Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on June 6, 1928 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, June 6, 1928
Page 3
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· f'niine te Blade. Package 4c *,, *« 9. BLE urging Sinus 10 flare up tarrh, to es- msal sinuses, ughly. For nasal cavity ions, and the panics even » 98c powder to dark rouge that we offer in-colorlng- -Pink. White, , women. Tne and Orange. heauty counter make-up. utCATUR HERALD Sentence Cecil Miller to 20 Years in Chester for Killing of Eagar --. _--___-- ^,9 judge Denies Petition to Change Plea to Not Guilty; Declares Circumstances Didn't Warrant Death Penalty WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 6, 1928. Cecil L Miller must serve 20 years in the penitentiary for the murder of I t h u l Kagzir. Judge James S. Baldwin sentenced the confessed murderer «t noon Wednesday. The sentence is only six years longer than the m i n i m u m allotted (or punishment of m u r d e r . In delivering sentence, tho judge dpclarccl at once that the c l r c u m stances of Miller's crime did not warrant the death penalty. The iamo citciimstancos. find Miller's youth, combined to save him from j|(c Imprisonment, the Judge said. Miller reeclvc'l the sentence w i t h no show of emotion. His attorneys laid the sentence wan "very snllsf.ic- lory". Short Trial The miutlei-er was sentenced im- mcdlntcly at the end of closing argil- mcnta Wednesday m o r n i n g by dc- fcnic and prosecution attorneys. His punishment wan fixed just two days lifter he h.vl entered court nnd pleaded R i i l l l y to the charge that he killed I t h u l Kagnr, Oocatur cab drlvei, in January of 1026 The f i n a l session r( the Miller hearing required only an hour nnd a half of Ihe court'* m o r n i n g . M i l l e r look the stand at 10:30 o'clock for cross e x a m i n a t i o n by State's Attorney Charlci r\ Kvan'.. and Horace Oarman, of the defense, began his rlo'in? arguments shortly a f t e r 11 o'clock In t h e closing arguments, the de- tnse attorneys made a s t i r r i n g u p - ' pral for clemency from the c o u i t I They explained that the c o u n t y had fulled to f u r n i s h M i l l e r "protection | of hh home", and they pictured hl:i| "rlghttOn. wiath" lit discovering I that hh w i f e had been Deduced h v j * " h u m n n vulture". They p a i n t e d ' Eacar. the t a x i - d r i v e r , nn a city sophisticate nnd Mrs M i l l e r ai n 'rotintry girl, unused to the ways of the city". | "F'ltMir to Society" | NATIONAL OFFICER IS HERE SUNDAY CLINTON G, NICHOLS Mr. Nichols It national president of Exchange clubs. He will come to D»- c a t u r from Hartford, Conn , to attend the convention of Illinois clubs slart- i.ijf Sunday CLUB PRESIDENT AT CONVENTION ONE PRISONER OF FOURTEEN PLEADSGUILTY Those Indicted By Grand Jury Make Pleas in Circuit Court PRYOR ASKS PROBATION Work of the Macon county grand jury was demonstrated Wednesday morning, when 14 prisoners arrested after indictment by the jury were arraigned in circuit court and made their pleas. Only one of the prisoners pleaded guiHy. He was Hoy Pryor, charged with grand larceny. Pryor asked for probation, his petition was referred, and he gave bond. Edward McStcrlm pleaded not. guilty to two charges of forgery, and James G. Allen was appointed his attorney. David Ellison, former manager of The Union clothing store, posted $1000 bond after Emanual Rosenberg, his attorney, had moved that the indictment against him be quashed. Frances Harvey, charged with forgeiy pleaded not. guilty through J. R. Fitzgerald, her attorney, and Dewey Gadbcrry, accused of burglary and larceny, pleaded not guilty and gave $1,200 bond, Attorcys Appointed Lewis Grabowski, held on t w o counts of assault with intent to kill, pleaded not guity and Howard Doyle and C Y. Miller w e t e appointed to DECATUR HERALD COUNTY'S BILL WITH HOSPITAL JUMPS $4,000 IN PAST QUARTER Macon county's hospital bill in Docatur and Macon County hospital for care of county patients Jumped more than $4000 for the quarter, including March, April and May. Members of tho hospital committee of the county board of supervisors, headed by Mrs. Flora Kceler. studied