Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on December 7, 1910 · Page 11
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 11

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1910
Page 11
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THENTON EVENING TIM us, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBEH 7,1910. Why Not Give Him a Hath Robe? a ) e in the ' " !!K S.i:ts at . -:r: · : v R r ; '.f ·; $3.50 How About an Overcoat? S12.OO OCOATS, S18OO O'COATS, S25.OO OCOATS, $8.50 $11.75 $18.00 ' f i e r u WH: .d t:;:.i a warm No o:b»r for* in Trep.i -n carries such a FpieoJsd var:etj. BATHTUB TRUST IS INDICTED BY JURY FINE PROGRAM FOR WOODHOUSEEVENT JUST OUT OF JAIL, HE STEALS A CAP Government to Prosecute Crimi-; George Barrens and Evan Wil-l Michael Farley Enjoyed Only Two nally 16 Firms and 32 Individuals ! liams Will Be at Association -- Mott Company Defendant I ' K T J V ' T T . M I C H . I i y - .A t a iv- s. .]-,-» t ' ] Kpx'-ra! - , ,, . | Jury | HaH Tomorrow Evening I Had th*-r* b«-*n rioubt Hoarding: the j i n M l f t y of t h f a r t i s t s and the music to j !e t ^ r f , . ; Mi'-d t o m o r r o w evening at the ; « a ^ M i n s r «f{yt* n **n firms, rr\* " r j ^ c and L a t h r n h s . K i n k s , l a v i - !i'.ir!i:ss In T : t . , i M i l t ivpr. ' » v , i r t K f»r«irram. svhirh -Hn o n l y ! ! '^rm.-.l \.\ a r t i s t s **f th*' first j ' n i i » j PPI i! as=:1f. This is ex- j : v ( - o m p r - ' h ^ n s u e. *»nirrin*inj? as i th** oH and The n*-w schools , '· - : n - t - r i M l r * - n t numl**rs w h i c h ; Days of Freedom Before Arrest M i ^ h a ^ l Ka.'lpy. w£o was r^i^a?*"! f r p n i I'Td j o t , was :trrest»"1 ^T*-relay on a tr»-**t t W:*triiM!! t*«-n{piam«xi of tii~ I h p f t to JMtrolm:tn S r n u m a n , who f7»nd the rap u'l-l^r Farl? V · * · » » . F a r t e r . w h t \.ni rv:']»:M'v bf*ri d n n k - V",- k. th." i i n i n - 1 Jli'-y by s'. '-nnr. special a-?';.«i ir. · t U ' f ^ h - r s h u m . t h e A t i n r n r ; / asrent of the } ,In.«.-ph r»a--]mcr. Di-p.-irtmera r t L W I W I f U ^ ^ H I t V. H J. CHOHAR OH MAY BUIIJ) 128 JERSEY BANKS If ILL COME HERE LIGHTING PLANT 'HI? t : t * In ti.-is Plate io '.a,.1r mil! ! ·l-.a-.'i ::-.£ a n . - I"."- .-r V ^ ;:;-i M I . : - « i s Jssru-.-l" a sun-nvru -i-,-rh.-!! iv dition nf the- T.s: ituti'.'ns at thai The · · · ^ r i ; 0 n k Lane Pastor Accepts Call to f-hnrst . .p. K,; th^ Grace Baptist ·'. f.-ijTi! rni-e One.) apif!nttis*iit of' the Thp two ir11-!tn«aits ;isaJnsr pff-h 'le- o n d a n t ~ontHin six ami fmir c.ituun r^- i.)y. « n d ch;irpc t h a t t h e d c f » n d - ,-inib!i!^(l to ros'r.-iin tr:i'ie by r.- 1 - t n - Sf-i! to .jf..!*»rs ' . - i n r i J i n i r of so-r-ai';r-i : r, ( ! opt-n d-n r s. hy t!:- i f h l n s of r.-f.-i'.' j.rii «·«, by t h » " f u s f n t ; t o srM to t m a i n t a i n th* j r^- d by tl;.. a'l^aod -wl-inta. flirials- t-nok rhe eri-f t;i!.n !n -'se ,t t ' s e d-f'-nri- .-t ! f-U-VH*i 7n jf'i'bcrs whi would n Pal? pri'v.s c s t a W i / h agrTrnfnt. of t i i c d^ Tin- gnv^mmeT't ground t h a t t h e evtii civil s u i t established Church tuions n: s.jrr ':·· -\r!oin'''l tliat hs b»- ants attvmpi^d to lHp:i!?.-' t h . ' l r -:. -AHS c u R N - i o n t ^ira pow- natl ,, n ;,,. . !lp s llt ,,, rfu: ;.. of PU r. hasinK l..,,mi. ·:..^.«. ! to tahj, care o f j t h e patents on certain tools and li- r .-,r, n ,. r n..-.iBh oiectrlclty to r ^ n s i n c .-rtain firms tn us- ''--"T, It « ' : t y Hall at i^ast, and pos-1 is aUreed th« so-caIie-1 V...,,'','naMi.n ' K ' I f-" l . h m r y and two or ] controls 400 r.:irf .«nt::i?'t'~? r Nj' .nstittrtirms. i output "of appr6STrnat«']y "flfr.OOn.fiW a *-·':..! i-j'r'ifr?'--d the reaolutj*5n. ! vear. :· ' , - y ;;',!·· ;i.1y b.«l4 thR power i " " !;· ::.-." Inr the project, · - a \ l i : » in a !-.'-x y«,trs woulj Imr-iedia-iely The c tiit' rr.- ' . p cisrt55y-f'.ur t n ytar over h:-? 1 . IS State S.-Ar;'.;.-. . $1 !.'