The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on April 6, 1924 · Page 13
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 6, 1924
Page 13
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Bandar Morntof, April 6, 1924. T H E D E 0 A T U R K E V I E W PAGE THIRTEEN, SIMPLE TWO-STAGE AMPLIFIER Three-Tube Set WiU Last, Say Engineers Tli* receiving; *et of the future). ·ny proniln*»t radio «n«ln*«r«. w i l l tve » elmple trr*e-tule) outfit -- per- hni» »ln«le radio an4 ·)B(U audio f iriiirnc- ·mptltkktlon. or Ju»l eloiiMo audio frequency ·mplltlcatlon TMrefure. the fan who plana such · receiver fur ktlN uwn uee I* certain tr enjny tin o u t f i t that will last tUroua:h i h c vnrloua ataffef) of c l i i i i i K c s niul Ini|irovcmcnt3 now lj- Inir .'Xii^rlrnced In radio. The nUr.i- e]uc. tit* tnoiKrdyne. the plluitynr · i i f l i n n n y .'im-thcr "dynv" may conifr · ii'l ;r«. hill t h e r e ' can tie little doubt alH.ui t h o a t i r v i v a l of the itlmple t h r r e - t u l . e rci!olvor. 'rherefiir* 1 . for the tieclnner. a a l n - ·;*^'tuh«i receiver !· the/ aafent tet. Th«n. If h« want* nor* distant re- '«|itl«ti and \f ot a loud «i«akcr. 1h«^ n e x t ("KlcKl alcrk !· a two-staier a r n p l l f l e r . ia l» hardly worth w h i l e ·ddinic only ono »t»i» of atnplltk-a- lon. hccaus* If: \v*..uld r t l H k« I n - ·ffr.-tlve fT the · p i i l l o t l o n of * I I . mk - u p;r»m and l a y o u t of a t \ l i i : n l [\\o-stace a u d i o a m p l i f i e r a r e t l v r n \\ttr. , r n r t * for lh« a m p l i f i e r caMnet · lo:i(! are: T n a'.ullf* f f.i(\ie(icy tran*fcrtitei'?. l|.«'"'r':itln, «lw«t 4 ', to 1. TWK i-hcoslat". - o h m s eat". Two d o l i l . l e - r l r c i i i t .laclis. l-'iva hlndlno: poht.. « * n e d i e l e c t r i c p a n e l , 7 l.y I I 1n-!ie?. '.'lie wood hiiye. C. l..y 11 Inches. I t u * r u i i n c r t l n i c w i r e . The s l n K l x - c l r r u l t j a c k may be th »ur 115. -it w i t h t h « elnele-tuha n-.- ·elver. If t h a t arrangement has. been ·» a tic. ', ".: r.ia«CTOR CHAXCE3. V o\ low Inc 'changes "should 'he made In t h . i d.-t«ol«r eireuit. for the iuldl : H..TI of th» a e n n l l f l e r . ' I ' u i i l i U r t l i X u U Jack thotild be pu: RADIO NOTES Two St. T.otiis radio engineers have- lin-entetl an I n e x p e n s i v e levlce w h i c h Is xald to p r e v e n t re-radiation In re-' t e l v l n g sets. It can be attached lit les» tkaxn a minute, between the antenna, or ground. an4 t'.ie receiver. Ortat Britain prohlults the use of long amiennaa for reception. Most serial* I* England are 40 feet or \t*t. A* a Vasuit radio frequency receivers art. poifolar for., reception of. short w a v e signals. Ttadl. 4r«ten«ra ere being promlsea i-^s i»tecXerenc» from (h« spark tranarnlltera-of ships operating w l t h l u toe broadcasting · wave length limits.··'They are galling higher wave lengths outside the broadcast area. If. lb«r. Is a steady k n o c k i n g or licking noise In your receiver, the grid leak hasn't the proper value. J'ut a, finger on the grid b i n d i n g post ot t h e tube w h i l e l i s t e n i n g In. It this makes tho signal* louder, there Is too high a resistance In the leak. Ttadlo listeners In Canada c o n t i n u e to r*" J t license f»e for each ot r e c e i v i n g sets. Fees for o t h e r sets h a v e heen raised. They the f-.iO for a n ' . a t r u r e*r-*riment*r.