The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 23, 1920 · Page 2
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 2

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 23, 1920
Page 2
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TWELVE THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23,1920. Important Grid Games on College Schedules Today--Bogash Defeats MartyJoss at Garden ·*- . --- .------ --. ,,--, ,, _ ___-Southern Elevens Invade fromes of the "Big Three" Clash Between Center College and Harvard Most Important on Day's Gridiron Schedule--Princeton-Navy and Yale-West Virginia Struggles Are Only Second in Importance. THESE HUSKIES ARE MAKING CENTRE SHINE Gridiron'battles second in importance only to the supreme contests of late November are to be waged on many eastern college fields this afternoon. Next in interest to the Harvard-Center college game at Cambridge perhaps is the Princeton-Naval Academy contest at Puncc- ton - Princeton's record for the early games is impressive, while that of the Navy's smftchd with defeat. Princeton last night was a popular favorite, but the Navy, with a strengthened rostci, had ardent backing. Center 1'lny* Hurvnrd. Many strong southern trami In- vada eastern fleldn. Harvard hae a* Its opponent tn« Center oollcgo eleven which has followed up Its triumph of IfiRt year with, Jmprc«slvo victories Ihln n«MKm. Center colloffo gowi to Cambrlclffo encouraKcd wl-th a rcannrTtnbln fMarly at-.usoii record, and a faith In the dashing iittock that has howlod ove'r onf* opponent After Another Against this flwco offonnlvo Harvard has a oturcly, unfllnchlnK 1 !«'- fence. Harvnrd h«« not been scored upon thin season, while Center collogo hn« rollod up Wph tallies ·jalntt Its opponent*. GeorffUi Tech., which n* t'no "Goldflti Tornado" onoo occupied the hcljchtH now held by Charllft . Moran'e oollofte juKgernaut, tnnklos PittsburRh. -while Virginia Military Academy visits Pennsylvania's gridiron. · Cornell face* Colgate confident of victory. T.ant yeir Coliratc dofeatctl several stronK teams InoludlnR 01 Bell but graduation of many etavfl hni left a toarn thnt no far haa not encowxigeil Colgate admirers. Tutts engages tho Army and Sym- OIIBO (rocs to Hanwvor to battle with Dartmouth. Other cointc«ts Include Springfield's gamo with Brown, Wtflloyim agalnat Coliinibia, Union nt Amherot and Lebanon on Peim .Suite's t m r n l n . Ynlo ImprorlnB. Rtung by last Saturday'x sot back nt the hands of Boston college, 'tho Yiiln nqund is flxpooted to show, in Iniprovrmc-nt In f o r m agnlnit Wetit Virginia nt New Itavcn. VV«t V l i - g l n k i wa«i beiilon two woelm flgo by j ' l l l i b u r K h , -whli-h bHnga Georgia r i c h t o l u r Held tills afternoon. nnrtmoutli'B ttrongth against Hvrocuin li believed to bi less formid.lblo than it might bo 1)0- uuiHe of l l i u - u p , Syivicuao hai m i-lppletl llwt and likely will trot on thn Held tho lino up whloh f o u g h t T l t t s h n r g h tr, ,i 7 to 7 tie Jast wool!. Thu p r l n r i p i l gameM v-lth the icorefl nf I ' M 9 when the same tea mi met follow: TODAY'S «\MliS. Weit Virginia at Tale Center at Harvard Onorgta Tech at Plftsbursh Navy at Princeton folsrate nl fornell Syracuse, nt Darthmouth Virginia Military Ins at Penna Tufta nt Weit Point Sprlngni Id at Brown Wesleyan at Columbia Union at A.mJiernt iNew Hantpshlre State at Conn. CJeorgdtown at Kordham Now York University at Hamilton St Ijiwrence at Hobart ewarthmore at J o h n Hopklna Bucknell at Muhlenbcrg I^chanon Valley nt Ponn State "Worcester Toly at Rennsolaer Franklin anil Marshall «t Ilorhoiter Mlddlebury at Stevens Mass. Aggloa at Vermont Lthigh at Washington J. into u^iiits Did Not Moot Did Not Moot C-1G Did Not Moot 21-0 Pld Not Meot Pld Not Meot 13-24 Did Not Moot 28-13 0-13 13-0 Old Not Meet 0-9 0-0 20-5 17-2G 27-0 Pld Not Meet 0-13 Ulrt Not Moot 26-0 Did Not Moot ItY JD1CAST SNYUlill. la tho C r e N T I U J COLLEGE o l e v i n tho bent grid .squad out this year'.' Tho w o n d e r team w h i c h mado K e n t u c k y i'arunuH in 11)19 lor J o o t ball as well as KM colonels and moonshine atllls H being figured from that a.ii(,'lo this fall. Coach Charles Moran lost but throo of his 191!) machine. About all ho had to do won to blow tho whistle and move " the toam off down the Hold whoro it had left oft i. riuo. "Got [Inrvarri ' hn.i been prac- t l t n l l v a l l C i u l i o Ins studied t h i s full Thov worn nil thn p.rass off thn w u i f n c f of C h o n k Hold getting rondv Tor t h e Crim-wris A i o u n d blpf "Bo" McMtllm, cap- lain and votoran loathor-pa'isod, tho team stacks up llko .40 many battlo- iixe'i. At hlH command thn machine rolls clown tho field llko a war-zone tank. "BoN" Mates. Whllo McMlllln's running mates aro all stars, "Red" Roberta, fullback ami klcker-ln-chlof, and Jimmy 'Weaver, tho a d i m a n t center, possess a few meiro spans'leH than thn otheis, Roberts does pratrlcally ill the p u n t i n g and d t o p - k i c k i n g feu 1 Centre, lln bonti tho ball far and ac- curatolv "Hod" we iijhH 201) p o u n d 1 row, 10 p o u n d s rnoro than last sunson, \ \ h l r h makes him all the h . i i i l e r to atop Tho g o f i l - k i i kln# Job Is l e f t to Weaver exclusively Thn flvo ho h o n i e d In the Transylvania panui madr his 73(1 c n u s e c u t i \ n ftna!. L i e ' l n f T t h e pigskin between t h o j.u'il posts is a m c i o m a t t e r of form to him. Veteinn Tiine. A r m s t r o n g and Ccach Mornn": son, Tom, 'ilniiK with Robot-Is, i m i k n n jricaL r u n n i n g trio of b i f M t i r p h v n substitute back, H llftht but vci v last. Tho 1 9 0 - p n u n d iruards, Robb nnd Forci, aro both "\elot nnf,. Two 1 raiiKV TexaiiH Montgomery and Ijniie'ti a i n tho f l i n t - H t r l n g Uu-klon. ^ n n r l d y and Chinn .it tho wlm? pos i t i o n s ai o rtlsting'ulslilnK