The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1955 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1955
Page 23
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Te I.S.T.C, Cedar Falls—Duano C. Devine nf Algona has enrolled at the Jn\v;i SUitc Teachers Collojv nin! \vill re-port for the opening Of the fall term September 5. Duane. ,•_ Ri-aduate of Algona high school, i> interested in . the physical education teaching area, lie is a smi of Mrs Mary Devine. * DIES Morning Sun lost one of its oldest residents recently, in the death of W. C. Swan 'at the ago nf 94. He had lived in Morning Sun all of his life, and was a former mayor of that city. It has often been said lhat al- CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS "As Much As $9.0t) Savings Per lOOLbs. Gain" Corn savings now pay off innre t!i;m ever! And you can get first class RESULTS with your )wv.< on Sargent Min- ral Meal. Re.-u!ts on corn savings are greatest with proper supplementing. Tests pruve thai you can save up to 6 bushels of corn per 100 pounds gain, compared to ordinary corn feeding. That 1.1 its normal corn costs in half. If corn is $1.50. you can save up t<> S_) cash per 100 pounds of gam.s. On u -00 pound hog, that add? up to £18. Sargent Minral Meal gets such big com ravings RESULTS, because it has the genuine pork building ingredients. Blends these into a great money-saving hog supplement. Sargent Mimal Meal has vitamins, proteins and minrals plus extra factors. On Minra! Meal, hogs jurt naturally make a healthy, profitable fini.-h. 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bag — All At One Low Price On Sale Also Al Algona Flour & Feed Co. Sargeia J^Makers of Famous Sargent Feeds" though you can choose your friends, there is nothing you can do about your relatives. You autoniically have them and you arc 'tuck with them. This may, ,ir may not. be what Mr Einslien was talkinc about, but as far as I'm {.oncernod it is the only theory of Relativity I can understand. • » » A person is also pretly much stuck with his ancestor---. Bu'. the. (• are advantages that ancestors have over relatives. the firs' and foremost being that ancestors are always dead and can't talk hack. You don't have to be nice to the rich variety for they've already left their money to sumo- body else, the famous ones can't disclaim being kin to you and you don't have to send any of ill..'in Chrutmas eaicls or birthday presents. The uninteresting ones can't come to visit you even if you do have a cuest room and the impoverished ones can't hit you foi a loan until pay day. • * » Lesl somebody gel Ihe idea lhal I don't like my relatives, let me hasten to add that I am extremely fond of mine—-even the ones who persist in voting Republican. I also like my husband's relatives and that's taking in a lot of people for lie's km to three- tourth's of the population ol j K".->oth County. But for brag- i ninu purpn.-o_-. 1'il take ancestor.-' !'-v>-: rrji.'ive.- .very tun-'. People. i CM; "her,; up i;n you when you i bo,:.-; about your ielatives but i when >"u start sounding off j ab->u; Uv'nous member.- "1 family tree, nobody pays a at' 1 , ntion. • «- • Now and then I do a litlle eht cKinc up '.'!i oui family's fo;-- bc..i.- -i. that 1 can fill util in-. -..-!-,otis in the children's baby books. Like most baby books, with tin; exception of the first burn'.., there's a lot of blank spaces left. Some how, it just ! IMI'I .Her. a world ,-h-tKmg evi-nt ; wtii n Nu;:i»''i 'i say.- Da-Da at 8 !;ii'in!'is ,.- U v.';.s when Number • ; i!:rl the ',-'i'v -am..' t;nng. liu'. i t s ;' .v . ti •;. on Kan.ily History is i pri r.y bi.iiik in a'! i.-uv young- !.