«. " ** for n m f l - l"i;r h r o a t i c a s t c r s and 110 for sl'.lu sintior.s. \\'-.ith"r B u l l e t i n s Issued by tho V ' n i t e d States Weather l i u r c u u a r e traiiM:u;icit to. ships In the Carlb- l-.eaii Sen t h r o u c l s broadcasting » t a i l u n WNL', New Orleans, 'which re- |.r".trtcasts t h e m on 3001 m e t e r , to f w a n Island f o r s h i p i r a n s m l s e l o o f r o m there. A n o t h e r u n i v e r s i t y Is,listed as r a d i o broadcaster of educational eu- In place of th. slngls-clrcult jack, or thy lwo rhon. connections. The two I n n e r connections of the d e t e c t o r Jacl: should le connected to tlie i i r i m n r y or the f i r s t transformer. On* of Uio o u t e r connections c. tho detector Jack goes to the plate ot tli/ detector luhe. The other con- j r:ect!on goes to the Jl'.i'-volt tap of the H hattcry. O t h e r connections tn the detector circuit remain tl. same. OT1IEP. CONNECTIONS. A 45-volt I! battery i» required to take care of tho a m p l i f i e r tuhes. both a m p l i f i e r jacks b e i n g connected to th« 4J-volt positive end. The rheo-; Mats and n c B n t l v e P of the trans- f o r m e r secondaries are .Joined to the negative o! the A battery. The second d o u h l c - c l r c u i t Jack Is a t t a c h e d between the first and second !tat--cs of amplification. The outside, connections join w i t h the plate u t ih« f i r s t a m p l i f i e r and the posit i v e :-vo:t lap ot thV B - " b a t t e r y . The i n s l d o connections go to the Ia n d I'. -- P l u s h i m l i n e posts of the sec- o n d t r a n s f o r m e r . T r i i n s f o r m e r s nrjst he placed »t r i s h t angles to "cr.c-h other. L'V:OI-.\ or C301-.V v a c u u m t u b e s may be used on this a m p l i f i e r and a ·J0-ohi: rheostat w i t h each. T u n i n g Is Hcconiplished just as i h n u R h t h e r e were no a m p l i f i e r to t h n detector c i r c u i t , carcept for the a d j u s t m e n t of t h » a m p l i f i e r tuhes to t h e i r h i g h e s t efficiency .by means pi the rheostats. Tills a m p l i f i e r allows for ns. of ft loud speaker for local broadcasting and D.'C s t a t i o n s up to 1000 miles. t e r t a i n n i c n t . H Is the U t i i v c r s l t y of r i t t h b n r p . w h i c h has'begun to broadcast through, station KDKA. Tha latest report of the Bureau of Navi- g a t i o n fhows S5 broadcasting' stat i o n s , connected w i t h universities. colleges or other schools. Some" broadcasters are accommo- d a t i n g fellows. For Instance. WDAP. Chicago, acceded to a request for the Lohengrin wedding march during a recent wedding cerembnr.'.And \VLAV. Cincinnati; broadcast a solo for a funeral service at the request of an u n d e r t a k e r . . The New Tork' Board of Education has a special radio committee to take charge of. the. educational work the department, la' doing through .radio broadcasting. This committee is In charge of si program from TVJ7. between .1 .and 1:30 tach afternoon when the listeners are told about the work of the schools and their plans. Station J"FO, United - States naval station at San Francisco, reports having heard PKX. the Dutch government station at Malabar, on the Island ot Java. S:OQ mllca to the west. Police Commissioner E n r l g h t of New York Is t r y i n g to get an appro- p r i a t i o n ot fr.0.000 to eo,ulp the city's police force w i t h a radio station. The present p l a n t at police headquarters is t h « property of the Western Elec- iric Company. · · K. F. \V. Alexander.