them- .Rolves as foi eatnhors. ' e n t r o d i d n ' t uncork a n y trick Bulldog Expects Victory; , Aldrich and Callahan Out It's in His Toe Yea, Verily, "Bo" stuff in the early gamed. Just atnalBht football has netted them 241 points in +hr)e games without having their fioal line crossed. Hero worship of the players has boon about all Conxih/ Moran haa had to guard against. His team of h u m a n Uvlshly Idolized by the good people, of Danville. If hero worship could spoil them thov'd be out of luck. But the husky southerners aron't that sort. They're Iho rough and wholesome type of athletes, "Praying Eleven." It's truo that they are the "Praying lOlcvon" of football. They held prajer .sessions In 1919 before MR K imes, and they're doing it again. H u t they don't pray to win. They pray to play their best. It gets the same results. Danvllloltea call Coach Moran "Qtiolo Clmtllo" and refer affoo- t l o n . i t e l y to tho team as "Our Bovs," \ Getting a booWlnp with Harvard was tho ^biggest thins 'that ever happened to the once obscure col- fio they're out to win, and other folks besides those of Ithc Kentucky village believe that the Centre, eleven may prove to be tho best srimd out this year. "UcA" IRobOTts doc.s/ the dn]- kicking nnd punting for Conch Moran's mlruclo team. Moran luin tniirrht tneni 1o play tho game without thrills lm seriously. RA.CING RESULTS Coach Tad Jones Confident the Slashing Mountaineer Eleven Will Be Turned Back j --To Use Many Subi. NEW H A V l . N " , Conn., Oct. (Spe.- eiaD I;VPM t h o u g h Uto Yalo eleven x p i loss trouble from t h e West V l r f t i i n i loam In tho Yalo bowl tomorrow afternoon than thoy exporiomid last Saturday at the hands of t h e Uoston oollnlfo, thn IMI coaches % p e c t a stiff game. rh( Mountainoeii have another "I thutjo ·iMhlnp tennii Hlconoil to tin it ·whirlwind tornblnatlon of l«Uit year ·Hhough the absence of Hodgerii li keenly felt However, In Captain Lontz, who plavs a halfback position the vislti.rH to New ITavnn tomorrow will hav) an OKcrptional leader and player Junci OonJlrtPnt. Many of the cixporU are of the -opinion t h a t l^ntz will capahlv HI the v a c a n c y mftde by Kodgpm graduation and his work agalnul the Blue will be closely watched by f o o t b a l l followorn Ta-i Jones tonight exprewod oon- fldinoo in tho ability of hli charses to come through «i winner ind ho looka forward to bagging the gn.m with (omparatlvo oano. Thfl fict t h a t then, wan no lot up in thl heat, togethor with th. hard i"m« a*aln»t We.t Virginia exprot- *cl tomorrow, prevented any scrim- mago by the var»lty at tho ion this aftorno n The team no lined ", was tlu fame *» in tho l i n e u p ·rheducod for tomorrow. In thU llnoup Shovlln, who utarred loft i-nd last w ok, is roplaood by Cutlor M.kay by Walk»r, K«jnP«on by Muiphy, Kompton Is »hift«d to l halfback and Campbell replaces Wtbb at fullback. Jordan, who ha." boon tried out at f u l l b a c k thin wook ·will be »econd cholco for that poiil t l o n and will ret l"to tho gamo bo feire It H over. Thn team will piny without th' ·ervl OB of Captain Callahan am IMacAldrich, « nt i and left halfback and tho team will b« tonsiderabl weakonod by their absence. ( oacl Join 9 ivlll oontlnuo his policy of im ing several substitutes In thf gam tomorrow The line up, as Belt ctec; had a signal drill. Shevlln ropladn Cutler for p a t t of It and MacKu being in a short while In place o Walker. Bealde the signal drill thoi was a, long k i c k i n g practice for Fid Tsunpton, who will do t h e p u n t i n for t h n Wild t o i n n r i n w , and som d r o p k i c k i n g hv Thorite M m p i n . Th team t h e n l i n e d u p against t h Scrubs for t u n n i n g back k i c k offi but there w«s no tackling to spea As a result of yenterda'» practlc Eddi-; Jonts who has devolopoci Int a h r l l l l a n t ],ro9poct for the. q u a i t e r back position IH In ( h e inflmuu POLO CASINO--TONIGHT Salem vs. Bridgeport MOUNTAINEERS BOAST A FORMIDABLE LINE Tin' West Vlrfflnin rush lino Is one of tlui heaviest plajlnj; football ttxlny. M-om end to rucl It nvcr»gi« 103 iioundti wtn "Jx-nplng Jew" IliiiTlek, tit" stnr tuu-klci ol l»--t year, at rlplit cntl nnd tlto stnr of tho combination. Ifnrrlrk wc'l«liH II) 1; guitilnn 201; Kay 180; lOnswc-lli-r 170; Suti-on 804; Johnson aoa; nnd Mrrcdltli, the left end, 192. West Virginia will nwise Yalo some trouble if this) Him works «M It cuiglit. Hiu-rlc k, ICav nn( M-troit I»l»jexl WRiiIiirly at W-st "4 Irftlnln ln»l yiiar wWlo VIdiM-dlth tins n regular K\u\rd In 11(17. KiiKwollcr subbed nt con- tcr for llnth-y on tho Moun- tulncoiN last year. Jolniioit Is » \V v st Vli'Kliiln bcv who wont to Swartluiiorn Prop., mid Quintan camo to West Virginia from tho Marxlmll (W. Vn.) State Normal M'hool thli fall. v th a had leg and he will be out or a wook or tori days Jones han .ecu coming along wondni f u l l y veil T lale ibid It w a s expected that he ( n u l l bi- usi c In the game lomor- ow for at l i m i t ,i few minutes. Tho l l n c - u p Tosltion. West Virginia CITY. Light n o e lO'l, Robinson 11-5, 3-5, 1-1. Fl.imbcllo 301, JCummoT, 12-1, 4-1, Crimson R.iiriblor 107, Ponco, 30-1, s-1, ii-i. Time .1:07. Also t a n , Good Byo, Joan Marie. SJCCOND RACT. -Two voai olds, claiming l l \ o and a, half furlongs C o t i u l U C 97, Lancaster, 40-1, 30-1, i!-l. .Machine Clunncr J10, Robinson, 7-1, Jamaica Bollo 97, Ciunpboll, 12-1, 5-2, 7-10. Time- I 07 4 - C MHO r u n , Ross Jt , Lady rrnppo, FiivolouH ' T H I R D RACE.--Three year olds and m p ; Boston selling liumlluip, imo mile .Hid a sixteenth. Re-count J 1 2 , Miller 7-2, 4-5, out. B i l l e t 011110011*07, Moonoy, 2-1, 1-2, out Kashmir I t O , IHixton, 8-1, 2-1, out. Time.