Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on February 8, 1882 · Page 4
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1882
Page 4
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m vf til ,'H 1 -·-- ti il ^~ -- -TAKE A RIDE OVBK TRP *i laea. iesa. BTHE INTER OCEAN FOR 1882 i P.i miw-s IK tier son if-- lo its pntrunD than i ev.,1 Iwtore. Time and prosperliy hare In- ; ! creiist-d in facilities tor gathering the news \ and spreiulliiK it before the pnUie. . ] [J la the lnte.'.tinri to iusprnve the paper in all ilcpartnieiuii, ami to tally maintain uarep- , utaJlfiiilasan , Enterprising, Weil-Edited, j Family and Political . Newspaper. ; (fflT AT 3DISCOVB3R i* termed the popular; PASSENGER LINE Nr. juiinMl in .lie Uiiital St .tes has irrown ; more rapi'lly, l«'li in circiilntton and iutlu-I eiicf. durtiiK the- past t-.'i yenrs, than THE i istut OcsiS. Us opinluius are now more I oijotMl iii all inirts of tht country than those t of any nthsr n«wnpopcr p:ilill»ne-l nitslnenr . ·Sew Vnrk. MILIK OF HOAD resclint in »» tbe mostdlwct manner all i:t the fo'lTIES OK THE WEST. nmnl:i» llio nmist Paawnger Equipment »nil the iimsi cxtondiHl ThniiiKh Car System on ihp i.enu vent. THROUGH TICKETS A::,l n:igga»( i.'lieckfil Iroin StHrlinn J'IMIII : ijes1tnti'n. i ispannn- 01 Treina at Deoetur Stm Ion:' .. l^ini ni. . . . IO;-") p. n: 7:Ht p. in will i-arry . ...lti:.i'a. m . . . ^:lr p. m THE-- i WEEKLY INTER OCEAN; I, tht irost puputar fe.oiJly pi-.per imbltehcd in t Aiaerlcn,ar.rt me.v bus 'ftreguUirclrcuuiuun ol ' mor* than I'»),«:0 tuples. In contiast, with mi)?T Weekly papers issued Iroin tl«' oflices of . uri-ut Liallies. TUB WKEKLV I:TKB O C K A N is : cnrelully editwl hy an cditot e-ipecinily imigii- . .... x , ,,.. , i i cdto that duty. Tliw accouati for ihothor- j {·-'- ' '-'"":-H-- ^ I ough munncr io which tho ii^ws from uH the f7-',^; .*"·/---1.'--* woBrl ,u 9 hamV.Ril and tli'; iinliiinn exeelli-nec- j ·i. .'*--.!.\ ' N '-j of Its Litc-r»r-columns. Asal.TMdcr In Political Thought and Action' anil earnf-lne'S are ackn I-..,/ the acn.miniKlaiii I l-'-.ii- tile aei'uniinnihuioi! ( I j I XT. K OCKA.V llns Ilittlll- Sirr M-ri-nil li'Mling Puhlieher* i.1 its t^ 1 " 1 ' 1 ' 6 TM, 1 - nrranm-int-iit.- with cra e l.y which then n u i ' i c a t i ns arc offered in co:i' cctli.n Kith V'n" W»nisi.yiind *F.Mi-W.i,.;i.y ISTKKOCKAN at rc.lucwl lateo. Ilclow Isn parttnl list : The Ubrarynf Universal Kmiwl- ,,- vo " ..... HH "" i. ·:, f lirougii Itipress ':, Lliilitniiijt Exp.i*;. - - · Hie iellnwing Irui^nt trania r ^ w l i h ticket t; C.OIMi WD-O. . . ·' 1. Throiigb fixpn-- '.. Tht fDllowIni- fri'i»!n tr: Kiifen with ii.-kfi~: The Artist's: Ail" work of ovt, v , · · tli; The I'rocci-ilii Ilepublk'tin tunie i nominan.l O«rlii'l.i, I The Mttli! Kotectlvc. ] upert' SCBl'-s.n ri^i ! Hiii'iH'r'K MaHH'/.ine i VheCeiitiiry Mnif i iM-eili-rs' l.hi-sie i Harper's \VecKly Iliirper'i l!ii/.ur... I llnrper'8 VulliiK r 1.:-.'' 4 Ml 4.0" HH mill rtltt-: .-iiimU). ?! "5' l^th.;1 1 ', ti'ii'i: . \Vreki I'lliLi" i . . « -. -'. I- -V I'- I''}' ' fif.LM . 48. Ctlil-ilci.Kxpn.-? 4K.Tliri.iuRh Expn- 11. llli'aB" Miiil A K I I i V i : ruO . 47. St. l o u i n K x p r e H:, SI. hmti- 1 li'; Dully i-.:!ti(iii, !i.5l:li-|. Sample i:.!pl"snt Tin: r year y e a r V ' i l l '"' J. W. BAKER'S A Child's Sioi- for f0 mi!*, v-nh (·" *ns ut ..Un-r .--t.irt*. A Child's .Shot- I'll- 7". mils w . - n l . s l . f ' O » r ''t- 1 '"' t t n l v -~- A I/s'liw' *w» ,n.'!iil o-ii^. .v"i'ih S l - ^ !' ! "''* '' "''"''·'· A LuiieV Shoe lor $1.25, vvortli §!."'«» ^ i " l l ( r S " )1VS ' A I v i e s ' S l w - r . - r ^ r r t l . w - v t h S - J ' M l n".'S» ; i-s'..nv. A La-lies' Sin-i- (' r §2 50. worili S'i.OO at ttlhw -'.HITS A Ltv.liwi' Shoe ,'·!' ^..ItO, vvonh S3 "0 at o i i n r -i"r«-.-. A Men's Calf B.v.t fnr $2.;V, w o . i h 83.00 : ,t o,!,,,- M..I-,-. A Mf"'- Calf Bii-.t lor ! 2"». w - i ' l l i $4."0 itl . . t l i e i ' - t ' i ' - - . A M-.MI'B Kip Boot for $2.-"V, w o r t h $3.00 1U oilier fctorf-s. A Mci.'s Kip Boot, tor S3.00, w - u t h ?3 ·") at o t i ; - i - stoiv--. A Fiac R',cl)(stcr Shop "iO ('fills !is i h n u »' "th'T s t o i " ^ . Men's Fit." Sli.K- iron, r0 to To ds !(s UHH oil, r .! :.1(^ GO AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. REDUCED PRICES, And every thing is warranted as represented, or money refunded. Remember he place, W B A K E Tlie BEST SALVE iu tbe world for Cute, Bruise*, Sore*, Ulcers, Salt Eheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Clul- blainssCoruB, anl aH Skin Ernptions, and · positively cures Piles. It is guaranteed to give perfect untiBfuction or money re- I ftuiaeJ. .Price 23 cents. For sale Hubbarcl Swearingen. ,Ti»u. 31, '82-to March ], _«·. NOT APPRECIATED. ir;(.'i'«.imiii' (i'i.