-ti-:s' ho...;., a_;.i when 1 do get I ari -nvi TO filling ihr-ni. I thmk I'm i ;: >;!ia to ;'ip up tne records a bit. • ng with on, far" as f "criri frinvus po_-ts. - but neither ti.ievi.-. Oui T*-;ei <•'.-. notninj; \v; 'kid's rnrrrtory ;';. ic.ii n- t'v.-re ar:- no ; j!.-!ors or i:n;incier ,-M • !.',' re :.nv horse I of HALF To be sold to highest bidder on the premises on HALF SECTION FARM: Known as the Bert Donovan farm, to be sold on ihe promises on Friday, Sept. 16, 1955, at. 1:30 p.m. This farm is the SWU of 12, and NWU of 13, all in township 100, range 29, located about 7 miles north of intersection of highways 9 and 169, in Grant twp., Kossuth county. It is located one mile south, six v/est of Elmore, Minn.; or 4 north and 3 west of Ledyard. TERMS: 20°° down, balance March 1, 1956, at which time possession will be given purchaser. TOWN LOT SALE The following described town lot in Armstrong, Iowa, will be sold the same day, in the Town of Armstrong, at the location starting at 4 p.m. This is lot 5, block 15, O.P. Armstrong, Emmet County, Iowa. TERMS: 20°^ down, balance March 1, 1956, at which time possession will be given. Beit Donovan Estate • A. F. Weyer, Administrator, Elmore, Minn. collr-ction of farmers, merchants, carpenters and pioneers probably led useful and interesting lives but I don't have many colorful details on them. So I'm going to do what I suspect lots of people who brag about their ancestors do make up some big, fat lies about them. * * * Now, my father's family had a very early start in America. I have it on good authority, having just this moment made it up, that the Mayflower was simply full of ancestors. They skipped off Plymouth Rock, traded some beads with the Indians for patches of land and chopped themselves down some trees for log cabins. When the Revolutionary Wai- came along they revolted with the best of them. Even in those days we had quite a revolting family. * * * You all remember Belsy Ross, don't you? She made the first flag of our country. She insisted that the stars in the banner have five points instead of six and she made the Red, White and Blue from the white shirt of a soldier, the blue cloak of Captain Abraham Swartout and an old red petticoat. Things were tough in my great-great-great Grandmother's clay and they used whatever was at hand. No, her name, wasn't Betsy Ross but she still had something to do with making the fiag. Betsy ran out of thread about half-way along in the project so she borrowed a spool from my, I don't know how-many- greats, Grandma Maekey. Meanwhile Ihere were whole swarms of our ancestoi s over in Germany. When they made up the national anthem. The Watch On The Rhine, sonv;' of our great, great grandparents were doing the watching. Those of them who could carry a tune were named Faust and they took to writing operas. Most of uur ancestors got to heck out of Germany before Kaiser Wilhelm began casting green eve.-- a; the rest of the world. * * * Now, Admiral Charles Dwight Siiisbee wa.-. quite a boy. He was graduated from the naval academy in 1863 and took command of Ihe battleship Maine. Everybody knows what that ship had I to do with the Spanish-American war. He's been dead since 1923 so I guess it's safe to claim him as an ancestor since we bear the sam_-; name. Another real man I'm claiming as an ancestor is Parley Pratt. I ran across him the other day when I was reading a nistory of the Mormons. I tecl he is just as courageous as the C.ip'.am of the Maine. Pailey h.iri tnu teen wive,-' Much as I'd like lo please our kids. I can't figure out any relationship to their current hero. Davy Crockett. There just isn't 'anybody by the name of Crockett on our family tree. But somebody had to lard down the, "bar" that Davy shot when lie wa.-- three. .