--1 47 t-ti Tom JVtcTaffljai t disqualified foul. Also r a n , Tom Mc-TntrKart. FOURTH UACW - A l l UKOH; West I o l n t h m i f l l e a p ; n'bout nix furlongs T e n t ChurUilU 101, Welner, li-t, 2-1, 4-5 Daj'rtuo 110, nuxlon, « - 3 , 2-1, 4-5, I t d U O 10"), I'otice, 1 2 - 1 , B - l , 2-1. Tlmo 1 0!) 2-5 Alan i n n , T i c k l i s h , nun.bnviTS, ·Inhleau D l l o t i c i u r , Lord H i i , , h l o n Ptl^TIl K A l 1'j T h t c ' O v e i l iililH and up, claiming; onu t u l l e nnd a HlMoonth. . ,, , , , ^ , One l a n d 110, Robinson, 1 i-!0, 1-1, "tit. ,, ,, . l . o c l y 101, M o o n c y , 7-2, even 2-t. C k n ' C u U o r i i a 101, Ponce, 7-1, 2-1, Time -- I ' l O . Also ran, i e x , A s t e i l s l t , C-iddie. SMXTll U A ( 10,- T w o if "Ids, c l a i m i n g ; t h e n n d a half f u r l mRS I t u s t l e t 111'., C o u l e y , 3-1, (.-., IH c i / u i o l a lli), I'oni'f, 4-1, !i-,VT r M.iHtor J ick 105, Moolioy. .!-', 0-., ·I-B I'lso Tnn,' 0 Tiuio''-. Light Fantastic K i l p p e i y 1C , Omi r K Also ran--Malvollo, Alberta A., Ynlo 'utlei °lckens 'nto Oalvin Herr Walker nilworth Murphy Kempton T.T 11T QH n u n H'R M e i o c l l t h Johnson Patron Knswollcr Kay Qulnlan Tlarrlek Hock TnntJ! ap, throe year olds and upward; irKO $1,200; tiiv furlongs; Cook o' the Roost 93 Jarvls 10.20 .60 3.80 Bon Jour 107 Bxitwcll 4.70 3.20 War Maryol 117 Morris 3.40 Tlmo, 1:13 2-5. Also ran-- [Incle's Lassie, Klu Clu\, Steoson and Scurry. Bevoi'vth Rac:e--Three year olds a,ncl up, claimlnjr, purse $1,500; one n l l n and a half Padua 107, Allen $15.10, 6.80, 4,80. RORrc'w 110, WakoftT 7.20, 5.20. Vigilante 102, Penman 12 BO. Time, 2 36 4-5 Alto ran'--'No-pthnllus, Court Fool, Ren Katnpson, King Agrippa and Indiscict. First Ro/"e--Claiming $1,300 for hieo year olds and up »ix furlongs. IMariHKlon 108, C. Biral, $(!.20, 1.20, 3,30. Pullux 108, Kennedy 4.BO, S 50. Oelle of raizatwthtown (Field) 110 ,1. Tloffter t 90. Time, 1 13 1-5. IByea of Youth, Volla K , The Pli - c , Licit tenant, Porklns, Jake IfVild, Vieiv TtilMi Cormoran and Marie Maxim also ran. \ Soconcl nacu--(Purse $1,300 fot Mai tin Keppy Campbell "SYRIAN "KID" BEATlN BY "COWBOY" WESTON TlrkrtB VS. on Sulc at 1 Noblo 1471 CH1CAUO, Oct 22--.riiiiu.s M I'ov of l l l i h m t f f l c l , Va ' n f o i n d M i A. I.OIUT ol' Ijot, AUICC'.OH iJEi f o .it) In flftooi I n u l n g H t n d a v iu tin 11 N'JI- tlumi.1 Pen k( I l i l l l l a i d U t u r n t i i n i nl and Ctuu-Uw West on " Plttuburgh, won from Oiarli-s Sci-linok, of Tor- ringtoti, (,'orin., I 'is to 71 VOMd'IY HAT/Ii. Tlic 1 C V t i t i r i l A. O. lia'i o i g n n l / i ' d a vollflV ball t n a m a iwl l« ope n tn tin cl t o , i m In tlil.t i i l v 01 -.talr. Pli I M C t h i o u g h tbl.M p i p u t . FIRST R A C K I ' u r two vnar old m a l d . t i M , p u i f o $ 1 , 0 0 0 , ^Ix furlon,,'H Him- Hell J09 lititwell V-TM 1 '" * V o m n i l i 112 I l a m l l l o n (1.00 3 0 0 M e i c h a n t Marino 112 Johnson -J.rC Also iau--Toieador, Bammy Jay Jacques Ooiax and Hun T u t i e t . H I O C U N l ) HACK- l''nr tin eo yea olds and u p w a r d , c l a i m i n g , pume $1 000, one mllo n n c l a Hl-cleenlh' K i i f r n a i n k G O O l.8» 'J."" bun Unset 100 .T.uvlfl H 'Ml 5 00 Th Up M'l Stirling 8.70 Tlmo, 1. Ill 2-fi. A l u o i.iu ' K e n t u c k y Hoy, inclo- 1, nee, V e r i t y , S M. Miller, *Hong Ktinr, " C l t c i i l i t o , *l''nlily A r h l t i a t o r , l i a n v M, htevoiiH and R a l l b l i d . , * Field. , , T l l t U I ) R A C n -Fot t w o year olcla; p u i K O t l . B O O ; six f u r l o n g i By .Mutiny HB Johnnon 4 4 0 2 8 0 M . i t t l n A N n n t i n n 3 0 8 J U t l w e l l 2.SO 2.20 · l l a - l l l l i ID 1 * Is'eoKli 2.20 Tlmo I I I I 5 A l s o i n n " l l a i n i o n l c n i o , Miss I t i n k l i i , T u l l n g H *.I K I, Host n t r v . I c i l l l l ' l U HACK H a n d l e ,ip foi l i n e n y e a r n l d n , purmi $ 2 , 0 0 0 ; ono ualdeii fillies two year olds five and \, half furlongs. Kom.uico 112, King $ 6 0 0 0 , 2 2 3 0 , 18.70. Uuly Cliamp 112, Murray, 6 8 0 4 80. iOloanor S. 112, Lunsford 8.00. Tlmo, 1:08. Nc-aptldo, Ml«n Dixie, Cut Up, H l n e k Baby, Bally Glhen, Diamond ladernlers, Tjoulso Wynne, K U l i l c e n K. alw) ran. T h i i d 'Race--Claiming one mile mid /i quuirter.. Waduworthn IJBBI I OS II. K,lng $3.80, S 10, 2,70. Con»tantlne 108, F. WllBon 8.00, 5.00. Sol ('V 108, J. Roberta 11.10. Tlmo, 2 : 0 6 2-5. The Uitllitnt, T-lombaBt, Ichiban Marie Rappold a'so run. Fourth Raco--Handicap -puree $2,200 for two yoar olcln Mix furlongs ·Sir TjBWnful 102, B. Kennedy 4.30 8.10, 2.BO. Napoo 98, S. Wldft 5.20, 8.40 liuiigabuok and Auntie May alfto ran. I'llTTH. RAOffi.--John IHIl purse, f o r lour year olds and up; six fur- ,l°acl" Hare Jr. 112, F. Wilson, 9.70, 50, 2.60. rippttv Wltohot lliB, N. Barrett, J.2'0, 2 30 HliiBhlng Beauty 103, a. Wlda, S.40 Time- 1:11 3-5. aeor(?o Starr, Lady tjiixury, Rapid Jay, lUsn ran. SIXTH RACE -- Claiming purs.* , r i O O , f o u r year old and up, one Uodge I'OO, Roberts, 6.70, 4.00, 2.00. UKlo 98, Duel, 1.80, 8,00 fcunilH of Pleiisuro 110, ICing, 2.70, Time.