the hospital records on county patients Wednesday noon, preparatory to presenting the hospital's claim in the meeting of the board of supervisors next week. The cost for the quarter, Deccm- ber-January-February, was in the neighborhood of $5000. For the last quarter, it is more than $9000. An aversgc of 38 plus, is shown in the dally number of county patients treated County in Decatur hospital, for and the Maeon closing quarter. More than 22 patients per day were averaged in the first period. Generally the average ranges near 25 patients in the houao each day, under county care, Dr. P. W. Wipperman, hospital superintendent, explained. The hospital la allowed $2.50 per patient per day on its contract basis with the county. Three thousand six hundred and seventy-one hospital days of service to indigent patients were recorded for the last quarter and approximately 2080 for the period preceding, an increase of 1641 more days. The sudden increase is due to the unusually bad employment situation. More families were unable to pay for their care in time of sickness. The influenza and pneumonia epidemic is also largely responsible for the jump in figures. Many persons were given hospital care who otherwise would have died without it if they had been refused because of their lack of funds to pay for their care. MANY ENTER IN MARATHONDANCE Endurance Test in Coliseum is Expected to Last for Six Days bo his attorneys, pleaded not guilty Floyd Hopkins to a robbery Clinton G. Nichols, Exchange, Js Honor Guest C l i n t o n K. N i c h o l s nf H a i t f o r d , C o n n , n a t i o n a l p i e M d c n t oC Ex- charge, and promised to secure counsel. James L Jolly pleaded not guilty to a charge of tape and anothei of taking indecent liberties. Henson, MorthlanrI t Henson were appointed to defend him Oscar Sharlock . pleaded not g u i l t y to charge of burg- 01 j lary and petit larceny, and Fred M. , . , . . , , , ' in. lllr; V.VJ11 v l; HLJl-'li VJ1. Hi,.,' The d e f e n d a n t , they a n d . was no b u Decaf.r Sundt (udencd c r i m i n a l but a hard-work- 1 Mr ,,*,,,,,,, w , n br on lho Ins o u n g laboring man who "did a favor to society by p u t t i n g Uagar There he could wreck no man's hom v '. Slate's A t t o r n e y Kvnns however, n o i k i n g from the cross examination under which M i l l e r showed signs of c h a n g e clubs is to be guest of honoi at. the, convention of Illinois clubs ' ay. p r o g i a m of convention proceedings Monday. He. Is executive deputy commlsMonci of the Connecticut State Highway department. W h i l e In Dccatur foi thc state convention, at which 500 club mcmbars are expected to be piesent, ho will issue, an invitation breaking, called Milter's c r i m e " p m e l t o tllo n a ti 0 nnl convention In Toledo and d e l l b e i a t o m u r d e r , " nnd le- j tl jy 22 to 27. ttared that the c l i c u m s l n n c e s of the shooting called more for seveie pun-' Mhnient t h n n f n r mercy j [n d e l i v e r i n g n e n t e n c e . Judge Bnld-| »ln irild' ' U does not seem propei, nweswiry Hoi advl«ahle tn a d m i n i s ter the d e a t h penalty. Yet no hs the r i g h t tn take the law into hli (mn hamli." To Chcutpr In Week M i l l e r e;m ici ve out his sentence on the of behavior, in about I I 5f»r'. Uiwvei'.t said. Me will be taken tn S o u t h e r n J l l m o i H p e n i t e n - nsry M Chester w i t h i n the n e x t week It was expected A hlitory of the M3p nnd o t h e i papers w i l l havp to bft drawn up h e f o i e he can begin hii t e i n i In n o 5 - - e . \ a m i n a l i o n Wednesday lumnlns. M i l l e r denied t h e s t a t e - ' nicnt", nt i c l a t i v e i t h a i hK w i f e h a d i In Ihe m l u a l k i l l i n g CHURCH NOTES Hamilton ncy. was appointed his attor- Frank W o l d i o n pleaded not g u i l t y on two counts of embezzlement and larceny, and Chester King was op- Couples desirinR to entei- the Coli- leum marathon dance, which staito Thursday evening at Ihe Transfer louse, may do so by leaving thcii names and addresses at the Herald business office b c f o t o Thursday noon. The dance, starting Thursday eve ning, m-obably will last BIX days. Pood will be placed on tables in