-'}; 'NTTZ WANTS R N i r s r,i*-T I-; inrjuiry ' a? ;o *.rhat had t - . ' M r . ( ' r^- : J ·· t: ·- i j y i r - l n s r ttR Hn.anl o( Water ·?; :-i m " k r ouar^rly rpporTS '·I'iiirii of all it.=v rp^eipis ajid L--i^^!on that followed. Mr.. s'irh-a .statctuent. .of ard's transaction? \ris ma'le 'M !.· City Treasurer's r.*-- r:c.? Mr. Xita rt-rli-fl HEARS OF BAD SERVICE (Continued from Pa?e On".) h« very little no'se a.nn v:hrat!rn. .\r l^i-tvton. als.. told the -..minissi.'in t h a t notwitbsUindinK the f.irr tl'iat Pctr-r F3. j Hurley was general manrm^r '.if the i trolley line- when th» repairs in fr!,mt- ! i"* s nrir f r o m t.'i · r w h i l e s u m m o n i n g i..;.-.-!-. -n j n *?f- "!; .-'rnrtrrs gra**p. in h"i'iliigr the ^·tst jf an ^larin a patr'il a n i h u - B'-':^!r5« for nx-n^y w h s l p -IrMr.k was t h » fjftn?^ f.-!- v,'r,-. h K y r y wa? s^n' to ja;! t-A'o ;r^--rithp a*.'o. He would ''urse t h e decpnt rptnark-. The poli.-e have had Farley was arraigned before Justlre HarHs In Central P"lk-e Court this mornlnjt and sentenced to n i n e t y days at U!*? u-orkliouse. He eave a hard l u r k ntnry t« tlie court hut because 'if his past performances he u-as w.-ut up. Karlev says lie's s'» tjnl\i'^v t h a t If he »as. starving to death and It began to rain soup he. would probaMy be c a u f f h t w i t h a knif-? and fork In his pocket instead of a spoon. DEMOCRATS ARE FORGETTING PLEDGE BIBLE CONFERENCE ISONATYJ.C.A. Fred P 3iivtman, i n t e r n a t i o n a l T M. f ' . A. secretary for B;ble si'idy. f"n- du'-rpd a Bible s t u d y conference yester- dav afternoon and Uist evening In tJie io-a! Y. M. '' A pa-Hors. The ma!n thorns was th« tfat-hlng- of boys' B.'t-ie Superintendent Wll'hiim E. Drake "f the State StrfT M*-th'^jj.^t Suniav tvru-'l presided j t *ne a f t e r n o o n .^.-s«:on M''. of trie i.'irv^v of t w * - h t y o'-mr^hes r^^^n'ty mad» hy a s t u d y v t h e Y. M. ('. A. Ti'.-'S study b r o u g h t o u t most imere.«::H£ f a c t s 1 in rcvnne- tiou w.'th tiip work now b**iny \ done In the local .-nurch^j. for b*iy.« and m.en Following: irr.s s t u d y , Gi!N»rt H. K""iiris of TIP Y. M r- A. And F.imPr K. Kas-n of th* First. Hartus! S u n d a y Scho.4 mads t e n - m i n u t e t a l k s on boys' B;r:» i-!*s» work. Mr Oooiman then spn)« on "Pr«i*lerp« and Prm.-.'pies m an Effective rjass for \ H-.ys. i n th* 1 evpnui^r a t j open p a r l i a m e n t was h»ij. whl.-ii Frofessnr J- M. M^CaiHe. of r'.t- F«"'ur:ii Pr^-.-Uis -er:an Sntidav Scbool '.··ti'lJ4tJ:"fd -ThL \\-iif followed by an »d- .lv-ss by Mr. '!'odjnaii on "A Modern ViiM» StuJy Policy-- Things Fundamental." Th^ it 4: at «:3 The the H f'.tl~. id' i . conf^rencf* will he rr-n^nue-i today o'-lock and 7:3rt '.-j. .,-k with tea O (.'flni-k. theme t h i s afternoon ·,, "Men and lli!^." Joseph H. W r i g h t a-ill pre- Tooight K. W. Dunham will pre- and t h e ihern» will be "Teach*-r ins-" All nn-n interested In the BUb- il'sruased are invited. CATARRH (Continued from Page One.) Medicine Free in Every -Case i -Where it Fails to Relieve "j Neglect · or pessimism. -I helieve js j th^'ef^atest enemy thf puhlic has to j contend with vrh«»n applied to the loss - - or recovery r.f health. Practically every i tee. Before reaching a deHsion, the casfi nt consumption might have been f'ounfilmen took the question up with ' cure " lf hope had been maintained and Mr. Bert-ten, and after hearing i,j s ! Proper treatment had been resorted story. th,-y voted UBanimouslv (Mr. ' to at t h e rtrst symptom of the disease. Randall being absent) to recommend j U n t l 1 the , advance.! stae» Is reached to' the Democratic Councilmen that one - conswrnption Is curable. Catarrh Is re- clnrk be dispensed «-lth in the Re- i sponsible, 1 believe, for-many cases a f i celvers' office and one In the Comp- consumption. It is about catarrh I| trollers office. They likewise decided ( w a n t ro l f l k to ' ou today, incidentally! The Time to Settle the Christmas Gift Problem is Right NOW Ve offer you a superior