The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 23, 1920 · Page 3
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 3

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 23, 1920
Page 3
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I I !PC P l n J MC ad thov now haves are V o i m o n t WD\V llamiiihlio, CoiTOOctltut, New Voilt, 3'ciiiiHShaniii, Ohio, Jndliui i Illinois Wljoonslii l o w j Mlasourl Kan 1111 Noith Dakota, Utih, and Washington A m o n f f thosp th( staloB whoie the- He puhllcMiu h i v e a m a i l l i u l i u l v elllllcult llffhl on li-md a i o N e w llunil'fehlio Onnnoctkut I n d i a n a Wl'-consln, MJtisejurt, nnft ['Uh Thoio aio also In N o w Y o i U ind Ohio flffhts of a difficulty such that If It -were not a prcsidcntUil vcai 01 If It wcio In all ipspeota -\ noimal ycvir tho lip-publicans tnlsrni ic'adtly low The HUtoa ta which Mio Domo- riats ue flrhtlnp; to i etaln tholi MO its oinlttlni, tho n i n e Southoin ic nal on alic wly montlonc'd, are M \ i \ l i n c l Kent\icl(\ Old Uioirui South Pilcota C'olot ido Idaho, OK- f on Ail/eni, Ne lucla and C n l l t o i - nlu Thoso aio Inc. staters and the onlv flMtes 1n whloli It Is poiHlblc toi tho llopuhll* 1 ms to make erainte (In a snfiwquont ntlclp Mr Sul- IIvim will ttnaly/o b i i e f l y Mio situation ns to oarh of the-so thirty-two Semtenlal contests, and will try to f o i o c n t i t tho ipsult In carfi case nncj toll the c c m p l e x l c n of the next Scn- l e J n t ' k e n U l l v HIP ultimate fate , I ho IA ifjuf ol ISTtfons llofl ei'iltc s inucli in DIP a H l t u d o of tho suc- e t s f u l eonl nulPiB for nonatoilal pits on that quoitlon as In tho n t - itiidP of Co\ and Hauling Tho naxlminn Lo iiffup of Nations tihat an ever oomo Is tho maximum that will ho satisfactory to two-thirds of lie Senate ) SECRETS OF THE MOVIES Q--Wlmt movie itiir wns rccoiitly i".cti(Ml bv a follow plnor from n eitatn death nlillc Jmnglnjr twelve stories fiom u 11 lie! uliovo tlio stroet? --riddle Polo, the sorlal star ·who has ponfoimod t h o u s m d a of jioiiloiii stunts In tho mo\los and xlso elurlUB his cliens caiooi, recently hnd a vpiy naiiow esoapo from i l c ' i t h ·ulille maklnpr a sreno £01 a mo/lo Ho nttomptod to cross bund over hand on a lope stretched 12 stories hl«h between 2 buildings In JOB AngelcR When ho pot to within ; r i fl of pud, ho stop p c d . h i H hands li i v I n K hcc-ii cut on thci lopo and hln iiRlh lust about KCWIP Hownvoi ho w i s nlhle to hanpr on until Tddip Sllbon, iinollur choiis p e i f o i m o r could w o i l t his wnv out on tho lopp uncl h e l p Polo to mfe-ty All of w h i c h shown t h n t ill thp thrlllera in the movies a i o not faked Q--TTow old is Ionise rn/rndu I In- SpmiPtl cim( dlc'iine 1 / A--Tjoulae who h 2T wns born in InliiycttP Ind , In I SI'S O--\\liat otlici iidoi 1)\ (lie- Miiiif nimic) Is I'nllv \rl)«*»i''M l()M-st i-hal lor (lie imii^wolRlit fliaiuplon- hip of tln niovti»' A Macklyn Arbmklo, who tips he beam at tlo pounds inery Specials We take advantage of every decline in prices of matei Uls and we are presenting values that are t uly extiaordmary in eveiy sense of the word. 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Beiuty l« Gray «nd Failed tUli « n mielllOOiktnritiarleitii. ii nx f Ill-Ill Wliei laUihoiieiii. A Hat for the Tailored Woman In these lints we offer nn unusual oppoi Utility to the woman who w o u l d lompletc her t.ulniecl costume ScveieJy tulou-.l hits of glossy Hallos Plush, f. «1 with velvet, ami U mimed w i t h smart bands of gros g .un ribbon Roth stiaight and rolled hums-mostly black--a fc-w in Navy and Brown Very Special- Value $8.05 Lunpell Prices Are always the lowest, mer- c handise always new and the Best. 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