}Jim'nai. li CHIPS FBOM^ COUNTRY. j ^ ^ ^'^ ^ lorments \ The License Question at Waarensburs- I of the damned we On* In only -lice Oh Notes From NlanMc. j Jealousy, thy tyrant of tfle mind. 1 ins ·.-- | is grandly sweeping and magnificently WABBEKSBTJRO. ! inaccurate. Any sufferer from Imiigcs- EDITOHS R EI . CT LicA*:-Thinking per- tion knows to the controry TM t *Km. hapB ,, few squibs horn our village would ^ ^ rnlc ° ^^'Tth* Stomach can! be interesting to the many readers of your j aml j ots dVuNc iliscnunt tlie horrors of paper, concluded to furnish you tha. fol-' jealousy. Jealousy is o f t e n an alteuil- lowing information. First,'our ·-'"···-- »·" ,,n,m t h e lattci.aul B hen fathers concluded to grant license, g interne. First, our ^^e ,^t = ,he t u , , ^ fathers concluded to grant hcense, slmnld j a derange ,i ji v c r mes. T A K A X I N B is the any person of sufficient intelligence and : i, ee t known remedy extant for impaired integrity desire to deal out to their fellow- j tiiff-stimi, rtcranued livi-r. . and diseases ***TM Another Carload ! meu the intoxiontiug dniff. Thin i-onulu-.' · sion was claimed to be in ncoonlnnco to tbe Tvieh of a majority of votora ot tbe vil- Inge. This claim was immediately meS by n petition, signed by about , fourths of the voters, carriage Line. Beard solicits the. i-;i(roiiajje uf ir,.',,,iin...i''-i.M»«TM«. , fourths of the voters, anil by nearly nil | »" «'"' «TM"- -- -^ \ n o k l lawyer who savs he plays | of thefwomeu of the village. Should tbe , trains, parties, theatre*, . '''""',; J i - · f ' n m i i K i p n l 'instniinent i l»nrd of ilirectore iusist to sraiit this U - j orders, either for nipiit »i' ''·'· '«· ' 1T -u,, hlK! of amubical lni ^TM^ cel 18e in t } ie faee of tliis petition, we fear Hu ,,, lilv a \-Swariugen's .Irittf stoiv, «ill whatovin-." has told the reason wh\ - theh . poplUuri ty ,,t tl,e next election will ,;,,,,, l t t ° t i m n.ivsWm,. l, f . nevci- learned. When he was a i, e on tbe decline. ; r,w,ve piomi-t attention. voiui" l»w student, ho and his broth- ·" '" - ~' ' ' " ^ - ---" New C'arpetfi! New (..·..I'petii 1 Linn A' Si-ruifgs lifive ./«*/ ;·(?·*''"' IU \.ll\ L l J t U C ^ i J J J l - p iwinu- l»w stuaeuu uu auu u.o u.v/^- Tlie memljers of tho church of God at · f ,t,,,i,.irifT niprlieine both i their business raeehujr, Saturday night, H'. who was stud ing medicine imi | voteiUo build a llew cllllroh just tlir(H , tl _ v _ _ boardwi .iit home, ana at one .'«»« j east O f the one they have used for a mini- ; lal kli . t n P tiist of their s]irins l'" 1 '- botli conceived the idea that they ; i, er 0 { years, retniuinjr the old Imnso for hid more than ordinary innsical tal- \ lectures, prayer meetings, etc,: and the ents, and determined' to cultivate j ^^^1^^^^ thom. "So John bought ii fluto, tie , p j McMillen and Eev. I. S. Richmon.'i said, "and I bought a fiddle, and i wcre e ]ectpd as a soliciting and building uino- ono of the atties into a study, ' oommittee. Clara M. Ritchie, J. McKline. " . _ .. . 1 1 . ii * .."Ui .»·»·»,! T Afimoiin linnnl uf friiBtw^rt' ic* 1 \vmlt tnruin-J o n o o e a c s n o , o . . , . . " *· ,,! *!,,·, Inlf the nitfllt anJ.T. Munson board of trustees; we wish we practiced theic _lialt tlif nigm , sueceHg and we are pret t } . sure they »,o through. ; bound to snooted. Their meeting which "We didn't want .anybody to know i U as just closed, resultal in alion! tliirl out it. eseciall m acc.'.osions to tlie chnroh cli:!^- of Brussels and iniri-ain carpetiufc-. in entirely ,;f.c anil elrytiiit !t.iiiiii". to which thev iu\ite s|iei'ial iittt-utioii. ,in-1 · .-.». TftF \V. C. T. I'. nittitM every Tl.iir.sdii nt H ].. in., iu their -room vcr ^fru. H i n n - Bhi-r's store in l.Vntral BloA. .in" PUZZLING lARGAiNS OPENED LAST NIGHT. , '.osions to tlie chnroh. .STOCK si Samuel Ritchie, during th , i i m i i t l i ol' ' .Tannnn, has shipped ubout t\veiitv-l\.ui ^ dollnw i-orth -f live * tork i '.· , ()lj[ . gtritinll T1IK ])ANN]n . ^., T l l l N , S( , ( , ti(1I1 ^ iu tlli!i t,,,TM^,;,, s(vnls t l l ],,. j (i lfl | mnne v section, as fnr as live stuck : raising and marketinf.' ws dnriiiK the lust four months. The fiilloiviiitfpi'rtii-s. resilient* uC said S( , ( .,j OJI| in . ir k P t 0( i i 1!)t , s t,, the f,,ll,nviui,' ould hear us prac : muo nut(i: John Childs, S;tWi.i4: K. M»- j,,r, #],W.utl: Af (." Coburn VTM PICTURE OF GARFIELD. Powers' Old Stand. N.,. 4 - . . M I . t M i i - K ' . p i ' - . ·· 4;s, Fust Line, . . . · · H, U ' T H i n r H I · ) ' M. I - !:'». r « w i . u a i i A l l M V L TKO-M ·· ·*(,'AtlHItlU- t^lil'i'r.*.. " JJ, L u ' f e t l i l u i t r.ApJ'* 1 !-.