«oa. I n v e n l o r . o f the f a m o u s Alexandcrson high frequency a l t e r n a t o r for trans-oceanic c o m m u n i c a t i o n , has been awarded the Order of the Polonia Restltuta by the Polish government In recognition of his services I n connection with tho construction of Poland's radio station near AVarsaw. AN EVENING AT HOME WITH THE LISTENER IN *. C~***ro/asWOasxpHiM MM «, JbAAtjwt f.MUMnf C..) ^ SU WTBUCTtONS KM USE KLOW) O O $83.45 SUBSCRIBED tpRAWOFUND T. B. Ook »»**· !· M To H«l» 0»- ' ' ' ' Another booat for the radio aet fund for the Boys Opportunity home ame Saturday evenlns; when a check for |5 was turned over to The Review for the fund. It was the gift of ^E. cook. . ' · '·'-·.;.-. . : . . . : : Thla : brings. th« total In tha.'funil up to $85.45. X few rnoro gifts of this elie and the fund will b« largo enough to warrant the purchase of a set. ; · ' . ' · ' ' ' , . - . . - ' ' . To jMralghtesi Hoad". Friendly condemnation proceedlnp« were .started In the Dewitt counts- court Thursday for the straightening of the C l l n t o n - k e n n e y road. The new- road will e l i m i n a t e four grade cross- Ings of the I l l i n o i s Central In a.dis- tance of about f o u r miles. It will cross the lands of the C II. Moore cslateT John McChanc* nnd E. P.. Drake. The j u r y will e v a l u a t e all of the land taken for the new road. Wonu)B*s Program Sent. W.TAX at Cleveland. O.. broadcasts a dally woman's program every m o r n h i B between 9:00 and 10 o'c'oei; Such laubjects as cannSti^- I'ous^- U e e p i n f f , piuslo, book «nd p l a y r« views, baby care, news o' w o m e n ' clubs and women p r o m i n e n t In r°"- tu-j. and musical n u m b e r s are a m o n g lhe subjects K e n t on I.' HOOK-UP, ABOVE,..AND PANEL AND BASE LAYOUTS OF THE TWO- STAGE AMl'LTFIEl:. New Radio Club Meets Thursday By-laws and Constitution to Be Adopted. The n e w l y organized radio club will hold Jts first m o n t h l y mectlnsr Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock In the library of the Y. M. C. A. By-laws and the constitution of the organ- isation will be presented for a d o p t i o n by the committee named at the last meeting for that purpose, end a name for the organization w i l l be se. lected. All radio fans who signed tip w i t h Fred Hoyt. Dewey Otta or John Van Cleve are asked to attend and also all others who are Interested. The -standing committees for tho year will be named at this meeting. JAPANESE TAKE UP GOLF AS PASTIME New York--·«·)--Goi: Is m a k i n g rapid h e a d w a y n s . a n a t. I o n a p a s t i m e 1: Japan, according to word r e a c h i n g the l.'nilocl States Colt assoc i a t i o n . A.H a result. r,f recent t h e a s s f c i a l l o n has forwarded I n f o r m a - tion to aid In the f o r m a t i o n ot t i o n a l orsanir.ation ot eolf ub*. as well as deta.i!s for the cons t r u c t i o n ot a model l i n k s near ToUlo to serve a* a g u i d e for trie develop- m e n t of other courses. BUGS By Roy Grove (Decatur Time) - · . . . , . WJZ.