-omebody had to hoe Davy's wife's corn when lie was away fighting Indian- and some- b-'ciy had lo bring the sad si ••;;.of Davy's aemise al the A!a:n, to hi- soi rowing family. I claim it was t-ither a Mackey, a Parrot* or a Chase, since they are all Ancestors of our's. That would be a great feather :n our cap if we could prove it. but Id muc". rather haw a present-day relative who was engaged in the nianu lactuic of cooiu.kin caps. * * « Ancestors, no matter how fabulous can't do a person mu.-h good it he can't live up to their in present-day life. In fact. i. has been. -aid. that the man wh-> boast.-- only of Ins ancestors belongs to a tamily better dead than alive. Each human is a personality in I-.:.-, own right and neither tile virtues, nor. fortunately, tiv. tii.n'.i of Jus loibeai. can be eom- pl"tely handed down to him. Jus". the same. 1 wish all of our grandparents had left more eomplcU records ot their lives. The stone- ol their joys and sorrows, their aims and fulfillments would make fascinating readings. « • • The most recent mystery in our iii'igiiboi hood has been solved. Mr- C'ar.i Pratt polished up iu-i white -hoes the other day ana .-.'. them in tin sun out by the b...-U door to ciiy. When siie went to put them on to go to a nice; in;: there was but one shoe. 'T.u thought she row a puppy .-..uiv.i- ;nn tin.- corner and *!_.*• ihous.,'.'. perhaps the doy h ; ,,( c..! neit n away. The ).-r.| was search.-; with no luc>. so Mrs Pratt wort- Olear, 2 or 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add butter. Cool slightly. Line baked pie shell with irr.'.sh peach slices. Pom glaze mixture over peaches making sure all arc- covered. Chili in relrigcrator at lea.-t 2 hours. Serve with \\hipped cream if desired. —GRACE. The Texas cotton crop is the most valuable crop grown in a single political subdivision in the world. Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in .idjourni ;1 session July 'M. 1U35 ;it 1:30 p.m. with the Mayor and all Councilrm-n present except Kmscy. A Resolution was adopter! j.pptovhn; the (.'(jntrarts and bonds tor Glover Construction Co. and Kvr-rds Bros, for curb and putln unti blacktnppnin. Meeting adjourned to August 4. I!)j5 at l.'Mi p.m. Linda B. Clapsaddlc. Mavor Attcs'. Ivy D. Scufl'ham. City Clerk Tlie C/iiv Council met in adjourned session August 4. 1U55. at 7:30 p.m. with the Mayor Pio Tern and all conn cilmoi! present. The resignation o! Mayor Linda B. Clapsaddlr was reac! and placed on I lie. A nc-A- schedule of taxlcab rates filed by the Algona Cab Co. was approved. Building permits were iPFued to Mrs Earl Sprague. Mrs Ida Reid and Lionel Robinson. A class '(' beer permit was renewed for Co'inci! Oak Store?. Meeting adjourned to August 11. 1055 at 7.:!H p m. Linda B. Clapsaddle. Mayor Attest Ivy D Scuffliam. City Clerk The Citv Council met in special session August B. H'55 at 7 -30 p.m. will, the Mayor and all present. Byron P. Richardson was appointed Mayo: to complete the untxpired term of Linda Clapsnddle resignation wns accepted. Meeting was adjourned. Linda B. Clapsaddle, Mayor Attest Ivy U. Scutlham. City Cletk Tiie Citv Council met m adiournecl session. August 11. 1H5:> at 7 .:tO p m with the Mayor Pro Tern ar.d all Councilmen pit-sent. Byron P. Richardson was administered the o.'i'h of office and then took his place as Mayor. Councilman Hi!Lr~e!l explained the proposed budget. Several taxpayers ueic piemen; ar.ri questions were asked and answered N'u 'ihj'-ct ions were iileci and the budget u as approved as oub- hshed, A Rcsoh_ili»r, was adopted m- siructing tiie Cnuniv Auditor to :e- ducc the debt service lew lr. S1T.570.. said balance resulting trom pa;, me'it o! special assessments Euii.