Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 9, 1890 · Page 3
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Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1890
Page 3
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nstUnf0n LlTTlJ5_«iS. See Carrie Ivmmont Friday Bight. -George Cbapin learea to-nigbt for his home at Springfield. Greorge Bcnnellt of Chillieotbe has been granted a pension. Nat Dryden, of Troy, waa here Wednesday, on business. Don't "shoot craps," most, don't get caught. bat if See? you Mrs. Riddle, of Rothvtlle, was here yesterday Tisiting the Normal school. Licensed to marry: J. R Moody, aged 45, and Mrs. Emma Cooper, «ged 25. J. E. Hitt and John Young arc in country to-day attending the sale ·of B. B. Shith's property. 'Go and see Carrie liamonl at th« opera house to-morrow night. If y»a don't go yon will misi a tr«at. The third district Republicana have nominated Pat Kinney of Kidder to run against Congressman Dockery. The premium buobs of the fair association will hereafter be found at the office of the treasurer, Mr. Geo. Milbank. at his mill. the first victim of the McKinley tariff bill. His old turkey ben made ber nest across the line in Canada, am\ the farmer brought the eggs borne, whereupon a. custom officer swooped down upon him with tbe McKinley bill and demanded a tariff tax of five cents per doaen for the eggs. lie is also liable to arrest if he brings the old hen back across the line. Mr. J. A. Wilson, of Avalon, WES here to-day on his return home from Iowa, where he has been buying cattle for hii Chicago house. In a recent issue of a paper from there we find the following which shows that Mr. Wilson leads the van in purchasing stock: J, Wilson tbe prince of rustling cattle men, was here last week ar tanging for the shipment of a train load Of cattle which will go next Tuesday. Since February 1st, 1890 Mr. Wilson has shipped 101 ears of cattle. ' Next Friday night, October 10, Mis« Carrie Lament, -will appear in this city, in her great success La Cigale which proved such a grand County Court Proceedings- During the last, few days ibe county court has had tbe following proceedings, srid adjourned yesterday afternoon: ACCOUNTS ALLOWED SI. B. Marcum E. H. Helf 61. Broyles Tablet Ticket Co., Wallbrunn Alexander B. S- Do wall, assessor Maj; Vcscnit, ' ' G. D. Barnard, prt'g. Henry Ktisc, supplies Leach HcArlbur, telephone Water Li;ht Co., for jail Jesse Muliiaa Jos Barton, salary 1?. II Hoppe, treasurer " " " commission W. B. Jones J. A. Grace, lumber C. Wi Stewart, supplies Edmundson Ligbtnor Ed. Wright, janitor Mathev:s and Kirtley Adams, Son Co., Chas. Stewart Myers «fc Myers CONSTITUTION, printing Star office Sciuby Bros, coal John Lyl» and wife and Charles Bascue and wife of Henry county arrived here to-day on a visit to relatives and friends. Miss Katie Collins, who has been visiting Mies Mary Drew for tbe past week, left for here home in New Cambria, yesterday. A box of sheila has been found, and anyone who has lost same may ap. l»ly at this office and find information by paying for this notice. Kev. Tale, of Columbia, conduct, ed the chapel exercises at the Normal school yesterday morning, and bis presence was appreciated. Tbe soldiers re union at Hale today has taken several of our citizens to that place. They have made preparations thzre for a grand time. Since our last issue S. A. Stone has sold a floe piano to Henry Wall- brunn and Pete Borgy, both of which are of Style 14, Emerson, and as fine as any made. The new stave factory is assuming proportions in the southwest part of town. This institution has fourteen ·acres of ground, and will be a grand thing for our town. Curt Gale has left the Red Front, and DOW will be found bellied the bar at Coop Powells,ondcr the Leoper House. His way of putting up tbe mixed juice suits the people. LOST.