The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on April 25, 1923 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1923
Page 3
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DAILY CONSTITUTION, CHILLICOTHE, MO.WEDNESDAY, APR. 25,1923 THE ATMOSPHERE OF EVERY HOME IS LITERALLY FILLED WITH GOOD MUSIC Also interesting talks and entertainment features of all kinds. Why not get in tune with the world's best entertainment by purchasing a Radio from-- Bland Miller's Radio and Battery Station All Machines High Grade and Priced as Low as $45.00 Complete CLASSIFIED WANTS. Two cents a word for the first Insertion and one cent a word for each additional insertion. Minimum charge for a local, twenty-five cents. BY 1WO MARRIAGES FOB BENT . RENT--Nice kitchenette, 1015 Jackson street. Phone 1588-J. 5-tt , FOR RENT -- 3 room furnished [apartment'. Pnone 1488-J or 1468-M. FOR RENT--Two bedrooms in Modern home. 303 Washington St. New York, April 24.--George J. Gould filed a new answer in the Supreme court today to the accounting suit on the Jay Gould estate, in whicn that if a clause of the will, which prominent lawyers have declare^ bindining in the past, is construed as binding in the past, is construed as brother, Frank J. Gould will have to r give up about $10,000,000, estimated as one-sixth interest, to his brothers and sisters and their heirg. Two of Frank Gould's three marriages are assigned as the basis of the claim. FOR RENT--Rooms furnished or unfurnished. Call at 302 N. Vine. A17-H FOR RENT--Modern furnished room 2 blocks of square. Phone 476. 21-3t SEDAN New Price 13-tf | The clause referred to is known as the "matrimonial clause 1 " and is the seventh article of. the second codicil garden 1301 Walnut street. J15.00. H. H. Kesler. For Rent--Nicely furnished rooms. 414 .Vine St., Phone 764. 23-tt FOR RENT -- S room furnished apartment. Phone 14SS-J or 1486-M · 24-tf FOB S A f , K to Jay Gould's will. It states: "If any of my children shall' marry without my consent during my lifetime, or thereafter without the consent of the majority of the executors and trustees under this will, the share of such child shall be reduced one- half and the principal of the other half of said share shall be paid, assigned, transferred or Set over to such persons as under the laws of the State of Kew York would take same as if I had died intestate." The answer of George J. Gould, FOR SALE--Electric Washer, good condition. Bargain. Phone 476. SEED CORN FOR SALE -- Yellow Dent. Dick Hargrave, R. R. No. 6. NOTICE TO BIDDERS. Sealed bids will be received by the undersigned City Auditor of the City of Ohillicothe, Missouri, up to 12:00 o'clock of the 5th day of May, 1923, at the office of the City Clerk of said city for the doing of the work and furnshing of material for the construction of a public sewer in said city, along the following course toit: Beginning at staton 0:00, a point 265 feet east of the south east intersection of Brunswick and Second streets; thence north 31 degrees, 00 minutes west to station 0:75, the south boundary of Lot 2, Stone's Outlets; thence continuing same course to station 2:00, the boundary line between Lots 1 and 2, Stone's Outlets; thence continuing in same course to Station 3:40, the north boundary of Lot 1, Stone's Outlets; thence same course to station 3:81.6; thence around 30 degrees, 00 minutes curve to station 4:18.3; thence north 43 degrees, .00 minutes west to sta- tion4:45, the south boundary ot Lot 12, Block 2, Mrs. Holdridge Addition; thence continuing in same course to station 5:02, the line between Lots 11 and 12, same addition and block; thence continuing same course to station 5:90 to line between Lota 2 11, same bi'ock and addition; thence continuing same Dr. C. W. Film, Specialist in Optometrr Chijlicothe. Mo.* Manager PALM OPTICAL COMPANY "The folti who Rrind i million kind*." GIRLS WANTED for good steady employment wages paid while learning trade, apply at office of dove Factory. DR.F. E which was filed by his attorneys, sets' course to station 6:00, the line be-| ' forth that Frank J. Gould was mar-.tween Lots -2 and 3, same block and ETE, BAR, NOSE AND THROAT ried on October 29, 1910 to Edith addition; thence continuing same AND FITTING OF GLASSES Kelly, without seeking the consent course to station 6:90, the line be, oE the majority o£ the executors as required in-the will'; that in 1918 he divorced his wife in Paris, and in tween lots 3 and4, same block and addition; thence same course to station 7:38, the north side of lot 4, same FOR SALE--Buff Orphington duck! are Edwin Gould and Mrs. eggs, 11 for $1. Springhill central Gould Shepard, he married Florence or Route S. Scott W. Mast. 24-5tjj. Lacazo. George J. Gould also says in his answer that the executor ajid trustees "continued after October 29, 1910, FOR SALE--My herd boar Sensation Giant, also some Duroc gilts, ready for Brooding. Rqute S, Scott W. Mast, Springhill' central. 