- ThoiolliiwInK irt'i^tit s*ri^t-rs wi»!i Ticket 11 "it t Arrive from \''f . II:.... Aiiivt- fr.un KHSI I^mvt- for i.^': Fur Maps. TSmi; Tables, " ' iiou. M»im . . i . ST. I . U S ' I M . h . I t A K W O i i D . T l l i c i 1 A. Fauna liucatur Evansville H'n i.,"Tiu:"s',-iss;;itii'"nox"rin(K m P «y .LfiKoanrl *f*»f* a ^l'^'^ G"!! ("iii'iie'iU i-Hurnlni thanKs n.i· n u ' i p y " f ' h ' ~ , l n i - i i e v ill l!.'Ki-:ti'iuil l..'lii-r. Money ni'. !l"','.U llrntt, or by Express :il our list, in',.! ...- s u r r a i K l w r i t e t h e nami- an:l nililrc-'" ul '·"""""'"""THE'INTER' OCEAN. CHICAGO, H.i. MASTER'S SA.LE. t-- s'l'Vl'l-; 111 II.I.INCUS. ' M M ' . I X C I H ' N T V , i " Mni-onCounH in nil ( o'.n I. Miir'-ioet \ I V i i t U l n x c t a l . vs. Sarfih W.nkins ' ^ " n L - l n V a r t i t l o n . No. 11.338. i r n i ic XOTICK is HKUKHY oivi^.Thut I in ilursuunre.if a ile.-reuil oixler entered iii Ihu ui«i\p-iititli-'.l cuiiHe in saiil Court ut ihe K-cemlier Ti-rm, A. U. 1*1 I John A. Hi-own. Midler In C'haiu-ery fur salil otitt, ou anything about it. especially my father, who had very strict notions i as tu the Tiilne of time and no taste for music. So. to make him think we wen- hard at work. I had quant i- 1 ties of law-books heaped up a.ud John had a skull and lots of bones '·scattered about, to the horror of Bet- eey. the housekeeper, who slept in the attic. i "She was once our nurse, and W;K the only one who co injr. so'we had no fears of her telling. ''·One morning. 11 week or t w i after we had begun our musical night v-- -^ , md j iorw% ji ( ;' (is7( , work, we were late at breakfast, iiinl : §3].1.1111; stock IIOKS, .*4-M."io: in ailditn.ii lookino- somewhat ttmvfreshedi f a l h - to this live stocli, there lias l-e-n ., ; r. thousands ul'biiKlic's nf corn and i - t l i e r '''' W| !1. i .1 ^rain raiseil and Hold. This live stock ··'You i m i s t n t study loo "' n u - : was ;I ]I | )OUK lit iimlshiii|ie,n.y S. K i t r l u r iioyj-.' · of tliiti village, except aliuiit .sllldll wortli, '···No. sir. uol all.' we both a n - " " swered, smilingly. . "Just then Betsey appeared at tho door, and looked' mysteriously at mother. ··'Yes. what is it':' asked mother, l surprised at the flurry Betsey seemed ·· -Well, ma'am. 1 want to sa that '· (.'round forcoal I'll have to lave you. ma'am.' ···Leave me!'why. what do you mean, Betsey;' ·· -Yes, ma'am, it's the boys at last. , mil'am. It's tfoing on twenty-live | boys in cinmtant I'.ilciuianee. venrs that I've lived with you, and j The wife of Uenj. B i i i a , an : it's the bovs at last. It's not Chris- I died Monday. P R O F E S S I O N A L : " ; ; "·· :. x -.'i'/.. H I ' . N T I S'l . l i . - i - i . M - i - H ! i l - l » - l ^\ l ! i l k i - l - ' - = h i » ' "'·'·': ll -1.-K-I. t(.-«'.'.-n,-.- \... r i \ , , | - 1 l i M f l i r . i i l n r . l l l i n . i i h . n. \viiKi-:i.i-:it. M. i'.. ' I ' H Y S K ' I A N A M ' s r i « i K ( N . o S K i u C i i : - . - ..r KMil.lsil I KS. all-voi-l lilliiitf, ats 1 .,'. FiN, V ' I l i e i - X n . I f W a t c r s t l v e l . ' J ' v . i l S - H U i HUNTS ;d :; One iSiili.l ( HAMS at c . i ; . "l One Soliilit H;.!i,lM.m,. i , I N , ; : P A R K . I., l l n n n . I v ' w i n A T T U H N K V S AT LAM'. - Nn. II Kti.-l M r t i n --ireeT. n p - ^ i Y\ M . I . 1 A M AT LAW AM i M il^ C H A N C K H V . ( H I I l J i ~ l V 1 t l l l ^ t , «.'Al t j I I (U H J l l t t i t l n ri i l| i it l J l , ! and some, of Jacob Major's stuck hi^'n, I cattle, etc., that \vns sold at his sale. 'Iliis i simply tihiAVK what one section e;ui jiro- ' iliice if nninagi'dby jiidici'.in:,farmers, and bow much tliis stock «'ill voalixe naiii : farmers, if haii'lli'il by :i jii'lieions s h i p 1 i ver. (' j MAMIi:. i Kreat cxi'itemcnt ill N i a n t i e . l''irst broken MmiihiN .'."illi ii t.uve of ten men. 'i'iie h n l e i s H s , in tlie clear. Tlie curbing is being superintended by tin- man t l n i t snperinteiideil the Deeatnr siiiifl. From l.ii'i tu l-"i.'meii liii.l i lilioe .N... In NVLiter r l i i - . t. I), .'iinn . I l l n . " ;^' ' I'l h a t e I'lllKK I n !":"! "e iin'lr, Imi'l-. I I . SrKKIiri"!'. A'iTdliNV'.V AT LA\\'. DliieeMiillbetiBt e.H'iier nf the l l l i l S.|iinr.- the iiilin' t.mnerly ui-i-u|iiiil by !-. ''· 1 ' 111 ' 1 U»|.. i n e r U. I'. Ai'inj-tninjr'silrHS store. \ I.HV.liT T. S l ' M M K I i ATT( iH \T t.A\V A M ' N d T A i n ITliLlC. ii r, ,,! ·|'i!!-ki-\ li. - i;i-\\ pa;:.!':;-.: B;'ir^i'-'. - . '. . , . . - . l . l . S i - : M \ M A S l C S a t :·!',.' ;. . , . ' , . ; . . . , \vli!r v . i T ' i i ii.'n' ;. \ ai'u. ' [ i i \ V I ' I . S N A P K I N S . M i M ; n v . (,'ji.ASUKS. ci.'., ill p i i . ' i s i . i..-;.' , , Blankets, Hh;i\vk C'ioaks, D(ninan Mild WrKi on;..,- mi .--eiith w a t i s n i t h "1 tbe Court llmi* Justii-. 