s" ek. a lar(?e assortment and th« FAIREST PKJfJES. for gifts that are decidedly popnin^ and pjeaslng. see vur lln« of DIA- M"'NT'S. WATCHKS. CLOCKS JEWELJRT. SILVERWARE. Etc. A small dep'.'sU reserves your purcluuse until Christmas. Mrs. A. F. Williams The Up-to-Date Jeweler, 23 East State Street rhe Jewelrr Stor« with th« Chime*. We ^!ve S. H. Green Trading Samp " Coitkliit's Self- FiHing Fills itself. Cleans itself. No Dropper. Nothing to take apart. Nothing to spill. One pressure on Crescent-Filler under, the thumb fills it. Yon wouldn't be bothered with the old style fountain pen ifonce you looked at the Conklin. Tall and see the Conklin and be convinced of its superiority. Far better and costs no more fhan other fountain p e n s · of best grade. Made by The Contlin P e n Co., Toledo, Ohio. TheCapital Stationery Stationer* and EmtAA»eir* 15- N. WARREN ST. GEORGE BARRERE. flutist :Total: The st sources of -the nineteen 'Stitte l-jnks ' S3«, thf invrfuso "vt-r- last" . inss t:in!%s -. .. .tola! of Sll:',"'M 1 ,4.;l in rtsi-nr ·- '·· 'gain tAvr IH('"J btins; SS.7v?.4'i4. T::total resmin-es ··-: i t l i L:^ ln?titu'Ti..ns '·- : amonnif d i-i J",".4. .·'»"=. ««!. an in^rtusc '.-. ih'er 1809 of -5l5.i« llLiN'SI ·'-,'-. -..-ELIZABETH. P-r-c. ".Veteran. Zouave.?; of : -::·- jSinpc-.-tfitir. -t-:-irn ... l-S6?C;have/ yisitfr': nv : = ; ' fean."'-l'ran't'-:sc'o ir: 1??*: V - f - t u ' r --rtf. '. tr.e. S*- ·ciry, t^n^rs! ; Tvith Xr-vv 1' IAQ Sill ENDS, tqu'r --rtf. '. tr.e. S*-ut3i-~in IS . as ih? p.bjec-i:v,-. ' r f i n i . t'. Trer;t.n! -nies't-'rn-'inth' 'ind tr- in s-ho , jtwupuradoa panvt: " ' ' ' ' ' tak-'- -nli-R-'-'X -("ni^p^ny's - "IFres. W t-iuna.i'.-.' . l"p '.'o --i Isite" hoy , r u i n 2 t l i o . H s n V i l i . r i n , Hfpnare .");«-v.:...Jl.. JiJi'.-s ,\ i-omplotnly . fc JSS3. and rr-'-f-ir..- roiit -.the TrssiTon nre . .Ci"'Tif-.-?rfate "the .\var of,.-l-,!hc '-V Pr-JKjlc-'t.Tti, w ijl. · Tnar.-h .-.\'i; ^.,-it' nf; iii^ir;'i-k3 last fntjilii between lh!t.':i";ris"n's 3'jll ;a'\ Unn^rville. ptUr s !'·.·'·-. l-iain'iH"n .Pfiuare' itae out :of The petitions to' thv. Ordinance Commit- K^soiutlojjs .introdu.ccci by- Mr. Swaxtz. }} .-f tvhjf-h were adopted- wUhout dis- nir«--tIng the Citr Trgftssurpr to borrow .r^r\ in anth-ir^i-tlon of taxr-s, to r»e add^d the appropriation for the relfel of- ihe \f. _ . . . - . . of the note of . .Railway Company, ;' jnantHs, at 6'per. "cent.- to Charles E. - jpollock a dol- "^S-a - r ora Cc v r.Undent- ftini tarn : into tJie _ .- stirn "ruffic-J.ent to .correct the nfc -rnntv-rnlns: a.clic-ck for afrotit S600. "Packer, while-clerk of the Jiy tim^-s to stop in fc-ngrc^ation.' JI« r 1 ; ] .ilso said that t h ^ p' of cars ^! causes osrpsMve xubruion in his home , .Noveratwr 22^ of i °- n Hamiltop Avenue. hy :hf? falling.of j . Jtidge J.ihn I t r l f s t a b testified that p.p. w/uj^ workitis In the cars on HnrnHton .A venue nm'te so TPCO I lar " ne P ; «" i'T poll taa last y?ar,.--»Ai Ji ."-('f'irii \Var v«t?ran he is..- exerupt rr and} ." Tht.-iV"t;i(" tipd j tr-r;-"tir\' "a . , . I.Mstr':et. C'lurt. faft«Ki.-to turn-over ' : *-va? Cit! iff' r(ma!!ng- tH^ cunount'of. tlie : oheck.he 0^i*V' in. serUe=rntfUt; He "disappeared from tlte -i-ty.- Jr-svin^r :?200 in SfUary; iibdra-voi, : ·;*r!C\ -· .the - amount '- -riqw ,to the ijooks-tclll be atfmit SWO. were prisst - for sewers In . .much noise t h a t , tho p. -are of his household, is flismrhcd. Judcrc George W. Macphers'oh counsel for the troiley company, asked .Turhjr; R'allstab how it was that he had moved from one part o-f- Hamilton Avor-ue to another : '-ii the cars were so dlsturhmfj. Judpo. RellsLth repli^fl Hamilton Avenue as' the that ho likes " o f his residence and .for. this rr-ttsrn he waiits .the road .bed and trolley cars put in such-, shape (hat he can fully enjoy his "'. - . . ' · ' . · ' Farley, 'aTso, .of. LlnmiTton Avenue, told the .Co r m mission t h n f ' t n e near' , choice. , . r est. de'sTipt!