dhc dance hall where dancers may scue it and eat it without discontinuing the dance. Starting at the transfei house Thursday evening the couples will dance their way to the intersection of Main street and the Wabash railroad where they will embark on trucks, ride to the dance h a l l and resume their dancing until fatigue compels them to desist Many Entering: Couples already entered dance competition are as follows. Miss Dchlia Adams. Mattoon, and Von Roitan. Tuscola; Bill Loguc, Rotary-Kiwanis Baseball Game Postponed Week Unfavorable weather conditions has led to the postponment of the Rotary - Kiwanis baseball game scheduled to be played Thursday afternoon on Miliikin athletic fielu. The game will be played Tuesday June ]2 according to announcement made by Dr. W. A. Maxwell, Wednesday noon. NAME¥EAKER FOR FLAG DAY Shelton to Give Address at Elks Club ELMS PAVING IS REVIVED UNDER DIFFERENT PLAN First Resolution for Thin-Top Asphalt Voted By Board HEARING JUNE 21 Elms addition paving was abandoned by the board of local improvements Wednesday and started anew under a different tax arrangement. Corporation Counsel W. J. Carey reported 38 objectors to the original proposal for paving with concrete. He said abatements of assessments allowed the objectors would force the city to pay more than $5,000 for the paving, should it go through. Mr. Carey was authorized to ask for dismissal of the project in county court. He did. Thin Top Asphalt A new first resolution for paving j with thin-top asphalt was voted j through by the board, without a pe- tion from property owners. Cost of the asphalt was estimated at ., . . ».» uuu^uu.l £ d l t l c - ·T ...,«...,,« 0.1, scheduled to be played Thursday at- » 81 . 6 " 3 - 62 - A public hearing was set ternoor on Miliikin athletic fielu \ * 01 ' 9;3 ° a - m - on June 21 ' Thoroughfares scheduled for tho paving are South, North, West, East and Central drives and East Garfield between North Water and North Broadway. The new financing arrangement is by special assessment instead of special tax. The difference is that the former enables cost to be spread over a district, whereas the latter assesses only property abutting on the streets. Gulick Paving Preliminaries for paving North i ,. _ .. , _ . I Gulick avenue with vibrolithic con- MCGrath Of PeOriai c r e t e between West Grand avenue and West Grant street were started by the board of local improvements Wednesday. A first resolution for Wreck of Wabash Freight Ties UpTYafficAll Night Nine Cars Plunge Down Embankment at Stevens Creek Bridge as Rail Gives Way Tuesday Evening; Track Torn Up for 400 Feet RESIGNS CHARGE FOR Nine cars of a fast eastbound SECRETARIAL POST W , abasK frc '«ht were wrecked when they went over a 40 foot I embankment at the east end of the Stevens Creek bridge Tuesday evening. The wreck tied up all Wabash. traffic west of Dccatur. Wrecking crews worked all night In attempts to clear away the debris of splintered cars and broken track. Track Torn Up Sixteen cars of the "hotshot" freight left the track, nine of them piling up on the steep sides of the deep bridge embankment. Abcat ·100 feet of track was torn up. Although trainmen said th« freight had several hoboes aboard, and two left the train unhurt after the crash, there were no known fatalities from the wreck. There was a lumor that one of the empty coal earn which hurtled almost straight down from the bridge to the river l.ank earned five "bums" as it 1 parsed a crossing farther from the nity. A thorough search revealed no trace of them however. Broken Rail A broken rail at the West end rt the long concrete bridge wag given as reason for the wreck. The cngiriK and si:; cars of the 56-car , passed the break successfully, buf j the following 16 left the rail's and | cither tumbled down the bank m ploughed off the roadbed. ' J ' n e wreck occurred at 6:25 o'elocK K MflfJp 'sPfTPtarV nf Pott ·'" t h e fast frfl 'ght A'o. 90 was enter- l! IVIdOe OGCreiary 01 |-ea- , n s the city.