--1:38 4-5. Dancing Spray, Matinee Idol, Di. Carmon, also ran, COAC^ROPEi^ONl'liDENT TIGERS WILL BEAT NAVY 'Red" Williams to Replace Leo Mulligan Whan Jack Neville's ikiddlng rol- er pololsts take tho floor against ho Salem Witches at the Casino to- light one more now face vrtll "bo seen Jp the local lineup. Baily in tho season It was an- nouneod that "Rod" Williams, older brother of "Kid" Williams, woulc :lay with tho Nevlllltes. But when ;he Ih-Bt gamti was played It wad o °\(iulllgin who na» holding dowti :he first riiah Job and not the Henry, 111, star, "lied" was playing ball .n JllinoJs a n d for t h e past «ovoral weeks has heen p u l l i n g down forty- Ive pov grime, three 1imos a week Theio is no mure baseball out In Illinois and so "Red" is coming ea«t to polo through tho winter. M u l l i g a n is tho man who will bo benched to make room for Wllllama n Is one of thn Hpeedlniit ruohflB In the game, but w o i k a too fast tot Ills r u n n i n g mates He shoots the I'ttll at Hart so fast ( h i t the latter can't get set for n. «hoi at the goal. Williams, a more experienced man, watches for an opening, according! to K e \ l l l e , find t h e n pushes tho pill along giving the unun on t h e receiving cnul, plenty of time to handle It with care. Williams IM probably the best rush in the game today. He was largely responsible, for t h e w i n n i n g of last year's pennant by t h e I'rnvldcn* u club. When he. Joined that o u t f i t It was holding down last place bv a comforlnble margin Tt wasn't rnnnv days befoi o tho team was In the thick of tho p e n n a n t light and evci t u a l l y it w o n t «ut in front, whoro It finished tho seamm All tho breaks of the. game been against the locals since th« first two weeks of tho wawon and when tin breaks hnve been ulbout even tho team has plaved poorly. The IPBUH is a b e i t h fin below the K'ailors Manage] Neville ifi confident, however, t h a t with William* in tho game, a t r a n i f o r m a t i o n will occurr that will send tho locals to the top In a steady march. Tonight's Kiimo with tho Salem Witches will start at S'»0 o'clock AMICIUOAX POIX) LOU BOGASH DEFEATS CROSS XKW YORK, Oct. 22.--(SpectH.) Littles l,oul» Bog««h, of Bridgeport, made his local debut In th« ring 4t Mndinon Square Garden tonlfht, Ih; oeeaslon will be long remembered by one' Marty Cross, the KMt (MM aspirant for the welterwelint title. For ten rounds, the a champion of Connecticut Cross about the ring at will, his face and ripped hli body WHH terrific punches The local man wa« completely »t t, loss for R d«!f»nee again* «· w h i r l w i n d taetles of BogMh and, at no tlmo during the bout coiild Crow get set for offenalve work. Th« weights were announced M 147 !·» for Bogadh and 145 1-z lor Crom and while Marty had an ·* v " t *«« «J about four inehe* In height, tt.turnjd out to he a. decided handicap tot t»» J Bogash exhlbl'tod mlfhtr fa»t t»f- work and his opponent's MUattM to me the right upparoul w«rt, r«IJw rldie.itlous. To recount tha «««»*· would he «, continue* r«p«atlo^. From the bell In the first ronftd »»- til the end of th« tenth Cre*s *[*· ·* the receiving «nd and he aljsortjeo; a considerable amount of punlslMMMt during this period. The best of the preliminary *·**· w»« that between Jack Perry. Of l'itt*feurgh and Paul Doyle, «««al tighter. These weltorwelcliU wr- tiUhed mighty Interesting ·ntartatt- mcut for thn 8,K»0 specUtora, Mt tho ardor of the crowd WM *·"»»; ened when the combined OBCWJM M tho Judges and refere*.wuJM»» draw. H was Perry's tUfht throuaTn- out and the customer* ww* Iljt backward in expressing their «M- ·ipproval. " ... ' _ Tho Plttarburirh man "»· «h« ·· Krennor and landed two punch** Wr every on« of Doyle's. The looM ooy hod the crowd with him. In tho other preliminaries OjOflfa Ward of EH«B.beth, defeated K. O. Loughlin, of Soutih Bethlehem, Pa.. and Johnny Summers, ot th» wast Steve Latso ot and Johnny Hide trounced Ilazelton, l^a. Here's "Bo" IM.K.UIIUII, who was picked on cloven lost Jfor mid Is boclt nt Cc-n tro ctll«w football. lhr All-\morioau VARDON AND RAT WW. RCHENKCTADY. N. T., Oct. »*. -- H a r r y Vardon and Ted Ray. Brit- Is^ professional golf*TM, d******* Toronto D. Travers of New York and S ivividmm Herron of Plturtmrfn, nollt formoi national "n"* 1 " elutnptoris, bv on* up In a l« noie best ball match. Other Sporti on Pip 2S TODAY'S ENTRIES UMPIRE: orrr. Flriit Racfl--Two year olds, the Cjuickstcp Handlcai); nve eund a. half furlongs. , Dry Moon 107. Ton Dec 126, Que Creok 118, Goodbye 100. Second Rivoe -- Tho Cornwall pur»«, three vmvr olds and up, about «ix furlonprfl. Neddain 117, Red Rwl ROBO 98, Super 104, Captain Alcock. 112, Sea Mint 120, Wyoming 113, Assume 108, Irfid« lxtv« 116. Third Rice -- Throe j'ear old« and up; claiming; mllo and seventy yn rd«. Joe Jo« 111, Stioldoro 110, x-Pl-ooi-o-A-Fou 111, Qroat ·Gull 116, x-Phcdodon 108, Liola 100, Assume 111!, Ea«t Indian 102, Beaumirals 115, Fourth Race -- Polham Bny handicap; J?,!00 ndded three yoar clcl.i and up. one mile and a furlon,r. Wyoming 106, Cirrus 182, Mad Ifitter 127, Boa Mint 108, C r o m w e l l 03. Fifth I'.acf -- The Stoi liriR pius«, t h i r c vi'iir o'on and up; si-lllnat, one mlli a n d a Quarter. Challenger 110, A m e i k t i n Holdlcr 98, The Wit 110, Beaumnialfl 119. Sixth R«uc -- Two v'flr cilcls, Maid- cn-s; about six furlongs Tlrtrd TiH'«H 112, Nebuloun 112, Ravaiimi. 10 1 *. l'an«v 109, Huoncc 112, Liidy AlRy 109, Bliy Ann 108, CJwndol 109, Tuano'-«i 112, Dowey Kve 10D, John Paul Jones 112. x-Flve pounds allow ITII-M rlnimod, Weather olwir, track f'i«t tin unwvve Other Sport* on Page 28 mllo and .1 s i x t e e n t h . Hoid U h l , 103, Rnmanolll 11.00 3.80 Rapid Traveler 104 Callahan 4.10 out i H m i l v Heil 112 Col ey out Tlmo 1:11). A l s o i in A i m / e I [ I T U RAi'l''.- For Ibree y e u i olds H i t j u p n i i t d ; i l a l i n l n g , i n n a e $ 1 , · ) ( ) ! ) , c i r t i - m i l e H, |,n n, I II. Men i la !) SO S.'IO B ,10 I ' l l b h e r t l B l h h f l 105 I t u l h t o l ' l I B . 