(in of th» noisf. niade by . t he . cars he crvii'fi . was. .that ft sounded as -though . c otae one tlc-r) a - - ' . to a wag-on -wheel ih-ri , .-.e. off. the rock thiimp.inK at t'r"ii\jpnt intervals. with th'e revolution o f ' the' ' Walter Atkinsoti' ana T)r. "r. testified t h a t . t h " p.. Skel- rntii'h .nojse ariri-^tiiat vihrat'^-iiis 'are io fleeidert that furniture: in t l p i r home* is; .-disarranirefl- and the rlorncsti--* r n m . 'ffvrts ar^ js^rlni^Ty jrrtt'Air^^i- - ITfirh 5--?r i '.that it,.wit'h" WHffmtilij-.'thht irfutllj sip?p " coaftj fie had tthtil-after t!tK : f^s st-op. rjinnlnEr, ; at. I- (S't-ltif.fc iij tfi?. morn-. "."'-Tjr. Harry' JV Nort"S."tosji"nd "that" tho. .ffi.ake F-'rn«.'.-ri,. ««!.««. w h e n ' tji.pv" r^ss-hi^:h.oin"*v "nii.'JJatn-fUfin 1 AV^Ttu^ th-it' -It.- 3s ; -" Irnpoys!bte.' ..t n:. en-gi'^e ·_· i,ri.'..if i?-~-' rsij.priic- rottttniiriir'atiojj.; -'-!Hy ?t r iso -^-fd tiraf-.L.vibraitpns- .ffa-iiS";!! iff trip'. c'fif,» : ^*--s'fiirrifturp ri!jJ. ^t^iids p T . ' f i j r p ^ " on.thoir ends.=o.if.tfr, th-tt -it ta'k'es 'on* 1 p;ff!-.6n ail of -'KlK-r-'Hnjff .'to-' at ·t-rAnctnT!'!^: Cnrnpr; and'i'.Jjre'^is,; ·-pars " " or.iy \fl's" fs.r- ."as". yenlng, and If pa.tronlze the best that music can produce in these lines, this certainly, is the occasion to dls- "nterest. prosram is here printed for the were mad.--. Mr. J t u r l e y i u h o evr--r tr od tho boaraa of the Amer- had h:P " donp platforms, they' must be a-wton told him reformed in a manner that will en- yesterday afternoon ;jr(.l pronably -would Presbj-terinn Cfiui ch, \\,n. tinder oaih, said thai he has henr. frcyuentl-y Vjis- t.t tiiakt- Purh a 'demand. th»re was a hnani coiiU-i b ?. as ·. turbed by the noise of trollfty cars dur- Oratorio- numbers: , om- j ing the Sunday and " his church. , l t h a t hf would -iook Into anrt silte ah opinion at tfta Mr. Ptrork "spoke right out in meotin'" when he isisisted that because of the of passing cars he ;;t;-..!;.-= wer-- '.··.···-.·iv-'jl from. the Central. /Was heen forced n.oji s'in=:'F of America, his discourses to his s thp -o Tjiis action on by tin- 11 -y^i. r J l u on vh;.-"'n -7 -rniun StTeot . You Walk (from ....... Handel ^*. ....... b Total Eclipse (from Samson) (c) Why Hanael Does the God of Israel Judas Mac- Handel Sleep? ffrom cabeus) Evan ^ifliliams. Hungarian Pastoral Fantaisle.... ·: · Coppler Oeorgs Barrere. if I ^f nnrVrir fe " · - - · · Schubert tb) Murmuring- Zephyrs Jensen (c) Spirit Song ."..'.; ....... Evan Williams. " (a) Nocturne ... (b), Valse ........ .·..';'".'."/. George Barrere. Soiind an Alarm . .(from hens" ..... '..-... Evan Willlami ' ) Arabescjus . -. , .CSeprge Barrere. Haydn .. Chopin .. Chopin Judas -. Hande! . Debussy . Deoussy . a) Lo\re But a Day.. . . . . . ' . (f) T _Seriil ?,£y Heart --to - Thee" Cc; The Year's at the Spring...'.'.;'."' Ev!In ..... . ,. . (b) At an-OW Trysting Protheroe Widor Lend '3fe Tonr-AW (from "Queen of Sheha" Evan Gounod Tahrarn s, .Tahratri: js ciiarged, tvifh ^^m^^^^^m^^^^^m^,^^ t^ i s sent r^^.^.^l^^^^^^^^^. -:.::.::'": ; " " " - " " - , . - ^ i -- . - - - ; -.} i ^? r ^ f c : r - »· ^ftndant- and'^issist- raise the pay of the. clerks In the ' -ossnrs' office. T'nen the !os-ro!!ing began, and wlien the Democratic Councilman anil l»aders sot together Monday night last, instead of recommending the program they had unanimously agreed . upon, the five Cofinciimen on the committee j recommended that no change be made 1 · · consumption, since the two are so closely allied. I have a medicine made from a prescription of one -of the most suc- oessful catarrh specialists known. I believe it is .positively without an ei-pia.1. I am so satisfied that I am l '" ^PP 1 ? *°« medicine it is used ' in retaliation for what Mr. Berrien regarded- as the attempt of Messrs. La Barre and Dullard to Influence the n cutting off a clerk tn every one to try this medicine at my mk. There are no conditions attached to my offer. I put the user under no o me o^ce.w as not It to be disturbed, the leaders pointed; oi IS ^£^?fiv£SSE5S «* "ssicT-i "ir«^rsnw "p'thi off a derk in the Comptroller's office and so nothing is to be done . there either. - . KAFES'S POSITION. mucous cells, and brings about a condition of health and strength that tends to.prevent the germs of consumption from getting a start. Resides this, Rexall Mucu-Tone is a wotiderful U-T-10 secret that he asires to be ^ OI ? "^f 9 os . e -.