that sheet thau it has been in the last year. In July, 17S3, when Walter Hcott was not (jiiito twelve years old, he conmisod these "Verses Written on a Thunder Storm." They show that he had taken Pope for a model, but are creditable for a lioy of his age : LouJ o'er my bt ail tho' nw'Ql tiiundeM roll. Ami vlVKl lightnings ll.isii Irom ole to Yet 'tis Thy voiee, my Ootl, that bi ts them I!y. Ti'.y arm Uiroels tiioio lihtnins Ihro' the Then let the good Thy mivlity name to verc. And li.inlrn'J -.tnii'-rs Ti:y ja.t vch'ranu! Ic-ar. Stutterers aro compelled to take life easy, whether they will or not. I wo men thus alllieted were at work at a forico. Tho iron wa3 red hot and placed on the anvil, when the first one said: "John s-s-strike it hard," The other answered : Jim, wh-w-wbere shall I lii-hit ?" "No m-m-inatter now, its co-co-coM," was tho reply, and the bar wai put into the forgo again. "How diil you cuiuo to know her ?" asked a mother of her littla girl, as sho saw her bidtlius ouod-by to a poorly dressed child at the church door. '"Why, you see, mamma, she came into Sunday School alone, and I made a i laco for her cu my scat, and smiled, aud she smilcu, and then we were acquainted." When a paper starts out witii the express purpose of lilting "a long-felt want," it fills it from one to four months, besides filling the editor with disgust and bis pocket-book with patent-medicine orders, and then comes the end. 'Wby la it, my tJear sir," nUl Waf fles' landlady to hioa tho other day. that you news psimt men never Ret rich'."' "I do not know" was the reply, "except it in tbat dollars and sene do not always travel together." The Laboratory of the System. The stomach is the laboratory ol tho nys-m. In which certain mysterioM prw-es Ttre conta:it!v coin" oil. Tlie; r-snlt in :ie pr.Hiu :n oi that Kuml.Tlu! vlvilylng aij.-ut the hluixt, winch, lu a state ot henltn lisiiib lu'icu Willi tnu t ii-iii uis oi to the remot..-t parts ol tiie syst.-iu. J'.ut wiien tlte bloiiiarli Vi M-ml-puralyrl iy aysHjpbia, iiiwoU luaiiulaetuie is curricu on tni".inj.Ly, liiL Liiuuitiua liiow-j tUiU auu sliiKi.ih, anil the sys:em 6u.iers in coiui.j- lUuuce. Jlorcover. iuiKetlon ituU oirfn ineliVL-r aii'l Uiw.'m, reaauriut; tit hrst slUJLsli au.l tile iutUrr OilL-tlpateU. Tae lirniu Hi.-o supers by Hympatliy, anil s.cE headaches, slet-pivKsneSN au.l nervous y Bip-toins are i.-iiiriidereU. liiinlelU-r's hlomach Uitters relonus IhiS state of tilings, Hives M-rui&n.'!it tone and r.-ulanty ti the stomach aud its as.MK-iale organs, the bowels and liv. r, aud eutur.-s compl.-to nounliiui-ut and lneit;a.ssl vior ol the y-l-ii!. It i-: the .i.r I iipular a.s wil as tli. m.r-t eiHe-lent 3Lti-cy;i Hie "d t n;e in America. fi SENECA COUNTY TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION. TI0f. j i J ! ! liich S-"tiooI room in this city. . laeii.) .ejvrurif uric -nv , a few exception?, but the ram pre- j ; vented a lare attendance from o'.'