2 0 I I I hi) S lui M e ( i i e I I 1 ) Johnson i.! 20 Time, 1:42 1-6. I M U N C U T O N , N. J , Oct. 2 2 -- I n l l t u cxpoctatlon of a liurd battlo ttltb tho Navy tomorrow Coach Uopur today \sont th« PrlnoBton vju-Hlty t h r o u g h only a little workout. Considerable time wim glvei to slfftwl dt-JillH and practicing d i o i kicks i Tho I ' l l i i c o t o n tPB.m, Roper nald waB In fliui i c i n d l t l o n and althoujjl ln e«xpectB a ntlft atrufrgle, he ex pi e HHi'd confldcnce In his men's i h l l l l y t u r t o ' ^ r t t Uiej A n n n p o l l oloven, All of those whi) h u v u iicci on HIP injured Hit Including (Jap l a i n Callayhan, iDlrklnson, Wlllinf ,nul Thoniuon w c i o Uack tn the line today. Fall River 7, Worcester 1. Now Hodford 6, I/owell ,) H a t t f o r d 4, Pi e v i d e n c e 3. Team .Standing. W New Bedford 17 veil 13 Fall Hlvct 12 Hartford 11 :'i evidence 9 Salem t liililgeport 7 First Race-- Two year cildi six fur'onfc'nc h l m W e 113, Th« I I 1. o n c o clalmod. fust. Weather :lwr track IATOM V. KIRKT RACli- - $ 1 , i O O , throe yenr olds '»nd u p w a d; alx f u r - ·.Mynli'rlnun Olrl 9fi, · .lisse.l Ibe Tlmo 103, Bounding Th -nugh 103, ·Mabol J 1 0 4 , 'Ablaiei 1 1 0 6 , "Gypsy Queen J O S , r o i l l i t f l H 101, John R. Roche 11", S e t h l a n 111 Pyx 110, ·Applejack Btirt 111. *Mar«e John 112 Al«) elidible Ixiys 107, Back Biiv l l ' i , "Ruby 102, · I ' u l l u x 10H, ·IjOKOtaic 106, Belle ot Kllittbeth- town l O I , SECOND R A C K - - $ 1 , 3 ( 0 ; for two ^ e a r old maiden colts n d galdlngs; Mix f u r l o n g n ' U r i t h h Liner 1 1 ^ , .loe Sdmclnl 112, The Mnor 112, licel Roe k 112, Sleepy Slduej 1 1 J Ras 112 A l l i U h t Sir 1J1. Boutheni ijiMitlctnan 112, I v o t n l a n 112, Cr,u-k o' D n « n 1 1 2 , Oeiu Wldrlg 112 Phllanrterger 1 1 2 Also ellglblu: Coin I View 112.|( Rock 112, T i l b u n e l l J ' l ' I n e c i e'Hl 112, M e r i i 111 l i 1 1 2 , T i ' e n l 1 12. . T l l l l t l i H A i ' K -J2.200, Hie Rj'l.ind l l . i n i l i c ip; t h i e e \ e a r eil Is and up w a n l , m i l e me! Sterling .«00; allowances; t h t e c vcar oldu and upw»T« nix furlong*. Ti-.vventy 99. Young fhlng 102 SlKht Cloud 103 - ,,?"·??" **?« Maijorle Jtynes 108, Oln«« U« High Cost 115. FIFTH RACE-- 116.000: »«d» Latonla championship »UK««; mil and t hree Barter.; thr*«yt«rol4j Cleopalro 119. B W ' 1 " ' 122, (a) John P. 122, Sterling »»· 1 1'. Whitney onlry. SIXTH RACE-- »1.4flO; allowthW 1(17 nark Friar 107, Lovtlln««l 112, OralJggO _!!», Will , 112 Mciioodwln 11*, _ Kama White Star 122, (b)Blr Thomas Ke« i!i lb ffl dl i.m i J.* l »«:y 2 Ky^rMux'lu^b)"'." Dewey entry. SKVENTU RACE--H.200; clalBJ ing, three your olds and up mile M three sixteenth*: Dolph 101, «Tom IjOgan 101,,'*£ 101, W a r l i k e 10«, Caprlnce 19«, · nionlle I O C , -Walter II. P«»J« JJ ·Candle fight 17. «Ja«k Hill 1« ·Plenty H)7, Jack Straw 113, Bla Thong 112 Also eligible: Ben»fac t o t 107, 'Rrookland 107, »Bpe«dstt 107. A vn R 103, Parol 106, 'Cant lever 110. · A p p r e n t i c e allowance claim* mil u, . i K h t i · A p p r e n t i c e allowance ti»in.- l l ' i , i ' l l g i l m OS, Pif Jr. Weathoi c^oiu , trackjhst. Worcester Games Tonight. Salem at J-irldKi'port Hartford at I ' l o v l d n n c o . Ji'ull Jllvor at Worcesti-i. at New f l o d f o i d . \i 1 ·) 10 10 1 1 1 I 11 11 Pi'. .810 B 7 I .541) .1524 . i r 0 -409 .350 .3111 Ifartford 1, I'rovUlfiKM' !l. irAHTFOUl), (Jonn,, h'\ 22.-- (fipoclal ) In a faut and IntorcstliiK ffiiino here t o n l w h t which wont 1 o \ c r t l m n pcilod Itiu t f o r d clcfc-ate-il I'roiktcne'n I to I Welch WUH inliirccl In the eye near tho clom 1 of tli* wiinc* a n d bolli ti-nniH llulHliocl ultli f o u r mf n i*a( h NlflW lll':i)I'HUI) fl, WrtVl'XIj S. LOWEL.L, MUH.I , OC't 22 ( B p m l a l ) -- DilBBan \uii tho Hlar of the visitors' llncnip tonlpht and New Bedford O'UtpIawd Lowcll and won 6 to 1. Welch played .1 « «oal for Night Raidor 108, ( A ) - M u t t l - K ' n a 112. Sikhlm 108, Aiitlllen 10IS, Our Hoot* 115, Ijoughlond 108, ( A ) - J a - cohlnn 112, Charley Roy 11(5, Good 108, Chow 116, KxpIoMvo 112, Rowa AlVIn 10If. (A)--,T. K I-. R««» e n t r y . Second liiuse--Handicap fitc^plii- c h i p n three year old« ami ii[) two Klv'slan 14', Frank R 13", / , ) Warlock 14H, Tom Fool 130, l A ) Uughouon K'2. ( A ) - R a l Pair e Third Race--Tho laurel all one mil). lA)-Thc *'orter 125, Ser Paik 123, Dr. Clark, 127, A u d n c l o i i H 123, (AJ-Ijeoohan 1 *! Ui). Oveifo.8. 101, Sir BarUi'i ' 2 5 , Smok.i .Screen D8, nilelodma'i :20, Bla^n 120. lA)-10. 13. McLean entry. Fourth Hne ·--Handicap two year old* nix furlong". ( A ) - T h o Bivgjago 97, ( A ) - f T i i g h titoim 112, Idle Doll 9S, ( A ) - L u t i K h Swllley 106, (U)-Sallln\r i! 1!,, Stepllghtly I J O , (D)-IHby i l i i i n i l I'.l, JOxodua 121, Gen. J, U ( J c i i n i M IKS )A)-K. B Mcljoan entry, (1»)-J. K. L. Rons ent.iy. Fifth Race.- -Claiming thrno your n'cla and up onei mile- and OIK- H K t c e n t h . WarMachlne 1 1 2 , Jnrnoa 112, Ciieii/iei i n ' , A ' u O ney M u l r 112. I v ' i l - t e ' c k y H o - 1 ) 2 ,'u- 11'!. S t l t up M 2 , Dln:5 ..ncie 107, N i p i . l i II-M l ' i rlgourdlh" i 0 9 , I'oi'lii 1 .- it'-, l.obaliifro 112. Sixth R u e . -- T h r e e y r o\li .mil up u i a l i n i n p ; Mllen R a o - . n t i I H I (i 1 , x - M l s t f M B I o,!v 106, N- ) t i \ v n A Successful Cif»r-- ALL QUALITY." jTj U I V K R 7, WOHC-KSI'IOU I. PAMj I t l V K U Mann., O i l .'2 (Special) In n one Hided came playd b e i c tonliS'liI In I hi- liiHt IVMI ntrioclH a f l e i p l a y l n n a. »c-oi elehi (list pel Hid, Kail R i v e r d e f e a t e d WorceBtor 7 to 1 I M o r c e and .lean f e a l u i e d I'm 1 Kail lllvi-r. lliK'Kln.s and puroell did Worcester. the boat w o i k fur A m e i i c i i t i 115. P h ' U],lc P.ultiy ' ' c v r I" x-Zouuvo 110 l.ll- l l K1 117, .--Jifcty Slee-i IU! I'.iUi I i n l u i i '-··, l'Pd Ward l')i A-i'orc- cl»suri^ 91. Seventh Roc.c-- Handicap I hi en vwir oldH and up, nix furloni" 1 ( A ) - U l l l y Kelly 133, C h i u l l o S u n i - itu'i 9B, Knot 110, lOddio U i c k i - M - baokur 106, Red Start 90, HrmiliiK* 1'aik 117, ( A ) - M n l o t 'op 123 (A) J. K. lj. Rosa entry. pounds apprentice allow- THE HIT OF THE SEASON-Big Boxing Show In ARMORY A. A. MOM DAY, OCTOBER 25th *bTAU UOUT JOHNNY "RED" ALLEN Vt. MIKE McCABE trlilu-enort 12 lUiuncls Brlilgeport BOBBY REAMER l U r t l e u d MOM I H Vi. ROVNDH New York YOUNG ANGELO btum ford TOMMY SHEA Aooi n A. ( . Round* YOUNG LUBY Craaho A. C. YOUNG RE SO H i l d h ' i ' p i t i t WILLIE NELSON Ne«r York Innn««-r, HIM A' HOCAN; Annoiniwr, M1KK UUALY) TlHMir .M. !