1 of the Pe;K-e. ;^' I'rompt u l l ' - n t i n n I) the Um«ha. Oalcsbu; UQInila*^ouu-n, j - . . . ^ . . , . . . . -- - - - i^p^^f^ ^S??% · "^ * * wost. Conn«ftii)!is mime- «'. ' r---r:ii n Uniou Douot. for M poiutt in I u a Nftiniska. Mit..:»!»otR am! V. i?. .-r-m:- W 's."M"'.'f!"LS. 'i'li'Uei -' C. L. H O \ B V . Fiifelr. .'..L' A. D. 1^, liniir of t»" u'i'liiL-k f. M . o l miiil ilay, - h u l l W 1 U t l M l H U ' I l l K ' t l m . , t " t l H ' h i i i i l e - f l b i . l - ilV-r lit thu wfiit door of IheCeur; llwise. In Oi-i'-itur ill ^lli'l eiill'lly- l^e lnilinvni^ iU-.l'1-lti- , i l reiiU-suue a l l i i a t e l n t i n - e u i i n t v ot .Mueiili nnil State of lllinolK. to-wit: TWrtv-sixai'i'i's ami f.-!i»..ili«...l luiiil, e,,ni- nieneiiiV lu'enty-i-vi'li dTl fliaiiiM mill l u r t - ,.mr,«nillli.l«-ei,l u f the wHltlKUSt eoraor 1,1 ...,.|ii,ii^'Veii.-,l,H'V''iisl,ip«'venteen l . i i i n i ' t b . ,-,nW f.or.'i i-:wt of tin- thin! pnneliml Hlfi'i- ,' -r lUeiiT wi-il nine .'..i ehaiiis :i"'! IWITII.V .·:i'i,'"iiiili!. I" « -tune, tl.l-nui ni.rth forty ( l i j '· '",' i .'i'tv ! -'.i^'ii''.uV, thi-in-esoiilli t'irt nil. ehaiiH l . i liie'liiiui-iif !·--ilnnin^: anil nMo ulle other ., , ...,,., ..,,.i|., ,ii'te-liM-ueiesull'l I't.nimelK- .','·'- l w e n t v - ' i . ' . . ' ":· '··!i-i» s "» a nluttJ-'lve Hfi. ' i r i i f - i e H ' t ' l . l t i l e - I ' l l t h V l - r t t L-orllur o f 6vi:tiOU l"*.,,", uwuabii. ^'U-nt-i.-n (17) north, rangf (in, Ci «isl of tlie thirii prluelpal meriil- - ; tian-liki'. ma'am: ttnd I can't it noways.' "·\Vliy. Br-tsey. what, have the j;oyh bo'pii lioing' Do i-ll us at oiint'!' "it's Mister John, ina'am: and sometimes I t h i n k Mist or Tom helps ( him. He's got some poor cretin' up i bad ho eonld not stnnd it. Several we;., stairs, raa'ini and he torments him : in an.1 were driven nut liy (lie smell. Tl.cj awful, all nifht sometimes, ma'am, j came to the conclusion (hi.I c man was when von are ;islei-]i. The poor o r e - ] in there dead with sm:|l t.n\. Stieoim- tnr gi'onns and screams and almost ; telcgraiihed tn Siiringlield tn have i l u shrieks rii'ht out. and what it snfl'ers \ oal . (alien mvaj inimitliately or lie v-unl.l Jesse lleilriek is vev.v i«n\ with i r i : u f f - ver. Biy cxcitcmeiit at IUinpulii Monday evening iu eonseiiiieiice nf a b i ' X ciirbeinji set oil' for Streetor, the trrain man. The car beinn half full ot straw, Si reetor sent a man to clean it mit. The «ten . D K N T I S T . Tiei'iiliir, imnols. 1 s I.M,"i M1TCIIEU.. A1TORXKV -\'l Spt-i-ial n t l e u t i e l l t o I ' n i n m i - : i ' i ^ l I'lf'-ii!.----. Suits cimiliieteil 111 all Suit" Cmnl-i. (Mlleeove|-Vi.linirHro..'!ri'o,'ei.v-t..rf.^:ller s i n - e l , loriilerh t'eeulii.-'l '' i n . u n i . ' M . POPULAR Over 2,000.000 Bottles Consumed Annually. COLDS, SORE THROAT, ' I don't know, but il's dreadful. " 'I know they say doctors must do such things when they are a leurning, but 1 can't slay where such things ' are «o5n" on. I never thought Mr. ' .foliK was the one to do so. Vmt he. Has always been one of I he most import- ' (loi-.-i. and if it's all the same to yon. ttut weapons uleMeil by the JILL.Ii AL , -,,,, mil 'am ' FACri.tVaL-tiiusl.theciK'ioiichnie.itsol J 11 ,,.., iui am. _.. _ . .. coticiis. oji.ns, i n t O N C l l i i i s . A S I . I - -.vlotliev saw that tlu-iv w a s -orun MA. SOKETHKOAT.CONSUMI'TlOXinUain*^^^ i un .. tf . r ;. about it. and telling Betsi-V iKSir^^fiSai 1 ^ 11 fTFI'^E? SE^;b^J^ , rfu. would talk to Lor again, *ut her r*ri3aiilffiisiTi-»tiniiila»ta««wBli-,t»Viu,liln,i.he. »jnom at.i. on iun^iiii u k un ^^ ^^ room, when my brother and I were called upon to explain. ·We never heard the last al BALSAM OF TOLU i t : donl l:ti(i« t i n 1 iv-.nlt. T'uri' H t - Tlie t o l l . ) . ' . il'!I s t l i t i n i e n t el V. l l l i n i l i .1. Couiihllii, of S ' - i m e r v . i i i . M i i ~ J . i-- so reniin !;.-:· bio thill v e lil-!2 tn n^K ..r 11 me M t ' i - m i e n ".· our readers; H e s . i y s : "I id. '.ill! .if .^'..' . wa^ taken vrlth a vi-ili-iu bin .hnu- of tli' 1 lutv'-' followeill'.v ii severe c.i'inli. 1 "oi.n b e y u n t n lo^e uiy uiipi-tite int.! ;!·-.-·.. I *'ns " weuh ut o n e t i m e t h u t t i-Diil.l r.m HUM- n.y bei!. In A ' r t ' O H N K V A T I , \ \ Y . M n i n ' - i i ' i i - t . Hi i n Aclmiui-jtrator's Sale oi'Rtal Estate. STATIC "1-- 11.1.1MHS i s .. \1 v. . i\ i i i r x i v. .' In I I " I ' l . n i i l y I ..-,.rl ..: -11 I i · , , 1 . 1 . ' ' . , · e.-:.i!,..T ' I . I ' l l . A . I i . l " i . , - l i . : , ' ! l : : u i j . l ' ' . i ' . , , - , , ! l l . , . :..' I. A g©» Put tip in Quart Size Bottles for Family Use, Price, £i.ciO. the s u m m e r o! 1 WT I "'.is .nlnilt!. Ilo»|jitiil. a hole in l _eni't ^1'iiiu iui i^ \" ^....