--A ladies' gold wateb; case numbered 158,179, and moyement numbered 3,442,843. Finder will be rewarded by leaving the watch with Halph Becman, at American Express office. success* in New York city last season. Sue is supported by the same strong company, and will be produced here with all Ihe original scenery and costumes The first appearance in this country of the j Aaron Slifer European wonders, Rieno Bently, J- P. Sailor the world's greatest acrobats who have been engaged by Miss Lament especially to appear in the circus scene in tbe last act. This will be the strongest attraction that will appear here this season. Tickets on ·ale at the usual place. O. D. Hester's herd of Poland Chinas at the Chillicothe fair, consisting of tea head, all grand ones, W. K. G. Hump bray waa in our | office this morning with tbe first ripe 1 strawberries we have ever seen grown in North Missouri in October. They were raised in Chillicothe, and now we will put Misnouri against the world, with Chi I licothe as · the best t3TD, to its inches. It is not so many years sinoe a dis- b3artened citizen of Denver placed the following graphic sign in front of bis cabin: "Tougued it but here two rears. Result: Stock on hand, five tow-heads, seven yaller dogs; 250 feet down to water, 50 miles to wood and grass. Hell all around. God bless our home." In the circuit court to-day several parties plead guilty to gambling, and were fined by Judge Davis in sums varying from f 1 to $25 each and - costs, and in addition were required to give bonds {or good behavior for the ensuing two years. It is hoped the lesson may prove salutary. Some of those fined were mere boys. Judge Davis to-day sustained tbe . motion for new trial in the case of ·' Jsmeft Brown and Wm. Hymen, the : t^vo y uun^ tramps who were convicted of the robbery of another tramp , uear Skurgis, in July last. As tbe . prosecuting witness has left the county and state they will be very apt tc escape justice. We publish to-day the report of tbe condition of the First National Bank of this city. The exhibit is a most creditable one and shows that the institution is in a prosperous condition and has tbe confidence of the financial public. For a bank not . three years old it shows a roost'grat- ifying surplus fund. It is a safe institution. waa a sight. Among them were two extra fine yearling sows weighimg 1,100 pounds. Another noted member of this herd in a ten month? old male "Prince Equality," bought of F. M Laic, Marshall, Mo. Although this pig received only second in class was said by all who saw him to be tbe best hog ever seen in the West. The remainder oi this herd was made up of spring pig»of bis own raising; three of which he sold to parties at Maryvi'.le, Mo., for tUe uoat sum oi $70, being by far the best sales made during the fair. Parties wishing something good in tbe line of spring pigs of gilt edge breeding will do well to call on him, he being only four and one-half miles southeast of Cbil- licathe, Mo. it Dinner Party , A pleasant party of married ladies were invited by Mrs. John Graves to take dinner with her to-day at her beautiful home a few miles in the country. Those who attended were Mrs. Andrew Lecper. Mrs. W. A. Jacobs, Mrs. O. S. Darlington, Mrs. W. H, Gilbert, Mrs. C. W. Asper, Mrs. Alice Dent and Addie lobr. They returned this afternoon full of praises for tbe hostess, Mrs. John Graves. $35 00 18 00 176 00 1 26 27 30 25 36 21 60 73. 15 70 30 10 50 11 28 2 00 175 00 307 25 138 SO 6 00 45 37 2 50 14 90 1 50 16 CO 27 95 29 21 3 50 52 00 50 00 137 50 108 10 72 13 83 00 15 00 15 0« 15 00 MARRIED. At the residence of the V ride's parents in Davifcss county, Thursday, Oct. 2d, 18»0, James B. Drum- iriond and Miss Iva N. Bashford, Rev. T. G. Phelps, officiating. TOU1TO FISH. A Vermont Republican farmer has been arrested fur smuggling anJ in Office of Missouri Fish Commission, St. Joseph, Mo., Out. 5, 1890: On and after the 1st of November we will be ready for tbe distribution of young Bsh. We havo a large supply of young Bass, Crappie and German Carp at our St. Louis Hatchery, an.I of Crappie and German Carp at our St. Joseph Hatchery. We do i.ot ship epawners; only the young fry. All persons ia tbe State ot Missouri desiring to stock ponds should ·pply during November and December to J*s. W. Day,Sup't,SU Joseph, Mo., or to Philip Copplin, Jr., 4620 Delmar Avenue, St. Louis, Mo., and the same will have prompt attention. No fish sent C. O. I), for cans. Terms as follows · For cans and eartage to the express offices SI 25 will be charged; when can is sent, charges prepaid, send only 25 cents by mail for cartage. Seud in all order?, tbe name of Post Office,County and nearest Express office. On receipt of three cents postage, w« will mail you a 100 page circular on fish culture, how to construct ponds and feed fish. Surface water p»nds are only fit for German Carp. H. M. GARLicns, Chairman Mo ,Fisb Commission. Sealed bids will lie received up to Monday, Oct IS, tit 4 o'clock p. m. for the building of the Union church ia tbe soutt-west p t r t of Cbillicothe. Plans and specifications are at Squire Umpualbaugh's office. Directors re- ·ervc the right to reject all bids. Tribune, printing