^Thc train was making REV, S, H, BOWYER TAKES NEW POST pointed to defend him. Harry Rolcy.j Decatur, and Miss Elizabeth Foster! Decatur; Lindsay Whittley, Mattooni who, with Jules Hopkins, is accused on four indictments of robbery with a gun. pleaded not guilty, as did Hopkins. Certified for Trial Get aid Wheeler pleaded not guilty to charges of burglary and grand larceny. Louis Neibur pleaded Jiol guilty to burglary and petitjarceny; Edward Hartrnan, arrested with Nei- bur. pleaded not guilty when arraigned in circuit court Monday. Other indictments returned by the ·|'n O f l l r e r i I The a n n u a l election of officci 1 ? of Iho miii.ion.ilv society of the C e n t i a l r h u i c h of Chiist w i l l be held in Hie m e e t i n g in the church pallors Thursday a f t e r n o o n at 2 30. An important f e a t u r e of the meeting will be Iho t h a n k o f f e r i n g by means of which it n hoped to raise the $161 still due on the $700 annual appropriation. Mi3. D. O. Henry will have grand jury have been certified to t h e county court for trial. They I i n c l u d e the indictment of William ! McDanicl and George Bates for as[ sault with intent, to kill, of Gust Karrela'a foi i ccklesi driving, and of G Russell White for defrauding by check. OPEN FIREWORKS STORE C. F. Krkoisen and Frank Kupcri Will Conduct Wholesale Business Ru- F. Kekeiscn and Frank B ..,, c h a r g e of the p.ogram, the subject first fireworks stoie being. Cluhtlan Homes Around t h e j J ' Woild." The discussion will be pai- of the season in 403 North Main t i c i p a t e d in by Mi-?. Sue T. Odor, 1 street Wednesday morning with sev- Rev Cane! Flewellmg Miss Bettie oral cailoads of fireworks on hand. Capps. M i l . Ella Finsoti «nd Mrs. E i A n u m b e r of shipments have al- and Gladys Williams, Villa j Grove; Harry LaRosc, Decatur, and [Miss AHene Hornbucklc, Decatur; Carl Shelton, Mattoon, and Miss Kuby Welch, Mattoon . Jack Logue and Misj Lottie Morgan, Decatur; "Chick" Von Deer, Mattoon and Miss "Bud" Pierce, Villa Grove; George S. Carder and Miss Thelma Rone, Decatur, Earl May, Charleston, and Miss Lena Goodwin. Villa Grove; Wayne Lawson and Miss Eva Holt, Decatur; Lewis Chev- iclotta and Miss Margaret Stern, Decatur; Lawrence Moore and Miss Phyllis Huff, Decatur, C. J. Manning and partner, Decautr; Harry Wilson and partner, Decatur Gerhard Keyle and partner. Decatur; Ralph Masters, 363 West Sawyer street, Decatur and Miss Bernice McCarty, 121 | East Adams street, Springfield. FBOLIC TONIGHT Members of Bill Ding club and their friends wil hold a Juno Frolic in the Mueller clubhouse on Lake Dccatur this evening. STRAWBERRY SOCIAL Members of the ladies' aid of the Boiling Springs church will have a Shelton McGrath, prominent Peoria for ^tnc lawyer ,wlll be the speaker of the day in the ritualistic seivice to be held in the Elks Country club by Decatur Elks Sunday at 2 p. m. in observance of Flag day. PupiH from the Decatur College of Music will furnish special musical numbers and other novelties which will be arranged in addition to the iltualistic service prescribed by the grand lodge. The music rlaycd under the direction Heinz The Elks Countiy club ball room will be specially decorated in harmony with the spirit of Flag day Alex VanPraag, Jr., is chairman of the committee m charge of ceremonial arrangements. I the paving was adopted. I estimated at $36,676 88. will be of H. J. Cost was A public hearing was scheduled for June 18 at 9:30 a. m. WEAWSLOWS CITY BUILDING erated Churches of Cincinnati from 25 to 30 miles an hour whun i h e center ccction was derailed it wa-; estimated. Coupler Snaps Rev S. H. Bowye: of C i n c i n n a t i ' The wreck nii»,i ,,,*,, k i u and former pastor of Fn.t B a p t i s t ' a n d coal b °* church, r pastor of Decatur, has resigned as bridgc'T ^tiT ' Y" coup, ng' .f Walnut Grove Baptist I mapped to nrevent nth... ,,,, . , church and accepted a ^Kj^£ ?TM^F£«£: religious and f i n a n c i a l secretary of I before them over th" droT) the Federated Churches of the City! One of the empties left the brid ·- of Cincinnati. The post is a new one. | and .