24-5t F. O. B. Detroit Equipped with electric starting and lighting system, de- mountable rims, extrarim and non-skid tires afl around--the Ford Sedan, at the new low price of $595, F.O.B. Detroit, Is the greatest motor car-value ever produced--an enclosed car of comfort, convenience ·nd beauty. Buy now. Terma. Completely Equipped and until the present time to pay to Frank J. Gould the full income on a FOR SALEPUno box and trombone, j sixth share of die residuary share Both in good condition. 215 S. | of Jay Gould without dimunution bc- Waliiut. Phone 1544. 24-Sc ] cau^e of said marriage and the said | Frank Jay Gould has at all times taken and kepi all of said income paid him. ·Tlie total amount of such liability already exceeds $10,000,000 without interest ,and this is a continually in- Room 6-7-8 Wallbrunn Bids. Phones--Office. 607; Residence 854. FOR SALE--5 year old milk Phone 6136FS. cow. 24-Ot FOR SALE--230 S. C. W. leghorn hens, 1 year old. H. B. Biggins. creasing liability," says the answer, the sum that the account- MORSE SOYBEANS FOR SALE Germination 97 1-2. Stored ' a .j n g executors may be surcharged by town. Call 0. P. Adams, Chula, ori^^ of tng sums paid to prank in j because of Farm Bureau office. a!6-lmi _ __ FOR SALE-- 6 boars, 6 grits, extra jond marriage - ' - |,.xcess at half his share since his sec- block and addition; thence same course across Wise street to station "HelenI 7:87, the south side of Lot 8, Block 1, Mrs. Holdridge Addition; thence continuing same course to station 8:55, line between lots 7 8, same block and addition; thence continuing Hams course to station 9:20, the north side of Lot 7, same block and addition; thence continuing same course across alley to station 9 : 4 6 , the southeast corner of Lot 5, Block 6, Hill's Addition; thence continuing same course to station 10:50. the northwest corner ot said Lot. Block and addition; thence-continuing same course across Herriman street to Station 10:98, the south side of Lot 15, Block 3, Herriman's Addition; thence same'course to station ll:28,line between iots 15 17,same Block'and Addition; thence continuing same course to station 12:00, thence around 30 degrees, 00 minutes curve to Station 12:26, the iine A. C O L L I E R , M.D. Calls Answered Promptly Day or Night Rooms 1) 10 Wallbrnnn . Call Answered Promptly Day or Kight Phones -- Res. 1119; Office 127 JAS. W. HELTON, M.D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON I .Call* answered promptly day or night in City or Country Office over Sauer's Book Stop* West Side Square. Phone--Office 8SS. night or day ni 1910 fine Big type Poland China. Graceland Pure Bred Stock Farm. 19-3 The-answer says that tlir court decided not only this question, but other matters set up in the new answer , -for affirmative reliefj'f most of FOR SALE--12 high grade Barred | which questions also involve Frank, Rock Pullets and 1 cockerel. Pullets have been culled for laying. Hazel Davis Phone 6144P31, who, with his sitter, Anna, the PIANO R. W. Blair 1117 Clay Street. Phone 331 or 1070 u'tes"'curve to Station 12:26, the line Satisfaction Guaranteed between Lots IS and 19, same block I . and addition; thence continuing! regular payments 428 S. Elm.- 9d-tl FOR SALE--6 month old Alrdale, gooe watch dog. Priced reasonable. Phone 1484-J. 9-t£ Norman Mot r Co. Phone769 BUILDING LOT FOR SALE--Corner lot paved on both sides, sewer connections already in, 4 blocks from square, lot 60x136. A bargain for anyone wanting one of the anest io- cations and building lots obtainable (n Chillicothe. If interested see 1. W. Watkins at the Constitution office. 9-tf Duchess cle Talleyrand, compelled the remaining executors and trustees, Edwin Gould and Mrs. Shepard, to withhold all the income due George from his sixth share pending the decision in the accounting, and the determination of any amount for which George may be liable to the estate for alleged in proper acts as executor. NOTICE OP ELECTION Notice is hereby givTM by the City Council of the City of Chillicothe, Missouri, that the biennial general around same 30 degress; 00 minutes curve to Station 12:80, the north line of Lot 19, same block and addition; thence continuing around, same 30 degrees, 00 minutes curve to station 13:06, the southwest corner ot Lot 20, same block and addition; thence north 75 degrees, 00 minutes west across Martin street to station 13 ( :65, the southeast corner of Block 1, Bell's Addition; thenoe continuing aoao FOUND--Hub .cap of Dodge car. Finder may have same at this office. 20-3 S. O. S. in the army means Service of Supply. ,,, We are prepared to prove to you that we have established an S. 0. S. of our own for y 9 ur benefit. No matter what you want to build, or what improvements yon want to make about your house or farm, we are prepared to supply the materials and give yon the service. Try us and be convinced that we deliver the service. Turner Lumber Tnvs. Co. CHILLICOTHE, MO. WANTED -- Man, woman wanted. Salary $75 weekly full time, $1-50 an hour spare time .selling guaranteed hosiery to wearer. Beautiful Spring line. Guaranteed Mills, Norristown, Pa. ItewlOw 4..