Wm. Spears, county judge Geo. Kohrcr " " Chas- Stewaii " ·· J. F. Sailor presents abstract of foes quarter ending Septembar 30th 1890, and approved by tho court. Tbe following judges for the November election were drawn : The county court toJay nbpoiutod the iollowing judges for the election to be held November oth, 1800: CBILLICOT11E TOWNSHIP. First Ward--K. B. Williams, N a t Coopor, S. A. Stono, J. C. MinUcr, Win Wood, Fred Suisor. Second Ward--J C Barkley, A Glad- ionx, A E Smiley. J E Pardonuer, J 1! Tanner, Frank Way. Third Ward --Jeremiah Knynnlils, John tiaster, G. W P u t n a m , Thus. Mc- Niilly, S A Corwin, Fred Hawloy. Fourth Ward -- J L Davis. Jl C Ireland, J T Font. J B Kirk, Elmer Moorman, W H Booth. Precinct north of town--'Jas Grc K M Mogar, John Thompson, J B Sharp. Precinct south of Iowa--W EMoWy, Flan Israel, K W Tliou.psuu, George L-imlscy. Jackson t o w n s h i p -- J o h n JNhi^t, K M Francis. G W Dennis, \V T IMeGco. 'Siimpsel--L J Miauick, Atox Kobin- SOD, A J Boucher. F Rensuliler. Mooresville township--W *% Austin, S \V Reynolds, O Vaduais, E Uryan. Monroe township--ITerjry Lindsay, .11 Marquin, .James WilsoD, Scott Miller. Blue Mound--Hiram Copple, George JJeadriclc, Chas McAlear, John Collar. Fairview--Jacob ilartoastinp, Robert Baukn, James M Price, Charles Kern. Grand River--G. Wurster, E. W. Westcott, K. S. Hale, W. S. Hall. Wistling--John Hogan, Dillon Warren, Jas. Gould, Nelson Kidder. Medicine--W. t. Manning, Jolin K Raid, Boiij. Hurst, R. TV. Ucvmil. Cream Ridge.--MilesDarr, Thos. Gibson, F. II. Sparling, Jas. II. Slarshall. Kiiih Hill--David Bradford, Sol. Redd, John Andrews, H. H. Adams. Greene--I* 1 . Bouderer, A. J. Hcdrick, R. . Weatherby, II. C. Cox. first-class companies, and our pie may expect the l u l l worth o their money at every entertain- .Removed.--W. L. Green has moved his shoe shop from the old John's stand on South Locust street to East Webater street, first door west of Frederick's machine shop. Call on me for good wort- OclSillw W. L. GBEEN. SALE--:A No. 1 second hand piano. Will be sold at a bargain. Apply to Editor CONSTITUTION. dwsl"tf. STBAYED- A dark red milch cow. dahorned. any information leading to recovery of cow will we rewarded hy Robt. Luuderi.ldle, Chillicothc. Mo. Ocl6dwlf KUK SALE. Fifty»lhree bead of three-year old steers for sale, by. Sept21i-w8t» G. W. CRANMEK. Tax Notice- New lork White Dolanodried Shirk STORE! The tax books for Hill town ship are now in my bands, and I an ready taxes. oetGwSw* to receive and receipt Come and pay up. for DAVID BBADFOKD. EXCURSION. On October 1st *and October will soil excursion tickets to Ot- turawa, Iowa, on account of Coa Pixlacc exhibition. Tickets will be ,jooci returning fitteen days frou) date of sale. D. A, TATLOE, Agent. C., M. . St P Ry. St- Louis Fair- Legal vs. Moral- it Ijos been reported to us that a negro deputy sheriff has been serving subpoenas oat in Jacbson and Samp- ael townships. We want further particu!«rs.--CONSTITUTION. The Tribune is not advised ao to whether the above ia true or not, but snppoEe it is? It is our opinion that a negro has just as touch ria'at to be deputy sheriff and serve subpoenas in Jackson and Saropsel townships or anj other towcship as any white man en earth. Will tlis COKSTITP» TION deny it?--Tribune. Your negro may have had a legal right, but, in our opinion, no moral right. It remains to be seen whether Livingston county is ripe for negro supremacy. If you think the negro superior or equa! to llie white msai say so, if not, please draw the line. CAKEIE LAMONT. The ei.tortainuiont tit lii.j opera honse to morrow night w i l l undoubtedly give satisfaction, as the following correspondence from Macon City to th» Qtiiucy J o u r u a l states: "On Wedoesdu evening, Oct. 8, Carrie Lamontjin ''.La Cigale" will get a crowded house at Johnson-'s opera house, W h i l e a stranger to this people she camos highly recommended. Her support is fine; Patti ,Rus», when here, snid to your correspondent that the people will miss a grand treat if they fail to see Carrie Lament. Opera House Friday night, Oct. 10, 1890. Messrs. Schneider Myers, the managers of the opora house horj, arc to hs congratulated upon hav- j ins; secured, the above attrnction. I wi'l sell round trip tickets to St. jouis Oct. 4th to llth, eood to re' urn Oct. 13th, for S7.25" which ad rnits purchaser to fairground. Two hrotigh train* daily leaving C h i l l i - 30tho at 11 17 a . m . , and 10:27 p. m. C. H. NASON; A«t, II. S. J. K.R, To Florida and Eetnrn- Special