-iing permits were granted to HubcM Schobv. Mrs Irma Palmer. Isabel'.e Dahl, Ronald Stephens and, John Spei.cer Cigarette permits were granted to Tnr.rv Lutheran C::urch F..-.,- Stand. Ernes'. Godlredsen and Earl Giime.s. .A ' KJSS '(." beer pr:m:t V. ar gran'ed to Ear- C.rim.-;- A ;:-cn*i<>:i '.v.r- read requesting thai Lir.der. s're'.t i mm P'-^uips .street eas' one- ji.iii block be wit'di;-,-.'. p. linrn tl'.r proposed street improvement projects. Said request was granted. I Tin.' loilo'.vinE c-laims were allowed. General Government Fund N;n:--v Sands. ;;alarv . .. S 67 Ifi Iowa Slati' K.'ink. tax . . Ifi.00 I; !!!>'; or;;':•-. _ . _ 2'JO.OO Ailvaruc 1'uhl. Co.. lepals _ . _ 37.10 StreeJ Fund -.iiio..k, salary . . 110.73 -r; yandc. _.aialy ljli.2'.. Gh nn Bui (is. salary ... 110.HI Richard r'l-.irnbach. salary _ !)2.2!) K,r. montl Met/en. Jr.. salary 87.2!) Jack Mean-,, salary . . . . . . .12.2.1 Unnald Pi-f.v. salarv 115 48 Kenn-'th Frankl. salary . . . 1)7 29 William Woodcock, salary . 1)1.05 Harry Ward, salaiy 47.25 Fred Haeg. salarv . . . 200.86 Io.'. a.State Hank, tax _ _____ R3.50 J. I. Holcomb Mtg. Co., supplies.. -16.80 Mfg. Coip.. supplies 4-1.10 AlE'ina Irnpl. Co.. repairs __ 12.50 H. J. Cowan, ic-pairs _ ... 51.00 nn'.r's Garage. ;epahs . . _. ..... 5G.75 A. }j. Fisher, moving dirt 84.00 Hilton's Service, .supplies 29.34 Kent "Motor Co., r, pairs _... 11.25 Prrciva! Mn'.ors. repairs . 30.77 HUSK ft K<. «, supplies 3.75 S.'art? Hd-\e.. mclso. 1050 Skrllx Oil Co.. c'as 117.60 Zep Nlfg. r'orp . vicl.-c. . RO 85 Public Safely Fund A. C. Weishaar. salary MI.4R Alhc.-t.,. salary .. ......173.76 Ha'-inonrl Krc-bs. :-a!,p-v ' _ 113.2!i Richard Omen, salaiy ' 173.47 Leo Counley. salary .151.18 '"•••a S'.-iti- l-.ank. tax 55.40 Albert Boekelman. exp"ns r . ; , ^8 20 Herbert Hi.-nslt'.v. supplies 1000 Kent Motor Co . repairs . 4. [..' Genf's Radio & TV. lepairs . . . 8.75 (iiTr.n 1 - Service', gas .._ ...... 70.08 Ira Kolil. salary ...... ._ iO 00 Mi rgen & Weiister. painting . . '47.65 Xossuth Motor Co, repairs . 16.10 A!i_ona Fire Co.. services _ 35-1.00 Sanitation Fund liarrv Ward, salary .... 12.75 Advance Ptibl. Co.. lepals . .. HI.41 Mason City Blue Print, prints 21.1fl . it_v Clerk, adv. cash . . 5.45 larin.s f;.;li. salary _. I \n.?,r, Frp'l Gr-onbacli, salary :I2.14 lu-.v.'i State Bank, lax . . 13.50 In-M'il C'o . Inc. nids-f 79.28 I'aeiiic Kl--?h Tank Co.. supplies 20.35 '.en M;L' Cu:-p . supplies _ _._ 8637 •I;.|l-S:i-ai-.tirn Hdwe . supplies _ 33.!>1 • hi ,/eli's. sur,phes . . fi.71 Moe's Ser vici-. g'is . 1.82 Kossut n'Motor Co.. supplies 3.00 Recreation Fund Donald C«;ok. salary __. K8.80 Terrv Cook, salary . . . 68.80 William De\vcl. salary . .._ 60.80 .-.heiht -Sullivan, salary _ . ... .._.. 44.80 Mriivia Sull:!ian. salary 44.80 Jacki Vnnci'.'! Waal, salary .. 44.HO vtarii-. •• I.o-.\:Tmn.>- .. _ 60.80 Iowa State Rank, tax . .' ._ 47.40 | M.>tr ,v \\'enthe. Inc.. supplies .. 45.74 1 liornpson-Ha\ v.-ar d. _ 54.00 City do: k. ad<.- ca-ii _ 18.20 L'ri'A-an s Ho'o-Ko'itci. cleaning Thursday, Sept. 8, 1955 Algeria (Id.) Upper D»i Announce New Way To Shrink Painful Piles Science Finds Healing Substance That Doe* Both-* Relieves Pain—Shrink* Hemorrhoids NfW York, )•». V. (Sprrlal) _ POT the first time science hns found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids ant] to relievo pain—without, surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all - results were so thorough that sufferers made astonishing statements like "Piles have censed to be a problem!" The serret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)-discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in tuppoHitnry or ointment form under the name Preparation //.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. •B*t. u. 8. p«t. off. Davis ra'n' C F'.ir.k & Di im Gent .