·'. OCCINNOH; lU-foroo uncl Mun'ltni«k«-r, ANDY P.UUUBR. ADMISSION $1.50 SHOW JsTAKTb RESERVED $2.50 PROMPTLY AT 8:30 nnd boat for a few l i m i t e d w i t h Hie- ogfi-boator. l''or those who do not care for tho ,ou\v. Kweel | i i a l l l y ,,if ohooolatn h e r e I;. .1 d e l i c i o u s d r i n k m a d e w i t h ooo.i and coffee, w h i c h Rivet a i l e n s a n l l y h i t t e r q u n l l l v . Cocon. 2 e i t p f u l B of m i l k '· c u p f i i l s of Hi r u n g coffee !) t n h l e « p o o n f u l H of ( O c o n II t i i b l o ' i p o o n f n l s of a u g u r 3 o i i p f u l . H of b o i l i n g w n t o r 1 t e n s p o o n f u l of v a n i l l a Sca.1,1 l h « milk, add b o i l i n g water, 'orm " w m o o t l i Ta'ito of the cocoa, mfiir and b o i l i n g ·water. Add to Ihor I n g r e d i e n t s , nnd cook for five n l m i t i M K i n , i l l y mid t h o coffee., mil, v n n l l l a . ami 'bout w e l l . Serve h o t w i t h w h i p p e d c i e n m . \Secrets of Health and HappineS Sl Dear Annie Liaurle: J «,m a girl o( 18 year*. Am considered pretty, drcas prettily, dance, and am rathor popular. 1 could have lots of good-looking younrj me.n friends, but tor tna sake of tho hoy I dearly lovn I couldn't go nbout with anotlicr. He Is 10, not ?ood looking, but iiwl'ully clever, and I worship him. I mado the awful mlHtakc, however, of lotting him know it. Hu coition to BOO mo about f o u r times n week, b\it never takes mu a n y w h e r e , »uid h" always expects me to tell him whwo and with w h o m I spent tho other three evening. Wear A n n i e Laurie, on tlioKu t h i o c evenings he'H n l w u y s w i t h a different fflrl each tlmo, a n d lit nomn plaou of amusement. Ho pul« h l » a r m s around me and miy I'm the nweolem «lrl In the world, and that hn IOVOH mo ivml no one else; b u t , oh! how 1 b o l l c v o him wlion ho doea nothing for me? Ho asked mo to m n r r y him, ami I do 80 love him find, w.Lir to marry him, but I'm afraid. Plsa»o advise. What to Do When Some One Accidentally Fakes Poison Of course, you -are afraid to marry this «elfl»h fellow. This young man Uiliikn tno much of h l m n o l f . Toll him so, k i n d l y but decisively. Put him on a. long probation, and bo co,- tain Unit his attitude toward him- solf, not you, changow greatly, beforo you connont even to lliUen t o a proposition of marriage with him. Tell hi mall that you have told me. Vou are right to feel h u r t and Indignant. TOMORROW'S HOROSCOPE A/1TUKDAY, OCT. 28. Tho sidereal positions plunge a day of lively and eventful ficc.ur- rences, which, however, may not he. read as of unmixed blemilntf: Though the sign of a radical Changs In dom- i n a n t ' i n the chart of the heavoiifl, yet an n d v e r n o Jupiter gives l i t t l e en- 'o.ouragflemont for nn optlmlMlc outlook, pnrticuhirly an regards financial returns. Speculation nhou d bn avm.Ud, and money protected. A powerful,position of Uranus counsels tho wisdom of dlRcrect and careful conduct, as the Uranlan operations make for unconventional and erratic situations. Those whose birthday It Is muy Imvo a troublesome year with eorno uiniBual exp«rlonccs. They jno"'" avoid «pcculatlon, take cur* of their money, and be discreet In their con- dTc A child born on thin day is likely to be free, careless, unsettled generoiiH to excess, unconventional and original In thought. aTio^Hiiut »he i» too irrosponslblo to bo truetod alone." "I hate to trouble y o u , I nald · a n t . troubled m«, I w o u l d n ' t do t," she retorted. "Don't bo Billy. I u jo only too glad of tho chance, to bend over a baby a«aln. M a i n e .-lie far away from me In years and fe,-l- HOLDING A HUSBAND Adele Garrison'e New Phase of Revelations of a Wife How Mrs. Lukem Solved thel Problem for Madge. "What's to bo done?" Dk:ky siB'iiiillecl tho question lo mo across tho weeping figure of his mother. T reflected a bit cynically that his little appeal was distinctly masculine. ITo had In hl« own slangy vernacular, "spilled the beans," and expected the woman nearest to him to pick them xip and realoro them to their proper place again. I made, a "shooing" motion with my hands, which ho understood and heeded by g e t t i n g out of the room w i t h o u t delay. J smiled alter his (lying figure, then went to my weeping mothor-ln-law and put my arms about her. "Now, mother," T aalJ, roaxlngly, "you know Hlcharil doesn't mean a thlnn; by his nonsonfic. His t o n g u e In just h u n g in the middle, thal'H all. And you'll get y o u r eyes all red, and that w i l l n u v e r do for tho dinner. 1'loase go on w i t h your dressing and loavu this matter of .Junior with me. I'll plan some way. If I cannot, I'll R t n y myisolf. Bui you're the one of all of us, except Dicky, who must bo T h e n w e s a note In her voice that vaguely saddened mo an 1 hurried back to the cotuge relieved thf ugh 1 was at the practical solution of my difficulty. But I wondor- ed if sometime. I, too would sit alone --roy baby "far aw.iy f r o m mo In years and feeling." BY DR. IJ. K. . A. n., M. A., M. D. (Johns I T o p k l n f l University) Some poisons produce nli k Htom- n e h , nausea, v o m i t i n g , p u r l i n g u n d oollupsc. Dthors b r i n g cm coiwul- nlons or spasms, while a fi w auiw t b c - p n l l e n t 1" become gnidu.