-« ls one of the largest,- Do It Belter It's by ding-donging that phrase into the heads of Blaka- Jy workers that the high, as-yet unequalled quality of Blakely laundering has been reached. Bvery day that command goes out: Every day sees some detail improved. The sum total of the improvements · give our customers a present-day perfection such as the ordinary laundry scarcely dreams of and pever has the facilities for attaining. Pursue the infereneer--have a Blakely wagon call. an opien secret that he aspires to be a party leader on his own account, and and mogt sattsfactory ae niSg" hieScTni he ,, anxious to have the C.uncnme^ ^ ' ^'e.- ever had anything to do hy him rfcther than by .the men i · ive been active In party affairs. ° £ to^^TtttT^tcton^ttSi' 1 up with Hiy^eputatfon'anT^oney; to -vlcu v.ith suspicion tne --vs-i. fl , ft ah ,,,i,a K^ Q m ^i« ,,. ./J Some disposed disposition of Mr. Kafes to boss the job. but it is understood he has succeeded in twisting them around. And so the attemnt at economizing has been lulled to sleep for the present. Whether it will be revived remains tff "be seen. Mr. Berrten has some strong friends among- the CoUrt- cllmen, and it is not regarded as likely tha.n.any plan to reduce the cost of his- office can, 'be put through.'. And while he continues to keep an un- necessarHy 'large perrn anent force arid an - exceptiohaily largie temporary f,orr». . it '-will- be difficult, if not im- twssible. to reduce the | force of any other departmeiit. . ' .The situation- "is Iffccly- '· "to' de\-elop- (Xmsiderable - f t*c"fton- ; armong £He -party ' .Aad .to- - A Skittish rltprsp,, attz£r.h^d--._.t« - t ;-- : -V«»-.««»B»uon .-na« »'-» vate-.ior --ppr.^" ; rqcrf wotiW : r,ot rtayo or waik to ttlelri Knifeayor----Po'eletti,- aaareFsed r.he Mer*. i^i.1.4 ctaVv.* m»ir -o - ~- · t, --" ·gsggz^^^^; -^ ffj^ «n* ^^y^^^^m^^^^^^^? 1 ^^ \,$^$jg l . ^--vS^ 1 ! ·:-i:-; 1 " : -'-*.- -,··:--.-.--- ; ; . : : . . - . - - * : M,^ T »^Vsr«i^i--? c -S^ · , , - ..f-rAam t,f-CVlnton,^yenae Baptist C6urc6; j^^irton .Street; Stirtion, =rot-n^v-onVl-. tho *'---;':'.--·;." GIVES THANKS FOS DOliLAR -"=»J. · ,'J:V - -J;'..-.. ** _ . f l l S -; Pa^sen- ;t :ni .ta'Ti-was cn:"TKe^E3[tsn31bn_CSara^ corltroT of: its jriyer or East, Staif £·--?.-·'-'. "fcgsiajiary ^'William SO'E'I.'' ·^.'·^-fn'^· t^wM^fehT^ M ^W^ 9 ^^"'"artdresR^as" foil we^b''"* 1 "''' V/ S ^* e * ^^^ lh ^ P^?.t/ n ffl^. Sb-sryy .after «"?j;ii) : o«ntf- ^ Vr^rfH-.XS-nrriTM .5?U»t::«!rt«d'ITf3^*1?!'^-JP"lt!i . Anytbtns-tbat Interfflrea with. ,,._., .10 cheerfmness.ana ^hturoj"' 1n"-tJift tajck^rourwl, A ic^^rton '·fe^y'^ found that tettlzig 1 ,'coff**-aJone inad^'-.things ""brlsfljt'ter vner. She writes-.- " " : . .' · - years : ai?o 1- _tcas practJcaJli!' np;by : -jiiy doctor anJ -was not «tJ' to. Itve- lonf. 3^y nervous vtero ·was ill a b«3. condition. :;;V-:^53nt Ivnraa yonBg'.affld did not: K die »b I b«gan to Joolr istbont for th« cawse of u«y chronic trouhle.." I used to i - haust me and after each spell it take mi: das* before ";-I. couJd eit cp e.'and. other ftmfta^risnt- ?riow- A R; EauterJTr At;the" con?Inatoa-dr'tiij business meetiiii? a social--iotir ; w«s enicrj-ed and rcfreshmetita served by the eitntisn -Ayeime Christian Endeavor f- Sonfeiy.-'-'-':'-" v'.'-."."-\ are. Tvortay'l Mrs. _spais_'-dar'n!i .t'n'e j EASY; ·r"w !f:ftr:d. aTl.-ta«-m'uio'r snow-'plrstrs .Tr»5Tis-.on t.^e rsBLiToan^ were s n i y - a * ' If. etc iajji;in's'. o f f - t b » : r reirsilar.· ninnlh'g (ln' '-·"-.