-'l:-'NORMAfi, President IOHK MITCHELL, Mans#»r same course to station 14:30, thence, around 30 degrees, 00 minutes! curve to statio"n 15:30, the west side | of Block 1, Bell's Additnon; thence continuing around same 30 degrees, 00 minutes'curve to station 15:60; thence around some 30 degrees, 00 minutes to station 15:96.4; thence nonh 26 degrees, 00 minutes, west to Chillicothe Transfer Co --Phone--136-- City Hiioau « · * " · - I Q O r l J l i o "v .".-". , city election will be held on Monday, I smth side 0 . clay . ,,* t ( \ l 9 fnr l h p l a . _ . - _ .. ,._ _ » ,,* c the 7th day of May, 1923, for the purpose of electing a mayor, a councilman-at-large, a councilman from each ward, a constable, an attorney, a police judge, a city clerk, a treasurer an auditor and an assessor, each ot whom shall hold their respective offices for two (2) years, and until their successors shall be elected and qualified. sa , street at a point about 162 feet west of the southwest intersection of Clay and Martin streets, thence continuing same course across Clay street to station 17:98, the north line of Clay street; thence north parallel with and 10 feet west of the east line of Slay street to Station 26:90, the south boundary of Calhoun street. Ail of said work to be done in ac- Q.IL a quaiii-ieu.. ( a.ii UL srtii* ««* -- -The said election will be held in 1 cordance wlt n the provisions of Ord- the City at the following named plac- 1 in!ulca Num ber 2363 of said city, and es- First Election District, Council plans and specifications therefor, pre- Chamber, City Hall Building, at the pared bv tba City Engineer; and the Southeast corner of Washington and Clty Coanc il shall levy a tax on all Calhoun streets; Second Election rope rty made taxable tor state pur. or WASTED--Price lor digging base mc-iit. 1C you want job, figure with , ui%VL , ot ,, _. me Call at Constitution office.. 2t streijts . T Mrd Election District at James E. Marker Tin Shop, at th WANTED--Ford Roadster body with lenders. See Mr. Mahaffey. The Constitution, Chillicothe. 24-6t am . Southwest corner of Jackson and Elm streets; Fourth Election District J. Mohrs @» Son 1TJNIRAL DIRECTOEI JAS. W. HELTON.. M.D, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Calls answered promptly day or nlshl In City or Country. Office over Sauer'i Book Store West Sida Square. Phone offlc« 888 night or day. ICOVTW OT 7 * 1 ' 1 ' pRlt-KH REASONABLE U)SG IHHTA-irK BATTLING AND TRANSFER E. L. GOODRICH PHOXE 1405-R. Garage, at the Nor- ' vas ' es over the whole city to pay for corner "ot Jackson and Elm| t u e constructing of said sewer, and jaid «LJ shall be called PUBLIC SEWER TAX". uiu shall 505 at Eads Tin Shop at Number Washington street. _ The polls shall open at six (6) o clock in the morning and continue open until seven (7) o'clock in the evening, unless the sun set after seven (7) o'clock, when the polls shall je kept open until sunset. 1 PRANK W. ASHBY, Mayor ATTEST: Olive Cook, City Clerk. Dated April 16, 1923. A-17td The Auto Equipment Co., Chillicothe, has Springs, Springs, Axles and Springs and hundreds of other things. Sales room 2-3 block east of suaii oe .^wanied "? a cert f e * check in the sum of Five Hundred Dollars ,to insure tie making of the contract. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. Witness my Jhands this 12th day of April, 1923. A, W. CIES AUCTIONEER CHTLLIOOTKE, MO. '* Pbow: OflV* MM. llMlll »l| IM. Jewell Mlfer, City Auditor. Pbone 196. N M. Brltton Postofflce 6-tf SHIP TOTJR HVE STOCK WITH SAMPSEL LIVESTOCK SHIPPERS ASSOCIATION. EVERYTHING GOES TO CO-OPERATIVE COMMISSION COMPANIES. CALL T. MORRIS, MGB.. SAMPSEL, MO. a!2-20t. Cal sars "The Ministry's all right," in "The Beacon Entangled. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS The annual election of the Directors of the Chillicothe Cemetery As- soiiation will be held on Monday, May 7 1923, between the hours of 1 and 4 o'clock P. M. at the Citizens National Bank. C. F. ADAMS, President WM SCRTIBY, Secretary Chiliicothe, Mo., April 17, 1923 A17-2W. Special Prices Apple T r ees, 4 feet tfgli 20 cents Che rr y Trees, 4 fe e t Mg 11 , 50 cents Many other attractive prices on "both. Frtft Trees a nd Shrubbery r FARMERS NURSERY J. F- TOUNT, Phone 160 after 6 o'clock WJW Mor Mik Chick Feea. ·Why let them die? Start item the Mor Kifc way and save 98 to 100 per Cnlck«. Sold by We teach electric and acetylene welding. Write us for particulars. QTOCK .SERVICE WELDING CO. ' AND SCHOOL 446 State Ave.. Kansas City, Kansas W«nt Adi P»7 blf dlTldrad*. Trr 11. Chillicothe CHAUTAUQUA Aug. 14 to 20,1923 NEWSPAPER!

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