-.." --- -- - - - ILLINOIS CENTRAL B. K. i^'^ 1 ""^TM^^"^ ::".,,,;,V^u^ip..^'..!.'.../!;. north rang... gg- p ut up in Quart bize iiottles lor f a m i l y use, i MIA;, p..^-. : . , T t h ; j , . llloul «^r4.!?9»SS CATION i Bnww«ss: ar^K -JSWMIS ; J\ 00 ;. ;;;,ni- « P «**, ^ ^ iliSlir H^SS^k · » K TM\TM^^.A;r^p^^^ -· th ^ M iif ^.; kilil1 iirurti( " ihemt- _^«th 19"' . ll ' )) .. ^".'i', 8 ,,!."..l!'rL",'!iv . . . , T , . -,v -.^.TTrinTC'i'C npilf'KHs , t \ l ) DEAI.BHS EYliRYVi'HEHl:. . . _ ,.,,,,.,,..,,..,, r,«'H8T - 'TDatil Ittrthor iKniw. tnni's ««T« Betetor in roll- WH i QO1NG NM.1I . Accommodation Acctliiiui ; il.llifin .... Passenger.. Freight, · K.T.Jt?r-l-.liy. Sl:l- .1 l'Hll|.;i . J I' 'I'rCKSH. Master CriU!Sponilt,"li.l Inea,W s. MCHOLi", Ticket AUi-i:t. C. I,. HOVBV. Froicht A H ' I , I.eeali Decalav ana S RAILWAY C O M P A N Y . flllnoiK Central iChiraiHo lilviMom, Paris anil INmYllle Hallway, K.,T. I I . i-c. K'y, ami I.e. *S B'y Ckwf.-i'iirnci'tiiinsiieingniaii.'.ituli Jiiiic-tlonStatlniis, and ttimupn tu-lt-t- on sale I lh- lieketoBlw. IHH'.ll'.r. I I I . CONDENSED TIME-CARD I.V.AVK liKCATl'll i n - . '·' i ' A V I . I.' ]:1 , ^. , J I 1 1 I 1 » X . V - - 1 L . 1 ' . . . . . . _ . ^ ... - - - . . ihe wesi · Watkins ns'fliown'b.v the plat and report of ! ie commissioners In salil cause; also tbetol- ; lowing tract, tn-wit: The west half ot thi- en.-i ' hall' of tlie we«t hull' of the Binlthwost ipiartcr of the Bi,iilhii««t iiiiartiTol' neet1on thirt.Ytlnii- iT.i.'in l o w i i i - h l D i l " . ilorlh, nnix'i- t»i i . - -a-.l ; l , f ( h c t h l n l | i r i ' m - i | | i i i ! U - r i i l i a n , e o n l : i i n l n s r t l M n, ri-s nmre or ler,s. TiiiMS or SAI.K. - I M H - t U i n l ol pni;eiia«- money cash on ilay of sale, one-tlnru m one vear anil oni'-thlnl In t\vo years, the piiivhUM-i- . io irlve notes for Ihe deferred jinynifiitf Beeiir- nl l.v niortiiiRO on the prmiseis solil mid personal' nei-urit}' sakl notes to liirar inti-rest at - the mti- of s per oen!. per liiiimin; pro\ntei.. j that all cash eanbcpaid if the purchaser so ' ,1." ,"" Said sale will lie without redemption in.l ii'ii.'i-il will 1'e executed to the putvha».-r ,,n wtnmit-Hl nl sule liv the sail", circuit eourt. 1 1 "JOHN A. littOWN, i Muster in l hum·n for Maeon c-ounty. 1.1. ; H. PASCO, Solicitor tor complainants. Ileeatnr. 111.,-Ian. ^·th. 1 KK ^--^Iw '· In th? Itisii'U't CnHtt'{/ Mi : I'' h'd ^ttttt'* fin- the XonUirrit li'idi-irt \f Iltnifii?. In Bankruptcy, No. 1,110. !u the mutter of Harvey rnsoo.banVrur,!. Nulice is hereby sivcii that a pemion SOLD BY PlirGGTSTS, G^OCBHK A M PEAMiHS Hi, Cha elii's for r o m m i i u i..n pilrposi:?. K X I K S I I M Mil! L A l l i l S A M I t V D A K l . V I'Klt- - AtlEB. .«... Express N Way Freight Jt'lxift anft HJ.*ek'I'r.iin Xo 1 )( A R l t l T K KCOM ^.^·r.lA^AI^'l.l I)«U and J»y Gxiirras No 1 Siirbt BjtpressN-) s. fyny Pp-ltf tit . * ' -"1 I-*- ni. Tlmnjifb Fi'htantimiXeittralu Ne.". '· 15*. tn H. 8. .wOKSE, Siipeni!-er,-;eni. f.i.T. Nl'TTEK. Ti-S't-- M a e iB-r. liri-iXtlr. !l:.. .\oril 17. I 1 " 1 . ILLINOIS MIDLAND R'Y. sl. trains i lrk-1 duly ilcclareillnirikrupt under the iu-t i.l' I Conirress'of March x'd. 1«67, ami Ihe amcn.1- ; ul p. in. ,i;,, nt s thereto, for a ilisi-harce and i-ertiticate i; "On. m (hereof, from all his delils no.I other elllini? | "i" I' ."· ' provnlile under said act. and the 7th day nt ; A. I. 1^2. at Pleven i. i-loek -\. M.. is as«ii{ii'i'l for the hearinjf ot the sane by lh" ·aid court, nt the Unite.l States Coui-t Huoni in ihe eity of Springllrld. v.-hen and whore all crcflitun'ot said Bankrupt, and all other persons in interest, may attend and nhuw i inise if any they have, why the prayer o!' said peii- I tion should imt l.e uranteil. I M. B.COXVmtsi:. Clerk. 1 II. Cri'A, Att'irney for Petitioner. \ Hated at Sprinirtleld. .Innuarj- 4th. Ii*:. WEST SiOE OF THE OLD SQUARE j|! SMOKED AND CURED H M i til '£) · iSC. -i. . T S , A Novel ami Ferfect Cure 1'or Bcrjfi;la. KH.H Hheuni. Caaoi-r, Klc. A iliiic-nvfi· li;.s reeently lieeii niinle \vliii:!i inlils liinter In tlie Niiieteetiili Ccn- t n r v . if enlists Hjiniily in mi .'xtruei frniii (he llcil ("l.ivtr Bliiwniii, iw cxiraot- evl liy ,J. M. LIM-O * ('(.., -Mni.roe, Midi..'lmvr jrniie into Hie lmniliesw kimely in orilrr to supply Ilic iuorrasiiiffilniliiiiil. l-'nr w i i e l . y ]ir. A. .l.S'l'uXKK. A slijilit imliinoiiiiil: Toi-iaxi,, .li.u. 1". 1 s *-. .1. 11. Lmwe A- (.'o., Mi.nrue, Midi.: !-iitti'incii Sty wife lii.« for Hoiiit- tiiof lief.i iiilliotcil v.'ith BoraetliitiK liko u scrof- iilims dist'iisp, ami found no relief until :-]..- .