-:-Oa th« ^qrjEylyania t h e - t r n i n g ! tar j»era?rf-5 ·flJt£«:-a : - njinutes 5eh!nH AND QUICKEST WAY TO ~BREA-K UP A COLD. ' i-:want insfant rfefleif- from cold ' or cheat,"'" or from- acute -_ca- Into a;bowl.6f BoJling: hot »at«*p(nrr ? "Hhfe! -ar.ii tri-e Ter- 5 a . fta^pconful -of HTO1MEC (pronounce ;C Siirt^a his ran d;ir-! H'.Wgfi-0-TrreJ TioM Tour head oyer:the Tie police stations also j bowl and cover head and Irowl -with · i_. j.._strcssea.- refuge; to . v f d Then b reat he the pleasant, pen- j-etratinR, antiseptic vapor deep Into .the ^ .rr.'^rtv r:v.~^ir a^c!-3i . H.r!v : .ng rnT trouT'lT o^!R3 caused by coffee. I decided to stop tt *»d boQjttit some Postum. ; ' , ' · - : "The a«-»t cup, -which I inade:n'--or1- tag to dlre^Uons. had a .soothing effort on lay neiv^s and T Ificed th* ^^^f*. Por a ttrn» I nearly" lived on Postern and *t« little food, bopldea. -I am: today «. healOir wmwui. . - . . -. ',,-. ' - - - . . · - Sv^I rors^^ .i;* r B^A jrot a irom- ~My *»»nly and relatives wonaer if. T '*«T. of-arwri.- v. f^.rk -.-,=trcriIay cleaamg am the --me peraon I was four yar*' ^: ^n«r. r-rViwit-a! ssr^fs .*» thft centra nf ago, wfc« T coold do no worS ori' sx~ i ;'?T?.'. '';2. r ' n " : t '"-'*-.'' I ? r 'f-' *niw -w«uM -f,-ii ttiimt «f neryouBuess. Now'I am.doins--,«·"%;-. '^t-.T ! s'.'^;,". us ' a sryeter'^ nty-cwfi" booaewortt. take care *f-two: i'r-."w t', '.-,·-.. i't' 1 ^-- l.abi«s m« twenty, the other two"; TUs -?.:.-n,. *\-M ir.outh* oM. I am so bn«y that I hArdly f »«-'=x f-v ··.-- :r.y · «ot tlrae to 'w^Ite a letter, yet I dfi it! U'^-'H-*'V- -C'^-'.V : -- «Ji with the cheerfulness «nd Rood hu- i ;.^-;". ·".-r.i :n ' : -'f,.^.',' «or Usat comea from enjoying ^ood! ;a;:i?" a^'q '· - t X, h*ann. ». . - E ins- thro^n.iui t:,- "T t«-l! --mr fdAnds it te to P^stum I; J-'i-V" ;-'-'i:!-: #.-uit;-, .- o»a roy 1lf« toflay." vBi : ';"Vv 5 '' A:n ' Read 'The,.Ro«! to WeJlvIlle," In V i '--" A new ! lungs, over tho sors, ; tender mem- ' The- 5 irane - and niost gratifying relief wilt - . - Drngvrt!!ts everywhere will seil abot*-' nfnvy loads j tie- of HYOMEI for £0 cents ^Jiv;^^^ j «£tra lqtUe:llyomei Inhalent. rn*?Ets caus-' aU parts «f Ask for ' - ckar-'Away .the the Therrtl ;* tluc *h«v» l*tt*r? apptir* .Jin*;. Th«y A :*;· :\Vt; t y . f o . -:r:: -SnTJn hour. It Ti-nistssce llonn- ".: snf.iv- was fnH- :.:r;.' north of Vir- .Tt r.o^ni- there was w.-iial:.attained a r ccUt's awopt. up a.m. -uu. r.r.n y.h:!,- th,- irans-AUantlc Jtiiir-rs- r-ar;i../J N^v.- York with only slitftt delay, those .coming from Havana and . the and did not attempt to dock. coast were b«W Kick. .J6THJNG TO PAY IF HYOM Don't bft stubborn. Dont -be -prejudiced. There is not" a particle of morphine, cocaine, or any injurious or habit forralnp drug In HTOMKI. Oivf !t a .trial at Miller Bra* Co.'s risk, they guarantee it It is made of eucalyptus and oth«r frnmd antiseptics. It will chase away the misery of ·catarrh or any affliction of the nose and throat in a few minntes. , · " ' You can K'-i a tTial sample free by writing Booth'* HronM C«, Buf- '·*·'·, N. T, i ehafts of: its .v.'agtjn. througlir irh«-.-tj(il'-- hoard of a-wagori' Sf the .ClJiv ton Erb- iinisitr»--ssr .! f.ut- rii.;- B-'vcfn- cerjv ' .Thfe c-ffoTt ; Affect. of . rrterit. nag;- to: a : ptandstll}. : ' ' paverrieiits. . ;.dw»Ti _town on the slippers' t-le -The .w'eli^knosvn " cal m .-. Harry - J. \ Everall. who comprise firrir of 'The. Ever-Wall Cn:. in.-., ift.-y-ftc 5'orjt. arw.the owners of rhVproi1a''tiofi «f '-"Sweet ."Slit een/" J which- wiu.'fe'e s«pn at Taylor's. -; iJecemtei" 15. l*i asid 17 and they have spares no- ffxppnse in antlnif the »oi»sr-nlay and esifta ging cnmpzny of artists ,wsrtby of the combined ;work: of Georpe JT Hobati ana · '--"- - - The company was most:carefully se- eted and comprises artists who have been features of maonotall« proditc- ttdns. It tHdiides KnjfSeiie Cowles. Ilar- riet Staoifon» AFlorence- NasJr, "-J , Alt; France?