-IK! to t h e embankment be o! : and is conferred with considciable | The fall biolic Wabash and Wcsten honor on Dr. Bowyer who will d i i e c t | Union vires, and trouble-shooters get the secretanal work of this intorde-, »P emergency lines immediate!" nommational body. His resignation! Others of the wrecked cars carrie'l Pouring of Sidewalks on Staley Viaduct Is Delayed as pastor was accepted by I h e Cincinnati congregation with reluctance and will take effect immediately. Dr. Bowyer served as pastoi in I First Baptist cnurch m Decatur for 12 years going from here to Spring- cement and bricks Of the 57 car-! ° f w h i r h t h c train consisted, 46 Following ( h e fast freight was * t r a m load of stock. It was haltca o, which thc t r a i n consisted, 46 were ,, ! · ' f a l v e r l . Special music vull he d y bccn m a d c ^ 3 u l T o u n d i n , Judge R a l d w m Tue;.lay n f t c i n o o n j Presented by younger m^mbeis^ of towns by t h e temporary firm whiul- Cho- ,,,,,] v,.,,,,,!,, ,,11 !;),,,.],, of jr ol i r th - r ri-fuied the b e l a t e d a p p e a l of Cecil 1: M i l l e i confessed m i u d e r e r , foi | trial hy m r v | rVclanng H u t t h e r e was " n o t h i n g I'tt t n rlri e x c e p t I n p u n i s h " t h e Judge ' n e r i i i l e i l a l ' n i n e v ' m o l l n n 'hat M i l l e r he n l l n w e d tn c h a n g e his, plfs n x a i n to "not guilty." I Overrules Request I to Change His Plea Ihe c n n g i c g a t l o n , Helen R u t h dat and Vernn A l l e n p l a y i n g a v i n l i n duet, a n d (i gioup of gill's will sing u n d e r Ihe d i r e c t i o n of Mrs Ltiuh Chodat. R e l t y Anne Henry V v i l l give a g i o u p of readings. Miss Frieda Comb's will give a sons in- l e i p r e t a l i o n , "Lord, speak to me that T may speak," MEET IN PARK The ladies' aid of thc Redemption vUdgn Ralrhvin. h o w e v e r , r t i l - d "f Souls. Spiritual church will meet "is! Miller bad made the ple;i vol- at ^ p. m. Thuisdny in Nelson park. ' n t a i l l y nnd in k n o w ledge of the The buslncrs meeting will be fol- '"Wcqiiences The judge said of thc lowed by a. discussion of "What was Jttldavlt thai It failed to show " n n v j t h e Greatest Miracle. Christ Per- ''fenso w h i c h should go to n j m y " . ' f o r m e d ? " A picnic supper will bo Hie ( i f f l f l n v i t did not claim "any,served nnd arrangements have been 1'""tle.n of f u e l " , he m l f d , "and made for a boat ride on Commodore! 'h"wcl "no merllfirloii'j defense." Tt I Deontur. All women of thc chinch | ·W' failed tn establish t h a t "justice j n i e urged to be present. 'fulil best be .eivcd by s u b m i t t i n g - --»-- - - ·" ci«i- tn a mrv " Although tlv p t o s e f t i l i n n used n i n e ' *itnesse.i to establish Miller's g u i l t , ! ·'"ftttomeyi spent hardly t h r e e q u n r - j | f "s of an Hour In hit defense hear-', w h e n it was n«iumcd a f t e r the will handle all July novelties for both wholesale and retail trade, SAM BURSTEIN TAKES TURN FOR THE BETTER strawberry ice town hall at evening o'clock. cream social in the Bearsdale Thursday Serving will begin at 5 'IN SOCIETY to Twenty-one members cf the Past Matron's club of the O. E S. were enteitained Tuesday afternoon in (he home of Mrs. Anna Mae Buf- fmgton. Plans were made for a picnic m Nelson park when the meeting will be held at 3 o'clock in the pavilion followed by the picnic supper at 6 30 to which all members and their families are invited. Mrs. John Jump was appointed general chairman for the picnic. Mrs. Buffmgton was assisted b y j Mrs Rosetta Park, and Mrs. Marj field. Following his pastorate in Springfield he resigned that charge j , Rush .Equipment to go Into war v.-orlc He later ac- The derailment ,,,.« j · ^^£X^tt^^-SE*~yZ STS^-WSS-i ,1",'r,1 !K,-,K ~ B capacity congregations when he | communicate with thp dlv sion preaches In his_oM c h u i c h . ' n u n , t e n in Springfield through7h'J A.G.WEBBER TOTDDRESS 1 ^^ DcMs NEW CITIZENS FRIDAY 1 A , w ««*ing c«. w ot the WabMh -- - !, V , "r ' Y^ train ' labo|tt d all moin- _ . ,, , , Twenty-two new citizens of tho s V Cf inesday t o clear away debris Baker-Patterson Co., contractors | United States will be honored in the u 'P air 4 °0 feet of. torn up rails and' ran^ into difficulties on account of reception Friday evening at 730 rt '"°P C11 the division to traffic. Rainy weather of late has slowed up building construction all over the | city. Pouring of concrete sidewalks on the