{iivo your Kxtract oC lioil Olnver » trial. I am Imjipy tu aav a'ne lias ex|w- i ieni'i-il jtreat ivliel 1 . Tliis is but ;i KliKht tcftt'.iiniii;.! of my aiiprrt-iiitinn of your efforts in behalf of hummiity, wliidi ynn in-i'wdi'omctn tlFi- fnr tlieir Ix'nelit. F ;tni veri respoetftllh. H. :\1OI^, Foil.'". IS.-*:? i l A - w i ; . ' [,;:Avr. ni'ilers at (.Vie Urn*.' ilnitf slnre, at the Now DeraitiK ar,.l St. Nicholas Ho- _ 1{ ,,, enlu U) , U'ls fnr I,iiitnor'« ear: i-j^i s anil imitii- : , , ' , ' . , ,, ,, , , . , , , , , , i l ill.. i;u.-i. ul" "i -,i lo 111 C i t y \\'b:li- t i n - r e Hie e.n-l.irs said i - - ' ii left Imi!,' iu-big l i s a I . a l l ' 1 II:".'. I expended oyer ii hnuiire i rliii;;ir i n .1. .-i t and nieilicineb. I WHS so f;ir ^ . . n . ' t l . a ' i ; l '!;*' tiirie a report ffr-nt a r o u n d t l i -t 1 '.'-li 1 dead. 1 gave up hope, l.ut u t r i n . . I t I.l me of ·1)1!. WM. HAM.'S IIAI.SAM I'OI! 'J HE LI'N'Gy. I lan^hiMl nt my frieiuls, l ! , i n l ; i n t f t h a t my cast* w n s in.'iin.hlp, but 1 iz.'.t :\ b": ; i t o s a t i s l y Ilic-ni, wii-.-n n. my surprisenn.l L-i-at- Itll-iltion, I eonilncn.-ed to Vecl betk-r. M y hopi,...!,.- iteuii. het-aii lo r e v i v e , and M--IIH I feel in jiette; · s p l r l l s t h a n I l i a ' , i II" l..1 three yeai-s. I w i ' i t ' - t h i s llo|)in;r y o u u i . l pllbli-!i n . - " t h a t everyone atlliuted v.-iih Disi'iis. ii;.- ! will In; Induced to t a k e 1)1!. W1. l i A L t . s BALSAM KOlt THE M.'.VGS, r.mi he con ATT015M-.V ,,v..|- W a l l . . i . i ' A . iW \. ATTuKM ' i\ en VM I'r.'iii T o n s K. l',nv:s. f l S n l l i M i n . l l l THE CHICAGO I I n i i e tfli;i;n two I m t l l o s 1111 ! cim !iosiliye'\ a a y t l i a t II has uono more goml than ml the other medieinea I have taken slact- my sick- new*. My cotiKh has almost e n l i i - ' l y iiis,ip- pcnrcl anil I shall soon be able t - i go to worTt. Sold ny all drnsritlsts. '.tMiwly-i Porc-il' l.y Irwin i - I ' r i f f t . H K t I . T H \M» IIAI'l'INKSS. It nerins stranu-etliat nnyiiiu'willsulli-rlrniii tlio many lirruiiycmenta lirouirhl on by an impure e/militl.m of the blood, w h i n SCO- VILI.'S nljOi/1) anil I.IVEH SYHUI 1 will ns t o r n p e r l e e t l i e i i l t h t o the physiral org-anlzii- tiiitl. It is n strengthening »yrup. piililishid at the I.HICC ul 'i II! D A I L Y K V K N l N t i . K H . ' U . N \l . '"- --lny m o r n i n g IK t h e ;;.r;_''.-: ;n;- vry best we.-'kly e.- -p-.l" '- '' St.-lfe-,and one ol :!.'· ^·'··· ' · ' - · -''I' Ii turni^H^- t o it.- fi-i":..-! ^ ^ '··' record ol all the i : n p r!:u.' e' 1 '· lit hoini- and aliroml. .~;u-i ia: iriven lo \Vc-tcrn i i r u ^ ,.n 1 ' ; i-''. lieiierul p.'.litic'il n n ' h " - i ' ' '- '"' country at Inrac. The lii'.nnciiil and i - o i n i M ' . - i . ' . ' n T U B -lOl.'HNAL, iiivli.a aenernl review nf the en I l l l l ' A d O M - t v |,i , - . ' - 1 , 1 p e r i i n i i i l l n . W I I , 1 , 1 A M 'I'. M C I 1 A - ; i ' i l l : i l i i - i i a t ' . r i . f Ihe (· · ···It Oi,c.AiUf Scfi'joi of QiaiO'i G Y M N A S I U M ! DRAMATIC BEADING plrasatit to take, and has proven Itself to be j uni'Mock m a r k e t i t s llnsi.i.-ln Bologna a.ncl Ainu Winl nntei'). l i \ tflejitione to liio office mi S.r.itli .Main Blroot. Calls mailo fit all hours of I IIP ilay and night. I'iissniiters and baKK'if.' 0 tranfiferreil to anil from all trains ami to all parts of the city promptly. \ov2Mtf Uii and aui-r Sunilay. Do will arriv, ai» : i»»Ve as fo llOt NO ..OBT Mail anil .:\prr« Way Kreir'o Thio.iKh tfttfl* !!:!·· a.m. . .;:4') a. ui. . »:C'i p. ni. I Mail aud utpies TV.iy Frc'-Elil Thromrii Kirtgl.l :'.M p. in. Ti^ii a. ra. . . |i:eOp. m. CI'O. B. Sl'tl'LEH, Agent. P. PERL, anil prices of I'lettry, the French Cutter f/vi-r clISTOvertMl, clfoc- | ].;ri centers, Scrufuln, Syphilitic dlFunlors, tarn;rr, hv AV'c^^n(^ J - ) i tin 1 KMnf-vfl, all Nenviiis Ji^ur- : mi^^i'm IIVT [ ilcr?-ind Dftiility. Ii [·-·n-col ( ! imliirf-stinn. It ! maV ^l)iooll fc-fjl yoitnjr, nnl tlieyoinitf 1 ft-t-1 I trav: und w i l l invariably drive out of iho SVF- t'.'m the many ills Hint hiniiiin Ur"h Is lieir tn A siriKle h n f t k - ^ i l l p r . - ' V f io you Us merits ii^ n 1) ronowor, Inr il Ji*-i ( » Hkr- .1 ciuirn:. : ospnpially wlion f l u - ivmijfhiint i*^ of itn c.v- hc niit'iiMi viiT'ii- o · ViitOIU. For Fjiic hy I r w i n *E ilSUTLEK.i OR. J. B. MARCHISI; UTICA.N.Y., 7 n - if -nf! Kirengtbening Prmt'ftit.i i i -.uipi--,ai l \ flov other Native Wine. Jl»-i:u r tl.o pine juice of tbe Grape, produced nadir Mr. spcer's own personal supervision, its purity »nd ^rnuineaess are guaranteed.-The you'unest ehiki may partake of IMsrenor- ous inialiUi'3. and the weakest invalid use it to advantage. It is particularly beneBcial to -^ ilu- aitcri ami ilebilitateii, and suited to thi : v! A L l_ C K T \-;iri.i' 1 i- .liimi.nt^ ihat Mffec the weaker PCX. It - U I P V I I n-.