(U6--New Tork. isrTloe. 10:»«.«.-- : -' :: ', ; '·..':'..''". ""," " . ' WL.AO 417--*Hn»ee«olli. Service. 11:00·.·;-··/· ··'. :.' »- - I - · : · ' . v · · . · · KTW (S3l--Chicago ' Csotral ehur ·.rvloe.: Orcne»tra.;H»ll.,., : . , WBAP" ««)-- F«rt W«i*h. -a»rvl:e. ·WOQ 3«»--Kanaae'Cltjr. Servlc.. 11:30.a.' : -.«n.-- ·'··' · - · · , · ' : - « - - · · -·' . - . - I ' . . - . .-.' CiSO)--Psorl.,, III. Bermon.. · 1 ' ' ' £)--New T.erk. Concert. It-.m noo«--···· ·-. - ;''.· ' '.- · .- - . . " . · , · · . KFl (4C8--lies Angeles. ,Service. 1:00 p. m.-- ; . . TVEAF" (192)--New Tork. : Conceit. VvWJ (517)--Detroit. Orchestra. 1:30 p. M.-- .:.: ,.. ... ,-. · ' - . . · \VG.X ( M T ) -- Detroit. - Service. WCC (4841--Davenport. . Concert.'1 :«'··«·. m.-- " ( W J ) -- N e w Turk. .Service. - »:M p. ra.-- -_ M;-i)--Prttsburs-h. Service. (Ill)--Kansas City. Program. 8:SO p. in.-- ·' ' - " : K W ;h'M*i-- Chicago. Service. ( . -; ^'f:T: (JWO-- Scheinctady. Pro'gfsm. TV.7Y (4v.--New Tork. Program. TVTAS (280)--Elgin. III. Sacred concert. t-M p. m.-- . V W R A K r4»2)--New York. ' Program. 3:01* p. m.-- ' T V C A E ( 4 « 2 -- P i t t s b u r g h . Piano., CWI ."*0)-- Med'ford Il.lllllde. Mass, Pro- gra.m. 3:SO p. m.-- . . · · · · · . WJ1" 400)--Nsw Tork. P.eollal. S-«5 p. m.-- LAG (417)-- Minneapolis.' Vespers. i:00 p.. m.-- ' - ": A\'T1AP (470)--Fort Worth. Organ. 1VDA1 1 * C 4 t l ) -- Kansas City. Concert. 4:JO ·!.··».--· : WEAK USD--New Torlt. Concert. '·U'DAP ' ("CO)--Chicago. ' Program. t:» p;-«B.-- KmCA (.".:c.l--East P i t t s b u r g h . Concert KOO ("12)--patclaml. Cal. Concert. WCAE 'f-l'iSl-- I'illsburgS.. Concert. 6:00 r.-m.-- · " Kn. .fM'-n^J.n* Anjyele*. ^'esp^rs. \ V - ' F A A , ( j ; n i -- n a H a a . Bible class. \VJX :;70)--CliJcafo. Pro»ram (' hournt \\.\7,. (4;.31--N«w. Tttrk. Childrer.'s r;or- 6:80 p. m.-- W K . x r (4'.i-.-)--Xeir York. Prr.»-« m . WI.AO-- ( 4 t T -- M l n n e a p c M s . Service. 6:30 p. m.-- V-TJV-- -0--Schenec.t»ay. =«fvic« vrt (::(,·)--Philadelphia.''Service \VJX ( 5 i ; i -- Delr»it. Service. 7:00 p. m.-- evening CKT (flO)--^TlatJipev '··'·enplee.-' KTW (JOfll--Chleago. Saattr club procrsm: ' \X'JZ~(4sei--New Tork. -Oanetn. WOC (4841--Davenport.'. Or(*.n. :t» ,|. m.--.' · . · ; " . . . AVJV (400)--New Tork. Orchestra. WJZ '(IVi)--New York. R.dtUl. 7iJO p . m.-- . . . .;... : · . - · · ' . : WOI (000)-- Medford Hillside.-Mess. Pro WJZ (4^)-- New Tc.^k. Concert. WO3-«4a)--4s«er»«. Cltjr. · Services. . " W.I AN' (2SOW Peorla,'-fii: Semiun. WLAO. (417)--Minneapolis. -.Service. :00.p. m.-- : .. ··WE A I' (402)--Xew Tork. "Shakespeare Cncert. Organ. C o n c e r t . ·WHO ( 4 1 1 ) -- Kansas City. 1:15 p. m.-- WEAli- tK)-- Kew Tork. l:« p. m-- : KP4 ( l i a -- i M f Anreles. *:00 p. m.-- ; KHJ..-(SB.-.).--T^os Ana-'ele«; O.-gan. -KSD r.VUll--St.».. Program. W H A A (4SD --Iowa city. Hvmns '"Wft-B.XSini--Omaha. Ser^ce. ·WOA-W (JW)--Omaha. Ssrvlc.." 1:34 p. ra.-- ; -..w;iMA t;«--Dallas. Orches'.rm (one ., and o n e - h a l f hours). ; ' · r WI.AO (41T--Minneapalis. Bend. V Tl'OG (4*1)--Davenport. Program (one · . anrt one-lialf-hours). 