south approach of A. E. Staley viaduct has been delayed Outside work on the Masonic temple is held up somewhat, but inside op-i erations were going on as usual 1 Wednesday morning. The same was true of the Salvation Army citadel job. i mud in the excavation for St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church parish house. Brick for the walls has been delivered, however, and laying of the ·wwlls will proceed with the return of fair weather Footings already been poured. o'clock in the High school and)- division office of the have Alice Bradley. Delicious menfs were served. refresh "A decided and unexpected change for the better" was the report Wednesday morning on the condition of Sam Burstein, 933 East Eldorado street who is critically ill in Si Mary's hospital. His recovery was considered unlikely Tuesday afternoon but he has since rallied and his family is more encouraged. r ABE MARTM Hilltop Dweller of Shelby Ridge Exchanges Specimens^ Experiences With Sponsor of Hospital Garden POLICE NOTES A Ford coupe, owned by A. Lyons, IfiU Kast ISldoiado stieet, was stol- C''Urt'fl uillng. six character witnci5-|en Tuesday night from Its parking '·*H nf t h e m l l f i - l o n g a c q u n l n t a n c - . p l n r e In the 400 block of North "o« the six-foot ymm:j Toledo f a r m - , F t a n k l m street, he told police. Thc | r told the court that Miller's char- lc| tr nnd reputation were "good". To Cross K.vivmlHO "le defense witnesses were A A. car can led licenses 973-460. PUPILS SEND FLOWKRS The eighth grade graduating clans of seven i n r a l schools, and the friendship Sunday school class of the Korsyth church icmembere'd the Dccatur and Macon County hospital and St. Mary's hospital with gener- -- *,-n.uoi- ^vunrHjru 1 *! were J\ /\. McCarthy. James White. James wans John n Kvnns, H. H. Cmy "'I G. M G a r r e t t . all of Toledo Jflffhborhood All shook hands w i t h "··defendant srs they f i l e d from the om a f t e r t h e i r testimony.!ou.i contributions of garden flowers nil, w i t h hardly n question I Wednesday. "om thc prosecution, r e q u i r e d only' - « -- "minutes. Another of the factors which In- '·"'need him In f i x i n g sentence, ·wig* Bnlihvln snld p f l e r the h-nrlns: **» the fact t h n t Miller's plea of , "' saved the countv between $r00 l »tl $1,00(1 In Jury expense. PERSONALS H. Scay. pastor oC the Reef bouls, Spiritual church, . - We.dne.iday from n. visit "* relntlven In St. Louis. Xr». Julia Htlcklo and son, Lee. of ^oornlnston ore vl.iillng Mr and rj i n; Trimmer, SO" Weal Ccntor LOCAL NOTICES Round nance Forsylh Tonight Adm., 2oc. No dancing chg. Illinois Central sleeping cai leaves Dectttur 2:05 a. m., arrives Chicago 7:30 a. m. Sleeper open 9:30 p. m , non-stop train and salon buffo* luncheon. --- · Dance Tonight. Lone Oak. Home brook playing. Ktrtiv, herrlcs-- Strawberries Fancy Illinois Dunlap's. Fresh dally. We sell the day wo pick. No. 1 per c r n t r J2.7. 1 ). Fancy per crate, SK.OO. Walker's Food Market, 2101 N. Main. Main 38-1. We deliver. "Out one hundred an 1 nineteen cases o' husban' slippin' that come before me in 1927, one hundred an' eighteen wuz traced direct- out in all sorts o' weather an' git his breakfast down town," declared Judge Puscy, this mornln.' Tt:' father who tries V make a pal of his son /these days will have to go Copyright, John Co. As a guest of Dr. Will Barnes, « rural school teacher from Shelby county found as much scientific interest in the grounds of the Decatur and Macon County hospital Wednesday morning as he had found in the doctor's biltterfly collection the evening befoie. He was Lcroy Hunter, hilltop dweller, collector and amateur natui- alist, from the Shelby Ridge, paying a long deferred visit to Decatur. The Herald' 1 ? story last July telling of Mr. Huntei's little domain on the hill rising out of thc Prairie east of Lakewood thither from sent many persons Decatur to see floia that has not grown elsewhere in this region since the land was laid under cultivation ' And from Mr Hunter's cottage on the summit of the climb there is a view across miles of corn and wheat fields that Is rewaiding. Near Mr. Hunter's home is'the site of the old lost