|f \ WiM.TOBERRT.icnoN. | Wvi-r Hecatur Nati'inal Bank. PC; n ur. I l l . i ·. .i. *ftn EK.R.Y. ] . EilaridM auA CoiiyiM of OW Pictnres A HPECIALTy. PHOTOGRAPHS, Etc., money. WOOIEN l'.NnrKwi:.\n, Hiwiery, Cunli- {raii .T:'.ekot». ele., must lie Hiwi'd out at Fleiiry. ttie Freneli Cutter, corner of OM A POPULAR TONIC For feal; Lungs anil CousuiDDiifiii. No preparation e \ e r i n l n r f l n i e d to the justly earned t l i e Aniumrthc new in THE J D U U N A I , , Farm drpiirtm A vcr; popiiliir 1. al i . ' . - "i J O U R N A L l s l h i ' S n i - | i . i M - - i t n l e » c w r y i« reailnrs, whi.-!i alv.-a;. - tlie i;lt(-st new hoi.i recipes, an Interest in!? sch.-eii.jns t i n - t"i.;i r"tioJic!i!a., J.illar and f-venty-llv Thf DAILY W. H. C R I N C O L . E V K X 1 S « J O i r i l . X A L I, y m a i l p r f ! - . pc-r year. tilting Veakiies- nf ihe LIIIIRK. nr Consump- THR TiiI-\VEEKI,V J O I ' H N A L . publl physieiuns or patientw astheecleiirriteil "Tulu. Ito'ck and live." The repeated !n " .' prin-i and prices Uloi'i: |ii:r.6" lie w i l l IlOti)Ctinde[|.."'l ·hop in the i-i'l Mie-onle Lilii'Li:,'. '·· · '·" n i e r C i l v rurlc. Dccntlir. I I I . J :i| Jj' . Ito'ck ami live." The repeated and continued nales of the artlrle everywhcr.-- are In.- bi-Kt vidence of its real merit*. Jx-tters tmd te-li-; ..;.'y oX,":;:;:, TM;,n;;^,.,^;;;of i F RANK *. HA.NFS two days' i-u,.. of th- d.u:y. i., sont '.-, P.I!, I g, LL pfjSTF.R U I S T R S B U T C R - II 1 i ' i r K K \ is 11 wine ul Superior Cbnnictr r. nnil nartahcs of the rich .jufililles ol Hie ffrapo Irnm which it is made. For Turi'.v. itichness. Flavor and Pr · iwrflcs, · \ i! *- 1 'mil une.xeelU-ii. A Few ot our Business f imciples. , evinenr-e oi Irs reui menu*. IA-UI-I^ iin-i ..--u Let f a i r dealing be the liimis ol each. | monial? from every irunrter o f t h i eoinitrv, - i L i,,,. , T -i, 0 f !,,, I attesting the stimulating, tonie and lualiiiLi Never ur^e :i enstoincr to lm what he [ ,. fft . ctSi "in., ,,, p ,,ss....i ( 'n of thepr..pri.-tf.i-. don't want. If vi-r, )niv low, sell accord- : and can lx addm-e-l io efinvlnef tin nv.M .. i skeptical roii'ler of its nil rin.sic virtues, i ur- iiiKly a.ivl share yimr oar^aniK T\ith your thcr c-oinraendatifm i« nnnccesr-ary and pntr'oii?. ' OIIKAT CBARI.F.V. ! tluous. ' . TTTEREJE CATHOMCON, :l?. As Cbenp ap the ChOHpesl. Oc!. T-dwK This BRANDY a'.anos unrivalled in tlii Couut''V, }eill nr far superior for me."iiclnal pnr- 1 A POSI1III sum run rtamitKumruiiiii*. i prrncses UMDERT A K E R! I ! JtsOssar -" «f V B^MI l I t · * »» · E , . .Sj;^^,,,,.!,.,^!,, , a dttwngcondition. oic«-»w6st cow on mm. UaWDBNCE-SOCTHMAIN ST.,OPPOSITE " ~,-.*i~ »-^».. = ,..»., THE PAI.ACB HOTSL. P. Pert U i u I i v prepared to attend to Undertaking In all It* branches, and la well supplied with all klndx of ,..,, __,, ^.^UIBUI.U Uk I t I O IIWU.U, *..««v«.-i IIemorrh»ge or Flooding, Piinfol, Suppressed and IrregalM Men»trn»tion, Kidney Complaint, and to wpeclallT adapted to the Change plljle. Sand lor pamphlrt Jr«. All letteiaof inqoirj trcelj answered. Afldre«« M above. FOR SALE BY AliDUrGBISTS. Price Sl-AOper bottSTBe «nr« tnd ««k for { Dr. Marcbiei's ttcrin« Cstbolicon. Talce no other. l For sale by Henry Smith and Dr. A. J. Stan AND ' er, drugirists, Decatur, Illinois. BURIAL CASKETS, \-- '"~°~'~ . mm A« wt«- co«tly to tbe cheapest, and his j M. |WJ»w»;»iia«me, and all work flone ntia- j SOLICITOB OF r O.M.I ' t»b«Llfig' and Prwerrine Corpus » . (Domestic and Foreigt «nMl«ltv TM*v*** « j Willeouduct all proceedings In .,,,,......,..,,.,.· a|pcvi«K»j* i nf t-nfrinaomnjfc, or any other bnaincBS eon- i s t a o n rou: e smpr, snd contains valuable mellcin»! properties. It has a delicate flavor, similar to tlint of the grape.", from which it Is distilled* ninl is it great tavor among first-class families. see that the signature ot ALFRED SPEEK \ P.iiivak-,N.,l.,i«ovcTthccorkof each bottle '. Sold by W. C. Armstrong, i !V:id by Druggists Erervwhere. Auir.« 1581-dlv EXECUTOR Estate or WILLIAM CASTHELL, Deceased ' i · J. MILLION CO. A N K E R S -- A X H DEALERS IN EXCHANGE NOT1CE MflNEYTO LOAN ritKT.T.. Tlef-eflppd ' . .Ian. TJ- il.vwtf LOOK O r r f o r the Gnmil Special Kxctir- oirm lo Ni-w Orlennp un the Illinois Cen: t nil 1 Jail road Thu reday, Feb. !Hh, at the · low rat" of S20 fnr tlie round trip, good for thirty days. janl-kU-wtd «er;her« Ijy 111:11! for ? t l"-r year. Ad.Iress: S H T M A X S: v, It.snx. l'iii'ii«)ifr !.',0 ond 101 Dearborn ttrer!. Chieap). COUNTY PHYSICIAN AND STEWARD WANTED. iiuuun. Jir? it u m i "i luu- ui in.iv. iju v i i i ^ n j'l'.in- r | ^ M K (.''tnilTl'^ '''' ul']"''- 1 ' l - - ( ' ' '- .