-. Radio . ^.ipphes repairs ^ TV. rndse. .10.00 4.19 4.83 32.115 R3.!i5 17.41 44.77 15.00 L S Mucke\ . repairs .. t'r uit^ Electi ;c. repairs Clie.ster W^hh, repair's . Airpor! Fund Cre^co-Unior-. Elcc. Co.. elcc. 22.50 C'aiMtr.ln Straver. labor 64.35 Hall-Str-ahoin Hdwe.. supplies 5.01 ft'utt Electnt-. supplies _ 3.36 H'jwi'.. supplies 69.00 Parking Meier Fund F.ia-.-s: Hjttr :s<,ii. salarv . ._ 1!>0.5'1 M-.-iriia a-iiuur "i-.-d to August 18. | 1!'55 at 7 -Mil t:, IT, j Il'.io'; P. Ri< ;-;ar dsnn. Mavor I Attf.-. l"v D. .Scuf!ii,,f.i. C.'itv Cleik i Popular Dread Disease Policy Family coverage for one year costs less than a cost in hospital for one person. COVERS: - Cancer Polio Smallpox Leukemia Diphtheria Tularemia Encephalitis Scarlet Fever Tetanus Rabies Spinal Meningitis IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS COVERAGE WE INVITE YOU TO SEE US 1 Yr. Family Policy $14 Individual Policy $7 Family Policy Without Cancer Coverage $9 Family — $5 Individual BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY Algona, Iowa Phone 125 You don't need a "BUNDLE" to wrap up this BONUS-BARGAIN S OMETIMES, a bargain is measured by how little you pay. Sometimes, it's measured by how much you get. But here's one that's a whopping bargain by both measures. Because right now—for the leastest money of the year—you can buy the mostest Buick in history. That, Mister, is because we're adding a profit- sharing bonus allowance on top of the long trade-in allowances we've been making all year. And when we say the "mostest" Buick, we mean the most-wanted Buick ever built—the one that has broken every record in the book—outselling by far all other cars except the two most widely known smaller ones. We mean the Buick that brings you the most for your money in terms of mighty V8 Power—of real family-size room—of bold fresh styling. The one that gives you the most buoyant ride ever born of all-coil springing. And we mean the only car blessed by the smooth magic of Variable Pitch Dynaflow*—world's first transmission built on the switch-pitch principle of the modern plane's propeller. Come on in. We're ready and waiting to make you the deal of your life on the most thrilling Buick ever. * Variable Pilch DjHaftoui is lie only Dynaflou' Buick buiUs today, It is standard on Roadmaiter, optional it modeit exlu coil on othtf Siriis, red i-!iu eencus of the neighborhood canine population was U.ken upon In-, return. Billy BurtleU that althnuyn they had a do.; !u- w;m no lon^i.-r a pupjiy. Th'. Stanley Mueke\-'s ai'i; is hlaek while the suspeet was thought to be brown and our dot;, \Vienit had been in her chair all allci- noon. Two das's later Linda M.-Vay knoeki'd on the do>,r wit:., llie mi.->inj' wi:it(> shoe. Then doy. Hex, liad picked it up aivi (lepo.sited on the Bob Lewis' doorstep and the owner of the foot- 1 t.ear was traced down iron. there. >. t * There were an awful lot of wonderful dessert recipe.- in la.-t \vi!fk's recipe conte.->t. Mrs Lawrence Mueller of Fenton sent a Gla/ed Peach Pie ri-cipe and ai- thouiih it was not one "of the winneis it was taste-tested recently and reported so delicious tha. I thought you should have the recipe. 4 cups .sliced fresh peaches ':: cup water 1 cup sugar 3 tabl.-p. eornstaich 1 lablsp. butter iJ inch baked pie shell Crush peaches to make 1 cup leaving Ihe rest sliced. Combine crushed peaches with water.-. U-ir. anrl (•••rn-:tarr i h. Brni!', 1o bull. Couk over low lieat unti. Tfiriffoftho. yearfc Biggest-sell ing Buick in History! • WHEN BITTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK Will, BUIID TH|M IDS N. Hall BRANDT BUICK Algooa, Iowa

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