-illv u n - conweUiUH w i t h o u t any otlvr H l r l k Ing symptoms. Knell polN'.n, however, demands a doctor an 1 a special treatment. To determine that po!non him boon tn)tcn--tf no I n f o r m a t i o n IMU lie ob- talnod from the pallenc -n i e x a m i nation of the surroundings may t h r o w l i g h t upon It. An e r i p l y bot- tlu may bo discovered or name of. the potion may have beer) nplll«d over the How or clothing, and can bo smtlled. Perhaps certal i poisons were In the house and one. inch hot- tin or package, may «how Mgnu that it wa« recently opened, fimcll the breath and examine, tho mo ith. The mouth may be ntalnod or I urned by certain chemicals in a choi noterlstlc way--as, for Inulance, cariiolto acid or other strong acids woul 1 burn. If the patient has t a k e i n druc accidentally he will, of course, bo eager to tell what It waf It he. is conscious. Doctors are o f t e n able, to decide from the symptoms w h n t poison bun been taken, but this citnrot be expected of the layman. Always send for n. doctor- at once. If poll on Is suspected, then while you wait, h e l p f u l measures may be u n d e r t a k e n . Immodlato Actlo).. In the absence of direct cnowlodge of what to do give the general antidote If It Is k n o w n and at hand Meanwhile, wlilto of eKK'', m i l k or strong tea may he administered, as these remedies will do no harm and are somewhat antagonistic to a n u m - ber of common poisons. Administer t h e antidote and empty the stomoch ns q u i c k l y ns possible. The iintldolfl Is expected i n c o m b i n e w i t h the poison nnd rend, r it h a r m less, but It mny not be e Teethe, .or tho result Ing mixture m u j be harmful if a f t e r w a r d absorb'd, hence v o m i t i n g should be induced. To cause v o m i t i n g , t i c k l e t h e back of the throat with the forefinger or give an emetic. Emetics ore n g c n t s will -h p r o d u c e vomiting. The ones nearest at h.ind usually are lukewarm witer mixed with mustard or common suit. To a, cupful of lukewarm w a t e r a d d a heaping toowpoonful of must.'inl or salt, stir it, and have t le patient drink the m i x t u r e , llepeit the dnso every 10 minutes u n t i l three or f o u r t u m b l e r f u l H hnvo been swallowed, unless v o m i t i n g occurs sc onor. Home Caution. Tt Is well to cause t h i patient, to vomit several times, and 10 hove him d r i n k freely of l u k e w a r m water In tlic Intervals. This process assists in washing out the stomajh. One or two teospoonfi Is of syrup of Ipecac or wlno of ipcc ic are good emetics. There arc a few polst n cases for whlcb it Is not wl:io to give an cme- II,-, bul in an emergency-- In the absence of n docfor and a specific knowledge lo the contrary--the general rule for giving an emetic holds. If i h e p i i l n o becomes rapid and weak hoi i offoe, one-half teaspoon- f u l a r o m a t i c spirits of ammonia or imiall do»e»i of whiskey or brandy Hhould be given. If tho patient Is greatly weakened and prontrated, as lie generally will, b«, hot water bot- t l e B s h o u l d he applied around tho foot and extremities, and measures taken to s u s t a i n the general strength. I'olHOiiN, such an carbolic »cld or antiseptic t a b l e t s , should not bo kopt In thn home much le«s on the sam« Hhelf with harmless remedies. Such d r u g n Hhoiilii he kept In a »«parat« lilac.- or In a special box/and well out of roanb. Poisonous soliitloni should novor bo loft In drinking a» , ven adults may carcleas- y d r i n k thorn. M. A. c. Q- - TOvery now iind than. I have a discolored spot on my nrm». Klrst It resi-mbles a burn, but later inked on a bruised appearance. Can you advise me? A--Your trouble, seems to be WVOB. This Is an affection of the skin In blotches or puffed areas which re- Hcmlilo moaaulto bites or blisters, \ v h l i l n h or rod, which Itch I n t o l e r ably. Tho following prescription will aid you. Apply a little of It to the. spots each night ami morning. Pink cnlamlne Zinc oxide Glycerine I ' h e n o l l.lmo water. . drams dram* 4 dram ounco ounces A. I' 1 . Q Will you kindly tell m« how 1 may «row taller and lose sonw weight? A ' - If you nre u n d e r 20, an out locir life,' athletics and sleeping li t h e . open sultlce. For older persons HtrelchliiK on a trapeze, rings 01 a i c c l a l s l r i ' t c l u n ; apparatus »m s v u m m i i i K s o i v l i t r e s help. 1'i !ofc MO me weight, work, exercise, ea i ( t i e bread, j M i t n l o . " xvvt.ra.Ei o - olh f a t t y matter. Roll or usi- electricity «u m and !x ish'igcd. .1. S. 1). Q T am always worry I n . bee.uwe of .1 bad habit. J'lcaa Ull me the cause'. A - - S u m m o n your will power an \. i. will m o p I'll" 1'ad habit tlu: worn Ing :ou. If you desire mot I n f o r m a t i o n , kindly write me moi details and enclose a stamped, scl iiddri'SMOd envelope for a person, 11 NICK !·". Q -- I have suffered wit the tlu. My neck scorns stiff, ar my legs weak. I have occasion headaches, especially In dan w e a t h e r . I l o w can 1 help myself ^ Hnvi your nose examined, al ch-xnrc your diet to leafy-green vcg I .hi..-, b u t l e r , c r i a m and egg yoll and t a k e a. yeast cake with ca. meal. , fully. "But however will you man age? I--I didn't mean any rollectlor on you, Margaret, when I salci I used to stay at homo with my bablea." "I know you didn't," I said cheerily and hastily, for tho tremolo stop was out again in her voice, and I feared another deluge of tears. "And I'm riulto sura I won't havo to stay at homo oithor. Oau you man- ago the rest of your dressing without me?" "Yes, yes, f,'o along, and fix up a plan If you can," sho said hurrled- 5 ' l promptly availed myself of the permission by leaving tho room and felrlv r u n n i n g down tho corridor, out the door, n n d across tho lawn to Mrs. bukens' blif hou«o. Junior Is l"r»vllel For. Through, t h " windows, itcroas which the c u r t a i n s wore not drawn, i saw the trim little, figure seated In t h e r e Dicky, of corn-do, is . , , bent man und n a t u r a l l y haH to bo ».t the d i n n e r , w h i l e I do not. And Miss I'uljto d i s t i n c t l y Bald that thorn w o u l d be a n u m b e r of older people there, and t h a t she eapoolally wlwh- fd you to meet them. Tt would bo u lino c o m m e n t