10:00 p . ».-- . ' . . . ' · · KVl (KX»--Isot Ang«1r Concert. KHJ (.T9r.)--Loj Angelet. Prosjrem. 10:10 p. m.-- ,.'ir° 4I3--San Francisco^ Orchestra. 11:00 p . m . -- ,KFt (40tl|--T.oii AngsJe*. . Concert. ,. A )L? Ar (4T(!| -- Por ' W o r t h . Orchestra. «:00 mldnlrht-- - · · · - . . KK.I.-(4«!t--f»s-Angeles. Orchestra. , w.ilp (U1; -- Kan»a» Ci;y.. Program. !Ver» Chlcasjo Station. ' The 'Sears'-noebuck A g r l c u l t u r - i l F o u n d a t i o n radio station \VBBX". f o r - merly WJR, has been assigned ne'v call signals WES. It was anr.ounrer' Saturday. The chancres ha^ come ai ·rapidly lliat even before t h e i ' pros? apent copy cots cold corrc«;:io:-.^ liave to b« made. Tests are ; l j e i n r riado each n i g h t and ·w-ltJihi a f e w days a teat progrram w i l l be sent out w i t h Isham Jones' orchestra on t t t ^ bill. There may be m a n y men and women claiming honors as "oldest radio fans." but' there is no doubt over'the record held by Sarah Alexander. America's oldest actress, non- appearing In "lUisf In' New Tork. She Is also America's oldest broadcaster, having been called to the microphone at won, "Newark. N. give a talk about herself. - to Mereory t«ed In Condenser. There has appeared on the market a, variable condenser which makes ire* of liquid mercury under pressure, saya the Scientific American. The application of greater or less pres- suro causes the mercury to spread more or less over the mica dielectric and to produce greater or less capacity effect. The mercury is en- v tirely Inclosed, eliminating all possibility of dust and dirt, and. therefore, leakage and noises. It is claimed that this, .new conclen-er will stand more than 5.000 volts, to t h a t it can be used for low-power transmission ss well as for receiving. Because of the simple construction the price It q u i t e moderate. B»r S'etr Mlier. Tl. R. Flaugher *. Co. ot C h a m p a i g n who have a, contract for construction work on the county system of hard roads IIB.VO bought a new and larger concrete mUer for use this year. The old mixer was sold to the William C. Meneely company. The latter had already the other machln- err and needed only . the mixer to give them the third paving outllt. Japaaeae Plam Stcll.n. The establishment of a broadcast- Inr service at Nacroya., Japin. Is bc- Insr contemplated by locla capltaHsti and business men, who anticipate the Approval of the Japanese rov*rn- m«nt. JEAN SHIES AT MAN'S DIRTY HANDS ITnvro--(.T)--.lean mtrnnrl ^vent Into c-virt r. :cntly In a u p p r r l of t.i? gospel of clean i"rc!«. HP ivn* arrfstod bccaSijo lie rcfuse.1 to slv« his ra.tro«l .ticke.t to the conductor on t h train from rorls. "Ho wore no cloven." norand etplalned to the le^'. aerg.^ant, "nrd who know* how- many microbes harf pat-heied on hlf bands from th« tickets of others'*' 1 "Th« ro- l c * '^' l.'urjind off w i t h the «fl- mondltlon h e f f t f t e r to obey thft law that requires tickets to be prei«nt«d,. even to utiffioved trainmen. Wouldn't That Stamp Yoo! Apple--"What makes you think Polly has a wooden leg"" .Saute--"She stopped at a store 1o Bet some garters and came out w i t h a package of t h u m b tacks. Some women are naturaly sloppy- 'looking, -writes a friend of Gladys, and others wear ankle length aklrt.t with f l a t heeled shoes. .: aiiiiiiiiHiiMiiiiiiiimiimnmiiiiiiimittt I Now is The Time I E to put your Electrical Work In = = first-class shape. We will gladly = E furnish estimates on House £ = Wiring and Flitnre*. = I Radio Supplies | = All Standard Radio Parts at = E prices that invite comparison.