ratus to home-seekers Eon mi trip for one fsre, 30 days limit. Datua : Sept 9tb and 23, and Oct. I'l As4t agent at ncnrest'jK. K. sisfion to procure tickets 1'iom his G'. n, 1'ass. A g t u l , if he has cot yet received them. Sep(8iv3i* FOB. DYSPEPSIA, Indigestion, and Stomach disorders, use BROWN'S IRON BITTERS. All dealers Seep It, f 1 per bottlo. Genuine has trade-mark and croeeecl red Unea on wrapper. HOME SEEKERS' EXCURSIONS At h a l f Rates, via Wabash line, will be run September 9ih and 23d, and Oct. 14th, to points in Tennessee, JOomsiana, Alabnma, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia. R S » C --One fair for tbe-round trip» For time tables, tickets and other particulars, apply to the nearest agent of the Wabnsh or connecting Lines. ST- LOUIS FAIR- For t'ae above occasion the Wabash will sell round trip tickets to St. Louis at $7.25 which will include ticket of admission to tfaa fair. We will bell from Oct. 4th to llth induce, limiting tickets good for return up to Oct. 13!h. T. F. HAEKINGTON, Agt. FOE K E N T -- F u r n i s h e d rooms for rent. E n q u i r e at this office. 3t Try the New Gallery, north side squnre. They insure good work. 8ep20dwlw* THE Is the name of the new Saloon just opened on North Locust Street, -BY Cloaks ! low · Open! Our New Fall Stock, embodying Everything New, Stylish, Desirable and Commendable: Where the Stock is Large Enough and Varigated Enough to please the most fastidious. Blazer Jackets, with cord trimmings and detatched vests. Reefer Jackets, with astrachan apels and cuffs. Three-quarter Coats, supurb qualities, black astrachan revere fronts, standing collars, astrachan cuffs, ruffled shoulders, handsome, elegant garments. Three-quarter Coats, in Engish cheviot, huzzar fronts, standing or turn-down collar, pufied shoulders--the very atest. iandsome combinations jlush and astrachan, in all desirable selling shapes. in the In this new and finely furnished room you can find the finest . Whiskies, W es, Brandies, Cigars, Etc. on Uraugtt, Everything to be run on first- class principles, and no rowdyism allowed. The two proprietors are old saloon men and will treat the trade with respect. Soliciting a continuance of favors, we are Yours truly, GALLAGHER BRICE. 5-w and via are i n f o r m a d that these gentlemen are booking nothing but I .Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Plush Garments in Blazer, Reefer, Three-quarter coats, Sacques, and every other commendable style. Handsome line of Children's and Misses' Cloaks. All garments, sizes and shapes carried in Stock at the New York Store Cloak Rooms. The tat JcYey Co. Ever since our opening in this city wo have sold a good white shirt for fifty cents. Wo have dropped the old number und put in a new one that is the equal of any seventy .five cent shirt in tbo city The profit to us will be small, but tho shirt we are offering yon at fitly cento ought to and will double our Bttloe, if you examine them. We have added a new number in our *eyenty-five cent line. Tbe bosom is twenty hundred linen, the muslin New York Mills or Wain Sutta, tbe equal of it will cost you f 1. Our Underwear Department trill interest the closest and largest buyers. Very Kespoc! fully. Stephens The leading one-price Clothiers and Furnishers W. R. DOYLE, DEALEB IN JEWELERY, Watches Clocks. Carries a Full Lino of Jewelry A G L O W ! CARPENTER AND STARKEYI Have moved from their old stand on North Locust street to the store room lately occupied by M. E. Schmidt, and have added a very large stock of CLOTHING! We have decided-to make our headquarters the place for the people to buy, and on every dollars worth of goods sold we give a ·uarantee to be as represented. Our stock is complete, and anything you want can be our store. Come and look over stock, and if we cannot satisfy you as to QUALITY * PRICES there will be no damage done. found in Carpenter Starkev. The Low-Priced far W ANTE D 20,000 bushels of APPLES, suitable for evaporating. Drop apples, windfalls, bruised fruit will answer. For particulars call at the Evaporator in Jackson's Handle Factory or Wm. Sunimerville's store. a-wtf A. L. Fine picture* at Huflm-tu'e. Prices low. DENTISTRY - · ao TO WOELEY'S DENTAL BOOMS for First-Class Dental work. TEETH EXTRACTED WiTHOCT PAIH, and all work guaranteed as represented. North side square, "big clock,"* Piano I will give instructions en either piano or organ at reasonable rates, address me or call at 304 Msnsur St. DAIST HOLMB«.

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