-Gordons-Florence GeraM. Scott Welsh. Harrison Brockbanfc. CSlunio Socolo, Tom Springer, T$, liver and T"ranTr lpar»e. - .. Thpfe If » "sweet sixteen" rh'orus of and pretty girls. Who know how ^pt vl Prose«!tftr, Piper- jrepr.esentSTTrj'e^ - leaders, a. -jtre-at many-.' of whprri feel that Mr: :Berrieii is slrnpiy. ;1)]oCklng the wliole' program .-in--order.- to sava himself:'the' necessity -of " ptitttng--:!pi" more .tiiine in" Korrner 3ltj- Assessor . Harry .'M;" .Siacjc.v-the- chie'f- depu.tyj-.'S-ho receives : a salary of-$1,200. is accredited -XvftH ;dolny -£h6.-b.ulk-".ol. the rTax Receiver's.. work, and .Grille the. : ntirnber. of .'ipefhia'nerit .c'terks'i-is^ rid. greater now";than vrmler Colonel -Fred: erick '.Gllkyson,. "Hie: -.niiniber'. of-, tern-- rjbrary employeB in. tfie tax office has" been;-"-ft. .Is. said,"-.very. m'ateElally. increased. - .;-'·'·- '·"·'. - · - - . - - . -;, : . .Altogeiher. a. -merry 1 rmv arnong the Democra.ts- seerns; in" prospect..-. : -". EC^CHOREN Thj? JCaw" Jersey: Children's.' Home j Society fund now-'aiir^iphts to $4,564-28:-i The ampunts.; «6lve(I^'esterday were " as . , . which fact should be ample guarantee to satisfy .anybody. Rexall Mucu-Tcme comes in two sizes; 50. cents and $1.00. I urge you to try ife Remember you can obtain Rexall Remedies in Trenton onli' at my ;gtorc Tha Rexall Store, John -A- Schuitz, Broad and Hanover Streets. . - · . - - :..-',."- $4,437 vcrS- .oT.---«t walking r,n Centre Street.'-about ' tc's r Breivins Company" 1. - : 25 00 a C;; Tattersall -V,v ; i:;.:., .'iqo 'no Siitiebn-Satin*erai : --'.'*:V;-/.-,;.,. : " i ni Gaih.:_./I-'.,Ti-; : 4'. : ;-. .-.':..._..^-.-.x : ; 1 M; ' 'total-'-,'U...-..'-..''..'.-.^'.,.\ "... MRS; MARY M;; pATTERSOlf. "After; Suffering -with- apoplexy lor! ieis tiwtx two. weeks. 1 Mry, Jlar- SlorriSsexi raitersbn.dicd la-st mgHt at .tlie-Borrie of; "??· R«i-Inrlaw.: TWmsis H«nrj-i.;rs; pen- j t^s · ·STrp**t%."' ·~',A.'pTftji-sz£iif\(rfiLf:' ~ fitifc "fii*": fjui-' · which.will hs held : ftom "" "" : Large; asspr.rnent haii(i- sonie- gas snd electric, $3 to .$15, aiid Tip. Complete with .Ii6se or cprd. : Fire Sbfeeiisa^d aild" ; Places; · Basket . , all prices/arid e pleased to j:Qji; sf ep :^n : arid ; see " ' " f ., - · -· -' - -.^tJr__-"-C' f - ~ 'i* 3-HCI t*:i-Ji a: Jiicktd. np. by "a : passerSy ,"an«J taken into: :Bn-iwri's- -drug ·Ston*-"" Jti^ examinaMon revealed that be':was "«af- ?erin^ fcorfr:seyerja laceraflons about tfie face and a, sprained -lesv- ·-·-. * - '.-' : ?The ppTic^ - ambtilance Was : sum,'. - rnonrd ana ,he was taken, to. his hrtrn» 1 ; Later he .was-reported toi be-"resting"* . - s _of her:*cinJn-!a«.-. are: In; charge of tin- er-Crawford. : ; : ^ Patterson,-who-was in'jh'e s*ven: ty-nflh y«ar;e» was a. pfOTniuctit roefliber of {he Spcred-Ifeart iThiirch,',--»rta w; survtveo" hy ; ; tour ; rtilTdren.. wtto kre- John Morrtwy. JHchael r-Morrlssey,. .Ail- 2-Jstirt MWitesey : ahd--; --Mr*.- ..T Henry. - · - : . . " - ; ' " ." · ·- . m Dee, '.---Artet open- ,ing irresrular. the Stock Market showed decide?-str*ngt5v : nearly everj-thing in *V». T(C,J. -4A?«:«_ s_T . --. «..'_. T ~ - - °- ^^ to sins an* who are also scraeefu! era. and wJio were trarned by Madame Panllne Ternoeven, ballet director of Hammerstetn's Manhattan Opera Ho«fs«» Xew Tork. Lonls F. Gottscftair, the well-known njush-al director, will nave chance or the dlrention of the orchestra, . - - . - : . - . . . ' Artistic and hahdsome'costuinlne arid realistic scenic effects are adjuncts of the presentation of "Sweet Sixfeeji"* npon which the management has spent considerable thought ana expense. F0T TnfiintB Till Kiwi You Hare Ahrays Bought · B«a» the list. 3oJning. in a . b'risk' movement. --- QUOTATIORS. upward RAILROADS. ,A.. T, S. F. Mo. Pa* Com. .,, »SM., v i B." -O. TOWN R. T,. 74: No. Noon. "f" " " " -- C*ht"-"'"i ...... . .. . Ches. A-0........ TSSiPac. Mail" ...... S C.. M/*. Si. P-.m Penh. """··,pj "' ..... Can. Pac ........ 