a r y on us. wouldn't It, If Dloky and I r e p o r t e d that wo loft you at 'homo w i t h tho baby? ,giio s n i f f e d , gulped, wiped her eyes, and I k n o w t h a t her l l l l l o brainstorm was over. "I suppose It w o u l d n ' t lie t r e a t i n g Miss I'algo r i g h t , " she said dmibt- Three Minute Journeys In t h n liouso of a Run-dan arlftto- c r u t , w l i e l l i e r ho 1» al home or · i b r n . i d . e a t i n g IH (1m Hold end of d i n i n g . This. Is I r u . i ol' fow clvl- llri'd p i o j i l i H . In most r o u n t r l e s pluiuinnt or b r l l l l n n l e u n y i riatliiu a n d t b o BI-IU'OB of ho»pll i l l l j are llrsl of all belilml llm oc, union of t h e d i n n e r table. At t h e table of a rich KUHsiuu wherever In- oslabllsho.s h'H homo, t h e r e s t a n d two servants for each person p r o s o n l , ,uid over all Is a m a l o r - d o . m i , w h o d l r o o l H t h e HOI- U'hon t h e d l n l u s ; h o u r a r r i v e s t h e dodi-n u r n o p o n o d and d i n n e r la a n n o u n c e d . O n Hi" v r v I n s t a n t , t h e l a m l l y , If alone, or Inn u m i p a i i y , If I h e i n ' a r e g u e s l M , goi-B to tin) lable n e \ e r a momon! of. hewl- l l n n e r l n r . D i n n e r 'Is an- I h e J l u i i s l i i n gues to tlm T h o r n Is l a t l o n o l i i o i m c i ' d It, h i n d .0. li c l i n l r h l i i n . l t w o sor- l l , n i. As Ihe i;m M i s i em h ( h e i r p l a c c H n i l i hnlr.s me p u l l e d o u t an U w l l h a Hlmtlo I m p u l s i i on H" l' ar ' °f tho wullera. Aw tliu «utat» tilt, «very.Hi) ol, HOIIII 'la p l u r e d nl tho same mom o n l AH ( h i 1 plat is or soup is plaeott, e y e r y ]ier.son a p p l l c H h i i n n e l f to i l i l n i c l n K 'I. All f i n i s h at once, An one corn-tie Is fln'iahod tho s(;rat tho right romoves I h o plate whllo the. w o r v a n t fit tho ir/fl sub- amitbor. 'i'liere is not a moment of delay b e t w o m i these iiots. I n s t a n t l y , every one proHont falls io o a t i n g i i K a l n , There Ifl no e o n v o r - Hiillon, no joyous I n l i i r o h t i n g n of thoiis'lit I I M a m . i n g ollv'r peoples. S u d d e n l y , a l l 1110 l l n l n b e d . D i n n e r h a s been i i i v o m p l l a h o d , a l l w l l h m i l i t a r y iireelslon 'Tim c o m p a n y w i t h d r a w s , D i n n e r has been served, onion and ( o r n o t l e i i by all hut Ihe h u m a n »ynlom -- w h i c h aeems not to I n c l u d e the I n l n l l u c t . Thero Is no going nnd c o m i n g Irr e g u l a r l y In such hotim'hohls. N o u n expected e n t r a i n ' , ' of i;uestn, I t t i s - .slnn i i r l H t o c r u t H e x t e n d h o s j i U n l l ! V o n l y a t siioolflL',1 l i m e s , mid n l l n - friH|Uoi.t I n t e r v a l s p. r l i i i p s once d i i i n n U i ai'.eonlliiK t o I h o l o r i m i l o l i l l - Katlo.ia of thn maatL-r'a ayuial poa- Tl (II t l f c H » * 1 1 ^ " * ^ ~ n i-ncltliiK chair heforo tho open lire, wMch I hud learned she Invariably llKhtod when tho ohill of dusk camo o* her skirt t u r n e d primly back over her kneen so t h a i tho heat of ho fire should nol h u r t it, a drop Kht on a small reading table by her a do, and a book In her hand. I knocked, o p e n i n g tho door dl- re " t i y H'iw 'you t h r o u g h the window," 1 said,' as I entered, "and t h o u K h t I would save you t h e trouble of rising. I hone I wasn't too unceremonious. "You worn Just right," «he mild hosnltablv. "Will you sit down, or am 1 right In t h i n k i n g you are too husv for that tonight''" "You're a m i n d reader!" r re- l o r l e d p r o m p t l y . "I c n m o over for advice, is M a n d y f a i t h f u l and re- · nonsiblo e n o u g h t o take care ol tho baby this evening u n t i l wo com« b ' V Her 1-esiionso was p r o m p t and do" '·'Faithful enough, yew. Respon- Blhlo no, Hut toll mo how long you nro going to be «ono--you'ro all go'"'l' explained' U l e i i K l h , not forget- t i n g io m e n t i o n Katie, whoso won- d e r f u l c u r e of baby nnd my Oopeu- denco on her bad m a d e me fail io Blan for the pn-aeiit omergoncy. film nodded comprohendlngly. "I k n o w juHl. how U If." «'« said. "I had a maid llko that once, and n n l v onco. But there will ho no (llffloulty about t o n l R h t . You do not now that I nni n victim of InHom- ,|a and t h a t 1 d o n ' t go to Hleop un- 111 l o n g a f t e r m i d n i g h t . I always read In tho evenliiR.s, and It does not m u t t e r to mo w h o r e f read. Vou ask M i i n d y lo stay w i t h the baby, and I will go over and alt w l l h her u n t i l you come back. A Kailili-nlnjf ThmiRlit. "And on tho n i g h t of Iho wedding to which 1 am also Invited, I k n o w ,,, responsible womiui who will ho very glad to come over for n mnal c o n s i d e r n t i o i i to k e e p an eye ,11 Mandy. You HOC, M i i n d y IH s|ilon did w l l h babies, a n d y o u TM loves ho. .-ho w o u l d n ' t bo f r i g h t e n e d If 111 woke up and f o u n d her with him which Is, of course, tho flrtt«on»lilev YOU'LL LIKE THIS A Femwood--the big wile* ·mong «tylc ihoei th!« F«IL Long, flat English effect. No- tlce tho low price. Equipped with W«lk-0v« Rujjbef H«Ji. AN ALL-WEATHER SHOE We«r It In the rain or inow. It in for all-round service. Honvy brogue effect without Bridgeport 1005 Main Si Shoes for Your Wardrobe The gentleman of today has three types of shoes. He has a sioe for business, a heavy shoe for wintry, wet weather, and a dress shoe. That is shoe economy, really. And it is luxury for your feet. Let Walk-Over equip your feet for all occaf'ii I .$10.00 SMARTEST DRESS OXFORD Nothing »marter for evening drew, nothing more comfortable for dancing. A patent lenttir OxfoMl MB really like U wear. New Haven 849 Chapel St. NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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