.er j parts of the county. The Association was calM t or- i der ty tbe President, Frof. C. O. Knepper. Devotional exercises were followed by singin?, Miss Mary Egbert playing the piano. Prof. Knepper presented the Me'.a-phy!c of tho programme. Mea-fjlivsics is eeneraily supposed to he a dry subject, but the Profes-or ho!d the undivided attention cf his h-irer-r tnroush quite a long address. He showed that the mind was eomHr'.l of the intellect, the sensibility ami the will, and that tho symmetrical development of each of these drpp.rt-ments of the mind was the duty of the teacher. Hespoko of the divisions of the intellect, and that the "course of etudy" was for the development of this part of the mind: He spoke of tbe frequent mistraininp; of the sensibility and the will, and the cvila tbat resulted therefrom. At noon the Association adjourned to partake of a bountiful repast provided by the teachers: of Tiffin. The intention had been to enjoy thia under tho trees of the school grounds, but the rain made it necessary to adjourn to one of tho school rooms. In the afternoon session Mr. Col-lester, of Attica, presented a "Course of Study" for sub-district schools. Ho urged the necessity aud benefits of such a course of study. He referred to the fact tbat tho law gave each township the power to engage a Superintendent, and thought that it would greatly increase the efficiency of the country schools if this would be done. J. II. Piatt, of Tiffin, read an inter esting paper on "Tbe Participle" in which be spoke of its nature anil the difficulties in teaching it, and gave so mo excellent suggestions in refer ence to the manner of presenting the subject to a class. The Association waa pleasantly entertained in tbe afternoon by a select reading by Miss Celia Williams, of thia city, recitations by Misses Laura Sirlckerand Letty Wilson, and instrumental music by Mis Minnie Jones, of tho High School. The following constitution was adopted : Art. I. Tho name of this organization shall bo known as the Seneca County Teachers' Association- Art. II. Any person may become a member of this Association by signing the constitution and paying a fee of twenty-five cents. Art. HI. The ofllcors of this Association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and these shall constitute an Executive Committee. Art. IV. The Association shall meet on the last Saturday In October and on tiie second Saturdays of January, April and June. Art. V. The place and officers of the next meeting shall be chosen at each session of the Association. Art. VI. At each session tho President shall appoint a committeo to nominate officers for the next meeting and one to nominate a place of meeting. Art. VII. Amendments may be made to this constitution at any, meeting by a vote of tbe Association, if the amendment has been proposed at a previous meeting. j It waa decided that the next meeting be held on the last Saturday of October, aud tho following officers were chosen : President B. F. Myers, Tiffin. Vice-Pres. J. K. Hamilton, Blooni-ville. Secretary Mrs. Mary E. Zartmau, man. Tiffin. Treasurer Misa Clara Roop, Attica. J. C. Collester, B. B. Hall and Miss Florence Cronlse wero appointed a committeo to report at the next meet ing, the nature of tho law regard! u TnwnuUlp. fcliiporlntendnnbt and the advisability of presenting the subject for tho consideration of Township