village of Williamsburg and the visitor may see tho spot where stood the old tavern, once a stopping place on the Shelbyville-Vandalia stage line. In the natural groves on the hillsides birds, larely seen m the piairle, make their homes, and the moist banks of liny streams, seeking the lower levels, are rich in ferneries. A lover of butterflies, Mr. Hunter long had wished to see Dr. Barnes scientific collection, and passed an enjoyable hour in the Barnes private museum under the conduct of hii host. Informed by Mr. Hunter of two varieties that he had seen on his hilltop and of which he had speci- ments. Dr. Barnes asked that they bo sent him to round out his collection as he was unaware that they were procurable in this locality When he found that Mr. Hunter was even more interested in flowers he invited him to see the natural gardens in thc hospital grounds. So under the conduct of Dr. Barnes and Herman Schultz, the hospital gardener, Mr. Hunter walked the paths, conversing with Mr. SchulU chiefly in latin. "Have you," Mr Hunter would ask, "any something-or-other," reeling off a name in five syllables, and Mr. Echultz would reply that he hadn't been able to secure that particular variety though he had a close relative. "Well it grows wild on our hill," Mr. Hunter would say. "I can send you any quantity of it." Before the journey was finished, a Iraf of Mr. Hunter's notebook was filled with memoranda of Shelby Ridge flowers and shrubs to be sent to thc hospital grounds. The giving was not all on one side for Dr. Barnes and Mr. Schultz had plants which they wanted Mr. Hunter to have It was arranged that Mr. Schultz fchould go down to Mi. Hunter's hilltop and bring back ferns and other things that grow there and almost nowhere else hereabouts. Dr. Barnes told Mr. Hunter that he wanted a whole grove of persimmons and jokingly added that with some 'possums he would be prepared to entertain the colored population. Mr. Hunter told of a whole family of pure white oppossums that had been captured recently on the hill, not a array hair on their bodies although ;hey were not albinos. The fauna of this Ridge, part of the Shelby moraine, is not less interesting than its flowers or the stone implements found in quantities, telling of the Indian camping grounds beside th« clear cool springs. Mr. Hunter makes his permanent home on the hill, walking to and from his school two miles east In the summer holiday he finds the woods and swamps unceasingly Interesting. He had tennis courts in his dooryard and plays golf on tho PATHFINDER PLANE WONT ARRIVE NOW UNTIL J-AIR WEATHER B«Jny weather Wednesday again prevented the puthfindmg plane of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce "·om heading out of Chicago for ecatur C. L. Hardin, secretary of the Industrial department, Illinois chamber, wired the Association of Commerce here Wednesday morning not to expect the plane until fair weather. When the craft does come, it will land on Decatur Airways field between 3:45 and 4-15 o'clock in the afternoon. H. P. K. AGERSBORG MADE U. S. CITIZEN - torium Attorney A. J. Webber \ v i . l i r f u . I' 1 u n d er whose supervision th« deliver the welcoming address -o l |" pal . rs wcre bei r8 made, stated that class, members of which took oav.n' , would be clear early in th» of allegiance May 25 in circuit court l^ternoon. Springfield and Kansas Certificates of naturalization will be , y tra ' n 3 were dctourcd into Df- issued to the new citizens. Special '£ a . ovcr t h e B - O. track from music for the occasion will be play- 1 , 1"" m Sfield. The B. O. track in- ed by the High ·school orchestra, and!, ? cl3 w i t h ? l - Louis division the public is asked to attend the u .J'- ack3 of the Wabash near Bood" ception to welcome the 20 men a n j L Movement of trains on the Sptms- two women. i field division of the Wabash was rp " ' The next preliminary examina- i H " m e d a t l "'clock, the track having tions for those desiring to filj b r c n clca red and repaired by that petitions for naturalization will be imc ' be examiner from St. Louis. He also will issue' on Aug. 26. The examination? wil conducted by a district instructions on. the course of