1*1 -D«j,-a Hud.:.... i«r " . Readi Rock - . . . . Gt, Ko. P f d 1 . c . - , Interb. H, T 1*) Union fife. "" i Louis. $. fa*h.. aUW«bash. ConJ! K INDUSTRIALS. Am: Sm.,Com . 72*iOeK Elec iso A Car F y --- 1 - No; ^ c c : M ' Lead Co .. Am Sue. Com.. 1H AmaJ. Cop Iron ' nd Rep. «!«s steel. -. M ?.' os «f Shef - Co «- Con. Gas g MRS. MANUEL KLINE, -The fus-ral of-Mrs. Annie : M_ T.-Sfe nf Marmet Kline^-Sr.. tsie well^knflwn i printer, who--dropped dead Monday morn-[ m* in t!je bathroorn if her home, 3Bi ;Fo«th Broad Srreet^, ; w5!I take p!ac«-to-} morrow morning at 11 o'clock·_· From -ier' ·Jare^home,-.--"""- .. -'-· ·-,·"-.-·- - . - · Interment*, under the*direction of Car- m«dy, : will be-maae-in/RlvervJetr Cetne- MASCELLIAN SEfTZ, . TTw'.funjral..'bf 34asc«lJejj Seru, son of Anton and-Susamia Seiti, who die* Monday evening, in the nineteen* year of from the home, ot his , * « · - - ? ; ''««' Street, this, morning at S-^ft frelocft. -with services in the Immaculate Concepnon Chnrch at 9^) n clock. Interment was made in-l*dy or Loardea Cemetery, under the direction of - · ' MIS B8III8 DESPAIR Take Courage! Internal Treatment Will Cure Piles mak«. life unhappy ana ruin th« be*t dlsposftion. Most auf" fercrs have been bitterly disappointed by many failureg to find a cure, A medicine th tablet fo,,,,,. taken internally; tnat avoids the unple«snt features of ointments, suppositories and operations, and cares thoroughly by removing the Inside cause, is snrelv worth trying, especially as the Miller Drujt Co., Trenton, N. J., guarantees Dr. Leohhardt's Hcm-Rold «o»U 11 tor a lar^e box--24 days' treatment. Dr. t*onhardt Co^rSt.Hoa B TM f«lo, N. T. WriU tor bookl«t. j wJth eaurU force t* the _ r.f- prjemium checKs aS to : other shopping; -. - - " ' .'--Th«re-.-is notr. dlsplaj-cxj hi ^ottr shoii" *h? '·largeS'tT ind--n3«s*. :-complet»! yarltty of articles appropriate forVehristmas -gifts that -we Tjave-ever oftered oar patrons.- . - ~~ ·'.:-.-Early rhoppers "jvlli not be disjtp- ptjlntecl.:.wBen -t.hey. cajl.' " .. . , ; Selection, of-.pi^ernlfims rnaV" b£* made- .now and .we.: ·svlll no!d. them for later delivery 1f d^slredV brt cotne early and avoid the"Tu*h and tiresome waiting that Svillt -surely attend Xmas week shopping. . Order from yourr grocer GOLDEN JOSS TEA.' KARANG COFFEE. : . THISTLE AMMONIA. GOLDEN JOSS WASHING POWDER, .. -. . ;. '. .:-·... ; -;. . v WHITE CREST BAKING POW- : DEft. - : . - . ' . · " . . . ' GOLDEN BAR SOAP, : And secure our pitniium checks, Mnschert r Rccves8cCo. Stockton St. Opposite H«nov«r. POU i «SON . * Qr«enwood and Ttlv*rrlew Cemeteries. C A R L K A Y S E B FtJNjBRAi DIHKCTOR ' " 41» «., VIS »M«t a«,,^ . f f t W S * IKldebrecht Service is eonpecled t be of the inost thoroughly satisfactory nature. It can harSly be ex-' celled'. It is rarely equalled; anywhere, · and never where prices as low as Hilde; breehi's are charged.. ; . : y ;It is expensive .- to 'Hilde-; breett-'Si'.tmt-iis-iour ennces- -.-. ; :sioi3!,.cto" dot notions iof .'the ; Dreeties\pf the-ddnin;f i tjom,; ; "-"whijSi" we don't |rat in the, bill! nor ask V^ustoniers to ; -.'i i 9 service app.Bals td "who like tcivea-t aiaid. pleasant surrcnlnctings/ ; ." "'., . " ;-. Te : st it wit-k :af ligh't liinch and see how, little it costs.;' . whose "only 5 excuse ^erns to be: cheapneiss, but . '·- pretty, substantial; risefnt-- and , rcmarkaWvvwaiitable articles V --«goo3 at Cjbristmas beeanse ; : they 're goo^ ; at other ; times, . J'tOO. ·.:--/.'~~\ "^J-".-.": .'·"-..,"--""'..-"/-'""; -.""': - As: leading y features we- . ': mention '/·.;--..".-" .-:-- ·:.. . .- GutGlass, .Calendars, ' . ^Bibles, : --".'-,. -'"; -,. '. --- Fooritain Hens, iibrary Purnitore, . ..Stationery, : " · . . . . . Photo Frames, , -.'.---.Some thousands, all toM-r- ·Burely abundant choosing for the jnost critical. STOLL^ 20 and 22 East State REAP THE ^MELP WAMTED^ AM. : ON PAOE8 * AND ft. /· iNEWSPA'FERr JNEWSFAPERf

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