j. i ' i i : I ! ( I i X. 0S10 Patents. Messrj. George C. Tracy & Co., Solicitors of Patents, No. 4 Euclid Avenue Block, Cleve- and, Ohio, aud 51'.) Seventh street, Washington, D. C, furnish the fol lowing list of patents granted t resi dents of this State for the week end ing May 2Stu, 1S73 : li C Convorso.Hprlngfleld, Manufacture of siKt-t nmlal tuliliiK. J KauUuian, illaiuk-burg, Sldu bar Yi Lie 1& K J Kln, Dayton. Fire pot lining. ( J II Miallmnii, Cincinnati, Inlet pipe. 1 l Chlkis, SShreve, He iu feucu. K W Fauct'tt, Kalem, Ment ohonpor. H Uner, Gvriiiantown. Oale larrit. J AllonaH, MauHtluld, Clover nailing .11- ku-hmuiil lor llirutjrs. It Li lleiton. West Jefferson. Lemon stjijeex'- A tthRker combined. w li u liersliey. Corner iron lor carrla;;n seat- O H Ifowo, Akron, Grain binder. C K Fatrico, Bpriugneld, Bprliig boo for rain drlllH. V. A K Strobe!, Waldo, Loe Tnrner. K F Terrell L. A Williams. West Lllwrtr. Loom picking mochaniMiii. J li Tiioniixiou, Jersey, AUjtutaoli : axle plan- nut. W II Webb. Coiincaut. Machine for iny Jc Hawing wood. Tbadk Marks : ii W Krnzier, Cleveland. C dwuitx A Co., Norwaik. LAUEid : W A Kzokiel, Cincinnati. H Kirkurill, Circleville. Keers A Co., Coiiimhtet. 1M1, Mlorer A lav is, Shelby. MARRIED. WILHON KONKKU On tho "lh Inst., In Kycaiuon townhii. Wyandot, ttliio, by Kev. K. K. Moore, Mr. U. K. Wll-hoii und Mina Miriam Konkel. rKTTK'ORUMAY. On the all Inst., by Itev. J hi resblenrx, Mr. Mil ton J. I'etliounl and Mln Nettie May, ui.lii of AdauiH Uiwaulilp. DIED. :tO;;U-On the iutU Inst., at hisr.ilil. uro In beneja township, Mr. Milo Kolii', ued years aud 31 days. COMMERCIAL. COMMERCIAL. TIFFIN MARKETS. CORRECTED WEEKLY BY BUSINESS MEN. HKAIN Wheat Old , , ,, New ! No 2 No J .. . iiQZrtUlQ ... JATH , , Z Coks Hhi'lled. KTE I'UIVEK SCKU.. .1 in. . I" BAKLEY . ll.l AKfLU, dried, per E . Aeei-BS, grwn KKESWAX Hoi Vll HOTTItH lift 7 l'.,k.1 liCAL, ptriU. Kkatherh. live Kit'K, p'jr t'-'v-i ,., HoKEr . , , , Hat, per ton v. l.i.4-j 5 wj to 7 w MlDK.-, ary 1 13 UinKM, tn.nnml Uiucs DUlnuiuitd.. LAUD r, -.;! -.3-J . 2' OMION8.. rlTATOEH.. MlUUI-I.NOS . Malt, coarse rock, perbbl Salt, roininnn, per bbl Halt, One table, par aack -1 3! lu to 1 j i-1 to 1 u KMEKK fELTS.. L'ALFHKISS, P.! I... TALLOW HHOKTH, per wl Wateb Line, pe.-iibi White Like, per bun MKATH HEir, front qr KEEr, hind jr . 4U 4 -t. 7 . 07 H AS. HiioULUEita. liACO -OUL,TitY CHICKBHH, per fc.. Tuukitiri, perx.. iJ'JtiLi! of oh Z-il LIVE STOCK MARKETS. New York, Jane 1(1. IV-eves iteripts have been .i,-ti he:ul since Friday, making l.i ei hi-a-t fair tne wi-t, airaiust iii.-'i ht:ui tor tae same time lant wevK. 31-trkt was fair and a hhado better than Kr.iiay for K'Oid ; dull and rattier wcaEer for common and medium. Kxi,rter- t.xjlt h.-ad at i7V4iivJ, to dn-sH, -i ifrt : botno trade hiauliterers paid Imxi.1 1 iw to dresM a' llm, liiciudim; a number ol car loa.Ls of Tex-txn aud Chi-rokce calUe, t f V -. 75. to drt-.wi V-7 1L-. : iiuli pleuty an.' dull at t : 1 n livu w..-I;hl, inWudUM luo tuui direct fiom CiiUo aud Kui;ped In slfejirar t.iay. Kxporia for tiie wo k, 1,575 Jive, un l , oi -iuarU:rs, being the largest wix-kly total recoided iucu trade besan. bii.