stuay] to be followed and assist petitioners with any problems arising in securing proper papers. MEET~TObliY^O~PLAN VIADUCT CELEBRATION Membeis of the streets committee, Association of Commerce, were to meet Wednesday afternoon to plan n formal opening of the A. E. Staley viaduct. Mayor O. W. Smith, the city commissioners, Charles Becker, Dr. H. P. K, Agersborg, professo* (township highway commissioner, and of'biology at Millikin university, bo- came a citizen of the United States in circuit court Wednesday morning. Dr. Agersborg, a native of Norway, was granted his final natural ization papers by Judge James S. Baldwin as first business of thc court's morning session. The biologist took the oath of allegiance ana completed the formal requirements. Dr. Agersborg was refused his papers when the court held naturalization examinations on May 21 be cause depositions necessary had not yet arrived from New York. MARRIAGE LICENSES Earl Lloyd, legal, Decatur; Ethel Brelsfoard, legal, Decatur. Earnest Gibson, 28, Decatur; Mamie Brooks, 27, Decatur. Fred Williams, 38, Decatur; Margery Ricks, 20, Decatur. Cecil L. Walker, legal, Decatur; Roxie Poland, legal, Decatur. Glen F. Chaney, 23, Milford, O. Francis Sanner, 18, Decatur. , others were requested to attend the meeting. PAVING~CdNTRACtY LET Birt * Driscoll Had Bid Low nn T«o Jobs, File Collins on Piece One TODAYS MEETINGS Women's auxiliary, Railway Conductors. Associated Building trades. Commodore Decatur Camp, M W. A. Women'* auxiliary, Sons of Veterans. Daugters of Union Veterans. Canton lodge No. 19 and Decatu; auxiliary No. 23, I. O. O. F. Iron Moulders union No. 423. , Butcher Workmen No. 575. Three paving contracts were awarded Wednesday by the board ol local improvements Birt Driscoll were given the job of paving North Dunham with asphalt between West Eldorado and West Cerro. Their low bid for the contract totaled $3,115. They also received the contiact to pave North Main with asphalt between the I. C. track and West Kenwood. They bid $28,165.93 on thit job. File Collins were awarded the contract to pave North Church street with vibrolithic concrete from the T. C. track to West Kenwood. Their bid for this job totaled $26,831.65. BIRTHS Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Jack McManus, 1009 North Morgan street, a, daughter, June 6, in St. Mary's hospital. Born--To Mr. and Mrs. G. E Nichols, 335 West Main street, n daughter, in .Decatur and Macon County hospital, June 6. Thc baby has been named Mary Margaret. Born--To Mr. and Mrs. J. IT. Crocker, Maroa, June 5 in Decalur and Macon County hospital, n daughter. SUSPEND MEETINGS DURINGJTHE SUMMER Citizenship clubs which have been conducted by the Y. M. C. A. through the Decatur schools will guspend meetings during the vacation months, according to Paul Mitchcl director of boys work. In place of club meetings the members\will meet c\ cry Thursday evening for a supper and campfirc. Tho first meeting under the new plan will be Thursday when members from all boys' clubs in the city will meet m the Boys' department at 6 o'clock. The boys will bring their own suppers and will roast wi oners and marshmallows over the fiic. After eating, novelty games «nd contests will be in order. Moving pictures will be. shown from time to time throughout the summer and story-telling will be a feature. A harmonica contest will be held this week. CONDUCTORS SPOIL GOOD RACE AT THE TRANSFER HOUSE * * Two horses hitched to a Polar ice wagon were just beginning to feel their oats and were using the circle around the transfer house as a race track when a group of street car conductors spoiled their fun, Wednesday morning about 0 o'clock. The team, drivcrless, trotted at a brisk rate out of the alley between Bachrach's and Morehouse Wells, narrowly missing a passing car, whose driver jammed on the brakes and skidded Into the curb. Slipping on the wet pavement the horses nearly went down as they rounded the corner toward the transfer house and were just recovering for a good run when the I. P. L. men interfered and held them until their driver arrived. , t *\ ft N ·t-i/ 1 K !- IF I ! H '' 1

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