* ant taste ami airroealile flnvor, will - a l l ' I ' v u l l i view of u phy-lcimi for the paupi-r* n, -- - - -- · "--,,.. , . _ _ , . . , ..v ixirctui · township ttnrt the Mneoii i oinity I'.ioi j l o u i i - Hi^otlie prii-oner^in tin- Bounty .lull. unit ti Mflwurd for the I'oor Fimn. Ix.lh for une vear, eommcncliie Mari.-h Is:. PwJ. w i l l mwt : if the county nlerk'i oflii-e in D f i a t n r . on KKHMV, KEU. 17IP, nt on. o'el.r-k p. m J'ropo-wla will be ren-ived u n t i l !:; f.'eloek noon on that day. Tbe oinmittee rc-erve ihe i skeptic-til reii'ler of it .'Oinrnendattfiri i - ,,,,,,..vv~-..,,... .. i. ns » trial ot this artiele. hovinn- u ,.^ ..Lite nnd ftgrrefltik tliosf- who nre flfliieled or p i i . - i - i ; --.-- pnlmonflry \veaknefi^ of the rr-li(-f lo l-i- -.-eur- - ed t,y the iiw- ul Tula, llnek u n d live, n ' l d e i l p i . I m:'bc foiiivi on !n^l:.*yril. the KH'" ' Executor'.s Notice. St. Louis* Beer. Anthony A- Kuhn's celebratoij St. Louis Lcigc-r Beer delivereil lo any )art of thr- eity iu largo or small kegs, by ' J. S. CAMTurt.L, Aprei.t. Jnlv STkltf STBira 1 ATTENTIOS, . . .. . shown to pntrona, no misrepresentations , permitted at Cheap Charley's, the maim- j ^^ DRESSKI T- th ,, ] ,,, lli , i ,, ; ,-,-, fnrfun-r of ol^»g e.olnsivelr tor rrttul | hat _ {() ^ ^ .^ trs.lo. janiaifcwtf i n()v4 i wrf . B. STINH'S. S. M A H A N K A i i . .1. S. CHILDS, H I U A M WARD. Jf.SHl'H MIC1IL. .'ommirti^ 1 . F. C. M Y K ' . TH' Sn'l'ire i - I, -.. \ ·. ;··:·-.· I voli h;l\ i:ii eiyiin.-' :\'.'.'\ -:.'ii'i.:'·' thecKi;n,..;ic,-.,r?e v.'i Us. ·''··· ·';' ·; itf-nl Ihi- r-ann- tor ad.i.eii.-uli-'.. ; M - I ! ~' .it u n-xuia. term nt l h ; - ' " : m ; ' ' ' ' - ' · connly. to be h:.!'!er. lit the .'..'"' h'"'- city of Decatur. untie rljir'l!. A,'». W, In-ill^ the fir-t d;l\ ot .-..· i- l'"i;.ti.r. 111.. I'el,. S.A. It. t"~ i.i'cr.rn. 1 . wi-.i.i.-.i-" Kcli. 2--ili. «::-..-· Deo. H--ditn'tf WHEN you have had .Catarrh long , . : , t Ws goodt ana tMoet before pur nectcd wTth patents. «*»»»«*». fti» «t««iaalwayiotthe I I Estate of WILLIAM CASTJUELL, Deceased ; ' \VHF.N you have- had Catarrh long _^ pL'DLU'notlceifi herctiyirtven to all persons i \VehavepurinSr.tetvDcpr.sitBo3cesforthe; _i :,,'^ ., ,,j 11, .,,,,,*, t n Tr C T! JBSKS, f haviasr claims and demands against the es- , nse of those wishing a'sceure plaee for their j enough jiiat send Itl cents to l»r. U K. rl QJ? PATENTS the snme for adjudication and settlement at ft ; March I 1 * ISil--wtf ' ' ' " ' - . . . - M - i i»f · T regiilarterm ot iHe County Court of Macon I !1_ . ! his ''True Theory of Catarrh." :c ana foreign, eountr, lobe holacn al:the Louri House,,in the ; T ucn^TTVE EMPLOYMENT for 2»--dwlw occedlngs In interference city of Dccatiir. on the second Monday of i I .", i ~"' J '*' c '. £tu r r - tJ V.'t'TT~ V ; ' * ' * ' r anT other bnslnos eon- February. A. 0. !3Si being the first day of ' ^-*tlie 'vmterm farming mstncts. \ery , ~T~", r p r necc w p a e n . alwayiotthe I Offlc»atiwtd»nee. No. SlXorthVninn street, ; D««ttir. 111. _ _ the second Monday of i · ·"-·*··***· ^ tuu-i. **·- _ . February. A D.'lSSi, being the first day of ' -* J tlie 'nnterm farming districts. Very , said term. _ " ; large returns for comparatively little labor.-- I ~ -- PEOPLE are made happy by buying . laia term. iniKoreiurosior conjparaii»t;i uiut: lauor.-- i I'lxjl L,t. atv liimitt ucipijj DreAiCB, 111.. Dec. 81. A. 0.18ai. For full partieulare address Jmmedlately i . _ , . , . ^ PHT-I-D leeBlaTiw MICBAKT-ELSON, aremtor. ; OTASRE jf Dl CO.. To! BrtadTray. X. V. | their Upttnng 1T I/HEAP BittenclV Su Pattern PalilicatiBns: AT I f A N P TiUlAI . I LINN SCRUGGS IVIYER $c SON, HOUSE AND SIGN P A I N T E R S r Calendar, ete. Sent Of 1\VO T l i W . J . - l ' K M CHAHLKS K. l l l l i i Philadelphia. BIDS CALLED FOR. A*'' CHOK-E Wisconsin lintter st Vounjf Bros.' _ jsnl3-dtf IP you want mill feed, com or oatg,ygii «an be supplied at Stellabargpt's. Dec. :, Graining. Biiting, Frescoing M TintiM. SH"p-Ono block north of Citr. Park, corne of Mtate and William arrests. Oct. Sf. !8«n-dtf · KALED nil)-; v.-i.. . tary's oflitc Mueon _.jurd for lc-:'.?;«K' the i i i i r fi - -';''; : ', venr. ivith the privik-jri ...I t h r e - . ' ' ··..- Ww iMlil IK.-stf.-ll at tl: -,-.r..t.-i · ··' I Georjfe S. Durtei.- liro. lii'I' v ··'· ' , on fattirday. Kelmiflir Htb, 1K "": l .-, r ,',, ; ', Jan.: i}() A WBEK. ?12 a day liraade. Co.-iiyoutflt free. Co.. A'jjrusw. Maine. VOL. KNH We h to mat BREECd SHO F.»«r BOU( V K ATWI f e f ar 8AU, / KORi Pnirii RADCl UNI PULL For Uj. Cttf, Coui 23 J a . I Wxp-rxflHCiilVEeOTm _

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