-(-p aud Lamba Ihe rt-celj.ts for to-siay have Uru 7,iu head, making joJj head lor tbe week, at.'lnst 2u,J head for the mmn tune lat wek : the market was fairly lirni lor tit shesj ; lirim-r Il-ures and east r for lamtjs; Kti-.-patf ; iOi.4 j; laiuba at t9 "i lor K'itut-ky HlK-k. J swine1 ue receipts lor to-day have been tins M- . '. ..v;. -r. r. . '.'Id '- i t : I var i -.v.- : t.T-; t- r 'n- . v.-i-.z ti.w .ia-. . t-'-1, i. . i !-- : - n-i !. 1 - f - o' v r- . - ,, 1 ' ?!; o! f -:r-i:--h M-t i. :i. . . . ? vant . ' " r"- "V 'ire. li - ' . .. ka-.-.. : ;.. ::-:.-!..--'.- t..- -.1 iv :.a-r o.- ; . t.. i.: ; t" n -r I: . -.-. & u-:,.! . ....- r, r.,r : : uwl ?:.- a - Sum ;- aa.' !.:. !....; .- t.i-.! iv Were a- . i ; ' .;- Lr-.-ir Ti ark-t r-uer. O".-: ::.'- ..-I i.uii,y: .-.- '!'.':..., ;i 'i.. i !! ::.-;.-! i -: :r :i-'. r. il -ir. T li. i. : i-' ' t-.-i-.v i , i h i.. -i li !; WOOL MARKET. r-; rj;: iii. a u'i t-x tr.. '.'i ; ; tt---!,.1jii, s ; ft-'ir't --t c N. w Y I;i! :.:. Vi-ir'!, n::.l Vi- ton: t::i'k,o- ; : :r..:i. .--v; cvi: i .ia.'r.i.'. i v.i- riv:v. a:..l nullum I.;-.- Vl;.cJ. k i- . NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. SWEET POTATO, CABBAGE and TOMATO PLANTS, by tho Thousand Am 0. P. SNYDER'S. in INSURANCE ! A-l, Insurance Companies. Name Co.s Miami Valley linger Wlianu Mercantile Assets. i'k),m4) i,t Mil.isj TI 7l4l,tlM lit! !,ul 1.11 l.l'i-.'. Vrf! 711 l.ra.irii t;1 l.-v-i.n Vi :t,7!i.lis.", -V li.4'-.',.7l m i;,x-;,u ue Peoples MerrliailLS Kntixli AmiTl, a Mann lecturers' , N iM"-tr-t , Kuoile Islam! As..w-iatton.. Fire Association, I'liilaitelpliia.. In.n ioiuli ii Assurance CoriMralioti. Uityal. Capital & Aicumula- tlon.t... 2u),i)ix) mi (jranl Total...... WILSON ..3w.1!i,jl: rt LYSLK, ur.TH. COMMKKCIAI, HANK 1;I.'H'K. HOUSE AHD LOT r Hons' ruiil;iins !-c'Vjii iiit li.iMMii-1, w:i--h house, whhI iiou? cnumi'tril, lar;o iirirfc l:rn. ll dij !ft I rout. Alminiruii fruit. Terms i-asy. Also luts Vl,', :!! half "I lot ' in Sp-iyth's A.Mition t Hit t ilv of Timri. Very iteMr- abici am! cheap fir ctsri. Kntnin nf O. H.NHK1 VKlt. Or of bltiiwhuii iluuso. I1AKKISON XOKLK. Proimto Court. xt OTIC K H HKUKI'.V tilVKN THAT AC 11 COUNTS by Kxi tutors. Alinln!stri- torf ami OitunllatiH, tn linni aiwl partial settlement of esiau-s, an:I witli Wartls, h;ive been riled in tlit'olltre at t'ie Pnliate Cmti t ol Stmeca County , Ohio, us lol lows, to -wit : KiTATJtl rAUT! AL Al'.VoU ST. OeoTiif-Suawnmu, Stephen Dirt, Jaroo Koruer, John I'.aUtT, John Lootte, D nvnl H. Kmir, E-iTATK i- FINAL ACroi'STJi. Ann Shisler, (ieore Mien, KUzalK th Van Pelt, Samuel JSehrii, Samuel Warner, John Tompkins, Aoel Kiiwsoii, :xtrmi iloicr, Mary Zemlc-r. V AUlrt I'AUTlAIa ACCOUNTS. Anna I. Kijlert, Laura K. Ncwiunn, i nan j. f.i-iM-ri, A.J. Mtahl. Edward 1 E-;h rt, l&ehecca U iilwtl, i rixAf. Atrorsp;. Claremv T!ioriilur, l-ewis KUilh, Mary 11 Funic. Martii M-iitiiiii!it larili: K.Crmu, V ni. W. I'ruiu. aiio tnr-viT w.nral a'-onnts will he for hearim ami H-itlfiti'nt tv ! t tt. r.LU day of July A. O. I 7 al AM oVl'R-k A. M. Vilni my hand tliU III n bv of Jm:c A . K. CltAM KK, I'rohalu J udc. ' : v . -? . '-'" . -"p". - ify- MEITIN WAGNfiS, WASHINGTON, ST., Tiffin, Ohio. CUB LOHBEH YARD ! All tiit: nitlnr iny in Ifi I.umtM r lijiu will iiiid ln:il J. 31. IIERSIIIiEISGEi: giving mnr ui:d r' lor tio monry tUin atiy otJier r in lit- niy. iln i;h all kiiitisof i,i;mi:k;;, lath mi sijN4ii Which i:' iHscllttr; to t.m .uili:rh-tt ir taib. ills hlM:k of uil k.inf of SIDlNit WOliKK!) KI.'MiKIVJ, I5ATTKNS, Lie, J-.t-:. Hu 1 i also making Kjwrtlty t- (rirchas- of rnrload lot liavtrr iu.-uIm arraii"-liifiiU Umtrt With tin; niHmi(:u-tiin rH to till ItilLi of lit:tl knnl, Id njt.y h:iv:i; Uh-xicnsr of in ah I tiie tuis a.i,l tiitii t; t-liii'X )iit what f hy want. lwtniiitiMT, all i.imW wishing Iare iotH, to cult uu n.r ;Trri iturt ii.Tstii- i-;- wuuru. J. ii. JlhtV-SHUiliiKl Itrvrti: si Y w.Li- Corucr ol .If lit mi and KnllroMtl Si. . tf Leiral Xolleo. Nat. Ex. Lnnk, i i:iir.t O., t u f C..l At:u. Oliver C. Ztih.r j Th, .suiJ Oliver I'm '. r I1 him hy itut.lll that on In; ilav or Apr ). 1 sal'i Na'tonal .X':iihii: lUnk ol 'l Al'.n, Ohio, tUe1 ilb iM-tiL:a a:u.-L mm in thcottiw: of tin; Cleric ol tliu ouj i ul CouiJiion l'.-; of H:u-ta Couiity, Ohio, v. n ti-.ii it aih". that on oratjiat tiir,i.'i d iy of Aj-rji, 1-T-i, the salt! 0;iv-r Z;iiT, -;trri-l away ami i:'uvtrlwl to l ui u.j: ol .it; mii j ol hmiX National Kxchart:"; JI.'.tik of T; lliu, !i;rj urn forty-live tuouaafi iiud live huulrcii ilo ll an. 'f uj ohh.-r-t an'l .nyfr of nM r t:; Ion is to tain a Jml:5in-ijt aai:nt .-ail Dliv-r J. r lor trial tuin, an l tj.ut National Kxciiunj Luulc o: Tiilia, Oiiio, Lun caua J orit-r of att;trhfii;it Vi i.-vi:; iu'1 actiou, whj' h ha im ii levit-! u.on lau-ln auU Uruoi'-n-- una othr projn rty f huid Oliver C '.'-llvr, witiiin tiie Ktuie or Ohio. And that h; 1h r'iUirrl to anw-r petition on or btiort? ih ITtfi lay of July, iut 4 urt. TOt, Atty -i lor k".a li V. '.t utter of k -t .i ti Oj-4 iLjt-t, U-sl I-' Irt-c, k C. A. JxLu. 1 t-;., l'..;i't'. niv-lyr. Xoticc. E nOt.'N-l T?:ai 11 f : i ; i M. ":.i7 Ul'lOIi I.ih l y o! M lV, k ' ; Ins fH l.tiiHI !! t..r I 'ourt o. 4 ' u t'i'-a-, w.ui.a ui.l hr County t s-i-,t of jj.i, tiiarm -iil 'h f.n'l t:it with thrt.- y-ar of willful ui;ijcf, arrl a-sn. tuat 1 tlivort:il Iron) tifc suij Ki-i; An.eiia 4-ran-c-h iShaw, whl'.'U ctltioa wilt Hian t lor lieunu? Iuhix w-ln aft-r. t t tlrxt j.U iiif i-tlou of thU notice. i rKitioim la the fUmtVi; ciU. Wii ttr laiit li at ol!irT of A. .-nj .mm, 1 o Suj iii lZ'--lt tvvt-i '.ifl, Ohio, 0(-rwf-n (! tit;r of 1 A. M. ! ft l T. A. Jnlyl. IT-), Att y f'U i'i if. t - S wV SWEET ESH AY Y Ei J I lsi I I I I I j I I I t ,y I I j l ;:r .., ni" an ii tt.. rrv ' I 1 I ow (Cosine Alone J.RKuebler'Sf SPRING STOOK BOOTS A! is a And our Prices are M.i'stK, and itul well I to we are bmn RED FRONT We WouM stato to the public that we Iron, Slate & Our Iron Roonm; Kranmlcl the t now M .! I mucii louder, auu is FIRE AND LIGHTNING TROOF. Wo are .Sole Asentt,for the Celebrated STOVE TIN. SHEET-IRON House - Furnishing Goods. ou ran ; tanj Ihiu:; yen want in the llouso-KuriiUliln ; U.hvIh Liiio. SILVER, WOOD AND WILLOW House Spouting ami Done Promptly ami at Bottom Prices. Tiffin