-E I Edward Street Radio I S AND I Electric Shop E FA1RVIEW 1125 § 12«S NORTH EDWARD STREET E niiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiniHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir? Super- Heterodyne Is th* .'desire ot every radio f«n. TEN YEARS of practical. nADIO experience enables us to take care of j-our every radio need with an accuracy that will make you "Call Again." Our radio accessories are not Judged by mere price, but by the SERVICE that we make therti.perform. It la not what Is put INTO a radio set, but what you can take OUT of It that Is Important. OUR SETS WORK Dewey LOtta Radio Ezcluiively 154 Merchant St. With GUI sosd Dart*. Patomtt, SMn. Mate Auto Parts Co. 1063 North Water St. Phone Main 1866. Sii* Geodrich r.brlo . . . . . . . . «9lt Ooodrich Fabric TIRES Equip your ear with new (Ires *t th. start ef the.»«··»«) end ride In eomlort $9.00 $15.90 $16.80 $17.16 $10.00 SI 9.00 $20.00 $12.50 $25.00 $26.00 $27.00 Ooeddeh Cord Mrt 4teodri«h Cord Mit Oosdrich C.rd .. ..... - SIlT.rtowti Cord .Cord ...... ttrt SlUertoirn C.rd . . . . . . . . Us4 Cert AU RADIO $4.50 $3.00 $17.60 $2.25 $4.26 $17.00 Watch tor .Mr MM Itodlo Una. M Is a* atasate laert · *«M oaa smartls) U asid U Is M* ef Ike -tsjet. ~ «H "B" U T*l* BaMeir Responsibilities and Facilities of A Trust Company Trust company service has a responsibility behind it which no individual agent can parallel. It is more expert because of highly speciaUzed facilities. It it more exact in its systematized and audited accounting. It is more assured in its independence of any single fife. A trust company never dies, is not taken ill or disabled, does not move away. Its officers are always accessible. Another advantage of trust company handling of financial affairs is the elasticity of its service. A customer can use as much of it as ne likes, as long as he likes, in any department he likes. He is never in the position of having a financial secretary whom, for reasons of sentiment he cannot dismiss. THE TRUST DEPARTMENT · "-·" ' 6F ""· · THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR has a highly efficient and economical service to offer to business men who are too busy to look after their financial affairs as thoroughly as they would like, professional men who have not the facilities or inclination to do so, all tr.en who want to travel or be re; · ; . lieyed. : · · _ i .--' /;; · ..·;./ . · ' .. Employing this Bank to act as your agent now, under your control, is also an effective way of deter- in will and trustee of your estate. , 5 v w-^^ ! ^ *^ ·». -- .NL. \ Conference or correspondence with our officers is cordially, invited. ~- ;,v THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR "Decatur's Oldest National Bank " 11 Jl ,'SPAPERf

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