Carriage Works! ESTABLISHED IS 1843. P. Van NEST'S SONS, Proprietors, MANUK.UTUKKIW Of fine Carta, Fiiaefins, liirht Rnarl Waornns ml Klmk V"c Manufacture only First-class Work. All Work Warrantod. KKPAIlllNG PUOMPTLY ATTENDED TO. I't lORY itn.l i tt x w sAttsKooas. i nier dcncrson sum .Last Jiar&ct is. 1. VAN fEHT"H .MONH. LYON'S Patent Metallic STIFFEXERS BcctsandStcss i 1 and Ripping in the SEAI3. Mil AHD FINEST IN TIFFIN, Lower than Ever. we Ii ivp nut. tu we have pat them down to il,o Lowest Csh m..a.. al frtcen will a., it vit you ools. J. II. KUEBLEK. ROOFING CO. ate now prepared lu ilo all kind .f Tin Roofing. in n-e ; it It Cheaper ihnn Mhi nqles anil rill CO.'S. STOVES. AND COITER WARE. WARE, a Large Variety. Job Work of Every Description, MYERS fc CO. m . . L. D. BEVISGTOS, BloomTil!o,0. urrmrranil IX-aler la NM-rlr Plymouth Kock Poultry, J'roio SUrlr that wxt awanlo1 ttw illtH Ht .Mi tlal ill the IciiUUUUl JLXhlhltiou. EGGS AND FOWLS IN SEASON. l'tire JJre'l I'oland China Swine. Correspondence promptly attendMi lo. SURE REWARD. t3 A K.1KM TU PAY VOIt A F1II1. S4 to SIO Per Acre. It-H and !IiplA Land In f l h n lu ll.e 7IHLIIM At KK t,H. M' ul llto iranl ICa plil and ludXuta. Jiallj-oau Cunapajiy TITtK FKRFtCT. Mrons wll-orcrop plrntjr of tlta-iKr-tto Urouslil-Bu rblacU bua ilo Ituppcra." Hnnnln:r dtwamii- pnr watr rralf mardrtn-M-hiHiK - KaJIad roan pl. l. d throusli centra ul tleraut. N ail lor pampbli't, EoKllxh or i tHrrauu. AdilreM W. O. 1 1 1 ;II 1 HT, Lanil i oin oi Imi.1o1ic r,'lUSMKII. J. A. MARTIN ! llm, FEED SALE STABLE, Bcttsville, Ohio. GOOD TURN-OUTS A 1 Reasonable Rates. Special attention paM to Com-raercial Jlen. OPUS 1A tiwl XI GUT. : I ! , I i-iiik ! ti-rn TirriN UNION CHURN CO., MAM'r ALTT KKKMO" CHURNS, Washboards AND OT1IKK Wowlon Ware. At tliHr work., Koutlinil of WaxIiIiimIou HI. limine, tiny uro prupurvd to furuixu bulltlra Willi riNE, OAK ami COTTONWOOD FLOORING, SIDING, Etc:, Etc. Surface Planing tsi- MATCHING OLICITED. -HallBfartIon guaran IrwJ and prlrm rcaMjnaili Call anl 8re them before con- tracting elsewhere. nlll-iln-U. KOI I SALE. CHOICE minm eands IN- MINNESOTA AND DAKOTA, UY TUB Winona & St. Peter RallraaJ Co. til U'lnnn. A Ht Vrtor Kaiiroad C'onf pauy W dow olfi-rlng f "ala, at vir uw l.rirMi, ltx lanl irranl lanua aii IU. Kallmatti lu bouthern JIlanmMa kMlKia ixtkota, and will rwriw la pay-; tnnt tlirtor, at par. any ol tint Mormao !o.1h of Ml.l 1 onipany. , TbMa lnudu lie la tuo rrmi wheat oell ol be NortliwM.t, la a cliuiaw unsurpal for litllhfuiu. and In a country which In rapiiily settlwl by thriving and In-IdojOrioun iople. eciiiipmwl t a lan U-nt of lrno-n. frm tn. Kaxtern ana tha olii.-r i-rtio-i of tlm Norlliwcxtern HtatM. ft. M- lit KIM AttO. Land Aitant lor Uaic'of LamU ol Halil tornpanr, at nlAB i!SMial.'Wf '''JNTY.UiNtHO'rA. 'GEO. P. GOODWIN, Land Com. Oi.url O(lio of t hlciKO A NorlU-W dJ-' KiUt way Com pauy, liu aoo, III. lo ail penwjiii rtacntiriht Inronna- Mm will U; svut fire if vt4 bf MftUl LuX roiitiiihf.uner or Laud Aeut. itZim. WAIIINUT0X,D.C, UAH THE BrXP HOTEL la the COCNTBX At few Bay. TJtEMONT HOUSK

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